Cheddar Road Cemetery, Wedmore, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Ernest first name on this monumentid: 2226629501075No Family Name. Just a Wooden Cross
Violet wife of Ernest No Family Name. Just a Wooden Cross

2AdamsColin Adamsfirst name on this monument1970432013id: 4646631921067

3AdamsMarjorie Adamsfirst name on this monument1901971998id: 3916631201067

4AdamsNellie Agusta Adamsfirst name on this monument1889651954id: 51
(2 images)
William Adamshusband of Nellie Agusta Adams1888861974

5AdamsWilliam Adamsfirst name on this monument1886661952id: 110
(2 images)
Sarah May Adamswife of William Adams1896861982

6AllenPolly Allenfirst name on this monument1890851975id: 1886629161067

7AmesburyBetty Ada Amesburyfirst name on this monument1920812001id: 4016631301071
Stanley Herbert Amesburyhusband of Betty Ada Amesbury1913731986

8AmesburyFred Amesburyfirst name on this monument1904521956id: 108
(2 images)
Gladys May Amesburywife of Fred Amesbury1902891991

9AmesburyLillie Amesburyfirst name on this monument1885641949id: 126
(2 images)
Herbert Amesburyhusband of Lillie Amesbury1885711956

10AmesburySimon Peter Amesburyfirst name on this monument1972342006id: 3236630511069

11AndresenOsker William Andresenfirst name on this monument1921792000id: 3456630731073

12AnsellLily Ansellfirst name on this monument1916831999id: 3946631231067
Arthur Toby Ansellhusband of Lily Ansell1915852000

13ArmitageHarry Armitagefirst name on this monument1887921979id: 3546630831070Birth from records
Emiko Amy Armitagedaughter of Harry Armitage1943521995 2nd name from records
Kimiko Diana Armitagegrand daughter of Harry Armitage1978171995 2nd name from records

14ArmitageMarjorie Armitagefirst name on this monument1918791997id: 3556630841067
Edward Armitagehusband of Marjorie Armitage1918972015

15ArnoldGeorge Edward Arnoldfirst name on this monument1917751992id: 2806630081065
Irene Ethel Arnoldwife of George Edward Arnold1918751993

16ArnoldPhyllis M Arnoldfirst name on this monument1916741990id: 2636629911066
William Arnoldhusband of Phyllis M Arnold1915922007

17AshPat Ashfirst name on this monument1929752004id: 314
(2 images)

18AshbyReginald Michael Ashbyfirst name on this monument1926451971id: 1606628881065

19AshmanVera Ashmanfirst name on this monument1917751992id: 2796630071067
Howard Walter Ashmanhusband of Vera Ashman1919832002

20AttwoodAlfred Oliver Rockcliff Attwoodfirst name on this monument1928521980id: 2196629471069
Joan Mary Attwoodwife of Alfred Oliver Rockcliff Attwood1932842016

21AwdryJohn West Awdryfirst name on this monument1874851959id: 356627641074

22BakerJoseph Ernest Bakerfirst name on this monument1873671940id: 30
(2 images)
Bessie Bakerwife of Joseph Ernest Baker1877741951

23BakerMetford Richard Bakerfirst name on this monument1881751956id: 105
(2 images)
Olaf Edgar Phelpsnephew of Metford Richard Baker1907711978
Eva Ann Phelpssister of Metford Richard Baker1885761961

24BakerRuth Elspeth Dymond Bakerfirst name on this monument1931792010id: 4356631641067

25BamfieldAlice Bamfieldfirst name on this monument1874761950id: 856628131070

26BanwellAnnetta Catherine Banwellfirst name on this monument1905811986id: 2456629731067
Percy Charles Banwellhusband of Annetta Catherine Banwell1910912001

27BanwellBessie Ann Banwellfirst name on this monument1875781953id: 101
(2 images)
Sarah Jane Banwellsister of Bessie Ann Banwell1873851958

28BanwellClaribel Ida Banwellfirst name on this monument1903741977id: 2036629311066
Edgar Charles Banwellhusband of Claribel Ida Banwell1899881987

29BanwellLaura Banwellfirst name on this monument1867871954id: 102
(2 images)
Charles Champeny Banwellhusband of Laura Banwell1864911955
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30BanwellWilliam John Banwellfirst name on this monument1889791968id: 1426628701066

31BennettEdwin Arthur Bennettfirst name on this monument1913701983id: 3746631031065
Irene Mary Bennettwife of Edwin Arthur Bennett1920892009

32BennettIda May Bennettfirst name on this monument1904771981id: 2216629491065

33BerringtonJohn Stanley Berringtonfirst name on this monument1897761973id: 1656628931067

34BigginAlbert T Bigginfirst name on this monument1892581950id: 846628121066
Blodwen Bigginwife of Albert T Biggin1893851978

35BigginEdna Margaret Bigginfirst name on this monument1922922014id: 1676628951067

36BigginWilliam John Bigginfirst name on this monument1889831972id: 1686628961069
Gladys May Bigginwife of William John Biggin1895861981

37BinningRichard William John Binningfirst name on this monument1914671981id: 2206629481067
Grace Aileen Binningwife of Richard William John Binning1917962013

38BlackshawNorman Blackshawfirst name on this monument1937601997id: 2906630181065

39BoleyEdwin W C Boleyfirst name on this monument1923421965id: 1326628601065

40BoleyWilliam Henry Boleyfirst name on this monument1976id: 194
(2 images)

41BoobyerHonor Jean Boobyerfirst name on this monument1925621987id: 2496629771069
John William Boobyerhusband of Honor Jean Boobyer1925661991

42BoultJohn Boultfirst name on this monument1905671972id: 173
(2 images)
Winifred Boultdaughter-in-law of John Boult
George Boultson of John Boult
Edith Boultwife of John Boult19041002004

43BourkeTerence Maurice Bourkefirst name on this monument1923701993id: 2836630111066

44BradleyDeborah Ann Bradleyfirst name on this monument1957502007id: 4466631751066
Katy Bradleydaughter of Deborah Ann Bradley
Sara Bradleydaughter of Deborah Ann Bradley
David Bradleyhusband of Deborah Ann Bradley

45BrinkleyOliver Brinkleyfirst name on this monument1892811973id: 3706630991071
Olive Brinkleywife of Oliver Brinkley1893871980

46BrookeThomas Edward Brookefirst name on this monument1898771975id: 1816629091065
Amy Beatrice Brookewife of Thomas Edward Brooke1904921996

47BrookesPauline Brookesfirst name on this monument1926862012id: 3376630651067

48BrooksDerrick Meridyth Brooksfirst name on this monument1917862003id: 3386630661065

49BrownJohn P M Brownfirst name on this monument2015id: 1356628631065

50BruntIvor Tom Bruntfirst name on this monument1916872003id: 4066631351070
Kathleen Mary Bruntwife of Ivor Tom Brunt1920842004

51BryantGeorge Bryantfirst name on this monument1892581950id: 116
(2 images)
Annie Nora Bryantwife of George Bryant1903781981

52BryantOliver Bryantfirst name on this monument1897531950id: 1156628431067
Hilda Bryantrelationship not known of Oliver Bryant1899791978

53BuckleWilliam Bucklefirst name on this monument1918791997id: 3576630861070

54BulpinStanley Peter Bulpinfirst name on this monument1930702000id: 400
(2 images)

55BunnGeorge Bunnfirst name on this monument1909681977id: 2056629331066

56BurdenStanley Reginald Burdenfirst name on this monument1925802005id: 4206631491067
Kathleen Joyce Burdenwife of Stanley Reginald Burden1924872011

57BurfittStanley Walter John Burfittfirst name on this monument1930601990id: 2626629901068

58BurfittWalter Burfittfirst name on this monument1889631952id: 111
(2 images)
Agnes Rose Burfittwife of Walter Burfitt1896781974

59BurtonGladys Burtonfirst name on this monument1916811997id: 3606630891067

60BurtonLeslie Baden William Burtonfirst name on this monument1914771991id: 3616630901066Husband of Gladys
Gladys Burtonwife of Leslie Baden William Burton

61CanfieldFrederick Canfieldfirst name on this monument1902571959id: 16627311068
Winifred Dasiy Canfieldwife of Frederick Canfield1896711967
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62CareyHugh Reginald Sausmarez Careyfirst name on this monument1930712001id: 4026631311066
Shiela Mary Careywife of Hugh Reginald Sausmarez Carey1933772010

63ChapmanBasil William Beever Chapmanfirst name on this monument1909801989id: 2606629881072

64ChickThelma Grace Chickfirst name on this monument1924661990id: 295
(2 images)

65ChrisfordJohn Bertrum Chrisfordfirst name on this monument1911881999id: 3626630911069
Alice Annie Chrisfordwife of John Bertrum Chrisford1914862000

66ChurchWalter John Churchfirst name on this monument1979-311948id: 1216628491072
Elizabeth Ann Churchwife of Walter John Church1878811959

67ChurchWalter John Churchfirst name on this monument1879691948id: 493
(2 images)
Dorothey May Whitedaughter of Walter John Church1908751983
Elizabeth Ann Churchwife of Walter John Church1878811959

68ChurchesAda Churchesfirst name on this monument1899871986id: 2476629751068

69ChurchesArthur George Churchesfirst name on this monument1931792010id: 4336631621067
Gemma Churchesnephew of Arthur George Churches
Yolanda Churchesnephew of Arthur George Churches
Darren Churchesnephew of Arthur George Churches
Phillip Churchesnephew of Arthur George Churches
Terry Churchesnephew of Arthur George Churches
Shirly Churchesson of Arthur George Churches

70ChurchesBrian Rex Churchesfirst name on this monument1936712007id: 4266631551067

71ChurchesEvelyn Mabel Ivy Churchesfirst name on this monument19101042014id: 4116631401069

72ChurchesFlorence A Churchesfirst name on this monument1898851983id: 2376629651066
Ivor Evan Churcheshusband of Florence A Churches1905982003

73ChurchesFrancis Albert Churchesfirst name on this monument1921571978id: 1996629271066
Stella Florence Churcheswife of Francis Albert Churches1926782004

74ChurchesGordon Desmond Churchesfirst name on this monument1934181952id: 113
(2 images)

75ChurchesLilian Mary Churchesfirst name on this monument1907521959id: 1066628341071

76ChurchesMargaret Ann Churchesfirst name on this monument1875781953id: 98
(2 images)
Rholey Churcheshusband of Margaret Ann Churches1874901964

77ChurchesOliver Alfred Churchesfirst name on this monument1906661972id: 1706628981067
Elieen Churchesdaughter of Oliver Alfred Churches
Shirley Churchesdaughter of Oliver Alfred Churches
Arthur Churchesson of Oliver Alfred Churches
Brian Churchesson of Oliver Alfred Churches

78ChurchesRonald Eric Churchesfirst name on this monument1926621988id: 2556629831073
Nacy Churcheswife of Ronald Eric Churches1928631991

79ChurchesStanley Elma Churchesfirst name on this monument1898611959id: 266627561066

80CollierW G Collierfirst name on this monument1927181945id: 716628001065Private , General Service Corps

81CollinsGeorge Collinsfirst name on this monument1870711941id: 57
(2 images)

82ConnollyMary Hilda Connollyfirst name on this monument1911932004id: 3316630591076

83CookAlbert Charles Cookfirst name on this monument1887571944id: 70
(2 images)
Ella Mary Cookwife of Albert Charles Cook1896901986

84CookAlma Elizabeth Cookfirst name on this monument1891591950id: 503
(3 images)
Gilbert George Cookhusband of Alma Elizabeth Cook1896811977

85CookCharles Cookfirst name on this monument1865731938id: 55
(2 images)
Bessie Cookwife of Charles Cook1870761946

86CookEdward J Cookfirst name on this monument1891521943id: 37
(2 images)
Alice Maud Mary Cookwife of Edward J Cook1894841978

87CookFrank Cookfirst name on this monument1909741983id: 3756631041069
Kate Cookwife of Frank Cook1910881998

88CookFrederick R Cookfirst name on this monument1918381956id: 78
(2 images)
Dorothy May Cookrelationship not known of Frederick R Cook
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89CookJohn Cookfirst name on this monument1882671949id: 123
(5 images)
Elizabeth Cookwife of John Cook1881721953

90CookMargeret Lilla Cookfirst name on this monument1898931991id: 2676629951097
Albert Cookhusband of Margeret Lilla Cook1901791980

91CookMargeret Olive Cookfirst name on this monument1928631991id: 2686629961066
George Edward Cookhusband of Margeret Olive Cook1924802004

92CookWilliam Cookfirst name on this monument1896561952id: 77
(2 images)

93CoombesEdwin J Coombesfirst name on this monument1943id: 6266279110691Husband of Ethel Coombes and father of Valda Margaret Lewis nee Coombes
Ethel Coombeswife of Edwin J Coombes1910731983 Nee Pimm Mother of Valda Margaret Lewis nee Coombes and Grandmother to Fiona Dawn Sandford nee Lewis, Ian Robert Lewis, Elizabeth Ann Lewis, Stuart James Lewis and Melissa Jane Parsons, Great Grandmother to Jack Oliver Lambert son to Fiona Dawn Sandford

94CoombsDonald Coombsfirst name on this monument1916761992id: 2746630021067

95CornishRoy V Cornishfirst name on this monument1918661984id: 2316629591066
Barbara M Cornishwife of Roy V Cornish1921771998

96CotonDaisy Cotonfirst name on this monument1904931997id: 3586630871066

97CousinsL R Cousinsfirst name on this monument2007id: 431
(2 images)
6631601067date by context

98CrockhamLilian Crockhamfirst name on this monument1920942014id: 3066630341076
Desmond Willie Crockhamhusband of Lilian Crockham1924751999

99DadeKenneth Dadefirst name on this monument1923621985id: 2306629581066
Persis Dadewife of Kenneth Dade1927651992

100DaveyAnne Daveyfirst name on this monument1944572001id: 3206630481092

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Cheddar Road Cemetery, Wedmore, Somerset, England.

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