General Cemetery, Branxton, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301RussellRaymond Lancelotte Frederick Russellfirst name on this monument189491903id: 3306606831090

302RussellRodney Brett Russellfirst name on this monument1968271995id: 686604211067s; b
Cheryl Ann Ellisrelationship not known of Rodney Brett Russell1967402007 w; m

303RussellStanley Hector Russellfirst name on this monument1922802002id: 3416606941068

304RussellThomas Russellfirst name on this monument1861741935id: 3426606951068h; f
Mary Ann Russellwife of Thomas Russell1866741940 w; m

305SaxbyWilliam Charles Saxbyfirst name on this monument1933742007id: 416603941085h/Elaine. f; gf; ggf
Elaine Saxbywife of William Charles Saxby

306SchulzenLudwig William Schulzenfirst name on this monument1825561881id: 3896607421068

307SearstonEdwin Searstonfirst name on this monument191381921id: 3246606771068s/E. and V. Searston
E Searstonfather or mother of Edwin Searston
V Searstonfather or mother of Edwin Searston

308SearstonEdwin Searstonfirst name on this monument191381921id: 1596605121067s/ E. and V. Searston
E Searstonfather or mother of Edwin Searston
V Searstonfather or mother of Edwin Searston
Daisy Searstonsister of Edwin Searston1915171932 d/ E. and V. Searston

309ShadlowClifford Alister Shadlowfirst name on this monument1935762011id: 3956607481069

310ShadlowPendry Charles Shadlowfirst name on this monument1900491949id: 3946607471068
Vivian Rosa Shadlowrelationship not known of Pendry Charles Shadlow1901751976

311ShaunessyJule Shaunessyfirst name on this monument1869721941id: 3236606761071

312ShepherdWilliam Shepherdfirst name on this monument1805661871id: 3026606551069

313SimpsonLorna May Simpsonfirst name on this monument191411915id: 626604151071

314SinclairC Sinclairfirst name on this monument1926201946id: 2876606401066Army Service Corps

315SinclairLillian Sinclairfirst name on this monument1890381928id: 3006606531066

316SkinnerMatilda Skinnerfirst name on this monument1840691909id: 1006604531067w/Daniel
Daniel Skinnerhusband of Matilda Skinner1841791920 h/Matilda
Mary Susan Skinnerrelationship not known of Matilda Skinner1870761946 w/Robert A.
Robert A Skinnerrelationship not known of Matilda Skinner1868911959 h/Mary Susan

317SladeBrodie Jon Sladefirst name on this monument1982121994id: 3766039010781

318SmithEsther Smithfirst name on this monument1849531902id: 1986605511067w
Richard Smithhusband of Esther Smith1848661914 h
Richard Smithson of Esther Smith1876 s

319SmithHenry James Smithfirst name on this monument1869751944id: 1416604941071
Ethel Alice Smithrelationship not known of Henry James Smith1887681955

320SmithMildred Mary Smithfirst name on this monument1899881987id: 1816605341077

321SmithPercy E Smithfirst name on this monument1876771953id: 2046605571066h; f
Evelyn P Smithwife of Percy E Smith1884961980 w; m

322SnapeElsie May Snapefirst name on this monument1908191927id: 2656606181066d
Richard John Snapefather of Elsie May Snape1883821965 h; f
Christina F M Snapemother of Elsie May Snape1885581943 w; m

323StandenAmelia Jane Standenfirst name on this monument1854861940id: 2856606381067w
James Henry Standenhusband of Amelia Jane Standen1854881942 h

324StandenIan Bruce Standenfirst name on this monument1958241982id: 796604321067s; b

325StandenJames Creswell Standenfirst name on this monument1922691991id: 326603851067h; f; gf

326StandenKingsley Clyde Standenfirst name on this monument1927191946id: 2886606411067

327StandenMilton Henry Standenfirst name on this monument1904721976id: 3266606791067h
Esther Sibyl Mary Standenwife of Milton Henry Standen1906851991 w

328StandenRaymond G H Standenfirst name on this monument1890611951id: 2866606391067h; f
Ethel Jane Standenwife of Raymond G H Standen1883821965 w; m

329StandenRodney James Standenfirst name on this monument1954582012id: 786604311066s; b; u
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330StandenStanley James Standenfirst name on this monument1885671952id: 2896606421067h; f
Annie Jane Standenwife of Stanley James Standen1886711957 w; m

331StandenVictor Albert Standenfirst name on this monument1929701999id: 2936606461076f; gf

332StephensElinor Stephensfirst name on this monument1899511950id: 1966605491067
Percy Raymond Borrow Stephensrelationship not known of Elinor Stephens1894581952

333StephensSarah Ann Stephensfirst name on this monument1853881941id: 1946605471068
Thomas Stephensrelationship not known of Sarah Ann Stephens1855811936

334StephensWilliam Albert Stephensfirst name on this monument1890891979id: 1956605481069

335StevensEdith May Stevensfirst name on this monument192141925id: 1696605221069

336StevensElizabeth Ann Stevensfirst name on this monument1888751963id: 1686605211072
Albert James Stevensrelationship not known of Elizabeth Ann Stevens1888801968

337SwintonJames Ralston Swintonfirst name on this monument1871731944id: 2576606101066h; f
Henrietta Swintonwife of James Ralston Swinton1877801957 w; m

338SwintonJessie Margaret Swintonfirst name on this monument1900921992id: 2586606111066

339SwintonJohn Roy Swintonfirst name on this monument1901441945id: 2216605741066h; f
Alice Irene Swintonwife of John Roy Swinton1905691974 w; m

340SwintonMaxwell Roy Swintonfirst name on this monument1928601988id: 2226605751067h/June
June Swintonwife of Maxwell Roy Swinton
Rex Lionel Swintonrelationship not known of Maxwell Roy Swinton1929701999

341TannerMelanie Elizabeth Tannerfirst name on this monument191831921id: 636604161072d/A and H Tanner
A Tannerfather or mother of Melanie Elizabeth Tanner
H Tannerfather or mother of Melanie Elizabeth Tanner

342TaylorAlexander Taylorfirst name on this monument1801711872id: 1916605441070

343TaylorElizabeth M A Taylorfirst name on this monument1867761943id: 1356604881078w
John Taylorhusband of Elizabeth M A Taylor1869891958 h

344TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1837591896id: 1616605141073h
Eleanor Taylorwife of John Taylor1827861913 w

345TaylorLinden Taylorfirst name on this monument1941612002id: 216603741069

346TaylorWalter Taylorfirst name on this monument1863791942id: 1166604691070h
Jane Taylorwife of Walter Taylor1869831952 w

347ThomasEvelyn Pearl Thomasfirst name on this monument1898771975id: 726604251066w
William James Thomashusband of Evelyn Pearl Thomas1897821979 h

348ThomasHannah Maria Thomasfirst name on this monument1872651937id: 1316604841067
Patrick William Thomasrelationship not known of Hannah Maria Thomas1868781946

349ThomasKevin William Thomasfirst name on this monument1930802010id: 736604261067

350ThomasMargaret Thomasfirst name on this monument1942id: 3436606961066

351ThomasOscar Trevor Thomasfirst name on this monument1916id: 926604451066s/R and C Thomas
C Thomasfather or mother of Oscar Trevor Thomas
R Thomasfather or mother of Oscar Trevor Thomas

352ThorleyDaphne Jean Thorleyfirst name on this monument1915561971id: 3706607231069

353ThreadgateErica Ethel Threadgatefirst name on this monument191211913id: 1106604631072d/Francis and Ida
Francis Threadgatefather of Erica Ethel Threadgate
Ida Threadgatemother-in-law of Erica Ethel Threadgate

354ThreadgateFrancis Richard Threadgatefirst name on this monument1886531939id: 1086604611070h
Ida Miriam Threadgatewife of Francis Richard Threadgate1887811968 w

355ThreadgateJohn Thomas Threadgatefirst name on this monument1852631915id: 1096604621070

356ThreadgateThomas Threadgatefirst name on this monument1875871962id: 1116604641080h
Minnie Laurie Threadgatewife of Thomas Threadgate1882691951 w

357ThriftDavid Thriftfirst name on this monument1857241881id: 3056606581067

358ThriftDavid Elderslie Thriftfirst name on this monument1893801973id: 3636607161066
Linda Louise Thriftrelationship not known of David Elderslie Thrift1897951992
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359ThriftDouglas Thriftfirst name on this monument1917id: 3686607211066s/G. and M. Thrift
G Thriftfather or mother of Douglas Thrift
M Thriftfather or mother of Douglas Thrift

360ThriftEdward Elerslie Thriftfirst name on this monument1920922012id: 3656607181066h; f; gf; ggf
Gwendoline Gladys Thriftwife of Edward Elerslie Thrift1922912013 w; m; gm; ggm

361ThriftGeorge Thriftfirst name on this monument1863791942id: 3676607201066h
Elizabeth Thriftwife of George Thrift1868801948 w

362ThriftGeorge William Thriftfirst name on this monument1888431931id: 3696607221066h; f
Margaret Ellen Thriftwife of George William Thrift1891821973 w; m

363ThriftJames Thriftfirst name on this monument1840501890id: 3086606611067h; f
Mary Ann Thriftwife of James Thrift1841751916 w; m

364ThriftJohn Albert Thriftfirst name on this monument1900id: 3616607141066s/D. and M. Thrift
D Thriftfather or mother of John Albert Thrift
M Thriftfather or mother of John Albert Thrift

365ThriftLouisa Matilda Thriftfirst name on this monument1897641961id: 3666607191066w; m
Richard David Thrifthusband of Louisa Matilda Thrift1891711962 h; f

366ThriftMalcolm John Thriftfirst name on this monument1959201979id: 3646607171066

367ThriftMary Thriftfirst name on this monument1861821943id: 3626607151066w; m
Daniel Thrifthusband of Mary Thrift1861891950 h; f

368ThriftMary Ann Thriftfirst name on this monument1817521869id: 3076606601067w/Richard
Richard Thrifthusband of Mary Ann Thrift

369ThriftRichard Thriftfirst name on this monument1817471864id: 3066606591072Born England

370ThriftSamuel Thomas Thriftfirst name on this monument1870711941id: 3166606691067
Selina Thriftrelationship not known of Samuel Thomas Thrift1875821957

371ToozeCharles C Toozefirst name on this monument1878731951id: 3996607521067h/Lillian
Lilian Toozewife of Charles C Tooze

372ToozeLillian Sarah Toozefirst name on this monument1898731971id: 4006607531070w/Charles
Charles Toozehusband of Lillian Sarah Tooze

373TullochFlorence Emma Tullochfirst name on this monument1872641936id: 1336604861067
John Younie Tullochrelationship not known of Florence Emma Tulloch1866741940

374TullochHelen Tullochfirst name on this monument187711878id: 1876605401071

375TullochJames Tullochfirst name on this monument1841761917id: 1866605391075
Jane Tullochrelationship not known of James Tulloch1841281869
Margaret Tullochrelationship not known of James Tulloch1838871925

376VickersWilliam Harold Vickersfirst name on this monument1885661951id: 1466604991070h
Winifred Irene Vickersdaughter of William Harold Vickers1925271952 d
Alma Maud Vickerswife of William Harold Vickers1891811972 w

377VileWilliam P Vilefirst name on this monument1907641971id: 15660368106716 Infantry Battalion

378VileWilliam Percival Vilefirst name on this monument1907641971id: 146603671066
Dorothy Betty Vilerelationship not known of William Percival Vile1907851992

379WalkerAugustus E O Walkerfirst name on this monument1848791927id: 936604461067h
Julia Eulie Walkerwife of Augustus E O Walker1859721931 w

380WalkerDonald George Walkerfirst name on this monument1929842013id: 3806607331067
Mavis Robina Walkerrelationship not known of Donald George Walker1932792011

381WalkerGeoffrey Alan Walkerfirst name on this monument1927742001id: 3356606881066

382WalkerJ W Walkerfirst name on this monument1892471939id: 33466068710721st. Tunnelling Company
Mary Kathleen Walkerwife of J W Walker1898851983 w/John

383WallRobert Wallfirst name on this monument1813591872id: 3136606661068

384WalmsleyMary Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1830651895id: 3196606721068

385WaltonThomas Robert Waltonfirst name on this monument1926882014id: 4066607591074h; f; gf
Betty Hazel Waltonwife of Thomas Robert Walton1928782006 w; m; gm
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386WatersGeoffrey William Watersfirst name on this monument1957452002id: 346603871066s; b; u

387WatersLeslie George Watersfirst name on this monument1932782010id: 356603881066h; f
Olive Muriel Waterswife of Leslie George Waters1935581993 w; m

388WatsonJoseph Watsonfirst name on this monument1837291866id: 2806606331075
Christina Urquhartrelationship not known of Joseph Watson1800571857

389WenhamDavid William Wenhamfirst name on this monument1962201982id: 756604281067

390WenhamKeith Wenhamfirst name on this monument1917821999id: 766604291070h; f; gf; ggf

391WenhamKenneth William Wenhamfirst name on this monument1940652005id: 746604271074h; f; gf

392WenhamLillian Pearl Verdun Wenhamfirst name on this monument1916852001id: 776604301066w; m; gm; ggm

393WetheredLexie Wetheredfirst name on this monument1895131908id: 3826607351069died at Warialda
Teresa Rea Wetheredrelationship not known of Lexie Wethered1855791934 d/Robert

394WetheredThomas Wetheredfirst name on this monument1803661869id: 3816607341066
Teresa Wethereddaughter-in-law of Thomas Wethered
Robert Wetheredson of Thomas Wethered1843851928 s/Thomas; h/Teresa

395WhippsDorothy Whippsfirst name on this monument1925872012id: 1676605201072

396WhiteMargaret Ella Whitefirst name on this monument1924922016id: 1526605051066w; m; gm

397WhiteStanley Burnett Whitefirst name on this monument1928842012id: 1536605061066h; f; gf

398WiltonAlbert Ernest Wiltonfirst name on this monument1887581945id: 2506606031071
Gloria Edith Bridgerelationship not known of Albert Ernest Wilton1924912015
Ronald Douglas Bridgerelationship not known of Albert Ernest Wilton1921902011

399WiltonJames Ocean Wiltonfirst name on this monument1849731922id: 2496606021066
Sarah Ann Wiltonrelationship not known of James Ocean Wilton1850751925

400WinterStephen Wayne Winterfirst name on this monument1953171970id: 1766605291071

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