General Cemetery, Branxton, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101GillardFreda Emily Gillardfirst name on this monument1912761988id: 3466606991071

102GleesonSylvia June Gleesonfirst name on this monument1928541982id: 456603981071w; m; gm
James John Gleesonhusband of Sylvia June Gleeson1929722001 h; f; gf

103GoddardElaine Goddardfirst name on this monument193711938id: 86603611070

104GoldingThomas Goldingfirst name on this monument1830471877id: 1016604541070
Ann Goldingrelationship not known of Thomas Golding1835781913
Robert Goldingrelationship not known of Thomas Golding1863531916

105GollanThomas Gollanfirst name on this monument1795721867id: 1906605431069h; b/Rosshire , Scotland
Catherine Gollanwife of Thomas Gollan1805841889 w; b/Inverness , Scotland

106GoodwinAlfred Goodwinfirst name on this monument1826761902id: 2666606191075h
Helen Goodwinwife of Alfred Goodwin1830891919 w

107GoodwinLydia Goodwinfirst name on this monument1799671866id: 2826606351068
Henry Goodwinrelationship not known of Lydia Goodwin1789801869
William Goodwinrelationship not known of Lydia Goodwin1795891884

108GreenWilliam B J Greenfirst name on this monument1812401852id: 2756606281069

109GriffisAlfred Griffisfirst name on this monument1900761976id: 4116607641067
Emily Griffisrelationship not known of Alfred Griffis1889871976

110GriffithAnnie Griffithfirst name on this monument1859791938id: 1496605021069h
William Griffithwife of Annie Griffith1851881939 w

111GriffithMary Griffithfirst name on this monument188211883id: 1646605171078d/William and Ann
William Griffithfather of Mary Griffith
Ann Griffithmother of Mary Griffith

112GriffithRobert Henry Griffithfirst name on this monument1889691958id: 1516605041068h; f
Margaret Eliza Griffithwife of Robert Henry Griffith1894931987 w; m

113HammondsJ J Hammondsfirst name on this monument1886611947id: 106603631072h; f. Staff Reg , England
Mary Ann Hammondsrelationship not known of J J Hammonds1962 w
Reginald Hammondsrelationship not known of J J Hammonds1914711985

114HardesCecil John Hardesfirst name on this monument1909561965id: 2186605711068h; f
Dorothy May Hardeswife of Cecil John Hardes1915811996 w; m; gm; ggm

115HardesFay Dorothy Hardesfirst name on this monument193961945id: 2206605731067d/Cecil and Dorothy
Cecil Hardesfather of Fay Dorothy Hardes
Dorothy Hardesmother of Fay Dorothy Hardes

116HarleyLynette Harleyfirst name on this monument1954id: 76603601071

117HarrisArthur John Harrisfirst name on this monument1946682014id: 436603961081h/Jannette. f; gf
Jannette Harriswife of Arthur John Harris

118HartcherLillian Alice Hartcherfirst name on this monument1899581957id: 2596606121067
William James Hartcherrelationship not known of Lillian Alice Hartcher1899691968

119HartupArthur George Hartupfirst name on this monument1905711976id: 706604231067
Cecelia Mary Elizabeth Hartuprelationship not known of Arthur George Hartup1907681975

120HartupBrian Arthur Hartupfirst name on this monument1947552002id: 716604241068s/Arthur and Cecelia
Arthur Hartupfather of Brian Arthur Hartup
Cecelia Hartupmother of Brian Arthur Hartup

121HatcherBertram Norman Hatcherfirst name on this monument1904661970id: 2146605671070

122HatcherClarice Maud Hatcherfirst name on this monument1906291935id: 1076604601070

123HatcherDinah Jane Hatcherfirst name on this monument1875601935id: 606604131069
Frank Ignatius Hatcherrelationship not known of Dinah Jane Hatcher1876611937

124HatcherEdith Annie Maud Hatcherfirst name on this monument1874401914id: 1066604591069w
John Hatcherhusband of Edith Annie Maud Hatcher1868761944 h

125HatcherEllen Jane Hatcherfirst name on this monument1908741982id: 2136605661068

126HatcherLeslie Norman Hatcherfirst name on this monument194051945id: 2126605651069
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127HatcherRobert John Hatcherfirst name on this monument1941id: 116603641066

128HaywoodLindsay Gordon Haywoodfirst name on this monumentid: 176603701068

129HedgesJohn William Hedgesfirst name on this monument1884671951id: 3536607061085

130HedgesStephen Thomas Hedgesfirst name on this monument1810751885id: 1156604681089h/Elizabeth
Elizabeth Hedgeswife of Stephen Thomas Hedges

131HedgesWilliam Hedgesfirst name on this monument1847801927id: 3526607051067h; f; gf
Louisa Hedgeswife of William Hedges1853791932 w

132HendersonJessie Muriel Hendersonfirst name on this monument1903111914id: 2106605631066d/M and J Henderson
J Hendersonfather of Jessie Muriel Henderson
M Hendersonmother of Jessie Muriel Henderson

133HendersonMary Ann Hendersonfirst name on this monument1869501919id: 2096605621071w/J. J. Henderson
J J Hendersonhusband of Mary Ann Henderson

134HigginsEdgar Higginsfirst name on this monument1899701969id: 2276605801067

135HigginsEllen Martha Higginsfirst name on this monument1908901998id: 2286605811070

136HillGeorge Hillfirst name on this monument1928872015id: 3766607291069h; f
Shirley Hillwife of George Hill1930862016 w; m

137HillMark Edward Hillfirst name on this monument196021962id: 1296604821072s/George and Marian
George Hillfather of Mark Edward Hill
Marian Hillmother-in-law of Mark Edward Hill

138HipwellRuth Mary Hipwellfirst name on this monument1957id: 3606607131067d/David and Shirley
David Hipwellfather of Ruth Mary Hipwell
Shirley Hipwellmother of Ruth Mary Hipwell

139HipwellShirley Joan Hipwellfirst name on this monument1929681997id: 3736607261067w; m; gm
David Roy Hipwellhusband of Shirley Joan Hipwell1929802009 h; f; gf

140HodginsMary Ann Hodginsfirst name on this monument1866701936id: 3256606781066

141HorneryRaymond Lesley Horneryfirst name on this monument193611937id: 1366604891073

142HorsfieldMary Horsfieldfirst name on this monument1860551915id: 556604081066w/Charles
Charles Horsfieldhusband of Mary Horsfield

143HoskinsMary Ann Hoskinsfirst name on this monument1863631926id: 1546605071066w
William Hoskinshusband of Mary Ann Hoskins1858691927 h

144HudsonWilliam John Hudsonfirst name on this monument1983262009id: 426603951066

145HughesCharles Hughesfirst name on this monument1798711869id: 3036606561073
Amelia Hughesrelationship not known of Charles Hughes1811731884
Sydney Alexander Hughesrelationship not known of Charles Hughes1877

146HughesCharles Andrew Hughesfirst name on this monument1830761906id: 3186606711067Born Newcastle

147HughesHenry Augustus Hughesfirst name on this monument1861281889id: 2786606311067

148HughesMary Hughesfirst name on this monument1832611893id: 3176606701073Died Balmain

149HughesSamuel Griffiths Hughesfirst name on this monument1792631855id: 2776606301068

150IngallNita Evelyn Ingallfirst name on this monument1918741992id: 336603861067w; m
William John Ingallhusband of Nita Evelyn Ingall1919852004 h; f; gf

151IrwinEdith Mary Irwinfirst name on this monument1920751995id: 386603911068w; m; gm
Gerald Irwinhusband of Edith Mary Irwin1921832004 h; f; gf; ggf

152JacksonAlexander Jacksonfirst name on this monument1886521938id: 546604071091h
Marcia grand daughter of Alexander Jackson194021942 gd
Elsie Jacksonwife of Alexander Jackson1889631952 w

153JacksonMaxwell Keith Jacksonfirst name on this monument1929461975id: 36603561069

154JacobsMervian Fernhill Jacobsfirst name on this monument1904741978id: 3876607401067

155JacobsPercy Clive Jacobsfirst name on this monument1899701969id: 3836607361066

156JacobsSilas George Jacobsfirst name on this monument1865841949id: 956604481067
Annie Rebecca Jacobsrelationship not known of Silas George Jacobs1870771947

157JacobsStanley Keith Jacobsfirst name on this monument1930441974id: 3846607371069
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158JacobsWalter Roy Jacobsfirst name on this monument1910651975id: 3856607381069

159JacobsWilliam A Jacobsfirst name on this monument1897751972id: 3866607391080
Olive M Jacobsrelationship not known of William A Jacobs1877691946
Sidney A Jacobsrelationship not known of William A Jacobs1897541951
Stanley E Jacobsrelationship not known of William A Jacobs1902

160JamesMorgan John Jamesfirst name on this monument1873411914id: 616604141069h/Fanny
Fanny Jameswife of Morgan John James

161JohnsonCharles William Johnsonfirst name on this monument1908691977id: 2836606361069h; f; gf
Thelma Muriel Johnsonwife of Charles William Johnson1912861998 w; m; gm

162JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1870711941id: 2846606371069
Hebe Alice Johnsonrelationship not known of John Johnson1866871953

163JohnsonRobbie Frank Johnsonfirst name on this monument1899521951id: 1476605001072
Matilda May Johnsonrelationship not known of Robbie Frank Johnson1898531951

164JohnstonIlma Kathleen Johnstonfirst name on this monument1920862006id: 196603721071m;gm. w/James. b/Ulmarra
James Johnstonhusband of Ilma Kathleen Johnston

165JohnstonJames Albert Johnstonfirst name on this monument1921912012id: 186603711069h; f; gf. b/Derrylin , Ireland

166JonesE E Jonesfirst name on this monumentid: 2436605961072

167JonesJ Jonesfirst name on this monumentid: 2446605971071

168JudgeJesse Judgefirst name on this monument1791601851id: 2716606241069

169KeenAnn Keenfirst name on this monument1814831897id: 2006605531076w
William Keenhusband of Ann Keen1818821900 h

170KellnerGeorge Kellnerfirst name on this monument1929792008id: 696604221067
Marie Lillian Kellnerrelationship not known of George Kellner1941341975 w; m; gm

171KennedyWilliam Kennedyfirst name on this monument1836601896id: 1606605131068h
Maria Kennedywife of William Kennedy1837841921 w

172KesterJane Kesterfirst name on this monument1845741919id: 2086605611067

173KesterWilliam Kesterfirst name on this monument1842841926id: 2076605601070

174KramerFrederick Kramerfirst name on this monument1826611887id: 1216604741071

175KramerLouisa Kramerfirst name on this monument1872id: 3046606571073

176LambertClifton Kenneth Lambertfirst name on this monument1896751971id: 2636606161066
Georgina Lambertrelationship not known of Clifton Kenneth Lambert1898541952

177LambertErnest George Lambertfirst name on this monument1871341905id: 1176604701066h
Emily Annie Lambertwife of Ernest George Lambert1867731940 w

178LambertLeila May Lambertfirst name on this monument1907942001id: 3446606971070
Albert Victor Lambertrelationship not known of Leila May Lambert1898971995

179LambertLydia Lambertfirst name on this monument1895801975id: 1186604711071
Clive Lambertrelationship not known of Lydia Lambert1900831983

180LaneJames Lanefirst name on this monument1879721951id: 2566606091067
Clara May Lanerelationship not known of James Lane1882871969

181LatterAnnie Latterfirst name on this monument1912491961id: 536604061071w; m

182LatterNoel Charles Latterfirst name on this monument1911821993id: 1126604651067h
Frances Latterwife of Noel Charles Latter1922822004 w

183LennardEvelyn Gladys Lennardfirst name on this monument1930842014id: 4096607621072w; m; gm; ggm

184LordRichard Lordfirst name on this monument1927id: 1436604961067

185LoweHannah Lowefirst name on this monument1835211856id: 3116606641067w/Peter
Peter Lowehusband of Hannah Lowe

186LoweNikki Lee Lowefirst name on this monument199011991id: 306603831066

187LowreyDouglas James Lowreyfirst name on this monument1956211977id: 3746607271066

188LowreyJames Oliver Lowreyfirst name on this monument1929391968id: 3756607281066

189MakinNoelene Makinfirst name on this monument1940642004id: 206603731066

190MallyonReginald Mallyonfirst name on this monument1893731966id: 3216606741070h
Ethel Mallyonwife of Reginald Mallyon1896731969 w
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191MallyonReginald Mallyonfirst name on this monument1893731966id: 1576605101072h
Ethel Mallyonwife of Reginald Mallyon1896731969 w

192MallyonSarah Mallyonfirst name on this monument1852721924id: 1566605091067m

193MallyonSarah Mallyonfirst name on this monument1852721924id: 3226606751068

194MansfieldAlbert Edward Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1911491960id: 1776605301070

195MansfieldJames Alfred Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1875691944id: 3206606731076h; f
Rose Ann Mansfieldwife of James Alfred Mansfield1879701949 w; m

196MansfieldJames Alfred Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1875691944id: 1586605111068h; f
Rose Ann Mansfieldwife of James Alfred Mansfield1879701949 w; m

197MarshallSamuel Marshallfirst name on this monument1800601860id: 2816606341070

198MawsonEdith Mawsonfirst name on this monument1887261913id: 1026604551066

199MayneEdward Valentine Colburn Maynefirst name on this monument1838541892id: 3886607411067

200McBriarEmma McBriarfirst name on this monument1848741922id: 3286606811068
Linda May Fairhallrelationship not known of Emma McBriar189681904 d/E. and M. Fairhall
William G McBriarrelationship not known of Emma McBriar1874771951

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for General Cemetery, Branxton, New South Wales, Australia.

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