General Cemetery, Branxton, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AllenJames Allenfirst name on this monument1796651861id: 166603691071

2AndrewsWilliam Andrewsfirst name on this monument1862661928id: 1426604951074h; f
Margaret Andrewswife of William Andrews1866731939 w; m

3ArmitageBertie Armitagefirst name on this monument1886671953id: 2346605871074h; f
Mary Elizabeth Armitagewife of Bertie Armitage1877841961 w; m

4ArmstrongBeryl Erica Armstrongfirst name on this monument1904891993id: 836604361069w; m; gm; ggm

5ArmstrongWilliam Armstrongfirst name on this monument1902741976id: 866604391068

6AshtonEsther Muriel Ashtonfirst name on this monument1888561944id: 1826605351082w/David
David Ashtonhusband of Esther Muriel Ashton1950 h/Esther
Roberta Vinerelationship not known of Esther Muriel Ashton1987

7AurischRosina Aurischfirst name on this monument1886741960id: 1396604921097
Marjorie Butlerrelationship not known of Rosina Aurisch1917521969

8BallantyneDouglas John Ballantynefirst name on this monument194211943id: 3576607101072

9BallantyneGeorge Ballantynefirst name on this monument1864771941id: 1486605011083h
Elizabeth Jane Ballantynewife of George Ballantyne1867841951 w

10BallantyneGeorge Ballantynefirst name on this monument1830701900id: 1626605151073h. b/Renfrewshire , Scotland
Mary Ballantynewife of George Ballantyne1830711901 w

11BallantyneHilda Jean Ballantynefirst name on this monument1908561964id: 1306604831070
Frank Stuartrelationship not known of Hilda Jean Ballantyne1904761980

12BallantyneWilliam Ballantynefirst name on this monument1895611956id: 3726607251072

13BallantyneWilliam Ballantynefirst name on this monument1861851946id: 3586607111073h; f
Agnes Ann Ballantynewife of William Ballantyne1868651933 w; m

14BallentyneEllener Ann Ballentynefirst name on this monument1849391888id: 1636605161072

15BarnesKim Maree Barnesfirst name on this monument196961975id: 2916606441068d; s

16BaylissJohn Baylissfirst name on this monument1802961898id: 2736606261069h
Mary Ann Baylisswife of John Bayliss1837861923 w
W F Coxrelationship not known of John Bayliss1835791914

17BeavisThelma Beavisfirst name on this monument1910321942id: 2066605591067

18BentleyHannah Bentleyfirst name on this monument1902631965id: 1666605191075

19BevisM G Bevisfirst name on this monument1935652000id: 396603921067Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

20BlackAndrew Blackfirst name on this monument1903821985id: 4106607631084

21BlackHannah Blackfirst name on this monument1894581952id: 4046607571070w; m
John James Blackhusband of Hannah Black1896731969 h; f

22BlackJ J Blackfirst name on this monument1925531978id: 4086607611067h/Evelyn; 25th battalion
Evelyn Blackwife of J J Black

23BlackRonald Blackfirst name on this monument1931742005id: 4076607601067h; f; gf

24BourkeF A Bourkefirst name on this monument1918371955id: 1276604801067h/Joyce; 20 Motor Regiment
Oyce Bourkewife of F A Bourke

25BrayshawHenry Brayshawfirst name on this monument1832821914id: 3146606671071

26BrayshawKate Brayshawfirst name on this monument1844321876id: 3126606651070w/Henry
Henry Brayshawhusband of Kate Brayshaw

27BrazelDesmond Glen Brazelfirst name on this monument1927691996id: 226603751068h; f; gf

28BridgeAndrew Bridgefirst name on this monument1872831955id: 2976606501067

29BridgeArthur Henry Bridgefirst name on this monument1932671999id: 2516606041067

30BridgeCecil Bridgefirst name on this monument1909541963id: 2546606071066

31BridgeClara Bridgefirst name on this monument1882781960id: 2966606491069

32BridgeFlorence Bridgefirst name on this monument1906721978id: 2556606081068

33BridgeFrank Bridgefirst name on this monument1945id: 2536606061066s/Cecil and Florence
Cecil Bridgefather of Frank Bridge
Florence Bridgemother of Frank Bridge
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34BridgeWilliam Joseph Bridgefirst name on this monument1881741955id: 2986606511066

35BridgeWilliam Joseph Bridgefirst name on this monument1857661923id: 2996606521066h; f
Frances Ann Bridgewife of William Joseph Bridge1862911953 w; m

36BrownIrene Beatrice Brownfirst name on this monument1893491942id: 1976605501066
Daril Edgar Brownrelationship not known of Irene Beatrice Brown1880801960

37BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1848731921id: 1996605521066h
Annie Jane Brownwife of John Brown1852861938 w

38BurgessWilliam Burgessfirst name on this monument1877731950id: 3976607501066

39BurnsIda Alice Burnsfirst name on this monument1885671952id: 646604171069w; m
Robert V Burnshusband of Ida Alice Burns1888841972 h; f

40ButlerPeter John Butlerfirst name on this monument1973302003id: 1406604931068h; f

41ButlerRonald T E Butlerfirst name on this monument1911831994id: 8166043410661h; f; gf

42ButlerThomas Henry Butlerfirst name on this monument1878881966id: 826604351066
Hilda Alice Butlerrelationship not known of Thomas Henry Butler1879881967

43CartwrightGeorge Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1871651936id: 1556605081077h; f
William Stanley Cartwrightson of George Cartwright1908141922 s; b
Susanna Cartwrightwife of George Cartwright1882721954 w; m

44ChapmanRoy Clyde Chapmanfirst name on this monument1916791995id: 2926606451080
Gladys Minnie Chapmanrelationship not known of Roy Clyde Chapman1913922005

45CharlesEdith Emily Theresa Charlesfirst name on this monument1865491914id: 3926607451069w/Henry Burton Charles
Henry Burton Charleshusband of Edith Emily Theresa Charles

46CharnockDaniel Lee Charnockfirst name on this monument1976191995id: 286603811105s; b; gs

47CoaldrakeThomas Coaldrakefirst name on this monument1832751907id: 3906607431070h/Mary Ann
Mary Ann Coaldrakewife of Thomas Coaldrake

48CockerillEdith Maria Cockerillfirst name on this monument1875441919id: 2486606011071w/John

49CoxThomas Baldon Coxfirst name on this monument1792621854id: 27466062710701h
Eliza Coxwife of Thomas Baldon Cox1807731880 w
J B Coxrelationship not known of Thomas Baldon Cox1831301861

50CrispWilliam John Crispfirst name on this monument1887381925id: 2526606051069h/Annie
Annie Crispwife of William John Crisp

51CrittendenMervyn Crittendenfirst name on this monument1938id: 1326604851071

52CrouchAnna Rebecca Crouchfirst name on this monument1952id: 2336605861070w; m
Doris Crouchdaughter of Anna Rebecca Crouch1918 d
Stephen Henry Crouchhusband of Anna Rebecca Crouch1959 h; f
John Crouchson of Anna Rebecca Crouch1921 s
Kenneth Crouchson of Anna Rebecca Crouch1919 s

53CrouchNathan Earl Crouchfirst name on this monument1886631949id: 24566059810761h; f
Ernest Earl Crouchson of Nathan Earl Crouch191191920 s
Ivy Pearl Crouchwife of Nathan Earl Crouch1886951981 w; m

54CrouchWilliam Charles Crouchfirst name on this monument1915111926id: 2056605581068s/Charles and Jane
Charles Crouchfather of William Charles Crouch
Jane Crouchmother of William Charles Crouch

55CruickshanksSuzanne Barbara Cruickshanksfirst name on this monument1955411996id: 276603801068w; m

56CurtisHarry Curtisfirst name on this monument1883421925id: 596604121073h/Nellie; s/Barbara and George
George Curtisfather of Harry Curtis
Barbara Curtismother of Harry Curtis
Nellie Curtiswife of Harry Curtis

57CurtisS E Curtisfirst name on this monument1881681949id: 586604111069

58DannEmma Dannfirst name on this monument1874631937id: 3486607011070w; m
Horace Dannhusband of Emma Dann1856431899 h; f
Ada Dannrelationship not known of Emma Dann1879381917
Emily Dannrelationship not known of Emma Dann1879161895
Jack Dannrelationship not known of Emma Dann1882741956
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59DawsonAlice Elaine Dawsonfirst name on this monument1931671998id: 2906606431078w; m; gm

60DeahmJohn J Deahmfirst name on this monument1862461908id: 906604431069

61DeenMam Deenfirst name on this monument1866791945id: 666604191070

62DoyleFrances Doylefirst name on this monument1840701910id: 3916607441068w
Lucy Doyledaughter of Frances Doyle1860761936 d
Andrew John Doylehusband of Frances Doyle1833801913 h

63DuncanGeorge E Duncanfirst name on this monument1960id: 126603651066
Donald Roy Duncanrelationship not known of George E Duncan2007

64EarlElsie Emma Earlfirst name on this monument1891651956id: 1446604971077w; m
Walter Ernest Earlhusband of Elsie Emma Earl1890671957 h; f

65EdmondsCharles Edward Edmondsfirst name on this monument1900571957id: 1036604561067h; f
Doris Lillian Edmondswife of Charles Edward Edmonds1904641968 w; m; gm

66EdmondsGladys May Edmondsfirst name on this monument191611917id: 1046604571070
Betty Edmondsrelationship not known of Gladys May Edmonds193611937 d/A and G Edmonds

67EdmondsWilliam John Edmondsfirst name on this monument1877621939id: 1056604581069h; f
Ada Lillian Edmondswife of William John Edmonds1879801959 w; m

68ElliottKevin Mervyn Elliottfirst name on this monument1933161949id: 1456604981067

69EllisImmogen Louise Ellisfirst name on this monument2003id: 676604201071d/Cheryl and Peter
Peter Ellisfather of Immogen Louise Ellis
Cheryl Ellismother of Immogen Louise Ellis

70EslickMary Eslickfirst name on this monument1889711960id: 1376604901077m
William Henry Wenhambrother of Mary Eslick1960 b

71EslickSamuel John Eslickfirst name on this monument1880841964id: 1386604911076f

72EvansBeulah Oriel Evansfirst name on this monument1918852003id: 846604371070m; gm. w/Edward
Edward Evanshusband of Beulah Oriel Evans

73EvansEdward Evansfirst name on this monument1913661979id: 876604401073f; gf. h/Beulah
Beulah Evanswife of Edward Evans

74EvansMary Ann Evansfirst name on this monument1825751900id: 1926605451066w
James Evanshusband of Mary Ann Evans1832731905 h

75FaintEthel Maud Faintfirst name on this monument1934id: 2356605881073
Herbert Charles Faintrelationship not known of Ethel Maud Faint1953

76FairhallEva Violet Fairhallfirst name on this monument1889201909id: 976604501067
Hazel Fairhallrelationship not known of Eva Violet Fairhall1899151914

77FairhallJohn Clarence Fairhallfirst name on this monument1948612009id: 266603791068

78FairhallJohn Neil Fairhallfirst name on this monument1973231996id: 256603781068

79FairhallLouisa Fairhallfirst name on this monument1862661928id: 986604511067w; m
Benjamin Fairhallhusband of Louisa Fairhall1852851937 h; f

80FairhallMargaret Ann Fairhallfirst name on this monument1873681941id: 3276606801073w; m
Ernest Fairhallhusband of Margaret Ann Fairhall1869731942 h; f

81FairhallMark Edward Alexander Fairhallfirst name on this monument197681984id: 496604021071s; b

82FairhallMervyn Fairhallfirst name on this monument1887601947id: 996604521067

83FairhallRichard Henry Fairhallfirst name on this monument1926752001id: 246603771075
Doreen Betty Fairhallrelationship not known of Richard Henry Fairhall1929872016 w; m; gm

84FairhallWarren Leslie Fairhallfirst name on this monument1934672001id: 516604041077s; b

85FairhallWilliam Edward Fairhallfirst name on this monument1909741983id: 506604031074h; f; gf
Emily Fairhallwife of William Edward Fairhall1913841997 w; m; gm

86FaustiniLuise Margaret Faustinifirst name on this monument1968392007id: 406603931071

87ForemanAnnie Foremanfirst name on this monument1855371892id: 1856605381075
Elizabeth Foremanrelationship not known of Annie Foreman1814761890

88ForemanThomas Clifton Foremanfirst name on this monument1821641885id: 1846605371076
Alfred Benjamin Foremanrelationship not known of Thomas Clifton Foreman1847371884
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89ForresterBetty May Forresterfirst name on this monument1919id: 2316605841071

90FoxElizabeth May Foxfirst name on this monument1852721924id: 2476606001082
Annie Elizabeth Foxrelationship not known of Elizabeth May Fox1880831963

91FullerJohn Fullerfirst name on this monument1890541944id: 96603621069h; f
Eric John Fullerson of John Fuller1919261945 s; P.O.W. Borneo , WW2

92GardnerDonald Ivor Gardnerfirst name on this monument1904741978id: 46603571066

93GardnerGeorge Thomas Gardnerfirst name on this monument1884431927id: 2306605831069

94GardnerHarold John Gardnerfirst name on this monument194221944id: 2606606131066

95GardnerMary Jane Gardnerfirst name on this monument1890741964id: 2616606141066w; m; gm
Harold H Gardnerhusband of Mary Jane Gardner1891651956 h; f; gf
Thomas Edwin Gardnerrelationship not known of Mary Jane Gardner1918571975

96GarredEdna Vivian Garredfirst name on this monument1915521967id: 2296605821070w; m

97GauchetEdouard A Gauchetfirst name on this monument1871541925id: 2766606291067h
Caroline Gauchetwife of Edouard A Gauchet1879811960 w
P E Gauchetrelationship not known of Edouard A Gauchet1906471953

98GengeFrancis Gengefirst name on this monument1878761954id: 2236605761071
Esther Ann Gengerelationship not known of Francis Genge1883941977

99GibbsThomas Gibbsfirst name on this monument1829601889id: 3546607071067h
Martha Gibbswife of Thomas Gibbs1832521884 w
Kevin Henry Markwell Gibbsrelationship not known of Thomas Gibbs1923

100GillardAdela Gillardfirst name on this monument1892641956id: 3476607001069w
Reuben Arthur Gillardhusband of Adela Gillard1892681960 h
Cedrick Horace Gillardson of Adela Gillard192571932 s

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