St Mary and St Martin's Church burial ground, Kirton, Suffolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101GreenwoodHenry Steward Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1992id: Greenwood Henry Steward 02854574795
Iris Ellen Greenwoodwife of Henry Steward Greenwood2007

102GriffithsDoris May Griffithsfirst name on this monument1969id: Griffiths Doris May 069a54575795

103GroverMargaret Groverfirst name on this monument1911811992id: Grover Margaret 19454576795

104HammondCharlie Hammondfirst name on this monument1910751985id: Hammond Charlie 02354577795
Dorothy Hammondwife of Charlie Hammond1911922003

105HammondMary Ann Hammondfirst name on this monument1942592001id: Hammond Mary Ann 012545787951

106HardingJohn Peter Hardingfirst name on this monument1943572000id: Harding John Peter 157545797951

107HardingMargaret Hardingfirst name on this monument1914741988id: Harding Margaret 17754580795
John C Harding1912902002

108HeathAnn Susan Mercy Heathfirst name on this monument1942491991id: 18554581797

109HebblethwaiteR V Hebblethwaitefirst name on this monument1899771976id: Hebblethwaite R V 04554582795

110HubbardJames B Hubbardfirst name on this monument1813631876id: Hubbard James B 03154583796
Mary Ann Hubbardwife of James B Hubbard1838751913

111HuntEdward James Huntfirst name on this monument1909771986id: Hunt Edward James 17954584804

112HyamAgnes Hyamfirst name on this monument1835681903id: Hyam Agnes 22654585795
John Hyamhusband of Agnes Hyam1831881919

113IsaacsDoris Violet Isaacsfirst name on this monument1928691997id: Isaacs Doris Violet 01754586795

114KempJohn Kempfirst name on this monument1825811906id: Kemp John 042545877961
Mary Ann Kempwife of John Kemp1830771907

115KempRobert Kempfirst name on this monument1856821938id: Kemp Robert 113545887951
Caroline Kempwife of Robert Kemp1949

116KerridgeSarah Jane Kerridgefirst name on this monument1895881983id: Kerridge Sarah Jane 190545897951

117KirkFrancis Kirkfirst name on this monument1861id: Kirk Francis 030545917951

118KirkMary Kirkfirst name on this monument1880id: Kirk Mary 029545907953
Francis Kirkhusband of Mary Kirk

119KnightsRussel J Knightsfirst name on this monument1887811968id: Knights Russel J 066545927951
Hannah Knightswife of Russel J Knights1888811969

120KrailingDiana Mary Krailingfirst name on this monument1945451990id: Krailing Diana Mary 05854593795

121LambertRonald Lambertfirst name on this monument1937682005id: Lambert Ronald 16354594795

122LamondJean Lamondfirst name on this monument1926561982id: Lamond Jean 19154595795

123LampardEdward Alfred Henry Lampardfirst name on this monument1902601962id: Lampard Edward Alfred Henry 08954596795
Lily May Lampard1904901994

124LanhamJoseph Lanhamfirst name on this monumentid: Lanham Joseph 033545987963
Joseph Lanhamfather of Joseph Lanham
Lucy Lanhammother of Joseph Lanham

125LanhamLucy Lanhamfirst name on this monument1766951861id: Lanham Lucy 032545977951
Joseph Lanham

126LanhamSarah Lanhamfirst name on this monument1803581861id: Lanham Sarah 03454599795

127LastFlorence E Lastfirst name on this monument1893761969id: Last Florence E 06154600795
Samuel Lasthusband of Florence E Last1891801971

128LastJoy Lastfirst name on this monument1931651996id: Last Joy 200546017951

129LawsFrances Theodora Lawsfirst name on this monument1880id: Laws Frances Theodora 004b54603797
Henry Lawsfather of Frances Theodora Laws
Augusta Lawsmother of Frances Theodora Laws
Mildred Ellen Letch1862761938
Walter Letch1849871936

130LawsHenry Lawsfirst name on this monument1813581871id: Laws Henry 004a54602797
Mary Ann Laws1804791883

131LeugeringNellie Leugeringfirst name on this monumentid: 08854604795
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132LewisJohn Thomas Lewisfirst name on this monument1868791947id: Lewis John Thomas 12054606797
Ethel Florence Lewiswife of John Thomas Lewis1873861959

133LewisPhilip Lewisfirst name on this monument1908id: Lewis Philip 04454605798
Mary Ann Lewis1915

134LeyLilla Dorothy Leyfirst name on this monument1903661969id: Ley Lilla Dorothy 06054607795

135LiebermannFrieda Liebermannfirst name on this monument1896841980id: Liebermann Frieda 19254608795
Martin Liebermann1897841981

136LongBarbara Anne Longfirst name on this monument1934682002id: Long Barbara Anne 16054609795

137LongPeter Phillip Longfirst name on this monument1923561979id: Long Peter Phillip 03554610795
Phillis Doreen Long1927762003

138LuptonDaisy Angela Luptonfirst name on this monument1902971999id: Lupton Daisy Angela 18354611797

139LyneLilian L Lynefirst name on this monument1907771984id: Lyne Lilian L 16954612796
Eric C Lyne1909801989

140MacartneyMary K J Macartneyfirst name on this monumentid: Macartney Mary K J 001546137951

141MannBrian Eric Mannfirst name on this monument1950271977id: Mann Brian Eric 047546147961
Elise Mannwife of Brian Eric Mann

142MannEric Norman Mannfirst name on this monument1919721991id: Mann Eric Norman 19954615795
Violet May Mannwife of Eric Norman Mann1921771998

143MaysEmily Maysfirst name on this monument1880651945id: Mays Emily 11954616798

144MckenzieColin Mckenziefirst name on this monument1918862004id: Mckenzie Colin 006546177951

145MeadowsEthel Maud Meadowsfirst name on this monument1907561963id: Meadows Ethel Maud 08354618795
Richard Durrant Meadows1907801987

146MeadowsGeoffey Robert Meadowsfirst name on this monument1928631991no image54619795
Monica Jean Meadows1928812009

147Melville-JacksonAdhemar Auber Melville-Jacksonfirst name on this monument1916791995id: Melville-Jackson Adhemar Auber 018546208001
Joan Melville-Jacksonwife of Adhemar Auber Melville-Jackson

148MiddletonBernard F Middletonfirst name on this monument1932762008id: Middleton Bernard F 02954621800

149MooreHenry Moorefirst name on this monument1827531880id: Moore Henry 04654622797
Elizabeth Moorewife of Henry Moore1862481910

150NeedhamDerek Needhamfirst name on this monument1927802007id: Needham Derek 15354623796

151NortonAnthony Nortonfirst name on this monument1925832008id: Norton Anthony 152546247971

152NortonDorothy M Nortonfirst name on this monument1914541968id: Norton Dorothy M 072
(3 images)
John Herbert Nortonhusband of Dorothy M Norton

153NortonJohn Herbert Nortonfirst name on this monument55id: Norton John Herbert 07454628795

154PalmerAnn Palmerfirst name on this monument1919661985id: Palmer Ann 02254629799
Bill Palmerhusband of Ann Palmer

155PhillipsJon Phillipsfirst name on this monument1931531984id: Phillips Jon 021546307951

156PlantWilliam Plantfirst name on this monument1825821907id: Plant William 00254631796
Mary Plantwife of William Plant1916

157PopeFrederick S Popefirst name on this monument1909561965id: Pope Frederick S 09154632795

158PopeRoger G Popefirst name on this monument1963id: Pope Roger G 08454633795

159PorterEdward Porterfirst name on this monument1824471871id: 10154634797
Agnes Page Porter

160PorterFrederick J Porterfirst name on this monument1882831965id: Porter Frederick J 10054635795
Gorden A T Porter1865

161PorterHarriet Emma Porterfirst name on this monument1872741946id: Porter Harriet Emma 10754636796
William Edward Porterhusband of Harriet Emma Porter1874761950

162PorterJohn Porterfirst name on this monument1898id: Porter John 09954637797
Elizabeth Porter

163PotterRuby Potterfirst name on this monument1927651992id: Potter Ruby 19654638795
Arthur Potterhusband of Ruby Potter1920731993
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164RainbirdJohn R Rainbirdfirst name on this monument1906id: Rainbird John R 03854639800
Sarah Ann Rainbirdwife of John R Rainbird1906

165RandallJohn Randallfirst name on this monument1838661904id: Randall John 041546427952
Mary Ann Randallwife of John Randall1905

166RandallMary Randallfirst name on this monument1853631916id: Randall Mary 01254640795
William Randallfather of Mary Randall
Mary Randallmother of Mary Randall

167RandallWilliam Randallfirst name on this monument1875id: Randall William 01354641795
Mary Randallwife of William Randall1823761899

168RansonGraham Stanley Ransonfirst name on this monumentid: Ranson Graham Stanley 067546437951
Sidney Ranson

169RatcliffeWilliam Desmond Ratcliffefirst name on this monument1926802006id: Ratcliffe William Desmond 00554644795

170ReynoldsPatricia Margaret Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1937581995id: Reynolds Patricia Margaret 16554645795

171RiversEleanor Riversfirst name on this monumentid: Rivers Eleanor 073546467951
Benjamin Rivers

172RivettEsther Rivettfirst name on this monument1883561939id: Rivett Esther 13554651795

173RivettFrank William Rivettfirst name on this monument1908751983id: Rivett Frank William 17654652797
Queenie May Rivett1910972007

174RivettHerbert G W Rivettfirst name on this monument1912571969id: Rivett Herbert G W 09154650797
John William Rivett1869911960

175RivettLizzie May Rivettfirst name on this monument1915761991id: Rivett Lizzie May 07154649795

176RivettMaud Lavinia Rivettfirst name on this monument1892761968id: Rivett Maud Lavinia 00454653796
Henry Wright Rivetthusband of Maud Lavinia Rivett1893771970

177RivettSidney Charles Rivettfirst name on this monument1905771982id: Rivett Sidney Charles 03454654795
Margaret Rivettdaughter of Sidney Charles Rivett1939
Eleanor Nellie Rivettwife of Sidney Charles Rivett1911932004

178RivettThomas Rivettfirst name on this monument1833881921id: Rivett Thomas 05454648796
Hannah Rivettwife of Thomas Rivett1837821919

179RivettThomas Rivettfirst name on this monument1961id: Rivett Thomas 13654655795

180RivettWilliam Rivettfirst name on this monument1845621907id: Rivett William 00854647795
Rachel Rivettwife of William Rivett

181RobinsonCatherine Robinsonfirst name on this monument1853691922id: Robinson Catherine 11554656796
W Robinsonhusband of Catherine Robinson

182RookyardSusan Rookyardfirst name on this monument10id: 003c546577951
Pamela M Rush1931752006

183RushbrookFrederick Rushbrookfirst name on this monument1852821934id: Rushbrook Frederick 20754659795

184RushbrookThomas Rushbrookfirst name on this monument1855371892id: Rushbrook Thomas 04054658795
Ester Rushbrookwife of Thomas Rushbrook

185SeamanReginald Seamanfirst name on this monument1915711986id: Seaman Reginald 02554661796
Muriel Seamanwife of Reginald Seaman1918882006

186SelfSidney Edward Selffirst name on this monument63id: Self Sidney Edward 07954662795
Emily Elizabeth Self1885681953

187ShawAda Nellie Shawfirst name on this monument1903891992id: Shaw Ada Nellie 195546637961

188ShepherdJoseph Shepherdfirst name on this monument1925752000id: Shepherd Joseph 15954664795

189SkeetFlorence Mary Skeetfirst name on this monument1886961982id: Skeet Florence Mary 092546657952

190SmithDaisy Smithfirst name on this monument1922731995id: Smith Daisy 148a54668795
Daisy Smith1922731995

191SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1845id: Smith Elizabeth 108
(2 images)
Joseph Smithfather of Elizabeth Smith

192SmithEthel E Smithfirst name on this monument1922731995id: Smith Ethel E 16654669796
Stanley V Smithhusband of Ethel E Smith1920852005
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193SmithGeorge Smithfirst name on this monument1839id: Smith George 02854666795

194SmithHarry Donald Smithfirst name on this monument1902761978id: Smith Harry Donald 04454670798
Emily Smithwife of Harry Donald Smith1901801981

195SmithJasper William Smithfirst name on this monument1905771982id: Smith Jasper William 03354671795
Ada Elizabeth Smithwife of Jasper William Smith1902881990

196SmithMargaret Smithfirst name on this monument1883711954id: Smith Margaret 06654667795
Thomas Smith1882871969

197SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1849no image54672795
Syer Smithhusband of Mary Smith1849

198SmithSyer Smithfirst name on this monument1781681849id: Smith Syer 09954660796
Mary Smith

199SmyBert Smyfirst name on this monument1905711976id: Smy Bert 04154675795
Vera Smy1976

200SmyEric David Arthur Smyfirst name on this monument1922882010id: 231a54676796

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary and St Martin's Church burial ground, Kirton, Suffolk, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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