Annes Hill (old section) Cemetery, Gosport, Hampshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201DarbyJohn James Darbyfirst name on this monument1850441894id: 8446373081077
Arthur Edward Darbybrother of John James Darby186021862
George Darbybrother of John James Darby1856391895
Kate Darbydaughter of John James Darby1858231881
John Darbyfather of John James Darby1820811901
Sarah Darbymother of John James Darby1824771901
Rosina Darbyson-in-law of John James Darby w/o George

202DashGeorge Dashfirst name on this monument1830541884id: 8686373311073
Mary Ann Dashwife of George Dash

203DashHenry Dashfirst name on this monument185611857id: 3526368501072
Joseph Dashbrother of Henry Dash1864151879
John Dashfather of Henry Dash
Amelia Dashmother of Henry Dash

204DashJohn Dashfirst name on this monumentid: 8286372931072possibly 1822-89

205DashwoodEmma Jane Dashwoodfirst name on this monument1839331872id: 2676367871071
Emma Ann Dashwooddaughter of Emma Jane Dashwood1860321892
George Dashwoodhusband of Emma Jane Dashwood
George Henry Dashwoodson of Emma Jane Dashwood186621868

206DashwoodGeorge Dashwoodfirst name on this monument1829571886id: 8076372741072
Emma Jane Dashwoodwife of George Dashwood1837351872

207DavidsonGeorge Davidsonfirst name on this monument1807901897id: 566366101073
Elizabeth Davidsonwife of George Davidson1820671887

208DavieElizabeth Ann Daviefirst name on this monument1825701895id: 4446369361072
Benjamin Daviehusband of Elizabeth Ann Davie1818791897

209DaviesJoseph Daviesfirst name on this monument1851361887id: 436365971071

210DaviesSarah Susanna Daviesfirst name on this monument1809701879id: 3856368821071
John James Davieshusband of Sarah Susanna Davies1809701879

211DavisEdna Winifred Davisfirst name on this monument1885651950id: 7316372011076
Emma H Davisrelationship not known of Edna Winifred Davis
William John Davisrelationship not known of Edna Winifred Davis

212DavisEdward Davisfirst name on this monument1838571895id: 4396369311074
Eliza Daviswife of Edward Davis1835541889

213DawsonElizabeth Dawsonfirst name on this monumentid: 5656370501071
Samuel Dawsonhusband of Elizabeth Dawson

214DayFrederick Dayfirst name on this monumentid: 106365641071
Mary Daywife of Frederick Day

215DayJames Dayfirst name on this monument1794661860id: 3676368651071
Emma Daywife of James Day1797811878

216DeaconEsther Deaconfirst name on this monument1859id: 6956371671078dates from
James Deaconhusband of Esther Deacon1787781865

217DevereuxJohn Charles Devereuxfirst name on this monument1806501856id: 2346367591080age unclear

218DewarCharles Alexander Dewarfirst name on this monument1837id: 6816371541078
Margaret Houghtondaughter of Charles Alexander Dewar1822811903
John William Houghtonson-in-law of Charles Alexander Dewar1818511869

219DiaperHerbert Sawyer Diaperfirst name on this monument1866id: 5386370261072
Jane Diaperwife of Herbert Sawyer Diaper1804731877 dates from

220DiaperJoseph Diaperfirst name on this monumentid: 5376370251072
Mary Bloodrelationship not known of Joseph Diaper1802761878

221DibbenAnnie Dibbenfirst name on this monument1856451901id: 7656372341075
Walter James Dibbenhusband of Annie Dibben1851671918
George Victor Dibbenson of Annie Dibben1887281915
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222DipnallEmma Dipnallfirst name on this monument1837451882id: 8306372951074
George Dipnallhusband of Emma Dipnall

223DoddPatience Doddfirst name on this monument1872421914id: 1566366951074
Albert Edward Doddhusband of Patience Dodd1872551927

224DoreWilliam Dorefirst name on this monument1862id: 5086369981075
Jane Doredaughter of William Dore183021832 age unclear
Mary Ann Doredaughter of William Dore1842
James Doreson of William Dore
William Henry Doreson of William Dore1841201861 age unclear
Jane Dorewife of William Dore1800671867 dates from

225DouthwaiteLouisa Douthwaitefirst name on this monument1805671872id: 6646371381075

226DoveHenry Howe Dovefirst name on this monument1827801907id: 4636369551077
Elizabeth Sarah Annie Cowarddaughter of Henry Howe Dove1870541924
William Henry Cowardson-in-law of Henry Howe Dove
Elizabeth Ann Dovewife of Henry Howe Dove1832791911

227DowlingHarriet Dowlingfirst name on this monument1822601882id: 8406373041075
Henry Dowlinghusband of Harriet Dowling1821621883
Thomas Dowlingson of Harriet Dowling

228DoyleThomas Canon Doylefirst name on this monument1828701898id: 2216367461071

229DrakeAnora Kate Drakefirst name on this monument185841862id: 2376367621076
Alfred Drakebrother-in-law of Anora Kate Drake186611867

230DrodgeEmily Drodgefirst name on this monument1838451883id: 2606367811071
William Henry Drodgeson of Emily Drodge1874611935

231DroverGladys Beatrice Droverfirst name on this monument1901671968id: 2666367861071

232DroverRichard Edmund Droverfirst name on this monument1836591895id: 2656367851079
Lydia Thirza Droverdaughter of Richard Edmund Drover1868 age 10m
Eleanor Maindaughter of Richard Edmund Drover
Ethel Maingrand daughter of Richard Edmund Drover189311894
Ernest Mainson-in-law of Richard Edmund Drover
Elizabeth Droverwife of Richard Edmund Drover1835811916

233DunningAnn Dunningfirst name on this monument1810841894id: 3376368411071
William Dunninghusband of Ann Dunning1810871897

234DurbinHannah Durbinfirst name on this monument1826561882id: 416
(2 images)
Frances Louisa Durbindaughter-in-law of Hannah Durbin1870861956
Luke Durbinhusband of Hannah Durbin1826641890
Frank Durbinson of Hannah Durbin1867881955

235DurleyHarry Durleyfirst name on this monument1876731949id: 5866370671071
Mary Durleywife of Harry Durley1878711949

236DyerEdwin Marshall Dyerfirst name on this monument1823701893id: 7986372671071

237DyerMargaret Elizabeth Dyerfirst name on this monument1864351899id: 7806372491074
Kate Dyerdaughter of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer infant
Margaret Dyerdaughter of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer infant
Richard Dyerhusband of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer1857721929
Albert Dyerson of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer infant
Edward Robert Dyerson of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer1900101910
Frederick William Dyerson of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer1890271917 Lost on H M Y 'Kethailes'
James Dyerson of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer infant
Ralph Sinclair Dyerson of Margaret Elizabeth Dyer1884221906

238DyerMaria Dyerfirst name on this monument1801671868id: 3363658710821
Jane Harveydaughter of Maria Dyer1816311847
Rebecca Varneydaughter of Maria Dyer1823491872
Richard Dyerhusband of Maria Dyer
Maria Hughesmother of Maria Dyer1777821859
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239DykeWilliam Dykefirst name on this monument1867231890id: 8646373271071

240EdwardsMary Edwardsfirst name on this monument1801771878id: 4236369171072
Benjamin Edwardshusband of Mary Edwards1802801882

241EleyEllen Eleyfirst name on this monument1829581887id: 696366231075age unclear
J R S Eleyhusband of Ellen Eley
Alice Ransom Eleyrelationship not known of Ellen Eley186501865
William Frank Eleyrelationship not known of Ellen Eley186611867

242EllerySarah Elleryfirst name on this monument1826331859id: 3506368481088age unclear
John Elleryhusband of Sarah Ellery

243EllicottElizabeth Ellicottfirst name on this monument1807581865id: 31263682010753numerals unclear
William Ellicottrelationship not known of Elizabeth Ellicott1807851892 RN

244EllicottHarriett Ellicottfirst name on this monument1812671879id: 8166372811075
Mary Ann Ellicottdaughter-in-law of Harriett Ellicott
John Ellicotthusband of Harriett Ellicott1811891900
William Henry Ellicottson of Harriett Ellicott1853611914

245ElliottJohn Elliottfirst name on this monument1821621883id: 8256372901072year unclear
John Elliottson of John Elliott

246ElliottJohn Richard Elliottfirst name on this monument1850721922id: 46663695810741
Jane Elliottwife of John Richard Elliott1854821936

247EllisEdward James Ellisfirst name on this monument1832681900id: 5646370491071
Emma Elliswife of Edward James Ellis1827861913 3rd name at foot-obscured

248ElmesRobert Elmesfirst name on this monument1826471873id: 6206370981072
Ann Elmeswife of Robert Elmes1833701903

249ElmesThomas Elmesfirst name on this monument1789751864id: 6506371231077
Caroline Elmesdaughter of Thomas Elmes infant
Charlotte Elmesdaughter of Thomas Elmes infant
John George Elmesson of Thomas Elmes1844301874
Samuel Elmesson of Thomas Elmes infant
Ann Elmeswife of Thomas Elmes1796781874

250EmblingAlfred George Emblingfirst name on this monument1893231916id: 1826367161072died WW1

251EnglandFrank Edward Englandfirst name on this monument1901id: 4466369381076age 4m
Elsie Kate Englandrelationship not known of Frank Edward England190701907

252ErskineJames Erskinefirst name on this monument1982id: 51763700610861
Dorothy Erskinewife of James Erskine1984

253EvansWilliam Evansfirst name on this monument1838361874id: 3556368531077
Annie Hoare Evansdaughter of William Evans1864631927
Eva Lotus Evansdaughter of William Evans1873831956
Eveline Sarah Evansdaughter of William Evans1870891959
Ann Evanswife of William Evans1841871928

254EwingAnne Gordon Clunes Ewingfirst name on this monument1800571857id: 3346368381081
Alexander Ewinghusband of Anne Gordon Clunes Ewing
Ernest Apelles Wilsonson of Anne Gordon Clunes Ewing1860121872 son of Clara; other children on inscription are sons of Ann.

255EyersJames Henry Eyersfirst name on this monument1855161871id: 3536368511073
James Eyersfather of James Henry Eyers
Harriett Eyersmother of James Henry Eyers

256FairbrotherAnn Fairbrotherfirst name on this monument1839601899id: 7856372541075
William Fairbrotherhusband of Ann Fairbrother

257FallickMary Jane Fallickfirst name on this monument1825591884id: 886366381074
John Fallickhusband of Mary Jane Fallick1825771902

258FanceyHarriett Fanceyfirst name on this monument1794771871id: 3166368241073
Amelia Fanceydaughter of Harriett Fancey1816621878
James Fanceyhusband of Harriett Fancey1791621853 age unclear
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259FarquharEllen Farquharfirst name on this monument1791781869id: 2246367491078
John Farquharhusband of Ellen Farquhar1800711871

260FearyKeren Happuch Fearyfirst name on this monument1865id: 5886370691076
Mary Ann Fearysister of Keren Happuch Feary1804731877

261FeaverJane Feaverfirst name on this monument1818501868id: 26365561084
Thomas Feaverhusband of Jane Feaver

262FieldJane Eliza Fieldfirst name on this monument1803671870id: 325
(2 images)
6368331078dates from
Catherine Meadows Fielddaughter of Jane Eliza Field184611847 dates from
Elizabeth Agnes Fielddaughter of Jane Eliza Field184041844 dates from
Emmeline Gertrude Fielddaughter of Jane Eliza Field1844 dates from
Fanny Ellen Fielddaughter of Jane Eliza Field184501845 dates from
Thomas Henry Fieldhusband of Jane Eliza Field1800711871 dates from
Nathaniel Martin Fieldson of Jane Eliza Field183541839 dates from
Eliza Waltonwife of Jane Eliza Field1833721905
Charles Walton Morrow Mccullyrelationship not known of Jane Eliza Field1879791958 age unclear
Dorothea Maud Morrow Walkerrelationship not known of Jane Eliza Field1893961989
Frederic William Walkerrelationship not known of Jane Eliza Field1893771970
Patrick Newman Walkerrelationship not known of Jane Eliza Field1927581985
Raymond Thomas Walkerrelationship not known of Jane Eliza Field1923241947 kiled while flying from HMS Theseus
Louisa Alice Waltonrelationship not known of Jane Eliza Field185361859

263FieldLeonard Martin Fieldfirst name on this monument1879841963id: 3036368141077
Irene Marson Fieldrelationship not known of Leonard Martin Field1884921976

264FieldThomas Fieldfirst name on this monument1833491882id: 4146369081073
Ada Jessie Fielddaughter of Thomas Field1872101882

265FilleulThomas Daniel Filleulfirst name on this monument1836721908id: 8606373231074
Mary Hannah Filleulwife of Thomas Daniel Filleul1840491889

266FlemingElizabeth Ann Flemingfirst name on this monumentid: 2446367681072
James Fleminghusband of Elizabeth Ann Fleming

267FlemingFrank Lionel Flemingfirst name on this monument1891101901id: 7686372371076
David Flemingfather of Frank Lionel Fleming1853661919
Mary Ann Flemingmother of Frank Lionel Fleming1857791936

268FletcherThomas H Fletcherfirst name on this monument1828391867id: 706366241074killed; more info on stone

269FloranceGeorge Florancefirst name on this monument1830661896id: 1076366561071
Mary Elizabeth Florancewife of George Florance1830801910 dates from

270FlowerJames Henry Flowerfirst name on this monument1862641926id: 4736369651086

271FosterHarriette Fosterfirst name on this monument1887id: 1246366731088
Stephen Warner Fosterhusband of Harriette Foster1903

272FouquettFrederick Fouquettfirst name on this monument1806761882id: 3906368861071
Mary Fouquettwife of Frederick Fouquett1810761886

273FowlerAda Emily Fowlerfirst name on this monument1895711966id: 4596369511082
Hubert William Fowlerhusband of Ada Emily Fowler1893801973

274FramesSophia Framesfirst name on this monument1848741922id: 3786368751075
George William Paineson-in-law of Sophia Frames1890371927
Ann Helbyrelationship not known of Sophia Frames1810711881 w/o W H
Eliza Ann Horwood Helbyrelationship not known of Sophia Frames1819561875
Emily Mary Horwood Helbyrelationship not known of Sophia Frames1840121852
W H Helbyrelationship not known of Sophia Frames husband of Ann
William Henry Horwood Helbyrelationship not known of Sophia Frames184111842

275FraserElias Taylor Fraserfirst name on this monument186971876id: 3156368231074
Ernest Stanley Fraserbrother of Elias Taylor Fraser187431877
Edward Fraserfather of Elias Taylor Fraser
Fanny Frasermother of Elias Taylor Fraser
David Fraserrelationship not known of Elias Taylor Fraser1819661885 h/o Emily
Emily Fraserrelationship not known of Elias Taylor Fraser1823351858 w/o David
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276FraserWilliam C Mc L Fraserfirst name on this monument1820591879id: 136365671075
Hannah Maystondaughter of William C Mc L Fraser1845271872
Edward Sydney Fraserson of William C Mc L Fraser185531858
John Young Maystonson-in-law of William C Mc L Fraser Rn
Emma Fraserwife of William C Mc L Fraser1819461865

277FreemantleEdward James Singleton Freemantlefirst name on this monument186761873id: 5206370091075died of diptheria
Edward Wareham Freemantlefather of Edward James Singleton Freemantle1837381875
Sarah Freemantlemother of Edward James Singleton Freemantle1834471881

278FringsVictor Fringsfirst name on this monument1878161894id: 2476367711072

279FryPhilip James Fryfirst name on this monument1825571882id: 263
(2 images)

280FryerElizabeth Fryerfirst name on this monument1830681898id: 7966372651075
Henry Fryerhusband of Elizabeth Fryer1838761914 Crimean veteran

281FunnellRebecca Funnellfirst name on this monument1809691878id: 4196369131073
Thomas Funnellhusband of Rebecca Funnell1812891901
James Arthur Coffinson of Rebecca Funnell1853121865
Charlotte Coffinwife of Rebecca Funnell1818721890

282GaitskellViolet Egremont Gaitskellfirst name on this monument1889261915id: 4726369641075dates from
George Farendenbrother-in-law of Violet Egremont Gaitskell1861781939 age unclear
Elizabeth Farendensister of Violet Egremont Gaitskell1859711930

283GaleJane Galefirst name on this monument1786721858id: 5906370711085
Martha Matilda Galedaughter of Jane Gale1825791904
John Galehusband of Jane Gale1785821867

284GallienneThomas Henry Galliennefirst name on this monument1836651901id: 7626372311071
Ellen Galliennewife of Thomas Henry Gallienne1839711910

285GaltonWilliam Galtonfirst name on this monument1808701878id: 1286366761074
Ann Galtonwife of William Galton1812751887 dates from

286Galton/galtinUnknown Galton/galtinfirst name on this monumentid: 3226368301071unclear
George Harry Galton/galtinrelationship not known of Unknown Galton/galtin unclear

287GamblenCharles Thomas Gamblenfirst name on this monument1853761929id: 1886367211072
Elsie Gamblendaughter of Charles Thomas Gamblen
William Abrahamhusband of Charles Thomas Gamblen1841741915
Ernest Gamblenson of Charles Thomas Gamblen
Thomas Gamblenson of Charles Thomas Gamblen
Unknown Gamblenwife of Charles Thomas Gamblen1945

288GamblenJohn Gamblenfirst name on this monument1822801902id: 1856367181071
Ruth Gamblendaughter-in-law of John Gamblen1869761945
Eva Gamblengrand daughter of John Gamblen
Kathleen Gamblengrand daughter of John Gamblen
Freddy Gamblengrand son of John Gamblen
Fred Gamblenson of John Gamblen1866491915 died WW1
Matilda A Gamblenwife of John Gamblen1829871916

289GannHarriett Josephine Gannfirst name on this monument1830691899id: 72863719810801
Thomas C Gannhusband of Harriett Josephine Gann1868
Thomas John Gannson of Harriett Josephine Gann2

290GarrettEdward Garrettfirst name on this monument1867id: 5716370551078RN
George Moreygrand father of Edward Garrett RN
Ruthey Garrettmother of Edward Garrett1784841868
Edward Garrettrelationship not known of Edward Garrett RN
Ann Augusta Moreyrelationship not known of Edward Garrett1806321838 year unclear
Edward George Moreyrelationship not known of Edward Garrett drowned;surname unclearRN
Harry Newnham Moreyrelationship not known of Edward Garrett27 RN
Smith Moreyrelationship not known of Edward Garrett
W Brewer Moreyrelationship not known of Edward Garrett1808301838 numerals unclear
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291GarrettEmily Garrettfirst name on this monument1805771882id: 1376366851075
Edward Garrettfather-in-law of Emily Garrett
John Henry Garretthusband of Emily Garrett1813781891

292GibbonsMatilda Blanche Gibbonsfirst name on this monument189561901id: 8656373281072
Stewart J Gibbonsrelationship not known of Matilda Blanche Gibbons infant

293GibbsJoseph Gibbsfirst name on this monument1813701883id: 916366411077
Emma Healydaughter of Joseph Gibbs1828511879 unclear
Mary Ann Gibbswife of Joseph Gibbs
George William Burnettrelationship not known of Joseph Gibbs
Mary Ann Burnettrelationship not known of Joseph Gibbs

294GirlingEmily Girlingfirst name on this monument1854471901id: 6636371371072
John Girlinghusband of Emily Girling

295GloverMary Gloverfirst name on this monument1816691885id: 7136371831076dates from
George Gloverhusband of Mary Glover1812781890 dates from
Charles Gloverson of Mary Glover1872
James Gloverson of Mary Glover1846251871

296GobingRichard Gobingfirst name on this monument1837381875id: 6906371631071
Alice Mabel Gobingdaughter of Richard Gobing1873 infant
Elizabeth Larkdaughter of Richard Gobing1843381881
Harriett Gobingwife of Richard Gobing1838361874

297GodboldEthel Rose Godboldfirst name on this monument1880871967id: 1626367001080

298GoodchildRosa Goodchildfirst name on this monument1843431886id: 406365941074
William Goodchildhusband of Rosa Goodchild
George Goodchildson of Rosa Goodchild1880 infant

299GoodmanLouisa Goodmanfirst name on this monument1828581886id: 3736368711071
Henrietta Jane Goodmandaughter of Louisa Goodman186011861
Frederick Charles Goodmanhusband of Louisa Goodman

300GoodridgeMary Goodridgefirst name on this monument1806581864id: 6146370921073dates from

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Annes Hill (old section) Cemetery, Gosport, Hampshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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The postcode for this cemetery is PO12 3JX - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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