Church of the Ascension's Church burial ground, Whixley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbbeyEliza Abbeyfirst name on this monument1777351812id: 01814868211
Christiana Abbeydaughter of Eliza Abbey
Thomas Abbeyhusband of Eliza Abbey

2AdamsonAmelia Adamsonfirst name on this monument1874291903id: 0061
(2 images)
William Kettlewellfather of Amelia Adamson1837661903
Robert Adamsonhusband of Amelia Adamson
Ann Kettlewellmother of Amelia Adamson1843831926
Maud Kettlewellsister of Amelia Adamson1882121894

3AgarRichard Agarfirst name on this monument1818381856id: 0009485117
Harriet Agarwife of Richard Agar1793631856

4AtkinsonRichard Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1811id: 01454864682
Richard Atkinsonfather of Richard Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinsonmother of Richard Atkinson

5AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1750851835id: 017948680122
Ann Atkinsonwife of William Atkinson1737641801

6AydonBessy Aydonfirst name on this monument1818261844id: 016848669131

7AykroydHarold Hammond Aykroydfirst name on this monument1896781974id: 00314853341
Kathleen Ellen Aykroyd2005

8BaileyAnn Baileyfirst name on this monument1853id: 0207487095
Joseph Baileyhusband of Ann Bailey

9BaileyAnnie Baileyfirst name on this monument1846871933id: 0018485205

10BaileyRichard Baileyfirst name on this monument1774491823id: 0019485215
Joseph Baileyson of Richard Bailey1814351849
William Baileyson of Richard Bailey1812551867
Ann Baileywife of Richard Bailey1776821858

11BarkerCharlotte Barkerfirst name on this monument1838531891id: 0089485912
William Barkerhusband of Charlotte Barker

12BarkerSarah Barkerfirst name on this monument1801581859id: 0132486334

13BellabyElizabeth Bellabyfirst name on this monument182281830id: 0163486645
Michael Bellabyfather of Elizabeth Bellaby
Mary Ann Bellabymother of Elizabeth Bellaby

14BensonAnn Bensonfirst name on this monument1825651890id: 0076
(2 images)
Emma Bensondaughter of Ann Benson1864201884
William Bensonhusband of Ann Benson

15BensonSarah Bensonfirst name on this monumentid: 0027485296
George Bensonbrother of Sarah Benson
John Bensonbrother of Sarah Benson
Christopher Bensonfather of Sarah Benson
Mary Bensonmother of Sarah Benson

16BinksThomas Binksfirst name on this monument1820361856id: 0183486848

17BinksWilliam Binksfirst name on this monument1760681828id: 0184
(4 images)
Thomas Binksson of William Binks1792381830
Hannah Binkswife of William Binks1762761838

18BlandHannah Blandfirst name on this monument67id: 0122486236
Richard Blandhusband of Hannah Bland1798711869

19BradburyJoyce Tankard Bradburyfirst name on this monument1903741977id: 00964859810
Raymond Gordon Bradbury1888801968

20BradleyBenjamin Bradleyfirst name on this monument1835781913id: 00924859410
Ann Bradleywife of Benjamin Bradley1844761920

21BrittonJames Brittonfirst name on this monument1791801871id: 00374853961
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22BuckThomas Buckfirst name on this monument1777781855id: 0170
(3 images)
William Buckson of Thomas Buck1807491856
Ann Buckwife of Thomas Buck

23BuckWilliam Buckfirst name on this monument1834611895id: 00634856561
Eliza Buckwife of William Buck1839671906

24BuckleAnnie Bucklefirst name on this monument1895id: 0103
(2 images)

25BuckleEllen Bucklefirst name on this monument1838511889id: 0102486039
Martha Buckledaughter of Ellen Buckle188071887
William Bucklehusband of Ellen Buckle1830821912

26BurleyJoseph Burleyfirst name on this monument1794821876id: 01484864951
Hannah Burleywife of Joseph Burley1802761878

27BurnanJohn Burnanfirst name on this monument1823801903id: 0095485973
Ann Burnanwife of John Burnan1823901913

28BurtenshawMichael Burtenshawfirst name on this monument1857id: 0139
(2 images)

29ButtersfieldWillie Buttersfieldfirst name on this monument1884281912id: 00714857391

30CalderMary Ann Calderfirst name on this monument184541849id: 0017485198
Isabell Caldersister of Mary Ann Calder184631849

31CartwrightHannah Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1786581844id: 0020485223
John Cartwrighthusband of Hannah Cartwright

32CassAnn Cassfirst name on this monumentid: 01774867813
Thomas Casshusband of Ann Cass

33CassElizabeth Cassfirst name on this monument48id: 0176
(2 images)
Thomas S Casshusband of Elizabeth Cass
Thomas Ogle Cassson of Elizabeth Cass1825

34CassThomas Cassfirst name on this monumentid: 0178486791

35CassWilliam Cassfirst name on this monument1822891911id: 00054850781
Ann Elizabeth Cassdaughter of William Cass1849181867
Harriet Isabel Cass1853841937
Isabella Casswife of William Cass1817831900

36CawoodBenjamin Cawoodfirst name on this monument1820631883id: 0138
(2 images)

37CawoodChristopher Cawoodfirst name on this monument1747871834id: 0164486654
Ann Cawoodwife of Christopher Cawood

38CawoodElizabeth Cawoodfirst name on this monument1765301795id: 0165
(2 images)

39CawoodJohn Cawoodfirst name on this monument1797551852id: 013348634111
Christopher Cawoodfather of John Cawood
Ann Cawoodmother of John Cawood

40CawoodJohn Cawoodfirst name on this monument1794681862id: 0166486676
John Cawoodson of John Cawood1823391862
Ann Cawoodwife of John Cawood1793721865

41ChapmanBenjamin Chapmanfirst name on this monument1826701896id: 0030
(2 images)

42ClarkElizabeth Clarkfirst name on this monument1775461821id: 0200487021
James Clarkhusband of Elizabeth Clark

43ClarksonWilliam Clarksonfirst name on this monument1778751853id: 0010485123

44CockburnReginald Cockburnfirst name on this monument1920681988id: 0032485343

45CopleyJohn Copleyfirst name on this monument1780651845id: 0143486444

46CowlingJoseph Cowlingfirst name on this monument1821661887id: 0112
(2 images)

47CurryHannah Curryfirst name on this monument1864id: 0008485106

48DaleElizabeth Dalefirst name on this monument1819711890id: 0109
(2 images)
Charles Dalehusband of Elizabeth Dale

49DanielAndrew Danielfirst name on this monument1835481883id: 0040
(2 images)

50DanielAnn Danielfirst name on this monument1782271809id: 02054870711
John Danielhusband of Ann Daniel
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51DanielHannah Danielfirst name on this monument1817651882no image487116
Thomas Daniel1814761890
William Daniel1805781883

52DanielHannah Danielfirst name on this monument1790651855id: 0022485242
Sarah Danieldaughter of Hannah Daniel36

53DanielHannah Danielfirst name on this monument1753401793id: 02044870621
Lawrence Danielhusband of Hannah Daniel1747761823

54DanielIsabella Danielfirst name on this monument1826751901id: 0059485616
Richard Danielfather of Isabella Daniel
Eliza Frances Danielsister of Isabella Daniel1832741906

55DanielJane Danielfirst name on this monument1822141836id: 0203487052
Andrew Danielfather of Jane Daniel
Frances Danielmother of Jane Daniel

56DanielJohn Danielfirst name on this monument1826751901id: 0062485642
Jane Ann Danielwife of John Daniel1836671903

57DanielJohn Danielfirst name on this monument1816231839id: 0202487041
Thomas Danielfather of John Daniel
Sarah Danielmother of John Daniel

58DanielJohn Danielfirst name on this monument1778821860id: 0047485492

59DanielJohn Danielfirst name on this monument1761851846id: 02084871011

60DanielJohn Lawrence Danielfirst name on this monument1823701893id: 00534855581
Jane Danielwife of John Lawrence Daniel1823811904

61DanielJoseph Danielfirst name on this monument1826751901id: 007948581111
Sarah Danielwife of Joseph Daniel1827821909

62DanielJoseph Danielfirst name on this monument1826751901id: 0156486572
Sarah Danielwife of Joseph Daniel1827821909

63DanielLawrence Danielfirst name on this monument1826381864id: 00434854523
Mary Ann Danielwife of Lawrence Daniel1827701897

64DanielMark Danielfirst name on this monument1829331862id: 00444854611
Julia Danieldaughter of Mark Daniel1860831943
Mary Danielwife of Mark Daniel1820851905

65DanielMary Ann Danielfirst name on this monument1821351856id: 020648708100
Richard Danielfather of Mary Ann Daniel
Sarah Danielmother of Mary Ann Daniel
Isabella Danielsister of Mary Ann Daniel
Jane Danielsister of Mary Ann Daniel

66DanielRichard Danielfirst name on this monument1818431861id: 0199487011
Mary Danielsister of Richard Daniel1811591870

67DanielSarah Danielfirst name on this monument1794751869id: 0049485514
Richard Danielhusband of Sarah Daniel1785901875

68DanielThomas Danielfirst name on this monument1745721817id: 02014870343
Elizabeth Danielwife of Thomas Daniel1751861837

69DanielThomas Danielfirst name on this monument1829761905id: 0070485721
Edith Mary Harper1902261928
Mary Danielwife of Thomas Daniel1833791912

70DanielThomas Danielfirst name on this monument1865371902id: 0069
(2 images)
John Daniel
Thomas Daniel
William Daniel

71DanielThomas Danielfirst name on this monument1783801863id: 00454854712
Mary Danielwife of Thomas Daniel1794801874
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72DanielWilliam Danielfirst name on this monument1823391862id: 0048485506
John Danielfather of William Daniel
Sarah Danielmother of William Daniel
Mary Hannah Danielsister of William Daniel1831641895

73DanielWilliam Danielfirst name on this monument1788771865id: 00464854821

74DarbyshireDaniel Darbyshirefirst name on this monument1864id: 0128486299

75DawsonRichard Dawsonfirst name on this monument1809531862id: 0134486352
Ellen Dawsondaughter of Richard Dawson1850171867
Sophia Dawsondaughter of Richard Dawson1850131863
Richard Dawsonson of Richard Dawson1846211867
Thomas Dawsonson of Richard Dawson1842201862

76DawsonRoger Dawsonfirst name on this monument1782801862id: 01354863661
Elizabeth Dawsondaughter of Roger Dawson
John Dawsonson of Roger Dawson1806511857
Ann Dawsonwife of Roger Dawson1783771860

77DickinsonBarbara Dickinsonfirst name on this monument184931852id: 01954869623
Alfred Dickinsonbrother of Barbara Dickinson1826401866
William Dickinsonfather of Barbara Dickinson1879
Ann Dickinsonmother of Barbara Dickinson

78DickinsonJohn Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1835711906id: 0087
(2 images)
Christiana Dickinsonwife of John Dickinson1835701905

79DickinsonRobert Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1765511816id: 01974869826
Ann Dickinsonwife of Robert Dickinson1775721847

80DickinsonThomas Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1828741902id: 0086485883
Elizabeth Dickinsonwife of Thomas Dickinson1831871918

81DitchburnGeorge Ditchburnfirst name on this monument1850461896id: 00854858731
Fred Ditchburnson of George Ditchburn1894241918

82DunbarChristiana Dunbarfirst name on this monument1841251866id: 00064850817
Sarah Dunbardaughter of Christiana Dunbar1866
Charles Dunbarhusband of Christiana Dunbar

83DunbarMary Dunbarfirst name on this monument1785901875id: 0124486257
Archibald Dunbarhusband of Mary Dunbar

84DunstanJemima Dunstanfirst name on this monument1810551865id: 01304863171
Elizabeth Goughdaughter of Jemima Dunstan1821511872
John Dunstanhusband of Jemima Dunstan1809571866
James Goughson-in-law of Jemima Dunstan

85DunwellThomas Dunwellfirst name on this monument183731840id: 0016485183
Thomas Dunwellfather of Thomas Dunwell1792851877
Mary Dunwellmother of Thomas Dunwell1794601854

86EdmansonEmma Edmansonfirst name on this monument1856251881id: 014748648201
Robert Edmansonhusband of Emma Edmanson
Annie Daniel1848371885
Edward Winterburn1823711894
Harriet Winterburn1868241892
Joseph Winterburn1871111882

87ElsworthJohn Elsworthfirst name on this monument1808671875id: 0194486954
Mary Elsworthdaughter of John Elsworth1836131849
William Elsworthson of John Elsworth1846531899
Jane Elsworthwife of John Elsworth1809751884

88FalkinbridgeEllen Falkinbridgefirst name on this monument1764881852id: 0114486152
Charolotte Falkinbridgedaughter of Ellen Falkinbridge1800791879
James Falkinbridgeson of Ellen Falkinbridge1793781871
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89FlintMary Flintfirst name on this monument1797391836id: 01964869714
David Flinthusband of Mary Flint1794421836

90FlocktonDorothy Flocktonfirst name on this monument1723581781id: 0023485251
Thomas Flocktonhusband of Dorothy Flockton1731631794

91FosterFrances Matilda Fosterfirst name on this monument1808851893id: 0111486122
George Fosterhusband of Frances Matilda Foster1814791893

92FosterIsabella Fosterfirst name on this monument1803631866id: 0162486635
Richard Fosterhusband of Isabella Foster1786731859

93FreemanEdgar Freemanfirst name on this monument1821431864id: 0191486921
John Freemanfather of Edgar Freeman
Jane Freemanmother of Edgar Freeman
Mary Freemanwife of Edgar Freeman1830421872

94GardhamJohn Gardhamfirst name on this monument1817631880id: 0104
(2 images)

95GardhamRobert Gardhamfirst name on this monument1857331890no image57912010671

96GardhamWilliam John Gardhamfirst name on this monument1861411902id: 0105
(2 images)
John Gardhamfather of William John Gardham
Thirza Gardhammother of William John Gardham1824861910

97GarthJames Cundall Garthfirst name on this monument1813571870id: 0052
(2 images)
Annie Garthwife of James Cundall Garth1826601886

98GrahamSarah Grahamfirst name on this monument1806671873id: 01984870031

99GrahamWilliam Grahamfirst name on this monument1803411844id: 01984869921

100GrahamWilliam Grahamfirst name on this monument1780251805id: 00244852621

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Church of the Ascension's Church burial ground, Whixley, Yorkshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is YO26 8AR - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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