Municipal Cemetery, Granby, Nottinghamshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

1Elizabeth first name on this monumentid: GCW 0345588731065Large Plot
Fay*** relationship not known of Elizabeth Weathered

2BakerFrederick J Bakerfirst name on this monument1934742008id: GCW 0455588781066

3BatemanAnnie Batemanfirst name on this monument1874261900id: GWP 1205589841067
William Batemanfather of Annie Bateman
Hannah Batemanmother of Annie Bateman

4BatemanGeorge William Batemanfirst name on this monument1878571935id: GWP 1245589861065

5BatemanHannah Batemanfirst name on this monument1846761922id: GWP 1215589851066
William Batemanhusband of Hannah Bateman1849931942

6BatemanMartha Ellen Batemanfirst name on this monument1883151898id: GWP 1185589831068Beloved daughter of William and Hannah Bateman
William Batemanfather of Martha Ellen Bateman
Hannah Batemanmother of Martha Ellen Bateman

7BatesCatherine Batesfirst name on this monumentid: GWP 1495589961065Moss covered

8BaxterAnnie Elizabeth Baxterfirst name on this monument1884891973id: GCW 2395589391095
Derek Baxtergrand son of Annie Elizabeth Baxter1935571992

9BaxterEdna M Baxterfirst name on this monument1917821999id: GCW 2205589301065

10BaxterFrederick W Baxterfirst name on this monument1913701983id: GCW 2235589321065
Doris M Baxterwife of Frederick W Baxter1913932006

11BaxterHazel Mary Baxterfirst name on this monument1942431985id: GCW 2315589361066

12BaxterIan Joseph Baxterfirst name on this monument1950562006id: GCW 2225589311066Beloved eldest son of Fred and Doris
Fred Baxterfather of Ian Joseph Baxter
Doris Baxtermother of Ian Joseph Baxter

13BaxterWallace Henry Baxterfirst name on this monument1919892008id: GCW 2175589291066

14BeanMary Ellen Beanfirst name on this monument1968id: GWP 1035589771067
Oliver Bean1968

15BennerBetty Bennerfirst name on this monument1932651997id: GCW 2295589351067

16BrownMary Ellen Brownfirst name on this monument1903791982id: GCW 1155589041065Of Sutton

17BurrowsAnnie Elizabeth Burrowsfirst name on this monument60id: GCW 0875588951069

18BurrowsMary Martha Burrowsfirst name on this monument1888251913id: GCW 004
(2 images)
5588601066The beloved wife of Frederick Cyril
Frederick Burrowshusband of Mary Martha Burrows1888251913 Inscription detail

19BurrowsSamuel George Burrowsfirst name on this monument71id: GCW 0895588961065

20BurtFrederick Burtfirst name on this monument1867381905id: GWP 0505589591082The beloved husband of Emma Burt
Harry Burtson of Frederick Burt1897251922 The beloved youngest son
Emma Burtwife of Frederick Burt

21BurtonJohn Burtonfirst name on this monument1867621929id: GWP 0305589531065The beloved husband of Florence ***ng
Florence Burtonwife of John Burton

22BuxtonAmelia Buxtonfirst name on this monument1876241900id: GWP 044
(2 images)
5589561067Wife of George Buxton Plot
George Buxtonhusband of Amelia Buxton

23BuxtonCivil Buxtonfirst name on this monument1839651904id: GWP 041
(2 images)
Thomas Buxtonhusband of Civil Buxton1835711906

24BuxtonGertrude Buxtonfirst name on this monument1897571954id: GCW 0405588751065

25BuxtonPhyliss Buxtonfirst name on this monument1923541977id: GCW 105
(3 images)
Harry Buxtonhusband of Phyliss Buxton1923842007
Harry Buxton1979282007 Beloved Husband of Marie

26CauntGeorge Heathcote Cauntfirst name on this monument1872371909id: GCW 01855886510801Of Sutton

27CookJoseph Newton Cookfirst name on this monument1852651917id: GCW 0705588891065
Ann Cookwife of Joseph Newton Cook1849711920

28CookJuliana Bates Cookfirst name on this monument1880601940id: GCW 0965588981068
Jessie Grace Cookdaughter-in-law of Juliana Bates Cook1918902008
John Bradley Cookhusband of Juliana Bates Cook1874791953
William James Cookson of Juliana Bates Cook1915862001
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29CurtissGeorge Norman Curtissfirst name on this monument1876881964id: GCW 0205588671065

30CurtissMary Emma Curtissfirst name on this monument1884801964id: GCW 0205588661065

31DaftJohn Daftfirst name on this monument1815881903id: GCW 013
(3 images)
Sarah Daftwife of John Daft1819751894

32DawnPaul Dawnfirst name on this monument1816921908id: GWP 0575589631066
Mary Ann Dawnwife of Paul Dawn1827241851 Interred in Granby Churchyard
Hannah Dawnsecond wife of Paul Dawn1826721898

33DawsonMillicent Dawsonfirst name on this monument1814911905id: GWP 1615589991065

34DayMargaret Elizabeth Dayfirst name on this monument1877611938id: GWP 2525590291065

35DolbyCharles Herbert Dolbyfirst name on this monument1922882010id: GCW 12255890710721

36DolbyMarjory May Dolbyfirst name on this monument1913771990id: GCW 1625589171069
Isaac Dolbyhusband of Marjory May Dolby1911932004

37DoubledayFrederick William Doubledayfirst name on this monument1911721983id: GWP 008
(3 images)
Brian Doubleday1945391984
Nellie Doubledaywife of Frederick William Doubleday1911922003

38DoubledayWalter Doubledayfirst name on this monument1890101900id: GWP 085
(2 images)
5589731066Beloved son of George and Sarah Doubleday
George Doubledayfather of Walter Doubleday
Sarah Doubledaymother of Walter Doubleday

39EdwardsElsie Mary Ann Edwardsfirst name on this monument1879191898id: GWP 0635589661066The beloved elder daughter of John and Lucina Edwards
Mary Elizabeth Dowencousin of Elsie Mary Ann Edwards189081898
John Edwardsfather of Elsie Mary Ann Edwards
Lucina Edwardsmother of Elsie Mary Ann Edwards

40EvansFrancis Philip Evansfirst name on this monument1909631972id: GCW 1205589061070
Alice Evanswife of Francis Philip Evans1904911995

41FaulksArthur Faulksfirst name on this monument1924842008id: GWP 0565589621066

42FletcherHubert Fletcherfirst name on this monument1906942000id: GCW 0475588801066Loving husband of Vera sadly missed by Peter , Maureen And Roger
Vera Fletcherwife of Hubert Fletcher

43FletcherVera Annie Fletcherfirst name on this monument1908871995id: GCW 0485588811071

44GibsonGeorge Gibsonfirst name on this monument1883671950id: GCW 1635589181065
Rose Gibsonwife of George Gibson1889251914

45GildingSylvester Gildingfirst name on this monument1919932012id: GCW 1305589101070Beloved Husband of Marian
Marian Gildingwife of Sylvester Gilding

46GirtonMartha Ann Girtonfirst name on this monument1862801942id: GCW 1275589091066Wife of John B Girton
John B Girtonhusband of Martha Ann Girton

47GrettonEmma Grettonfirst name on this monument1846751921id: GWP 1415589921066
William Grettonhusband of Emma Gretton1844841928

48GrettonHarry Grettonfirst name on this monument1905451950id: GCW 159
(3 images)
Les Grettonson of Harry Gretton1932601992 Also his dear son Les

49GrettonJohn Grettonfirst name on this monument1839621901id: GWP 0595589641065
Ann Thompson Grettonwife of John Gretton1844601904

50GrettonMary Ellen Grettonfirst name on this monument1905821987id: GCW 0785588921065

51GuyFrederick Samuel Courtney Guyfirst name on this monument1975id: GCW 0385588741068
Edna Mary Guywife of Frederick Samuel Courtney Guy1915691984

52HallEmma Hallfirst name on this monument1888581946id: GWP 128
(2 images)
John Henry Hallhusband of Emma Hall1885881973 Double Plot
John Henry Hallhusband of Emma Hall1885881973 Headstone

53HallJames Bradshaw Hallfirst name on this monument1915902005id: GCW 1175589051068
Alice Elizabeth Hallwife of James Bradshaw Hall1922852007

54HallLeonard Henry Hallfirst name on this monument1863621925id: GWP 13255898910692Headstone
Mary Hallwife of Leonard Henry Hall1865651930

55HallMarjorie Grace Hallfirst name on this monument1894281922id: GWP 162
(3 images)
5590001065Daughter of Thomas Richard and Alice Hall
Thomas Richard Hallfather of Marjorie Grace Hall
Alice Hallmother of Marjorie Grace Hall
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56HallMary Ann Frances Hallfirst name on this monument1853861939id: GWP 165
(2 images)
55900110663Plot Daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Ann Hall
Matthew Hallfather of Mary Ann Frances Hall
Elizabeth Ann Hallmother of Mary Ann Frances Hall

57HallThomas Richard Hallfirst name on this monument1843911934id: GWP 135
(2 images)
5589901066Double Plot
Constance Mary Hall1884731957 Daughter of T R and Elizabeth Hall
Alice Hallwife of Thomas Richard Hall1851891940
Alice Hallwife of Thomas Richard Hall1851891940 Headstone
Elizabeth Hallrelationship not known of Thomas Richard Hall

58HallWalter Ashby Hallfirst name on this monument1875941969id: GCW 14055891410651Of Sutton and Balderton
Ellen Elizabeth Hallwife of Walter Ashby Hall1884901974 Nee Cook of Granby

59HebbJohn William Hebbfirst name on this monument1880191899id: GWP 0535589601067The second beloved son of Thomas Cook and Maria Hebb
Thomas Cookfather of John William Hebb
Maria Hebbmother of John William Hebb

60HemphreyJohn Allen Hemphreyfirst name on this monument1902691971id: GCW 0695588881067In memory of our dear brother
Ethel May Hemphreysister of John Allen Hemphrey1910771987

61HemphreyJohn Allen Hemphreyfirst name on this monument1885641949id: GCW 09955889910661In loving memory of our dear father and mother
Mary Jane Hemphreywife of John Allen Hemphrey1876761952

62HepworthHerbert Hepworthfirst name on this monument1882641946id: GCW 0925588971071
Alice Jean Hepworthwife of Herbert Hepworth1977 Age not clear

63HintonVincent Hintonfirst name on this monument1869811950id: GCW 188
(2 images)

64HopewellGeorge Hopewellfirst name on this monument1830781908id: GWP 2085590141065
Mary Hopewellwife of George Hopewell1830821912

65HopewellGeorge Hopewellfirst name on this monument1858821940id: GWP 22155901810661
Percy Allison Hopewellson of George Hopewell1896221918 Youngest son of the above who was missing at Arras March 28th 1918
Maria Hopewellwife of George Hopewell1859791938

66HopewellJohn Hopewellfirst name on this monument1839901929id: GWP 2195590171065(Late of Derby)

67HopewellKeith Wilkinson Hopewellfirst name on this monument1928772005id: GWP 2405590231065

68HopewellMaurice George Hopewellfirst name on this monument1893921985id: GWP 25655903110671
Hilda Evelyn Hopewellsister of Maurice George Hopewell1898951993

69HopewellMaurice George Hopewellfirst name on this monument1893921985id: GWP 25555903010651Partially obscured
Hilda Evelyn Hopewellsister of Maurice George Hopewell1898951993

70HopewellRobert John Hopewellfirst name on this monument1889841973id: GWP 186
(2 images)
Constance Mary Hopewellwife of Robert John Hopewell1902761978

71HopewellRobert William Hopewellfirst name on this monument1854691923id: GWP 20755901310652Broken headstone Wesleyan Minister

72HoyteWilliam Hoytefirst name on this monument1857441901id: GWP 0165589461066

73HuckerbyElizabeth Huckerbyfirst name on this monument1838651903id: GWP 0225589501065The beloved and faithful wife of John Ward Huckerby
John Ward Huckerbyhusband of Elizabeth Huckerby

74HuckerbyJohn Ward Huckerbyfirst name on this monument1844651909id: GWP 0235589511065

75HuckerbyLillian Huckerbyfirst name on this monument1894821976id: GCW 0635588851067Wife of the late Frank
Frank Huckerbyhusband of Lillian Huckerby

76HuckerbyWalter Huckerbyfirst name on this monument1854771931id: GCW 0305588711066
Clara Huckerbywife of Walter Huckerby1860771937

77HuckerbyWalter Huckerbyfirst name on this monument1898781976id: GCW 1095589021066Loving husband of Helen
Helen Huckerbywife of Walter Huckerby

78JohnsonFrederick Lawrence Johnsonfirst name on this monument1920812001id: GCW 0265588691065

79JohnsonGeorge A Johnsonfirst name on this monument1914661980id: GCW 2355589371065

80JohnsonHenry Johnsonfirst name on this monument1931521983id: GCW 1345589111066

81JohnsonHenry Ward Johnsonfirst name on this monument1849731922id: GCW 0295588701065
Emma Johnson1852761928

82JohnsonJack Johnsonfirst name on this monument1912281940id: GCW 0845588941065Beloved son of George and Mildred Johnson
George Johnsonfather of Jack Johnson
Mildred Johnsonmother of Jack Johnson
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83JohnsonJoseph Johnsonfirst name on this monument1876761952id: GWP 0905589741065

84KnightPercival Knightfirst name on this monument1907841991id: GCW 2155589281065

85LeeErnest Leefirst name on this monument1893631956id: GCW 066
(2 images)
Hilda Betty Leedaughter of Ernest Lee1922771999
William Ernest Leeson of Ernest Lee1928822010
Hilda Mary Leewife of Ernest Lee1893951988

86LeeGertrude Elizabeth Leefirst name on this monument1888621950id: GWP 096
(2 images)
John Leehusband of Gertrude Elizabeth Lee1886721958

87LeeJohn Samuel Leefirst name on this monument190201902id: GWP 0755589701066Beloved child of Samuel and Blanche Lee
Samuel Leefather of John Samuel Lee
Blanche Leemother of John Samuel Lee

88LeeLizzie Leefirst name on this monument1878581936id: GWP 072
(2 images)
5589691066Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Elizabeth Lee
Samuel Leefather of Lizzie Lee
Sarah Elizabeth Leemother of Lizzie Lee1878581936 Headstone

89LeeSamuel George Leefirst name on this monument1854681922id: GWP 024
(2 images)
5589521066Full Plot
Sarah Elizabeth Leewife of Samuel George Lee1853851938

90LeeSamuel George Leefirst name on this monument1879541933id: GWP 076
(2 images)
Sarah Blanche Leewife of Samuel George Lee1879741953

91MillerArthur Millerfirst name on this monument1905831988id: GWP 1845590071065
Daisy Millerwife of Arthur Miller1907942001 Beloved parents of Pauline Grandparents of Brian and Neil

92MillingtonSarah Ann Millingtonfirst name on this monument1850781928id: GWP 213
(2 images)

93MonteithFiona Isobel Monteithfirst name on this monument1962482010id: GCW 209
(2 images)
5589261070Loving wife and mother

94MorleyWilliam Morleyfirst name on this monument1859881947id: GWP 064
(2 images)
5589671065For 39 years resident of Bingham
Dorothy Butlerdaughter of William Morley1898891987 Their daughter rests here
Florence Morleywife of William Morley1860901950

95MottershawHerbert Mottershawfirst name on this monument1870801950id: GCW 147
(2 images)
Edith Emily Mottershawwife of Herbert Mottershaw1885871972

96MouldsRalph Mouldsfirst name on this monument1930782008id: GCW 0465588791070

97MumfordEthel Mumfordfirst name on this monument1911531964id: GWP 003
(2 images)
5589411067In loving memory of a dear wife and mother

98MumfordMary Mumfordfirst name on this monument1910711981id: GCW 1375589131071Mother of David William
David William Mumfordson of Mary Mumford
George William Mumfordwife of Mary Mumford1904891993

99PageJoan Pagefirst name on this monument1946542000id: GCW 2135589271066

100PatchettEmily Louise Patchettfirst name on this monument1909601969id: GCW 1935589241071Vase

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