St Denys' Church burial ground, Rotherfield, Sussex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AllcornAlfred Allcornfirst name on this monument1816541870id: 182155179810941

2AllcornAnn Allcornfirst name on this monument1813821895id: 181755179410892
Frederick Allcornhusband of Ann Allcorn1819811900

3AllcornField Frances Field Allcornfirst name on this monument1844661910id: 185155182910771
Thomas Field Bussfather of Field Frances Field Allcorn
Alfred Allcornhusband of Field Frances Field Allcorn1842851927

4AllcornGeorge Allcornfirst name on this monument1805831888id: 181855179510891
Charlotte Allcorndaughter of George Allcorn183271839
Sophia Allcorndaughter of George Allcorn183911840
Sophia Allcornwife of George Allcorn1802811883

5AllcornJames Allcornfirst name on this monument1808701878id: 189955187510722
Frederick Allcornfather of James Allcorn
Mary Allcornmother of James Allcorn

6AllcornJames Allcornfirst name on this monument1812701882id: 181655179310761
Frances Allcorndaughter of James Allcorn1833181851
Ann Allcornwife of James Allcorn1812271839

7AllcornSarah Ann Allcornfirst name on this monument1827731900id: 182255179910911

8AllcornWilliam Allcornfirst name on this monument1801811882id: 182055179710881

9AllcornWilliam Allcornfirst name on this monument1773701843id: 181955179610881
Elizabeth Allcornwife of William Allcorn1777821859

10ArnoldDaniel Arnoldfirst name on this monument1827581885id: 18385518161068
William Arnoldfather of Daniel Arnold

11ArnoldEmma Arnoldfirst name on this monument1844311875id: 17705517551070
Thomas Arnoldson of Emma Arnold187411875

12ArnoldGeorge Arnoldfirst name on this monument1790691859id: 17715517561070
Elizabeth Arnoldwife of George Arnold1789701859

13ArnoldWilliam Arnoldfirst name on this monument1804771881id: 18375518151081Alt. sp. Harneld on gravestone but only for William.
William Harneldalias of William Arnold
Ann Arnoldwife of William Arnold1807791886

14AshbyElizabeth Ashbyfirst name on this monument1803621865id: 18775518531105
James Ashbyhusband of Elizabeth Ashby

15AshbyJames Ashbyfirst name on this monument1759731832id: 192555189510872

16AshbySarah Ashbyfirst name on this monument1764971861id: 19255518961072

17AshdownJane Ashdownfirst name on this monument1673811754id: 230255196310971

18AshdownWilliam Ashdownfirst name on this monument1666711737id: 23025519621111

19BaldockHarry Baldockfirst name on this monument1903221925id: 17855517631097
Ernest Baldockbrother of Harry Baldock1893421935

20BaldockJohn Baldockfirst name on this monument173701737id: 18675518421093
Thomas Baldockfather of John Baldock
Ann Baldockmother of John Baldock

21BedwellHannah Bedwellfirst name on this monument1764641828id: 1909
(4 images)
Henry Bedwellhusband of Hannah Bedwell1765651830

22BellinghamDavid Bellinghamfirst name on this monument1802961898id: 18245518011082
Isabella Sarah Bellinghamdaughter of David Bellingham1844101854
Hannah Bellinghamwife of David Bellingham1804661870

23BerryAlfred Berryfirst name on this monument1839381877id: 17945517731084

24BerryEllen Berryfirst name on this monument1850201870id: 17955517741070

25BerryHarriet Berryfirst name on this monument1836781914id: 17865517641070
George Berryhusband of Harriet Berry1832821914

26BerryJames Berryfirst name on this monument1804691873id: 17975517761075
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27BerryJohn Berryfirst name on this monument1761821843id: 17535517411067

28BerryMary Jane Berryfirst name on this monument1848231871id: 17965517751070

29BerryPhiladelphia Berryfirst name on this monument1808671875id: 17975517771068

30BettsAnne Bettsfirst name on this monument1767id: 18365518141074
John Bettshusband of Anne Betts

31BoarerElizabeth Boarerfirst name on this monument1813601873id: 22375519081090
John Boarerhusband of Elizabeth Boarer

32BoarerJohn Boarerfirst name on this monument1816501866id: 22365519071089Of the Boars Head Inn.

33BoarerStephens Sawyers Boarerfirst name on this monument1848201868id: 22355519061091

34BridgerHarry Bridgerfirst name on this monument1842401882id: 18085517871073

35BridgerJoseph Bridgerfirst name on this monument1764281792id: 18105517891074

36BridgerMary Bridgerfirst name on this monument1737191756id: 18095517881091Age indistinct. She was the 1st wife of John Bridger.
John Bridgerhusband of Mary Bridger

37BrownAnn Brownfirst name on this monument1753881841id: 19225518921071

38BurgesJael Burgesfirst name on this monument1716721788id: 2273
(3 images)
James Burgesfather of Jael Burges
Jane Burgesmother of Jael Burges

39BurgesJames Burgesfirst name on this monument1744id: 2274
(2 images)
5519421071Details indistinct.

40BurgesJane Burgesfirst name on this monument171401714id: 2277
(2 images)
James Burgesfather of Jane Burges
Jael Burgesmother of Jane Burges
Anne Burgessister of Jane Burges171851723

41BurgesJohn Burgesfirst name on this monument1711791790id: 2273
(3 images)

42BurrowsWilliam Burrowsfirst name on this monument1800781878id: 18985518741074
Ann Newtonsister-in-law of William Burrows1808561864

43BussFrederick Field Bussfirst name on this monument1822571879id: 18545518331077
Sarah Ann Field Bussdaughter of Frederick Field Buss1851321883
Sarah Ann Busswife of Frederick Field Buss1828911919

44BussPhoebe Bussfirst name on this monument1840361876id: 22675519381087
William Thomas Field Busshusband of Phoebe Buss

45BussThomas Field Bussfirst name on this monument1792681860id: 18565518351075
Frances Busswife of Thomas Field Buss1805731878

46CaneRobert Canefirst name on this monument1810441854id: 18955518711070
Elizabeth Canewife of Robert Cane1807881895

47CardThomas Cardfirst name on this monument1723651788id: 183555181310811
Mary Cardwife of Thomas Card1729631792

48ChapmanAnn Chapmanfirst name on this monument1840191859id: 18455518231084
John Chapmanhusband of Ann Chapman

49ChapmanSarah Chapmanfirst name on this monument1837201857id: 18555518341081
John Chapmanhusband of Sarah Chapman

50ChatfieldWilliam Chatfieldfirst name on this monument1732461778id: 17525517401093
Jesse Chatfieldson of William Chatfield177621778
Mary Chatfieldwife of William Chatfield

51ChildBasil Henry Childfirst name on this monument186521867id: 19085518841076

52ChrippesChristopher Chrippesfirst name on this monument1706id: 22475519181074Of Sinderhill. Alt. sp. Cripps?

53ChrippesJoane Chrippesfirst name on this monument1728id: 22495519201074
Christopher Chrippeshusband of Joane Chrippes Of Sinderhill. Alt. sp. Cripps?

54ClementSarah Clementfirst name on this monument1798451843id: 22635519341068

55ColeHenry Colefirst name on this monument1817821899id: 190655188210661
John Coleson of Henry Cole1848221870

56CollinsAnn Collinsfirst name on this monument1760201780id: 22615519321073
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57CollinsRichard Collinsfirst name on this monument1761281789id: 22605519311073
Sarah Collinswife of Richard Collins1772271799

58CollinsSarah Collinsfirst name on this monument1722701792id: 22625519331073
Richard Collinshusband of Sarah Collins1726771803

59CornwellThomas Cornwellfirst name on this monument1795601855id: 176855175310682
Mary Cornwellwife of Thomas Cornwell1810731883

60CrittallHenry Crittallfirst name on this monument1845121857id: 18285518051069
Richard Crittallbrother of Henry Crittall1839261865
Robert Crittallfather of Henry Crittall
Mary Crittallmother of Henry Crittall

61CrittallMaria Crittallfirst name on this monument1833421875id: 18635518391069

62CrittallMary Crittallfirst name on this monument1805421847id: 18275518041065
Robert Crittallhusband of Mary Crittall

63CrittallMary Crittallfirst name on this monument1819381857id: 18625518381095
Thomas Crittallhusband of Mary Crittall

64CrittallRobert Crittallfirst name on this monument1787831870id: 18255518021070

65CrittallWinifred Crittallfirst name on this monument1785401825id: 18265518031065
Robert Crittallhusband of Winifred Crittall

66DadswellAlexander Dadswellfirst name on this monument1687791766id: 223355190410691
Ann Dadswellwife of Alexander Dadswell1778

67DadswellDavid Taylor Dadswellfirst name on this monument1825551880id: 191555188710822
Mary Ann Dadswellwife of David Taylor Dadswell1825701895

68DadswellDavid Taylor Dadswellfirst name on this monument1800721872id: 225155192510831
Edward Okill Dadswellson of David Taylor Dadswell1820311851
Harriett Dadswellwife of David Taylor Dadswell1810301840

69DadswellEdward Dadswellfirst name on this monument1769751844id: 223055190110691

70DadswellEdward Okill Dadswellfirst name on this monument1751811832id: 1904
(2 images)
55188110812Schoolmaster at Crowborough.
Elizabeth Dadswellwife of Edward Okill Dadswell1764771841

71DuplockJohn Duplockfirst name on this monument1798571855id: 17745517591068
Elizabeth Duplockwife of John Duplock1791801871

72DuvalAnn Duvalfirst name on this monument1806711877id: 18965518721072
Frances Duvaldaughter of Ann Duval1838351873

73EdwardsAnn Edwardsfirst name on this monument1800811881id: 22505519241065

74EdwardsElizabeth Edwardsfirst name on this monument1809281837id: 22505519221066

75EdwardsGeorge Edwardsfirst name on this monument1804841888id: 22505519211069

76EdwardsSarah Ann Edwardsfirst name on this monument1829151844id: 22505519231068

77EllermanEmily Ellermanfirst name on this monument1823781901id: 18915518661070
Emily Hilldaughter of Emily Ellerman
Clarence Ellermanson of Emily Ellerman1864371901

78FennerAndrew Fennerfirst name on this monument1735771812id: 22995519591072Age been over-carved and indistinct.

79FennerAnn Fennerfirst name on this monument1730591789id: 230055196010751
Ann Fennerdaughter of Ann Fenner
Elizabeth Fennerdaughter of Ann Fenner
Mary Fennerdaughter of Ann Fenner
Andrew Fennerhusband of Ann Fenner
George Fennerson of Ann Fenner
James Fennerson of Ann Fenner
Mark Fennerson of Ann Fenner
Thomas Fennerson of Ann Fenner
William Fennerson of Ann Fenner

80FennerElizabeth Fennerfirst name on this monument1776361812id: 23015519611070
Andrew Fennerfather of Elizabeth Fenner
Ann Fennermother of Elizabeth Fenner
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81FermorJohn Fermorfirst name on this monument1745781823id: 22955519571079

82FermorThomas Fermorfirst name on this monument1870id: 22405519111072

83FermorThomas Fermorfirst name on this monument1828461874id: 18815518571066

84FieldHarriet Fieldfirst name on this monument1811651876id: 175155173910671
James Fieldhusband of Harriet Field

85FosterJames Fosterfirst name on this monument1823781901id: 18065517851067

86FosterJohn Fosterfirst name on this monument1807281835id: 17605517461065

87FosterSarah Fosterfirst name on this monument1842511893id: 18065517841067

88FouldsEmily Hicks Fouldsfirst name on this monument185641860id: 1861
(4 images)
George Edward Fouldsfather of Emily Hicks Foulds
Elizabeth Fouldsmother of Emily Hicks Foulds
Frederick Hicksrelationship not known of Emily Hicks Foulds1817391856

89FryRobert Fryfirst name on this monument1748661814id: 2269
(2 images)
Mary Frywife of Robert Fry1753381791

90FryThomas Fryfirst name on this monument1665771742id: 22485519191065

91GoochEdward W Goochfirst name on this monument1816491865id: 22465519171072

92GoodsellJane Goodsellfirst name on this monument1704731777id: 22805519461079
Thomas Goodsellhusband of Jane Goodsell

93GowerSusannah Gowerfirst name on this monument184701847id: 1882
(2 images)
William Gowerfather of Susannah Gower
Susannah Gowermother of Susannah Gower
Clara Gowersister of Susannah Gower185311854
Elizabeth Emma Gowersister of Susannah Gower184801848

94GowerWilliam Gowerfirst name on this monument1813821895id: 18845518591081
Anna Gowerdaughter of William Gower1844101854
Lucy Bryant Gowerdaughter of William Gower184961855
Susannah Gowerwife of William Gower1818371855

95GrinhamMary Grinhamfirst name on this monument1767661833id: 22545519281074
William Grinhamhusband of Mary Grinham1761891850

96HallettWilliam Hallettfirst name on this monument1794681862id: 18895518641075

97HarmanThomas Harmanfirst name on this monument1823431866id: 176655175110711
Ann Harmanwife of Thomas Harman1820781898

98HeasmanJohn Heasmanfirst name on this monument1798801878id: 22395519101096
Maria Heasmanwife of John Heasman1798801878

99HickmottMary Ann Hickmottfirst name on this monument180121803id: 192455189410711
Timothy Hickmottfather of Mary Ann Hickmott
Sarah Hickmottmother of Mary Ann Hickmott
Elizabeth Hickmottsister of Mary Ann Hickmott d 18__ - 6th daughter. Details indistinct.

100HicksThomas Hicksfirst name on this monument186931872id: 18575518361069
William Hicksfather of Thomas Hicks
Phebe Hicksmother of Thomas Hicks

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Denys' Church burial ground, Rotherfield, Sussex, England.

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