St Mary's Church burial ground, Battle, Sussex, England

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1Frances first name on this monument1727id: 5116545050195

2Jane first name on this monument1730id: 5101545038195

3John Frederick first name on this monumentid: 5157545083201d 18__ - Details indistinct.
George father of John Frederick
Elizabeth mother of John Frederick

4AldertonMary Simson Aldertonfirst name on this monumentid: 5154545078295d 18__

5AldertonThomas Aldertonfirst name on this monument1741501791id: 5151545076273
Sarah Aldertonwife of Thomas Alderton1741801821

6AldertonWilliam S Aldertonfirst name on this monumentid: 5154545080186d 18__ - Died at New York , USA.

7Alderton____s Aldertonfirst name on this monumentid: 5154545079183d 18__

8AttreeJesse Attreefirst name on this monument185721859id: 5028544986223
George Thomas Attreebrother of Jesse Attree185541859
Thomas Attreefather of Jesse Attree
Jane Attreemother of Jesse Attree

9BakerJohn Bakerfirst name on this monument1739721811id: 5105545041206
Ann Bakerwife of John Baker1739631802

10BakerMary Bakerfirst name on this monument175231755id: 5100545037175

11BeachingJoseph Beachingfirst name on this monument1790381828id: 5094545034170
Philadelphia Beachingwife of Joseph Beaching1852

12BealeNaomi Bealefirst name on this monumentid: 5158545084185d 18__ - Details indistinct.

13BealeSarah Bealefirst name on this monument1693721765id: 5082545025189
William Bealehusband of Sarah Beale Of Stone in the Isle of Oxney.

14BellinghamRose Bellinghamfirst name on this monumentid: 5031544988185d 17__ - Of Tewkesbury , Gloucestershire.

15BeneyPeter Beneyfirst name on this monumentid: 5035544992253d 17__ - Details indistinct.
Mary Beneywife of Peter Beney d 17__ - Details indistinct.

16BeneyWilliam Beneyfirst name on this monument1711551766id: 5034544991263
Mary Beneywife of William Beney d 17__ - Details indistinct.

17BirchThomas Birchfirst name on this monument1767731840id: 5202545125249Archdeacon of Lewes.
Frances Margaret Eliza Birchdaughter of Thomas Birch
Katharine Anne Birchdaughter of Thomas Birch
Maria Rosaria Birchdaughter of Thomas Birch
Salvadora Anna Birchdaughter of Thomas Birch
Mary Birchwife of Thomas Birch

18BlakeR Blakefirst name on this monument1901id: 5193545111171Of Maidstone who was mortally wounded at Modderfontein.

19Brook Brookfirst name on this monument1827id: 5176545094378A daughter , name indistinct.
John Brookfather of Brook
Sarah Brookmother of Brook

20BrookSamuel Brookfirst name on this monument1772id: 5067545015246
Ann Brookdaughter of Samuel Brook1782

21BroughMary Broughfirst name on this monument1756531809id: 5152545077238
Jonathan Broughhusband of Mary Brough1756551811 Died at Dover.

22BrowneAnthony Brownefirst name on this monument1548id: 5203
(2 images)
545127304Privy Counsellor to King Henry VIII.
Alis Brownewife of Anthony Browne1540

23BussJoseph Bussfirst name on this monumentid: 5069
(2 images)
545017840d 17__ - Details indistinct.
Sadlerrelationship not known of Joseph Buss d 17__ - Details indistinct.

24CarterLucy Carterfirst name on this monument1781651846id: 5062545011283
John Carterhusband of Lucy Carter1778751853

25CartwrightEdmund Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1743801823id: 51955451153991Poet and Man Of Science. Invented the power loom.
Susannah Cartwrightwife of Edmund Cartwright

26ComptonRobert Comptonfirst name on this monument1767721839id: 5166c545089352
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27CornfordAlice Cornfordfirst name on this monument1702551757id: 5026544984229
Josiah Cornfordhusband of Alice Cornford1762

28CroftMary Croftfirst name on this monument1774521826id: 5052
(4 images)
Maria Croftdaughter-in-law of Mary Croft1811231834
Gilmore Crofthusband of Mary Croft
Hugh Croftson of Mary Croft1809571866 Buried at Lamberhurst.

29CroftWilliam Gillmore Croftfirst name on this monument1743681811id: 5048545002187
Mary Croftwife of William Gillmore Croft1753731826

30CrouchHannah Crouchfirst name on this monument1814id: 5036
(2 images)
544993185Surname eroded.
Samuel Crouchhusband of Hannah Crouch

31DixieH Dixiefirst name on this monument1901id: 51935451121791Of Eastbourne who was killed at Worcester , South Africa.

32DukeGeorge Dukefirst name on this monument1804451849id: 5129545061153A barrister.

33DukeSarah Dukefirst name on this monument182431827id: 5130545062180
William Dukefather of Sarah Duke
Sarah Dukemother of Sarah Duke

34DukeSoloman Dukefirst name on this monument1743621805id: 5143545068195
Elizabeth Dukewife of Soloman Duke1746581804

35DukeWilliam Dukefirst name on this monument1777681845id: 5126
(3 images)
545060237A surgeon , late of Hastings.
Thomas Worgefather-in-law of William Duke
Thomas Dukeson of William Duke184401844
Jane Dukewife of William Duke1807361843

36DurnfordElizabeth Durnfordfirst name on this monument1811481859id: 5038544994189
Elizabeth Durnforddaughter of Elizabeth Durnford1839211860
George Durnfordhusband of Elizabeth Durnford

37EastonJohn Eastonfirst name on this monument1688751763id: 5170545091182

38EastonWilliam Eastonfirst name on this monument1726621788id: 5166
(4 images)
William Eastonfather of William Easton1692721764
Sarah Eastonmother of William Easton1692851777

39EldridgeThomas Eldridgefirst name on this monument1787801867id: 5117
(2 images)
Sarah Eldridgedaughter of Thomas Eldridge1848
Thomas Eldridgeson of Thomas Eldridge183201832
Charlotte Eldridgewife of Thomas Eldridge1791611852

40EversfieldMartha Eversfieldfirst name on this monumentid: 5161545085172d 17__
Daniel Eversfieldhusband of Martha Eversfield

41FarraCharles Farrafirst name on this monument6id: 5071545018249d 18__
Charles Farrafather of Charles Farra
Harriett Farramother of Charles Farra
Emily Farrasister of Charles Farra1796181814

42FoordThomas Foordfirst name on this monument1786711857id: 5178545096236
Mary Foordwife of Thomas Foord1788661854

43FoxCaroline Elizabeth Foxfirst name on this monument1860id: 5080545023167

44GillmoreWilliam Gillmorefirst name on this monument1688591747id: 5088
(3 images)
Mary Gillmorewife of William Gillmore1694781772

45GorringThomas Gorringfirst name on this monument1851id: 5181545097186
Alfred Gorringson of Thomas Gorring1817
Frank Gorringson of Thomas Gorring1800211821
Thomas Gorringson of Thomas Gorring1799411840
William Gorringson of Thomas Gorring d 180_
Maria Gorringwife of Thomas Gorring d 184_

46GowerAnn Gowerfirst name on this monument1773611834id: 5113545048202
James Gowerhusband of Ann Gower1763851848
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47HammondJohn Hammondfirst name on this monument1713481761id: 5189545100151
William Hammondbrother of John Hammond1715341749
John Hammondson of John Hammond175551760
Eleanor Hammondwife of John Hammond1713841797

48HammondJohn Hammondfirst name on this monument1636751711id: 5188545099158
Joan Hammondwife of John Hammond1631691700

49HaywardJohn Haywardfirst name on this monument1760441804id: 5027544985130

50HeneyJohn Heneyfirst name on this monument1808id: 5150545075120

51HollambyW T Hollambyfirst name on this monument1900id: 5193545108232Of Fordcombe who died at Pretoria.

52HollandHannah Louisa Hollandfirst name on this monument184101841id: 5065545013157

53HoltFrederick George Holtfirst name on this monument1889291918id: 5196545117152Fell in action at Aveley Wood , France.

54HullGeorge Hullfirst name on this monument1757511808id: 5133545064229
Sarah Hullwife of George Hull1757351792

55HutchingsMary Hutchingsfirst name on this monument1792311823id: 5104545040207
Elizabeth Hutchingsdaughter of Mary Hutchings182301823
John Hutchingswife of Mary Hutchings1797331830

56IngallIsaac Ingallfirst name on this monument16781201798id: 5081545024136age 120 - The age seems fanciful.

57InskippJames Inskippfirst name on this monument1738751813id: 51125450471651
Elizabeth Inskippwife of James Inskipp1735841819

58JanningsElizabeth Janningsfirst name on this monument1718541772id: 5138
(4 images)
Richard Janningshusband of Elizabeth Jannings1723691792

59JanningsRichard Janningsfirst name on this monument1781591840id: 5142
(4 images)
Elizabeth Janningswife of Richard Jannings1785721857
Janningsrelationship not known of Richard Jannings3 d 18__
Janningsrelationship not known of Richard Jannings1814381852
Anne Janningsrelationship not known of Richard Jannings d 18__

60JefferyJohn Jefferyfirst name on this monument1788671855id: 5040544996141

61JennerJames Jennerfirst name on this monument1800581858id: 5032544989266
Alfred Jennerson of James Jenner1832241856

62Jones Jonesfirst name on this monument1679521731id: 5162545086494Name indistinct.

63JonesJohn Jonesfirst name on this monument1679591738id: 5163545087162
Sarah Jonesdaughter of John Jones1734

64KingG A Kingfirst name on this monument1900id: 5193545110145Of Hastings who died on SS Canada.

65Kingsbury Kingsburyfirst name on this monument1767461813id: 5197545118220Wounded in the siege of Gibraltar , served in Egypt , Portugal , Spain and Walcheren , and was severely wounded at the Battle of Salamanca.

66LadeJohn Ladefirst name on this monument1659711730id: 5039544995166

67LansdellJames Lansdellfirst name on this monument1786791865id: 5043
(3 images)
544997353A builder.
Martha Lansdelldaughter of James Lansdell181701817
Rachel Lansdelldaughter of James Lansdell181991828
Thomas Breedsfather-in-law of James Lansdell
John Lansdellson of James Lansdell181801818
Martha Lansdellwife of James Lansdell1792371829

68LaurenceCharles Laurencefirst name on this monument1732651797id: 51095450451801
Ann Laurencewife of Charles Laurence1732871819

69LaurenceCharles Laurencefirst name on this monument1762741836id: 5106
(3 images)

70LaurenceElmira Susannah Laurencefirst name on this monument1804541858id: 5063
(2 images)
Charles Laurencehusband of Elmira Susannah Laurence1798761874

71LaurenceMary Laurencefirst name on this monument180201802id: 51105450462281
Charles Laurencefather of Mary Laurence
Mary Laurencemother of Mary Laurence
Harriet Laurencesister of Mary Laurence180701807
Maria Laurencesister of Mary Laurence180901809
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72LaurenceMary Laurencefirst name on this monument1771861857id: 5106
(3 images)
Ann Laurencerelationship not known of Mary Laurence1803121815

73LaurenceRobert James Smee Laurencefirst name on this monument29id: 52055451282691d 18__ - Died at Broach in the East Indies.
Charles Laurencefather of Robert James Smee Laurence Poor photograph. Date indistinct.
Elmira Susannah Laurencemother of Robert James Smee Laurence

74LeslieThomas Lesliefirst name on this monument1772611833id: 5066545014199Of Berry Den , Aberdeen.
Jane Hindman Steenniece of Thomas Leslie
John Steennephew-in-law of Thomas Leslie Of Kirkfield , Lanarkshire.

75LongleyAnn Longleyfirst name on this monument1782id: 5059
(5 images)
5450082211age _6 - Details indistinct.
John Longleyfather of Ann Longley1711791790
Ann Longleymother of Ann Longley

76LongleyMary Longleyfirst name on this monument1797id: 50605450102241Details indistinct.
John Longleyfather of Mary Longley
Elizabeth Longleymother of Mary Longley

77LongleyMary Susanna Longleyfirst name on this monument178601786id: 5059
(5 images)
John Longleyfather of Mary Susanna Longley
Mary Longleymother of Mary Susanna Longley
Thomas Longleyrelationship not known of Mary Susanna Longley59 d 17__ - Details indistinct.

78MarchantJohn Marchantfirst name on this monument1792621854id: 5171545092157
Jane Marchantwife of John Marchant1791651856

79MartinJames Martinfirst name on this monument1764821846id: 5029
(2 images)
Charles Wardle Martinson of James Martin180911810
Frances Martinwife of James Martin63 d 18__

80McLeanD H McLeanfirst name on this monument1901id: 5193545106275Of Wells , Somerset who died at Johannesburg.

81MooreMary Moorefirst name on this monument1719id: 5183545098134

82NewberyHarriet Newberyfirst name on this monument1825271852id: 5177545095150
Henry Newberyhusband of Harriet Newbery

83NoakesEliza Noakesfirst name on this monument182651831id: 5173
(3 images)
Edward Kenwardbrother-in-law of Eliza Noakes
William Noakesfather of Eliza Noakes1796561852
Mary Noakesmother of Eliza Noakes
William John Kenwardnephew of Eliza Noakes185601856
Catherine Kenwardsister of Eliza Noakes1830291859
Maria Noakessister of Eliza Noakes1825181843

84NoakesFrederic Noakesfirst name on this monument1917id: 5192545105233Killed in action at Palestine.

85NoakesThomas Noakesfirst name on this monument1750id: 5099545036203
Ann Noakeswife of Thomas Noakes

86NoakesWilliam Noakesfirst name on this monument1735701805id: 5096545035248
Abigail Noakesdaughter of William Noakes
Mary Noakesdaughter of William Noakes
Rebecca Noakesdaughter of William Noakes
Benjamin Noakesson of William Noakes
James Noakesson of William Noakes
William Noakesson of William Noakes
Mary Noakeswife of William Noakes1747861833

87PhilcoxThomas Philcoxfirst name on this monument1686631749id: 5199545123153
Mary Philcoxwife of Thomas Philcox1688801768

88PhillipsArthur Phillipsfirst name on this monument1901id: 5194545114152Killed at Kokskraal , O.R.C.

89PhillipsRichard Phillipsfirst name on this monument1746691815id: 5115545049176
Hannah Phillipswife of Richard Phillips1747771824

90PilbeamEdward Pilbeamfirst name on this monument1808501858id: 5044544998213
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91QuaifeJames Quaifefirst name on this monument1776571833id: 5120545053158

92QuaifeJemima Quaifefirst name on this monument1823111834id: 5120545054200
James Quaifefather of Jemima Quaife
Sarah Ann Quaifemother of Jemima Quaife

93QuaifeMary Quaifefirst name on this monument1778381816id: 5119545052240
Mary Quaifedaughter of Mary Quaife
James Quaifehusband of Mary Quaife Of the Hackney Coach Office , London.
James Quaifeson of Mary Quaife
Thomas Quaifeson of Mary Quaife

94RaperHenry E Raperfirst name on this monument1874301904id: 5191545103233Surgeon HMS Vulcan. Died at Malta.

95RussellF W Russellfirst name on this monument1900id: 5193545109143Of Eastbourne who died at Pretoria.

96SampsonJohn Tilden Sampsonfirst name on this monument1810id: 5076
(5 images)

97SampsonLeonora Sampsonfirst name on this monument1818id: 5076
(5 images)
John Tilden Sampsonhusband of Leonora Sampson1810
George Tildenrelationship not known of Leonora Sampson1808
George Tildenrelationship not known of Leonora Sampson1765

98SargentSusannah Sargentfirst name on this monument1758621820id: 5131545063157
Thomas Sargenthusband of Susannah Sargent

99SaundersE C Saundersfirst name on this monument1901id: 5193545113156Died Roodepoort , Nek.

100SaxbyElizabeth Saxbyfirst name on this monument1766671833id: 50855450281561

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