St Lawrence's Church burial ground, Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101KenningtonA Kenningtonfirst name on this monument1953201973id: LStL212542135106824182109; The Light Infantry

102KenningtonKenneth John Kenningtonfirst name on this monument1928701998id: LStL2115421341069

103KingWilliam Kingfirst name on this monument1823551878id: LStL1935421181069
Mary Kingwife of William King1819661885

104KnightFrederick John Knightfirst name on this monument1857651922id: LStL2205421431066In church , plaque , Organist for 30 years

105KnightJane Baker Knightfirst name on this monument1864411905id: LStL0785420181066
Frederick John Knightrelationship not known of Jane Baker Knight

106KnightOliver David Knightfirst name on this monument1988122000id: LStL0235419601070

107KnightWilliam Knightfirst name on this monument1930691999id: LStL0225419591067

108LangdonEdgar Langdonfirst name on this monument1909591968id: LStL1245420641066

109LeeThomas Leefirst name on this monument1912721984id: LStL0985420391067

110LyddonGeorge Lyddonfirst name on this monument1821611882id: LStL0625419971078
Edith Lyddonmother of George Lyddon1794871881
Charlotte Lyddonwife of George Lyddon1810791889

111ManfillMary Manfillfirst name on this monument1803661869id: LStL1665420961065
John Manfillhusband of Mary Manfill1803741877
Charles Manfillson of Mary Manfill1826271853

112MartinJulia Martinfirst name on this monument1855761931id: LStL1295420671069

113McCartenCharles McCartenfirst name on this monument1919812000id: LStL1975421221065

114McCartenUrrena McCartenfirst name on this monument1943662009id: LStL1965421211066

115MoleMary Molefirst name on this monument1830831913id: LStL0015419401066

116MooreEmma Moorefirst name on this monument1860881948id: LStL0285419641068

117MooreOliver David Moorefirst name on this monument1919651984id: LStL0255419621065

118NormanThomas Normanfirst name on this monument1830901920id: LStL0695420041067
George Normanson of Thomas Norman1869751944
Caroline Normanwife of Thomas Norman1842851927

119PalmerJane Palmerfirst name on this monument1822651887id: LStL0775420171073Age from FreeBMD

120PayneMaria Paynefirst name on this monument1852531905id: LStL0805420201066Died at Flook Villa , Taunton

121PearseJohn Yandle Pearsefirst name on this monument1875731948id: LStL0755420151069
Martha J Y Pearserelationship not known of John Yandle Pearse1871781949

122PearseWilliam James Yandle Pearsefirst name on this monument1867651932id: LStL0765420161088Died at Court farm
Elizabeth Ann Yandle Pearserelationship not known of William James Yandle Pearse1868731941

123PikeEdward Pikefirst name on this monument1952id: LStL0885420281072
Rosetta Pikewife of Edward Pike1952

124PooleGeorge Poolefirst name on this monument1858441902id: LStL1415420771065Died at Tolland
Mary Ann Poolewife of George Poole1861701931

125PooleSidney John Poolefirst name on this monument1893721965id: LStL1425420781069
Ellen Poolewife of Sidney John Poole1895821977

126PriceLouis Pricefirst name on this monument1934id: LStL1785421051065

127ProutErnest George Proutfirst name on this monument1897681965id: LStL0365419711075

128ProutR J Proutfirst name on this monument1896241920id: LStL03554197010669753 , Somerset Light Infantry

129PullenEdward Frank Pullenfirst name on this monument1895541949id: LStL1365420731069
May Pullenwife of Edward Frank Pullen1896911987

130PullenGeoffrey Frank Pullenfirst name on this monument1922812003id: LStL1355420721075
Mary Pullenwife of Geoffrey Frank Pullen1925852010

131PullenLucy Pullenfirst name on this monument1871731944id: LStL1375420741075
Alfred Pullenhusband of Lucy Pullen1871771948

132QuartlyTom Quartlyfirst name on this monument1978id: LStL1695420981070
Mary Kathleeen Quartlywife of Tom Quartly1982

133QuartlyTom Holloway Quartlyfirst name on this monument1927561983id: LStL1705420991072
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134RawleE C Rawlefirst name on this monument1898211919id: LStL15254208710651562; West Somerset Yeomanry

135RawleS J Rawlefirst name on this monument1893251918id: LStL15154208610652106; West Somerset Yeomanry

136RawleW H Rawlefirst name on this monument1921id: LStL153542088106813202. Somerset L.I.

137RawlingsDouglas Rawlingsfirst name on this monument1922741996id: LStL19454211910771
Betty Rawlingswife of Douglas Rawlings1925862011

138RawlingsJohn Rawlingsfirst name on this monument1830771907id: LStL0895420291065

139RawlingsMay Rawlingsfirst name on this monument1897791976id: LStL1985421231067
Victor Rawlingshusband of May Rawlings1895871982

140ReadingEvelyn Rosaline Joyce Readingfirst name on this monument1934742008id: LStL1205420601066(Very odd - gravestone has open book , both 'pages' refer to 'Dear Mother')

141RichErnest Richfirst name on this monument1891721963id: LStL01354195110941
Agnes May Richwife of Ernest Rich1891851976

142RichardsLaurence Sydney Richardsfirst name on this monument1943191962id: LStL1615420921066
Charles Sebastian Richardsfather of Laurence Sydney Richards1890741964
Harriet Louise Richardsmother of Laurence Sydney Richards1901751976

143RidlerAlice? Ridlerfirst name on this monument1890id: LStL0935420331068d 1890?
Joseph H Ridlerhusband of Alice? Ridler

144RidlerHenry Ridlerfirst name on this monument182771834id: LStL0945420351075Age and Date from
Anna Ridlerwife of Henry Ridler1794621856 Age and Date from

145RidlerThomas Ridlerfirst name on this monument1791631854id: LStL0945420341065Age and Date from

146RoutleyAlbert James Routleyfirst name on this monument1889771966id: LStL1345420711082
Ruth Bushroddaughter of Albert James Routley1927521979
James Routleyson of Albert James Routley1917761993
Kate Routleywife of Albert James Routley1888791967

147RoutleyEthel E Routleyfirst name on this monument1910801990id: LStL1595420911075
Geoffrey J Routleyhusband of Ethel E Routley1914892003

148RoutleyKathleen Doris Routleyfirst name on this monument1910851995id: LStL0505419851073

149RoweHenry John Rowefirst name on this monument1880551935id: LStL0685420031066
Mary Rowewife of Henry John Rowe1882811963

150RoweWilliam Rowefirst name on this monument1842731915id: LStL0615419961065
Lucy Rowewife of William Rowe1839781917

151SandfordJohn Sandfordfirst name on this monument1897801977id: LStL1905421151069
Cissy Nina Sandfordwife of John Sandford1899891988

152SandfordMichael Albert Sandfordfirst name on this monument1935802015id: LStL1915421161067

153SayersPamela Joyce Sayersfirst name on this monument1926681994id: LStL2005421251065
Philip Arthur Sayershusband of Pamela Joyce Sayers1924882012

154ScratchleyArthur James Scratchleyfirst name on this monument1857941951id: LStL1485420841071( 4 faces of same monument)

155ScratchleyCharles James Scratchleyfirst name on this monument1814781892id: LStL1455420811081( 4 faces of same monument)
Mary Amelia Edwardsdaughter of Charles James Scratchley1855321887 ( 4 faces of same monument)
Amelia Scratchleywife of Charles James Scratchley1823691892 ( 4 faces of same monument)

156ScratchleyGeorge Stephen Scratchleyfirst name on this monument186101861id: LStL1465420821069( 4 faces of same monument): son of Charles/Amelia
Maud Ellen Scratchleysister of George Stephen Scratchley186641870 ( 4 faces of same monument): dau of Charles/Amelia

157ScratchleyHenry William Scratchleyfirst name on this monument1862391901id: LStL1475420831069( 4 faces of same monument): son of Charles/Amelia

158SkinnerEmma Skinnerfirst name on this monument1808631871id: LStL1235420631067
Maria Skinnersister of Emma Skinner1801781879
Elizabeth Skinnerrelationship not known of Emma Skinner1803771880

159SouthgateAlan Charles Southgatefirst name on this monumentid: LStL2235421451087In church , plaque , Rector of this parish 1924-1940 and of Combe Florey 1937-1940; death date from FreeBMD

160SouthgateMabel Clara Southgatefirst name on this monument1873611934id: LStL1865421111065

161StrongAlan Strongfirst name on this monument1946-411905id: LStL0475419821068of Walcombes farm

162StrongAnne Strongfirst name on this monument1801891890no image5420851070Born at Westow in this parish; died at Nutbrook , Withycombe Raleigh , Devon
Charles Edward Stronghusband of Anne Strong1815841899 Died at Exmouth , Devon

163StrongElizabeth Lewis Strongfirst name on this monument1909621971id: LStL0455419801071of Holford farm
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164StrongFrancis George Strongfirst name on this monument1872711943id: LStL0205419571065

165StrongHarriet Strongfirst name on this monument1837631900id: LStL0215419581069of Holford farm
Frances Alice Strongdaughter of Harriet Strong1866761942
Laura Strongdaughter of Harriet Strong1875301905
Walter John Strongson of Harriet Strong1876681944
James Strongwife of Harriet Strong1835801915

166StrongMuriel Mary Strongfirst name on this monument1903831986id: LStL0485419831080of Rich's Holford farm
Harold Edward Stronghusband of Muriel Mary Strong1908881996

167StrongRowland James Strongfirst name on this monument1910-51905id: LStL0465419811065of Holford farm

168StrongWilliam Dollins Strongfirst name on this monument1886731959id: LStL0415419761070of Walcombes farm
Ellen Strongwife of William Dollins Strong1878921970

169SullyWilliam Sullyfirst name on this monument1843691912id: LStL0305419661069
Sarah Ann Sullywife of William Sully1841771918

170TarrAugusta Mary Tarrfirst name on this monument1865921957id: LStL1795421061070(May be wife of Thomas/175)

171TarrThomas Tarrfirst name on this monument1859791938id: LStL1755421021070

172ThorneWilliam Thomas Thornefirst name on this monument1910571967id: LStL0595419941065
Phillippa Elizabeth Thornewife of William Thomas Thorne1912821994

173TomkinsEdwin Daniel Tomkinsfirst name on this monument1864741938id: LStL1845421091067
Kathleen Mary Peppit Tomkinswife of Edwin Daniel Tomkins1875831958

174ToutRosa Toutfirst name on this monument1853821935id: LStL1895421141068

175TrebbleEdwin Trebblefirst name on this monument1850621912id: LStL02954196510651
Eliza Trebblewife of Edwin Trebble1846881934

176TriggolE Triggolfirst name on this monumentid: LStL0175419541069Erected by the ex-servicemen of this parish 12/1924

177TriggolGeorge Triggolfirst name on this monument189361899id: LStL0815420211069
John Triggolson of George Triggol1866361902 of Higher Chipleigh Farm
Sarah Jane Triggolwife of George Triggol1840701910

178TriggolPercy Triggolfirst name on this monument1896731969id: LStL0185419551068
Winifred E L Triggolwife of Percy Triggol1894841978

179TriggolRobert Kirby Triggolfirst name on this monumentid: LStL07254200910661War Memorial 1939-1945

180TriggolTheresa Jane Triggolfirst name on this monument1868701938no image5419531065age 70?
Edmund Triggolson of Theresa Jane Triggol1896271923

181TrutchJoseph William Trutchfirst name on this monument1826781904id: LStL1435420791066First Lieut. Governor of British Columbia

182TweedEustace Alfred Tweedfirst name on this monument1914801994id: LStL1145420531067Relationship from personal knowledge
Kathleen Jonessister-in-law of Eustace Alfred Tweed1907952002 Relationship from personal knowledge
Edith Amy Tweedwife of Eustace Alfred Tweed1915831998 Relationship from personal knowledge

183VearncombeGeorge Vearncombefirst name on this monument1821851906id: LStL0245419611073
Jane Phillipa Vearncombewife of George Vearncombe1841621903

184VearncombeWalter Ian Vearncombefirst name on this monument1913932006id: LStL0195419561072
Muriel Vearncombewife of Walter Ian Vearncombe

185VennAnn Vennfirst name on this monument1852651917id: LStL1105420491087
Thomas Robert Vennhusband of Ann Venn1849801929

186VentonAlice Annie Ventonfirst name on this monument1914581972id: LStL2095421321069
Louis James Ventonhusband of Alice Annie Venton1911711982

187VickeryHarriet Vickeryfirst name on this monument1890611951id: LStL0965420371113

188VickeryRobert Thomas Vickeryfirst name on this monument1888701958id: LStL0975420381066

189WallJames Wallfirst name on this monument1869791948id: LStL0665420011065)These three very large marble slabs lie next to each other
Mary Wallrelationship not known of James Wall1899791978

190WallJohn Wallfirst name on this monument1902151917id: LStL0645419991066)These three very large marble slabs lie next to each other

191WallMary Margaret Wallfirst name on this monument1871541925id: LStL0655420001065)These three very large marble slabs lie next to each other

192WarnerHenry Warnerfirst name on this monument1869631932id: LStL0995420401066

193WarrenAlbert Edgar Warrenfirst name on this monument1886341920id: LStL0865420261083Died at Gatygarn , Llanelly
Mary Ann Warrenwife of Albert Edgar Warren
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194WarrenEffie Radford Warrenfirst name on this monument1893251918id: LStL0545419891067

195WarrenOlive Jane Warrenfirst name on this monument188711888id: LStL0555419901065age 20mths
Ivy May Warrenrelationship not known of Olive Jane Warren1887101897

196WarrenRichard Warrenfirst name on this monument1849771926id: LStL0535419881065of Chipleigh
Elizabeth Warrenwife of Richard Warren1859821941

197WarrenRichard Light Warrenfirst name on this monument1858691927id: LStL0855420251069
Emily Warrendaughter of Richard Light Warren189801898
Fanny Warrenwife of Richard Light Warren1861741935

198WarrenTola? Warrenfirst name on this monument1892351927id: LStL0565419911065of Chipleigh

199WarrenTrevlyn Warrenfirst name on this monument191081918id: LStL0825420221066age 8y 8mn
F W Warrenfather of Trevlyn Warren
S Warrenmother of Trevlyn Warren

200WatersEmily Jane Watersfirst name on this monument1838661904id: LStL0145419521065
John Watershusband of Emily Jane Waters

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