Wickham Road (part 1) Cemetery, Fareham, Hampshire, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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701SkinnerGladys Skinnerfirst name on this monument1968id: 5125188961068

702SkinnerMartha Grace Skinnerfirst name on this monument1875661941id: 928
(2 images)
Edward Charles Skinnerhusband of Martha Grace Skinner1878711949

703Sloane-StanleyRose Laure Sloane-Stanleyfirst name on this monument1849421891id: 235
(3 images)
George Sloane-Stanleyfather of Rose Laure Sloane-Stanley1896
William Sloane-Stanleygrand father of Rose Laure Sloane-Stanley
Mary Gertrude Sloane-Stanleygrand mother of Rose Laure Sloane-Stanley
Laura Maria Sloane-Stanleymother of Rose Laure Sloane-Stanley1904

704SmithAda Catherine Smithfirst name on this monument1876601936id: 2135186221066

705SmithAlice Smithfirst name on this monument1935id: 775185001065
Frederick Bertie Smithhusband of Alice Smith1947

706SmithArthur James Smithfirst name on this monument1902461948id: 7585190981086

707SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1827711898id: 5285189121065
Walter Smithhusband of Elizabeth Smith1819811900

708SmithFrank Smithfirst name on this monument1866691935id: 585184841068
Mary Jane Smithwife of Frank Smith1869921961

709SmithHarry Smithfirst name on this monument1850741924id: 9805192761066
Elizabeth Smithwife of Harry Smith1849781927

710SmithHarry Smithfirst name on this monument1861911952id: 5575189351065
Elizabeth Hannah Smithwife of Harry Smith1865881953

711SmithMary Ellen Smithfirst name on this monument1841701911id: 4145188021066
Edward Smithhusband of Mary Ellen Smith

712SmithMary Louisa Smithfirst name on this monument1856641920id: 1475185631066year uncertain

713SmithSydney Smithfirst name on this monument1856391895id: 4835188681068

714SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1820821902id: 43651882310921
William Greeneemployer of William Smith
Elizabeth Smithwife of William Smith1823721895

715SmitherCharles Smitherfirst name on this monument1861801941id: 933
(2 images)
5192381065year unclear

716SomervilleMary Annie Somervillefirst name on this monument1839721911id: 318
(2 images)
James Somervillehusband of Mary Annie Somerville1841881929
William Somervilleson of Mary Annie Somerville1875361911

717SouchAlbert E Souchfirst name on this monument1872691941id: 9215192281065

718SouterEmma Souterfirst name on this monument1824781902id: 3545187541065
Leonard Souterfather of Emma Souter
Mary Soutermother of Emma Souter
William Souterrelationship not known of Emma Souter1825771902

719SpencerAnn Spencerfirst name on this monument1830871917id: 2785186801068
Leonard Spencer Mossgrand son of Ann Spencer1890281918 Died of wounds in France
Percy William Mossgrand son of Ann Spencer1882361918 Killed in action
William Spencerhusband of Ann Spencer1811511862
William Spencerson of Ann Spencer1855101865

720SpencerEllen Spencerfirst name on this monument1859341893id: 4865188711067

721StaceyArthur Cecil Staceyfirst name on this monument1878601938id: 80751913610791
Diana Margaret Constance Staceydaughter-in-law of Arthur Cecil Stacey1927681995
Edward James Staceyson of Arthur Cecil Stacey1926591985
Mary Elizabeth Staceywife of Arthur Cecil Stacey1897681965

722StaceyE Staceyfirst name on this monument1876401916id: 15451857011231War Grave

723StanleyW G Stanleyfirst name on this monument1894221916id: 1915186011065War Grave

724StaresAlbert James Staresfirst name on this monument1895361931id: 895185111066

725StedhamAgnes Stedhamfirst name on this monument1862561918id: 968
(2 images)
Norman Stedhamhusband of Agnes Stedham1856701926
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726SteedF Steedfirst name on this monument1879371916id: 1525185681068War Grave

727StewartIsabel Stewartfirst name on this monument1913id: 2735186751065
James Douglas Stewarthusband of Isabel Stewart

728StewartKate Stewartfirst name on this monument1859521911id: 4485188331070
George Greenway Stewarthusband of Kate Stewart1859531912

729StewartWilliam Stewartfirst name on this monument1884651949id: 7095190591073
Doris Adelaide Stewartrelationship not known of William Stewart1893651958

730StockwellEliza Ann Stockwellfirst name on this monument1830761906id: 5745189511066
Sarah Stockwelldaughter of Eliza Ann Stockwell
Charles Stockwellhusband of Eliza Ann Stockwell1831481879

731StoneCharles Edward Stonefirst name on this monument1945id: 7805191141068
Charles Edward Stoneson of Charles Edward Stone1944 Died of wounds , N W Europe

732StoneEthel Mabel Stonefirst name on this monument1914211935id: 7965191271080
Eliza Louisa Bakerrelationship not known of Ethel Mabel Stone1859801939
Bee Stonerelationship not known of Ethel Mabel Stone w/o Ernest
Ernest George Stonerelationship not known of Ethel Mabel Stone1905731978

733StoneFlorence Stonefirst name on this monument1880561936id: 49
(2 images)
Martha Ramptonsister-in-law of Florence Stone1875861961
Walter Unknownrelationship not known of Florence Stone Small stone in centre of grave

734StoneJoseph Richard Stonefirst name on this monument1867621929id: 9151851310681
Sarah Matilda Stonerelationship not known of Joseph Richard Stone1876721948

735StrongMary Cooke Strongfirst name on this monument1844721916id: 6575190131065
Thomas William Strongrelationship not known of Mary Cooke Strong1844741918

736StroudMatilda Mary Kingsford Stroudfirst name on this monument1850911941id: 936
(2 images)
Vivian Barham Strouddaughter of Matilda Mary Kingsford Stroud1883861969
J W Stroudhusband of Matilda Mary Kingsford Stroud
Ronald Walden Popplewellrelationship not known of Matilda Mary Kingsford Stroud1910861996

737StrugnellFreddie Strugnellfirst name on this monument189611897id: 49951888310711age 10 months

738StubbsFrances Stubbsfirst name on this monument1846521898id: 5295189131065
Sarah Stubbsmother of Frances Stubbs1820831903

739SuttonArthur Suttonfirst name on this monument1868901958id: 2475186511083
Grace Florence Suttonwife of Arthur Sutton1870881958

740SuttonEdith Marjorie Suttonfirst name on this monument1895351930id: 39
(2 images)
Edward Suttonfather of Edith Marjorie Sutton68 surname uncertain
Mary Lois Lillywhite McKayrelationship not known of Edith Marjorie Sutton1907921999
Doris St Barbe Suttonrelationship not known of Edith Marjorie Sutton1893711964
Vera Francis Suttonrelationship not known of Edith Marjorie Sutton1902781980
Victoria Joyce Suttonrelationship not known of Edith Marjorie Sutton1901741975

741SuttonJulia Suttonfirst name on this monument1828751903id: 2145186231069

742SuttonLeslie Hugh Suttonfirst name on this monument189271899id: 3375187371068

743SwarfieldEdward Swarfieldfirst name on this monument1848461894id: 3255187251066
Edward Frank Swarfieldson of Edward Swarfield1869721941

744SweetenhamRichard Amos Sweetenhamfirst name on this monument1837611898id: 5255189091065
Ann Sweetenhamwife of Richard Amos Sweetenham1841831924

745SweetenhamWilliam Sweetenhamfirst name on this monument1835671902id: 3555187551070
Ellen Sweetenhamwife of William Sweetenham1831861917
E E Clarkrelationship not known of William Sweetenham m/o Harold
H J Clarkrelationship not known of William Sweetenham f/o Harold
Harold Royston Clarkrelationship not known of William Sweetenham1894221916

746SymonsEsther Symonsfirst name on this monument1824761900id: 3525187521066
Henry Richard Symonsrelationship not known of Esther Symons1828981926
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747TalmashEdward S Talmashfirst name on this monument1891671958id: 9905192861069
Nellie Talmashwife of Edward S Talmash1896651961

748TannerHenry Tannerfirst name on this monument1828671895id: 2385186421067
Hannah Tannerwife of Henry Tanner1839791918

749TaplinHenry Taplinfirst name on this monument1895571952id: 8005191301066
Daisy Maud Taplinwife of Henry Taplin1897731970

750TapperAugusta Maria Tapperfirst name on this monument1866761942id: 697
(2 images)
James Tapperrelationship not known of Augusta Maria Tapper1860951955

751TarbatJames Edward Tarbatfirst name on this monument1864731937id: 7755191101066
Ethel Mary Victoria Tarbatwife of James Edward Tarbat1867821949

752TaulbutNorman Jesse Taulbutfirst name on this monument1876661942id: 8975192081065
Rose Taulbutwife of Norman Jesse Taulbut1879951974

753TaylerWilliam Taylerfirst name on this monument1829611890id: 4315188181088

754TaylorAmy Taylorfirst name on this monument1857661923id: 1345185501072
William Taylorhusband of Amy Taylor1857751932

755TaylorHenry E Taylorfirst name on this monument1874581932id: 625184881068mariner
Sam Freemantlebrother-in-law of Henry E Taylor1874781952 assume brother of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Ellen Taylorwife of Henry E Taylor1952

756TeeAlfred George Teefirst name on this monument1876421918id: 5875189621067
Frank Teerelationship not known of Alfred George Tee1873851958

757TeeSarah Teefirst name on this monument1846601906id: 5865189611070
William Teehusband of Sarah Tee1847771924

758ThatcherArchibald Robert Birch Thatcherfirst name on this monument1876771953id: 6935190441083

759ThatcherEmily Thatcherfirst name on this monument1878541932id: 205184531065

760ThatcherGeorgena Thatcherfirst name on this monument1877701947id: 7275190711067
Charles Christopher Thatcherhusband of Georgena Thatcher1871801951

761ThompsonArthur Herbert Thompsonfirst name on this monument1902811983id: 9505192491067
Joan Thompsonwife of Arthur Herbert Thompson1903791982
H J B Popplewellrelationship not known of Arthur Herbert Thompson1874821956
Ida Frances Amelia Popplewellrelationship not known of Arthur Herbert Thompson1877861963 wife of H J B Popplewell

762ThorntonHerbert William Thorntonfirst name on this monument1880261906id: 5775189541070

763ThorntonJohn Stevens Thorntonfirst name on this monument1817721889id: 3355187351065
Emily Thorntonwife of John Stevens Thornton1821921913

764TierHarry Tierfirst name on this monument1855761931id: 10151852110651
John Tierfather of Harry Tier
Mary Tiermother of Harry Tier

765TimberleyAlfred Timberleyfirst name on this monument1864771941id: 923
(2 images)
Mary Louisa Timberleywife of Alfred Timberley1875681943

766TippAda Tippfirst name on this monument1874591933id: 2085186181070

767TomkinsonElizabeth Tomkinsonfirst name on this monument1808831891id: 4445188291076
Edward Tomkinsonhusband of Elizabeth Tomkinson

768TongueGeorge Tonguefirst name on this monument1864741938id: 7945191261072
Martha Ann Tonguerelationship not known of George Tongue1863761939

769TottleSau-lan Tottlefirst name on this monument1946682014id: 9275192331065

770TownsendEmma Maria Townsendfirst name on this monument1833701903id: 2705186721075
Samuel Philip Townsendhusband of Emma Maria Townsend1832881920

771TownsendJohn Cairns Townsendfirst name on this monument1873531926id: 1985186081072Late of Alexandria City Police'
Mary Townsendwife of John Cairns Townsend1876781954

772TraylenFrank William Traylenfirst name on this monument1942id: 8965192071068

773TreacherEllen Treacherfirst name on this monument1858671925id: 6145189811066
Harriott Mudiemother of Ellen Treacher1828371865 Surname unclear
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GPR ref.view

774TreadwellElizabeth Hannah Treadwellfirst name on this monument1843801923id: 6545190101068
Charles Treadwellfather of Elizabeth Hannah Treadwell

775TreagusFrederick Walter Treagusfirst name on this monument1887461933id: 1005185201069

776TremlettJames Tremlettfirst name on this monument1881471928id: 6275189921070
Ruby Hibble Tremlettwife of James Tremlett1882871969

777TriggJames Bulbeck Triggfirst name on this monument1845581903id: 3885187811068
Sophia Triggwife of James Bulbeck Trigg1841931934

778TriggL J Triggfirst name on this monument1910311941id: 7235190691065

779TriggRowland Robert Triggfirst name on this monument1882601942id: 8345191581082
Florence Mabel Triggwife of Rowland Robert Trigg1882891971

780TriggsGeorge Triggsfirst name on this monument1853561909id: 4185188061067
Frederick Howsegofather-in-law of George Triggs1833751908 assume father of Annie
Annie Triggshusband of George Triggs1865971962

781TroupIan Earnest Hanbury Troupfirst name on this monument1904151919id: 2695186711065
William Colin Trouprelationship not known of Ian Earnest Hanbury Troup191461920

782TruineJohn Truinefirst name on this monument1876691945id: 6965190471065not shown on image
Eliza Amelia Truinewife of John Truine1878821960

783TrusslerBlanche Trusslerfirst name on this monument1925id: 1235185401065

784TudrieEdith Virginia Tudriefirst name on this monument1858311889id: 4355188221067
Rosalie Tudrierelationship not known of Edith Virginia Tudrie1856351891

785TullAlfred George Tullfirst name on this monument1873551928id: 6395189991074
Emmeline Tullwife of Alfred George Tull1874691943

786TurnerKate Turnerfirst name on this monument1864851949id: 6945190451079
Evelyn Turnerrelationship not known of Kate Turner1883691952

787TurnerSarah Turnerfirst name on this monument1863291892id: 3395187391066
Herbert Eli Turnerhusband of Sarah Turner1864321896

788TurnerWilliam Turnerfirst name on this monument1837651902id: 2925186941065

789TutteEdwin Tuttefirst name on this monument1826831909id: 97451927010651

790TysonAgnes Tysonfirst name on this monument1946id: 841
(2 images)
Naomi Agnes Thora Freebodydaughter of Agnes Tyson1914912005
Charles Brown Tysonhusband of Agnes Tyson1948

791VimpanyWilliam Vimpanyfirst name on this monument1838791917id: 3145187151067
Mary Vimpanywife of William Vimpany1844911935

792VincentHubert Clare Vincentfirst name on this monument1886571943id: 862
(2 images)
Margaret Vincentwife of Hubert Clare Vincent1882801962

793WadeHarrison James Wadefirst name on this monument1854831937id: 2005186101065

794WaiteHarry Charles Waitefirst name on this monument1866681934id: 8045191331066
Amy Alice Waitewife of Harry Charles Waite1867831950

795WalkerThomas Henry Walkerfirst name on this monument1863691932id: 7365190791073
Mary Ellen Walkerwife of Thomas Henry Walker1864891953

796WallerEvelyn Eldridge Wallerfirst name on this monument1917531970id: 5135188971072

797WallisWilliam Wallisfirst name on this monument1869371906id: 5785189551067
Sarah Walliswife of William Wallis1873671940

798WaringHenry Waringfirst name on this monument1840691909id: 4275188141066
Mary Letitia Waringwife of Henry Waring1842961938

799WarnerAnne Elizabeth Warnerfirst name on this monument1841861927id: 63851899810751

800WarwickJane Warwickfirst name on this monument1839791918id: 2875186891066Jane Warwick was the second daughter of Charles Warwick (1815 - 1884)and Cecily Carpenter (1812 - 1882) She worked for Edward and Mary Ann for over 50 years.
Edward Sharlandemployer of Jane Warwick
Mary Ann Sharlandemployer of Jane Warwick

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Grave Monument Photographs

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Wickham Road (part 1) Cemetery, Fareham, Hampshire, England.

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