The Friary's burial ground, Timoleague, Cork, Ireland

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1BarrettAnthony Barrettfirst name on this monument1963id: 1805163931112
Ellen Barrettwife of Anthony Barrett1998 w of Anthony
Ellen O'Brienrelationship not known of Anthony Barrett1981

2BarrettRosalie Barrettfirst name on this monument1964id: 1845163971074
Kay Barrettdaughter of Rosalie Barrett1933461979 d of Rosalie
William F Barrettrelationship not known of Rosalie Barrett1895881983

3BarryJohn Barryfirst name on this monumentno image5162281081
Hannah Barryrelationship not known of John Barry
Batt Nevillerelationship not known of John Barry
Kate Nevillerelationship not known of John Barry

4BarryMary Barryfirst name on this monument1969id: 1975164101074w of James
James Barryhusband of Mary Barry1971

5BrennanJohn Brennanfirst name on this monument1969id: 1875164001074
Margaret Brennanwife of John Brennan1997 w of John
James Martin Brennanrelationship not known of John Brennan1965 inf s of James

6BrickleyMargaret Brickleyfirst name on this monument1964id: 1945164071083
Jimmy Brickleyson of Margaret Brickley2009 s of Margaret

7BurkeAndrew Burkefirst name on this monument1891761967no image5162851085
Mary Burkewife of Andrew Burke1905841989 w of Andrew

8BurkeConnie Burkefirst name on this monument1950no image5162371084
Jackie Burkebrother of Connie Burke1986 brother of Connie
Nell Burkemother of Connie Burke parents of Connie
Hannah Burkesister of Connie Burke1974 sister of Connie
Connie Burkerelationship not known of Connie Burke

9BurkeNorah Burkefirst name on this monument1985no image5163011145
Eleanor Burkerelationship not known of Norah Burke2005

10CahillJames Cahillfirst name on this monument1957id: 1525163661078

11CahillThomas Cahillfirst name on this monument1955id: 1565163701072

12CalnanJohn Calnanfirst name on this monument1964no image5163041079
Johnny Calnangrand son of John Calnan1940672007 gs of John and Hannah
Eily Calnanmother of John Calnan1963462009 mother of John
Hannah Calnanwife of John Calnan1979 w of Hannah

13CashmanPatrick Cashmanfirst name on this monument1959id: 1685163811079
Hannah Cashmanrelationship not known of Patrick Cashman1973

14CliffordJames Cliffordfirst name on this monument1965no image5162971085
Josephine Clifforddaughter-in-law of James Clifford2011 w of James
James Cliffordson of James Clifford1995 s of James and Mary
Mary Cliffordwife of James Clifford1980 w of James
Teresa Cliffordrelationship not known of James Clifford2002

15CoakleyTimothy Coakleyfirst name on this monument1964id: 13451634810932
Julia Coakleywife of Timothy Coakley1891841975 w of Timothy
Paddy Coakleyrelationship not known of Timothy Coakley

16Collins Collinsfirst name on this monumentno image5162411115

17CollinsAndrew Collinsfirst name on this monument1975no image5162701112
Mary Collinswife of Andrew Collins1977 w of Andrew

18CollinsJohn Collinsfirst name on this monument1905471952id: 1325163461085
Thomas Collinsson of John Collins1940561996 s of John and Elsie
Elsie Collinswife of John Collins1902891991 w of John

19CollinsTimothy Collinsfirst name on this monument1963id: 1315163451085
Annie Bridget Collinswife of Timothy Collins w of Timothy
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20CondonDan Condonfirst name on this monument1952id: 1485163621091d 00.01.1952
Marjorie Crehandaughter of Dan Condon1977 d of Dan and Mgt
Margaret Condonwife of Dan Condon1972 d 00.08.1972

21ConnollyEllen Connollyfirst name on this monument1982no image5162711105
John Connollyhusband of Ellen Connolly h of Ellen

22ConnollyHannah Connollyfirst name on this monument1939no image5162631075
John Connollyhusband of Hannah Connolly1953 h of Hannah

23CoomeyJohn D Coomeyfirst name on this monument1974no image5163061076
Hannah Coomeywife of John D Coomey1974 w of John D
Caroline Coomeyrelationship not known of John D Coomey198321985
Denis Coomeyrelationship not known of John D Coomey1977

24CoomeySean Coomeyfirst name on this monument1934712005no image5163051077
Ellen Coomeywife of Sean Coomey1946602006 w of Sean

25Crowley Crowleyfirst name on this monumentno image5162721075

26CrowleyHannah Crowleyfirst name on this monument1842881930no image5162341079

27CrowleyMary Crowleyfirst name on this monument1954id: 1195163331085
Andrew Crowleyhusband of Mary Crowley1977 h of Mary
Michael Crowleyson of Mary Crowley1975282003 s of Andrew and Michael

28CrowleyMichael Crowleyfirst name on this monument1967id: 1105163241079
Timothy Crowleyson of Michael Crowley1960 s of Michael and Mary
Mary Crowleywife of Michael Crowley1968 w of Michael
Adrian Finbarrelationship not known of Michael Crowley18701031973
John Joe Finbarrelationship not known of Michael Crowley1987 f of Adrian

29CrowleyMichael Crowleyfirst name on this monument1922872009id: 1785163911087
Teenie Crowleywife of Michael Crowley1930792009 w of Michael

30CunninghamCatherine Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1896no image5162321072w of John

31CunninghamMichael Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1874no image5162331068
Nellie Cunninghamdaughter of Michael Cunningham d of Michael and Catherine
Catherine Cunninghamwife of Michael Cunningham1897 w of Michael

32DaceyJames Daceyfirst name on this monument29no image5162741077

33DeasyJames Deasyfirst name on this monument1962id: 1005163141080
Jack Deasyson of James Deasy2004 s of James and Mary
Mary Deasywife of James Deasy1970 w of James

34DeasyKathleen Deasyfirst name on this monument1996id: 1615163751080
Patrick Deasyhusband of Kathleen Deasy h of Kathleen

35DeasyPatrick Joseph Deasyfirst name on this monument1912801992no image5162881075
Eileen Deasywife of Patrick Joseph Deasy1915821997 w of Patrick

36DesmondTimothy Desmondfirst name on this monument1859881947id: 1435163571075

37DineenJohn Dineenfirst name on this monument1946id: 1445163581073
Patrick Dineenson of John Dineen2006 s of Patrick and Nora
Nora Dineenwife of John Dineen1987 w of John

38DonovanCatherine Donovanfirst name on this monument1894no image5162251081
O Learyrelationship not known of Catherine Donovan

39DonovanDenis Donovanfirst name on this monument1871341905no image5162661075s of Daniel
Daniel Donovanfather of Denis Donovan1837911928
Mary Donovanrelationship not known of Denis Donovan1846831929

40DonovanJames Donovanfirst name on this monument1961id: 1625163761082

41DonovanJeremiah Donovanfirst name on this monument1963id: 1305163441071

42DonovanTimothy Thady Donovanfirst name on this monument1956id: 1595163731066
Josephine Donovanrelationship not known of Timothy Thady Donovan1988
Kathleen Donovanrelationship not known of Timothy Thady Donovan1957
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43Dooneen Dooneenfirst name on this monumentno image5162351075

44DrakePatrick Drakefirst name on this monument1909651974id: 1385163521067
Veronica Drakedaughter of Patrick Drake194731950 d of Patrick and Mary
Mary Drakewife of Patrick Drake1920731993 w of Patrick

45DugganJames Dugganfirst name on this monumentid: 1135163271079h of Kathleen
Kathleen Dugganwife of James Duggan1987

46FehillyJames Fehillyfirst name on this monument1958id: 1715163841072
Joe Spencerrelationship not known of James Fehilly1991

47FisherJohn Fisherfirst name on this monument1902741976id: 1895164021118
Ann Fisherwife of John Fisher1903701973 w of John

48FlemingBridget Flemingfirst name on this monument1953id: 1175163311086
Theresa Flemingdaughter of Bridget Fleming1944612005 d of John and Bridget
John Fleminghusband of Bridget Fleming1965 h of Bridget

49FlemmingMargaret Flemmingfirst name on this monument1947no image5162811069
Edward Flemminghusband of Margaret Flemming
Edward Flemmingson of Margaret Flemming1969 s of Edwr and Magt

50FlynnMichael Flynnfirst name on this monument1969no image5162461102
William Flynnson of Michael Flynn1996 s of Michael and Mgt
Margaret Flynnwife of Michael Flynn1954 w of Michael

51FoleyCoitein Foleyfirst name on this monument1754601814no image5162571075

52FoleyJohn Foleyfirst name on this monumentno image51625810761
Margaret Foleydaughter of John Foley d of John
Michael Foleyson of John Foley s of John
David Maddenson-in-law of John Foley s il of John
Nora Foleywife of John Foley w of John

53FoleyMark Foleyfirst name on this monument1962id: 1815163941070
Catherine Foleywife of Mark Foley1996 w of Mark

54FoleyP A Foleyfirst name on this monument1974no image5162361082s of Patrick and Catherine
Bridget Foleywife of P A Foley1965 his wife
Margaret Foleyrelationship not known of P A Foley2005

55GreganRichard Greganfirst name on this monument1954id: 1255163391069
Mary Gregandaughter of Richard Gregan2004 d of Richard and Catherine
Richard Greganson of Richard Gregan1982 s of Richard and Catherine
Catherine Greganwife of Richard Gregan1988 w of Richard

56GriffinAmbrose Griffinfirst name on this monument1929772006id: 1235163371076

57GriffinMaurice Griffinfirst name on this monument1950id: 1405163541067w of Robert
Mary Kate Griffindaughter of Maurice Griffin1976 d of Robert
Denis Griffinrelationship not known of Maurice Griffin1981
James Griffinrelationship not known of Maurice Griffin1980
Timothy Griffinrelationship not known of Maurice Griffin1983

58GriffinPatrick Griffinfirst name on this monument1876781954id: 1225163361068
Hannah Griffinwife of Patrick Griffin1972 w of Patrick

59GriffinTimothy Griffinfirst name on this monumentno image5162291071
Ellen Griffinrelationship not known of Timothy Griffin
Timothy J Griffinrelationship not known of Timothy Griffin1953

60HallinanCatherine Hallinanfirst name on this monument1964no image5163081079
Christina Hallinandaughter of Catherine Hallinan1990 d of Patrick and Catherine
Catherine Hallinandaughter-in-law of Catherine Hallinan2008 w of Patrick
Patrick Hallinanhusband of Catherine Hallinan1932 h of Catherine
Patrick Hallinanson of Catherine Hallinan1993 s of Patrick and Catherine

61HallohanTim Hallohanfirst name on this monument1962id: 1035163171073
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62Harrington Harringtonfirst name on this monumentno image5162771070

63HarringtonCon Harringtonfirst name on this monument1930681998id: 1085163221093
Vera Harringtonwife of Con Harrington1928782006 w of Con

64HarringtonDenis Harringtonfirst name on this monument1957id: 1725163851073
Ellen Harringtondaughter-in-law of Denis Harrington2002 w of Jeremiah
Jeremiah Gerald Harringtonson of Denis Harrington1996 s of Denis

65HarringtonDenis P Harringtonfirst name on this monument1970id: 1575163711074
Denis P Harringtonson of Denis P Harrington1943121955 s of Denis P
Eileen Harringtonrelationship not known of Denis P Harrington1998 w of Denis

66HarringtonMary Harringtonfirst name on this monument1952id: 1365163501080
Madge Harringtondaughter-in-law of Mary Harrington1993 w of Daniel
Daniel Harringtonson of Mary Harrington1971 s of Mary

67HarteJeremiah Hartefirst name on this monument1887671954id: 1245163381071
Nora Hartedaughter of Jeremiah Harte1931712002 d of Jeremah and Nora
Nora Hartewife of Jeremiah Harte1889851974 w of Jeremaih

68Hayes Hayesfirst name on this monumentno image5162391072

69HayesMary Hayesfirst name on this monument1869711940no image5162271073
Denis Hayesgrand son of Mary Hayes195831961 gs of Denis and Mary
Denis Hayeshusband of Mary Hayes1871811952 h of Mary
Daniel Hayesson of Mary Hayes1907581965 s of Denis and Mary
Josephine Hayesrelationship not known of Mary Hayes1914791993
Michael John Fc Hayesrelationship not known of Mary Hayes1910831993 h of Josephine

70HennesseyBartholomew Hennesseyfirst name on this monument1974id: 1935164061081
Margaret Hennesseywife of Bartholomew Hennessey1986 w of Bartholomew

71HennesseyMaigread Hennesseyfirst name on this monument1966id: 1765163891080d of Denis and Annie
Denis Hennesseyfather of Maigread Hennessey1979
Annie Hennesseymother of Maigread Hennessey2006

72HickeyCatherine Hickeyfirst name on this monument1962id: 1795163921073
William Hickeyhusband of Catherine Hickey1968 h of Catherine

73HodnettJohn Hodnettfirst name on this monument1972no image5162951073
Mary Hodnettwife of John Hodnett1971 w of John

74HollandDaniel Hollandfirst name on this monument1968no image5162941084
Lilian Hollandwife of Daniel Holland1980 w of Daniel

75HollandJohn Hollandfirst name on this monument2004no image5162231069

76HollandTimothy Hollandfirst name on this monument1957id: 1735163861073
Margaret Hollanddaughter of Timothy Holland1957 d of Timothy and Hannah
John Hollandson of Timothy Holland1968 s of Timothy and Hannah
Hannah Hollandwife of Timothy Holland1962 w of Timothy

77HollandTimothy Hollandfirst name on this monumentno image5162241077
Hanora Hollandwife of Timothy Holland1957 w of Timothy

78HorriganBartholomew Horriganfirst name on this monumentno image51624810691
Helen Horriganrelationship not known of Bartholomew Horrigan

79HuallaishDiarmuld Huallaishfirst name on this monument1914862000no image5163091072

80Hurley Hurleyfirst name on this monumentno image5162561071

81HurleyDenis Hurleyfirst name on this monument1964id: 1965164091080
John Hurleyrelationship not known of Denis Hurley1985
Mary Ann Hurleyrelationship not known of Denis Hurley1936

82HurleyHannah Hurleyfirst name on this monument1948id: 1535163671077
Mary Harrisondaughter of Hannah Hurley1969 d of John and Hannah
Margaret Hurleydaughter-in-law of Hannah Hurley2001 w of Timothy
John Hurleyhusband of Hannah Hurley1950 h of Hannah
Timothy Hurleyson of Hannah Hurley1978 s of John and Hannah
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83HurleyJackie Hurleyfirst name on this monument1921832004id: 1545163681083

84HurleyMichael Hurleyfirst name on this monument1872821954id: 1215163351068

85HurleyPatrick Hurleyfirst name on this monument1959id: 1695163821072
Julia Hurleywife of Patrick Hurley1962 w of Patrick
Jerry Hurleyrelationship not known of Patrick Hurley1970
Maureen Hurleyrelationship not known of Patrick Hurley1995 w of Jerry

86KeaneCatherine Keanefirst name on this monument1907481955id: 1285163421082
Jeremiah Keanehusband of Catherine Keane1896791975 h of Catherine

87KellyJohn Kellyfirst name on this monument1954id: 1185163321071

88KellyMichael Kellyfirst name on this monument1944no image5162841096
Sheila O'Sullivandaughter of Michael Kelly1943 d of Michael and Catherine
William Kellyson of Michael Kelly1929 s of Michael and Catherine
Tadg O'Sullivanson-in-law of Michael Kelly1951 h of Sheila
Catherine Kellywife of Michael Kelly1955 w of Michael
Minne O'Sullivanrelationship not known of Michael Kelly1970 d of Rbt and Nell
Nell O'Sullivanrelationship not known of Michael Kelly1966 w of Robert
Robert O'Sullivanrelationship not known of Michael Kelly1965
Elizabeth Eilis Saurinrelationship not known of Michael Kelly1907871994

89KeohaneJohn Keohanefirst name on this monument1969id: 1955164081076
Ted Keohaneson of John Keohane1993 s of John and Margaret
Margaret Keohanewife of John Keohane1966

90KielyWilliam Kielyfirst name on this monument1834401874no image5162471076h of Ellen
Margaret Wrafterdaughter of William Kiely1874281902 d of Ellen
Willie Kielyson of William Kiely1866351901 s of Ellen

91LambonJames Burne Lambonfirst name on this monument1895741969no image5163001079
James Lambonson of James Burne Lambon1933431976 s of James Burne
Michael Lambonson of James Burne Lambon1940241964 s of James Burne

92LehaneHannah Lehanefirst name on this monument1960id: 1095163231069

93LehaneJohn Lehanefirst name on this monument1966id: 1905164031068
Mary Lehanedaughter of John Lehane1978 d of John
Mary Ann Lehanewife of John Lehane1984 d 20.0.1984 - w of John

94LehanePhilomena Lehanefirst name on this monument1992id: 1055163191083
Michael Maloneyfather of Philomena Lehane father of Philomena
Ellen Maloneymother of Philomena Lehane m of Philomena

95LongEdward Longfirst name on this monument1907591966id: 1505163641074

96MacAodazainEain MacAodazainfirst name on this monument1603no image5162731067

97MaddenAlice Louise Maddenfirst name on this monument1971id: 18651639911581
Kathleen Patricia Maddendaughter of Alice Louise Madden1926822008 d of Patrick and Louise
Sven Van-Lohuizengrand son of Alice Louise Madden1991222013 gs of Patrick and Louise
Patrick Maddenhusband of Alice Louise Madden1979 h of Louise

98MaddenMary Maddenfirst name on this monument1981id: 1555163691074
Michael Maddenhusband of Mary Madden1992 h of Mary
Mary O'Donovanrelationship not known of Mary Madden1947

99Maloney Maloneyfirst name on this monumentno image5162441099

100MaloneyJerome Maloneyfirst name on this monument1965no image5162261069
Johanna Maloneywife of Jerome Maloney1945 w of Jerome

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