All Saints' Church burial ground, Shipdham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201BarkerBenjamin Barkerfirst name on this monument1778721850id: 2815133021065
Benjamin Barkerson of Benjamin Barker1813361849

202BarkerDiana Barkername from the church records1822401862no image 1066
George Barkerhusband of Diana Barker

203BarkerElizabeth Barkername from the church records1788841872no image 1065

204BarkerGeorge Barkername from the church records1819741893no image 1065Buried under coroner's warrant

205BarkerJohn Barkername from the church records163641640no image 1065
Edmund Barkerfather of John Barker
Margaret Barkermother of John Barker

206BarkerJohn Barkername from the church records1682331715no image 1067
Amy Barkerdaughter of John Barker
Mary Barkerdaughter of John Barker
Anne Barkerwife of John Barker

207BarkerJohn Barkername from the church records1682331715no image 1065
Richard Barkerfather of John Barker
Mary Barkermother of John Barker

208BarkerJohn Barkername from the church records1799551854no image 1065Found Drowned

209BarkerKathleen Barkerfirst name on this monument1791701861id: 2925133111074
B Barkerhusband of Kathleen Barker Rector of This Parish

210BarkerKathleen Maria Barkerfirst name on this monument1813161829id: 2605132831066
B Barkerfather of Kathleen Maria Barker
Sophia Barkerrelationship not known of Kathleen Maria Barker1817171834

211BarkerMary Barkername from the church records1660261686no image 1066
Mary Barkerdaughter of Mary Barker
Ursula Barkerdaughter of Mary Barker
Richard Barkerhusband of Mary Barker
John Barkerson of Mary Barker
William Barkerson of Mary Barker

212BarkerMary Barkername from the church records168541689no image 1065
Richard Barkerfather of Mary Barker
Mary Barkermother of Mary Barker

213BarkerMary Barkername from the church records171311714no image 1065
John Barkerhusband of Mary Barker
Anna Barkermother of Mary Barker

214BarkerRachael Barkername from the church records1831171848no image 1065
James Barkerfather of Rachael Barker
Naomi Barkermother of Rachael Barker

215BarkerRichard Barkername from the church records1658611719no image 1067
Elizabeth Barkerdaughter of Richard Barker
Mary Barkerdaughter of Richard Barker
Susanna Barkerdaughter of Richard Barker
Richard Barkerson of Richard Barker
William Barkerson of Richard Barker
Wright Barkerson of Richard Barker
Mary Barkerwife of Richard Barker

216BarkerRichard Barkername from the church records1810271837no image 1065
John Barkerfather of Richard Barker
Elizabeth Barkermother of Richard Barker

217BarkerThomas Barkerfirst name on this monument1761701831id: 3875133871067

218BarkerWilliam Barkername from the church records183711838no image 1065
Mary Barkermother of William Barker
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219BarleyCharlotte Barleyname from the church records1800451845no image 1073
Matthew Barleyhusband of Charlotte Barley

220BarleyElizabeth Barleyname from the church records1725901815no image 1066

221BarleyElizabeth Barleyname from the church records1771731844no image 1069

222BarleyHannah Barleyname from the church records1764721836no image 1084
Robert Barleyhusband of Hannah Barley

223BarleyJames Barleyname from the church records182411825no image 1068

224BarleyJohn Barleyname from the church records1737751812no image 1068Widow

225BarleyLydia Barleyname from the church records1811221833no image 1070
Anne Barleymother of Lydia Barley

226BarleyRobert Barleyname from the church records1771481819no image 1067

227BarleyWilliam Barleyname from the church records1727871814no image 1065

228BarlowCatherine Barlowname from the church records1748661814no image 1072

229BarnabyMary Barnabyname from the church records1791761867no image 1071

230BarnardAnne Barnardname from the church records1771791850no image 1072

231BarnesCharles Barnesfirst name on this monument184311844id: 2535132781068
John Barnesbrother of Charles Barnes1844 age 8 months
Barnabas Barnesfather of Charles Barnes
Susan Barnesmother of Charles Barnes

232BarnesElizabeth Barnesfirst name on this monument1818641882id: 3155133301065
Barnabas Barneshusband of Elizabeth Barnes1806821888

233BarnesJohn Barnesname from the church records1774661840no image 1066
Barnabas Barnesfather of John Barnes
Susanna Barnesmother of John Barnes

234BarnesJohn Barnesname from the church records1844no image 1065infant
Barabas Barnesfather of John Barnes
Susanna Barnesmother of John Barnes

235BarnesLydia Barnesfirst name on this monument182991838id: 3175133321067
Barnabas Barnesfather of Lydia Barnes

236BarnesMary Barnesname from the church records1802no image 1091
Samuel Barnesfather of Mary Barnes
Ann Barnesmother of Mary Barnes

237BarnesRuth Barnesname from the church records1770431813no image 1065

238BarnesSusanna Barnesfirst name on this monument1806451851id: 2545132791067
Barnabas Barneshusband of Susanna Barnes
Elizabeth Barnessecond wife of Susanna Barnes1812481860

239BarnesWilliam Barnesname from the church records1766651831no image 1069
Thomas Barnesfather of William Barnes
Mary Barnesmother of William Barnes

240BarrettMatilda Barrettfirst name on this monument1793131806id: 2045132551072
Charles Barrettfather of Matilda Barrett
Matilda Barrettmother of Matilda Barrett

241BartramAnne Bartramname from the church records1771841855no image 1068

242BartramAnne Bartramname from the church records1800561856no image 1074

243BartramGeorge Bartramname from the church records1833no image 1071infant
Richard Bartramfather of George Bartram
Mary Bartrammother of George Bartram

244BartramJohn Bartramname from the church records1820261846no image 1078
Joseph Bartramfather of John Bartram
Anne Bartrammother of John Bartram
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245BartramJohn Bartramname from the church records1828291857no image 1068

246BartramJoseph Bartramname from the church records1773741847no image 1068

247BartramSarah Bartramname from the church records1809221831no image 1072
Joseph Bartramfather of Sarah Bartram
Anne Bartrammother of Sarah Bartram

248BartramSophia Bartramname from the church records1819221841no image 1076
John Bartramhusband of Sophia Bartram

249BartrumSusan Bartrumname from the church records1841no image 1067infant
John Bartrumfather of Susan Bartrum
Sophia Bartrummother of Susan Bartrum

250BassumSarah Ann Bassumname from the church records187621878no image 1067

251BatemanSarah Batemanname from the church records1766471813no image 1065

252BatesSarah Batesname from the church records1756821838no image 1065
William Bateshusband of Sarah Bates

253BatesWilliam Batesname from the church records1777661843no image 1065
Robert Batesfather of William Bates

254BatterSusanna Battername from the church records1792no image 1067
Ephraim Batterfather of Susanna Batter
Frances Battermother of Susanna Batter

255BatterbeeEphraim Batterbeename from the church records1745701815no image 1067

256BatterbeeFrances Batterbeename from the church records1739941833no image 1066
Ephraim Batterbeehusband of Frances Batterbee

257BatterbeeHenry Batterbeename from the church records1794no image 1066
Ephraim Batterbeefather of Henry Batterbee
Mary Batterbeemother of Henry Batterbee

258BatterhamMary Ann Batterhamname from the church records1824461870no image 1067

259BatterhamSusan Batterhamname from the church records1796891885no image 1068

260BatterhamWilliam Batterhamname from the church records1795761871no image 1068

261BaxterJohn Baxtername from the church records1829381867no image 1065

262BaxterMary Ann Baxtername from the church records185581863no image 1067

263BayJohn Bayname from the church records161801618no image 1072
Thomas Bayson of John Bay
Alice Baywife of John Bay

264BayleyAnne Bayleyname from the church records1765631828no image 1075
Charles Bayleyhusband of Anne Bayley

265BaysteSusan Baystename from the church records1852no image 1067

266BeckCharles Beckname from the church records1815721887no image 1088

267BedfordJoyce Bedfordfirst name on this monument1913771990id: 1475132211075
Bill Bedfordhusband of Joyce Bedford1919791998

268BellElizabeth Bellname from the church records1800181818no image 1065

269BellJames Bellname from the church records180701807no image 1065
William Bellfather of James Bell
Sarah Bellmother of James Bell

270BellJohn Bellname from the church records1816no image 1065age 4 days

271BellSamuel Bellname from the church records1805101815no image 1065

272BellSarah Bellname from the church records1772511823no image 1065

273BellWilliam Bellname from the church records1767631830no image 1065
Richard Bellfather of William Bell
Esther Bellmother of William Bell

274BennettFrances Bennettname from the church records1802391841no image 1070
Samuel Bennettfather of Frances Bennett
Anne Bennettmother of Frances Bennett
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275BennettMaria Bennettfirst name on this monument1803751878id: 3035133191065

276BennettMary Bennettname from the church records183211833no image 1065
Maria Bennettmother of Mary Bennett

277BernnettAnne Bernnettname from the church records1765621827no image 1070
Samuel Bernnetthusband of Anne Bernnett

278BernnettSarah Bernnettname from the church records1797301827no image 1069
Samuel Bernnettfather of Sarah Bernnett
Anne Bernnettmother of Sarah Bernnett

279BerryEli Berryname from the church records182451829no image 1072
James Berryfather of Eli Berry
Frances Berrymother of Eli Berry

280BerryHarriet Berryname from the church records1815181833no image 1070
Thomas Berryfather of Harriet Berry
Dinah Berrymother of Harriet Berry

281BerryMary Ann Berryname from the church records181181819no image 1067

282BerryThomas Berryname from the church records1782341816no image 1067

283BettsBenjamin Bettsname from the church records181321815no image 1067

284BidewellElizabeth Bardell Bidewellfirst name on this monument1801601861id: 2955133131070

285BilhamRebecca Bilhamname from the church records1789471836no image 1069
Philip Bilhamhusband of Rebecca Bilham

286BirdAnne Birdname from the church records170611707no image 1077
John Birdfather of Anne Bird
Mary Birdmother of Anne Bird

287BirdElizabeth Birdname from the church records1809no image 1068infant
Benjamin Birdfather of Elizabeth Bird
Rhoda Birdmother of Elizabeth Bird

288BirdJewell Birdname from the church records1798211819no image 1066

289BirdJohn Birdname from the church records172401724no image 1066
John Birdfather of John Bird
Mary Birdmother of John Bird

290BirdMary Birdname from the church records172901729no image 1067
John Birdfather of Mary Bird
Mary Birdmother of Mary Bird

291BirdRhoda Birdname from the church records1775711846no image 1072
Benjamin Birdhusband of Rhoda Bird

292BirdSarah Birdname from the church records173221734no image 1073
John Birdfather of Sarah Bird
Mary Birdmother of Sarah Bird

293BlakleyNora Lucy Blakleyfirst name on this monument1925812006id: 875131701066
Robert John Blakleyhusband of Nora Lucy Blakley1922892011

294BlanchflowerElizabeth Blanchflowername from the church records1671481719no image 1080
Elizabeth Blanchflowerdaughter of Elizabeth Blanchflower
Susanna Blanchflowerdaughter of Elizabeth Blanchflower
John Hillfather of Elizabeth Blanchflower
Thomas Blanchflowerhusband of Elizabeth Blanchflower
Elizabeth Hillmother of Elizabeth Blanchflower
Abraham Blanchflowerson of Elizabeth Blanchflower
George Blanchflowerson of Elizabeth Blanchflower
Joseph Blanchflowerson of Elizabeth Blanchflower
Thomas Blanchflowerson of Elizabeth Blanchflower

295BlanchflowerJoseph Blanchflowername from the church records169931702no image 1076
Thomas Blanchflowerfather of Joseph Blanchflower
Elizabeth Blanchflowermother of Joseph Blanchflower
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296Blockwell SpraggGregery Blockwell Spraggname from the church records1745691814no image 1065

297BloomElizabeth Bloomname from the church records1780611841no image 1068
Thomas Bloomhusband of Elizabeth Bloom

298BloomEllen Bloomname from the church records1870no image 1067infant

299BloomFrederick Bloomname from the church records184441848no image 1073
Thomas Bloomfather of Frederick Bloom
Mary Bloommother of Frederick Bloom

300BloomThomas Bloomname from the church records184131844no image 1079
Thomas Bloomfather of Thomas Bloom
Mary Bloommother of Thomas Bloom

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for All Saints' Church burial ground, Shipdham, Norfolk, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is  IP25 7L - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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