All Saints' Church burial ground, Shipdham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101BacklogMaria Backlogname from the church records1817701887no image 1069

102BacklogMary Backlogname from the church records1766621828no image 1074
John Backloghusband of Mary Backlog

103BacklogMary Backlogname from the church records1799601859no image 1066

104BacklogMary Backlogname from the church records1755741829no image 1068
Febuary Backloghusband of Mary Backlog

105BacklogMildred Backlogname from the church records1801301831no image 1072
Charles Backloghusband of Mildred Backlog

106BacklogSarah Anne Backlogname from the church records1826221848no image 1075
Mary Backlogmother of Sarah Anne Backlog

107BacklogSophia Backlogname from the church records1818no image 1069age 1 month

108BacklogSusanna Backlogname from the church records1812no image 1075infant
John Backlogfather of Susanna Backlog
Mary Backlogmother of Susanna Backlog

109BaconBeatrice Baconname from the church records187541879no image 1086

110BaconCharles Baconname from the church records1801561857no image 1069

111BaconIsaac Riches Baconname from the church records185921861no image 1077

112BaggAnn Baggname from the church records1696721768no image 1068
Ann Baggdaughter of Ann Bagg
Elizabeth Baggdaughter of Ann Bagg
Mary Baggdaughter of Ann Bagg
Susanna Baggdaughter of Ann Bagg
John Bagghusband of Ann Bagg

113BaggBridget Baggname from the church records167201672no image 1071
John 'johannes' Baggfather of Bridget Bagg
Susanna Baggmother of Bridget Bagg

114BaggChristmas John Baggname from the church records1793no image 1075

115BaggChristmas John Baggname from the church records1725681793no image 1071
Mary Baggdaughter of Christmas John Bagg
Christmas John Baggson of Christmas John Bagg
John Baggson of Christmas John Bagg
Mary Baggwife of Christmas John Bagg

116BaggElizabeth Baggname from the church records166921671no image 1068
John 'johannes' Baggfather of Elizabeth Bagg
Susanna Baggmother of Elizabeth Bagg

117BaggElizabeth Baggname from the church records172301723no image 1067
John Baggfather of Elizabeth Bagg
Ann Baggmother of Elizabeth Bagg

118BaggIsabella Baggname from the church records167101671no image 1071
Thomas Baggfather of Isabella Bagg
Susanna Baggmother of Isabella Bagg

119BaggIsabella Baggname from the church records1620541674no image 1069
Julia Baggdaughter of Isabella Bagg
Radulphi Bagghusband of Isabella Bagg
Gulielmus Baggson of Isabella Bagg
Joseb Baggson of Isabella Bagg
Radulphus Baggson of Isabella Bagg
Stephenus Baggson of Isabella Bagg
Thomas Baggson of Isabella Bagg

120BaggJames Baggname from the church records1775221797no image 1100
John Baggfather of James Bagg
Anna Maria Baggmother of James Bagg
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121BaggJohn Baggname from the church records1732611793no image 1070

122BaggMary Baggname from the church records1725731798no image 1067
Mary Baggdaughter of Mary Bagg
John Bagghusband of Mary Bagg
Christmas John Baggson of Mary Bagg
John Baggson of Mary Bagg

123BaggMary Baggfirst name on this monument1750201770id: 3525133531067
John Bagghusband of Mary Bagg

124BaggRosa Baggname from the church records166321665no image 1068
John Johannes Baggfather of Rosa Bagg
Susanna Baggmother of Rosa Bagg

125BaggeAnn Baggename from the church records1793691862no image 1068

126BaggeAnne Baggename from the church records1801511852no image 1068

127BaggeAnne Baggename from the church records1758681826no image 1067

128BaggeCharles Baggename from the church records1813no image 1073age 10 months

129BaggeChristmas John Baggename from the church records1762781840no image 1069
Christmas John Baggefather of Christmas John Bagge
Mary Baggemother of Christmas John Bagge

130BaggeElizabeth Baggename from the church records1763751838no image 1068
John Baggehusband of Elizabeth Bagge

131BaggeEmma Baggename from the church records186021862no image 1069

132BaggeFrances Baggename from the church records1777381815no image 1074

133BaggeFrederick Baggename from the church records184011841no image 1072
George Baggefather of Frederick Bagge
Priscilla Baggemother of Frederick Bagge

134BaggeHenry Baggename from the church records1805301835no image 1068
Thomas Baggefather of Henry Bagge
Mary Baggemother of Henry Bagge

135BaggeHugh Baggename from the church records1778751853no image 1067

136BaggeJohan Baggename from the church records167901679no image 1068
Thomas Baggefather of Johan Bagge
Susanna Baggemother of Johan Bagge

137BaggeJohn Baggename from the church records1793no image 1067

138BaggeJohn Baggename from the church records1813631876no image 1067

139BaggeJohn Baggename from the church records1818no image 1067age 4 weeks

140BaggeJohn Baggename from the church records1763511814no image 1067

141BaggeJoseph Baggename from the church records184151846no image 1068
Stephen Baggefather of Joseph Bagge
Mary Baggemother of Joseph Bagge

142BaggeLydia Baggename from the church records1772481820no image 1067

143BaggeMartha Baggename from the church records1800451845no image 1070
Thomas Baggefather of Martha Bagge
Mary Baggemother of Martha Bagge

144BaggeMary Baggename from the church records1802no image 1071
Ann Baggemother of Mary Bagge

145BaggeMary Baggefirst name on this monument1770761846id: 2745132961069
Thomas Baggehusband of Mary Bagge1773771850

146BaggeMary Baggename from the church records1795531848no image 1070
Stephen Baggehusband of Mary Bagge

147BaggeRobert Baggename from the church records1836no image 1071infant
Hugh Baggefather of Robert Bagge
Anne Baggemother of Robert Bagge
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148BaggeRosa Baggename from the church records168511686no image 1073
Thomas Baggfather of Rosa Bagge
Susanna Baggmother of Rosa Bagge

149BaggeRosa Baggename from the church records1598651663no image 1069
Cicilia Baggedaughter of Rosa Bagge
Maria Baggedaughter of Rosa Bagge
Edmund Baggehusband of Rosa Bagge
Edmund Baggeson of Rosa Bagge
Franciscus Baggeson of Rosa Bagge
Gulielmus Baggeson of Rosa Bagge
John Baggeson of Rosa Bagge

150BaggeSarah Baggename from the church records1770781848no image 1074
Christmas Baggehusband of Sarah Bagge

151BaggeSarah Baggename from the church records183811839no image 1074
George Baggefather of Sarah Bagge
Priscilla Baggemother of Sarah Bagge

152BaggeStephen Baggename from the church records1821331854no image 1068
Stephen Baggefather of Stephen Bagge

153BaggeStephen Baggename from the church records1791691860no image 1067

154BaggeStephen Baggename from the church records1765641829no image 1067
John Baggefather of Stephen Bagge
Mary Baggemother of Stephen Bagge

155BaggeThomas Baggename from the church records1792no image 1071
John Baggefather of Thomas Bagge
Elizabeth Baggemother of Thomas Bagge

156BaggeThomas Baggename from the church records163581643no image 1070
Gulielmis Baggefather of Thomas Bagge
Maria Baggemother of Thomas Bagge

157BaggeWalter Baggename from the church records185821860no image 1067

158BaggeWilliam Baggename from the church records1831191850no image 1068
Hugh Baggefather of William Bagge

159Bagge GaytonBenjamin Bagge Gaytonname from the church records1804no image 1073
Benjamin Gaytonfather of Benjamin Bagge Gayton
Sarah Gaytonmother of Benjamin Bagge Gayton

160Bagge MendhamJames Bagge Mendhamfirst name on this monument1782801862id: 3335133391070
Mary Mendhamwife of James Bagge Mendham1782851867

161Bagge MendhamJames Bagge Mendhamname from the church records181911820no image 1067

162BaileyCharles Baileyname from the church records1805301835no image 1070
John Baileyfather of Charles Bailey
Elizabeth Baileymother of Charles Bailey

163BaileyEdgar George Baileyfirst name on this monument1896801976id: 1325132071065
Jean Mary Baileyrelationship not known of Edgar George Bailey1896801976

164BaileyHannah Baileyname from the church records1835no image 1070infant
Robert Baileyfather of Hannah Bailey
Anne Maria Baileymother of Hannah Bailey

165BaileyHannah Matilda Baileyname from the church records183221834no image 1066
Robert Baileyfather of Hannah Matilda Bailey
Maria Baileymother of Hannah Matilda Bailey

166BailsSusan Bailsname from the church records1815no image 1067age 20 weeks

167BaistFrances Baistname from the church records1741861827no image 1066
William Baisthusband of Frances Baist
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168BaistJames Baistname from the church records183951844no image 1073
Benjamin William Bagge Gaytonfather of James Baist
Martha Gaytonmother of James Baist

169BaistMartha Baistname from the church records1813661879no image 1066

170BaistMendham Baistname from the church records1870no image 1066infant

171BaistMendham Baistname from the church records1842no image 1072infant
Benjamin William Baggefather of Mendham Baist
Martha Baggemother of Mendham Baist

172BaistMendham Baistname from the church records1779911870no image 1066

173BaistSarah Baistname from the church records1787791866no image 1066

174BaistSusan Baistname from the church records1809211830no image 1070
Mendham Baistfather of Susan Baist
Sarah Baistmother of Susan Baist

175BaistWilliam Baistname from the church records1843no image 1070infant
Benjamin William Baggefather of William Baist
Martha Baggemother of William Baist

176BakerHarriet Bakername from the church records1814231837no image 1069
Joseph Bakerhusband of Harriet Baker

177BakerJohn Clemence Bakername from the church records184541849no image 1065

178BakerJoseph Bakerfirst name on this monument1815261841id: 3805133801067

179BakerMary Bakername from the church records1755701825no image 1065

180BakerRobert Bakername from the church records1841no image 1070infant
Joseph Bakerfather of Robert Baker
Susanna Bakermother of Robert Baker

181BakesJohn Bakesname from the church records1851no image 1068infant

182BalesAlfred Balesname from the church records184721849no image 1083
James Balesfather of Alfred Bales
Harriet Balesmother of Alfred Bales

183BalesAlice Balesname from the church records1848no image 1070infant
James Balesfather of Alice Bales
Harriet Balesmother of Alice Bales

184BalesAlice Elizabeth Balesname from the church records1836141850no image 1068

185BalesHarriet Balesname from the church records1825261851no image 1068

186BalesJohn Balesname from the church records181281820no image 1069

187BalesJohn Balesname from the church records1769881857no image 1068

188BalesPolly Balesname from the church records185811859no image 1068

189BalesSusanna Balesname from the church records1779841863no image 1068

190BalesThomas Balesname from the church records1845121857no image 1068

191BallardRachael Ballardname from the church records184771854no image 1071

192BallardThomas Barker Ballardname from the church records1810261836no image 1091
Edmund Ballardfather of Thomas Barker Ballard
Sarah Ballardmother of Thomas Barker Ballard

193BandfieldGeorge Bandfieldname from the church records1805651870no image 1066

194BanhamHannah Banhamname from the church records1860no image 1067infant

195BanwardRichard Banwardname from the church records1800no image 1067
Thomas Banwardfather of Richard Banward
Jane Banwardmother of Richard Banward

196BarhamEdward Barhamname from the church records1826341860no image 1066

197BarhamMary Ann Barhamname from the church records182611827no image 1074
John Barhamfather of Mary Ann Barham
Mary Barhammother of Mary Ann Barham
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198BarkerAmy Barkername from the church records170701707no image 1066
John Barkerfather of Amy Barker
Anna Barkermother of Amy Barker

199BarkerAnn Amelia Barkername from the church records1815161831no image 1071
Benjamin Barkerfather of Ann Amelia Barker
Katharine Barkermother of Ann Amelia Barker

200BarkerAnn Amelia Barkerfirst name on this monument1815161831id: 2595132821072
B Barkerfather of Ann Amelia Barker

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for All Saints' Church burial ground, Shipdham, Norfolk, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is  IP25 7L - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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