Parish Cemetery, Bramhope, Yorkshire, England

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201PowellGrace Powellfirst name on this monument1801671868id: 27605113821066
Hannah Powelldaughter of Grace Powell1839321871
William Powellgrand son of Grace Powell187131874
Joseph Powellhusband of Grace Powell1804661870
James Powellson of Grace Powell1844351879

202PrattAlbert Prattfirst name on this monument1913811994id: 26425112731067

203PridmoreMarian Pridmorefirst name on this monument1923852008id: 28505114701067

204PriorOlive Maud Thurlow Priorfirst name on this monument1971id: 28095114311068

205PullanPatricia Pullanfirst name on this monument1934792013id: 27525113761067

206PullenEdward Neil Pullenfirst name on this monument1933812014id: 27535113771067

207PuritzBertha Puritzfirst name on this monument1916872003id: 27905114121065

208PybusJohn Pybusfirst name on this monument1832811913id: 28755114951070
Mel Holmesrelationship not known of John Pybus1941732014 Husband and father

209RamseyPeter Robert Ramseyfirst name on this monument1935792014id: 26945113251067

210RamseyPhilip Thomas Ramseyfirst name on this monument1968311999id: 26955113261069h of Kay , f of Jake and Matthew
Kay Ramseywife of Philip Thomas Ramsey

211RathmellJane Rathmellfirst name on this monument1878131891id: 269851132910741born Braythorne Farm , Stainburn , died Nonegobyes , Bramhope. M of Lizzie
Elizabeth Ann Rathmellrelationship not known of Jane Rathmell1888

212RhodesDoris Rhodesfirst name on this monument189931902id: 26975113281068d of Charles and Louisa
Charles Rhodesfather of Doris Rhodes1869621931
Louisa Rhodesmother of Doris Rhodes1874571931

213RhodesEric Rhodesfirst name on this monument1926681994id: 28025114241065

214RhodesRebecca Rhodesfirst name on this monument1901611962id: 26965113271065
John Edward Rhodeshusband of Rebecca Rhodes1903781981

215RisingNan Risingfirst name on this monument1919581977id: 28215114421065

216RobertsEdward Wilford Robertsfirst name on this monument1924721996id: 26825113131068
Joan Robertswife of Edward Wilford Roberts1922862008

217RobinsonHazel Robinsonfirst name on this monument1919822001id: 273051135910671

218RobinsonJohn Henry Robinsonfirst name on this monument1871731944id: 27985114201066h of Catherine Robinson
Lawrence Roy Robinsonson of John Henry Robinson190841912
Catherine Robinsonwife of John Henry Robinson

219RodgerMary Elizabeth Rodgerfirst name on this monument1947642011id: 28705114901071
Ian Robert Rodgerhusband of Mary Elizabeth Rodger1942712013

220RollinsonAlec Rollinsonfirst name on this monument1934742008id: 28255114461066

221RollinsonHerbert Rollinsonfirst name on this monument1891891980id: 27625113841065

222RollinsonMary Rollinsonfirst name on this monument1869341903id: 25695112071074d of late William and Maria Myers of Bramhope
William Myersfather of Mary Rollinson
Maria Myersmother of Mary Rollinson

223RushworthShirley Rushworthfirst name on this monument1933601993id: 26775113081080
Susan Minnsdaughter of Shirley Rushworth1952451997
John Bellingham Rushworthhusband of Shirley Rushworth1933712004

224RussellBrian Edward Russellfirst name on this monument1933702003id: 27715113931076

225RuttledgeAnn Ruttledgefirst name on this monument1936611997id: 27945114161065

226SandersonWilliam Trevor Sandersonfirst name on this monument1905931998id: 26845113151067
Dora Sandersonwife of William Trevor Sanderson19121002012

227SavageFrank James Savagefirst name on this monument1931802011id: 28235114441070

228SchofieldErnest Schofieldfirst name on this monument1892811973id: 263151126210661
Dorothy Winifred Schofieldrelationship not known of Ernest Schofield1893831976

229SchofieldHorace Schofieldfirst name on this monument1900901990id: 268051131110652
Olive Schofieldwife of Horace Schofield1901911992
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230ShayMarlene Shayfirst name on this monument1944682012id: 28585114781066

231ShoesmithJohn Gordon Shoesmithfirst name on this monument1931732004id: 28435114631069

232SladeAllan Douglas Sladefirst name on this monument1918902008id: 27915114131089

233SleeFrank Sleefirst name on this monument1929561985id: 26645112951067

234SmallwoodArthur N Smallwoodfirst name on this monument1908731981id: 257851121410661
Lily Smallwoodwife of Arthur N Smallwood1898861984

235SmithAudrey Smithfirst name on this monument1922782000id: 26005112351065

236SmithDouglas C Smithfirst name on this monument1919661985id: 25995112341066from Pat and all the family

237SmithJill Celia Smithfirst name on this monument1945491994id: 25865112211068w of Christopher Edward Smith , d of Gordon Tyrie and Kathleen Sylvia Johnston , m of Annabel Claire and Jonathan Tyrie. A woman of her day
Gordon Tyrie Johnstonfather of Jill Celia Smith
Christopher Edward Smithhusband of Jill Celia Smith
Kathleen Sylvia Johnstonmother of Jill Celia Smith

238SmithLisa Joanne Smithfirst name on this monument198211983id: 25975112321066

239SmithMary E Smithfirst name on this monument1896791975id: 28075114291065
Albert Ernest Smithhusband of Mary E Smith1896871983

240SnowballRon Snowballfirst name on this monument1925701995id: 26615112921075

241SpeightA Speightfirst name on this monument1916241940id: 273251136110737894984 Royal Armoured Corps

242SpenceRobert Eric Spencefirst name on this monument1983id: 26255112561066
Joyce Spencewife of Robert Eric Spence1992

243SpiersFrederick William Spiersfirst name on this monument1908851993id: 26375112681067professor of Medical Physics. University fo Leeds , 1950-1972
Kathleen Mabel Spierswife of Frederick William Spiers1912861998

244StanhopeBarry Stanhopefirst name on this monument1935772012id: 27145113451065

245SteadDavid Steadfirst name on this monument1850611911id: 27115113421073
George Vestysecond husband of wife of David Stead
Elizabeth Vestywife of David Stead1861821943 w of George Vesty of Horsforth

246StorryFrank Storryfirst name on this monument1991id: 27885114101067

247SunderlandJanet Elizabeth Sunderlandfirst name on this monument1939702009id: 28555114751076

248SwalesHoward Swalesfirst name on this monument1900721972id: 26345112651087

249SykesDorothy Sykesfirst name on this monument1922511973id: 28085114301085

250TatePhillip Nigel Tatefirst name on this monument1975332008id: 26705113011131died snow boarding in Chanonix , partner of Kristine

251TathamAnnie Maria Tathamfirst name on this monument1920832003id: 28335114541078
William Harold Tathamrelationship not known of Annie Maria Tatham1912922004

252TatlockAgnes Tatlockfirst name on this monument1846201866id: 27685113901065

253TaylorLily Taylorfirst name on this monument1905781983id: 26155112461088
Annie Bradleyrelationship not known of Lily Taylor1902841986

254TaylorStanley Taylorfirst name on this monument1965id: 26475112781069
Annie Taylorwife of Stanley Taylor1997

255TaylorThomas W R Taylorfirst name on this monument1936531989id: 26735113041069

256ThomasWilliam John Thomasfirst name on this monument1925872012id: 28545114741065

257ThompsonAlisyair John Thompsonfirst name on this monument1942702012id: 28565114761067

258ThompsonEllis Thompsonfirst name on this monument1886701956id: 27245113541081
Jane Thompsonwife of Ellis Thompson1889741963

259ThompsonEthel Marjorie Thompsonfirst name on this monument1915771992id: 26815113121075
Lynne Margaret Thompsondaughter of Ethel Marjorie Thompson1951552006
Kenneth Woodhouse Thompsonhusband of Ethel Marjorie Thompson1917751992

260ThompsonJohn Michael Thompsonfirst name on this monument1937742011id: 27785114001066

261ThorpePhyllis Marjorie Thorpefirst name on this monument1913631976id: 26435112741091
Arthur Kenneth Thorpehusband of Phyllis Marjorie Thorpe1912801992
Colin Malcolm Thorperelationship not known of Phyllis Marjorie Thorpe1938652003

262ThurnellElizabeth Hypatia Thurnellfirst name on this monument1825511876id: 27235113531065born Stockport , died Bramhope
George Thurnellfather of Elizabeth Hypatia Thurnell1800771877 born Bedford , died Bramhope
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263ToftBrian Toftfirst name on this monument1934702004id: 28405114611067
Hilary June Toftwife of Brian Toft1944692013

264TomlinsonHelena Lucy Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1907801987id: 26685112991067
Henry Tomlinsonrelationship not known of Helena Lucy Tomlinson1906911997

265ToonInman Kenneth Toonfirst name on this monument1983id: 26555112861074
Marjorie Toonrelationship not known of Inman Kenneth Toon1990

266TurnerRalph Turnerfirst name on this monument1924842008id: 28535114731065

267WaiteHolly Alice Waitefirst name on this monument198901989id: 26765113071081d of Nicky and Phil Waite
Phil Waitefather of Holly Alice Waite
Nicky Waitemother of Holly Alice Waite
Barry Palmerrelationship not known of Holly Alice Waite1934722006 h of Irene Palmer
Irene Palmerrelationship not known of Holly Alice Waite

268WalkerBill Walkerfirst name on this monumentid: 27005113311068
Christina Walkerwife of Bill Walker

269WalkerDavid John Walkerfirst name on this monument1947602007id: 27045113351065

270WalkerFrances Mary Walkerfirst name on this monument1845621907id: 27105113411076
Joseph Walkerhusband of Frances Mary Walker1847611908

271WalkerGraham Walkerfirst name on this monument1945682013id: 28615114811068

272WalkerIan David Walkerfirst name on this monument1956512007id: 28725114921080fi of Sarah

273WalmsleyMuriel Walmsleyfirst name on this monument1926802006id: 26275112581076
Robert Walmsleyhusband of Muriel Walmsley1923882011

274WalshCatherine Walshfirst name on this monument2004id: 28745114941069
John Joseph Walshhusband of Catherine Walsh2007

275WaltonElizabeth Jane Waltonfirst name on this monument198111982id: 27965114181069

276WamsleyHarold Speight Wamsleyfirst name on this monument1904531957id: 25815112171092
Margaret Eileen Wamsleywife of Harold Speight Wamsley1907761983

277WaringEdward Marsden Waringfirst name on this monument1910761986id: 26015112361089f of Tony
Mary Anne Waringwife of Edward Marsden Waring1919701989 m of Tony

278WatsonMaria Watsonfirst name on this monument1883811964id: 28145114361070w of John Robert Watson
Marie Watsondaughter of Maria Watson1900861986
John Robert Watsonhusband of Maria Watson

279WellsGordon William Wellsfirst name on this monument1988id: 26185112491072h of Maggie
Maggie Wellswife of Gordon William Wells
Evelyn Mary Brookrelationship not known of Gordon William Wells1914902004
Leonard Brookrelationship not known of Gordon William Wells1995 beloved husband

280WelshLorraine Carol Welshfirst name on this monument1957161973id: 26445112751066

281WesternJohn Henry Westernfirst name on this monument1906751981id: 26365112671085
Rachel Elizabeth Westernwife of John Henry Western1906972003

282WestmorlandJoseph Westmorlandfirst name on this monument1837681905id: 25685112061070of Bramhope

283WhartonJohn E Whartonfirst name on this monument1951391990id: 26415112721070
Edward A Whartonfather of John E Wharton1916661982
Jane Elixabeth Whartonmother of John E Wharton1921902011
Dorothy J Whartonsister of John E Wharton1944131957

284WhittingtonEdith Mary Whittingtonfirst name on this monument1892961988id: 26725113031107
Richard Whittingtonhusband of Edith Mary Whittington1890571947 Laid to rest in Sheffield

285WilcoxArthur Marwood Wilcoxfirst name on this monument1901id: 25795112151097vicar of Bramhope
Mary Anne Wilcoxwife of Arthur Marwood Wilcox1904

286WilkinsonJoseph Burton Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1913902003id: 28515114711080
Alice May Wilkinsonwife of Joseph Burton Wilkinson1916912007

287WilkinsonNorman Irving Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1904781982id: 27675113891066
Janet Wilkinsonwife of Norman Irving Wilkinson1909851994
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288WilliamsGeorge Henry Williamsfirst name on this monument1852381890id: 27595113811066
Eliza Williamsrelationship not known of George Henry Williams1905

289WilsonClifford Temple Wilsonfirst name on this monument1889951984id: 25965112311076
Arthur Reginald Wilsonbrother of Clifford Temple Wilson1893921985
Julia Kathleen Wilsonsister of Clifford Temple Wilson1897921989

290WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1835381873id: 27805114021065

291WilsonSusanna Mary Wilsonfirst name on this monument1882241906id: 25755112121065d of late Francis Edward and Mary Wilson
Francis Edward Wilsonfather of Susanna Mary Wilson
Mary Wilsonmother of Susanna Mary Wilson

292WorboysVictor Worboysfirst name on this monument1901331934id: 27125113431066h of Hilda May Worboys
Hilda May Worboyswife of Victor Worboys

293WordsworthGraham Maynard Wordsworthfirst name on this monument1927842011id: 26225112531069

294YoungJames Youngfirst name on this monument190911910id: 25745112111065s of James and Ellen Young
James Youngfather of James Young
Ellen Youngmother of James Young

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