Municipal (part 3) Cemetery, Earlham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbigailEdith May Abigailfirst name on this monument1908791987id: 30475049691085

2AgerMatilda Agerfirst name on this monument1838491887id: 2911
(3 images)
David Agerhusband of Matilda Ager1836651901

3AldmanFrederick Aldmanfirst name on this monument1887721959id: 28025048511079

4AlexanderDaniel Alexanderfirst name on this monument1810761886id: 29815049371069

5AllenCecilia Eliza Allenfirst name on this monument1847341881id: 31485050191070
Richard Allenhusband of Cecilia Eliza Allen
George Allenson of Cecilia Eliza Allen1881 died aged 18 days

6AndrewsAlbert Edward Andrewsfirst name on this monument1863641927id: 19645047091076

7AndrewsAnn Andrewsfirst name on this monument1862881950id: 19645047101078

8ArcherJosiah Archerfirst name on this monument1805741879id: 30055049461074

9ArcherMary Ann Archerfirst name on this monument1802761878id: 30055049471069

10AtkinsWilliam Townsend Atkinsfirst name on this monument1815691884id: 30085049501069

11AugoodGeorge Henry Augoodfirst name on this monument1940191959id: 2435
(6 images)
5048211072died as a result of an accident
William Augoodfather of George Henry Augood
Ada Augoodmother of George Henry Augood

12BaconMary Ann Baconfirst name on this monument1908id: 3155
(4 images)

13BaileyThomas Baileyfirst name on this monument1839421881id: 30555049751066
Sarah Ann Baileywife of Thomas Bailey1834861920

14BaillieR G Bailliefirst name on this monument1930271957id: 27735048341067Flying Officer R.G. Baillie RAF

15BarkerLouisa Mary Barkerfirst name on this monument1868141882id: 30895049891075died aged 14 years 11 months
John Barkerfather of Louisa Mary Barker
Bertha Barkermother of Louisa Mary Barker

16BarkerViolet Gladys Barkerfirst name on this monument1904301934id: 24115048051069

17BarnesChristmas Watson Barnesfirst name on this monument1875211896id: 2355
(4 images)
5047781069died at Enkeldoon , South Africa
Walter Barnesfather of Christmas Watson Barnes1846761922
Martha Maria Barnesmother of Christmas Watson Barnes1847731920

18BarnesSusan Barnesfirst name on this monumentid: 24275048131065

19BarnesWalter Chapman Barnesfirst name on this monument1871id: 24275048121073
Walter Barnesfather of Walter Chapman Barnes
James Chapmangrand father of Walter Chapman Barnes1798781876
Sarah Barnesmother of Walter Chapman Barnes

20BartlettAdelo Bartlettfirst name on this monument1877291906id: 2362
(3 images)

21BeechArthur D Beechfirst name on this monument1885711956id: 24495048241072
Amy Amelia Louisa Beechwife of Arthur D Beech1888711959

22BettsOsborn Bettsfirst name on this monument1803781881id: 31005049941066
Eliza Bettswife of Osborn Betts1830871917

23BishopJames Bishopfirst name on this monument1821501871id: 1970
(5 images)
Sarah Bishopwife of James Bishop1822601882

24BlakeCaroline Blakefirst name on this monument1831511882id: 2403
(2 images)
James Blakehusband of Caroline Blake1814601874

25BlythJohn French Blythfirst name on this monument1836341870id: 2795
(2 images)
Emily Georgiana Blythdaughter of John French Blyth2 died aged 2 years 8 months

26BoastB Robert Boastfirst name on this monument1832531885id: 2934
(2 images)

27BoughenRobert Boughenfirst name on this monument1857481905id: 20335047481067

28BoughenSusan Boughenfirst name on this monument77id: 20605047591066died 26.03.18??

29BoughtonHarriett Boughtonfirst name on this monument1857551912id: 2323
(13 images)
Frederick Scottfather of Harriett Boughton
Arthur Boughtonhusband of Harriett Boughton
Anne Scottmother of Harriett Boughton1824651889
Frederick Scott Boughtonson of Harriett Boughton188271889
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30BridgesRobert Bridgesfirst name on this monument1824641888id: 28945048951083
Harriet Bridgeswife of Robert Bridges1840661906

31BrienB R Brienfirst name on this monument1934271961id: 277450483510724096406 Sgt B. R. Brien RAF

32BritonHannah Britonfirst name on this monumentid: 1923
(3 images)
Frederick Britonhusband of Hannah Briton

33BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1812701882id: 30315049581066died at Norwich. Born at Troqueer , Dumfieshire

34BrowneAgnes Brownefirst name on this monument1828711899id: 29445049181119
Walter Frederick Brownehusband of Agnes Browne1831901921
John Henry Driver Browneson of Agnes Browne1861211882

35BullenMatilda Bullenfirst name on this monument1820631883id: 28405048721073
Robert M Bullenhusband of Matilda Bullen

36BullockWilliam John Bullockfirst name on this monument1872601932id: 2019
(4 images)
Rosa Jemima Bullockwife of William John Bullock1876771953

37BurrageEdward Burragefirst name on this monument190241906id: 24325048181066
William R Burragefather of Edward Burrage
Henrietta H Burragemother of Edward Burrage

38BurtleSarah Alice Burtlefirst name on this monument1857841941id: 28725048841069

39BurtonThomas Robert Burtonfirst name on this monument1866161882id: 29785049351068
John Burtonfather of Thomas Robert Burton
Harriet Burtonmother of Thomas Robert Burton

40BustonFrances Emily Bustonfirst name on this monument1826871913id: 30325049601067

41ButtifantSusan Buttifantfirst name on this monument1803781881id: 30545049741087

42ButtifantThomas Buttifantfirst name on this monument1805871892id: 31095050001071late of Poringland
Mary Ann Buttifantwife of Thomas Buttifant1813711884

43CallowJemima Callowfirst name on this monument1815561871id: 23825047891073

44CamplingHannah Camplingfirst name on this monument1847261873id: 2367
(2 images)
5047841072Plus four children who died in infancy
Francis Camplinghusband of Hannah Campling

45CamplingSarah Ann Camplingfirst name on this monument1830651895id: 3120
(3 images)
Paul Peter Camplinghusband of Sarah Ann Campling

46CannellBenjamin Plummer Cannellfirst name on this monument1856151871id: 19025046851071died aged 15 years 11 months
Daniel Cannellfather of Benjamin Plummer Cannell
Ann Cannellmother of Benjamin Plummer Cannell

47CannellEmily Cannellfirst name on this monument1806851891id: 24335048191072
George Symonds Cannellhusband of Emily Cannell

48CannellGeorge Symonds Cannellfirst name on this monument1810681878id: 24345048201076
Emily Cannelldaughter of George Symonds Cannell1838361874

49CannonGoss William Sheppard Cannonfirst name on this monument1821571878id: 2903
(2 images)
Rhoda Cannonwife of Goss William Sheppard Cannon1812741886

50CarlingAlbert A Carlingfirst name on this monument1877761953id: 1997
(2 images)

51CarpenterSydney George Carpenterfirst name on this monument1884751959id: 2777
(7 images)
Loonie Carpenterwife of Sydney George Carpenter1894921986

52CarterJohn Carterfirst name on this monument1805661871id: 1943
(4 images)
Susannah Carterdaughter of John Carter1836721908
Martha Carterwife of John Carter1803851888

53CarterRobert Barnard Carterfirst name on this monument1844271871id: 23505047751079

54CartwrightGeorge Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1965id: 27855048401069

55CartwrightMary Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1956id: 27855048391078

56CaseElizabeth Casefirst name on this monument1806701876id: 2792
(2 images)
5048431074died ??.03.1876

57CatchpoleLilian Mary Catchpolefirst name on this monument188331886id: 28695048811070

58CattermerElizabeth Cattermerfirst name on this monument1859611920id: 29655049281072

59ChamberlainWilliam Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1801751876id: 2817
(3 images)
Sarah Chamberlainwife of William Chamberlain1807791886
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60ChambersCharlotte Elizabeth Chambersfirst name on this monument1810601870id: 189650467710751
William Chambershusband of Charlotte Elizabeth Chambers

61ChaplinEdward Henry Chaplinfirst name on this monument1850641914id: 28125048591079
Ellen Sophia Chaplinwife of Edward Henry Chaplin1850771927

62ChaplinRobert John Chaplinfirst name on this monument1908471955id: 27675048301074
Bryan Chaplinson of Robert John Chaplin
Nellie Chaplinwife of Robert John Chaplin

63ChapmanEdward Chapmanfirst name on this monument1784891873id: 20075047361096

64CheneyThomas Cheneyfirst name on this monument1861581919id: 30885049881069

65ChittockSamuel Chittockfirst name on this monument1809731882id: 29645049271093
Mary Ann Morgandaughter of Samuel Chittock
Katherine Smithdaughter of Samuel Chittock
Henry Chittockson of Samuel Chittock
James Chittockson of Samuel Chittock

66ChurchyardSusan Churchyardfirst name on this monument1822591881id: 29155049031090
James Churchyardhusband of Susan Churchyard1828861914

67ClarkeElizabeth Clarkefirst name on this monument1834441878id: 2833
(3 images)
David Andrewfather of Elizabeth Clarke
Samuel Clarkehusband of Elizabeth Clarke

68ClarkeJohn Clarkefirst name on this monument1807731880id: 30865049861078
Adeline Clarkegrand daughter of John Clarke1880 died aged 3 month

69ClarkeRichard Clarkefirst name on this monument1952id: 18905046741066

70CliftonNorman Arthur Cliftonfirst name on this monument1919361955id: 24295048151075

71CookJohn Cyrus Cookfirst name on this monument1857681925id: 2906
(3 images)
Ada Julia Cookdaughter of John Cyrus Cook1886 died aged 6 1/2 months
Elizabeth Cookwife of John Cyrus Cook

72CookThomas Cookfirst name on this monument1805671872id: 2010
(5 images)
Ann Cookwife of Thomas Cook1803771880

73CostertonFrancis William Costertonfirst name on this monument1828461874id: 2775
(2 images)
5048361066of Great Yarmouth

74CoxThomas Coxfirst name on this monument1801741875id: 2441
(2 images)

75CrispGladys Rhoda Crispfirst name on this monument1895241919id: 24055047991067
Arthur Crispfather of Gladys Rhoda Crisp
Frances Crispmother of Gladys Rhoda Crisp

76CumingAnn Cumingfirst name on this monument1845691914id: 29165049041069

77CustanceElizabeth Custancefirst name on this monument1819761895id: 20345047491067
George Custancehusband of Elizabeth Custance1817891906

78DanielsAnne Maria Danielsfirst name on this monumentid: 2813
(2 images)
George Danielsfather of Anne Maria Daniels
Elizabeth Danielsmother of Anne Maria Daniels

79DaveyFrank Henry Daveyfirst name on this monument1892871979id: 24105048031078

80DaveyMary Daveyfirst name on this monument1890691959id: 24105048041082

81DicksonThomas David Dicksonfirst name on this monument1838451883id: 30565049761070late of Edinburgh

82DixonHenry Dixonfirst name on this monument1831611892id: 20005047321066
Emma Dixonwife of Henry Dixon1834781912

83DrakeArthur Ernest Drakefirst name on this monument1868391907id: 2412
(4 images)
Alice Drakedaughter-in-law of Arthur Ernest Drake
Sidney Arthur Drakeson of Arthur Ernest Drake
Emma Eliza Drakewife of Arthur Ernest Drake1867821949

84DrakeGrace Gertrude Drakefirst name on this monument1902511953id: 197750471811021

85DrewellMary Ann Drewellfirst name on this monumentid: 2881
(2 images)

86DrewellWilliam Edmund Drewellfirst name on this monument1840511891id: 2881
(2 images)
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87DyeJohn Dyefirst name on this monument1878361914id: 28225048651069

88EagleHorace Eaglefirst name on this monument1866481914id: 28295048691072
Emily Eaglewife of Horace Eagle1869721941 passed away suddenly

89EagleRobert Eaglefirst name on this monument1842331875id: 27985048471073
Emily Eaglewife of Robert Eagle

90EatonSarah Eatonfirst name on this monument1799731872id: 19695047151073
Ann Greensister of Sarah Eaton1790811871

91EatwellMary Eatwellfirst name on this monument1883731956id: 23945047961069
Charles Eatwellhusband of Mary Eatwell1882781960

92EbbageWilliam Ebbagefirst name on this monument1866211887id: 29175049051070

93EcclestoneEmma Ecclestonefirst name on this monument1838361874id: 27995048481070
Charles William Ecclestonehusband of Emma Ecclestone1838511889

94EdwardsSamuel Edwardsfirst name on this monument1861451906id: 24185048091066
Elizabeth Edwardswife of Samuel Edwards

95EngallFrederick Ernest Engallfirst name on this monument1886701956id: 2450
(11 images)
Leah Beatrice Engallwife of Frederick Ernest Engall1891721963

96EngledowBenjamin Engledowfirst name on this monument1854201874id: 2407
(2 images)
Benjamin Engledowfather of Benjamin Engledow
Susan Engledowmother of Benjamin Engledow

97FarrowJames Farrowfirst name on this monument1824541878id: 2982
(2 images)
Mary Farrowwife of James Farrow1823771900

98FarrowMary A Farrowfirst name on this monument1882id: 31085049991066
William Farrowhusband of Mary A Farrow1833791912

99FeestSidney Richard Feestfirst name on this monument1878531931id: 30105049511068
Edith Feestwife of Sidney Richard Feest1878541932

100FosterBenjamin Fosterfirst name on this monument1847241871id: 23225047671067
Charlotte Fosterwife of Benjamin Foster

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 3) Cemetery, Earlham, Norfolk, England.

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