Holy Cross' Church burial ground, Durley, Hampshire, England

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Monument list

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101GibbsRichard Gibbsfirst name on this monument1802621864id: 2744705161065
Robert Gibbsfather of Richard Gibbs of Thorley , Isle of Wight
Frances Gibbsmother of Richard Gibbs

102GibsonFrederick Gibsonfirst name on this monument1900731973id: 1724704231068
Beatrice Andrewsrelationship not known of Frederick Gibson1878911969

103GibsonFrederick George Gibsonfirst name on this monument1905801985id: 644703201070
Rota Vera Petre Gibsonwife of Frederick George Gibson1909791988

104GillettGeorge Edward Gillettfirst name on this monument1854621916id: 3344705521079from a riding accident
Eleanor Sarah Gillettwife of George Edward Gillett1866791945

105GlasspoolWilliam R Glasspoolfirst name on this monument1899541953id: 424702991067
Elizabeth Glasspoolrelationship not known of William R Glasspool1906781984

106GoaterGeorge Henry Goaterfirst name on this monument1899311930id: 3384705561074
Constance Lydia Goaterwife of George Henry Goater1902711973

107GoaterVic Goaterfirst name on this monument1933772010id: 1224703751066

108GodrichAlfred George Godrichfirst name on this monument185111852id: 270
(3 images)
4705141066age 4m
Edward Godrichfather of Alfred George Godrich1791671858
Rebecca Godrichmother of Alfred George Godrich1809731882

109GoodridgeElsie L Goodridgefirst name on this monument1899681967id: 1794704301068
Wilfred Goodridgehusband of Elsie L Goodridge1901821983 numerals unclear

110GoughCharles Frank Goughfirst name on this monument1896781974id: 1274703791085
Mildred Janet Goughwife of Charles Frank Gough1905811986

111GoughLucy Maria Goughfirst name on this monument1944id: 724703281072

112GreenKathleen Greenfirst name on this monument1915711986id: 1304703821073

113HackAmy Hackfirst name on this monument1936732009id: 1134703661069

114HackMonica Hackfirst name on this monument1899861985id: 654703211067

115HammalErnest Hammalfirst name on this monument1915711986id: 1264703781066
Barbara Hammalwife of Ernest Hammal1923822005

116HarlingJames Harlingfirst name on this monument1902791981id: 1394703911067
Doris Harlingwife of James Harling1905821987

117HarrisBeatrice Edith Mary Strode Harrisfirst name on this monument1967id: 1744704251065
Thomas Mercer Harrisrelationship not known of Beatrice Edith Mary Strode Harris1968

118HaywardCharlotte Haywardfirst name on this monument1847831930id: 3224705471069

119HeathEliza Heathfirst name on this monument1858401898id: 2634705071065inscription unclear-other info.from familysearch.org
Edward Henry Heathhusband of Eliza Heath1860761936

120HeathMaurice Heathfirst name on this monument1906691975id: 2134704631072
Violet Ellen Heathwife of Maurice Heath1916982014

121HeathPeter Heathfirst name on this monument1805861891id: 2614705051065
Mary Wilkins Heathwife of Peter Heath1806881894

122HeathRalph Heathfirst name on this monument1900631963id: 2114704611068

123HeysPeter John Alfred Heysfirst name on this monument1932682000id: 814703341067

124HillierEmily Hillierfirst name on this monument1855761931id: 3054705371074
Charles Henry Hillierhusband of Emily Hillier1855781933

125HoughtonDennis Houghtonfirst name on this monument189321895id: 237
(2 images)
4704871077age 1y 11m
George Houghtonbrother of Dennis Houghton188101881 age 12 days
William Houghtonbrother of Dennis Houghton189001890 age 1 day
E Houghtonfather of Dennis Houghton
M A Houghtonmother of Dennis Houghton

126HoughtonDorothy Clarissa Strode Houghtonfirst name on this monument1914872001id: 884703411101
Alfred Leslie Houghtonrelationship not known of Dorothy Clarissa Strode Houghton1913972010

127HoughtonDorothy Kathleen Houghtonfirst name on this monument1911451956id: 2144704641076
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128HoughtonEdmund Houghtonfirst name on this monument1820671887id: 24147049010741
Emily Houghtonwife of Edmund Houghton1819811900

129HoughtonEdmund Samuel Dennis Houghtonfirst name on this monument1905851990id: 2047027711261
Lily Annie Houghtonwife of Edmund Samuel Dennis Houghton1912952007

130HoughtonElizabeth Houghtonfirst name on this monument1680711751id: 847026610671
Robert Houghtonhusband of Elizabeth Houghton

131HoughtonEllen Houghtonfirst name on this monument1862721934id: 2864705241078
Albert Houghtonson of Ellen Houghton1874231897 separate stone

132HoughtonFrederick Houghtonfirst name on this monument1859651924id: 292
(3 images)
Florence Clara Houghtonwife of Frederick Houghton1865781943
Nellie Edith Houghtonrelationship not known of Frederick Houghton1887251912

133HoughtonHarry Houghtonfirst name on this monument1825251850id: 144702711083numerals unclear

134HoughtonJacob Houghtonfirst name on this monument1848731921id: 3064705381081
Annie Houghtondaughter of Jacob Houghton1875451920
Emma Houghtonwife of Jacob Houghton1849351884

135HoughtonJacob Houghtonfirst name on this monument1879811960id: 2084704581097
Alice Houghtonwife of Jacob Houghton1891701961

136HoughtonJames Houghtonfirst name on this monument1813771890id: 2354704851065
Harriet Houghtonwife of James Houghton1815851900

137HoughtonJoseph Houghtonfirst name on this monument1847801927id: 2904705271077
Ann Houghtonwife of Joseph Houghton1846901936

138HoughtonMary Ann Houghtonfirst name on this monument1852641916id: 28447052210711
Edmund Houghtonhusband of Mary Ann Houghton1853661919

139HoughtonMontague Houghtonfirst name on this monument1884701954id: 1994704491079
Agnes Houghtonwife of Montague Houghton1884831967

140HoughtonNellie Mabel Houghtonfirst name on this monument1891181909id: 2994705321065
George Houghtonbrother of Nellie Mabel Houghton1885281913
William Houghtonfather of Nellie Mabel Houghton
Ellen Houghtonmother of Nellie Mabel Houghton

141HoughtonNona Jean Houghtonfirst name on this monument1925641989id: 224702791066
Lewis George Houghtonhusband of Nona Jean Houghton1921902011

142HoughtonOlive Houghtonfirst name on this monument1918832001id: 894703421069
Thomas John Houghtonrelationship not known of Olive Houghton1916962012

143HoughtonPatricia Amy Houghtonfirst name on this monument1922822004id: 1054703581073
Leonard Roy Houghtonrelationship not known of Patricia Amy Houghton1923832006

144HoughtonPercy Houghtonfirst name on this monument1905411946id: 2154704651066
Kathleen Houghtonrelationship not known of Percy Houghton1906791985

145HoughtonRobert Houghtonfirst name on this monument1807781885id: 238
(2 images)
Mary Ann Houghtonwife of Robert Houghton1805781883

146HoughtonRobert Houghtonfirst name on this monument1706281734id: 947026710651
Robert Houghtonfather of Robert Houghton
Elizabeth Houghtonmother of Robert Houghton

147HoughtonSusan Matilda Houghtonfirst name on this monument1836451881id: 23647048610651
Robert Houghtonhusband of Susan Matilda Houghton

148HoughtonThomas Houghtonfirst name on this monument1800871887id: 2404704891065
Matilda Houghtonwife of Thomas Houghton1806861892

149HoughtonThomas Houghtonfirst name on this monument1833781911id: 288
(2 images)
Ellen Houghtonwife of Thomas Houghton1833861919

150HoughtonWilliam Houghtonfirst name on this monument1857771934id: 46
(2 images)
Ellen Houghtonwife of William Houghton1860751935

151HoughtonWilliam Houghtonfirst name on this monument1828871915id: 29847053110721
Mary Houghtonwife of William Houghton1830851915
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152HounshamStanley George Hounshamfirst name on this monument1968181986id: 1324703841067
Evelyn Hounshamrelationship not known of Stanley George Hounsham1928842012

153HumphriesWayne Peter Humphriesfirst name on this monument1963452008id: 1124703651065

154HurstWilliam George Hurstfirst name on this monument1935521987id: 554703111076

155HurstWilliam Robert Hurstfirst name on this monument1912741986id: 1294703811098
Bessie Violet May Hurstwife of William Robert Hurst1913882001

156HutchingsAlbert George Hutchingsfirst name on this monument1895621957id: 1647027310702

157HutchingsAnnie Gertrude May Hutchingsfirst name on this monument1893841977id: 1654704161069
James Arthur Hutchingshusband of Annie Gertrude May Hutchings1896921988
James Bernard Hutchingsson of Annie Gertrude May Hutchings1923641987

158HutchingsFred Hutchingsfirst name on this monument1868521920id: 4147029810841
Frederick John Hutchingsson of Fred Hutchings1894231917 Killed in action
Mary Ann Hutchingswife of Fred Hutchings1867881955

159IrelandSybil Iris Irelandfirst name on this monument1928832011id: 314702881067

160JackMatilda Jackfirst name on this monument1871541925id: 3094705401066

161JacksonJeanne Ann Jacksonfirst name on this monument1934712005id: 1014703541095

162JoyceLeonard Joycefirst name on this monument1928591987id: 274702841070
Dorothy Joycerelationship not known of Leonard Joyce1904881992
Peggy Joycerelationship not known of Leonard Joyce1929772006
Sidney Joycerelationship not known of Leonard Joyce1931692000

163KerrConstance E H Kerrfirst name on this monument1858831941id: 71
(2 images)
4703271068Maid of honour to HM Queen Victoria 1886-1901
Edith Kerrrelationship not known of Constance E H Kerr1852901942

164KervillAlbert Ernest Kervillfirst name on this monument1897821979id: 1594704111079
Alice Maud Kervillrelationship not known of Albert Ernest Kervill1904811985

165KimberMary Ann Kimberfirst name on this monument1845761921id: 315
(2 images)

166KingsburySamuel James Kingsburyfirst name on this monument1866781944id: 2214704711066
Rosa Kingsburywife of Samuel James Kingsbury1868911959

167LatterGertrude May Latterfirst name on this monument1907841991id: 194702761069

168LeverDavid Leverfirst name on this monument1867691936id: 2424704911066

169LeverWilliam John Leverfirst name on this monument1894311925id: 2434704921067

170LinesGladys May Linesfirst name on this monument1917491966id: 1764704271065

171LuckAnnie Elizabeth Luckfirst name on this monument1894621956id: 2184704681084
Ernest Valentine Luckhusband of Annie Elizabeth Luck1889781967

172MabeyRoland W Mabeyfirst name on this monument1910701980id: 1424703941065

173MagsonReginald John Magsonfirst name on this monument1907761983id: 534703091065
Phyllis Gwendoline Magsonwife of Reginald John Magson1921731994

174MaillardDonald Maillardfirst name on this monument1916952011id: 1194703721066

175MarksElsie Pamela Mary Marksfirst name on this monument1935652000id: 854703381073
Eva Dorothy Marksrelationship not known of Elsie Pamela Mary Marks19041022006

176MarshEthel May Marshfirst name on this monument1924691993id: 324702891066numerals unclear

177MarshJoan May Marshfirst name on this monument1926621988id: 234702801066
Arthur John Marshrelationship not known of Joan May Marsh1922782000

178MarshVera Elizabeth Marshfirst name on this monument1931702001id: 914703441068
Raymond Drewrelationship not known of Vera Elizabeth Marsh1927842011

179MarshWilliam Arthur Marshfirst name on this monument1908621970id: 1714704221065
Emily Jane Marshwife of William Arthur Marsh1894901984

180MarshallLawrence Gordon Marshallfirst name on this monument1935762011id: 1174703701069

181MartinRosina Martinfirst name on this monument1897681965id: 1964704471068

182MaskellBarry Roy Maskellfirst name on this monument195791966id: 1774704281074
Percival Maskellfather of Barry Roy Maskell1919561975
Ivy G G Maskellrelationship not known of Barry Roy Maskell1920932013
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183Mason-ElliottGraham Mason-Elliottfirst name on this monument21id: 774703311067d 19?6 - Year obscured
N Mason-Elliottfather of Graham Mason-Elliott other details hidden
Mabel D Mason-Elliottmother of Graham Mason-Elliott

184Mason-ElliottMabel Dorothy Mason-Elliottfirst name on this monument1896691965id: 78
(2 images)
Kenneth Bryan Mason-Elliottson of Mabel Dorothy Mason-Elliott1980272007

185MayAbraham Mayfirst name on this monument1844581902id: 2294704791079age unclear
Sarah Maywife of Abraham May

186MayMary Frances Mayfirst name on this monument1864881952id: 3274705511066

187MayMaud Landale Mayfirst name on this monument1868631931id: 3354705531070
Henry James Mayhusband of Maud Landale May1867811948

188MayRosamund Cumberland Mayfirst name on this monument1904821986id: 3364705541070

189MayburyAurelius Victor Mayburyfirst name on this monument1881751956id: 174702741083
Agnes Maud Mayburywife of Aurelius Victor Maybury1886871973

190MayburyBetty Mayburyfirst name on this monument1923862009id: 594703151065

191McDermottRosalie McDermottfirst name on this monument1939id: 2854705231065
E H McDermotthusband of Rosalie McDermott

192MearsAndrew Mearsfirst name on this monument1778271805id: 12
(2 images)
4702701099all info. Not found on headstones is from http://www.durley.hampshire.org.uk/parishrecords/parishrecords.htm
William Mearsfather of Andrew Mears1743591802 On adjacent stone
Mary Mearsmother of Andrew Mears

193MearsGeorge Mearsfirst name on this monumentid: 114702691069
Thomas Mearsbrother of George Mears1811211832
Richard Mearsfather of George Mears
Elizabeth Mearsmother of George Mears

194MearsRichard Mearsfirst name on this monument1812731885id: 248
(2 images)
Annie Blanche Mearsdaughter of Richard Mears1863551918
Elizabeth Emma Mearsdaughter of Richard Mears1852401892
Annie Mearswife of Richard Mears1822861908

195MearsRobert Alphonso Mearsfirst name on this monument1875661941id: 2264704761065
Matilda Emily Mearswife of Robert Alphonso Mears1878901968

196MearsWilfred Mearsfirst name on this monument1846671913id: 2894705261078
Annie Mearswife of Wilfred Mears1845861931

197MelsomeIrene Melsomefirst name on this monument1928762004id: 1034703561066
Ted Melsomehusband of Irene Melsome

198MelsomeKathleen Melsomefirst name on this monument1899791978id: 1844704351065

199MelsonRobert John Melsonfirst name on this monument1863781941id: 2254704751065

200MenionFrancois Patrick Menionfirst name on this monument1960402000id: 844703371068

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Cross' Church burial ground, Durley, Hampshire, England.

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