The Banks Municipal Cemetery, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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901TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1825771902id: BCNE2 1354654581069
Eliza Taylorwife of John Taylor1827761903

902TaylorJoseph W Taylorfirst name on this monument1884631947id: BC EC 1984655401069
George Draperstep son of Joseph W Taylor
Alice Taylorwife of Joseph W Taylor1887851972 Mother of George Draper

903TaylorMary Taylorfirst name on this monument1911881999id: BCExt S 0524661701068
Donald Edward Taylor1914912005

904TaylorMary Ellen Taylorfirst name on this monument1864601924id: BC EC 1044655061070
Emma Elizabeth Taylor1866851951

905TaylorMichael Antony Taylorfirst name on this monument1934712005id: BCExt S 0174661441067

906TaylorSheila Taylorfirst name on this monument1944501994id: BCExt S 1534662511067

907TaylorWilliam Beecroft Taylorfirst name on this monument1854831937id: BC EC 134
(2 images)
Betsy Taylorwife of William Beecroft Taylor1856811937 Born December 7th 1856 Died December 6th 1937

908ThomasCyril David Thomasfirst name on this monument1921681989id: BCPW 1004660761066

909ThomasNellie Thomasfirst name on this monument1921741995id: BC SE 1464656931078
Albert William Thomashusband of Nellie Thomas1915872002

910ThompsonAlan Claude Thompsonfirst name on this monument1910821992id: BC SE 1034656701083
Phyllis Mary Thompsonwife of Alan Claude Thompson1910831993

911ThompsonBertha Thompsonfirst name on this monument1897621959id: BC EC 0174654721071
Henry Thompsonhusband of Bertha Thompson1877621939

912ThompsonDoris Kathleen Thompsonfirst name on this monument1905861991id: BC WS 0814658021068

913ThompsonMichael Charles Thompsonfirst name on this monument1942541996id: BCExt S 1394662431066

914ThomsonGertrude Thomsonfirst name on this monument1882591941id: BC CW 102
(2 images)
William Thomsonhusband of Gertrude Thomson1883891972

915ThorleyDoris Baines Thorleyfirst name on this monument1907471954id: BC NWC 292
(2 images)
Samuel F Thorleyhusband of Doris Baines Thorley1903711974

916ThormanKen Thormanfirst name on this monument1923772000id: BCExt S 0544661721065

917ThorntonCharles E Thorntonfirst name on this monument1916551971id: BC SE 1334656861068
Elsie Thorntonwife of Charles E Thornton1920721992

918ThravesSamuel Thravesfirst name on this monument1819841903id: BCNE2 1064654411067
Matilda Thraveswife of Samuel Thraves1814741888

919TiltHarry Lionel Tiltfirst name on this monument1901161917id: BCNE2 009
(3 images)
4653871070The dearly loved and only son of Hugh Lambert and Lillie Tilt
Hugh Lambert Tiltfather of Harry Lionel Tilt1862801942
Lillie Tiltmother of Harry Lionel Tilt

920TitherAlwyne James Titherfirst name on this monument1920761996id: BCExt S 0804661971069
Peggy Titherwife of Alwyne James Tither1926802006

921TophamEliza Alice Tophamfirst name on this monument1866841950id: BC EC 120
(2 images)

922TophamWilliam Tophamfirst name on this monument1844811925id: BC EC 120
(2 images)

923TorreySarah Jane Torreyfirst name on this monument1878761954id: BC NWC 13346594410701
William Henry Torreyhusband of Sarah Jane Torrey1873821955

924TowersJohn Towersfirst name on this monument1905821987id: BC WS 1184658321082
Doris Towerswife of John Towers1906861992

925TurnsJean Turnsfirst name on this monument1962371999id: BCExt S 0614661781067Beloved Wife of Ted
Ted Turnshusband of Jean Turns

926TurtleLillian Caroline Turtlefirst name on this monument1919882007id: BCPW 1604661281069

927TyersThomas Tyersfirst name on this monument1837901927id: BC CW 0184657201069
Maria Elizabeth Tyerswife of Thomas Tyers1836761912

928UptonAlan Uptonfirst name on this monument1873411914id: BC NE 0634653821088Beloved son of William and Sarah Upton
William Uptonfather of Alan Upton
Sarah Uptonmother of Alan Upton
Mary Jane Uptonwife of Alan Upton1958 No age given
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929UptonEdward Uptonfirst name on this monument1834831917id: BCNE2 0294653931068
Eliza Uptonwife of Edward Upton1842791921

930UptonErnest Uptonfirst name on this monument1918411959id: BC EC 2404655601069

931UptonHarriett Uptonfirst name on this monument1833721905id: BC NE 0324653661071Wife of the late Benjamin Upton
Jane Hodgsondaughter of Harriett Upton1854691923
Benjamin Uptonhusband of Harriett Upton

932UptonHarriett Uptonfirst name on this monument1833721905id: BCss 0044662711068
Jane Hodgsondaughter of Harriett Upton1854691923

933UptonJohn Uptonfirst name on this monument1842671909id: BC NE 0544653781071
Frances Prattwife of John Upton1844701914 Who was called to rest after much suffering

934UptonWilliam Uptonfirst name on this monument1849741923id: B C 1 0034652241067
Sarah Uptonwife of William Upton1849941943

935VaileMildred Florence Vailefirst name on this monument1908781986id: BCPW 1084660841066

936VaileReginald Leslie Vailefirst name on this monument1915681983id: BC WS 0054657541087
Miriam Lilian May Vailewife of Reginald Leslie Vaile1917912008

937VardyMaude Vardyfirst name on this monument1984id: BC WS 1454658501097Ages not given
Irene May Hitchcockfriend of Maude Vardy1991

938VialsEliza Vialsfirst name on this monument1841821923id: BC EC 125
(2 images)
4655131065Full Plot
Ellen Vialsdaughter of Eliza Vials1873641937
Mary Vials1870741944

939VickersJohn Vickersfirst name on this monument1920791999id: BCPW 0484660351072
Jean Whyberry Vickerswife of John Vickers1917571974

940VickersSamuel Edward Vickersfirst name on this monument1881561937id: BC CW 064
(2 images)
Alice Mary Vickerswife of Samuel Edward Vickers1878851963

941VoceJane Vocefirst name on this monument1818701888id: B C 1 0724652681067
Thomas Voceson of Jane Voce1847691916

942WakeGeorge Austin Wakefirst name on this monument1931621993id: BCExt S 1594662571086

943WakefieldGeorge E Wakefieldfirst name on this monument1930441974id: BC WS 0554657861072
Leslie Andrew Wakefieldson of George E Wakefield1961412002 Vase inscribed 'God bless Grandad George'

944WalkerCharles Walkerfirst name on this monument1826711897id: B C 1 0534652551066
Thomas Walkerson of Charles Walker1856421898
Ann Walkerwife of Charles Walker1824811905

945WalkerDoris Mary Walkerfirst name on this monument1895241919id: B C 1 1474653061066Wife of John Newton Walker
John Newton Walkerhusband of Doris Mary Walker

946WalkerEthel Amy Walkerfirst name on this monument1881791960id: BC EC 2914655791066
William Allen Walkerhusband of Ethel Amy Walker1882801962

947WalkerJames Walkerfirst name on this monument1843821925id: BC EC 0924655011065
Ann Walkerwife of James Walker1851821933

948WalkerJohn Walkerfirst name on this monument1877741951id: BC NWC 0504659181065
Margaret Ann Walkerwife of John Walker1876791955

949WalkerJohn Wliiam Walkerfirst name on this monument1869621931id: BCNE2 0724654211068
Jane Walkerwife of John Wliiam Walker1871761947

950WalkerJoseph Walkerfirst name on this monument1861741935id: BC CW 024
(4 images)
Ann Walkerdaughter of Joseph Walker
Celia Walkerdaughter of Joseph Walker
Grace Walkerdaughter of Joseph Walker
Phyllis Walkerdaughter of Joseph Walker
Sarah E Rogers1887841971 Guardian of their six children
Joseph Walkerson of Joseph Walker
Grace Walkerwife of Joseph Walker1892431935

951WalkerMeryl Mary Walkerfirst name on this monument1906711977id: BC WS 0034657531068
John R Walkerson of Meryl Mary Walker1933521985
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952WallGeorge Wallfirst name on this monument1805861891id: B C 1 0594652601065
Mary Wallwife of George Wall1808841892

953WalshKathryn Elizabeth Walshfirst name on this monument1954552009id: BCExt S 0504661681065

954WalshPatrick Walshfirst name on this monument1992id: BCPW 1314661051065

955WaltheadWilliam Waltheadfirst name on this monument1853511904id: BCNE2 1204654491069Dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Walthead
Elizabeth Waltheadwife of William Walthead

956WaltonHarold Waltonfirst name on this monument1900781978id: BC WS 0424657781067
Edith Margaret Waltonwife of Harold Walton1901821983

957WardDorothy Wardfirst name on this monument1921751996id: BC SE 0864656551065

958WardEmily Ellen Wardfirst name on this monument1888541942id: BC EC 3274655901065Daughter of George and Emma Ward who died August 26th 1942
George Wardfather of Emily Ellen Ward
Emma Wardmother of Emily Ellen Ward

959WardHerbert Wardfirst name on this monument189841902id: BCNE2 1084654431067The beloved son of George and Emma Ward
George Wardfather of Herbert Ward
Emma Wardmother of Herbert Ward

960WardIris Evelyn Wardfirst name on this monument1926721998id: BCExt S 0684661841071
Harold Wardhusband of Iris Evelyn Ward1923761999

961WardleCharles Eric Wardlefirst name on this monument1928701998id: BC SE 0604656391069

962WarnerWinifred Jean Warnerfirst name on this monument1901691970id: BC EC 158
(2 images)
Edward Lignum Warnerhusband of Winifred Jean Warner1901721973

963WarrenerJohn Warrenerfirst name on this monument1925812006id: BCPW 1514661221065

964WarrinerMichael Stanley Arthur Warrinerfirst name on this monument1940391979id: BC WS 0924658101069

965WassGeorge Leslie Wassfirst name on this monument1913711984id: BC WS 12346583610841

966WatsonSarah Ann Watsonfirst name on this monument1821771898id: B C 1 0614652621077Widow of the late Thomas Watson , Manor House , Scarrington
Thomas Watsonhusband of Sarah Ann Watson

967WattamMary Ann Wattamfirst name on this monument1880951975id: BC WS 0464657811069
Sydney Wattamson of Mary Ann Wattam1915691984

968WattamPhyllis Wattamfirst name on this monumentid: BC WS 0734657961069Vase Dear sister and aunt

969WattonPeggy Wattonfirst name on this monument1922761998id: BC SE 121
(2 images)

970WebbNeville Webbfirst name on this monument1941551996id: BCExt S 1354662391065

971WellsGeorge William Wellsfirst name on this monument1908891997id: BC SE 0084656021072Dearly loved husband father and grandfather
Edith Hewitt Wellswife of George William Wells19041072011 Dearly loved wife mother grandma and great grandma

972WestDouglas Rhodes Westfirst name on this monument1918731991id: BCPW 0864660651074
Elsie Westwife of Douglas Rhodes West1918912009

973WheatleyJessie Priscilla Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1867661933id: BC NWC 001
(2 images)
Frederic Wheatleyhusband of Jessie Priscilla Wheatley1856801936 Plot

974WheatleyKathleen Olga Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1899441943id: BC NWC 0034659061065Beloved wife of Victor and mother of Mildred
Victor Wheatleyhusband of Kathleen Olga Wheatley

975WhilesGeorge Whilesfirst name on this monument1837761913id: BC NE 049
(2 images)
Mary Whileswife of George Whiles1839791918

976WhiteArthur John Whitefirst name on this monument1920812001id: BCExt S 037
(2 images)
Edna Whitewife of Arthur John White1921872008

977WhiteCecil Whitefirst name on this monument1921561977id: BC WS 093
(2 images)

978WhiteEdwin Whitefirst name on this monument1913641977id: BC WS 100
(2 images)
Betsy Elizabeth Whitewife of Edwin White1924651989

979WhiteElizabeth Anne Whitefirst name on this monument1890531943id: BC EC 3394655941067September 17th 1943

980WhiteEva Veronica Whitefirst name on this monument1935762011id: BC WS 1844658691068

981WhiteHenry Kirke Whitefirst name on this monument1849501899id: BCNE2 04046539810701Son of Charles and Jane White
Charles Whitefather of Henry Kirke White
Jane Whitemother of Henry Kirke White1809941903

982WhiteMary Whitefirst name on this monument1890571947id: BC EC 323
(2 images)
4655891068In loving memory of our dear parents
George Henry Whitehusband of Mary White1885801965
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983WhiteMichael Norman Whitefirst name on this monument1994id: BC SE 0514656311065Beloved husband of Valerie and father of Sarah
Sarah Whitedaughter of Michael Norman White
Valerie Whitewife of Michael Norman White

984WhiteRichard Whitefirst name on this monument1817801897id: BCNE2 0934654341085
Annie Whitewife of Richard White1817831900

985WhiteSamuel Whitefirst name on this monument1856531909id: BCNE2 1184654471066
Mary Ann Whitewife of Samuel White1860791939

986WhyleyJoan Whyleyfirst name on this monument1933651998id: BC SE 0554656341068

987WhyteSusannah Whytefirst name on this monument1852741926id: BC CW 003
(2 images)
4657151066In loving memory of my dear mother

988WicksDorothy S E Wicksfirst name on this monument1id: BC CW 06046573410691Born 1936 Died 1937 Aged 14 months

989WiddowsonDennis George Widdowsonfirst name on this monument1935621997id: BC SE 150
(2 images)
Christina Doreen Widdowsonwife of Dennis George Widdowson1941632004

990WiddowsonHarry Widdowsonfirst name on this monument1923671990id: BCPW 0954660721079
Annie Widdowsonwife of Harry Widdowson1921802001

991WidnallFrancis Frederick Widnallfirst name on this monument1898591957id: BC NWC 2394659781065
Hilda Ada Widnallwife of Francis Frederick Widnall1900941994

992WigginsBarbara Wigginsfirst name on this monument1929802009id: BCExt S 1684662651073

993WilcoxEvelyn Cissie Wilcoxfirst name on this monument1908741982id: BC WS 0414657771075
John Michael Wilcoxson of Evelyn Cissie Wilcox1943431986

994WilfordAbijail Wilfordfirst name on this monument1835611896id: B C 1 1054652861065
Ann Wilfordwife of Abijail Wilford1835811916

995WilfordG Wilfordfirst name on this monument1892231915id: BC NE 0334653671065Royal Field Artillery. Number 63404

996WilfordHenry Wilfordfirst name on this monument1947id: BC EC 0874654991073

997WilfordJames Wilfordfirst name on this monument1901701971no image4656221067
Emma Wilfordsister of James Wilford1890831973

998WilfordJames Wilfordfirst name on this monument1901701971id: BC SE 039
(3 images)
Emma Wilfordsister of James Wilford1890831973

999WilfordJohn Wilfordfirst name on this monument1894701964id: BC SE 039
(3 images)
Kate Elizabeth Wilfordwife of John Wilford1900951995

1000WilfordMary Ann Wilfordfirst name on this monument1877341911id: B C 1 1064652871094
Edith Mary Wilforddaughter of Mary Ann Wilford1904121916

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