The Banks Municipal Cemetery, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

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801SkinnerRobert Skinnerfirst name on this monument1826641890id: B C 1 0414652451066
Elizabeth Skinnerwife of Robert Skinner1829691898

802SlaterDouglas Robertson Slaterfirst name on this monument9218951987id: BCPW 1204660941081
Annie Dorothy Slaterwife of Douglas Robertson Slater1909972006

803SlaterFrederick Slaterfirst name on this monument1895721967id: BCExt S 0934662091069
Annie Slater1906851991

804SlaterLeonard Albert Slaterfirst name on this monument1901791980id: BCExt S 0834662001069
Frances Slaterwife of Leonard Albert Slater1914952009

805SleighGeorge Sleighfirst name on this monument1852751927id: BC EC 026
(2 images)
Elizabeth Sleigh1880751955
Lucy Emma Sleighwife of George Sleigh1857821939

806SleighWalter Sleighfirst name on this monument1889501939id: BC CW 0844657431067

807SmithAda Smithfirst name on this monument1885791964id: BC WS 2324658901067
George Smithhusband of Ada Smith1879931972
Thomas L Smithson of Ada Smith1906391945 P.O.W in Japan

808SmithAnn Smithfirst name on this monument1879821961id: BC NWC 123
(3 images)
Walter Smithhusband of Ann Smith1872901962

809SmithArchie Smithfirst name on this monument1875421917id: B C 1 0134652311066Beloved son of David and Fanny Smith
David Smithfather of Archie Smith
Fanny Smithmother of Archie Smith

810SmithArthur Smithfirst name on this monument1884241908id: BCNE2 0674654181065The beloved and only son of John and Ann Smith
John Smithfather of Arthur Smith
Ann Smithmother of Arthur Smith

811SmithCharles Cecil Smithfirst name on this monument1897501947id: BC EC 2334655551071
Emma Smithwife of Charles Cecil Smith1892751967

812SmithDavid Smithfirst name on this monument1841761917id: B C 1 1124652921089Beloved husband of Fanny W Smith
Fanny Wolfingtonwife of David Smith1842801922

813SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1910751985id: BCExt S 1054662181082
William C Scrimshaw1925741999

814SmithElizabeth Fanny Smithfirst name on this monument1867731940id: BC CW 042
(2 images)
Charles Smithhusband of Elizabeth Fanny Smith1869751944

815SmithEllen Smithfirst name on this monument1833841917id: BC NE 060
(3 images)
Edmund Derry Smithhusband of Ellen Smith1867681935
John Derry1886321918 78th Canadians , died of wounds in France
Edmund Eric Saunders1897201917 Who passed away at Salonica

816SmithGeorge Smithfirst name on this monument1858911949id: BC NWC 089
(2 images)
Mary Henrietta Smithwife of George Smith1875941969

817SmithGeorge William Smithfirst name on this monumentid: BC SE 0454656281065Vase
Daisy Emmeline Smithwife of George William Smith

818SmithHannah Smithfirst name on this monument1844971941id: BCNE2 0264653901069Also her sister Hannah Smith

819SmithHannah Mary Smithfirst name on this monument1881541935id: B C 1 1284652991080
Ernest Smithhusband of Hannah Mary Smith1884821966

820SmithJennifer Margaret Smithfirst name on this monument195121953id: BC NWC 053
(2 images)
4659201072Fell asleep 15th may 1953 aged 2 years
Vincent Smithfather of Jennifer Margaret Smith1913801993
Eunice Smithmother of Jennifer Margaret Smith1914681982
David William Smith Vase

821SmithJenny Millington Smithfirst name on this monument1907581965id: BC CW 053
(4 images)
Percy Walter Smithhusband of Jenny Millington Smith1907691976
Geoffrey Millington Smithson of Jenny Millington Smith1947151962
John Spencer Smithson of Jenny Millington Smith194011941 Aged 22 Months
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822SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1869591928id: BCNE2 0694654191066
Ann Smithwife of John Smith1865601925

823SmithJohn R Smithfirst name on this monument1939501989id: BC WS 0224657651065

824SmithKate Smithfirst name on this monument1860871947id: BC EC 264
(2 images)
Mary Ellen Smith1857911948

825SmithKathleen Smithfirst name on this monument1894681962id: BC WS 240
(2 images)

826SmithLeslie E Smithfirst name on this monument1920651985id: BCExt S 1264662361065

827SmithMary Elizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1920721992id: BC SE 0474656291065
Charles Gordon Smithhusband of Mary Elizabeth Smith1919812000 Died 3rd January

828SmithRichard Shaun Smithfirst name on this monument1966281994id: BC SE 0654656441066

829SmithSarah Smithfirst name on this monument1921341955id: BC NWC 1474659561067Vase She hath done what she could
John Smithhusband of Sarah Smith1919331952 Reunited Year of death uncertain

830SmithStuart Smithfirst name on this monument1929651994id: BCPW 1274661011076

831SmithsonErnest Smithsonfirst name on this monument1890701960id: BC EC 1754655331067A dear husband and father
Harriett Smithsonwife of Ernest Smithson1890921982

832SmithsonThomas Henry Smithsonfirst name on this monument1909371946id: BC EC 1744655321068In loving memory of a dear husband and father

833SnowdenGeorge Henry Snowdenfirst name on this monument1881721953id: BC NWC 055
(2 images)
Gertrude Snowdenwife of George Henry Snowden1882831965

834SnowdenHenry Snowdenfirst name on this monument1852891941id: BC EC 058
(2 images)
Thomas Snowdenson of Henry Snowden1882781960
Eliza Snowdenwife of Henry Snowden1854791933

835SnowdenThomas Snowdenfirst name on this monument1865931958id: BC EC 193
(2 images)
Harriet Snowdenwife of Thomas Snowden1878841962

836SoarSandra Jane Soarfirst name on this monument1976272003id: BCExt S 027
(2 images)
John Leslie Soar1941702011

837SouthwellFlora Southwellfirst name on this monument1923711994id: BCExt S 1524662501065

838SpaldingFrank W Spaldingfirst name on this monument1919591978id: BC WS 1394658471066
Win Spaldingwife of Frank W Spalding1922812003

839SparrowEileen Sparrowfirst name on this monument1923631986id: BCExt S 1154662271081
Michael Sparrow1924711995 Much respected doctor of Bingham

840SparrowLen Sparrowfirst name on this monument1917721989id: BCPW 0924660691065

841SpauldingErnest Bonner Spauldingfirst name on this monument1927561983id: BC WS 0654657911071

842SpencerAlice Spencerfirst name on this monument1918691987id: BC WS 1204658331071Reunited with her husband Dennis and son Phillip
Dennis Spencerhusband of Alice Spencer
Phillip Spencerson of Alice Spencer

843SpencerDennis Spencerfirst name on this monument1921361957id: BC NWC 2174659721100Beloved husband of Alice
Jacqueline Spencerdaughter-in-law of Dennis Spencer
Phillip Spencerson of Dennis Spencer1956231979 Beloved husband of Jacqueline
Alice Spencerwife of Dennis Spencer

844SpencerElizabeth Spencerfirst name on this monument1857401897id: BCNE2 0544654071068The beloved wife of George Spencer
Mary Jane Whitedaughter of Elizabeth Spencer1881331914 Beloved wife of Thomas White
George Spencerhusband of Elizabeth Spencer1859731932
Thomas Whiteson-in-law of Elizabeth Spencer

845SpencerElyn Mary Spencerfirst name on this monument1894931987id: BCPW 1164660901067
Nellie Spencer1899891988

846SpencerFlorence Spencerfirst name on this monument1889781967id: BC SE 1064656731068In loving memory of our dear parents Died 2nd September 1967
George H Spencerhusband of Florence Spencer1891781969 Died 7th March 1969

847SpencerJohn Spencerfirst name on this monument1885871972id: BC WS 169
(2 images)
Nora Lilian Spencerwife of John Spencer1879941973 Remainder illegible

848SpencerJohn Spencerfirst name on this monument1873531926id: BC NE 030
(2 images)
Clara Spencerwife of John Spencer1874791953
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849SpencerJoseph G Spencerfirst name on this monument1895681963id: BC WS 23846589310687th Dec. 1963
Violet Ellen Spencerwife of Joseph G Spencer1899711970 30th May 1970

850SpencerWalter A Spencerfirst name on this monument1916711987id: BC WS 1084658241068
Phyllis Mary Spencerwife of Walter A Spencer1920711991

851SpencerWilliam Spencerfirst name on this monument1832741906id: BCNE2 1194654481067
Hannah Spencerwife of William Spencer1838681906

852SprayHannah Sprayfirst name on this monument1853691922id: BC EC 1314655161073

853SprayWilliam Sprayfirst name on this monument1901511952id: BC NWC 051
(2 images)
Kathleen Iris Spraywife of William Spray1900721972

854SpurrArthur Frederick Spurrfirst name on this monument1928711999id: BC SE 0934656611068
Joan Spurrwife of Arthur Frederick Spurr1943692012

855SpurrHenry Spurrfirst name on this monument1840781918id: BC3 0304653261083
Ellen Spurrwife of Henry Spurr1841501891

856SquiresAnn Squiresfirst name on this monument1906821988id: BC WS 1544658571078
Henry Squireshusband of Ann Squires1908831991

857SquiresClara Squiresfirst name on this monument1875731948id: BC NWC 023
(2 images)
Albert Squireshusband of Clara Squires1876831959

858SquiresLucy Ellen Squiresfirst name on this monument1898761974id: BC WS 1684658651072
Lewis Squireshusband of Lucy Ellen Squires1900811981

859SquiresOliver Squiresfirst name on this monument1880691949id: BC NWC 142
(2 images)
Aqnnie Squireswife of Oliver Squires1880581938

860SquiresSusannah Squiresfirst name on this monument1848751923id: BC EC 1294655151072
Kate Squiresdaughter of Susannah Squires1888751963
Stephen Squireshusband of Susannah Squires1851741925
George Frederick Squiresson of Susannah Squires1887311918 Who died of wounds March 29th 1918

861StaggElsie Staggfirst name on this monument1907711978id: BC WS 1274658391074
Tom J Stagghusband of Elsie Stagg1913451958

862StapleyFrederick James Stapleyfirst name on this monument1929782007id: BCPW 1614661291071

863StarbuckEdgar Thomas Starbuckfirst name on this monument1887351922id: BCNE2 0074653851071

864StarbuckWalter Starbuckfirst name on this monument1878391917id: BCNE2 045
(2 images)
4654021070Beloved Husband of Lizzie Starbuck Green Hedge Aslockton
George Henry Starbuckbrother of Walter Starbuck1903241927 This vase is placed here to the memory of George Henry Starbuck from his fellow workmates spinning department A shift Celanese Co Spondon
Lizzie Starbuckwife of Walter Starbuck

865SteeleArthur Steelefirst name on this monument1925691994id: BC SE 0504656301088
Mary Steelewife of Arthur Steele1922832005

866StevensGeorge Stevensfirst name on this monumentid: BC EC 2934655801065Beloved husband of Dora and a dear father. No date or age given
Dora Stevenswife of George Stevens

867StewartNora Stewartfirst name on this monument1991id: BC NWC 1554659591069Vase

868StewartNora Lilian Stewartfirst name on this monument1991id: BC NWC 140
(2 images)
Ralph Stewart1949

869StewartRalph Stewartfirst name on this monument1920291949id: BC NWC 1564659601066Vase

870StockwoodAntony Stockwoodfirst name on this monument1940662006id: BC SE 0904656591069

871StokesGeoffrey Stokesfirst name on this monument1924681992id: BCPW 1364661101067
Betty T Stokeswife of Geoffrey Stokes1922862008

872StoneWilliam Stonefirst name on this monument1844701914id: B C 1 088
(2 images)

873StorerThomas Adkin Storerfirst name on this monument1901501951id: BC NWC 185
(2 images)
4659671071My beloved husband

874Storey-MooreVictor Storey-Moorefirst name on this monument1985id: BC WS 146
(2 images)
4658511071Ages not given
Lily Storey-Moorewife of Victor Storey-Moore2005

875StreetGeorge Streetfirst name on this monument1855431898id: BCNE2 0614654131070
Eliza Marian Streetwife of George Street1863401903

876StringerBevan Willliam Stringerfirst name on this monument1945662011id: BCPW 0294660241066

877StringfellowJohn E Stringfellowfirst name on this monument1910641974id: BCExt S 110466223107021st April 1974
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878StrongFrank Strongfirst name on this monument1877701947id: BC EC 2944655811066
Lynda Blackgrand daughter of Frank Strong1966 6 weeks

879StrongFrederick Strongfirst name on this monument1888801968id: BC WS 210
(2 images)
Florence Strongwife of Frederick Strong1890941984 23rd April 1890 - 10th June 1984

880StrongJohn Dukes Strongfirst name on this monument1849441893id: BC3 012
(2 images)
Eliza Ann Strongwife of John Dukes Strong1850851935

881StrongJohn William Strongfirst name on this monument84id: BC NWC 2274659761073Vase

882StrongRobert Keith Strongfirst name on this monument1923691992id: BC SE 1424656911070
Audrey Winifred Strongwife of Robert Keith Strong1921771998

883StrongWilliam Strongfirst name on this monument1820751895id: BC3 0114653141069
Mary Ann Strongwife of William Strong1823751898

884StuartJason S Stuartfirst name on this monument1971id: BC NWC 3004659931065Dearly beloved son of P and K A Randall died 4th Jan 1971 Aged 4 months

885StubbsGeorge Stubbsfirst name on this monument1822751897id: BC3 0174653171087
Ellen Stubbswife of George Stubbs1825831908

886StylesEllen Stylesfirst name on this monument1945612006id: BCPW 1544661241067Aged 61

887SummersMadge Summersfirst name on this monument1906921998id: BCExt S 0724661891084

888SwainLloyd Robert Swainfirst name on this monument1970281998id: BCPW 0524660371066With our love for Lloyd Mum-Dad-Natalie

889SwannwickGeorge Swannwickfirst name on this monument1826721898id: B C 1 0424652461065
Mary Ann Swannwickwife of George Swannwick1829731902

890SwanwickGeorge Swanwickfirst name on this monument1860721932id: B C 1 1454653051065
Ann Swanwickwife of George Swanwick1848851933

891SwanwickGeorge Swanwickfirst name on this monument1839701909id: BCNE2 0414653991072
Martha Hannah Moffattdaughter of George Swanwick1934 Daughter of the above Mary Swanwick
Mary Swanwickwife of George Swanwick1839611900

892SwanwickHarriet Swanwickfirst name on this monument1836641900id: BCNE2 0774654251068
Joseph Swanwickhusband of Harriet Swanwick1830761906
Helen Swanwickfirst wife of husband of Harriet Swanwick First and beloved wife of the above interred in the churchyard ( See BHTA site NW111 , died 1874 age 48 intered with her son , Samuel)

893SwanwickWilliam Thorold Swanwickfirst name on this monument1857721929id: BC EC 0224654741066
Sally Swanwickwife of William Thorold Swanwick1860791939

894SykesDarren James Sykesfirst name on this monument1978191997id: BC SE 1204656801072

895TaylorEmily Taylorfirst name on this monument1869591928id: BC EC 1014655051068

896TaylorFrank Taylorfirst name on this monument1861691930id: BC EC 084
(2 images)
Emma Taylorwife of Frank Taylor1861791940

897TaylorHenry Taylorfirst name on this monument1865481913id: BC NE 0094653511068
Emma Taylorwife of Henry Taylor1858561914

898TaylorHilda Taylorfirst name on this monument1888581946id: BC EC 167
(2 images)
Edna Taylorsister of Hilda Taylor1890811971

899TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument1854761930id: BC CW 0314657261067
Hannah Taylorwife of James Taylor1850781928

900TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument1878701948id: BC NWC 016
(3 images)
Florence Taylorwife of James Taylor1879901969 Died 24th April 1969

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