The Banks Municipal Cemetery, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

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501IngletonGeorge Frederick Ingletonfirst name on this monument1882181900id: BC3 0544653421066For many years a chorister at St Mary and All Saints , Bingham

502IngletonMary Ann Ingletonfirst name on this monument1856351891id: BC3 0534653411073
Frederick Ingletonhusband of Mary Ann Ingleton1852491901

503IngramEdna Ingramfirst name on this monument1922631985id: BCExt S 1064662191079
Denis Ingramhusband of Edna Ingram1912781990

504IngramFlorence May Ingramfirst name on this monument1900811981id: BC WS 1654658631067

505IngramJohn Percy Ingramfirst name on this monument1868801948id: BC NWC 178
(3 images)
4659661083Died October 13th 1948
Ethel Ingramwife of John Percy Ingram1880731953 Died June 27th 1953

506JacksonEthel Ann Jacksonfirst name on this monument1894261920id: BC EC 1004655041068Beloved wife of Herbert Jackson
Herbert Jacksonhusband of Ethel Ann Jackson

507JacksonJohn Jacksonfirst name on this monument1854461900id: BCNE2 0644654161073
Harriett Jacksonwife of John Jackson1860871947

508JacksonMichael Jacksonfirst name on this monument1919781997id: BC SE 0874656561070(O'Donaghue)
Kathleen Jacksonwife of Michael Jackson1921792000

509JacquesCharlotte Ellen Jacquesfirst name on this monument1971id: BC WS 1834658681129Ages not given
Neville Jacqueshusband of Charlotte Ellen Jacques1971

510JamesGeorge Jamesfirst name on this monument1863821945id: BC EC 1764655341066In loving memory of our dear parents
Elsie Dunkleydaughter of George James1907681975
Rose Anne Jameswife of George James1869891958

511JamesWilliam Jamesfirst name on this monument1826781904id: B C 1 1274652981082
Jane Jameswife of William James1835861921

512JaquesElizabeth Jaquesfirst name on this monument2004id: BCPW 1404661121081(Note From Horsham)

513JayGeorge Jayfirst name on this monument1937571994id: BC SE 1444656921075
Joyce May Jaywife of George Jay1939652004

514JohnsonAndrew Johnsonfirst name on this monument1962241986id: BC WS 0354657741066Tragically killed in a road accident
David Johnsonfather of Andrew Johnson1939632002

515JohnsonEmily Agnes Johnsonfirst name on this monument1862781940id: BC EC 0274654771066And of his wife. See BC EC 028

516JohnsonJacob Johnsonfirst name on this monument1859691928id: BC EC 0284654761065

517JohnsonThomas Johnsonfirst name on this monument1806741880id: B C 1 0014652221066

518JohnsonVida Mary Johnsonfirst name on this monument1912892001id: BC SE 1614657031065Small Slab

519JonesChristine Jonesfirst name on this monument1908811989id: B C 1 1104652901065
Leonard Joneshusband of Christine Jones1895841979

520JonesEdmund Jonesfirst name on this monument1850811931id: BC EC 0554654851066
Annie Joneswife of Edmund Jones1852911943

521JonesEmily Ann Wynn Jonesfirst name on this monument1866921958id: B C 1 0024652231070youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Jones
Thomas Jonesfather of Emily Ann Wynn Jones
Mary Ann Jonesmother of Emily Ann Wynn Jones

522JonesJohn Henry Jonesfirst name on this monument1905761981id: BCExt S 0974662111065
Constance Mary Joneswife of John Henry Jones1927792006

523JonesMary Ann Jonesfirst name on this monument1840491889id: B C 1 0174652331066
Thomas Joneshusband of Mary Ann Jones1828751903

524JonesMary T Jonesfirst name on this monumentid: BCPW 0904660671065

525KeelingEdith Keelingfirst name on this monument1914791993id: BCExt S 1604662581066

526KempAndrew Jonathon Kempfirst name on this monument1981272008id: BCExt S 0064661341101

527KennyBrenda Kennyfirst name on this monument1948511999id: BC SE 0574656361071
John Kenny2013 Age not given Presumably husband

528KentThomas Kentfirst name on this monument1910671977id: BC WS 1344658441069
Elizabeth Hannah Kentwife of Thomas Kent1914611975

529KewCecilia Kewfirst name on this monument1913301943id: BC EC 1914655371079Dearly loved wife of Cecil Kew
Cecil Kewhusband of Cecilia Kew
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530KiddPatricia Margaret Kiddfirst name on this monument1939672006id: BCExt S 0114661381072

531KirkJames Prior Kirkfirst name on this monument1851711922id: BC NE 0224653601068
Harold Kirkson of James Prior Kirk1908231931
Walter Kirkson of James Prior Kirk1892261918 died of wounds in France
Lily Kirkwife of James Prior Kirk1866481914

532KirkMargaret Kirkfirst name on this monument1889571946id: BC EC 169
(2 images)
4655301065Elder daughter of James Prior Kirk
James Prior Kirkfather of Margaret Kirk
Dorothy Kirksister of Margaret Kirk1891871978

533KitchenMarian Kitchenfirst name on this monument1929641993id: BCPW 1284661021067
William Kitchenhusband of Marian Kitchen1926792005

534KitsonRobert Kitsonfirst name on this monument1920862006id: BCExt S 0234661481069
Kathleen V Kitsonwife of Robert Kitson1920902010

535KnightDiane Margaret Knightfirst name on this monument1963101973id: BC WS 1334658431072

536KnightEllen Baxter Knightfirst name on this monument188351888id: B C 1 1024652841093
Augustus Knightbrother of Ellen Baxter Knight188811889

537KnightJohn Leslie Knightfirst name on this monument1928732001id: BCExt S 0404661611066

538KnightJohn Leslie Knightfirst name on this monument1933481981id: BCExt S 1184662291098

539KnowlesArthur Knowlesfirst name on this monument1884761960id: BC EC 2394655581085
Helen Knowleswife of Arthur Knowles1881871968

540KnowlesPeter Ernest Knowlesfirst name on this monument1934541988id: BCPW 1054660811075

541KrupaAlice May Krupafirst name on this monument1923772000id: BCPW 0454660331117
Jan Krupahusband of Alice May Krupa1914952009

542LaceyJohn Laceyfirst name on this monument1888611949id: BC NWC 1574659611065
Miriam Laceywife of John Lacey1887811968

543LambAnnie Nance Lambfirst name on this monument1906791985id: BC WS 0384657751077
Reginald Lambhusband of Annie Nance Lamb1909801989

544LambCharles Edward Lambfirst name on this monument1893711964id: BC NWC 118
(2 images)
Annie Elizabeth Lambwife of Charles Edward Lamb1904972001

545LambHenry John Lambfirst name on this monument1870841954id: BC NWC 121
(2 images)
Ann Lambwife of Henry John Lamb1871881959

546LambleyLily Lambleyfirst name on this monument1897651962id: BC EC 237
(2 images)
Percy Edwin Lambleyhusband of Lily Lambley1897691966

547LangstaffFrank Langstafffirst name on this monument1926772003id: BCExt S 0244661491066

548LarkinsDonald Albert Larkinsfirst name on this monument1928852013id: BC Ext SE 0304660041074

549LayneStella Laynefirst name on this monument1943471990id: BCExt S 0874662031070

550LeakCharles Leakfirst name on this monument1901681969id: BC SE 1054656721073Vase

551LeakHarry Leakfirst name on this monument1874451919id: BC CW 1074657511088
Mary Ann Leakwife of Harry Leak1877711948

552LeatherlandFrederick James Leatherlandfirst name on this monument1920791999id: BCPW 0574660411087
Maisie Leatherlandwife of Frederick James Leatherland1921822003

553LeeArnold Thorpe Leefirst name on this monument1972id: BC WS 1964658771072
Naomi Bessie Leewife of Arnold Thorpe Lee1995

554LemonFred Lemonfirst name on this monument1935id: BCNE2 0854654311070vase My dear husband

555LethbridgeColin David Lethbridgefirst name on this monument1942602002id: BCExt S 0314661551088

556LilleyDon E Lilleyfirst name on this monument1927802007id: BCExt S 0124661391073

557LinleyElizabeth Linleyfirst name on this monument1897821979id: BC3 0074653101065

558LinleyJohn Marrison Linleyfirst name on this monument1874811955id: BC NE 021
(4 images)
Mary Ellen Linleywife of John Marrison Linley1876391915

559LittleJames Littlefirst name on this monument1855621917id: BCNE2 1294654531098
Albert Littleson of James Little1890271917
James Harry Littleson of James Little1916771993
Sarah Ann Littlewife of James Little1863761939
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560LloydReggie Lloydfirst name on this monument1922641986id: BCExt S 1034662161072
Mary Lloydwife of Reggie Lloyd1927762003

561LockwoodAlbert Edward Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1908781986id: BCNE2 138
(4 images)
Alice Eileen Lockwoodbrother of Albert Edward Lockwood1905811986

562LongdonAlfred Longdonfirst name on this monument1877631940id: BC NWC 1414659521066
Ellen Longdonwife of Alfred Longdon1871741945

563LongdonMargaret Marion Longdonfirst name on this monument1931671998id: BCPW 1244660981065
Leslie Longdonhusband of Margaret Marion Longdon1930742004

564LorneAda Ellen Lornefirst name on this monument1878741952id: BC NWC 1144659361070
John H Lornerelationship not known of Ada Ellen Lorne1898861984 Vase 'Also John H Lorne'. First entry indecypherable

565LorneArthur H Lornefirst name on this monument1957id: BC NWC 068
(3 images)
465923108113th August 1957 Age not given
Emily Lornewife of Arthur H Lorne1890791969 Beloved wife of Arthur July 28th 1969 in her 80th year

566LouderKate Louderfirst name on this monument1868951963id: BC CW 095
(2 images)
4657471074In loving memory of a dear aunt
Robert Francis Brownuncle of Kate Louder1914641978 Also her beloved nephew dear brother of Richard

567LouderSarah Louderfirst name on this monument1839491888id: BCNE2 1324654551069Of Bingham
Lot Louderhusband of Sarah Louder1839771916

568LoveDolly Lovefirst name on this monument1926711997id: BCExt S 1464662471127
Robert H Lovehusband of Dolly Love1926731999

569LoweDulcie Olive Lowefirst name on this monument1919781997id: BC SE 0614656401072
Maurice Blackley Lowehusband of Dulcie Olive Lowe1919952014

570LoweFrank Lowefirst name on this monument1887821969id: BC WS 2054658811065passed away 24th May 1969

571LuntAlbert William Luntfirst name on this monument1927832010id: BCPW 0304660251067

572MabbottMary E Mabbottfirst name on this monument1889731962id: BC WS 242
(2 images)
4658971075Vase 7th May 1962
Arthur Mabbotthusband of Mary E Mabbott1804781882

573MabbottReg Mabbottfirst name on this monument1913771990id: BC WS 1104658261069
Dorothy Mabbottwife of Reg Mabbott1915952010

574MaddisonKathleen Mary Maddisonfirst name on this monument1929802009id: BCExt S 1734662681066
Gerald S M Maddisonhusband of Kathleen Mary Maddison1929722001

575MagillTimothy Adrian Magillfirst name on this monument1963201983id: BCPW 0834660621068

576MagsonJohn Thomas Magsonfirst name on this monument1878791957no image46597710771Died 15th May 1957
Albert John Clarke1913621975
Joseph Edward Smith1905811986
Mabel Helen Smith1953301983
Ellen Magsonwife of John Thomas Magson1880801960 Died 26th January 1960

577MaliaKen Maliafirst name on this monument1949501999id: BCExt S 0594661761067

578MaltbyEdna Maltbyfirst name on this monument1905891994id: BCExt S 1544662521068

579MapletoftCecil F Mapletoftfirst name on this monument1898731971id: BC WS 1374658451072
Violet Mapletoftwife of Cecil F Mapletoft1905881993

580MarrattJames Marrattfirst name on this monument1828801908id: B C 1 0854652791067
Sarah Ann Marrattwife of James Marratt1833781911

581MarriottJohn Marriottfirst name on this monument1928491977id: BC WS 0994658161068

582MarriottSidney Marriottfirst name on this monument1906781984id: BC WS 1054658211065
Nellie Emma Marriottwife of Sidney Marriott1909781987

583MarshallEdith Mary Marshallfirst name on this monument1938id: BC NWC 294
(2 images)
4659921067Age illegible
Henry Marshall1862771939

584MarshallEthel Mary Marshallfirst name on this monument1902982000id: B C 1 092
(2 images)
4652831065Flower vase
Henry Marshall1862771939

585MarshallPeter William John Marshallfirst name on this monument1934571991id: BCPW 0774660581069

586MarshallRay Marshallfirst name on this monument1935752010id: BCPW 0314660261066

587MarshallRay Marshallfirst name on this monument1935752010id: BC Ext SE 0504660151065

588MarstonAdeliza Marstonfirst name on this monument1835821917id: BC NE 0144653561075Wife of the late George Marston
George Marstonhusband of Adeliza Marston
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589MarstonAdeliza Marstonfirst name on this monument1835821917id: BCss 0014662691077Wife of George Marston

590MarstonGeorge Marstonfirst name on this monument1866581924id: BC EC 0444654831087
Violet Sheila Caroline Marstondaughter of George Marston1918751993
Caroline Marstonwife of George Marston1866651931

591MarstonGeorge William Marstonfirst name on this monument1870461916id: BC NE 0134653551075
Edith Marstonwife of George William Marston1877981975

592MarstonJohn Marstonfirst name on this monument1849731922id: BCNE2 0284653921077
Ellen Marstonwife of John Marston1864921956

593MartinArthur Martinfirst name on this monument1866701936id: BC CW 07046573810752
Edith Whitely Guyleedaughter of Arthur Martin1888911979
Hannah Elizabeth Martindaughter of Arthur Martin1886861972
Elizabeth Martinwife of Arthur Martin1856791935

594MartinFlorence Mary Martinfirst name on this monument1905701975id: BC CW 089
(2 images)
Arthur John Martinhusband of Florence Mary Martin1901371938

595MartinPat Martinfirst name on this monument1942592001id: BCExt S 043
(2 images)

596MasonJohn Masonfirst name on this monument1830581888id: BC3 0154653161066
Mary Masonwife of John Mason1833741907

597MasonWilliam Masonfirst name on this monument1827641891id: B C 1 018
(2 images)

598MathiasDoris Rhoda Mathiasfirst name on this monument1915661981id: BC Ext SE 0234660001070
Leonard Mathiashusband of Doris Rhoda Mathias1892871979

599McAnallyJohn McAnallyfirst name on this monument1913761989id: BC WS 1164658301066
Mary McAnallywife of John McAnally1914811995

600McCarlieAlexander McCarliefirst name on this monument1875711946id: BC EC 195
(2 images)

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