Parish Cemetery, Shedfield, Hampshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101CoxAndrew John Coxfirst name on this monument1906id: 1714625421069d 1906? - other details unclear

102CozensMabel Cozensfirst name on this monument1881451926id: 1734625441076

103CozensWilliam James Cozensfirst name on this monument1887781965id: 2824626331075
Anise Cozenswife of William James Cozens18871031990

104CraggEthel Maud Craggfirst name on this monument1885731958id: 207
(2 images)
Francis Cragghusband of Ethel Maud Cragg1888791967

105CromptonPatricia Elizabeth Cromptonfirst name on this monument1935611996id: 4854628281066

106CrosswellCharles H Crosswellfirst name on this monument1919411960id: 2424625991067
Dulcie P Crosswellwife of Charles H Crosswell1923852008

107CrosswellGrace Crosswellfirst name on this monument1897831980id: 39446273710691
Horace Crosswellrelationship not known of Grace Crosswell1900881988

108CullenGrace Cullenfirst name on this monument1893841977id: 30046264910741

109DavisBrian John Davisfirst name on this monument1970191989id: 4224627651066

110DavisonAnn Beatrice Davisonfirst name on this monument1898851983id: 4054627481076
George Henry Davisonhusband of Ann Beatrice Davison1898851983
John Leslie Davisonson of Ann Beatrice Davison d 19?? - Other details obscured

111DaysEmily Florance Daysfirst name on this monument1872251897id: 244624041075

112DayshBenjamin Dayshfirst name on this monument1810631873id: 1594625301068
Ann Whitenhamrelationship not known of Benjamin Daysh1806831889

113DayshCharles George Dayshfirst name on this monument1886741960id: 2414625981066
Rose Kate Dayshwife of Charles George Daysh1898821980

114DayshDaisy Caroline Dayshfirst name on this monument1891591950id: 1474625191074
George John Dayshrelationship not known of Daisy Caroline Daysh1885921977

115DayshEdward Dayshfirst name on this monument1906671973id: 3864627301067
Lilian Kate Dayshwife of Edward Daysh1906821988

116DayshElizabeth Dayshfirst name on this monument1850331883id: 1664625371067
Florence Elizabeth Dayshdaughter of Elizabeth Daysh187421876 age 1y 10m
William Dayshhusband of Elizabeth Daysh

117DayshGeorge Dayshfirst name on this monument1846641910id: 1654625361067
Jane Dayshwife of George Daysh1852741926

118DayshGeorge Henry Dayshfirst name on this monument1922731995id: 4814628241068

119DayshHelen Vass Dayshfirst name on this monument1932712003id: 5434628861069

120DayshPhillis Annie Dayshfirst name on this monument187711878id: 1674625381069age 15m
Frederick Dayshbrother of Phillis Annie Daysh189301893 age 18d
George Dayshfather of Phillis Annie Daysh
Jane Dayshmother of Phillis Annie Daysh

121DayshReginald A Dayshfirst name on this monument1908691977id: 3014626501073
Irene Dayshwife of Reginald A Daysh1907761983

122DayshRichard Dayshfirst name on this monument1903id: 1014624771076d 1903? - Other details unclear
Ann Dayshwife of Richard Daysh76

123de Mazia-RenoufMichael de Mazia-Renouffirst name on this monument1976id: 2654626181066

124DeaconPatricia Deaconfirst name on this monument1961381999id: 5214628641076

125DeeleyF E Deeleyfirst name on this monument1909511960id: 2404625971066

126DennettVera M P Dennettfirst name on this monument1920822002id: 5254628681070

127DerrickPhilip Edwin Derrickfirst name on this monument1924842008id: 5704629131068

128DidymusCyril Didymusfirst name on this monument1909831992id: 4564627991068
Kathleen Miriam Didymusrelationship not known of Cyril Didymus1918801998

129DidymusEdward George Didymusfirst name on this monument1904741978id: 3054626541068
Hetty Didymuswife of Edward George Didymus1906741980

130DidymusSusanna Didymusfirst name on this monument1879721951id: 774624531066
Albert George Didymushusband of Susanna Didymus1872821954
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131DownhamKenneth Sidney Downhamfirst name on this monument1935692004id: 5424628851067

132DownsAlice Maude Downsfirst name on this monument1888751963id: 2854626361077
Albert Henry Downshusband of Alice Maude Downs1885891974

133DoyleJoan Patricia Doylefirst name on this monument1926782004id: 5414628841068
Maurice Patrick Doylehusband of Joan Patricia Doyle1920862006

134DreyerElizabeth Dreyerfirst name on this monument1908501958id: 694624451065
Desmond Dreyerhusband of Elizabeth Dreyer1910932003

135DreyerWilliam Desmond Dreyerfirst name on this monument194111942id: 404624171067age 4m

136DriverJean Patricia Driverfirst name on this monument1941341975id: 2284625861066
Evelyn May Gamblinrelationship not known of Jean Patricia Driver1905791984

137DuffinJune Sheila Duffinfirst name on this monument1933591992id: 4544627971069
Edward James Duffinfather of June Sheila Duffin1906861992
Florrie Duffinmother of June Sheila Duffin1909851994

138DunkinsonLily Matilda Dunkinsonfirst name on this monument1884771961id: 2594626131080
Herbert Victor Dunkinsonhusband of Lily Matilda Dunkinson1887861973

139DunnHarold Dunnfirst name on this monument1917711988id: 4304627731065

140DunsterDorothy Florence Harriet Dunsterfirst name on this monument1896861982id: 37246271810701
Harry Montague Silver Dunsterhusband of Dorothy Florence Harriet Dunster1899831982

141DurrantDorothy May Durrantfirst name on this monument1907681975id: 2374625941069
Walter Arthur Durranthusband of Dorothy May Durrant1915831998

142EadesSophia Mary Eadesfirst name on this monument1900651965id: 3104626591067
Ernest Alfred Eadeshusband of Sophia Mary Eades1900681968

143EdwardsAlfred William Edwardsfirst name on this monument1883751958id: 208
(2 images)
Mabel Annie Edwardswife of Alfred William Edwards1884751959

144EmeryDoris May Emeryfirst name on this monument1893591952id: 1484625201069
Frank Leonard Emeryrelationship not known of Doris May Emery1896691965

145EmeryFlorence Ada Emeryfirst name on this monument1903801983id: 4044627471066
Harold James Emeryhusband of Florence Ada Emery1901531954

146EmeryGrace Margeret Emeryfirst name on this monument1931752006id: 5484628911066

147EmeryKenneth Emeryfirst name on this monument1917811998id: 5034628461065
Margaret Joan Emeryrelationship not known of Kenneth Emery1919912010

148EmeryRonald James Emeryfirst name on this monument1933601993id: 4514627941065

149EmeryRosemary Nellie Emeryfirst name on this monument1918451963id: 2794626311067
Alan Guy Emeryrelationship not known of Rosemary Nellie Emery1917821999

150EmeryTrevor Charles Emeryfirst name on this monument1930782008id: 5584629011065

151EtheringtonEthel Etheringtonfirst name on this monument1883731956id: 186
(2 images)
Thomas Henry Etheringtonrelationship not known of Ethel Etherington1880821962

152EvansOwen Frank Evansfirst name on this monument1925311956id: 1844625541066

153FairhurstEdna Fairhurstfirst name on this monument1920541974id: 3964627391068

154FaithfullCharles Archibald Faithfullfirst name on this monument1889761965id: 3114626601066
Lily Kate Faithfullwife of Charles Archibald Faithfull1892831975

155FaithfullKenneth Arthur Faithfullfirst name on this monument1930451975id: 2354625921071

156FindlayMaria Catherine Findlayfirst name on this monument1955562011id: 5624629051070
Denis Findlayhusband of Maria Catherine Findlay

157FiocchiAdrian Fiocchifirst name on this monument1949221971id: 354
(2 images)
Lilian Elizabeth Robertsrelationship not known of Adrian Fiocchi1925782003

158FisherCarole Ann Fisherfirst name on this monument1952552007id: 5524628951066
John Richard Fisherhusband of Carole Ann Fisher1947662013

159FisherRonald Fisherfirst name on this monument1931812012id: 5754629181076

160FisherWilliam Edwar Fisherfirst name on this monument1906391945id: 584624351079Military gravestone
Alice Pi----mother-in-law of William Edwar Fisher m/o Ellen
Ellen Maud Fisherwife of William Edwar Fisher1909851994 age unclear
Edward William Fisherrelationship not known of William Edwar Fisher1928762004
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161FordBert Fordfirst name on this monument1917701987id: 4354627781065
Pamela Mary Fordsister of Bert Ford1921671988

162FordKaleen Fordfirst name on this monument1915862001id: 5104628531071

163FrankhamEva Lucy Frankhamfirst name on this monument1903861989id: 4254627681066
Arthur Leslie Frankhamrelationship not known of Eva Lucy Frankham19041002004

164FrankhamGladys Frankhamfirst name on this monument1966id: 3124626611067
Percy Frankhamrelationship not known of Gladys Frankham1966

165FrankhamJoyce Lilian Frankhamfirst name on this monument1924551979id: 3304626781066

166FrankhamPriscilla Frankhamfirst name on this monument1852851937id: 1246239210671

167FraserJames Gordon Fraserfirst name on this monument1882881970id: 3494626971069
G J Spencer-Smithfather-in-law of James Gordon Fraser
Grace Isabel Fraserwife of James Gordon Fraser1880971977

168GamblinArthur Ernest Gamblinfirst name on this monument1890691959id: 94623891069
Eleanor Gamblinwife of Arthur Ernest Gamblin1890861976

169GamblinArthur W Gamblinfirst name on this monument1909661975id: 2394625961082

170GamblinBeatrice Gamblinfirst name on this monument1888861974id: 3954627381067
Brian Gamblinrelationship not known of Beatrice Gamblin1918862004
Lilian Gamblinrelationship not known of Beatrice Gamblin1918581976

171GamblinBertie Gamblinfirst name on this monument1892611953id: 654624421083
Violet Mary Gamblinwife of Bertie Gamblin1891691960

172GamblinDennis Reginald Gamblinfirst name on this monument1929261955id: 134623931068

173GamblinEleanor Irene Gamblinfirst name on this monument1904701974id: 2324625891067age unclear
Fred Reginald Gamblinhusband of Eleanor Irene Gamblin1899821981

174GamblinEliza Louise Gamblinfirst name on this monument1900781978id: 30846265710731
Ernest Gamblinhusband of Eliza Louise Gamblin1896871983

175GamblinFrancis John Gamblinfirst name on this monument1930782008id: 5694629121067

176GamblinGeorge Gamblinfirst name on this monument1890831973id: 382
(2 images)
Lilian Jessie Gamblinrelationship not known of George Gamblin1892 year of death unclear

177GamblinGrace Eva Gamblinfirst name on this monument1936742010id: 5644629071066

178GamblinGwendoline Mary Gamblinfirst name on this monument1947652012id: 5764629191067

179GamblinHenry Gamblinfirst name on this monument1859111870id: 1614625321075
Albert Edward Gamblinbrother of Henry Gamblin187401874 age 1w
Peter Gamblinbrother of Henry Gamblin1864111875
Peter Gamblinfather of Henry Gamblin
Mary Gamblinrelationship not known of Henry Gamblin

180GamblinHenry Terah Gamblinfirst name on this monument1925792004id: 5404628831067

181GamblinHezekiah Gamblinfirst name on this monument1863761939id: 104623901081
Lucy Elizabeth Gamblinwife of Hezekiah Gamblin1865761941

182GamblinPeter Gamblinfirst name on this monument1836751911id: 994624751070
Mary Gamblinwife of Peter Gamblin1835761911

183GamblinPeter John Gamblinfirst name on this monument1934662000id: 5174628601067

184GamblinRaymond Ernest Gamblinfirst name on this monument1923651988id: 4324627751068
Margaret Jean Gamblinrelationship not known of Raymond Ernest Gamblin1927822009

185GamblinRobert George Gamblinfirst name on this monument1884751959id: 2174625771066
Maud Gamblinwife of Robert George Gamblin1885781963

186GamblinRobert George Gamblinfirst name on this monument1932521984id: 2014625671067

187GardenerLeslie Gardenerfirst name on this monument1914631977id: 2744626271069
Nora Gardenerrelationship not known of Leslie Gardener1919721991

188GardnerGeorge Gardnerfirst name on this monument1898721970id: 3634627091065
Edith Gardnerwife of George Gardner1904821986

189GardnerViolet Ethel Gardnerfirst name on this monument1896601956id: 190
(2 images)
William John Gardnerhusband of Violet Ethel Gardner1895641959
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190GaseleePhyllis Geraldine Gaseleefirst name on this monument1907771984id: 1974625631068

191GilbertAlfred Douglas Gilbertfirst name on this monument1912892001id: 1114624841073
Nancy Burgoyne Gilbertwife of Alfred Douglas Gilbert1919932012

192GilbertPeter Anthony Gilbertfirst name on this monument1948431991id: 4674628101068

193GoaterBessie Goaterfirst name on this monument1915741989id: 4264627691067

194GoldsworthyRobert Goldsworthyfirst name on this monument1818411859id: 1164624901074
Charlotte Goldsworthywife of Robert Goldsworthy1832671899

195GoughElizabeth Goughfirst name on this monument1833661899id: 1604625311071
Henry Goughhusband of Elizabeth Gough1831841915

196GovierFrank Govierfirst name on this monument1966id: 3174626661069
Lilian Govierwife of Frank Govier1967

197GraceErnest G Gracefirst name on this monument1941id: 594624361074

198GullickCidel Gullickfirst name on this monumentid: 1954625611070d 19?? - Inscription hard to read
Sally Gullickdaughter of Cidel Gullick197401974 newborn
Cyril Salterrelationship not known of Cidel Gullick
John Salterrelationship not known of Cidel Gullick1920771997 f/o Cyril

199HaggisDadde? Haggisfirst name on this monument1862731935id: 67
(2 images)
Arabella Jane Haggiswife of Dadde? Haggis1862861948

200HainesRainyer C Hainesfirst name on this monument1874631937id: 1754625461066

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Parish Cemetery, Shedfield, Hampshire, England.

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