Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
501SnowdonHenry Snowdonfirst name on this monument1909321941no image424305169
Robert Snowdonfather of Henry Snowdon
Martha Snowdonmother of Henry Snowdon
502SouterSamuel Souterfirst name on this monument1898181916no image424306100
Hampden Souterfather of Samuel Souter
Martha Ann Soutermother of Samuel Souter
503SparkesSidney John Sparkesfirst name on this monument1894221916no image424307139
John Sparkesfather of Sidney John Sparkes
Mary Ann Sparkesmother of Sidney John Sparkes
504SpencerEdward Stanton Spencerfirst name on this monument1909351944no image424308332
John Slingsby Spencerfather of Edward Stanton Spencer
Emma Stanton Spencermother of Edward Stanton Spencer
Alice Gertrude Spencerwife of Edward Stanton Spencer
505SpencerWilfred Jack Henry Spencerfirst name on this monument1896211917no image42430968
506StaceyArthur Staceyfirst name on this monument1878381916no image4243101991
James Staceyfather of Arthur Stacey
Eliza Staceymother of Arthur Stacey
507StaffordWilliam Ernest Staffordfirst name on this monument1899171916no image424311179
James Staffordfather of William Ernest Stafford
Sarah Drusilla Staffordmother of William Ernest Stafford
508StallardGeorge Thomas Stallardfirst name on this monument1916no image424312109
509StanleyLeonard Stanleyfirst name on this monument1888281916no image42431380
Walter E Stanleyfather of Leonard Stanley
Kate Stanleywife of Leonard Stanley
510StarmoreErnest Sidney Starmorefirst name on this monument1916no image42431471
511SteeleCecil Thomas Steelefirst name on this monument1916no image424315157
512StevensWilliam Henry Stevensfirst name on this monument1917no image42431661
513StewartFrancis Gordon Stewartfirst name on this monument1887291916no image424317106
William Stewartfather of Francis Gordon Stewart
Anna Agnes Stewartmother of Francis Gordon Stewart
514StonadgeFrederick George Stonadgefirst name on this monument1900171917no image42431893
Charles Albert Stonadgefather of Frederick George Stonadge
Emily Ann Stonadgemother of Frederick George Stonadge
515StoneWilliam F Stonefirst name on this monument1939no image42431947
516StreetHoward Collard Streetfirst name on this monument1918231941no image424320143
William John Streetfather of Howard Collard Street
Emily May Streetmother of Howard Collard Street
517SummersonJames Summersonfirst name on this monument1918no image424321141
518SumnerPercy Sumnerfirst name on this monument1939no image42432289
519SuttonJohn Suttonfirst name on this monument1918no image42432356
520SwanSidney Swanfirst name on this monument1895231918no image424324269
John Dunsford Swanfather of Sidney Swan
Elizabeth Swanmother of Sidney Swan
521SweeneyBernard Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1920201940no image424325162
Jack Sweeneyfather of Bernard Sweeney
Rachel Sweeneymother of Bernard Sweeney
522SymonsJohn H Symonsfirst name on this monument1919251944no image424326108
Henry Herbert Symonsfather of John H Symons
Gertrude Olive Symonsmother of John H Symons
523SympsonHenry Percy Sympsonfirst name on this monument1911311942no image424327145
George Percy Sympsonfather of Henry Percy Sympson
Hilda Clara Sympsonmother of Henry Percy Sympson
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
524TavenderFrank David Tavenderfirst name on this monument1918no image42432865
525TaylorE Taylorfirst name on this monumentno image42442780
526TaylorHarold De Puton Taylorfirst name on this monument1916no image42432973
527TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1917no image42433069
528TaylorJohn Joseph Taylorfirst name on this monument1943no image42433168
529TaylorMorris Charles Taylorfirst name on this monument1916no image42433279
530TaylorWilliam Wilfred Taylorfirst name on this monument1921191940no image424333163
Fred Taylorfather of William Wilfred Taylor
Janet Taylormother of William Wilfred Taylor
531ThillJohannes Thillfirst name on this monument1918no image424334462
532ThompsonDavid Thompsonfirst name on this monument1894241918no image424335103
David Thompsonfather of David Thompson
Margaret Thompsonmother of David Thompson
533ThompsonHarold Thompsonfirst name on this monument1922201942no image424336135
Harry Thompsonfather of Harold Thompson
Emma Florence Thompsonmother of Harold Thompson
Annie Grey Thompsonwife of Harold Thompson
534ThompsonJohn Erland Thompsonfirst name on this monument1918no image42433790
535ThompsonRichard Andrew Thompsonfirst name on this monument1916no image424338103
536TideyStanley William Tideyfirst name on this monument1916no image424339115
537TidmarshAlfred Henry Tidmarshfirst name on this monument1917no image424340134
538TilburyWilfred Tilburyfirst name on this monument1916no image42434192
539TindaleWilliam Tindalefirst name on this monument1916no image42434283
540ToddWilliam John Toddfirst name on this monument1919211940id: 515
(one image)
S C Johnstonmother of William John Todd
541TomsGeorge Tomsfirst name on this monument1899191918no image424344201
James Tomsfather of George Toms
Beatrice Tomsmother of George Toms
542ToozeJohn Stuckey Toozefirst name on this monument1916241940no image424345154
William Henry Coles Toozefather of John Stuckey Tooze
Emily H Toozewife of John Stuckey Tooze
543ToughHamlet Toughfirst name on this monument1940no image42434681
544ToveryNorman Toveryfirst name on this monument1940no image42434771
545ToweGerald Edward Towefirst name on this monument1919221941no image424348160
Isaac Daniel Towefather of Gerald Edward Towe
Bertha Alice Towemother of Gerald Edward Towe
546TreffryFrederick Charles Treffryfirst name on this monument1878381916no image424349151
Arthur Treffryfather of Frederick Charles Treffry
Emily Sophia Treffrymother of Frederick Charles Treffry
Elizabeth Treffrywife of Frederick Charles Treffry
547TrimmerErnest Trimmerfirst name on this monument1918no image424350120
Mary Trimmermother of Ernest Trimmer
548TroddHenry Vincent Troddfirst name on this monument1916no image424351104
549TuckerFrank Ethelbert Tuckerfirst name on this monument1894231917no image42435274
550TulitE J Tulitfirst name on this monumentno image42442866
551TwissellGilbert Twissellfirst name on this monument1908341942no image424353137
Albert Twissellfather of Gilbert Twissell
Minnie Twissellmother of Gilbert Twissell
552TyrrellG P Tyrrellfirst name on this monumentno image424422128
553UllahKurfan Ullahfirst name on this monument1909321941no image424354117
554UpstallFrederick John Upstallfirst name on this monument1894231917no image424355274
James C Upstallfather of Frederick John Upstall
Elizabeth Upstallmother of Frederick John Upstall
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
555ValentineRobert Valentinefirst name on this monument1917no image424356149
556Van de KasteeleWilliam John Van de Kasteelefirst name on this monument1913281941no image424357117
557WakeE G Wakefirst name on this monumentno image424425132
558WakelingTeddy Wakelingfirst name on this monument1901421943no image424358171
Harry Wakelingfather of Teddy Wakeling
Eliza Wakelingmother of Teddy Wakeling
559WalkerJohn Walkerfirst name on this monument1906381944no image42435976
560WalkerJohn Thomas Walkerfirst name on this monument1916no image42436065
561WallaceHerbert Kennedy Wallacefirst name on this monument1917no image424361265
562WallerJohn W Wallerfirst name on this monument1917261943no image4243621161
Florence A Walleraunt of John W Waller
Ernest Trenholm Wallerfather of John W Waller
563WallisKenneth Ferguson Arnold Wallisfirst name on this monument1892261918no image424363482
Arnold Joseph Wallisfather of Kenneth Ferguson Arnold Wallis
Mary A Wallismother of Kenneth Ferguson Arnold Wallis
564WalshJohn Walshfirst name on this monument1915271942no image424364161
Alfred Walshfather of John Walsh
Martha Walshmother of John Walsh
565WardJames Robert Wardfirst name on this monument1922221944no image424365114
William Robert Wardfather of James Robert Ward
Mary Wardmother of James Robert Ward
566WardWilliam Wardfirst name on this monument1916no image42436654
567WatermanWilliam Frank Watermanfirst name on this monument1916no image42436774
568WatshamDennis Harold Watshamfirst name on this monument1926181944no image424368316
Jessie Watshammother of Dennis Harold Watsham
569WatsonThomas Watsonfirst name on this monument1892261918no image424369139
John Watsonfather of Thomas Watson
Mary Watsonmother of Thomas Watson
Annie Watsonwife of Thomas Watson
570WattsFrederick William Wattsfirst name on this monument1916no image424370107
571WaymouthRaymond Glyndwr Waymouthfirst name on this monument1924201944no image424371153
Peter James Waymouthfather of Raymond Glyndwr Waymouth
Christina Waymouthmother of Raymond Glyndwr Waymouth
Dorreen Waymouthson of Raymond Glyndwr Waymouth
572WeaverGeorge Weaverfirst name on this monument1874421916no image424372219
Amelia Weaverwife of George Weaver
573WebsterErnest Arthur Websterfirst name on this monument1940no image42437369
574WellsLeslie Frank Wellsfirst name on this monument1916no image42437476
575WelsbyWalter Welsbyfirst name on this monument1899171916no image4243751651
Richard Welsbyfather of Walter Welsby
Alice Welsbymother of Walter Welsby
576WestF Westfirst name on this monument1922181940no image424376196
George Henry Betts Westfather of F West
Ada May Westmother of F West
577WhiteAdrian Whitefirst name on this monument1884571941no image424377330
578WhiteRobert Whitefirst name on this monument1899181917no image424378176
Mary A Wilkiemother of Robert White
579WhiteRobert Whitefirst name on this monument1944no image42437981
580WhiteWilliam Whitefirst name on this monument1917no image42438059
581WilliamsCharles Archibald Rees Williamsfirst name on this monument1900161916no image424381128
T A Williamsfather of Charles Archibald Rees Williams
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GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
582WilliamsJames Joseph Williamsfirst name on this monument1922221944no image424383124
Rachael Williamsmother of James Joseph Williams
Kay Williamsson of James Joseph Williams
Mary Williamsson of James Joseph Williams
Nahlin Williamsson of James Joseph Williams
583WilliamsJonah Williamsfirst name on this monument1901381939no image4243821891
Jonah Williamsfather of Jonah Williams
Catherine Williamsmother of Jonah Williams
Isabel Williamswife of Jonah Williams
584WilliamsPercy Garnons Williamsfirst name on this monument1916no image424384105
585WilliamsWilliam Williamsfirst name on this monument1916no image42438566
586WilliamsonThomas Basil Williamsonfirst name on this monument1921191940no image424386105
Thomas Williamsonfather of Thomas Basil Williamson
Dorothy Williamsonmother of Thomas Basil Williamson
587WillisAlbert Willisfirst name on this monument1899171916no image424387293
Mary Willismother of Albert Willis
588WilsonArthur Wellesley Alister Wilsonfirst name on this monument1900171917no image424388177
Arthur Wellesley Wilsonfather of Arthur Wellesley Alister Wilson
Gertrude E Wilsonmother of Arthur Wellesley Alister Wilson
589WintertonMartin William George Wintertonfirst name on this monument1925191944no image424389219
Horace Thomas Wintertonfather of Martin William George Winterton
Mary Muriel Wintertonmother of Martin William George Winterton
590WoodWilfred Woodfirst name on this monument1918231941no image424390110
John Alfred Woodfather of Wilfred Wood
Lucy Woodmother of Wilfred Wood
Doreen Jane Woodwife of Wilfred Wood
591WoodrowRobert Woodrowfirst name on this monument1896211917no image424391236
Albert Woodrowfather of Robert Woodrow
Ellen Woodrowmother of Robert Woodrow
592WrenVictor G Wrenfirst name on this monument1900391939no image424392122
Henry Wrenfather of Victor G Wren
Mary Wrenmother of Victor G Wren
Violet A Wrenwife of Victor G Wren
593WrightAlfred Wrightfirst name on this monument1901391940no image424393173
Alfred Wrightfather of Alfred Wright
Florence Wrightmother of Alfred Wright
Lily Wrightwife of Alfred Wright
594WrightWilliam Edward Wrightfirst name on this monument1916no image42439458
595WrightWilliam F Wrightfirst name on this monument1915291944no image424395113
John Thomas Wrightfather of William F Wright
Charlotte Wrightmother of William F Wright
Jenny Wrightwife of William F Wright
596WymerFrederick Lewis Henry Wymerfirst name on this monument1916no image424396173
597WynnJoseph Wynnfirst name on this monument1898191917no image424397567
James Wynnfather of Joseph Wynn
Caroline Wynnmother of Joseph Wynn
598YeatesCharles Henry Yeatesfirst name on this monument1916no image424398149
599YoungE Youngfirst name on this monumentno image42440956
600YoungErnest Youngfirst name on this monument1872441916no image42439990
John Youngfather of Ernest Young
Annie Youngmother of Ernest Young

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Lynes Naval Military Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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