St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England

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701SidebottamJames Sidebottamfirst name on this monument1817331850id: 486383677799s of Thomas and Elizabeth
Thomas Sidebottamfather of James Sidebottam
Elizabeth Sidebottammother of James Sidebottam
Jane Sidebottamsister of James Sidebottam1807651872 d of Thomas and Elizabeth

702SimmJohn Simmfirst name on this monument1830821912id: 3663835587981
Sarah Jane Simmdaughter of John Simm1863821945 d of John and Jane
George Henry Simmson of John Simm185921861 age 18m - s of John and jane
Jane Simmwife of John Simm1828621890 w of John

703SimmonsAnn Simmonsfirst name on this monument1833421875id: 288383480799w of Daniel
Elizabeth Simmonsdaughter of Ann Simmons185141855 d of Daniel and Ann
Daniel Simmonshusband of Ann Simmons
Elizabeth Ann Cooke1864851949 w of William rbt
William Robert Cooke6518821947 h of Elizabeth Ann

704SimpsonKimberley Sheila Simpsonfirst name on this monument198811989id: 773383965797

705SixmithWilliam Sixmithfirst name on this monument1822651887id: 306383498804
Eliza Schofield
James Schofield
Martha Elizabeth Schofield187421876 age 1y 10m - d of James and Eliza
Thomas Sixmith
Martha Sixmithwife of William Sixmith1825501875 w of William

706SlaterGeorge Slaterfirst name on this monument1909922001id: 860384052796

707SmethhurstJames Smethhurstfirst name on this monument78id: 165383360800
Ann Smethhurstdaughter of James Smethhurst1871851956 d of James and Maria
Maria Smethhurstdaughter of James Smethhurst187811879 age 14m - d of James and Maria
Richard Smethhurstdaughter of James Smethhurst187431877 s of James and Maria
William Smethhurstson of James Smethhurst186771874 age 6y 5m - s of James and Maria
Maria Smethhurstwife of James Smethhurst1845811926 w of James

708SmethhurstWilliam Smethhurstfirst name on this monument1845671912id: 505383696801
Arthur Smethhurst
Jane Smethhurst1870-111859 w of Arthur
Betsy Smethhurstwife of William Smethhurst1844661910 w of William

709SmethurstJohn Smethurstfirst name on this monument1883681951id: 125383320798
Elizabeth Smethurst1888841972

710SmethurstThomas Smethurstfirst name on this monument1798821880id: 118383313797
Mary Lawtondaughter of Thomas Smethurst1844581902 d of Thomas and Martha
Joseph Hardman
Sarah Hardman1840731913 w of Joseph
Martha Smethurstwife of Thomas Smethurst1805771882 w of Thomas

711SmithAbigail Smithfirst name on this monument1784841868id: 152383347803
Frances Smithdaughter of Abigail Smith1813661879 d of Thomas and Abigail
Mary Smithdaughter of Abigail Smith1822241846 d of Thomas and Abigail
Thomas Smithhusband of Abigail Smith
Ralph Smith188541889

712SmithElsie Smithfirst name on this monument2008id: 822384014798

713SmithJames Leonard Smithfirst name on this monument1906831989id: 863384055795
Eveline Smith1909952004

714SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1863181881id: 503383694796s of John and mary Ann
William Smithbrother of John Smith1869741943 s of John and mary Ann
John Smithfather of John Smith1830541884
Mary Ann Smithmother of John Smith1839761915 w of John
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715SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1813641877no image383258797
George William Sutcliffe Smithson of John Smith1839331872 s of John and Maria
Maria Sutcliffe Smithwife of John Smith1800711871 w of John

716SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1786721858id: 156383351805w of Henry
Alice Smithdaughter of Mary Smith1824241848 d of Henry and Mary
Henry Smithhusband of Mary Smith
Ann Howcroft1849821931 w of Peter
Peter Howcroft1853711924

717SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1838141852id: 375383567795d of Peter and Mary Ann
Peter Smithfather of Mary Smith
Mary Ann Smithmother of Mary Smith

718SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1909691978id: 700383891799

719SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1830221852id: 201383396804
Dora Fitton189711898 age 17m - d of Thomas and Mary Ann
Thomas Smith Fitton190801908 age 4m - s of Thomas and Mary Ann
Ann Smith
Clifford Smith inf - s of Eli and Ann
Eli Smith60
Herbert Smith inf - s of Eli and Ann
Mary Smith1825361861
Thomas Smith inf - s of Eli and Ann

720SouthernIrene May Southernfirst name on this monument1915531968id: 6573838487981
Stanley Southernhusband of Irene May Southern1906761982 h of Irene May

721SouthworthEdith Southworthfirst name on this monument1896821978id: 886384078814
Edwin Southworthhusband of Edith Southworth1891911982 h of Edith
Ronald Edwin Southworthson of Edith Southworth1927551982 s of Edwin and Edith

722SpibeyWilliam Spibeyfirst name on this monument1838681906id: 294383486802
Agnes Spibeydaughter of William Spibey1883711954 d of William and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Spibeydaughter-in-law of William Spibey1883791962
Mary Ellen Wilde1872851957
Robert Spibeyson of William Spibey1886401926 s of Wm and Elizabeth and h of Elizabeth
William Spibeyson of William Spibey1875671942 s of William and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Spibeywife of William Spibey1840861926 w of William

723SquiresWilliam Squiresfirst name on this monument1812241836id: 387383579800s of Thomas and Alice
Thomas Squiresfather of William Squires
Alice Squiresmother of William Squires
John Taylor1817871904
Sarah Taylor1830751905 w of John

724StaffordCaroline Staffordfirst name on this monument1866881954id: 6623838538051
Edith Gertrude Botham1873841957

725StanleyJohn Stanleyfirst name on this monumentid: 359383551800
Betsy Stanleydaughter of John Stanley1865761941 d of John and Rachel
Joseph Stanleyson of John Stanley1859261885 s of John and Rachel
Rachel Stanleywife of John Stanley1832491881 w of John

726StevensBrian Stevensfirst name on this monument1956522008id: 720383912797

727StevensSamuel Stevensfirst name on this monument1931722003id: 759383951795
Sarah Stevens1930752005

728StonesBetty Stonesfirst name on this monument1794661860id: 388383580806w of John
Ann Stonesdaughter of Betty Stones1825181843 d of John and Betty
John Stoneshusband of Betty Stones
James Stonesson of Betty Stones183901839 age 14w - s of John and Betty
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729StonesDaniel Stonesfirst name on this monument1815601875id: 5463837378034
Alice Stones1840521892 w of Thomas
Thomas Stones1838541892
Ann Stoneswife of Daniel Stones1817661883 w of Daniel

730StonesFrank Stonesfirst name on this monument1889681957id: 648383839803
Doris Wilson1926752001 w of Robert
Robert Wilson1924701994
Mary Stoneswife of Frank Stones1897741971 w of Frank

731StonesJames Stonesfirst name on this monument1833421875id: 1123833078131
Florence Stonesdaughter of James Stones1848101858 d of James and Betty
Harold Bentham1895221917 s of Squire and Mary
Mary Bentham
Squire Bentham
Abraham Walker Deardon189121893 s of Richard and Betsy
Betsy Deardon1853611914 w of Richard
Hannah Deardon
Richard Deardon
Richard Deardon1850691919
Stanley Deardon190301903 age 19w - s of Wm and Hannah
William Deardon
Betty Stoneswife of James Stones1834621896 w of James

732StonesJohn Stonesfirst name on this monument1820681888id: 465383656804
Esther Farnworth1862301892 w of Moses
Harry Farnworth189201892 age 1m - s of Moses and Esther
Moses Farnworth
Ann Stoneswife of John Stones1820691889 w of John

733StonesSamuel Stonesfirst name on this monument1815441859id: 362383554799
Jane Welsbydaughter of Samuel Stones1833701903 w of Timothy
John Stonesson of Samuel Stones184141845 age 3y 7m - s of Samuel and Mary Ann
Timothy Welsbyson-in-law of Samuel Stones1834561890 sil of Samuel
Mary Ann Stoneswife of Samuel Stones1808801888 w of Samuel

734StonesWilliam Stonesfirst name on this monument1811601871no image383284796
Jane Stones1812511863

735StonesWilliam Stonesfirst name on this monument1841401881id: 1153833107961
James Stonesson of William Stones30 s of William and Sarah
Sarah Stoneswife of William Stones1837581895 w of William

736StreetJohn Streetfirst name on this monument1829481877id: 521383712798
Charlotte Street1821591880
Thomas Street1829551884
Alice Streetwife of John Street1834441878 w of John

737SumnerFlorence Sumnerfirst name on this monument186931872id: 190383385800d of Wm and Ellen
William Sumnerfather of Florence Sumner
Ellen Sumnermother of Florence Sumner
Mary Ann Sumner1813651878 w of William
William Sumner1811861897 h of Mary Ann

738SwiftEllen Swiftfirst name on this monument1821181839id: 237383431796d of George and Jane
George Swiftfather of Ellen Swift
Jane Swiftmother of Ellen Swift

739SyddallHannah Syddallfirst name on this monument1797861883id: 530383721803w of William
Betsy Syddalldaughter of Hannah Syddall1829801909 d of Wm and Hannah
William Syddallhusband of Hannah Syddall
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740TattersallAbraham Tattersallfirst name on this monument1934-441890no image383222802
Margaret Alice Tattersalldaughter of Abraham Tattersall186301863 age 10m - d of Abraham and Remino
John Tattersallson of Abraham Tattersall1849171866 s of Abraham and Remino
Remino Tattersallwife of Abraham Tattersall1836571893 w of Abraham

741TattersallWilliam Tattersallfirst name on this monument1810671877id: 511383702796
Jane Tattersalldaughter of William Tattersall1849551904 d of Wm and Jane
Jane Tattersallwife of William Tattersall1812791891 w of William

742TaylorDamaris Taylorfirst name on this monument1821531874id: 1003832957952of William Myers
Grace Emeline Taylordaughter of Damaris Taylor1853241877 d of Wm Myers and Damaris
William Myers Taylorhusband of Damaris Taylor1823621885

743TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1818561874no image383274800
Elizabeth Ann Toppdaughter of John Taylor1840561896 d of John and Ellen and w of Samuel
Samuel Toppson-in-law of John Taylor
Ellen Taylorwife of John Taylor1818571875 w of John

744TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1808621870id: 443383634800
Mary Taylordaughter of John Taylor183921841 d of John and immin
Lawrence Taylorson of John Taylor1838231861 s of John and Immin
Immin Taylorwife of John Taylor1813271840 w of John

745TaylorJoseph Taylorfirst name on this monument1835781913id: 496383687799
Immin Taylordaughter of Joseph Taylor1857521909 d of Joseph and Elizabeth
William James Shawcross1856241880
John Taylorson of Joseph Taylor1860201880 s of Joseph and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Taylorwife of Joseph Taylor1835281863 w of Joseph

746TaylorLawrence Taylorfirst name on this monument1777551832id: 454383645800
Mary Taylorwife of Lawrence Taylor1781721853 w of Lawrence

747TaylorLawrence Taylorfirst name on this monument1792851877id: 473383664801
Mary Ann Taylordaughter of Lawrence Taylor18281011929 age 15m - d of Lawrence and Hannah
Hannah Taylorwife of Lawrence Taylor1799471846 w of Lawrence

748TaylorLawrence Taylorfirst name on this monument1865731938no image383215800
Lilian Taylordaughter of Lawrence Taylor d of Lawrence and Mary Ann
Mary Elizabeth Taylordaughter of Lawrence Taylor188011881 age 8m - d of Lawrence and Mary Ann
Martha Ellen Atkinson1906881994
Ann Taylor1903551958
Arthur Taylorson of Lawrence Taylor s of Lawrence and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Taylorwife of Lawrence Taylor1874791953

749ThomasGeorge Thomasfirst name on this monument1996id: 858384050796

750ThomasonPeter Thomasonfirst name on this monument1808401848id: 402383593799
Ann Thomasondaughter of Peter Thomason184711848 d of Peter and Ann
John Doodson1777951872
Ann Thomasonwife of Peter Thomason1810371847 w of Peter

751ThomassonJoseph Thomassonfirst name on this monument1923391962id: 668383859803
Hilda Thomasson97

752ThompsonElizabeth Thompsonfirst name on this monument1817621879id: 113383308807w of William
William Thompsonhusband of Elizabeth Thompson1826661892 h of Elizabeth
Adam Butterworth1820741894
Mary Butterworth1817761893 w of Adam
Howarth Hargreaves1840431883

753ThorpeRoy Thorpefirst name on this monumentid: 742383934799

754TongeDavid Tongefirst name on this monument1946622008id: 824384016799

755TongeGiles Tongefirst name on this monument1811461857id: 637383828799
Mary Tongedaughter of Giles Tonge182961835 d of Giles and Alice
Samuel Tongeson of Giles Tonge1833251858 s of Giles and Alice
Alice Tongewife of Giles Tonge1800831883 w of Giles
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756TongeJames Tongefirst name on this monument1818561874id: 221383416799
Sarah Tongedaughter of James Tonge1849641913 d of James and Elizabeth
John Tongeson of James Tonge185211853 age 1y 4m - s of James and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Tongewife of James Tonge1821591880 w of James

757TongeJames Tongefirst name on this monument53id: 1613833568031
John Tongedaughter of James Tonge1876231899 d of James and Elizabeth
Matilda Tongedaughter of James Tonge1 age 1y 5m - d of James and Elizabeth
Hilda Tonge189911900 age 10m
William Tongeson of James Tonge1872111883 s of James and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Tongewife of James Tonge1844681912 w of James

758TongeJames Tongefirst name on this monument1811781889id: 279383471798
Ellen Tongedaughter of James Tonge184121843 age 13m - d of James and Ann
Elizabeth Ann Tongedaughter-in-law of James Tonge1850691919 w of John Thomas
Hindle Crompton Tongegrand daughter of James Tonge1877411918 s of John Thomas and Elizabeth
John Thomas Tongeson of James Tonge1849351884 s of James and Ann
Ann Tongewife of James Tonge1809621871 w of James

759TongeJohn Tongefirst name on this monument1825431868id: 1423833377981
Mary Ann Tongedaughter-in-law of John Tonge1807741881 wife of John Tonge
Mary Tongegrand daughter of John Tonge1830701900 daughter of John and Mary Ann Tonge
James Nelson Tongeson of John Tonge1847251872 s of John

760TongeJohn Tongefirst name on this monument1803701873id: 166383361802
Ann Tongedaughter of John Tonge1842531895 d of John and Ann
Peter Tongeson of John Tonge1845471892 s of John and Ann
Ann Tongewife of John Tonge1799741873 w of John

761TongeJohn Tongefirst name on this monument1801561857id: 224383419804
Alice Crompton
Fanny Crompton184231845 d of John and Alice
John Crompton
Jonathan Crompton1840241864 s of John and Alice
Thomas Crompton184841852 s of John and Alice
Alice Holt1834431877 w of Joseph
John Holt187701877 age 4m - s of Joseph and Alice
Joseph Holt
Jonathan Cromptonson of John Tonge1787651852
William Tongeson of John Tonge1835101845 s of John and Betty
Jannet Cromptonwife of John Tonge1791531844 w of Jonathan
Betty Tongewife of John Tonge1796691865 w of John

762TongeJohn H Tongefirst name on this monument1833501883id: 223
(2 images)
Edward Crompton
Sarah Crompton
Thomas Edwin Crompton186141865 s of Edward and Sarah
Joseph Holt1833471880
Elizabeth Ann Sharp186711868 age 16m - d of George and Lucy
George Sharp
Lucy Sharp
John Tonge1780661846
Nancy Tonge1780681848 w of John H
Betty H Tongewife of John H Tonge1823621885 w of John H

763TongePeter Tongefirst name on this monument1785681853no image3832628071
James Crompton1820691889
Mary Crompton1824711895
Margaret Tongewife of Peter Tonge1782621844 w of Peter
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764TongePeter Tongefirst name on this monument1825251850id: 424383615798
Ellen Tongedaughter of Peter Tonge1849311880 d of Peter and Ann
Ann Tongewife of Peter Tonge

765TongeRobert Tongefirst name on this monument1799671866id: 4643836557971

766TongeRobert Tongefirst name on this monument1833421875id: 275383467797
Rachel Tongedaughter of Robert Tonge186521867 age 2y4m - d of Rbt and Mary
Sarah Ellen Tongedaughter of Robert Tonge186021862 age 1y7m - d of Rbt and Mary
John Crompton
Martha Crompton
Robert Ashton Crompton1879121891 age 18m - s of John and Martha
James Tongeson of Robert Tonge187011871 age 16m - s of Rbt and Mary
Thomas Tongeson of Robert Tonge186321865 age 2y6m - s of Rbt and Mary
Mary Tongewife of Robert Tonge1837531890 w of Robert

767TongeSamuel Tongefirst name on this monument182841832id: 638383829799s of Samuel
Samuel Tongefather of Samuel Tonge1787641851 f of Samuel
Ellen Tongemother of Samuel Tonge relict of Samuel

768TongeSamuel Tongefirst name on this monumentno image383286797
Jane Tongewife of Samuel Tonge1885 w of Samuel

769TongeThomas Tongefirst name on this monument1782741856no image383242796

770TongeThomas Tongefirst name on this monument1978id: 766383958797

771TongeThomas Tongefirst name on this monument1794741868id: 345383537811
Abraham Isherwood1832271859
Elizabeth Tonge1842151857 d of Thomas and Ellen
Ellen Tonge
Thomas Tonge
Elizabeth Tongewife of Thomas Tonge1790651855 w of Thomas

772TongeThomas Tongefirst name on this monument1755831838id: 639383830803
Alice Tonge1857-241833

773TongeWilliam Tongefirst name on this monument1839691908id: 538383729800
Ann Tongedaughter of William Tonge186551870 age 4y 6m - d of Wm and Hannah
James Tongeson of William Tonge187001870 age 9m - s of Wm and Hannah
Hannah Tongewife of William Tonge1841371878 w of William

774ToppMartha Toppfirst name on this monument1852241876id: 4753836668111d of Joseph and Jane
Abraham Topp1821181839 s of Joseph and Martha
Jane Topp
Joseph Topp
Joseph Topp
Martha Topp
Thomas Topp1805321837 s of Joseph and Martha
Ann Young1808511859 w of Joseph
Joseph Young

775TroughtonAnnie Troughtonfirst name on this monument1893851978id: 779383971804w of James
James Troughtonhusband of Annie Troughton
Eva McFarlane1901881989
Joseph McFarlane1899811980 h of Eva

776TudgeMonica Tudgefirst name on this monumentid: 821384013804

777TurnerJohn Turnerfirst name on this monument1812681880id: 377383569797
Elizabeth Turnerdaughter of John Turner1837241861 d of John and Nancy
James Turnerson of John Turner1880 s of John and M
Nancy Turnerwife of John Turner1807621869 w of John

778TyldesleyJohn Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1804671871id: 192383387798
Betty Tyldesleydaughter of John Tyldesley1831541885 d of John and Alice
Martha Ellen Tyldesleydaughter of John Tyldesley1844721916 d of John and Alice
Alice Tyldesleywife of John Tyldesley1809801889 w of John
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779TyldesleyMaud Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1884871971id: 796383988797
James Tyldesley1923822005

780TyldesleyWilliam Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1796421838id: 392383584800
Ann Tyldesleywife of William Tyldesley1806471853 w of William

781TyldesleyWilliam Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1806671873id: 278383470795
William Tyldesleyson of William Tyldesley183721839 age 1y 9m - s of Wm and Mary
Mary Tyldesleywife of William Tyldesley1808331841 w of William

782TyldesleyWilliam Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1853531906id: 280383472796s of Wm and Betsy
William Tyldesleyfather of William Tyldesley
Betsy Tyldesleymother of William Tyldesley

783TyldesleyWilliam Tyldesleyfirst name on this monument1807661873id: 281383473797
Joseph Tyldesleyson of William Tyldesley1855281883 s of William and Betsy
Betsy Tyldesleywife of William Tyldesley1811511862 w of William

784TylerClara Alice Tylerfirst name on this monument1924721996id: 709383900801

785UnsworthElizabeth Unsworthfirst name on this monument183721839id: 322383514798d of Samuel and Alice
Samuel Unsworthfather of Elizabeth Unsworth
Alice Unsworthmother of Elizabeth Unsworth
Jane Unsworthsister of Elizabeth Unsworth184411845 age 8m - d of Samuel andAlice

786UnsworthJohn Unsworthfirst name on this monument1827371864id: 403383594802
Sarah Brindledaughter of John Unsworth1880411921 d of John and Sarah and w of Wm
Betsy Unsworthgrand daughter of John Unsworth187821880 gd of John and Sarah
Thomas Booth188501885 age 10m
Mary Jane Unsworth
Robert Unsworth1857451902 h of Mary Jane
William Brindleson-in-law of John Unsworth
Sarah Unsworthwife of John Unsworth1826761902 w of John

787UnsworthJoseph Thomason Unsworthfirst name on this monument1896651961id: 676383867795
Clara Unsworthwife of Joseph Thomason Unsworth1893681961 w of Joseph

788UnsworthRoy Unsworthfirst name on this monument1943592002id: 724383916800

789VickarsWilliam Vickarsfirst name on this monument1901581959id: 241383435805
Thomas Emery1842651907
Alice Ann Selfe1854771931
Alice Vickarswife of William Vickars1891681959 w of William

790VickersEllis Vickersfirst name on this monument184111842id: 2423834368112age 11m - s of William and Alice
William Vickersfather of Ellis Vickers
Alice Vickersmother of Ellis Vickers
James Vickers1839621901
Jane Vickers1833641897 w of James
Thomas Vickers186361869 s of James and Jane

791VickersJohn Vickersfirst name on this monument1824791903id: 2853834778003
Alice Vickersdaughter of John Vickers184851853 age 5y4m - d of John and Elizabeth
Martha Vickersdaughter of John Vickers1846251871 d of John and Elizabeth
Mary Jane Vickersdaughter of John Vickers1860231883 d of John and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Vickerswife of John Vickers1824911915 w of John

792VickersJoseph Vickersfirst name on this monument42id: 110383305798
Daniel Tyldesley1834661900
Harriet Tyldesley1855601915 w of Daniel
Hannah Vickerswife of Joseph Vickers1838311869 w of Joseph

793VickersRichard Vickersfirst name on this monument1817601877id: 267383459795
Sarah Vickerswife of Richard Vickers w of Richard

794VickersWilliam Vickersfirst name on this monument1827671894id: 6173838088002
Hannah Vickers1865191884 d of Wm and Hannah
Hannah Vickers
William Vickers
John Vickersson of William Vickers1850191869 s of Wm and esther
Esther Vickerswife of William Vickers1827641891 w of William
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795VictorThomas Victorfirst name on this monument1903831986id: 872384064796
Eileen Maude Victor1911761987

796WalkdenEllen Walkdenfirst name on this monument1787671854id: 181383376818
John Dawson1828491877
Naomi Dawson1826721898 w of John
Mary Walkden185411855 age 1y 5m - d of Naomi

797WalkdenWilliam Walkdenfirst name on this monument1793921885id: 173
(2 images)
John Willie Berry187111872 age 14m - s of John and Sarah
John Willie Berry
Sarah Berry
Annie Howden190601906 age 10m - d of Gerard and Emma
Emma Howden
Gerard Howden

798WalkerAdam Walkerfirst name on this monument1883771960id: 789383981811
Gertrude Walker1884811965

799WalkerBetty Walkerfirst name on this monument1779581837id: 467383658800w of Joseph
Betty Walkerdaughter of Betty Walker1821101831 d of Joseph and Betty
Joseph Walkerhusband of Betty Walker
Henry Plumpton183221834 age 18m - s of Thomas and Sarah
Sarah Plumpton
Thomas Plumpton

800WalkerJacob Walkerfirst name on this monument1960id: 651383842798
Edna Walkerdaughter of Jacob Walker d of Jacob and Annie
Annie Walkerwife of Jacob Walker w of Jacob

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England.

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