St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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501LordJohn Lordfirst name on this monument1782841866id: 1783833731066

502LordJohn Edward Lordfirst name on this monument1998id: 8453840371067
Hilda Lordwife of John Edward Lord2009 w of John Edward

503LordRose Lordfirst name on this monument1926691995id: 8323840241069
John Derrick Lordhusband of Rose Lord1926701996
Malcom Lordson of Rose Lord1951512002 s of John and Rose

504LordWilliam Lordfirst name on this monument1807591866no image3832231075
Ellen Lorddaughter of William Lord1835421877 d of Wm and Nelly
Jane Whitesidemother-in-law of William Lord1775881863 m of Nelly
John Lordson of William Lord1842641906 s of Wm and Nellie
Nelly Lordwife of William Lord1806631869 w of William

505LovattJoseph Lovattfirst name on this monument1819631882id: 2183834131082
Ellen Lovatt1821331854 w of Robert
Mary Lovatt1820661886 w of Robert
Robert Lovatt

506LyonJames Lyonfirst name on this monument1837361873id: 1283833231091h of Mary
Mary Lyon
Susannah Lyon1810731883 w of William
William Lyon1810671877
James Monks1844471891
Sarah Ann Monks1843371880 d of William and Susannah

507LythgoePeter Lythgoefirst name on this monument1850681918id: 5933837841074
Ethel Jane Lythgoedaughter of Peter Lythgoe1871481919 d of Peter and Alice
Florence Lythgoedaughter of Peter Lythgoe1884311915 d of Peter and Alice
Gertrude Annie Lythgoedaughter of Peter Lythgoe187971886 age 7y 6m - d of Peter and Alice
Alfred Lythgoeson of Peter Lythgoe1890121902 s of Peter and Alice
Alice Hannah Lythgoewife of Peter Lythgoe w of Peter

508MacIntyreSteven MacIntyrefirst name on this monument2011id: 8673840591082

509MagnallHenry Magnallfirst name on this monument1800761876id: 33838353010771
Ellen Magnalldaughter of Henry Magnall1836631899 d of Henry and Mary
Esther Horrocks
Peter Horrocks1844121856 age 11y5m - s of Esther
Henry Magnallson of Henry Magnall1851181869 s of Henry and Mary
William Magnallson of Henry Magnall1843231866 s of Henry and Mary
Mary Magnallwife of Henry Magnall1803801883 w of Henry

510MainReginald Mainfirst name on this monument1924571981id: 7313839231074

511MaloneAlan Malonefirst name on this monument1932762008id: 8083840001074

512MaloneJohn Malonefirst name on this monument1881871968id: 7693839611067h of Rachel
Ruth Sherlockdaughter of John Malone d of John and Rachel
Rachel Malonewife of John Malone

513MannLily May Mannfirst name on this monument2005id: 7553839471065

514MannSamuel Mannfirst name on this monument1815401855id: 23438342810791
Ann Manndaughter of Samuel Mann1848101858 d of Samuel and Mary
William Mannson of Samuel Mann1836281864 s of Samuel and Mary
Abigail Mannwife of Samuel Mann1811721883 w of Samuel

515MarcroftRobert Marcroftfirst name on this monument1811671878id: 1543833491077
Nancy Marcroftdaughter of Robert Marcroft184321845 age 1y 7m - d of Rbt and Elzbth
Robert Marcroftson of Robert Marcroft183431837 age 2y 10m - s of Rbt and Elzbth
Elizabeth Marcroftwife of Robert Marcroft1809711880

516MarsdenElias Marsdenfirst name on this monument1819741893id: 5543837451067
Ellen Marsdendaughter of Elias Marsden186031863 age 3y 5m - d of Elias and Ellen
Elias Marsdenson of Elias Marsden185741861 age 3y 5m - s of Elias and Ellen
Ellen Marsdenwife of Elias Marsden1832581890 w of Elias
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517MarshallJames Marshallfirst name on this monument1865791944id: 558
(2 images)
3837491073h of Levina
Catherine Seddon1930
Levina Marshallwife of James Marshall1878721950

518MartinGeorge Martinfirst name on this monument1892781970id: 7863839781070
Ethel Martinwife of George Martin1891951986 w of George

519MartinJames Price Martinfirst name on this monument1925591984id: 8793840711070

520MartinJohn Martinfirst name on this monument1892921984id: 6603838511114
Ada Martinwife of John Martin1890981988 w of John

521MartinThomas Martinfirst name on this monument1809531862id: 310
(2 images)
Margaret Crossdaughter of Thomas Martin1841731914 w of Joshua
Emily Martindaughter of Thomas Martin185271859 d of Thomas
Emily Martindaughter of Thomas Martin186111862 age 14m - d of Thomas
Margaret Martin188901889 inf - twin of Richard
Richard Martin188901889 inf
John Martinson of Thomas Martin184791856 s of Thomas
Thomas Martinson of Thomas Martin1838371875 s of Thomas
Thomas Martinson of Thomas Martin187501875 age 1d - s of Richard J
Joshua Crossson-in-law of Thomas Martin1888 sil of Thomas
Margaret Martinwife of Thomas Martin1810731883 w of Thomas

522MartinWilliam Martinfirst name on this monument1813751888id: 3783835701069
Eliza Jane Martindaughter of William Martin1855181873 d of Wm and Alice
Alice Martinwife of William Martin

523MatherHugh Matherfirst name on this monument1822681890id: 58938378010692
Mary Matherdaughter of Hugh Mather1844581902 d of Hugh and Alice
John Mathergrand son of Hugh Mather1863441907 gs of Hugh
Alice Matherwife of Hugh Mather1822531875 w of Hugh

524MatherThomas Matherfirst name on this monument1848251873id: 5883837791068s of Henry and Margaret
Henry Matherfather of Thomas Mather
Margaret Mathermother of Thomas Mather

525McallionJohn Mcallionfirst name on this monument1963id: 6693838601072
Martha Mcallion1990

526McArthurJohn McArthurfirst name on this monument1933631996id: 6823838731066

527McCannEsther McCannfirst name on this monument1812641876id: 5193837101068w of John
John McCannhusband of Esther McCann1811691880

528McDermottCatherine McDermottfirst name on this monument187011871id: 5603837511083age 10m - d of James and Catherine
Robert McDermottbrother of Catherine McDermott187211873 age 11m - s of James and Catherine
James McDermottfather of Catherine McDermott1841591900 h of Catherine
Catherine McDermottmother of Catherine McDermott1835711906
Jane Mallam1804931897
James McDermott186671873 s of James and Catherine
Mary McDermottsister of Catherine McDermott186471871 d of James and Catherine

529McMillanGeorge William McMillanfirst name on this monument186821870id: 5723837631074s of George and Elizabeth
Charles McMillanbrother of George William McMillan1858201878 s of George and Elizabeth
George William McMillanbrother of George William McMillan1883131896 s of George and Elizabeth
Robert Bearingbrother-in-law of George William McMillan
George McMillanfather of George William McMillan
Elizabeth McMillanmother of George William McMillan
Bessie Bearingsister of George William McMillan1872361908 d of George and Elizabeth and w of Rbt
Ellen Brookssister of George William McMillan1917 s of George and Elizabeth
Elizabeth McMillansister of George William McMillan1841651906 d of George and Elizabeth

530MillarFrederick Millarfirst name on this monument1836551891id: 3023834941078
Sarah Monks1862431905 w of Seth
Seth Monks
Margaret Millarwife of Frederick Millar1827661893 w of Frederick
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531MonksJane Monksfirst name on this monument1853431896id: 3093835011074w of Seth
Seth Monkshusband of Jane Monks

532MooreheadEnid Mary Mooreheadfirst name on this monument1944471991id: 8653840571071

533MooresJames Albert Mooresfirst name on this monument186911870id: 58238377310762s of Frederick and Mary Alice
Frederick Mooresfather of James Albert Moores
Mary Ann Mooresmother of James Albert Moores1841801921 w of Frederick
Mary Ann Crompton1819661885
Harry Moores1953
Annetta Mooressister of James Albert Moores1869791948 d of Frederick and mary Ann

534MorganWilliam Morganfirst name on this monument1811601871id: 6203838111087
Alice Morganwife of William Morgan1821571878 w of William

535MorrisJohn Morrisfirst name on this monument1853271880id: 1243833191070h of Margaret
Jane Brooksdaughter of John Morris188731890 d of John and Mgt
Lean Brooksdaughter of John Morris188911890 age 7m - d of John and Mgt
Margaret Jane Brooksdaughter of John Morris189411895 age 11m - d of John and Mgt
John Brooks1855591914
Thomas Morrisson of John Morris1881221903 s of John and Mgt
Margaret Brookswife of John Morris1857721929 w of John

536MortJames Mortfirst name on this monument1777791856id: 2203834151067
James Mort1828411869 s of Peter and Sarah
Peter Mort1808781886
Sarah Mort1824401864 w of Peter
John Mortson of James Mort1800541854 s of James and Sarah
Sarah Mortwife of James Mort1779821861 w of James

537MortJoseph Mortfirst name on this monument186531868no image3832641069age 2y 8m - s of John and Betty
John Mortfather of Joseph Mort
Betty Mortmother of Joseph Mort
Richard Mort

538MoseleyHenry Smith Moseleyfirst name on this monument1837331870id: 6433838341072
Betsy Ellen Moseleydaughter of Henry Smith Moseley186211863 age 1y3w - d of Henry and Hannah
Ernest Moseleyson of Henry Smith Moseley188821890 s of Henry and Hannah
Hannah Moseleywife of Henry Smith Moseley

539MulliganAlice Mulliganfirst name on this monument1907811988id: 8413840331065

540MullineauxIan Frank Mullineauxfirst name on this monument1967382005id: 82038401210672

541MurphyJoyce Mary Murphyfirst name on this monument1935501985id: 7633839551068

542MurrayMaureen Murrayfirst name on this monument1943531996id: 7283839201073

543MyersRobert Myersfirst name on this monument1810801890no image38322810672
Betty Myerswife of Robert Myers1808591867 w of Robert. Married in Salford (my birthplace)

544NelsonAlice Nelsonfirst name on this monument1900691969id: 7873839791084
Hannah Nelson1905851990
Joseph Nelson1887841971

545NelsonGeorge Nelsonfirst name on this monument1833711904id: 2303834241084
Ann Nelsonwife of George Nelson1833721905 w of George

546NichollsSarah Nichollsfirst name on this monument1835591894id: 3693835611069w of Philip
Philip Nichollshusband of Sarah Nicholls

547NorrisHenry Norrisfirst name on this monument1795701865id: 4443836351065
Henry Norrisnephew of Henry Norris1827561883 nephew of George
George Norris1768721840
John Norris1830551885
Ellen Norrisniece-in-law of Henry Norris1831831914 w of Henry
Elizabeth Norriswife of Henry Norris1797461843 w of Henry
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548NorrisRalph Norrisfirst name on this monument1830421872no image3832781068
Sarah Norrisdaughter of Ralph Norris1852221874 d of Ralph and Mary Ann
John Norrisson of Ralph Norris185431857 age 3y 3m - s of Ralph and Mary Ann
Ralph Norrisson of Ralph Norris185011851 age 18m - s of Ralph and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Norriswife of Ralph Norris

549NuttallAnn Nuttallfirst name on this monument1771681839id: 36138355310733
James Nuttallhusband of Ann Nuttall1808741882 h of Ann

550NuttallEdward Nuttallfirst name on this monument1833641897id: 2313834251074
Alice Nuttalldaughter of Edward Nuttall187201872 age 4m - d of Edward and Hannah
James Nuttallson of Edward Nuttall1866271893 s of Edward and Hannah
Hannah Nuttallwife of Edward Nuttall1832631895 w of Edward

551NuttallGeorge Nuttallfirst name on this monument1843571900id: 6003837911073
Mary Nuttallwife of George Nuttall1840781918 w of George

552NuttallJames Nuttallfirst name on this monument1818721890id: 2333834271075
Margaret Nuttalldaughter of James Nuttall184061846 d of James and Margaret
Margaret Nuttallwife of James Nuttall1819451864 w of James

553NuttallJohn Nuttallfirst name on this monument1823511874id: 2453834391077
Alice Lowedaughter of John Nuttall185611857 d of John and Alice
James Nuttallson of John Nuttall1837151852 s of John and Alice
Alice Nuttallwife of John Nuttall1823581881 w of John

554NuttallJohn Nuttallfirst name on this monument1777771854id: 43138362210752
Ann Nuttalldaughter of John Nuttall1805631868 d of John and Susannah
Rachel Hayes1816631879
Alice Nuttall
Robert Holt Nuttall
William Nuttall187101871 age 6w - s of Robert Holt and Alice
Susannah Nuttallwife of John Nuttall1786711857 wife of John Mother of Robert Holt Nuttall, Mary Holt Nuttall (married Francis Henshaw), Ann Nuttall.

555NuttallJohn Nuttallfirst name on this monument1816621878id: 4303836211092
Alice Atkinsondaughter of John Nuttall1844341878 d of John and mary and w of William
Susannah Nuttalldaughter of John Nuttall184931852 age 2y 10m - d of John and mary
James Nuttallson of John Nuttall186511866 age 8m - s of John and Mary
William Atkinsonson-in-law of John Nuttall
Mary Nuttallwife of John Nuttall1818431861 w of John
Elizabeth Nuttallsecond wife of John Nuttall1818591877 w of John

556NuttallJohn Nuttallfirst name on this monument41id: 8953840871066
Margaret Nuttall

557NuttallJohn Nuttallfirst name on this monument1820561876id: 25638344911112
Mary Jane Nuttalldaughter of John Nuttall185911860 age 1y4m - d of John and Mary
Levi Worthingtongrand son of John Nuttall186801868 age 7m - gs of John and Mary
Elizabeth Ann Nuttall1880181898 d of Henry and Rachel
Henry Nuttall
Rachel Nuttall
Richard Nuttallson of John Nuttall185021852 age 1y8m - s of John and Mary
Mary Nuttallwife of John Nuttall1821591880 w of John

558NuttallMary Nuttallfirst name on this monument1788441832id: 46838365910761w of Henry
Sarah Nuttalldaughter of Mary Nuttall183621838 d of Henry and Maria
Henry Nuttallhusband of Mary Nuttall
John Nuttallson of Mary Nuttall183201832 age 6m - s of Henry and Mary
Nanov Nuttallsecond wife of husband of Mary Nuttall

559NuttallMary Nuttallfirst name on this monument1840461886id: 2113834061086
Alice Nuttalldaughter of Mary Nuttall183901839 age 6m - d of Rbt and Mary
Robert Nuttallhusband of Mary Nuttall
Jane Nuttall1836601896
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560NuttallRichard Nuttallfirst name on this monument1829621891id: 3813835731081
Mary Nuttalldaughter of Richard Nuttall185901859 age 9m - d of Richard and Eliza
Peter Nuttallson of Richard Nuttall185251857 age 4y8m - s of Richard and Eliza
Eliza Nuttallwife of Richard Nuttall1832321864 w of Richard
Ann Nuttallsecond wife of Richard Nuttall1831761907 2nd w of Richard

561OakesJohn Oakesfirst name on this monument1857691926id: 488
(2 images)
3836791076h of Hannah
Betsy Davenport1863261889 d of Samuel and w of John Samuel
John Samuel Davenport
Samuel Syddall1830361866
John Oakesson of John Oakes1893221915 s of John and Hannah
Hannah Oakeswife of John Oakes1861781939 w of John

562OatesChristine Mary Oatesfirst name on this monument1961422003id: 7463839381068

563OgdenTimothy Ogdenfirst name on this monument1846641910id: 2273834211087
Alice Barrow Ogdendaughter of Timothy Ogden187011871 age 3m - d of Timothy and Jane
Clara Ogdendaughter of Timothy Ogden1859501909 d of Timothy and Jane
Mary Ellen Ogdendaughter of Timothy Ogden1868321900 d of Timothy and Jane
Fred Ogdenson of Timothy Ogden187211873 age 6m - s of Timothy and Jane
Jane Ogdenwife of Timothy Ogden1837351872 w of Timothy
Ellen Ogdensecond wife of Timothy Ogden1835871922 2nd w of Timothy

564OkellSarah Okellfirst name on this monument1820641884id: 1623833571089
Amelia Hannah Kirkman1880241904 d of Richard and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Kirkman1849821931 w of Richard
Richard Kirkman59

565OlivePhoebe Olivefirst name on this monument1881no image3832891068

566OpenshawCharles Openshawfirst name on this monument1820501870id: 5653837561099
Alice Openshawdaughter of Charles Openshaw1853501903 d of Charles and Mary Ann
Abraham Barlow Openshawson of Charles Openshaw1859351894 s of Charles and Mary Ann
James Openshawson of Charles Openshaw1852451897 s of Charles and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Openshawwife of Charles Openshaw1827511878 w of Charles

567OpenshawCharles Openshawfirst name on this monument1782921874id: 4253836161107
Alfred Haslam
Ellen Haslam1826401866 w of Alfred
Sarah Kirkman1806851891
Betty Openshawwife of Charles Openshaw1781721853 w of Charles

568OpenshawJames Openshawfirst name on this monument1802681870id: 4353836261073
Betty Openshaw1788681856
Hannah Openshaw1809611870
John Bonas Openshaw184431847 age 3y 2m
Sarah Ellen Openshaw1846161862
Joseph Openshawson of James Openshaw1817201837 s of James and Malley
William Openshawson of James Openshaw183421836 s of James and Malley
Malley Openshawwife of James Openshaw1814281842 w of James

569OpenshawJohn Openshawfirst name on this monument183841842id: 4363836271069
Mary Openshaw1775861861

570OpenshawJonathan Openshawfirst name on this monument1828441872id: 25938345210841
Edith Openshawdaughter of Jonathan Openshaw188791896 d of Jonathan and Ann
Arthur Openshawson of Jonathan Openshaw187441878 s of Jonathan and Ann
John Openshawson of Jonathan Openshaw187811879 age 9m - s of Jonathan and Ann
Joseph Openshawson of Jonathan Openshaw1880121892 s of Jonathan and Ann
John Prestonson of Jonathan Openshaw1835581893
John Thomas Prestonson of Jonathan Openshaw1879381917 s of John and Sarah Ann
Richard Prestonson of Jonathan Openshaw187121873 age 2y 4m - s of John and Sarah Ann
Robert Prestonson of Jonathan Openshaw1859501909 s of John and Sarah Ann
Ann Openshawwife of Jonathan Openshaw1829761905 w of Jonathan
Sarah Ann Prestonwife of Jonathan Openshaw1838941932 w of John
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571OpenshawJoseph Openshawfirst name on this monument1808511859id: 4423836331071
Elizabeth Openshawdaughter of Joseph Openshaw185101851 age 5w - d of Joseph and Elnor
Ellen Openshawdaughter of Joseph Openshaw1845191864 d of Joseph and Elnor
Margaret Openshawdaughter of Joseph Openshaw183911840 age 15m - d of Joseph and Elnor
Elnor Openshawwife of Joseph Openshaw

572OpenshawWilliam Openshawfirst name on this monument1862381900id: 2583834511073h of Jane
Jane Owife of William Openshaw

573OpenshawWilliam Openshawfirst name on this monument1805691874id: 5433837341086
Elizabeth Openshaw1867221889
Mary Openshaw1835811916
Thomas Openshaw1836421878
Elizabeth Openshawwife of William Openshaw1794731867 w of William

574OrmrodAnn Ormrodfirst name on this monument1811591870id: 6273838181070
Margaret Ormrod1803731876
Peter Ormrod1799801879

575OrmrodRichard Ormrodfirst name on this monument1794661860id: 3853835771067
Mary Spencerdaughter of Richard Ormrod1837631900 w of George
Richard Ormrodson of Richard Ormrod1833661899 s of Richard
George Spencerson-in-law of Richard Ormrod1829671896 sil of Richard
Ann Ormrodwife of Richard Ormrod1792811873 w of Richard

576OrrellLilly Orrellfirst name on this monument187051875id: 30538349710861d of Wm and Ann
Frank Orrellbrother of Lilly Orrell1874211895 s of Wm and Ann
Joseph Howarthbrother-in-law of Lilly Orrell1851831934
William Orrellfather of Lilly Orrell
Ann Orrellmother of Lilly Orrell
Ann Orrell1910791989
Lillian Howarthsister of Lilly Orrell1875741949 d of Wm and Ann and w of Joseph
Ann Orrellsister of Lilly Orrell1844491893 d of Wm and Ann

577OsbaldistonMary Osbaldistonfirst name on this monument1827521879id: 1113833061076w of John
John Osbaldistonhusband of Mary Osbaldiston1813641877 h of Mary
George Cooper1881 s of Joseph and Maria
Joseph Cooper
Maria Cooper
John Thomas Osbaldiston1853741927
Pamalia Osbaldiston1908 w of John Thomas

578OwenMary Agnes Owenfirst name on this monument1912942006id: 7503839421070

579OwenRobert Owenfirst name on this monument1845251870id: 3113835031074
Edith Annie Bradshaw188141885 d of Henry and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Harry Brogden Bradshaw188321885 age 1y10m - s of Henry and Elizabeth
Henry Bradshaw
Ann Owenwife of Robert Owen1848801928 w of Robert

580ParkerHilda Clark Parkerfirst name on this monument1916741990id: 6863838771074
Raymond Parkerhusband of Hilda Clark Parker1916781994 h of Hilda

581ParkerJohn Parkerfirst name on this monument1762731835id: 4893836801066
Robert Parkerson of John Parker1811221833 s of John
Thomas B Parkerson of John Parker18091201929 s of John
Mary Parkerwife of John Parker1772781850 w of John

582ParkerRichard Parkerfirst name on this monument1887id: 6243838151080
Alice Parker1841591900 w of George
Betsey Amelia Parker
Doris Parker190941913 d of Frank and Betsy Amelia
Frank Parker
George Parker72
William Parker186741871 age 3y 11m - s of George and Alice
Amelia Parkerwife of Richard Parker1807661873 w of Richard
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583ParkinsonEdmund Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1796671863id: 2773834691078
Betty Parkinsonsister of Edmund Parkinson1803621865 sister of Edmund
Ann Parkinsonwife of Edmund Parkinson1785641849 w of Edmund
Betty Parkinsonsecond wife of Edmund Parkinson1810681878 relict of Edmund

584ParkinsonEmma Parkinsonfirst name on this monument186011861id: 19438338910703age 6m - d of Moses and Alice
Moses Parkinsonfather of Emma Parkinson
Alice Parkinsonmother of Emma Parkinson
Isabell Parkinsonsister of Emma Parkinson185381861 d of Moses and Alice

585ParkinsonJames Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1817571874id: 15038334510743
Eliza Parkinsondaughter of James Parkinson1860181878 d of James and Eliza
Ellen Parkinsondaughter of James Parkinson1858121870 age 11y 9m - d of James and Eliza
James Parkinsonson of James Parkinson1864 s of James and Eliza
Joseph Parkinsonson of James Parkinson1862 s of James and Eliza
Eliza Parkinsonwife of James Parkinson1822711893 w of James

586ParkinsonMartha Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1809251834id: 44638363710672d of Joseph and mary
Joseph Parkinsonfather of Martha Parkinson
Mary Parkinsonmother of Martha Parkinson
Rebecca Parkinsonsister of Martha Parkinson183411835 age 13m - d of Joseph and Mary

587PartingtonAlfred Partingtonfirst name on this monument1905611966id: 7703839621088
Eileen Haywooddaughter of Alfred Partington1944632007 d of Alfred and Sarah
Sarah Partingtonwife of Alfred Partington1905841989

588PartingtonJames Partingtonfirst name on this monument1807611868no image3832791070
James Partingtonson of James Partington183551840 s of James and Miriam
Miriam Partingtonwife of James Partington1802701872 w of James

589PartingtonJohn Partingtonfirst name on this monument1802831885id: 1583833531073
Betty Partingtonwife of John Partington1804821886 w of John

590PartingtonMay Partingtonfirst name on this monument1932421974id: 78138397310681

591PartingtonThomas Partingtonfirst name on this monument1797711868id: 3043834961085
Sarah Gaskelldaughter of Thomas Partington1835601895 d of Thomas and Judith and w of Edward
Alice Partingtondaughter of Thomas Partington1847281875 d of Thomas and Judith
Harriet Partingtondaughter of Thomas Partington1847531900 d of Thomas and Judith
Edward Gaskellson-in-law of Thomas Partington
Judith Partingtonwife of Thomas Partington1803721875

592PartingtonWilliam Partingtonfirst name on this monument1842761918id: 4623836531078
Lucy Partingtondaughter of William Partington1878391917 d of William and Sarah Jane
Alice Partingtonwife of William Partington1838231861 w of William
Sarah Jane Partingtonsecond wife of William Partington1846751921

593PaschalisConstantine Paschalisfirst name on this monument1916852001id: 71238390310741

594PattenBranden Pattenfirst name on this monument199672003id: 7223839141071

595PeakJohn Peakfirst name on this monument1835441879id: 5063836971067
Elizabeth Peakwife of John Peak1830841914 w of John

596PearsonHarry Pearsonfirst name on this monument187541879id: 56738375810851s of Wm Henry and Sarah Ann
Arthur Sydney Pearsonbrother of Harry Pearson1884631947 s of Wm Henry and Sarah Ann
William Henry Pearsonfather of Harry Pearson1849351884
Sarah Ann Pearsonmother of Harry Pearson1849781927 w of Wm Henry

597PeatRobert Peatfirst name on this monument1805591864id: 35838355010721
Harriet Peat1840481888 w of Thomas
Mary Ellen Peat1866201886 d of Thomas and Harriet
Thomas Peat1840761916
Walker Peat187341877 s of Thomas and Harriet
Mary Peatwife of Robert Peat1802701872 w of Robert Nee Vickers
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598PendleburyJohn Pendleburyfirst name on this monument1836401876no image3832311068
Mary Winward1850591909 w of Richard
Richard Winward1852621914
Sarah Pendleburywife of John Pendlebury1824671891 w of John

599PepperEdith Pepperfirst name on this monument1912922004id: 8313840231070

600PetheanThomas Petheanfirst name on this monument1788711859id: 53238372310721
Alice Bayley Heywooddaughter of Thomas Pethean1790591849 d of Thomas and Grace
Grace Petheanwife of Thomas Pethean1789541843 w of Thomas

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John the Evangelist's Church burial ground, Farnworth, Lancashire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BL4 8AQ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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