St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Holy Island, Northumberland, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AdamsJohn Adamsfirst name on this monument1808671875id: 51411088
Mary Adamswife of John Adams1807491856 Interred in North Shields.

2AllanIsabella Allanfirst name on this monument1779741853id: 50771109
William Allanhusband of Isabella Allan1774721846

3AllenJames Allenfirst name on this monument1818571875id: 51371151Drowned off Bamburgh Castle.
Margaret Taylor Allendaughter of James Allen1859801939
James Allenson of James Allen1842331875 Drowned off Bamburgh Castle.
John Allenson of James Allen1851241875 Drowned off Bamburgh Castle.
Elizabeth Allenwife of James Allen1818821900

4AllenJames Allenfirst name on this monument1880321912id: 51381182Accidentally killed at Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Thomas Allenfather of James Allen1850791929
Eleanor Allenmother of James Allen1849801929
Margaret Allensister of James Allen1886711957
Alice Coe Allenwife of James Allen

5AllenThomas Allenfirst name on this monument1806691875id: 51361160Drowned off Bamburgh Castle.
Helen Waitniece of Thomas Allen1851211872
Elizabeth Hay Allenwife of Thomas Allen1807721879

6AllisonSarah Allisonfirst name on this monument1789591848id: 510311191
Ralph Allisonhusband of Sarah Allison1788701858

7AndersonPrudence Patterson Andersonfirst name on this monument1837261863id: 51641083
James Andersonhusband of Prudence Patterson Anderson1836421878 Lost at sea.

8AskewElizabeth Ann Askewfirst name on this monument1772851857id: 509711481
John Askewfather of Elizabeth Ann Askew
Bridget Askewmother of Elizabeth Ann Askew
Hugh Bertram Askew1785831868
Isabel Askewsister of Elizabeth Ann Askew1780841864

9AskewJohn Watson Askewfirst name on this monument1774361810id: 50961084

10BainesW B Bainesfirst name on this monument1892id: 514710881Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

11BarranJohn Patterson Barranfirst name on this monument184421846id: 516311331Alt.sp.Barron.
James Barranbrother of John Patterson Barran1855231878 Alt.sp.Barron.
Richardson Barranbrother of John Patterson Barran185181859 Alt.sp.Barron.
Richardson Thomas Barranbrother of John Patterson Barran1860151875 Alt.sp.Barron.
William Johnston Barranbrother of John Patterson Barran186051865 Alt.sp.Barron.
James Barranfather of John Patterson Barran Alt.sp.Barron.
Dorothy Barranmother of John Patterson Barran Alt.sp.Barron.
Isabella Barransister of John Patterson Barran185791866 Alt.sp.Barron.

12BeadnellWilliam Beadnellfirst name on this monument1831621893id: 51431091
Rachel Beadnellwife of William Beadnell1833651898

13BellThomas Bellfirst name on this monument187031873id: 51311119
Thomas Bellbrother of Thomas Bell187411875
Thomas Bellfather of Thomas Bell1840591899
Louisa Bellmother of Thomas Bell1839611900

14BowmakerJames Bowmakerfirst name on this monument1777711848id: 518011071
Ann Isabella Bowmakerdaughter of James Bowmaker1823311854
Margaret Bowmaker1789741863

15BrighamMary Brighamfirst name on this monument1824541878id: 515311082
John Brighamhusband of Mary Brigham
John Brighamson of Mary Brigham1854251879 Died at Sunderland.
Matthew Brighamson of Mary Brigham1859201879

16BurnJoseph Burnfirst name on this monument1722761798id: 516711493
Ann Burnwife of Joseph Burn1722791801
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17CleughJohn Cleughfirst name on this monument1700851785id: 50761132
Rachel Heslopdaughter of John Cleugh1737631800
Achelons Heslopson-in-law of John Cleugh1719781797

18CromartyCatherine Cromartyfirst name on this monument1735791814id: 507510801

19CromartyGeorge Douglas Cromartyfirst name on this monument1899191918id: 51751120Fell in action at Harricourt.
Thomas Cromartyfather of George Douglas Cromarty
Sarah Cromartymother of George Douglas Cromarty

20CromartyIsabella Barbara Cromartyfirst name on this monument187851883id: 514011051
George Allison Cromartybrother of Isabella Barbara Cromarty1890111901
Tom Cromartybrother of Isabella Barbara Cromarty1884801964
Thomas Cromartyfather of Isabella Barbara Cromarty1858661924
Mary Jane Cromartymother of Isabella Barbara Cromarty1858501908

21CromartyThomas Cromartyfirst name on this monument1834641898id: 51441085
Elizabeth Cromartywife of Thomas Cromarty1839661905

22CromartyWilliam Cromartyfirst name on this monument1863541917id: 51861125Died at Newcastle.
Vera Cromartydaughter-in-law of William Cromarty
John Cromartyson of William Cromarty1894791973
Sarah Ann Cromartywife of William Cromarty

23CrossmanFrancis Lindisfarne Morley Crossmanfirst name on this monument1888591947id: 50731137Lord of the Manor of Holy Island.
Ruth Crossmanwife of Francis Lindisfarne Morley Crossman1899921991

24CrossmanRobert Crossmanfirst name on this monument1803801883id: 518310851Lord of the Manor of Holy Island.

25CrossmanWilliam Crossmanfirst name on this monument1831701901id: 50721089Lord of the Manor of Holy Island.

26DakynsSophia Matilda Caroline Dakynsfirst name on this monument1806721878id: 51321086
W I Manselfather of Sophia Matilda Caroline Dakyns
John Horsley Dakynshusband of Sophia Matilda Caroline Dakyns1800781878

27DickinsonEleanor Jane Dickinsonfirst name on this monument187801878id: 515210951
Henry Dickinsonbrother of Eleanor Jane Dickinson188701887
James Dickinsonbrother of Eleanor Jane Dickinson187771884
James Dickinsonbrother of Eleanor Jane Dickinson1884111895
James Dickinsonfather of Eleanor Jane Dickinson1844701914
Eleanor Dickinsonmother of Eleanor Jane Dickinson

28FenderIsabella Fenderfirst name on this monument1857701927id: 51861079

29FentonSarah Henrietta Fentonfirst name on this monument187851883id: 51511081
Henry Fentonfather of Sarah Henrietta Fenton
Sarah Fentonmother of Sarah Henrietta Fenton

30FlowersField Flowersfirst name on this monument1830131843id: 518411395Drowned when the Steamer Pegasus was wrecked off Holy Island.
Field Flowersfather of Field Flowers of Tealby; Lincolnshire
Frances Flowersmother of Field Flowers
Fanny Maria Flowerssister of Field Flowers1843 Drowned when the Steamer Pegasus was wrecked off Holy Island.

31GardnerGeorge Gardnerfirst name on this monument1779751854id: 508611471
Jane Gardnerdaughter-in-law of George Gardner1814601874
Mary Gardnergrand daughter of George Gardner1837811918
George Gardnergrand son of George Gardner1839621901
James Gardnerson of George Gardner1804581862
Richard Gardnerson of George Gardner1813871900

32GraceyJames Graceyfirst name on this monument1791821873id: 5181
(2 images)
1154Born Ballyhosset; Co.Down; Ireland. Died at Greenwich.
Alexander Leslie Graceyson of James Gracey1824621886 Born Dublin.Died Berwick.

33GreyEdward Greyfirst name on this monument1755701825id: 511610772RN
Eliza Ann Jane Greywife of Edward Grey1866671933

34GreyEleanor Greyfirst name on this monument1781691850id: 511910992
Eleanor Greydaughter of Eleanor Grey1810461856
Prudence Lilburn Greydaughter of Eleanor Grey1820751895
Ralph Greyhusband of Eleanor Grey1778861864
George William Greyson of Eleanor Grey1811541865
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35GreyEleanor Lilburn Greyfirst name on this monument184821850id: 51201098
Ralph Greybrother of Eleanor Lilburn Grey1850801930
James Greyfather of Eleanor Lilburn Grey1819811900 Interred at Berwick-on-Tweed.
Catherine Dodds Greymother of Eleanor Lilburn Grey1821771898 Interred at Berwick-on-Tweed.

36GreyJames Greyfirst name on this monument1819811900id: 517410961Interred at Berwick.
Edward Grey1755701825 RN
Catharine Dodds Greywife of James Grey1821771898 Interred at Berwick.

37GreyJohn Greyfirst name on this monument1861491910id: 5117
(2 images)
Ralph Greyfather of John Grey
Margaret Frances Greymother of John Grey

38GreyJohn Greyfirst name on this monument1795611856id: 511010921
Mary Mills Greywife of John Grey1796731869

39GreyJohn Mills Greyfirst name on this monument179601796id: 51141079
William Greyfather of John Mills Grey
Jane Greymother of John Mills Grey

40GreyWilliam Greyfirst name on this monument1723811804id: 511610781
George Greyson of William Grey1748771825
Margaret Greywife of William Grey1724921816

41GreyWilliam George Greyfirst name on this monument1835id: 511410732
John Greyfather of William George Grey
Mary Mills Greymother of William George Grey
Jane Greysister of William George Grey181911820

42GuthrieH R Guthriefirst name on this monument1892id: 514710721Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

43HaggerstonS Haggerstonfirst name on this monument1892id: 51471088Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

44HallJames Hallfirst name on this monument1763771840id: 50781080
Cicely Halldaughter of James Hall1811371848
Mary Hallwife of James Hall1773741847

45HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1747611808id: 50741099
Alice Halldaughter of John Hall1772361808
George Hallson of John Hall RN
Lovell W Hallson of John Hall1774301804 In the service of the East India Co. Died in the Chinese Sea.
Sarah Hallwife of John Hall1751681819

46HammsKatie Hammsfirst name on this monument1879111890id: 51491086Details indistinct.
C Hammsfather of Katie Hamms Details indistinct.

47HewittMary Hewittfirst name on this monument1773561829id: 50851084
Henry Hewitthusband of Mary Hewitt age _8

48HimsworthJohn Himsworthfirst name on this monument1838161854id: 5171
(2 images)
11121Accidentally drowned near Glenalmond College; Perthshire. Northern Warder and General Advertiser for the counties of Fife, Perth and Forfar Thursday 6 July 1854 - page 5 Trinity College - Death by Drowning On Wednesday evening last week a very melancholy accident occurred in the Almond near Trinity College. Two of the students of the college purposed crossing the river, and were cautioned not to attempt passing by a bridge which was dangerous from being lately partially destroyed. They accordingly took a ford, and when about the middle of the stream, which was considerably swollen, one of them named Himsworth suddenly slipped and was swept away with the violent torrent. His companion had much difficulty in retracing his steps and reaching the bank in safety, without being capable of rendering the least assistance to his fellow-student. Shortly assistance arrived, and drags and various implements were put in requisition to discover the body of the unfortunate youth, but without success, until the subsequent day, when it was taken out at Mill Hole, almost two miles below where the accident happened. The melancholy event caused a painful sensation at the College.
John Himsworthfather of John Himsworth
Julia Himsworthmother of John Himsworth1816231839

49JamesJohn Jamesfirst name on this monument1892id: 51471078Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

50KyleJames Kylefirst name on this monument1798751873id: 515511241
Hannah Kyledaughter of James Kyle1836381874
Benjamin Embleton Kyleson of James Kyle1823801903
James Kyleson of James Kyle1830691899
Robert Kyleson of James Kyle1821641885
Thomas Graham Kyleson of James Kyle1832711903
Hannah Kylewife of James Kyle1799801879

51LilburnEleanor Lilburnfirst name on this monument1739651804id: 508410971
Ann Lilburndaughter of Eleanor Lilburn177131774
Prudence Lilburndaughter of Eleanor Lilburn176821770
James Lilburnhusband of Eleanor Lilburn1749381787
James Lilburnson of Eleanor Lilburn1775711846
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52LilburnJames Robert Roddam Lilburnfirst name on this monument1807631870id: 510110802
Christian Lilburn1823821905
James Lilburn
Selby Lilburn

53LilburnMary Lilburnfirst name on this monument1871261897id: 51541073
Mary Walker Lilburndaughter of Mary Lilburn189701897
Robert Lilburnhusband of Mary Lilburn
James Lilburnson of Mary Lilburn1887

54MarkwellJames Markwellfirst name on this monument1870471917id: 517610731Killed on the minesweeper HMS Holdene.

55MathisonJohn Mathisonfirst name on this monument183601836id: 516810912Date indistinct.
John Mathisonfather of John Mathison b 1811 d 1893
Mary Mathisonmother of John Mathison Nee Hall b 1817 d 1895

56McDonaldHenry Thomas McDonaldfirst name on this monument1783731856id: 51601096

57MoffittJane Moffittfirst name on this monument1742551797id: 517311482

58MortonIsabella Mortonfirst name on this monument1751811832id: 51091095
Robert Mortonhusband of Isabella Morton1764891853 Interred in Tweedmouth churchyard.

59MortonJames Mortonfirst name on this monument1802751877id: 51611093
Eleanor Mortondaughter of James Morton61
Elizabeth Mortondaughter of James Morton21
Jane Mortondaughter of James Morton4
Jane Mortongrand daughter of James Morton8
Alexander Mortonson of James Morton15
James Mortonson of James Morton30
John Mortonson of James Morton72
Thomas Mortonson of James Morton23
Jane Mortonwife of James Morton62

60MortonJohn Mortonfirst name on this monument1745661811id: 51621072
Robert Mortonbrother of John Morton
Thomas Mortonfather of John Morton
Rachel Mortonmother of John Morton

61MortonWilliam Mortonfirst name on this monument1813771890id: 51451096
Agnes Mary Mortondaughter of William Morton
Jane Mortondaughter of William Morton
Mary Ann Mortonfirst wife of William Morton1820281848 Interred at Birmingham.
Jane Grey Mortonsecond wife of William Morton1816821898

62MurrayGeorge Murrayfirst name on this monument1708751783id: 51021086
Margaret Murraywife of George Murray1715841799

63NesbitJane Nesbitfirst name on this monument181911820id: 513010871
James Nesbitfather of Jane Nesbit1783661849
Margaret Nesbitmother of Jane Nesbit1857

64NicolsonAlexander Nicolsonfirst name on this monument1644671711id: 509211061

65NyeJohn Nyefirst name on this monument1892id: 51471075Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

66PattersonJames Brigham Pattersonfirst name on this monument1900181918id: 517510864Fell in action near St Quentin; France.
John Pattersonfather of James Brigham Patterson
Jane Isabella Pattersonmother of James Brigham Patterson

67PattersonJohn Pattersonfirst name on this monumentid: 510411172d 18__ - Details indistinct
Sarah Pattersondaughter of John Patterson1824 d 18__ - Details indistinct
James Richardson Pattersonson of John Patterson1835 d 183_ - Died in infancy.
John Pattersonson of John Patterson1821361857 Details indistinct
Thomas Pattersonson of John Patterson1825201845 Details indistinct
William Pattersonson of John Patterson1832 d 183_ - Died in infancy.
Isabella Pattersonwife of John Patterson1800671867 Details indistinct
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68PottsWilliam Pottsfirst name on this monument1757id: 51211099Date indistinct.

69PottsWilliam Pottsfirst name on this monument1734861820id: 512210741
Margaret Pottsdaughter of William Potts
Elizabeth Pottswife of William Potts1737621799

70RankenGeorge Rankenfirst name on this monumentid: 516511002d 18__ - Alt.sp. Rankin. Details indistinct.
Richard Lilburn Rankenson of George Ranken1822271849 Alt.sp. Rankin. Drowned off the coast of Spain.
William Rankenson of George Ranken181411815 Alt.sp. Rankin.
William Rankenson of George Ranken1816221838 Alt.sp. Rankin.
Jane Rankenwife of George Ranken1780741854 Alt.sp. Rankin.

71RobsonW H Robsonfirst name on this monument1892id: 51471076Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

72RussellMargaret Russellfirst name on this monument1812241836id: 50791075
John Russellhusband of Margaret Russell

73SelbyGilbert Selbyfirst name on this monument1718701788id: 510011102
Sarah Selbywife of Gilbert Selby1732861818

74SimmonsMargaret Simmonsfirst name on this monument1776691845id: 510611021
William Simmonshusband of Margaret Simmons1772731845

75SimpsonThomas Simpsonfirst name on this monument187651881id: 51501074
George Simpsondaughter of Thomas Simpson1871311902
Maggie Simpsondaughter of Thomas Simpson1868191887
George Simpsonfather of Thomas Simpson1845571902
Jemima Simpsonmother of Thomas Simpson1845641909
Jemima Simpsonson of Thomas Simpson1882201902
William Simpsonson of Thomas Simpson1870271897

76SkinnerJames Skinnerfirst name on this monument1892id: 51471086Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

77StampElizabeth Stampfirst name on this monument1833771910id: 513511134

78StampMatthew Stampfirst name on this monument1800291829id: 515610952Drowned in the River Tweed.

79StevensonJohn Stevensonfirst name on this monument1837381875id: 513910801Drowned off Bamburgh Castle.

80StevensonMargaret Stevensonfirst name on this monument1855561911id: 51481085
John Stevensonhusband of Margaret Stevenson
Bartholomew Stevensonson of Margaret Stevenson1877461923 Died at Wallsend.

81StraughenRobert Straughenfirst name on this monument1796691865id: 510810751
Eleanor Straughenwife of Robert Straughen1800751875

82TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1892id: 514710711Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

83TyzackThomas G Tyzackfirst name on this monument1846491895id: 514610791
Edward Davison Tyzackfather of Thomas G Tyzack

84WatsonFrances Watsonfirst name on this monument1787641851id: 511111041
Phoebe Watsondaughter of Frances Watson1829611890 Age indistinct.
Anthony Watsonhusband of Frances Watson1793741867
Anthony Watsonson of Frances Watson1862 Architect and surveyor; Liverpool Town Hall.

85WilkinsonA Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1892id: 51471080Lost in the wreck of the S.S. Holmrook off Holy Island.

86WillisJohn Willisfirst name on this monument1804801884id: 513310751
Jane Williswife of John Willis1806821888

87WilsonGeorge Wilsonfirst name on this monument1785491834id: 51251094
Elizabeth Wilson
James Wilson
Elizabeth Hurrell niece of George Wilson

88WilsonGeorge Wilsonfirst name on this monument180751812id: 51271088
John Wilsonbrother of George Wilson1813191832
Ralph Wilsonfather of George Wilson1782741856
Jane Wilsonmother of George Wilson1785511836

89WilsonIsabella Wilsonfirst name on this monument1798201818id: 51261074
James Wilsonfather of Isabella Wilson1755731828 Details indistinct.
Elisabeth Wilsonmother of Isabella Wilson1755751830
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90WilsonIsabella Wilsonfirst name on this monumentid: 51151070d 18__

91WilsonIsabella Wilsonfirst name on this monument1752781830id: 51281090
Thomas Wilsonhusband of Isabella Wilson1753801833

92WilsonIsabella Wilsonfirst name on this monumentid: 51231083d 18__ - Stone eroded.

93WilsonJane Isabella Wilsonfirst name on this monument184441848id: 51291082
James Wilsonfather of Jane Isabella Wilson1820741894
Mary Wilsonmother of Jane Isabella Wilson1816781894

94WilsonLancelot Wilsonfirst name on this monument1745771822id: 50921108
Ann Wilsondaughter of Lancelot Wilson180201802
Elizabeth Wilsondaughter of Lancelot Wilson179541799
Joyce Wilsondaughter of Lancelot Wilson179921801
Ann Wilsonwife of Lancelot Wilson1753791832

95WilsonRachel Lake Wilsonfirst name on this monument25id: 51581083d 18__ - Date indistinct.

96WilsonRalph Wilsonfirst name on this monument1784301814id: 512411081Drowned off Caithness.
George Wilsonson of Ralph Wilson1812211833 Drowned off Northumberland coast.
Sarah Wilsonwife of Ralph Wilson1782631845

97WilsonRalph Wilsonfirst name on this monument1855511906id: 51341086
Margaret R Wilsonwife of Ralph Wilson

98WilsonWilliam Wilsonfirst name on this monument63id: 51071072d 18__ - Details indistinct
Mary Wilson d 18__ - Details indistinct

99WrightMargaret Wrightfirst name on this monument1770331803id: 51051078
John Wrighthusband of Margaret Wright1760861846

100YettsRobert Yettsfirst name on this monument1809421851id: 516610982Details indistinct.
Elizabeth Yettsdaughter of Robert Yetts1846261872
Isabella Yettsdaughter of Robert Yetts Died in infancy.
Jane Ranken Yettsdaughter of Robert Yetts1843311874
Mary Yettsdaughter of Robert Yetts1848641912
James Wilson Yettsson of Robert Yetts1841331874 Lost at sea.
Elizabeth Yettswife of Robert Yetts1809641873

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