Hanwell Cemetery, Kensington and Chelsea, London, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AllandDoris May Allandfirst name on this monument191751922id: CIMG17043458441075age 5.5 years - Nicknamed 'Little Doris'

2AllenEdward Allenfirst name on this monument1851471898id: CIMG16443458261069Sec. 90 No.43a

3AtkinsThomas Atkinsfirst name on this monument1843551898id: CIMG16373458231073Sec 89. No.49

4AyresEdith Ayresfirst name on this monument1877211898id: CIMG173534585611193Daughter of James Edward Ayres.
Margaret Ann Ayresmother of Edith Ayres1829721901 Wife of James Edward Ayres.
Willie Howardnephew of Edith Ayres1890161906
James Edward Ayres1826811907 Father of Edith Ayres
Margaret Rebecca Howard1853581911 This name should have read Martha Rebecca Howard daughter of James Edward Ayres. Daughter of Margaret Ann & sister of Edith Ayres

5BarrettMary Barrettfirst name on this monument1866331899id: CIMG16233458181071Sec 89. No.19 Wife of Tom Barrett of 92 Tavistock Rd. Kensington

6BarrettThomas Cecil Barrettfirst name on this monument1889241913id: CIMG16293458201073Sec 89. No. 3 Private Grave of Tom Barrett; The Junction; Notting Hill
Tom Barrettfather of Thomas Cecil Barrett1900531953 Sec 89. No. 3 Private Grave of Tom Barrett; The Junction; Notting Hill. Husband of Emma Barrett

7BarrowsAlfred Barrowsfirst name on this monument1857651922id: AlfredBarrows134589310971Sec.120 No.52

8BassettWalter Bassettfirst name on this monument1855601915id: WalterBassett3459101069

9BatchelderMaud Mabel Batchelderfirst name on this monument1892261918id: CIMG177734586810711

10BeadonMargaret Beadonfirst name on this monument1851631914id: CIMG163134582110701Sec 89. No. 2
Lily Louisa Smithdaughter of Margaret Beadon1939 Sec 89. No. 2 Wife of Montague Smith
Arthur Beadonhusband of Margaret Beadon1834881922 Sec 89. No. 2
Arthur Charles Beadonson of Margaret Beadon1871651936 Sec 89. No. 2

11BeadonViolet Caroline Beadonfirst name on this monument1887111898id: CIMG16433458251069

12BeardHannah Beardfirst name on this monument1841801921id: HannahBeard3458921066

13BerryJoan Violet Mary Berryfirst name on this monument1918id: photo (2)3458701089age 15 weeks - Daughter of Bert and Dorothy Berry

14BettlesWilliam Bettlesfirst name on this monument1858751933id: WilliamSarahBettles1
(2 images)
Sarah Bettleswife of William Bettles1866711937

15BlackallHarold Walter Blackallfirst name on this monument191511916id: HaroldBlackall3459141075age 12 months

16BlackettEmelie Blackettfirst name on this monument1863661929id: Blackett1
(3 images)
Herbert Walter Blacketthusband of Emelie Blackett1857671924

17BlewittThomassina Blewittfirst name on this monument1839381877id: CIMG16973458421091
Thomas Rogers Blewittfather of Thomassina Blewitt1814651879
Georgiana Blewittmother of Thomassina Blewitt1820641884

18BoneArthur W Bonefirst name on this monument1883321915id: ArthurBone1
(3 images)

19BrennanAlbert Dominic Brennanfirst name on this monument191291921id: CIMG17153458481096
Albert Englanduncle of Albert Dominic Brennan1892231915 Rifle Brigade Died of Wounds Received in Action

20BrisleeGeorge Brisleefirst name on this monument1853511904id: CIMG15903458051070Sec. 88 No. 17

21BrockCharles Harry Brockfirst name on this monument1851701921id: CharlesBrock1
(3 images)

22BrockJohn Brockfirst name on this monument1876471923id: CIMG17243458511070d 30/8/1923?

23BrowningIspael George Browningfirst name on this monument1904151919id: CIMG177334586610721

24BuddenAnnie Buddenfirst name on this monument1856891945id: AnnieGeorgeBudden1
(2 images)
George Buddenhusband of Annie Budden1850731923

25BunnFlorence Bunnfirst name on this monument1883501933id: FlorenceHerbertBunn1
(2 images)
Herbert Augustus Bunn1884811965

26ClarkeAnn Clarkefirst name on this monument1831701901id: AnneClarkeEtc1
(2 images)
Ann Sutch Clarkemother of Ann Clarke1802891891
Rosa Rawlingssister of Ann Clarke1837901927
Eliza Tibbssister of Ann Clarke1839711910

27CollinsBlanche Collinsfirst name on this monument1870321902id: CIMG160034580910751Daughter of Blanche and Charles Collins. Sec 88A No.13 Was married to Arthur Warner Died of tuberculosis.

28ConnellJemma Connellfirst name on this monumentid: CIMG16393458241087Sec 89. No.23? Daughter of John Connell/Connor?
John Connellfather of Jemma Connell

29Conney/Corney?Thomas Conney/Corney?first name on this monumentid: CIMG16523458281080Sec. 90

30CornwellMary Ann Cornwellfirst name on this monument1834671901id: CIMG15853458031152
Rosa Clara Cornwelldaughter-in-law of Mary Ann Cornwell1872681940
Dorothy Rose Cornwellgrand daughter of Mary Ann Cornwell189931902 age 3.5 years
John Cornwellhusband of Mary Ann Cornwell1838671905
Thomas Edward Cornwellson of Mary Ann Cornwell1863921955
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31CoxWilliam Coxfirst name on this monument1852711923id: WilliamCox3459051071

32CranefieldEllen Cranefieldfirst name on this monument1842781920id: EllenCranefield3458891085

33CreamMary Ann Creamfirst name on this monument1853671920id: MaryAnnCream3458801069

34CullenAlbert Edward Cullenfirst name on this monument1907101917id: AlbertCullen13459181076

35CulleyFrederick William Culleyfirst name on this monument191371920id: FrederickWilliamCulley3458881076

36CurdThistle Edith Curdfirst name on this monument1865511916id: ThistleCurd34591110712

37CurrieThomas Curriefirst name on this monument1813781891id: CIMG159734580810871Interred at St. George's Cemetery
Jane White Curriedaughter of Thomas Currie1864741938
Jane W T Curriedaughter-in-law of Thomas Currie1863491912
Alexander Currieson of Thomas Currie1860411901 age 41? - Late of Demerara; British Guiana
Archibald Currieson of Thomas Currie1854371891 Interred at Finchley Cemetery
John Heriot Currieson of Thomas Currie1866601926

38DanielsAnn Catherine Danielsfirst name on this monument1849721921id: CIMG17103458461097

39DaviesEthel Daviesfirst name on this monument1899161915id: EthelDavies1
(2 images)

40DickensSamuel Dickensfirst name on this monument1867601927id: CIMG16253458191089Sec 89. No. 4

41DoneAmelia Donefirst name on this monument1837841921id: CIMG17073458451089Sec. 93 No.8

42DowlingSidney George Dowlingfirst name on this monument191911920id: CIMG17293458531081age 14 months

43EbelthiteRowland Henry Ebelthitefirst name on this monument1932id: CIMG166634583310692Sec 90. No.2
Dolly Ebelthitewife of Rowland Henry Ebelthite1856821938 Sec 90. No.2

44EldretEmma Louise Eldretfirst name on this monument1891421933id: EmmaEldret3459041079Our 'Emmie'

45ElsleyLily Flora Elsleyfirst name on this monument1896221918id: CIMG17753458671068

46EnglandHoner? Englandfirst name on this monumentid: HonerEngland3458731086Dates unlegible

47EnuddeSusan Sarah Enuddefirst name on this monument1922id: CIMG17013458431076

48FinchJames William Finchfirst name on this monument1851721923id: JamesFinch1
(2 images)
Burt Finchson of James William Finch1888301918 Died in Freetown; Sierra Leone

49FordGeorge Henry Fordfirst name on this monument1876261902id: GeorgeHenryFord3459261074

50Glover?George Henry Sidney Glover?first name on this monumentid: CIMG16953458411079Sec. 93 No. 16

51GreenThomas Greenfirst name on this monumentid: CIMG165834583110881

52GreenWinifred Ileana Greenfirst name on this monument191441918id: WinifredGreen3458761074

53HalesRosie Violet Halesfirst name on this monument1923id: RosieVioletHales3458901082d 1923 March

54HarrisSarah Harrisfirst name on this monumentid: CIMG17643458621069Dates unlegible
Elizabeth Grinell Dates unlegible

55HarrisonThomas Harrisonfirst name on this monument1868491917id: CIMG168734583810701
William Harrisonson of Thomas Harrison1900221922
Margaret Harrisonwife of Thomas Harrison1866491915 age 49?

56HarrissMary Harrissfirst name on this monument1841701911id: MaryHarriss3458831086

57HartwellPhilomena Hartwellfirst name on this monument1898241922id: HartwellFamily34593610861
William Hartwellfather of Philomena Hartwell1869651934
Lementinae Hartwellwife of Philomena Hartwell1868671935

58HaywoodCatherine Haywoodfirst name on this monument1836851921id: CIMG17123458471080Sec.93 No.7?

59HendersonDonald David Hendersonfirst name on this monument1856641920id: CIMG173334585510921Sec. 94 No. 9?

60HepworthSarah Hepworthfirst name on this monument1828831911id: SarahHepworth1
(2 images)

61HiggsCharles William Higgsfirst name on this monument1864471911id: CharlesHiggs1
(2 images)

62HoareJames Hoarefirst name on this monument1885331918id: CIMG17623458611073Sec. 95 No.7 Member of The Royal Flying Corps (RFC)

63HusseyJane Elizabeth Husseyfirst name on this monument1867571924id: CIMG16813458371114Death Registered in Kensington
Alice Maud Husseydaughter of Jane Elizabeth Hussey1895721967
Frank W H Tatam1893741967

64HuxleyMarion Huxleyfirst name on this monument1851511902id: CIMG15883458041091
John Huxleyhusband of Marion Huxley1848721920 Late R.H.A'

65HydeEmily Hydefirst name on this monument1839701909id: EmilyHyde1
(2 images)

66JacksonFrederick Jacksonfirst name on this monumentid: CIMG17173458491086
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67JasperWilliam Jasperfirst name on this monument1829701899id: CIMG16123458131083Sec 89. No. 22

68JeffersonThomas Joseph Jeffersonfirst name on this monument1864541918id: ThomasJefferson34587510681Sec. 93 No. 2

69JenkinsWilliam Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1852671919id: CIMG17713458651068Sec. 96 No.14

70JonesPheobe Jonesfirst name on this monument1851571908id: PheobeJones3459281089

71KnaptonCissie Knaptonfirst name on this monument1886311917id: CissieKnapton3459151124

72LambSamuel Thomas Lambfirst name on this monument1899id: CIMG16083458121118
Annie Lambdaughter of Samuel Thomas Lamb1928
Lucy Lambwife of Samuel Thomas Lamb1916

73LaneSusan Amelia Lanefirst name on this monument1812861898id: CIMG16203458171077Sec 89. No.56 Wife of John Lane

74LarnerRichard Larnerfirst name on this monument1910101920id: RichardLarner3458841120

75LeggeFrederick Beadon Leggefirst name on this monument1909id: FrederickLegge1
(2 images)

76LewisSarah Lewisfirst name on this monument1814841898id: CIMG16183458161076Sec 89. No. 3

77LidyardRose Elizabeth Lidyardfirst name on this monument1880401920id: RoseLidyard34588210671Rose ELIZA Lidyard (nee Basham and formerly Coster) was born in 1879 in Chelsea, London. It's a mystery as to why she was buried as Rose Elizabeth.

78LindenAnnie Lindenfirst name on this monument1907121919id: CIMG176934586410852

79LockeKate Lockefirst name on this monument190311904id: KateLocke1
(3 images)
3459351070age 16 months

80MannMary Jane Mannfirst name on this monument189141895id: CIMG173934585710731age 4yrs 4 mths
Eliza Mann1853831936

81MarskellGeorge Marskellfirst name on this monument1820671887id: GeorgeMarskell1
(3 images)
Sarah Emma Marskell1843

82MeikleGertrude Margaret Meiklefirst name on this monument1855521907id: GertrudeMeikle1
(4 images)
3458911106Died in Toronto Canada. Wife of W.B. Meike
W B Meiklehusband of Gertrude Margaret Meikle
Dorcas Morphy1818801898 Relative of Eusebius Morphy of Co. Cork Ireland
Eusebius Morphy

83MickleburchCaroline Mickleburchfirst name on this monument1832821914id: CarolineMickleburch3459171091age 82?

84MitchellGeorge Mitchellfirst name on this monument1847561903id: GeorgeMitchell1
(3 images)
Helena Charlotte Mitchellwife of George Mitchell1847671914

85MoodyGeorge William Moodyfirst name on this monument1910181928id: CIMG16933458401072Sec. 93 No. 4

86MortonFlorence A Mortonfirst name on this monument1872641936id: FlorenceMorton1
(3 images)
E H E Brown1933

87Napier Napierfirst name on this monumentid: NapierofNottingHill3459131076Napier of Notting Hill - No dates/age given. Sec 121 No. 61

88NewmanEvelyn May Newmanfirst name on this monument191421916no image3459231075

89NewmanJohn Newmanfirst name on this monument1787421829id: CIMG16153458141067Sec 89. No. 37

90NewmanSarah Ann Newmanfirst name on this monument1852701922id: SarahAnnNewman3459001067

91NorthClark Northfirst name on this monument1856651921id: CIMG15943458071088
Thomas Northbrother of Clark North1855771932
Albert Lock1882851967
Maria Adelaide Watts1895811976
Sydney Albert Watts1897681965 age 68?

92Nunn?John Nunn?first name on this monumentid: CIMG167434583510762Unreadable
Arthur Watling1864451909 18/8/1819? assumed to be in 1900's - Unreadable

93OakleyJulia Oakleyfirst name on this monument1900211921id: JuliaOakley34588110831

94ParkerConstance Daisy Parkerfirst name on this monument189511896id: ConstanceParkerFamily1
(5 images)
3458771092age 12 months
Frederick Parkerfather of Constance Daisy Parker1854701924
Sarah Emma Parkermother of Constance Daisy Parker1954 d 13th? 1954?
Florie Clew1922 d 1922?
Mabs Parker189631899

95PettittGeorge Pettittfirst name on this monument1849681917id: CIMG17793458691080

96PickardSydney Pickardfirst name on this monument1901id: CIMG16033458101071Daughter buried there too - text unlegible

97PlowmanElizabeth Plowmanfirst name on this monument1812871899id: CIMG161634581510761Sec 89. No. 58

98PoleDaisy Polefirst name on this monument1914id: CIMG16783458361114Sec 91. No. 14a Daughter of the late W.T. Pole and his wife - who was now remarried and called Mrs Cutting
Marion Langleyaunt of Daisy Pole1919 Sec 91. No. 14a Known as 'Auntie Min'. Interred at Finchley
W T Polefather of Daisy Pole
Emma Cuttingmother of Daisy Pole1931 Sec 91. No. 14a Emma was married to a W.T. Pole but when he died she remarried a William Cutting
William Cuttingstep father of Daisy Pole
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99Prust?Lydia Prust?first name on this monument1881191900id: CIMG15923458061066d 2/6/1900?

100RackliffHannah Racklifffirst name on this monument1846701916id: HannahRackliff1
(2 images)

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