St Andrew's Church burial ground, Bramfield, Suffolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101GilbertEric Thomas Gilbertfirst name on this monument1919862005id: 1373379081066

102GilbertJohn Edwin Gilbertfirst name on this monument1904631967id: 2343380051080

103GilchristCharles Alan Gilchristfirst name on this monument1939361975id: 22433799510981

104GirlingHenrietta Anne Girlingfirst name on this monument1905821987id: 553378261087
Reginald Frederick Samuel Girling1900921992
Ann Sago1938672005
G John Sago1931742005

105GissingAnnie Maud Gissingfirst name on this monument1914641978id: 19933797010741

106GlanfieldAlbert Edward Glanfieldfirst name on this monument1910801990id: 1733379441077
Doris Lucy Glanfieldwife of Albert Edward Glanfield1915912006

107GlanfieldWilliam Glanfieldfirst name on this monument1877721949id: 1773379481073

108GroveAda Caroline Grovefirst name on this monument1894781972id: 2273379981075

109HakenEmily Sarah Hakenfirst name on this monument1876631939id: 1663379371084
Peter Haken7818611939

110HamblingEdward W G Hamblingfirst name on this monument1935682003id: 1353379061073

111HamblingLily Mary Hamblingfirst name on this monument1899871986id: 2143379851075
William James Hamblinghusband of Lily Mary Hambling1903711974

112HarveyBeatrice May Harveyfirst name on this monument1897761973id: 22633799710811

113HatcherJohn Hatcherfirst name on this monument1795671862id: 11633788710702

114HawesJack Hawesfirst name on this monument1907341941id: 1743379451067

115HayesCharles Hayesfirst name on this monument1880811961id: 18033795110871
Ellen Hayeswife of Charles Hayes1885861971

116HayesGladys Hayesfirst name on this monument1910611971id: 20333797410811
Horace Charles Hayeshusband of Gladys Hayes1912861998

117HayesPhyliss Mary Hayesfirst name on this monument1911902001id: 16033793110751

118HeighamCharlotte Heighamfirst name on this monumentid: 793378501098w of Thomas
Thomas Heighamhusband of Charlotte Heigham

119HewlettFrank Mayne Hewlettfirst name on this monument1913701983id: 2113379821076
Katherine Hewlettwife of Frank Mayne Hewlett1915741989

120HighamMary Highamfirst name on this monumentid: 513378221079

121HighamSamuel Highamfirst name on this monumentid: 5033782110871

122HighamWilliam Highamfirst name on this monument1827781905id: 843378551071
Elizabeth Highamwife of William Higham1838721910 w of Wm

123HolmesThomas Holmesfirst name on this monument1796id: 703378411066

124HowlettHannah Howlettfirst name on this monument1827511878id: 11733788810742w of Horace
Horace Howletthusband of Hannah Howlett

125JacobsWilliam Jacobsfirst name on this monument1830691899id: 1113378821074
Charlotte Jacobswife of William Jacobs1890 w of Wm

126JamesRose Mary Jamesfirst name on this monument1979id: 20133797210662

127JebbGladwyn Jebbfirst name on this monument1900961996id: 2393380101071

128JohnsonFrederick Clyde Johnsonfirst name on this monument1903921995id: 1503379211071

129JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1901id: 133377791066

130KeableH Keablefirst name on this monumentid: 48
(2 images)
33781810741War Memorial

131KeableH Keablefirst name on this monumentid: 48
(2 images)
3380301091War Memorial

132KeelingLilian Edith Keelingfirst name on this monument1922872009id: 1413379121069

133KempChester Kempfirst name on this monument1904841988id: 1943379651070
Madge Louis Kempwife of Chester Kemp1912861998

134KemsleyPeter Hugh Kemsleyfirst name on this monument1932682000id: 1593379301079

135KerrWilliam Robert Kerrfirst name on this monument1949612010id: 1433379141067

136KingAileen Maria Kingfirst name on this monument1917842001id: 15733792811611
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137LaceyIan Laceyfirst name on this monument1926701996id: 273377931075

138LeachEmma Jane Leachfirst name on this monument1886441930id: 1303379011072w of Harry
Harry Leachhusband of Emma Jane Leach

139LeeJane Mary Leefirst name on this monument41id: 82
(2 images)
3378531074w of Charles
Jane Frances Leedaughter of Jane Mary Lee185851863 d of Jane
Charles Leehusband of Jane Mary Lee

140LeechHarry Leechfirst name on this monument1916611977id: 2073379781075

141LeedsHarry Leedsfirst name on this monument1881721953id: 1763379471077h of Emma Jane
Emma Jane Leedswife of Harry Leeds

142LennonSimon Lennonfirst name on this monument1847671914id: 753378461083
Selina Lennonwife of Simon Lennon1850761926

143LewellJames Lewellfirst name on this monument1840231863id: 1183378891067

144LewisDenis John Lewisfirst name on this monument1925621987id: 2133379841078
Gerant John Lewisson of Denis John Lewis1987

145LinesArthur T Linesfirst name on this monument1870691939id: 17133794210761
Bessy Lineswife of Arthur T Lines1867801947

146LockEdith Mary Lockfirst name on this monument1859691928id: 1213378921074d of Samuel and Susan
Samuel Lockfather of Edith Mary Lock
Susan Lockmother of Edith Mary Lock

147LockSamuel Wright Lockfirst name on this monument1820551875id: 1193378901073

148LockSusan Lockfirst name on this monument1822831905id: 1203378911082

149LongPeter William Longfirst name on this monument1951602011id: 453378111069

150LovattWilliam Lovattfirst name on this monument1945id: 48
(2 images)
3380271079War Memorial

151LovattWilliam Lovattfirst name on this monument1945id: 48
(2 images)
3378151075War Memorial

152LovettAnna Maria Lovettfirst name on this monument1910711981id: 2323380031070
Ernest Edward Lovetthusband of Anna Maria Lovett1905581963

153LovettEmma Louisa Lovettfirst name on this monument1865821947id: 16833793910731

154LovettF J Lovettfirst name on this monument1922241946id: 18633795710701

155LovettJames William Lovettfirst name on this monument1870811951id: 19133796211011
Ellen Sophia Lovettwife of James William Lovett1867851952 w of James Wm

156LovettLaura Louisa Lovettfirst name on this monument1865231888id: 433378091119

157LovettVictor James Lovettfirst name on this monument1931712002id: 4033780610711

158LovettWilliam Lovettfirst name on this monument1832801912id: 5333782410812

159LovettWilliam Lenny Lovettfirst name on this monument1886721958id: 23133800210711

160LudbrookeClayton Dale Ludbrookefirst name on this monument1901811982id: 2163379871072
Lily Helen Ludbrookewife of Clayton Dale Ludbrooke1905871992

161ManningEnid Grace Manningfirst name on this monument1913922005id: 393378051098

162MarkhamThomas Markhamfirst name on this monument1773681841id: 1043378751084
Mary W Markhamwife of Thomas Markham1791661857 w of Thomas

163MarsdenAlice Elizabeth Marsdenfirst name on this monument1881111892id: 423378081088d of Frederick and Sophia
Frederick Marsdenfather of Alice Elizabeth Marsden
Sophia Marsdenmother of Alice Elizabeth Marsden

164MarstoneIvy Marstonefirst name on this monument1904371941id: 1723379431075

165MasonFrederick Masonfirst name on this monument1841611902id: 2423380131077
Elizabeth Masonwife of Frederick Mason1841781919

166MooreGeorge Moorefirst name on this monument1912691981id: 21733798810701
Bessie May Moore1912841996

167MooreWestley Barry Moorefirst name on this monument1977252002id: 1333379041085

168MullettLilian Ellen Mullettfirst name on this monument1904901994id: 333377991081

169NelsonBridgett Nelsonfirst name on this monumentid: 2523380231071

170NelsonEdnis Mathei Nelsonfirst name on this monumentid: 2473380181073
Anne Aldredge1624 w of Roger
Roger Aldredge
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171NotleyAlice Notleyfirst name on this monument1880-241856id: 173377831077

172NoyMary Ann Noyfirst name on this monument1826841910id: 2033778610721

173NoyWilliam Noyfirst name on this monument1826841910id: 2133778710731

174PageZipporah Pagefirst name on this monument1859701929id: 593378301092
William James Pagehusband of Zipporah Page1861761937 h of Zipporah

175ParkinsonJohn Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1848821930id: 743378451069

176ParryHubert John Parryfirst name on this monument1895781973id: 2383380091071
Lucy Maud Parrywife of Hubert John Parry1902921994

177ParryKenneth H J Parryfirst name on this monument1929401969id: 2373380081067

178PattersonNancy Pattersonfirst name on this monument1904891993id: 293377951071
Kenneth Patterson18231571980

179PeckhamAndrew John Peckhamfirst name on this monument1959502009id: 363378021082

180PeckhamCecil John Peckhamfirst name on this monument1922711993id: 303377961073
George Peckham
Mary Hannah Peckham1981292010 w of george

181PepperHarry Frank Roberts Pepperfirst name on this monumentid: 5433782510661

182PhilpottEmily Philpottfirst name on this monument1829741903id: 1033378741111w of Wm
Annie Philpottdaughter of Emily Philpott1862131875
William Philpotthusband of Emily Philpott

183RabettElizabeth Rabettfirst name on this monument1702581760id: 2533380241122w of Reginald
John Rabett1763
Reginald Rabett1693701763

184RabettGeorge Rabettfirst name on this monument1695701765id: 2493380201079

185RabettJohn Rabettfirst name on this monument1702id: 24833801910951s of Reginald
Reginald Rabettfather of John Rabett

186RabettMary Rabettfirst name on this monument1665531718id: 25133802210891w of John
John Rabetthusband of Mary Rabett

187RabettReginald Rabettfirst name on this monument1686id: 25033802110841s of Lambert and Bridget
Lambert Rabettfather of Reginald Rabett

188RackhamGrace Emma Rackhamfirst name on this monument1918801998id: 1563379271086
Cyril Rackhamhusband of Grace Emma Rackham1918862004

189RatcliffeArthur James Ratcliffefirst name on this monument1882381920id: 563378271077
Lilian Ratcliffewife of Arthur James Ratcliffe1888861974

190RatcliffeGordon Ernest Ratcliffefirst name on this monument1919741993id: 2633779211022
Kathleen May Ratcliffewife of Gordon Ernest Ratcliffe18111972008

191ReadAnna Readfirst name on this monument1866451911id: 883378591101
Frederick James Read1838731911

192ReadJames Readfirst name on this monument1829641893id: 893378601070
Maria Read1845 Wm and Emily

193ReadJames Stephen Readfirst name on this monument1877id: 153377811082ch of Samuel and Elizabeth Stanford
Samuel Readfather of James Stephen Read
Elizabeth Readmother of James Stephen Read

194ReeveGilbert Reevefirst name on this monument1906511957id: 2353380061070
Mary Maud Reeve1908641972

195ReinkeGudrun Briggitte Reinkefirst name on this monument1955532008id: 383378041072

196ReynoldsMary Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1695551750id: 3533780110762This gravestone is old and very weathered. The National Burial Index gives Mary Reynold's death year as 1755. I also have information from another researcher that she died on the 18th November 1755. Mary was the wife of Thomas Reynolds. Her maiden name was Thurston.
Thomas Reynolds

197ReynoldsThomas Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1645631708id: 3433780010791The gravestone is very old and weathered. The National Burial Index records Thomas Reynolds death as 1768. I have on record he was 63 when he died on the 6th May 1768. These dates were also given to me by another Reynolds researcher. He was the husband of Mary (Nee Thurston)

198RousGeneva H Rousfirst name on this monument1904731977id: 2213379921078
Lancelot Roushusband of Geneva H Rous1914872001 h of Geneva

199SandieAlexander Ross Sandiefirst name on this monument1921201941id: 1753379461069s of Jean
Jean Sandiewife of Alexander Ross Sandie
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200SawyerFred Sawyerfirst name on this monument1858421900id: 43377701067

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Andrew's Church burial ground, Bramfield, Suffolk, England.

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