Lawnswood (section T) Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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401RobertsonWilliam Scott Robertsonfirst name on this monument1878631941id: DCSF3060
(2 images)
Miriam Frances Mary Robertsonwife of William Scott Robertson1878711949

402RobinsonCharles A Robinsonfirst name on this monument1864611925id: DCSF3284
(2 images)
Ada Mary Robinsonwife of Charles A Robinson1866781944

403RobinsonKate Robinsonfirst name on this monument1929id: DCSF35301066
Hilda Robinsondaughter of Kate Robinson1949

404RobinsonNanny Stead Robinsonfirst name on this monument1844761920id: DCSF32171100
Edith Brodiedaughter of Nanny Stead Robinson1876631939
Benjamin Robinsonhusband of Nanny Stead Robinson1844801924
Arthur Brodieson-in-law of Nanny Stead Robinson1868941962

405RockliffSarah Ann Rocklifffirst name on this monument1854731927id: DCSF358010831
Frederick Rockliffhusband of Sarah Ann Rockliff1856801936

406RogersFlorence May Rogersfirst name on this monument1894311925id: DCSF32321074Of Armley and Roundhay

407RoseBessie Rosefirst name on this monument1881531934id: DCSF33241069
Henry Walter Rosehusband of Bessie Rose1880651945

408RossGeorge Laurie Rossfirst name on this monument1921id: DCSF324210711
Mary Rosswife of George Laurie Ross1952

409RothwellJohn Thomas Rothwellfirst name on this monument1857691926id: DCSF32771067
Elizabeth Rothwellwife of John Thomas Rothwell1858771935

410RoundhillAnn Roundhillfirst name on this monument1874621936id: DCSF358410961
Gilbert Alfred Roundhillhusband of Ann Roundhill1871751946

411RoundingSarah Roundingfirst name on this monument1862721934id: DCSF34021078
Annie Roundingdaughter of Sarah Rounding1894791973
William Roundinghusband of Sarah Rounding1862821944
Ada Florey1896731969
John W Powell1921551976
Rose Powell1886891975

412SandsThomas Arthur Sandsfirst name on this monument1869701939id: DCSF312811322
Tom Knowlesson-in-law of Thomas Arthur Sands1887821969
Hannah Elizabeth Sandswife of Thomas Arthur Sands1866721938

413SavilleEmily Savillefirst name on this monument1855721927id: DCSF35641092
Richard Saville1857931950

414ScarthEmily Scarthfirst name on this monument1920721992id: DCSF30641124
Carol Yvonne Quinlandaughter of Emily Scarth1945572002
J H Scarthhusband of Emily Scarth1920872007

415ScholefieldJohn William Scholefieldfirst name on this monument1875521927id: DCSF34001074
Mary Elizabeth Scholefieldwife of John William Scholefield1878701948

416ScholefieldJoshua Scholefieldfirst name on this monument1853811934id: DCSF31411099

417ScottArthur Scottfirst name on this monument1904851989id: DCSF30161065
Ivy Harriet Scottwife of Arthur Scott1904881992

418ScottFred Scottfirst name on this monument1883591942id: DCSF29611081
Grace Scottwife of Fred Scott1881811962

419SelbyCaroline Selbyfirst name on this monument1845851930id: DCSF31601080
Margaret Annie Selbydaughter of Caroline Selby1869751944
John Selbyhusband of Caroline Selby
Lancelot Selbyson of Caroline Selby1881591940

420ShanksArthur Thornton Shanksfirst name on this monument1868611929id: DCSF331411051
Eileen Shanks1967 Wife of H Shanks
Ada Jane Shankswife of Arthur Thornton Shanks

421ShawEtheline Shawfirst name on this monument1874621936id: DCSF358310801
Thomas Shawhusband of Etheline Shaw1877711948
Irene Ivy Shaw1905861991
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422ShawGertrude Shawfirst name on this monument1937id: DCSF30581071

423ShawJoseph Shawfirst name on this monument1869651934id: DCSF2918
(2 images)
Elsie Bedsondaughter of Joseph Shaw1971
Noel Phillips Bedsonson-in-law of Joseph Shaw1889611950
Mary Shawwife of Joseph Shaw1870681938

424SheardCharles Edwin Sheardfirst name on this monument1878661944id: DCSF36221097
Florence Sheardwife of Charles Edwin Sheard1882681950

425SheardJohn Sheardfirst name on this monument1855821937id: DCSF303310702
Ellen B Sheardwife of John Sheard1858861944

426SheltonAnn Sheltonfirst name on this monument1856721928id: DCSF3569
(2 images)
Florence Jane Sheltondaughter of Ann Shelton1885781963
Maud Mary Sheltondaughter of Ann Shelton1881551936
Alfred Sheltonhusband of Ann Shelton1855821937
Alfred Laurence Sheltonson of Ann Shelton1891921983

427SiddleEmily Siddlefirst name on this monument1943id: DCSF30971073
Annie Siddledaughter of Emily Siddle1990
George Taylor Siddlehusband of Emily Siddle1960

428SimpkinsRoland Simpkinsfirst name on this monument1931551986id: DCSF29791071

429SimpsonAda Simpsonfirst name on this monument1936id: DCSF35391078
William Simpsonhusband of Ada Simpson1957

430SimpsonElizabeth Ann Simpsonfirst name on this monument1867581925id: DCSF32831082
Tom Simpsonhusband of Elizabeth Ann Simpson
Edward Simpsonson of Elizabeth Ann Simpson1893461939

431SinclairMary Ann Sinclairfirst name on this monument1850811931id: DCSF323010681

432SkeltonGeorge Ronald Skeltonfirst name on this monument1901301931id: DCSF3473
(2 images)
George Skeltonfather of George Ronald Skelton1872691941
Annie Skeltonmother of George Ronald Skelton1873781951

433SlackDoris H Slackfirst name on this monument1927id: DCSF33691077
Emma F Slack1962
Sidney Slack1964

434SlaterMary Ann Slaterfirst name on this monument1870651935id: DCSF31961066
Joseph Slaterhusband of Mary Ann Slater

435SledgeAlfred Kitson Sledgefirst name on this monument1886381924id: DCSF3425
(2 images)
Idalia Sledgewife of Alfred Kitson Sledge1884911975

436SmithAyrton Smithfirst name on this monument1901271928id: DCSF35031074
Thomas Smithfather of Ayrton Smith1879641943
Mary Smithmother of Ayrton Smith

437SmithCharles Edward Smithfirst name on this monument1920681988id: DCSF30681068

438SmithElizabeth Smithfirst name on this monument1885581943id: DCSF31111067
David Smith1876711947

439SmithEric Smithfirst name on this monument1905291934id: DCSF33271074
Harry Smithfather of Eric Smith1868761944
Ida Smithmother of Eric Smith1872931965
Ida Smithwife of Eric Smith

440SmithFlorence Smithfirst name on this monument1906801986id: DCSF29941068
Vincent Bedford Smithhusband of Florence Smith1905921997

441SmithFrederick William Smithfirst name on this monument1889471936id: DCSF30311067
Mabel Smithwife of Frederick William Smith1901871988

442SmithHannah Scott Smithfirst name on this monument1876721948id: DCSF31041068
Robert Turner Smithhusband of Hannah Scott Smith1875841959

443SmithJames Alfred Smithfirst name on this monument1872601932id: DCSF3183
(3 images)
Dorothy Smithdaughter-in-law of James Alfred Smith
Arthur Smithson of James Alfred Smith1892241916 Died of Wounds; France
Frank Smithson of James Alfred Smith1898491947
Emily Smithwife of James Alfred Smith1875811956
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444SmithJames Henry Smithfirst name on this monument1867571924id: DCSF32941133
Stanley Gerald Smithson of James Henry Smith1894391933
Catherine Smithwife of James Henry Smith1873551928

445SmithJohn Henry Smithfirst name on this monument1868701938id: DCSF3588
(3 images)
Betsy Jane Smithwife of John Henry Smith1866821948

446SmithLewis Smithfirst name on this monument1883621945id: DCSF3377
(2 images)
Mary Despena Smithdaughter-in-law of Lewis Smith1983
Alan Smithson of Lewis Smith1912841996 Date unclear
Ruth Hannah Smithwife of Lewis Smith1879701949

447SmithLouisa Smithfirst name on this monument1871id: DCSF33401067d 193? - Damaged due to lying flat
Sidney Smithhusband of Louisa Smith68 d 193? - Unable to read dates

448SmithRaymond Harold Smithfirst name on this monument1928651993id: DCSF29921093
Denise Smithdaughter of Raymond Harold Smith1952552007

449SmithTom Smithfirst name on this monumentid: DCSF28931069Dates illegible
Annie Smithwife of Tom Smith

450SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1837791916id: DCSF29541066

451SowrayMary Katherine Sowrayfirst name on this monument1862551917id: DCSF29511065
William Sowrayhusband of Mary Katherine Sowray1862701932

452SpencerConstance Evelyn Spencerfirst name on this monument1936id: DCSF30321080
Charles Henry Spencerhusband of Constance Evelyn Spencer1936

453StarkAlexander Starkfirst name on this monument1898321930id: DCSF33411079
Mary Jane Stark1862741936

454SteadCharles Frederick Steadfirst name on this monument1864651929id: DCSF35091117
Charles Brian Steadson of Charles Frederick Stead1918 Died Wounds France
Clara Emily Steadwife of Charles Frederick Stead1937

455SteadMatilda Steadfirst name on this monument1930id: DCSF3343
(2 images)
10731Of Headingley
William H Steadhusband of Matilda Stead1933
Walter Vernon Steadson of Matilda Stead1931

456StembridgeJohn Arthur Stembridgefirst name on this monument1880581938id: DCSF308110711
Lilian Malkinwife of John Arthur Stembridge1887921979 Lady Atkey

457StewardWilliam Stewardfirst name on this monument1843881931id: DCSF314910781
Gertrude Stewarddaughter of William Steward1881661947
Rowland Stewardson of William Steward1880751955
Eliza Stewardwife of William Steward1846881934

458StewartLeonard George Stewartfirst name on this monument1923641987id: DCSF362510841
Edith Stewartwife of Leonard George Stewart1928802008

459StirkCharles W Stirkfirst name on this monument1862451907id: DCSF33631081
Frank Stirkson of Charles W Stirk1899261925

460StokesH Howard Stokesfirst name on this monument1883541937id: DCSF30821084
Annie Stokeswife of H Howard Stokes1883891972

461StoneyLeonard Benjamin Stoneyfirst name on this monument1924681992id: DCSF30721081

462StottGeorge Frederick Stottfirst name on this monument1897401937id: DCSF33961076

463StottLaura Stottfirst name on this monument1870611931id: DCSF3462
(2 images)
James Arthur Stotthusband of Laura Stott1950
Grace Stott1955
Herbert Arthur Stott Husband of Grace

464StrothardHubert Turner Strothardfirst name on this monument1889561945id: DCSF3379
(3 images)
Dorothy Strothardwife of Hubert Turner Strothard1894641958

465SugdenHattie Sugdenfirst name on this monument1926id: DCSF32821078Oakfield House Headingley
Allen Sugdenfather of Hattie Sugden
Zilpah Sugdenmother of Hattie Sugden
Kate Sugdensister of Hattie Sugden1876861962
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466SunderlandHerbert Crossley Sunderlandfirst name on this monument1874581932id: DCSF31811073
Isabella Florence Sunderlandwife of Herbert Crossley Sunderland1877621939

467SutcliffeEdward Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1926id: DCSF327510771Oh Hunslet and Roundhay
Euphemia Dawson Sutcliffewife of Edward Sutcliffe1935

468SwallowJames Horatio Swallowfirst name on this monument1879581937id: DCSF34441067

469SwiftLily Swiftfirst name on this monument1895411936id: DCSF30301103
H A Swiftfather of Lily Swift
Elizabeth Swiftmother of Lily Swift1865841949

470SykesP D Sykesfirst name on this monument1922221944id: DCSF34371068War grave RAF

471SykesPaulina Sykesfirst name on this monument1864721936id: DCSF30241070
Albert Edward Sykeshusband of Paulina Sykes1859861945

472SykesTelfer Sykesfirst name on this monument1852801932id: DCSF35001089
Charlotte Sykeswife of Telfer Sykes1858861944

473TattersallGertrude Adelaide Tattersallfirst name on this monument1931id: DCSF316610671
Olive Lilian Drakedaughter of Gertrude Adelaide Tattersall1909681977
Margery Tattersalldaughter of Gertrude Adelaide Tattersall1953

474TattersfieldClifford Tattersfieldfirst name on this monument1882521934id: DCSF319810671
Frances Maud Tattersfieldwife of Clifford Tattersfield1881921973

475TaylorAda Florence Taylorfirst name on this monument1880511931id: DCSF33461092
H F Taylorhusband of Ada Florence Taylor

476TaylorHilda Taylorfirst name on this monument1927id: DCSF35581075
W R Taylorhusband of Hilda Taylor

477TaylorLouisa Taylorfirst name on this monument1859721931id: DCSF31581068

478TaylorMary Ann Taylorfirst name on this monument1864661930id: DCSF3150
(3 images)
10703born Mary Ann Chicken, changed name to Mary Ann Milburn before Marriage to John Leopold Taylor. Milburn was grandmother's maiden name Sorry but the above is not correct. born Mary Ann Chicken, her father (Rev Joseph Milburn Chicken) changed the family name from Milburn Chicken to Chicken Milburn in 1877, and his children were known by the surname Milburn.
Eveline Eleanor Taylordaughter of Mary Ann Taylor1889771966
Margery Milburn Taylordaughter of Mary Ann Taylor1897851982
Mary Gertrude Taylordaughter of Mary Ann Taylor1888831971
John Leopold Taylorhusband of Mary Ann Taylor1858831941
George Milburn Taylorson of Mary Ann Taylor1895211916 RFA Interred Warloy France

479TennantSamuel Tennantfirst name on this monument1878401918id: DCSF3237
(3 images)
Florence Tennantdaughter-in-law of Samuel Tennant1905801985
Dorothy Amelia Tennant1911982009 Wife of Stanley
Stanley Tennant1908781986
Norman Tennantson of Samuel Tennant1900641964 Cremated
Clara Tennantwife of Samuel Tennant1879901969 Cremated

480TerringtonJohn Thomas Terringtonfirst name on this monument1868701938id: DCSF300610652
Elizabeth Ann Terringtonwife of John Thomas Terrington1869961965

481TerryJames Edward Terryfirst name on this monument192541929id: DCSF35721075
Bertie Randolph Terry1895791974
Millicent Terry1901921993

482TerryWilliam Terryfirst name on this monument1870671937id: DCSF304110721
Silvia Terrywife of William Terry1871951966

483ThackerayGeorge Edwin Thackerayfirst name on this monument1868601928id: DCSF320810701
Gwendolen Mary Thackeraydaughter of George Edwin Thackeray1911241935
Winifred Lucy Thackeraywife of George Edwin Thackeray1877851962

484ThackrayWilliam James Thackrayfirst name on this monument1875601935id: DCSF313210851
Anna Harriet Thackraydaughter of William James Thackray1908641972 Age may be incorrect.
Edith Hardy Thackraywife of William James Thackray1874781952

485ThompsonJohn Thompsonfirst name on this monument1860671927id: DCSF35621065
Clara Helen Thompsonwife of John Thompson1862831945

486ThompsonThomas Baker Thompsonfirst name on this monument1877771954id: DCSF33501075
Edna Isabel Thompsondaughter of Thomas Baker Thompson1910341944
Thomas Arthur Thompsonson of Thomas Baker Thompson1916141930
Marie Hannah Thompsonwife of Thomas Baker Thompson1878691947
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487ThompsonWilliam Thompsonfirst name on this monument1880561936id: DCSF35851071
Annie Elizabeth Thompson1882731955
Sarah Thompson1851841935

488ThomsonMarcus Brudenell Thomsonfirst name on this monument192591934id: DCSF31391078
Angus James Thomsonfather of Marcus Brudenell Thomson1899421941
Doris Thomsonmother of Marcus Brudenell Thomson

489ThongerJames Henry Thongerfirst name on this monument1939-211918id: DCSF29301071
Ellen Elizabeth Thongerwife of James Henry Thonger1840881928

490ThorntonAlbert Ernest Thorntonfirst name on this monument1897771974id: DCSF33261102
Peter Albert Thorntonson of Albert Ernest Thornton192951934
Gladys Thorntonwife of Albert Ernest Thornton1904931997

491ThorntonEileen Thorntonfirst name on this monument1927181945id: DCSF30871073
Charles Raymond Thorntonfather of Eileen Thornton1896781974

492ThorntonThomas Houseman Thorntonfirst name on this monument1864621926id: DCSF33101089
Ada Thorntonwife of Thomas Houseman Thornton1869801949

493ThorpeRichard Thorpefirst name on this monument1881561937id: DCSF33211069
Mary Josephine Thorpewife of Richard Thorpe1882671949

494TidswellHerbert Tidswellfirst name on this monument1887511938id: DCSF31201070
Clarence Tidswellfather of Herbert Tidswell1859791938
Annie Tidswellmother of Herbert Tidswell1861791940

495TidswellJohn Francis Tidswellfirst name on this monument1866761942id: DCSF3258
(2 images)
Stanley C E Tidswell1916581974
Mabel Tidswellwife of John Francis Tidswell1885651950

496TomlinsonAlfred Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1876481924id: DCSF341011161
Betsy Tomlinsonwife of Alfred Tomlinson

497TongHerbert Tongfirst name on this monument1880591939id: DCSF359510782
Rachel Annie Tongwife of Herbert Tong1879711950

498TownAlice Townfirst name on this monument1929id: DCSF3491
(2 images)
Annandale Townhusband of Alice Town1938
Albert Illingworth Husband of Emma
Emma Gertrude Illingworth1873621935

499TownendFrederick Townendfirst name on this monument1936id: DCSF333810781

500TreleavenFrank Lee Treleavenfirst name on this monument1870541924id: DCSF32891067
Ada Ellen Treleavenwife of Frank Lee Treleaven1937

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