Lawnswood (section T) Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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201HaighG Haighfirst name on this monument1914261940id: DCSF33861102Private Duke of Wellingtons Reg.

202HainsworthClara Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1868731941id: DCSF3044
(2 images)
Florence May Hainsworthdaughter of Clara Hainsworth1896551951
Albert Hainsworthhusband of Clara Hainsworth1866791945
Albert Norman Hainsworthson of Clara Hainsworth1907311938

203HallDorothy Hallfirst name on this monument191351918id: DCSF292110661Possibly 3 years old
George Hallfather of Dorothy Hall1879601939
Catherine Janet Hallmother of Dorothy Hall1881561937

204HallJennie Hallfirst name on this monument1887601947id: DCSF309010661
James Hallhusband of Jennie Hall1887681955

205HallWilliam Alfred Hallfirst name on this monument1905401945id: DCSF30851067

206HamerWalter Hamerfirst name on this monument1892461938id: DCSF359710731

207HampshireFlorence Elizabeth Hampshirefirst name on this monument1859621921id: DCSF2934
(2 images)
Dorothy Watsondaughter of Florence Elizabeth Hampshire1895211916
John William Hampshirehusband of Florence Elizabeth Hampshire1855801935
Herbert Watsonson-in-law of Florence Elizabeth Hampshire

208HanJeanie Hanfirst name on this monument1992id: DCSF34361072

209HardcastleLillian Hardcastlefirst name on this monument1889371926id: DCSF32811078
John Taylorfather of Lillian Hardcastle1856801936
Robert H Hardcastlehusband of Lillian Hardcastle

210HardingErnest Walter Hardingfirst name on this monument1882661948id: DCSF341910691
Mildred May Harding1888611949

211HardinghamFrederick Robert Hardinghamfirst name on this monument1844751919id: DCSF29221096
Emma Vincent Hardinghamwife of Frederick Robert Hardingham1921

212HargreavesArthur Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1882531935id: DCSF31311121
A Bryan G Robinson1937211958
Aubrey Robinson
Lucy Robinson
Emma Jane Hargreaveswife of Arthur Hargreaves1883611944

213HargreavesElizabeth Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1867681935id: DCSF35521076
Arthur Hargreaveshusband of Elizabeth Hargreaves1870691939
Selina Barrett1857791936

214HargreavesTheresa Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1867661933id: DCSF33301077
William Hargreaveshusband of Theresa Hargreaves1870711941

215HarringtonFrank Harringtonfirst name on this monument1921711992id: DCSF35191066

216HarrisThomas A Harrisfirst name on this monument1852731925id: DCSF33651071
Jane Elizabeth Harriswife of Thomas A Harris1856821938

217HarrisonNorman William Harrisonfirst name on this monument1924621986id: DCSF301710712
Elsie Jean Harrisonwife of Norman William Harrison1930671997

218HartleyAlfred Hartleyfirst name on this monumentid: DCSF34081081d 192- - Last digit illegible
Sarah E Hartleywife of Alfred Hartley d 19--

219HartleySarah Elizabeth Hartleyfirst name on this monument1910771987id: DCSF36231069

220HawesHannah Hawesfirst name on this monument1867681935id: DCSF35561070
Tom Haweshusband of Hannah Hawes

221HawsonKathleen May Hawsonfirst name on this monument1896361932id: DCSF347810992
William Baguleyfather of Kathleen May Hawson
Rose Annie Baguleymother of Kathleen May Hawson1869821951

222HayleyErnest Hayleyfirst name on this monument1877601937id: DCSF30561085
Gladys L Blakeley1890591949
Mary Gwendoline Senior1892701962
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223HazleLizzie Hazlefirst name on this monument1882611943id: DCSF30961088
Robert Charles Hazlehusband of Lizzie Hazle1875771952

224HealdWalter Healdfirst name on this monument1940id: DCSF35911088
Gladys Moorhouse1969
Herbert Arthur Moorhouse1968
Gertrude Healdwife of Walter Heald1964

225HeapsCharles Denison Heapsfirst name on this monument1849691918id: DCSF35141090
Annie Dorothy Evelyn Heapsdaughter of Charles Denison Heaps1890651955
Grace Heapswife of Charles Denison Heaps1855841939

226HeapsMinnie Heapsfirst name on this monument1920id: DCSF351310731
Thomas Garsed Denison Heapshusband of Minnie Heaps1894

227HeatherJohn E Heatherfirst name on this monument1938id: DCSF3007
(3 images)
1078Killed Colliery Accident
Sara Heatherwife of John E Heather1948

228HemmingwayLawrence Hemmingwayfirst name on this monument1895321927id: DCSF32801075

229HenryGeorge Henryfirst name on this monument50id: DCSF35611067Virtually illgible surname; may be incorrect
Joseph Henryson of George Henry1903781981
Mary Emma Henrywife of George Henry1876841960

230HepperJohn Staniland Hepperfirst name on this monument1865681933id: DCSF35241079

231HepworthClifford Hepworthfirst name on this monument1887521939id: DCSF30591114
Margaret Hepworthwife of Clifford Hepworth1887861973

232HepworthHarry Hepworthfirst name on this monument1852841936id: DCSF31291095
Sarah Ann Hepworthwife of Harry Hepworth1852841936

233HewesMary Smith Hewesfirst name on this monument1851871938id: DCSF30121070
Michael Foster Heweshusband of Mary Smith Hewes

234HewittClara Farrington Hewittfirst name on this monument1877441921id: DCSF28971086
Edwin Hollingworth Hewitthusband of Clara Farrington Hewitt1880611941

235HeyLancaster Heyfirst name on this monument1879501929id: DCSF3506
(2 images)
Walter L Heyson of Lancaster Hey1906751981
Madge Heywife of Lancaster Hey1882711953

236HiltonTom Hiltonfirst name on this monument1847861933id: DCSF31471072
Edith Hiltondaughter of Tom Hilton1876751951
Ralph Hiltonson of Tom Hilton1879701949
Martha Hiltonwife of Tom Hilton1850831933

237HineJames Augustus Hinefirst name on this monument1851761927id: DCSF3278
(2 images)
Annie Constance Hinewife of James Augustus Hine1860701930

238HirstGeorge Sydney Hirstfirst name on this monument1883481931id: DCSF32501069
Daisy Hirstwife of George Sydney Hirst

239HirstIsabella Hirstfirst name on this monument1864521916id: DCSF32211083
Henry Herbert Hirsthusband of Isabella Hirst

240HodgsonElizabeth Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1870651935id: DCSF34521067
John Hodgson1870661936

241HodgsonSarah Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1863561919id: DCSF2909
(3 images)
Samuel C Hodgsonhusband of Sarah Hodgson
Arthur B Hodgson Husband of Jessie
Jessie Hodgson1899481947

242HodgsonWilliam Henry Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1850781928id: DCSF32441065
Margaret Ann Hodgsonwife of William Henry Hodgson1850881938

243HodgsonWilliam Henry Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1879681947id: DCSF30911065

244HodsonMavis? Hodsonfirst name on this monument192421926id: DCSF33561069Unclear

245HoisieMignonne Wilmot Hoisiefirst name on this monument1893501943id: DCSF31141065
Marian Overburymother of Mignonne Wilmot Hoisie1861841945
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246HolgateEllen Holgatefirst name on this monument1884541938id: DCSF32621072
Joseph Dixon Holgatehusband of Ellen Holgate1882341916 KIA France
Florence Leonora Wilkinson1905841989 Wife of James
James Howard Wilkinson1901881989

247HollandAmbrose William Hollandfirst name on this monument1870611931id: DCSF34611082
Edith Mary Hollandwife of Ambrose William Holland1872701942

248HollingsEdith Hollingsfirst name on this monument1874841958id: DCSF311910812
Benjamin Fawcett Hollings1866791945

249HoodArthur Hoodfirst name on this monument1917261943id: DCSF31121080
Alfred Hoodfather of Arthur Hood1877771954
Sophia Hoodmother of Arthur Hood18761041980
Lily Hoodsister of Arthur Hood1904781982

250HoodEthel Hoodfirst name on this monument1910891999id: DCSF3253
(3 images)
Gladys Hood1913751988
Nora Hood1907911998

251HoodSarah Hoodfirst name on this monument1857731930id: DCSF32491068
Samuel Hoodhusband of Sarah Hood1855771932

252HornerH J Hornerfirst name on this monument1928id: DCSF3416
(3 images)
1078Poss 1929
Joan Downham2007
Rowland Downham1992
Florence Horner1967

253HornerHeaton Hornerfirst name on this monument1882621944id: DCSF31171068
Emily Elizabeth Hornerwife of Heaton Horner1884751959

254HorrocksJohn James Horrocksfirst name on this monument1858701928id: DCSF35231108

255HorsfieldHenry Horsfieldfirst name on this monument1856631919id: DCSF35111076
Leonora Maud Horsfieldwife of Henry Horsfield1863841947

256HoulkerHarold Houlkerfirst name on this monument1897461943id: DCSF30941073

257HowardArthur Howardfirst name on this monument1868671935id: DCSF34511069

258HowdenWilliam Henry Howdenfirst name on this monument1859731932id: DCSF350111002
Agnes Sophia Howdendaughter of William Henry Howden1889791968
Maggie Howdenwife of William Henry Howden1866811947

259HowellF E Howellfirst name on this monument1894251919id: DCSF32181069War Grave Gunner Royal Field Artillary

260Hudson Hudsonfirst name on this monumentid: DCSF355710961Illegible
Mabel Hudsondaughter of Hudson1 15 months
Christopher Percy Hudsonson of Hudson26 Interred Kirkstall

261HuggonFred Huggonfirst name on this monument1909331942id: DCSF36001066War Grave and date conflict
George Arthur Huggonfather of Fred Huggon1884751959
Alice Huggonmother of Fred Huggon1889601949

262HutchinsonElsie Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1884461930id: DCSF320610933
Joshua Hutchinsonfather of Elsie Hutchinson1858841942
Ellen Hutchinsonmother of Elsie Hutchinson1860731933

263HuttonJames Huttonfirst name on this monument1844761920id: DCSF32411082
George Arthur Huttonson of James Hutton1916 Leeds Pals France
Catherine Huttonwife of James Hutton1842841926

264IllingworthSophia Illingworthfirst name on this monument1863561919id: DCSF3219
(2 images)
Harry Illingworthhusband of Sophia Illingworth1865691934
Harry Illingworthson of Sophia Illingworth1890401930

265InghamGeorge Hartley Inghamfirst name on this monument1857801937id: DCSF30401103

266InghamJames Curtis Inghamfirst name on this monument1856791935id: DCSF313411142Of Wortley and Headingley
Henry Ingham Husband of Mary (of Ilkley)
Mary Matilda Ingham1880551935
Anne Elizabeth Inghamwife of James Curtis Ingham1858851943
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267IredaleGeorge Vernon Iredalefirst name on this monument1901271928id: DCSF35041080
J Leonard Iredalefather of George Vernon Iredale1868731941
Marion Iredalemother of George Vernon Iredale1871831954
David Iredale Howley1940281968

268IvesEdward William Ivesfirst name on this monument1851631914id: DCSF3577
(3 images)
Constance Ethel Ivesdaughter of Edward William Ives1884611945 Died Blackpool
Dorothy Alice Ivesdaughter of Edward William Ives1892851977
Arthur Hewitt Ivesson of Edward William Ives1883361919 Died in France
Edward Charles Ivesson of Edward William Ives1874711945
Fred Bruce Ivesson of Edward William Ives1892291921 Died from Shell Shock
Gerald Ivesson of Edward William Ives1888401928 Died of Wounds
Thomas Richardson Ivesson of Edward William Ives1882581940
Ann Iveswife of Edward William Ives1853731926

269JamesFlorence May Jamesfirst name on this monument1894491943id: DCSF36061070
Phillip W Jameshusband of Florence May James

270JefferyJohn A R Jefferyfirst name on this monument1938id: DCSF32611071
Freda W Jefferydaughter of John A R Jeffery1939
Emma W Jefferywife of John A R Jeffery1940

271JeffreyTom Jeffreyfirst name on this monument1862831945id: DCSF305210741
Beatrice Spray1889771966
Joseph Spray1889701959
Maria Jeffreywife of Tom Jeffrey1862831945

272JenkinsonFred Jenkinsonfirst name on this monument1868621930id: DCSF334210791
Hannah Jenkinsonwife of Fred Jenkinson1867771944

273JenksWilliam Jenksfirst name on this monument1850721922id: DCSF28851081
Alice E Jenkswife of William Jenks1852871939

274JenningsRichard Jenningsfirst name on this monument1861691930id: DCSF33471066
Jane Jennings1857731930

275JenningsWilliam Cecil Jenningsfirst name on this monument1874621936id: DCSF30371088
Violet Mary Jenningsdaughter of William Cecil Jennings1908891997
Mary Beatrice Jenningswife of William Cecil Jennings1880841964

276JoachimDaisy Joachimfirst name on this monument1926611987id: DCSF29841086
Rosanna Joachimdaughter of Daisy Joachim
Amy Charlotte Joachimgrand daughter of Daisy Joachim
Callum Joachimgrand son of Daisy Joachim
John Alexander Joachimhusband of Daisy Joachim1926711997
Anthony Joachimson of Daisy Joachim

277JobsonDaniel Elwood Jobsonfirst name on this monument1869491918id: DCSF29231077

278JobsonMaud M K Jobsonfirst name on this monument1876501926id: DCSF34061069

279JobsonSarah E Jobsonfirst name on this monument1859751934id: DCSF34031074

280JohnsonAmy Johnsonfirst name on this monument1897341931id: DCSF31751070
Reginald Johnsonhusband of Amy Johnson

281JohnsonIsabelle Johnsonfirst name on this monument1850791929id: DCSF35341076

282JohnsonThomas Reginald Johnsonfirst name on this monument1898331931id: DCSF3471
(2 images)
Arthur Johnsonbrother of Thomas Reginald Johnson1910541964
Arthur Johnsonfather of Thomas Reginald Johnson
Mary H Johnsonmother of Thomas Reginald Johnson1952 Date barely legible
Clifford Johnson1900711971
Florence Mary Johnson1904921996

283JoleCharles Arthur Jolefirst name on this monument1862731935id: DCSF34531088
Emily Jolewife of Charles Arthur Jole1866871953
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284JonesJohn Jonesfirst name on this monument1868631931id: DCSF34701067

285JowettGeorge Jowettfirst name on this monument1869731942id: DCSF29731076
Annie Jowettwife of George Jowett1868811949

286KayStanley Burnett Kayfirst name on this monument1892261918id: DCSF29071101Accidentally killed
Stanley Kayfather of Stanley Burnett Kay1860871947
Hettie Kaymother of Stanley Burnett Kay1870781948

287KeighleyJessie Keighleyfirst name on this monument1861641925id: DCSF335910832
Elizabeth Keighleydaughter of Jessie Keighley1883571940
Annie Morrelldaughter of Jessie Keighley1952
Arthur G Morrellgrand son of Jessie Keighley1916751991
Gilbert A M Morrellson-in-law of Jessie Keighley1917 KIA Belgium
Emily Keighleywife of Jessie Keighley1864661930

288KempAnnie Kempfirst name on this monument1950id: DCSF32261099
Irene Whitedaughter of Annie Kemp1899881987
William Kempfather-in-law of Annie Kemp
Frederick Kemphusband of Annie Kemp1950
Louisa Kempmother-in-law of Annie Kemp

289KenchPhilip Kenchfirst name on this monument1840751915id: DCSF2939
(3 images)
Catherine Harrison Kenchdaughter of Philip Kench1938
Frances Louisa Prestondaughter of Philip Kench1868481916
Philip Kenchson of Philip Kench1865761941 Died Canada
William Russell Kenchson of Philip Kench1937 Died California
James Prestonson-in-law of Philip Kench

290KershawElizabeth Ann Kershawfirst name on this monument1887561943id: DCSF36211095

291KilvingtonAnne Kilvingtonfirst name on this monument1859801939id: DCSF31001082
Mary Kilvingtondaughter-in-law of Anne Kilvington1898581956
Tom Kilvingtonhusband of Anne Kilvington1869701939
John William Kilvingtonson of Anne Kilvington1897421939

292KindAlfred Kindfirst name on this monument1934id: DCSF314010721
Hilda Kindwife of Alfred Kind1945

293KirbyAlbert Kirbyfirst name on this monument1962id: DCSF32601119Virtually illegible
Daisy Kirbywife of Albert Kirby1976

294KirbyRobert S Kirbyfirst name on this monument1914791993id: DCSF36261065
Margarita Kirbywife of Robert S Kirby1908962004

295KirkColin Kirkfirst name on this monument1908171925id: DCSF34121139
Charles Edward Kirkfather of Colin Kirk1947
Sarah Jane Kirkmother of Colin Kirk1957

296KnocktonCharles Knocktonfirst name on this monument1869641933id: DCSF3145
(2 images)
1099Of Roundhay
John Paterson Sempleson-in-law of Charles Knockton1903551958 Cremated
Lucy Knocktonwife of Charles Knockton1880791959

297KnowlesAnnie Knowlesfirst name on this monument1886551941id: DCSF31031080
William Knowleshusband of Annie Knowles1882851967

298KohneJeanne Adolphine Kohnefirst name on this monument1868791947id: DCSF30891081

299LambertMary Annie Lambertfirst name on this monument1866701936id: DCSF30341081
Arthur Lamberthusband of Mary Annie Lambert1864801944
Arthur Lambertson of Mary Annie Lambert1889271916 KIA France

300LandaleDenise Landalefirst name on this monument1992id: DCSF29871070

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