St Margaret's Church burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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501ReadArthur Readfirst name on this monument1881571938id: DSC02927313088799
Celia Laura Readwife of Arthur Read1883821965

502ReadCharles Readfirst name on this monument1850741924id: DSC022753127667963
Caroline Readwife of Charles Read1851791930

503ReadHarriet Readfirst name on this monument1867711938id: DSC02385312830796
John Readhusband of Harriet Read1867721939

504ReadJohn Edward Readfirst name on this monument1907791986id: DSC02512312916795
Ivy Robena Read1914892003

505ReadPaul John Readfirst name on this monument1961161977id: DSC02511312915796

506RedcliffeAlexander Redcliffefirst name on this monument1914461960id: DSC02437
(2 images)

507ReynoldsJo Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1936541990id: DSC02659312982795

508RichesCharles Walter Richesfirst name on this monument1854841938id: DSC03042
(2 images)

509RichesJohn David Richesfirst name on this monument1855811936id: DSC02925313086800age 81/2?
Ellen Hannah Richeswife of John David Riches1892681960

510RidgeJack Austen Ridgefirst name on this monument1908631971id: DSC01907312568797
Kathleen Ridgewife of Jack Austen Ridge1911751986

511RixCornelius Rixfirst name on this monument1870781948id: DSC01910
(2 images)
Mary Rixwife of Cornelius Rix1870831953

512RixGladys Maria Rixfirst name on this monument1900701970id: DSC01908312569798
Thomas Albert Rixhusband of Gladys Maria Rix1903901993

513RixWilliam Rixfirst name on this monument1932651997id: DSC01905312566795

514RoutAgnes Routfirst name on this monument1883661949id: DSC023003127838031

515RoutJohn Routfirst name on this monument1845621907id: DSC03047313139801

516RoutRobert William Routfirst name on this monument1917701987id: DSC025333129347981
Margaret Phyllis Routwife of Robert William Rout1922902012

517RoutSarah Routfirst name on this monument1891701961id: DSC02454312869801
William Routhusband of Sarah Rout1888821970

518RoutWilliam Cyril Routfirst name on this monument1906721978id: DSC027813130038001
Bessie May Routwife of William Cyril Rout1919801999

519RowlandWilliam Domville Rowlandfirst name on this monument1873711944id: DSC02889313062796
Mabel Louisa Rowlandwife of William Domville Rowland1886541940

520RoyCecil Arundel Royfirst name on this monument1883241907id: DSC02093312680801
Arnold Albert Roy1884331917 Killed in Action

521RoyDavid Gladstone Royfirst name on this monument1929641993id: DSC02643312969800

522RoyElla Adalene Royfirst name on this monument1870871957id: DSC02092312679799
Maggie Agnes Roy1881801961

523RoyEmma Agnes Royfirst name on this monument1857771934id: DSC02087312674799

524RoyGeorge William Royfirst name on this monument1843831926id: DSC02089312676799
Martha Roywife of George William Roy1848911939

525RoyHenry Royfirst name on this monument1835831918id: DSC02088312675797
Caroline Roywife of Henry Roy1834841918

526RoyLucy Royfirst name on this monument1887381925id: DSC03090313163796
Philip Royfather of Lucy Roy
Mary Roymother of Lucy Roy

527RoyMary Elizabeth Royfirst name on this monument1853711924id: DSC03079313156799

528RoyPaul Robert Royfirst name on this monument1950371987id: DSC02663312986796
Mark Royson of Paul Robert Roy
Robert Royson of Paul Robert Roy

529RoyPhilip Royfirst name on this monument1884851969id: DSC02482312887796
Marion Louisa Roywife of Philip Roy1885901975
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530RoyPhilip Royfirst name on this monument1853801933id: DSC03121313176796
Mary Elizabeth Roywife of Philip Roy

531RoyRichard Sidney Royfirst name on this monument1877731950id: DSC02095312681799
Katie Maud Roy1874841958

532RoySidney George Royfirst name on this monument1894631957id: DSC028673130538101
Dorothy Mildred Roywife of Sidney George Roy1894801974

533RoyViolet Royfirst name on this monument1886721958id: DSC020973126837961

534RoyWilliam George Royfirst name on this monument1891841975id: DSC02096312682796
Earlie Roywife of William George Roy1889921981

535RustKenneth Lawrence Rustfirst name on this monument1911841995id: DSC02012312628797
Vesta Ellen Rustwife of Kenneth Lawrence Rust1920771997

536RuttonJames Ruttonfirst name on this monument1715641779id: DSC01945312587796of Burnham Overy
Elizabeth Ruttonwife of James Rutton1711591770

537SalamonTony Salamonfirst name on this monument1914851999id: DSC03168313189796
Bernadine Salamonwife of Tony Salamon1916842000

538SatchellFrederick Satchellfirst name on this monument1851661917id: DSC02962313103797also 2 children who died in infancy
Henrietta Satchellwife of Frederick Satchell1854711925

539SatchellFrederick Valentine Satchellfirst name on this monument1896661962id: DSC02846313045797

540SatchellMary E S Satchellfirst name on this monument1880731953id: DSC02875
(4 images)

541SatchellSybil Ellen Satchellfirst name on this monument1888731961id: DSC02849
(6 images)
Nelson Satchellhusband of Sybil Ellen Satchell1890721962

542SavageTamisen Jane Savagefirst name on this monument1727501777id: DSC02264312759801age 50?
Bartholomew Savagehusband of Tamisen Jane Savage1716831799

543SavoryAlice Gertrude Le Count Savoryfirst name on this monument1967-261941id: DSC022343127448051

544SayerRobert Peter Sayerfirst name on this monument1912771989id: DSC026613129847971
Margaret Mary Sayerwife of Robert Peter Sayer1914932007

545SchofieldLilian Schofieldfirst name on this monument1903921995id: DSC02641312967795

546ScholeyClaude Vickers Scholeyfirst name on this monument1897811978id: DSC03165313187795
Margaret Mary Katherine Scholeywife of Claude Vickers Scholey1906791985

547ScholeyJohn Scholeyfirst name on this monument1858681926id: DSC02135
(2 images)

548ScholeyMartha Annette Scholeyfirst name on this monument1852701922id: DSC02313
(3 images)

549ScolesJoseph Scolesfirst name on this monument1894731967id: DSC02818
(2 images)
Violet Maud Scoleswife of Joseph Scoles1899851984

550ScolesRose Gladys May Scolesfirst name on this monument1909791988id: DSC025383129397961
Harry Thomas Scoleshusband of Rose Gladys May Scoles1909841993

551ScolesSidney James Scolesfirst name on this monument1911771988id: DSC02537312938796
Joyce Florence Scoleswife of Sidney James Scoles1924661990

552SearleDaniel Searlefirst name on this monument1872771949id: DSC022023127297981
Laura Ellen Searlewife of Daniel Searle1864851949

553SeekingsJune Seekingsfirst name on this monument1928701998id: DSC02552312950796

554SharpEverard William Lewen Sharpfirst name on this monument1891511942no image313040801
Amy Lilian Sharpwife of Everard William Lewen Sharp1891831974

555SharpJ A E Sharpfirst name on this monument1920221942id: DSC02834
(2 images)
313039796Pilot; Royal Airforce 656122
J P L Sharpbrother of J A E Sharp1949 D.F.C. Formerly RAF

556SharpMary Beatrize Sharpfirst name on this monument1940id: DSC02843
(2 images)
313042798d 1940?

557ShearingHorace Shearingfirst name on this monument1907461953id: DSC02217
(2 images)
Bessie Shearingwife of Horace Shearing1907791986

558SillisStanley Sillisfirst name on this monument1897791976id: DSC02383312828798

559SillisWalter Sillisfirst name on this monument1864831947id: DSC02370
(5 images)
Emma Silliswife of Walter Sillis1876771953

560SkeetAnn Skeetfirst name on this monument1841681909id: DSC023333128048011
John William Grixfather of Ann Skeet1803761879
James Skeethusband of Ann Skeet1851801931
Mary Grixmother of Ann Skeet1804781882
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561SkippingMaria Skippingfirst name on this monument1843881931id: DSC02292
(2 images)

562SmithAlan Russell Smithfirst name on this monument1892801972id: DSC01904312565805
John Smithson of Alan Russell Smith1920862006
Bridget Smithwife of Alan Russell Smith1899721971

563SmithAlice Jane Smithfirst name on this monument1909591968id: DSC02040312648797
Margaret Green1936421978
George Smith1903731976

564SmithCharles Harold Smithfirst name on this monument1899941993id: DSC02014312629801

565SmithEdwin William Smithfirst name on this monument1918321950id: DSC02200312727796

566SmithHarry Augustine Smithfirst name on this monument1867431910id: DSC02964313104795second son
William Smithfather of Harry Augustine Smith
Charlotte Smithmother of Harry Augustine Smith

567SmithHenry Valentine Smithfirst name on this monument1868651933id: DSC022773127687961
Ann Smithwife of Henry Valentine Smith1860781938

568SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument1765751840id: DSC02016312631796

569SmithRichard Ralph Smithfirst name on this monument1898491947id: DSC03025
(7 images)
Sylvia May Smithwife of Richard Ralph Smith1901751976 age 75?

570SnellCaroline Ann Snellfirst name on this monument1869571926id: DSC02394312835808
Thomas William Snellhusband of Caroline Ann Snell1869851954

571SnellFlorence Maud Snellfirst name on this monument1888691957id: DSC02418
(3 images)
William T Snellhusband of Florence Maud Snell1896721968
Cyril Snellson of Florence Maud Snell1920221942 Killed in the Far East

572SnellFlorence Mildred Winifred Snellfirst name on this monument1895541949id: DSC02421312850796
John Snellhusband of Florence Mildred Winifred Snell1898801978

573SnellGeorge Oscar Snellfirst name on this monument1872651937id: DSC02395312836795
Hilda Gladys Snellwife of George Oscar Snell1904891993

574SnellOlive May Snellfirst name on this monument192711928id: DSC02392
(2 images)

575SnellWalter Snellfirst name on this monument1853881941id: DSC02172
(2 images)
Emma E Snellwife of Walter Snell1953

576SnellingMichael Thomas Snellingfirst name on this monument1889361925id: DSC021003126857991C Bty. R.h.a.
Mabel Snellingwife of Michael Thomas Snelling

577SnellingWalter Joseph Snellingfirst name on this monument1896591955id: DSC02868313054795
Ellen Snellingwife of Walter Joseph Snelling1898831981

578SodenPam Sodenfirst name on this monument1932591991id: DSC02905313071805
Lionel Sodenhusband of Pam Soden1927762003

579StarlingJohn Starlingfirst name on this monument1815761891id: DSC019793126107971
Elizabeth Starlingwife of John Starling1826871913

580SteelAnnie Steelfirst name on this monument1866441910id: DSC022303128017981
Arthur Steelhusband of Annie Steel1866541920

581SteelArthur Steelfirst name on this monument1894701964id: DSC02462312877801

582SteelMargery Steelfirst name on this monument1895481943id: DSC02381312827795

583SteeperDouglas Irvine Steeperfirst name on this monument1918671985id: DSC02520312922799
Mary Steeperwife of Douglas Irvine Steeper1916912007

584StimpsonAda Stimpsonfirst name on this monument1932id: DSC02076312668802
Frederick Stimpsonhusband of Ada Stimpson1885711956

585TabbererWilliam Henry Tabbererfirst name on this monument1870751945id: DSC019223125767972
Kate Louisa Tabbererwife of William Henry Tabberer1884691953

586TauntonJohn Tauntonfirst name on this monument1907881995id: DSC026583129817972
Barbara Tauntonwife of John Taunton1912791991

587TauntonMark Nicholas Tauntonfirst name on this monument1950502000id: DSC02614312959796

588TaylorCecil Taylorfirst name on this monument1908691977id: DSC027843130057961Priest
Dorothea Anna Taylorwife of Cecil Taylor1911701981
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589TaylorE M C Taylorfirst name on this monument1913831996id: DSC03161313183799
Sydney Taylor1916932009

590TaylorHenry Taylorfirst name on this monument1776761852id: DSC01971312603800
Ann Taylorwife of Henry Taylor1786721858

591TaylorHenry Taylorfirst name on this monument1776761852no image312625799
Ann Taylorwife of Henry Taylor1786721858

592TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monument1827241851no image312624797
Henry Taylorfather of James Taylor
Ann Taylormother of James Taylor

593TaylorJames March Taylorfirst name on this monument1846751921id: DSC03129313180797
Susanna Taylorwife of James March Taylor1848741922

594TaylorJames March Taylorfirst name on this monument1846751921id: DSC02263312758799
Susanna Taylorwife of James March Taylor1848741922

595TaylorMartha Taylorfirst name on this monument1838771915id: DSC02148312707796
William Taylorhusband of Martha Taylor1838841922

596TaylorMary Ellen Taylorfirst name on this monument1862351897id: DSC02018
(2 images)
James B Taylorhusband of Mary Ellen Taylor

597TaylorMary J Taylorfirst name on this monument1884461930id: DSC02207312732796
Benjamin Taylorhusband of Mary J Taylor1884701954

598TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monument19id: DSC02007312623798d August 11 18??
Henry Taylorfather of Thomas Taylor
Ann Taylormother of Thomas Taylor

599TennantNancy Tennantfirst name on this monument1866931959id: DSC02006312622795

600TerryArthur Percival Terryfirst name on this monument1899771976id: DSC02507312911797

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Grave Monument Photographs

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Margaret's Church burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is PE31 8BF - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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