St Margaret's Church burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

201FrancisCelia Sybil Francisfirst name on this monument1904791983id: DSC025263129281078
Thomas Francishusband of Celia Sybil Francis1905941999

202FrancisEdward Cubitt Francisfirst name on this monument1884351919no image31254910794youngest son; late lieutenant
John Philip Francisfather of Edward Cubitt Francis
Harriet Rosa Francismother of Edward Cubitt Francis

203FrancisElla Rosa Francisfirst name on this monument1867631930id: DSC018833125551076eldest daughter
John Philip Francisfather of Ella Rosa Francis
Harriet Rosa Francismother of Ella Rosa Francis

204FrancisEona May Francisfirst name on this monument1910531963id: DSC02175
(5 images)
Charles R Francisfather of Eona May Francis1862881950
Ellen L Francismother of Eona May Francis1867801947
Ellen Francissister of Eona May Francis1887831970

205FrancisGeorge Philip Francisfirst name on this monument1869721941id: DSC018793125531072eldest son
John Philip Francisfather of George Philip Francis
Harriet Rosa Francismother of George Philip Francis

206FrancisHarriet Katherine Francisfirst name on this monument1870671937id: DSC01881
(2 images)
3125541074second daughter
John Philip Francisfather of Harriet Katherine Francis
Harriet Rosa Francismother of Harriet Katherine Francis

207FrancisHarriet Rosa Francisfirst name on this monument1846741920id: DSC01885
(2 images)
George Wisemandaughter of Harriet Rosa Francis
Harriet Wisemandaughter of Harriet Rosa Francis
John Philip Franciswife of Harriet Rosa Francis

208FrancisSarah Ann Francisfirst name on this monument1838731911id: DSC029993131181070

209FranklinBarbara Franklinfirst name on this monument1943602003id: DSC019723126041069

210FranklinNelson Frederick Franklinfirst name on this monument1903791982id: DSC019733126051069
Ruth Franklinwife of Nelson Frederick Franklin1909801989

211FranklinRosamund Gertrude Franklinfirst name on this monument1894871981id: DSC024793128841075

212FullwoodJanet Rhoda Fullwoodfirst name on this monument1938632001id: DSC018953125611070

213FutterArthur William Futterfirst name on this monument1911451956id: DSC024513128661074

214FutterGeorge Futterfirst name on this monument1852791931id: DSC0230331278610702
Eliza Futterwife of George Futter18531011954

215FutterMary Jane Futterfirst name on this monument1881821963id: DSC0245031286510781
Ernest Arthur Futterhusband of Mary Jane Futter1877921969

216GableFanny Gablefirst name on this monument1869581927id: DSC03091
(4 images)

217GameWinfred Gamefirst name on this monument1966id: DSC022313127421069

218GarnerJesse Walter Garnerfirst name on this monument1873791952id: DSC0287931305710961
Kate Garnerwife of Jesse Walter Garner1876901966

219GarnhamMuriel Amelia Lepoer Garnhamfirst name on this monument1909791988id: DSC031663131881085
Francis Garnham1908861994

220GarrodHenry Victor Albert Garrodfirst name on this monument1895811976id: DSC025063129101078
Rose May Garrodwife of Henry Victor Albert Garrod1898861984

221GeaganStephen Geaganfirst name on this monument1841921933id: DSC02120
(2 images)
Mary Ann Geaganwife of Stephen Geagan1852681920

222GeraghtyJohn Geraghtyfirst name on this monument1910601970id: DSC0249531289910681
Edith Emma Geraghtywife of John Geraghty1905751980

223GibbonsCharles Meredith Gibbonsfirst name on this monument1911id: DSC023273127971112age 7 months

224GidneyElizabeth Gidneyfirst name on this monument1819731892id: DSC0193331258210751
Robert Gidneyhusband of Elizabeth Gidney1816831899

225GobbettMargaret Sarah Amelia Gobbettfirst name on this monument1884841968id: DSC028273130341076

226GoldingEleanor Jennings Goldingfirst name on this monument1836761912id: DSC02120
(2 images)
3126951087widow of Edgar
Edgar Goldinghusband of Eleanor Jennings Golding of Kirtling; Cambs
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227GoodmanSusanna A Goodmanfirst name on this monument1876531929id: DSC029413130971070
Walter Goodmanhusband of Susanna A Goodman1866891955

228GoulderWilliam Goulderfirst name on this monument1670661736id: DSC019463125881075the Elder

229GowerEva Anna Gowerfirst name on this monument1879641943id: DSC028903130631080
Arthur Robert Gowerhusband of Eva Anna Gower18701001970

230GowingMartha Gowingfirst name on this monument1803551858id: DSC020513126581082eldest daughter of William Mack
William Mackfather of Martha Gowing
John Gowinghusband of Martha Gowing1794801874 of Burham Sutton

231GreavesFrances Greavesfirst name on this monument1877721949id: DSC022043127301079

232GreavesFrancis Greavesfirst name on this monument1895821977id: DSC0224131274910742

233GreenCharles Greenfirst name on this monument1796731869id: DSC0196631260110763
Walter Green1862 d 1862? assumed to be in 1900's - Lost at sea
David Greenson of Charles Green1868
Ann Greenwife of Charles Green1795611856

234GreenLousia (louisa?) Greenfirst name on this monument1850871937id: DSC029263130871067

235GreenMary Greenfirst name on this monument1766751841id: DSC019593125971072
John Greenhusband of Mary Green1760881848

236GreenMary Greenfirst name on this monument1766751841id: DSC0201731263210681
John Greenhusband of Mary Green88 May 17 18?8

237GreenWilliam Greenfirst name on this monument1823591882id: DSC0197031260210721
Mary Ann Greenwife of William Green1821921913

238GreenWilliam Greenfirst name on this monument1824581882id: DSC020103126261069
Mary Ann Greenwife of William Green1822911913

239GrintHarry Grintfirst name on this monumentid: DSC029913131141080
Hilda Grint

240GrintRobert Grintfirst name on this monument1887781965id: DSC0226231275710681

241GrintRobert William Grintfirst name on this monument1853711924id: DSC0226131275610913
Elizabeth Grintwife of Robert William Grint1858671925

242GroomAnn Groomfirst name on this monument176441768id: DSC0202131263511341
Farmer Groomfather of Ann Groom
Jane Groommother of Ann Groom

243GroomDaisy Groomfirst name on this monument1883731956id: DSC022303127411097
Arthur Robert Groom1886711957

244GroomReginald Walter Groomfirst name on this monument1908511959id: DSC0244131285911251
Alice Marjorie Groomwife of Reginald Walter Groom1915952010

245GroomWalter Groomfirst name on this monument1910691979id: DSC027783130011086
Emma Lena Groomwife of Walter Groom1905931998

246GrovesDaisy M Grovesfirst name on this monument1926481974id: DSC02155
(4 images)
James H Grovesbrother of Daisy M Groves1929121941
Wiiliam C Grovesbrother of Daisy M Groves1823551878
W Grovesfather of Daisy M Groves
R Grovesmother of Daisy M Groves

247GrovesWilliam G Grovesfirst name on this monument1892601952id: DSC022123127341073
Rose Groveswife of William G Groves

248HabbertonArmine Sidney Habbertonfirst name on this monument190771914id: DSC021463127061072at Norwich hospital
Armine Rolfe Habbertonfather of Armine Sidney Habberton
Elsie Marion Habbertonmother of Armine Sidney Habberton

249HabbertonBenjamin Walter Habbertonfirst name on this monument1912831995id: DSC026033129551083Priest
Avis Monica Habbertonwife of Benjamin Walter Habberton1920902010

250HabbertonSarah Jane Habbertonfirst name on this monument1851631914id: DSC021443127051070
Armine Herring Habbertonhusband of Sarah Jane Habberton1853881941 eldest son
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251HaclinBeryl Haclinfirst name on this monument1944531997id: DSC030343131311075
Doug Haclinhusband of Beryl Haclin
Tony Haclinson of Beryl Haclin1972 age 3 days

252HainesEvelyn Alice Hainesfirst name on this monument1913861999id: DSC0224031274811251
Diana Hainesdaughter of Evelyn Alice Haines
Patti Hainesdaughter of Evelyn Alice Haines
Robert Fisher Haineshusband of Evelyn Alice Haines1915892004
Bob Hainesson of Evelyn Alice Haines

253HallHonor Dix Hallfirst name on this monument1871741945no image3128261067
William Miles Hallhusband of Honor Dix Hall1872791951

254HammondErnest Henry Hammondfirst name on this monument1910641974id: DSC027993130151070
Gladys Ethel Hammondwife of Ernest Henry Hammond1910932003

255HammondHerbert Henry Hammondfirst name on this monument1880811961id: DSC028573130501079
Florence May Hammondwife of Herbert Henry Hammond1882901972

256HammondUlla May Hammondfirst name on this monument190801908id: DSC03003
(4 images)

257HancockEdith Hancockfirst name on this monument1904851989id: DSC020453126521099

258HancockHannah Mary Hancockfirst name on this monument1872751947id: DSC019123125711069

259HancockRobert Draycott Hancockfirst name on this monument1897691966id: DSC020463126531079

260HarbyMary Edith Harbyfirst name on this monument1875891964id: DSC019633125991071born at Leytonstone

261HargreavesArthur Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1853481901id: DSC03009
(6 images)
Edward Alexander Bray1902841986
Jessie Mary Bray1914791993
Mabel H Bray190321905
Doris Folwell1992

262HarperBill Harperfirst name on this monument1920721992id: DSC031723131931075
Gladys Gaye Harperwife of Bill Harper1908881996

263HarveyErnest John Harveyfirst name on this monument1926571983id: DSC02325
(5 images)
Frederick Harveybrother of Ernest John Harvey1922892011

264HarveyGeorge Robert Harveyfirst name on this monument1892721964id: DSC0246031287510781
Charlotte Harveywife of George Robert Harvey1893921985

265HarveyMaud Harveyfirst name on this monument1913271940id: DSC029293130901075

266HarveyWilliam Edwin Harveyfirst name on this monument1917531970id: DSC024993129031075
Violet May Harveywife of William Edwin Harvey1911731984

267HaversBeatrice Demarus Haversfirst name on this monument1889571946id: DSC02171
(3 images)
Herbert George Havers1889721961

268HaversJustin Michael Edward Haversfirst name on this monument1969261995id: DSC0263331296010811

269HaversKirsten Anita Haversfirst name on this monument1970id: DSC0281431302610681age 8 weeks

270HaversMichael Robert Haversfirst name on this monument1943551998id: DSC0263431296110712

271HaversRobert Herbert Haversfirst name on this monument1915841999id: DSC0256331295310731
Annie Fenella Haverswife of Robert Herbert Havers1918822000

272HayRobert Foster Milton Hayfirst name on this monument1911892000id: DSC026133129581077Meteorologist

273HazelRobert Jack Hazelfirst name on this monument1912371949id: DSC024093128421080
Judith Mary Loftdaughter of Robert Jack Hazel1940371977
Margaret Grace Hazelwife of Robert Jack Hazel1917872004

274HendryEdward Nelson Hendryfirst name on this monument1907631970id: DSC028113130231075
Millie Hendrywife of Edward Nelson Hendry1904811985

275HendryJohn Hendryfirst name on this monument1792671859id: DSC0203731264610721
Amy Hendrywife of John Hendry1793621855

276HendryJohn Robert Hendryfirst name on this monument1866381904id: DSC0305831314710922
Thomas William Hendrybrother of John Robert Hendry1853781931 Eldest son
Elizabeth Hendrymother of John Robert Hendry1823881911
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277HendryMary Ellen Hendryfirst name on this monument1912no image3128181080also infant children
Donald Hendrybrother of Mary Ellen Hendry1915
Reginald Hendrybrother of Mary Ellen Hendry1914
G Hendryfather of Mary Ellen Hendry
A Hendrymother of Mary Ellen Hendry

278HentonFlorence Irene Hentonfirst name on this monument1908591967id: DSC028243130321088
Hiram Robert Hentonhusband of Florence Irene Henton1908761984

279HeughKate Constance Heughfirst name on this monument1861961957id: DSC024493128641071

280HewittBrian John Hewittfirst name on this monument193421936id: DSC021143126911102
Sidney Hewittfather of Brian John Hewitt
Rosalie Hewittmother of Brian John Hewitt

281HewittEmily Ethel Hewittfirst name on this monument1902581960id: DSC024363128551079
Ralph Thomas Hewitthusband of Emily Ethel Hewitt1898851983

282HewittHenry Walter Hewittfirst name on this monument3id: DSC021153126921069age 3 1/2

283HewittJohn A Hewittfirst name on this monument1864511915id: DSC02306
(3 images)
George A Hewittson of John A Hewitt1894241918 elder son. Died of wounds
Susanna C Hewittwife of John A Hewitt1865721937

284HewittMary Hewittfirst name on this monument1866601926id: DSC02105
(2 images)
Edward Hewitthusband of Mary Hewitt1863691932

285HewittRosalie Hulme Hewittfirst name on this monument1906701976id: DSC025093129131069
Sidney John Hewitthusband of Rosalie Hulme Hewitt1904951999

286HewittSamuel William Hewittfirst name on this monument1892181910id: DSC021073126891069
Edward Hewittfather of Samuel William Hewitt
Mary Hewittmother of Samuel William Hewitt

287HewittWalter Frederick Hewittfirst name on this monument1870831953id: DSC02108
(5 images)
Eliza Hewittwife of Walter Frederick Hewitt1872901962

288HickmottWalter Hickmottfirst name on this monument1874871961id: DSC024533128681068

289HighIrving Holdich Highfirst name on this monument1912611973id: DSC028003130161068
Sophia Highwife of Irving Holdich High1912621974

290HillClemence Rose Hillfirst name on this monument1969id: DSC02229
(3 images)

291HillGeorge Hillfirst name on this monument1917852002id: DSC024483128631079

292HillenHenry Foster Hillenfirst name on this monument1844761920id: DSC022843127741073
Susannah Hillenwife of Henry Foster Hillen1842811923

293HillenThomas Henry Hillenfirst name on this monument1877811958id: DSC024143128461074
Harrriet Hillenwife of Thomas Henry Hillen1869921961

294HjeltDorothy Ruth Hjeltfirst name on this monument1904951999id: DSC031753131961068

295HollandFrancis James David S Hollandfirst name on this monument1906701976id: DSC027913130091082
Erica Mary Hollandwife of Francis James David S Holland1904982002

296HoodFlorence Ethel Hoodfirst name on this monument1897691966id: DSC024783128831076

297HoodPauline Ethel Hoodfirst name on this monument1924641988id: DSC025363129371067

298HooksAlec James Hooksfirst name on this monument193421936id: DSC029233130841069age 2yrs 4 mths

299HooksEva Kathleen Hooksfirst name on this monument1912571969id: DSC0250031290410771
Ralph Hookshusband of Eva Kathleen Hooks1913681981

300HooksMary Jane Hooksfirst name on this monument1877331910id: DSC022313128021071
Herbert Hookshusband of Mary Jane Hooks

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Margaret's Church burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England.

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