St Margaret's Church burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101BurtonCyril Baden Burtonfirst name on this monument1901581959id: DSC02444
(3 images)

102BurtonErnest Burtonfirst name on this monument1897861983id: DSC024973129017971

103BurtonEthel Madge Burtonfirst name on this monument1897721969id: DSC02496312900801

104BushRobert William Bushfirst name on this monument1900851985id: DSC02337312807796

105ButcherWalter Butcherfirst name on this monument1865451910id: DSC03000
(2 images)
Louisa Butcherwife of Walter Butcher1866691935

106CableCharles Cablefirst name on this monument1897351932id: DSC02070
(3 images)
312667803younger son
Sam Cablefather of Charles Cable
Elizabeth Cablemother of Charles Cable
Ellen Cablesister of Charles Cable1897571954 twin sister of Charles

107CableMary Elizabeth Cablefirst name on this monument1890871977id: DSC02057
(5 images)
Kate Wynne1896641960
William Wynne husband of Kate

108CableNathanial Cablefirst name on this monument1860651925id: DSC02132
(2 images)
Elizabeth Mary Cablewife of Nathanial Cable1863871950

109CableSamuel Cablefirst name on this monument1896481944no image312666800
Florence Cable1903391942

110CardewJohn Frank Cardewfirst name on this monument1931571988id: DSC02534312935816
Aubrey Cardewson of John Frank Cardew
David Cardewson of John Frank Cardew
Richard Cardewson of John Frank Cardew
Dorothy Cardewwife of John Frank Cardew1936702006

111CarterLindsay Carterfirst name on this monument1870571927id: DSC02138312701798
Rosetta Carterwife of Lindsay Carter1868811949

112ChapmanAlbert Chapmanfirst name on this monument1885771962id: DSC02847313046815

113ChapmanGeorge Edward Chapmanfirst name on this monument1895731968id: DSC02829313036803

114ChapmanThomas Dawson Chapmanfirst name on this monument1862641926id: DSC02938313095799
Robina Chapmanwife of Thomas Dawson Chapman1854851939

115ChattertonSeth Eaton Chattertonfirst name on this monument1868601928id: DSC022873127767991

116ChildKatherine Childfirst name on this monument1904921996id: DSC03016313125799

117ClampMildred Victoria Clampfirst name on this monument1897161913id: DSC03017
(6 images)
Walter Clampfather of Mildred Victoria Clamp
Olive Clamp

118ClampOlive Maud Clampfirst name on this monument1867671934id: DSC03015313124804
Walter Clamphusband of Olive Maud Clamp1864871951

119ClaridgeWilliam Claridgefirst name on this monument1866671933id: DSC01980
(3 images)
Mary Elizabeth Claridgewife of William Claridge1853871940

120ClarkeBeatrice Eliza Clarkefirst name on this monument1886621948id: DSC02205
(2 images)
Harry Clarke1882711953

121ClarkeDora Clarkefirst name on this monument1891781969id: DSC02813313025811
Albert William Clarkehusband of Dora Clarke1904751979

122ClarkeMarjorie Ada Clarkefirst name on this monument1890851975id: DSC02797313014796

123ClarkeRobert Clarkefirst name on this monument1945id: DSC02366312822800

124ClarkeWilliam Clarkefirst name on this monument1862681930id: DSC02278
(2 images)

125ClarksonRalph Clarksonfirst name on this monument1883841967id: DSC02826313033800Captain; Royal Scots; MC

126ClaxtonElwin Robert Claxtonfirst name on this monument1911591970id: DSC02809
(2 images)
Trevor Claxtonson of Elwin Robert Claxton1943622005
Muriel Kathleen Claxtonwife of Elwin Robert Claxton1912781990

127ClaxtonEphraim Claxtonfirst name on this monument1838781916id: DSC02316
(3 images)
Sarah Ann Claxtonwife of Ephraim Claxton1845841929
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128ClaxtonFlorence Esther Claxtonfirst name on this monument1880931973id: DSC02493312897803

129ClaxtonHenry George Claxtonfirst name on this monument1880871967id: DSC02821313030799

130ClaxtonRuth Claxtonfirst name on this monument1876981974id: DSC02489312893800
Kate Emma Claxton1883911974

131ClaxtonSusan Claxtonfirst name on this monument1829591888id: DSC020353126458061
Robert John Claxtonhusband of Susan Claxton1828841912

132ClaxtonThirza May Claxtonfirst name on this monument1912651977id: DSC02782313004797

133ClaytonBrian Victor Claytonfirst name on this monument1916571973id: DSC02802313017803
Audrey Mary Claytonwife of Brian Victor Clayton1918791997

134ClaytonEdmund William James Claytonfirst name on this monument1910691979id: DSC02196312725800
Ethel Rose Claytonwife of Edmund William James Clayton1910831993

135ClaytonMay Victoria Claytonfirst name on this monument1888661954id: DSC02253312754802
Thomas Ernest Clayton1878831961

136ClaytonWilliam Claytonfirst name on this monument1852691921id: DSC02131312698798
Mary Anne Claytonwife of William Clayton1844791923

137CoatesDonald Carter Coatesfirst name on this monument1919771996id: DSC02640312966803

138CodmanEdna Florence Codmanfirst name on this monument1929561985id: DSC02519312921798

139CollinsEdith Louise Collinsfirst name on this monument1897661963id: DSC024223128517981
John Collins1887851972

140CollisonViolet Mary Collisonfirst name on this monument1983id: DSC01949312591799

141ConnorMatthew Connorfirst name on this monument1926581984id: DSC02524312926796
Muriel Connorwife of Matthew Connor1925741999

142ConnorRebecca Connorfirst name on this monument1977211998id: DSC02011312627800

143CookDavid Cookfirst name on this monument1925611986id: DSC029103130768041

144CookMargaret Sarah Cookfirst name on this monument1882991981id: DSC02233312743797
Julia Louisa Cook1886961982

145CookeAlice Mary Cookefirst name on this monument1900911991id: DSC025433129438101
Rosemary Elizabeth Vizedaughter of Alice Mary Cooke1931752006

146CooperPeter Astley Cooperfirst name on this monument1906801986id: DSC01842312541804
Honor Katherine Cooperwife of Peter Astley Cooper1916902006

147CopseySheila Copseyfirst name on this monument1952451997id: DSC02638312964802

148CoulderWilliam Coulderfirst name on this monument1703491752id: DSC01831312536799

149CrackAlbert Edward Crackfirst name on this monument1878671945id: DSC02888313061808
Florence Elizabeth Crackwife of Albert Edward Crack1877741951

150CremerDora Lucy Cremerfirst name on this monument1913721985id: DSC025213129238011
Albert Edward Cremerhusband of Dora Lucy Cremer1907811988

151CroweEdith A Crowefirst name on this monument1875561931id: DSC02301312784808
Henry S Crowe1873691942

152CroweFred Crowefirst name on this monument1879871966id: DSC02299312782798

153CroxsonEdward Savell Croxsonfirst name on this monument1869671936id: DSC02922313083798(of London)

154CullemoreSusannah Cullemorefirst name on this monument1824871911id: DSC020903126777991
Easter Graverniece of Susannah Cullemore1849811930 Easter Graver [nee Rix] was the 2nd wife of John Robert Overman Graver, a harness & saddle maker of Burnham Market, who is also buried [with his first wife] in Burnham Sutton graveyard.

155DavisJohn Harley Davisfirst name on this monument1915761991id: DSC02657312980796

156DeanBridget Frances Deanfirst name on this monument1940441984id: DSC01913312572802

157DellPeter Anthony John Dellfirst name on this monument193301933id: DSC02932313092795

158DewingJames Dewingfirst name on this monument1838721910id: DSC03071
(2 images)

159DiversAnna Amelia Diversfirst name on this monument1866661932id: DSC02396312837797
Osborne Divershusband of Anna Amelia Divers1865861951

160DixCharlotte Elizabeth Dixfirst name on this monument1873781951id: DSC031203131758061

161DixEric Edward Dixfirst name on this monument1923751998id: DSC025513129498041
Mavis Rosemary Tilsey Dixwife of Eric Edward Dix1917852002
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162DoughtyJohn Doughtyfirst name on this monument1880661946id: DSC02165312712795
Martha Ann Doughtywife of John Doughty1885661951

163DoughtyO E Doughtyfirst name on this monument1893731966id: DSC024673128818021

164Douglas HomeMargaret Douglas Homefirst name on this monument1906901996id: DSC01962312598796

165DoveMargaret Dovefirst name on this monument1908831991id: DSC02604312956800

166DownerArthur Ernest Downerfirst name on this monument1878521930id: DSC02605312957800
Edith Bertha Downerwife of Arthur Ernest Downer1881811962

167DownerEileen Mary Downerfirst name on this monument1911801991id: DSC02652312976808
David Towers Downerbrother of Eileen Mary Downer1919701989
Ruth Marian Downersister-in-law of Eileen Mary Downer1914821996

168DoyCharles John Doyfirst name on this monument1899701969id: DSC02485312889803
Hilda Florence Doywife of Charles John Doy1898861984

169DrakeHarriet Elizabeth Drakefirst name on this monument1854701924id: DSC03101
(6 images)
Josiah Drakehusband of Harriet Elizabeth Drake1845771922

170DrewArthur Lewis Drewfirst name on this monument1948id: DSC02153
(5 images)
312708797maybe 1943
Arthur Robert Drewsister of Arthur Lewis Drew1899331932 eldest son
Barbara Drewwife of Arthur Lewis Drew1870691939

171DreweryEthel May Dreweryfirst name on this monumentid: DSC02415312847803

172DreweryWilliam Dreweryfirst name on this monument1853701923id: DSC01956312595798
Ruth Drewerywife of William Drewery1853691922

173DruryOlive Louise Druryfirst name on this monument1911741985id: DSC02772312996798

174DuchesneFrances Emily Duchesnefirst name on this monument1883901973id: DSC020503126578001
Kathleen Mary Duchesnedaughter of Frances Emily Duchesne1908942002

175DulyMabel Dulyfirst name on this monument1893611954id: DSC031153131727991
Arthur William Snelling1924631987

176DunphyDesmond Plunkett Dunphyfirst name on this monument1920781998id: DSC02637312963797
Margaret Mary Dunphywife of Desmond Plunkett Dunphy1925782003

177DunthorneWinnie Dunthornefirst name on this monument1924121936id: DSC02920
(2 images)
3130828041Daughter of Herbert Lionel Dunthorne b 1896 N.Creake d 1972 Wells next sea & Emily Elizabeth Norman b 1896 N Creake d 1976 Southend. Sisters Vera May b 1920 d 1996 & Ivy b 1926 d 09/02/2017

178EavesGeraldine Emma Eavesfirst name on this monumentid: DSC02648312973798

179EdwardsNancy Edwardsfirst name on this monument1902961998id: DSC02636312962797
Christopher Edwardshusband of Nancy Edwards1903821985
David Cloudesley Smithson of Nancy Edwards1923761999

180EglenBrenda Joyce Eglenfirst name on this monument1951241975id: DSC024403128588031

181ElliotEmma Elliotfirst name on this monument1927id: DSC02273
(3 images)
Anne Elliot1855861941

182EllisRhoda Ellisfirst name on this monument1805601865id: DSC02025312639796
Edmund Ellishusband of Rhoda Ellis1808821890
Martha Ellis1902

183EllisonMichael John Ellisonfirst name on this monument1916661982id: DSC03164313186806

184EmersonHayley Jane Emersonfirst name on this monument197291981id: DSC02530312931798age 9yrs 7 mths

185EmmersonSidney Wilfred Robert Emmersonfirst name on this monument1899631962id: DSC024293128537981
Emily Myrtle Emmersonwife of Sidney Wilfred Robert Emmerson1899901989

186EsslerAnn Dyer Esslerfirst name on this monument1867661933id: DSC02142312704799
George Esslerhusband of Ann Dyer Essler1881871968

187EverittSidney Everittfirst name on this monument1872851957id: DSC019253125787993
George Harold Everitt1910801990
Marion Somerville Everitt1907671974
Emily Margaret Everittwife of Sidney Everitt1882851967

188FarthingGeorge Farthingfirst name on this monument1850601910no image3128007971
Susan Farthingwife of George Farthing1846881934

189FeekElizabeth Feekfirst name on this monument1816911907id: DSC03049313140807
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190FennHelen Elizabeth Fennfirst name on this monument1908781986id: DSC024863128907981
Reginald Henry Fennhusband of Helen Elizabeth Fenn1914851999
Sheila Fenn Fenn1936672003

191FennLouise Jane Fennfirst name on this monument1894751969id: DSC02483
(2 images)
Arthur Charles Fennhusband of Louise Jane Fenn1894781972

192FiddamanRobert Fiddamanfirst name on this monument1694861780id: DSC02020312634798

193FillenhamL R Fillenhamfirst name on this monument1916801996id: DSC02267312761801
Jill Fillenham1923802003

194FirthJohn Firthfirst name on this monument1921771998id: DSC02553312951797Artist

195FlightMary Flightfirst name on this monument1680id: DSC02669
(2 images)
Richard Flighthusband of Mary Flight of Burnham Overy

196FlowerdewDoris Evelyn Flowerdewfirst name on this monument1938511989id: DSC02539312940806

197ForsterWilson Forsterfirst name on this monument1850681918id: DSC023043127878042
Ann Mary Forsterwife of Wilson Forster1929 The Parish of Bulkington Wiltshire

198FosterWally Fosterfirst name on this monument1912831995id: DSC02548312947797

199FosterWilliam Fosterfirst name on this monument1886781964id: DSC02464312878795

200FrancisAlbert Edward Francisfirst name on this monument1894841978id: DSC02491312895801
Agnes Franciswife of Albert Edward Francis1898751973

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Margaret's Church burial ground, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, England.

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