Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301CannLydia A Cannfirst name on this monument1860811941id: 995530356010731
Mabel Canndaughter of Lydia A Cann
Mary Frances Canndaughter of Lydia A Cann1892871979
William Cannhusband of Lydia A Cann

302CannRobert A Cannfirst name on this monument1928id: 96393032891069

303CannWilliam Henry Cannfirst name on this monument1874711945id: 996430356810721
Mary Cannwife of William Henry Cann

304CapleBessie Caplefirst name on this monument1869781947id: 93813029691068

305CapperWilliam George Capperfirst name on this monument1881681949id: 98663034761077
Jessie Ellen Ann Capper1964
Raymond Charles Robert Capperson of William George Capper1899351934

306CardenFrederick Samuel Cardenfirst name on this monument1908781986id: 81913018781078
Doris Ruth Cardenwife of Frederick Samuel Carden1908972005

307CarderAnnie Carderfirst name on this monument1881771958id: 94253030081077

308CareyBernard Careyfirst name on this monument1932742006id: 786130155610811

309CaseyAlfred Caseyfirst name on this monument1877701947id: 93663029541093
Emily Caseywife of Alfred Casey1972

310CaseyArthur H Caseyfirst name on this monument1876731949id: 93983029831088

311CaseyMargaret B Caseyfirst name on this monument1906741980id: 82503019361067
Kit Caseybrother of Margaret B Casey1939391978

312CassellGeorge Henry Cassellfirst name on this monument1960id: 915230274510792
Winifred Cassellwife of George Henry Cassell1977

313CastleRobin James Castlefirst name on this monument1975252000id: 79603016521065

314CastleWalter Leopold Castlefirst name on this monument1932no image3037101066
Mary Ellen Castlewife of Walter Leopold Castle1968

315CatoEmily Lavinia Catofirst name on this monument1894711965id: 86173022671084
John W Catohusband of Emily Lavinia Cato1970

316CavanaghJudith Monica Cavanaghfirst name on this monument1946552001id: 78993015921081

317CawthorneDavid Cawthornefirst name on this monument194101941id: 85323021921073

318CemmellMargaret Cemmellfirst name on this monument1954id: 93633029511069
Mabel Cemmellsister of Margaret Cemmell1954

319ChallacombeAlice Challacombefirst name on this monument1876611937id: 96633033121074
Marjorie Challacombedaughter of Alice Challacombe190581913
Albert Challacombe1872901962

320ChallacombeDouglas Edwin Challacombefirst name on this monument1925631988id: 81513018391072

321ChallacombeEdgar George Challacombefirst name on this monument1873781951no image3037311070
Ellen Challacombewife of Edgar George Challacombe1871831954

322ChallacombeFlorence Challacombefirst name on this monument1873671940id: 99333035391075
John Challacombe1950

323ChallacombeFlorence Alice Gertrude Challacombefirst name on this monument1879681947id: 99163035231086

324ChallacombeFrederick Arthur George Challacombefirst name on this monument1911731984id: 82223019081076
Romana Maria Challacombewife of Frederick Arthur George Challacombe1921882009

325ChallacombeFredk J Challacombefirst name on this monument1868741942no image3036321072
Emily J Challacombe1871701941

326ChallacombeGilbert Stanley Challacombefirst name on this monument1906591965id: 993230353810761
Anne Hamiltondaughter of Gilbert Stanley Challacombe1938521990

327ChallacombePeter George Challacombefirst name on this monument1945351980id: 888430252410743

328ChampionReginald H Championfirst name on this monument1891421933no image3032411079
Muriel Kathleen Championdaughter of Reginald H Champion1924581982
Ethel Championwife of Reginald H Champion1894741968
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329ChanningClarice Channingfirst name on this monument1898851983id: 82343019201069
Walter Channinghusband of Clarice Channing1899821981

330ChannonAda Channonfirst name on this monument1932id: 99813035851090
John J Channonhusband of Ada Channon1948
Ellen Rottenbury1873921965

331ChaperlinFrederick John Chaperlinfirst name on this monument1905611966id: 86943023391071

332ChapmanEric Webb Chapmanfirst name on this monument1903731976id: 881830246010841
Florence Chapmanwife of Eric Webb Chapman1913952008

333ChapmanHarry Chapmanfirst name on this monument1871651936id: 94563030391074

334ChappellJoan Hilda Chappellfirst name on this monument1927772004id: 78923015851090
Geoffrey George Chappellhusband of Joan Hilda Chappell1923852008

335ChappleArthur E Chapplefirst name on this monument1911821993id: 80833017721083
Phyllis Ruby Chapplewife of Arthur E Chapple1910942004

336ChappleDoris Elizabeth Chapplefirst name on this monument1899821981id: 825530194010842
Hilda Chapplesister of Doris Elizabeth Chapple1901841985

337ChappleGeorge Harold Chapplefirst name on this monument1972id: 863030227810731

338ChappleGeorge Henry Chapplefirst name on this monument1912861998id: 797830167010821
Florence Lilian Chapplewife of George Henry Chapple1916942010

339ChappleIrene Jane Chapplefirst name on this monument1898851983id: 82543019391074

340ChappleRonald Edmund Chapplefirst name on this monument1933762009id: 78323015291077

341ChappleStan Chapplefirst name on this monument1908731981id: 89233025621073
Evaline Jane Chapplewife of Stan Chapple1912952007

342ChappleWilliam Chapplefirst name on this monument1936id: 949430307210651

343ChappleWilliam Arthur Chapplefirst name on this monument1886731959id: 91343027271074
Susan Chapple1887761963

344CharrottSarah Ann Charrottfirst name on this monument1875821957id: 91913027831084

345ChaterFrancis William Chaterfirst name on this monument1855861941no image3031921073

346ChesterFlorence G Chesterfirst name on this monument1890471937id: 85383021981074

347Chetham-StrodeMabel Chetham-Strodefirst name on this monument1856821938id: 99663035701093

348ChichesterGladys Irene Chichesterfirst name on this monument1907551962id: 91053026991072
Walter John Chichesterhusband of Gladys Irene Chichester1903741977

349ChickDorothy Chickfirst name on this monument1923171940id: 94613030441074

350ChickGordon William Chickfirst name on this monument1934601994id: 80533017431141
Margaret Elizabeth Chickwife of Gordon William Chick1935662001

351ChidgeyHerbert Chidgeyfirst name on this monument1885671952id: 93323029221091

352ChildD F A Childfirst name on this monument1898771975id: 88313024721081

353ChildDoris Childfirst name on this monument1931802011id: 85743022241072

354ChiltonElizabeth Chiltonfirst name on this monument1871861957id: 92033027951091

355ChristoeJ P Christoefirst name on this monument1931no image3032421068
A L Christoe1937

356ChristophersToni Elsie Christophersfirst name on this monument1930782008id: 78453015411070

357ChuggBeatrice Chuggfirst name on this monument1922451967id: 88053024471094
Dorothy Letitia Chugg1924
Christine Margaret Rose Chuggsister of Beatrice Chugg1932621994

358ChuggBernard Chuggfirst name on this monument1928441972id: 86843023291071
Cyril Bruce Chuggbrother of Bernard Chugg1929531982

359ChuggEdwin George Chuggfirst name on this monument1892441936no image3031961071

360ChuggEmily Dorothy Chuggfirst name on this monument1903641967id: 86453022931089
Frederick Chugghusband of Emily Dorothy Chugg1889831972

361ChuggEmma Chuggfirst name on this monument1878691947id: 94003029851073
Annie Chuggsister of Emma Chugg1874791953
Ellen Chuggsister of Emma Chugg1886721958
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362ChuggGeorge Chuggfirst name on this monument1868751943no image3036131073
Beatrice Eliza Davis1900671967
Reginald Davis1895611956

363ChuggJohn Chuggfirst name on this monument1866701936id: 97423033801072
Mary Elizabeth Chuggwife of John Chugg1869891958

364ChuggKenneth John Chuggfirst name on this monument1925721997id: 79903016811074
Paul John Chuggson of Kenneth John Chugg1956532009

365ChuggLewis Chuggfirst name on this monument1985id: 82843019681072
Edna Chuggwife of Lewis Chugg1913962009

366ChuggLewis Chuggfirst name on this monument1873701943id: 96443032931066
Mary A Chuggwife of Lewis Chugg1881801961

367ChuggMabel Chuggfirst name on this monument1894791973id: 97433033811076
Ada Lewis Chuggsister of Mabel Chugg1905761981
Ann Chuggsister of Mabel Chugg1891991990
Clara May Chuggsister of Mabel Chugg1902771979

368ChuggThomas John Chuggfirst name on this monument1896651961id: 90863026801083
Winnifred Mary Chugg1901841985

369ChuggWinifred Chuggfirst name on this monument1906731979id: 88743025141083
Donald Claude Chugg1910771987

370ClackAnne Charlotte Clackfirst name on this monument1852841936id: 96023032561148
W G Sadler Clackfather of Anne Charlotte Clack
Thomas Clackgrand father of Anne Charlotte Clack

371ClackThomas Clackfirst name on this monument1941id: 97053033481068

372ClarkAlf Clarkfirst name on this monument1924812005id: 84593021351067

373ClarkGordon Roy Clarkfirst name on this monument1933772010id: 85693022201070

374ClarkPolly Clarkfirst name on this monument1867831950no image3037201069
Florence Hannah Clarkdaughter of Polly Clark1891901981

375ClarkRebecca A Clarkfirst name on this monument1939id: 95953032491068
Winfred M S Clarkdaughter of Rebecca A Clark1947
Henry T Clarkson of Rebecca A Clark1946

376ClarkeAlbert James Clarkefirst name on this monument1871781949id: 99033035111090
Mary Eugene Clarkewife of Albert James Clarke1869821951

377ClarkeAudrey Clarkefirst name on this monument1905521957id: 92583028501078
John Henry Clarkehusband of Audrey Clarke1962

378ClarkeDes Clarkefirst name on this monument1927792006id: 78873015801067
Betty Clarkewife of Des Clarke1928822010

379ClarkeDorothy Clarkefirst name on this monument1887791966id: 86193022691067

380ClarkeFlorence Mary Clarkefirst name on this monument1899481947no image3036841069
Walter Clarkehusband of Florence Mary Clarke1897861983

381ClarkeGeorge Roy Clarkefirst name on this monument1934772011id: 795230164410681

382ClarkeMarion May Clarkefirst name on this monument1926792005id: 87693024111069
William Thomas Clarke2008

383ClarksonDaniel Edward Clarksonfirst name on this monument195251957no image3037791108
Ron Clarksonfather of Daniel Edward Clarkson
Ada Clarksonmother of Daniel Edward Clarkson

384ClarksonRonald E Clarksonfirst name on this monument1927721999id: 79763016681067

385ClaydonPaul Claydonfirst name on this monument1944491993id: 82983019821077

386CleggBetty Cleggfirst name on this monument1920741994id: 83673020451090

387ClemenceArthur John Clemencefirst name on this monumentid: 9121302714107621912-2003
Victor Arthur Clemence Boss 1912-2003
Alice Clemence 1912-2003
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388ClemenceDennis Phillip John Clemencefirst name on this monument1923601983id: 82373019231077
Gwendoline Kate Clemencewife of Dennis Phillip John Clemence2002

389ClemenceKenneth William Clemencefirst name on this monument1914641978id: 886430250510771

390ClemenceLen Clemencefirst name on this monument1908781986id: 818330187010671

391ClemenceWilliam Andrew Clemencefirst name on this monument1885531938no image30370810671
Annie Clemencewife of William Andrew Clemence1886801966

392ClemenceWilliam James Clemencefirst name on this monument1914922006id: 787630156910741
Eileen Vivian Clemence1918882006

393ClementsSidney L Clementsfirst name on this monument1933id: 960730326010711
Isobel Clarissa Clementswife of Sidney L Clements1956

394ClementsonSarah Ann Clementsonfirst name on this monument1857771934id: 98803034891077

395CliffordJohn Cliffordfirst name on this monument1885741959id: 90883026821067
Gwen Cliffordwife of John Clifford1896911987

396ClintonW J Clintonfirst name on this monument1927701997id: 80053016951100

397ClokeArthur James Clokefirst name on this monument1911771988id: 814530183310691
Olive May Clokewife of Arthur James Cloke1909891998

398ClokeRosina Clokefirst name on this monument1882751957id: 92793028701067
Frederick Clokehusband of Rosina Cloke1878791957

399ClutterbuckEdith Clutterbuckfirst name on this monument1894id: 953630311110894age 11mths
William James Clutterbuckfather of Edith Clutterbuck1864671931
Susan Clutterbuckmother of Edith Clutterbuck1869921961
Edward Grantham1901821983
Iris Grantham1931772008
Ivy Grantham1905952000

400CoatesClara Maria Coatesfirst name on this monument1880771957id: 92473028391086
Marjorie Edith Coatesdaughter of Clara Maria Coates1915561971
Sydney George Coateshusband of Clara Maria Coates1885841969

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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