Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1201LeyAlbert George Leyfirst name on this monument1910962006id: 84853021601070
Freda Beatrice Ley1915932008

1202LeyErnest John Leyfirst name on this monument1883791962id: 91153027091085
Winnie Leywife of Ernest John Ley1899951994

1203LeyHarold Holloway Leyfirst name on this monument1896701966id: 87463023891148
Emily Louise Leywife of Harold Holloway Ley1895841979

1204LeyKathleen Ann Leyfirst name on this monument1891511942id: 975430338911011
Frederick Thomas Leyhusband of Kathleen Ann Ley1889771966

1205LidyardAnnie J Lidyardfirst name on this monument1875651940no image3036301067
Mabel C A Irwinniece of Annie J Lidyard1912341946

1206LingCharles Redvers Lingfirst name on this monument1900721972id: 874830239111471
Rhoda Lingwife of Charles Redvers Ling1911881999

1207LinthorneCyril Edward Raymond Linthornefirst name on this monument1913731986id: 81853018721082

1208LinthorneStephen R Linthornefirst name on this monument1959462005id: 84553021311085

1209LittlewoodMargaret Littlewoodfirst name on this monument1905841989id: 83233020061117

1210LlamosaRosina Llamosafirst name on this monument1906731979id: 88733025131072
Arthur James Llamosahusband of Rosina Llamosa1902891991

1211LockAlbert Lockfirst name on this monument1877861963id: 90433026401074
Sarah Lockwife of Albert Lock1874471921 interred aberdeen?

1212LockAnnie Lockfirst name on this monument1870731943no image3036101073
Herbert Henry Lockbrother-in-law of Annie Lock1877871964
Arthur John Lockhusband of Annie Lock1867861953

1213LockIvy Bernice Lockfirst name on this monument1903871990id: 83383020191069
William John Lockhusband of Ivy Bernice Lock1900931993

1214LockettSarah Lockettfirst name on this monument1870911961id: 90513026481065

1215LongMiriam Longfirst name on this monument1936491985id: 81813018681065

1216LooseGladys May Loosefirst name on this monument1908811989id: 81403018281067
Charles Arthur Loosehusband of Gladys May Loose1907841991

1217LordRebecca Lordfirst name on this monument1867871954id: 920730279910673
Nora Marion Lorddaughter of Rebecca Lord1902771979
Frederick Lordhusband of Rebecca Lord
Cecil Frederick Lordson of Rebecca Lord1897721969

1218LovegroveCharles Edward Lovegrovefirst name on this monument1914851999id: 79583016501072

1219LovekinMadeline Lovekinfirst name on this monument1902431945id: 97343033731067

1220LovellThomas Lovellfirst name on this monument1917852002id: 79353016271073
Phyllis Lovellwife of Thomas Lovell1916872003

1221LoveridgeTerry Loveridgefirst name on this monumentid: 79473016391073

1222LoveringAubrey W Loveringfirst name on this monument1965id: 86483022961066

1223LoveringDaniel Loveringfirst name on this monument1856871943no image3037601066
Sarah Loveringwife of Daniel Lovering1863831946

1224LoveringGerald Loveringfirst name on this monument1925852010id: 85583022101071

1225LoweAlbert Lowefirst name on this monument1901741975id: 87573024001076
Florence Rebecca Lowewife of Albert Lowe1894861980

1226LoweReginald Lowefirst name on this monument1922751997id: 83933020711083
Queenie Eileen Lowewife of Reginald Lowe1927792006

1227LownsboroughMay Lownsboroughfirst name on this monument1900831983id: 82143019001066

1228LowryMabel Eva Grace Lowryfirst name on this monument1923431966id: 86613023071071
John Joseph Lowryhusband of Mabel Eva Grace Lowry1916852001

1229LugsdenWalter H Lugsdenfirst name on this monument1920812001id: 84313021071081

1230LuxmooreJane Griffin Luxmoorefirst name on this monument1855781933id: 95323031071133
John Mann Luxmoorebrother of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1890881978
May Velacott Luxmooredaughter of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1887871974
Jane Wilcox Luxmooredaughter-in-law of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1895891984
Mary Jeanette Seagergrand daughter of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1924531977
Benjamin Luxmoorehusband of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1854851939
Benjamin Morrish Luxmooreson of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1889891978
Gladys Hester Luxmooresister of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1985
Winifred Mary Jane Luxmooresister of Jane Griffin Luxmoore1895911986
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1231LuxtonAnne Luxtonfirst name on this monument1859701929id: 96123032651090
John Edward Luxtonhusband of Anne Luxton1860751935

1232LycettTrevor James Lycettfirst name on this monument1942311973id: 88363024771075

1233LyneAlice Lynefirst name on this monument1916831999id: 79543016461071
Frank Lyne1914892003

1234LyonMark Lyonfirst name on this monument1968201988id: 81383018261078

1235MacDonnellJohn Patrick Randal MacDonnellfirst name on this monument1921431964id: 865530230310662
Russell Bernard Randal MacDonnell1903771980

1236MacdowellBarbara Joan Suik Macdowellfirst name on this monument1925561981id: 89173025561070
Brian Ernest Macdowellhusband of Barbara Joan Suik Macdowell1924731997

1237MackayR S Mackayfirst name on this monument1924691993id: 80743017641079
Margaret Grace Mackaywife of R S Mackay73

1238MackieGrace Mackiefirst name on this monument1950id: 93763029641080

1239MackieMargaret May Mackiefirst name on this monument1889711960id: 886130250210661
William Henry Mackiehusband of Margaret May Mackie1890701960

1240MaddisonIan Phillip Maddisonfirst name on this monument1959211980id: 821030189610661

1241MaginnesRegina A Maginnesfirst name on this monument1923802003id: 78683015631066

1242MajorEdith May Majorfirst name on this monument1898751973id: 879630243810901
Stella May Majordaughter of Edith May Major1919741993
Stanley Faulkner Majorhusband of Edith May Major1896881984

1243MalcolmClaude Victor Malcolmfirst name on this monument1893601953no image3032151077

1244MallinsonDavid Mallinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 86523023001068

1245MalpassMay Malpassfirst name on this monument1905972002id: 790930160210781

1246MannGeorge Frederick Mannfirst name on this monument1855831938id: 965330330210691

1247ManningAlice Ann Manningfirst name on this monument1873901963id: 980030343110931
Thomas Manninghusband of Alice Ann Manning1870931963

1248MansfieldFrank Mansfieldfirst name on this monument65id: 79283016201066

1249MansfieldMark Victor Denman Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1911781989id: 81133018011072
Rose Elizabeth Mansfieldwife of Mark Victor Denman Mansfield1919731992

1250MansfieldPaul Victor Mansfieldfirst name on this monument1939692008id: 78543015501066

1251MansfieldRose Mansfieldfirst name on this monument2004id: 84523021281067

1252MapstonShirley Mapstonfirst name on this monument1942561998id: 79823016731068
David Mapstonhusband of Shirley Mapston1936722008

1253MarlowThomas Marlowfirst name on this monument1873751948id: 99063035141071
Frances Marlowwife of Thomas Marlow79

1254MaroneyWilliam John Maroneyfirst name on this monument1906781984id: 823230191810701

1255MarshallAlma Constance Marshallfirst name on this monument1931812012id: 81223018101069

1256MarsonGrace Eleanor Marsonfirst name on this monument1943id: 98573034681075

1257MarstonCharles Frederick Hammond Marstonfirst name on this monument1861771938id: 99843035881076
Gladwys May Marstonwife of Charles Frederick Hammond Marston1967

1258MartinAlice Martinfirst name on this monument1860841944no image3032251066
Alice Martindaughter of Alice Martin1907932000

1259MartinAmelia Martinfirst name on this monument1871831954id: 906530266010752
Ethel Williams1904821986
Richard Williams1897681965

1260MartinLorna Martinfirst name on this monument1916631979id: 887130251210661
Leslie Martinhusband of Lorna Martin1913681981

1261MartinMary Martinfirst name on this monument1956id: 915930275110671
Daisy Maud Martinsister of Mary Martin1964

1262MartinageEric Joseph Martinagefirst name on this monument1917791996id: 802430171410741
Mary Elizabeth Martinagewife of Eric Joseph Martinage1924792003
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1263MasonGerald Masonfirst name on this monument1877741951id: 94273030101074

1264MatthewsHarriett Beare Matthewsfirst name on this monumentid: 97443033821072
Mary Ellen Matthewssister of Harriett Beare Matthews

1265MatthewsVera May Matthewsfirst name on this monument1912441956id: 91573027501086
Robert Bowen Matthews1909841993

1266MatthewsWilliam A Matthewsfirst name on this monument1910721982id: 89283025661070
Joan Matthewswife of William A Matthews1919741993

1267MaudsonArthur H Maudsonfirst name on this monument1867771944id: 98623034721072

1268MaunderGeorge Stanley Maunderfirst name on this monument1894701964id: 977530340710722
Elizabeth Maunderwife of George Stanley Maunder1899741973

1269MaunderJohn Maunderfirst name on this monument1853771930no image3032171073

1270MayEllen Maria Mayfirst name on this monument1958id: 90903026841069
Nellie? Edith Jennings?

1271MayJohn Hindmoor Mayfirst name on this monument1914701984id: 82733019581069
Hazel May Maywife of John Hindmoor May1926852011

1272MayhewEmily Mayhewfirst name on this monument1867891956id: 917430276610671

1273MayhewMaud L Mayhewfirst name on this monument1888921980id: 825230193811071
Doris F L Hawkins1911972008 Doris Hawkins was born in 1910 not 1911 and as it says on the grave Maud L Mayhew was her mother. I know these facts to be true as I am the daughter of Doris Hawkins

1274MayneRobert Maynefirst name on this monument1911721983id: 82153019011076
Ivy Russell Maynewife of Robert Mayne1914751989

1275McCluskeyDavid John McCluskeyfirst name on this monument1942id: 85193021841075
John Troy McCluskeyfather of David John McCluskey2008
Doreen Margery McCluskeymother of David John McCluskey1923681991

1276McCluskeyDavid John McCluskeyfirst name on this monument1942no image3037721086
Doreen Margery McCluskey1923681991
John Troy McCluskey1918902008

1277McCluskeyJames John McCluskeyfirst name on this monument1947612008id: 85203021851065

1278McCormickMargaret D McCormickfirst name on this monument1878641942no image3032471086
Margaret D Johnsondaughter of Margaret D McCormick1900911991

1279McEneryMargaret McEneryfirst name on this monument1941id: 98033034341071

1280McEwanMary A McEwanfirst name on this monument1935no image3031781065
Margaret Bull1947

1281McGeeIvy Lilian McGeefirst name on this monument1907901997id: 80063016961067

1282McGintySeano McGintyfirst name on this monument1925752000id: 79623016541069
Norah McGintywife of Seano McGinty1928782006

1283McGuiganJames McGuiganfirst name on this monumentid: 87003023451120
Muriel McGuiganwife of James McGuigan

1284McGuiganMichael McGuiganfirst name on this monument1936642000id: 84033020811089

1285McIntoshPamela Rosina McIntoshfirst name on this monument1929691998id: 798430167510691
Alan McIntoshhusband of Pamela Rosina McIntosh1931702001

1286McKelvieAnnie E McKelviefirst name on this monument1876581934no image3031891066
Thomas McKelvie1889651954

1287McKeyAlbert Edward McKeyfirst name on this monument1893551948id: 99263035331075

1288McMillanDanny McMillanfirst name on this monument1939692008id: 84943021661066

1289McMorrowJohn McMorrowfirst name on this monument1890821972id: 87943024361076

1290McNairCharlotte Emily Wainewright McNairfirst name on this monument1879861965id: 869830234310801Charlotte McNair lived in Brazil with her brother Stuart Edmund McNair as christians missionaries. She was the author of some christians books in portuguese.

1291McVeighSusan Ivy McVeighfirst name on this monument1899431942no image3036801104
Edward McVeighhusband of Susan Ivy McVeigh1900781978

1292MeadDorothy May Meadfirst name on this monumentid: 941030299510752
William Wallace Meadhusband of Dorothy May Mead

1293MearsLetitia A Mearsfirst name on this monument1965id: 91283027211065
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1294MedlandDiana Susanne Medlandfirst name on this monument194731950no image30377110731
Charles James Medlandfather of Diana Susanne Medland1993
Valerie Medlandmother of Diana Susanne Medland

1295MellowshipDeborah Irene Mellowshipfirst name on this monument1977242001id: 84303021061066

1296MenhinnettW H J Menhinnettfirst name on this monument1923211944no image3037701065

1297MercerGrace Mercerfirst name on this monument1866791945id: 98993035071081
Thomas Mercerhusband of Grace Mercer91
Grace Rosetta Rogers1924872011
Kenneth H Rogers1915731988

1298MerrettM R Merrettfirst name on this monument1934421976id: 86783023231068

1299MerrittAmelia Annie Merrittfirst name on this monument1885531938id: 96983033421082
David Jeanesbrother of Amelia Annie Merritt

1300MetcalfeAmy C Metcalfefirst name on this monument1892831975id: 89353025721070

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England.

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