Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101BastenRonald John Bastenfirst name on this monument1921661987id: 815730184510701

102BastineSheelagh Bastinefirst name on this monument1930511981id: 82683019531075age 51?

103BattenAnnie Ruth Battenfirst name on this monument1890681958id: 930930289910701
Kevern Battenhusband of Annie Ruth Batten1887861973

104BattenHarold Woods Battenfirst name on this monument1915371952id: 944230302511262
Robert Battenfather of Harold Woods Batten
Alice Maud Battenmother of Harold Woods Batten1879801959
Gwendoline Olive Batten1997
Roy Robert Charles Batten1912892001

105BattySydney Battyfirst name on this monument1936561992id: 80613017511066

106BaulkAlan Edward Baulkfirst name on this monument1944652009id: 84913021631067

107BawdenGertrude Mary Bawdenfirst name on this monument1975id: 888130252110841

108BawdenWilliam Bawdenfirst name on this monument1866641930id: 96383032881086
Eliza Bawdenmother of William Bawden

109BawdenWilliam Owen Bawdenfirst name on this monument1904891993id: 80583017481091
Ivy Ellen Bawdenwife of William Owen Bawden1911861997

110BaylissEllen Baylissfirst name on this monument1920701990id: 808430177310771
George Baylisshusband of Ellen Bayliss1920902010

111BaylyMichael John Baylyfirst name on this monument1923331956id: 98413034531071
Frank Boscawen Baylyfather of Michael John Bayly1892641956
Elsie Baylymother of Michael John Bayly1968

112BearcroftErnest Nevill Bearcroftfirst name on this monument1870901960id: 92873028781073
Edith Mary Dean1872851957
Ethel Maud Bearcroftwife of Ernest Nevill Bearcroft1883941977

113BeardmoreLillie Beardmorefirst name on this monument1914892003id: 79123016051078
Sheila Cottondaughter of Lillie Beardmore1935752010

114BeechamGeoffrey Thomas Beechamfirst name on this monument1936662002id: 84473021231072

115BeedenArthur John Beedenfirst name on this monument1884701954id: 931830290810681

116BeedenMabel Alice Beedenfirst name on this monument1891821973id: 89333025711069

117BeerAlbert Cecil Beerfirst name on this monument1913902003id: 84493021251073

118BeerAlfred Beerfirst name on this monument1878741952id: 93303029201071

119BeerAlfred Henry Beerfirst name on this monument1903491952id: 93203029101072

120BeerAndrew John Beerfirst name on this monument195071957no image30377810731

121BeerAnnie Beerfirst name on this monument1937no image3036651070
H B Beerhusband of Annie Beer1862811943

122BeerErnest James Beerfirst name on this monument1878571935id: 94903030681070
Olive Mary Beerdaughter of Ernest James Beer1918
Hannah Beerwife of Ernest James Beer1882711953

123BeerErnest John Beerfirst name on this monument1917832000id: 794930164110701
Joyce Doreen Beerwife of Ernest John Beer1919822001

124BeerGeorge Henry Beerfirst name on this monument1869701939id: 955830313210661
Emma Beerwife of George Henry Beer1869771946

125BeerJoan Elaine Beerfirst name on this monument1913872000id: 89883025861081
Ernest Roy Beerhusband of Joan Elaine Beer1913491962

126BeerMabel Beerfirst name on this monument1906441950no image3037501070

127BeerRuth Evelyn Beerfirst name on this monument1921862007id: 84873036041094
Douglas Leonard Beerhusband of Ruth Evelyn Beer1919601979

128BeerWilliam Beerfirst name on this monument1868651933id: 95103030861073
Eliza Jane Beerwife of William Beer1865851950

129BellMargaret Bellfirst name on this monument1952no image3036061072
George Thomas Walkley
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130BengeyClifford George Bengeyfirst name on this monument1921181939no image3031701072
Nora Bengey1895761971
Stanley George Bengey1890871977

131BengeyDennis Roy Bengeyfirst name on this monument1927752002id: 791530160710711

132BengeyGeorge Bengeyfirst name on this monument1867771944no image3031731069
Bernard W Bengeyson of George Bengey1892751967
Mary Ann Bengeywife of George Bengey1864891953

133BengeyLucy Bengeyfirst name on this monument1899591958id: 92823028731070
Hedley Edward Bengeyhusband of Lucy Bengey1898691967

134BennettDora Mary Bennettfirst name on this monument1904631967id: 87853024271076
Arthur William Bennetthusband of Dora Mary Bennett1901781979

135BennettGladys Bennettfirst name on this monument1897841981id: 89113025501067
Arthur Bennetthusband of Gladys Bennett1901941995

136BenneyGerald Henry Benneyfirst name on this monument1971id: 86693023141073
Dorothy May Benney1977

137BenningtonEvelyn Marie Benningtonfirst name on this monument1895501945id: 934630293611111

138BenningtonOscar Benningtonfirst name on this monument1894851979id: 93473029371079

139BenokeAlice Louisa Benokefirst name on this monument1866731939id: 97003033441073
Ellen Waltonsister of Alice Louisa Benoke1862851947

140BenokeEdna Mary Benokefirst name on this monument1914361950id: 939630298110721
C Benokefather of Edna Mary Benoke
M Benokemother of Edna Mary Benoke

141BereciartuJavier Maria Galdiz Bereciartufirst name on this monument1927id: 937430296210981

142BernardMargaret Amy Bernardfirst name on this monument1956id: 92893028801070
Henrietta Ley1959

143BerryAlbert Henry Berryfirst name on this monument1932id: 9714
(2 images)
Elizabeth Ann Berrywife of Albert Henry Berry1875741949

144BerryCedric William Berryfirst name on this monument1951592010id: 85763022261073

145BerryElizabeth Mary Berryfirst name on this monument1867641931id: 96173032701068
Thomas Berryhusband of Elizabeth Mary Berry1860711931

146BerryHilda Bessie Berryfirst name on this monument1909801989id: 89393025751070

147BerryJames Henry Berryfirst name on this monument1892801972id: 89383025741072

148BerryLawrence Alfred Berryfirst name on this monument1866881954id: 91793027711069

149BerryMarjorie Isabella Berryfirst name on this monument1913431956id: 92763028671074
Ernest John Berryfather of Marjorie Isabella Berry1882891971
Fanny Isabella Berrymother of Marjorie Isabella Berry1883691952

150BerryWilliam James Berryfirst name on this monument1892771969id: 87533023961079
Lilly Blanche Berrywife of William James Berry93

151BestMarjorie Lacey Bestfirst name on this monument1929id: 94783030571091
Dorothy Lacey Bestdaughter of Marjorie Lacey Best1975
Winifred Lacey Bestdaughter of Marjorie Lacey Best1980
George Richard? Besthusband of Marjorie Lacey Best
Elizabeth Augusta Best

152BevanEvan H Bevanfirst name on this monument1885721957id: 921730280910861

153BickelMartha Bickelfirst name on this monument1938id: 96663033151074

154BidderRaymond John Bidderfirst name on this monument1930732003id: 78963015891067

155BiddingtonTom Biddingtonfirst name on this monument1900771977id: 88243024651069
Dora Biddington1902831985 d 1985?

156BiddlestoneAllen Biddlestonefirst name on this monument1929822011id: 85113021811070

157BidgoodDeborah Jayne Bidgoodfirst name on this monument1962392001id: 79253016171074

158BidgoodThomas Bidgoodfirst name on this monument1908801988id: 81463018341090
Phyllis Mary Bidgoodwife of Thomas Bidgood2005
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159BingeSidney John Bingefirst name on this monument1885641949no image3037211072
Alice Blanche Bingewife of Sidney John Binge1890881978

160BinningHerbert Samuel Binningfirst name on this monument1908681976id: 87213023651071
Doris Nellie Binningwife of Herbert Samuel Binning19111012012

161BirchPeter Birchfirst name on this monument195011951no image3037761069
Alfred John Birch1909912000
Gladys V Birch1920862006

162BirchPeter Birchfirst name on this monument195011951id: 85183021831085
Alfred John Birch1909912000 b 1909?
Gladys W Birch1920862006

163BirminghamFrederick William Birminghamfirst name on this monument1876651941id: 96493032981074
Nancy Birminghamdaughter-in-law of Frederick William Birmingham2000
Charles P Birmingham1912871999
Edna N Birmingham1920781998
Frederick Birminghamson of Frederick William Birmingham1996
Penelope Hannah Birminghamwife of Frederick William Birmingham1883951978

164BishopFrancis Sidney Bishopfirst name on this monument1882801962id: 91063027001073
Louise May Bishopwife of Francis Sidney Bishop1902711973

165BishopWilliam Charles Bishopfirst name on this monument1945no image3032241067

166BlackfordJohn D Blackfordfirst name on this monument1853801933id: 95003030781082
Ann Blackfordwife of John D Blackford1852851937

167BlackieRichard Blackiefirst name on this monument1934551989id: 81283018161075
Ricky Blackieson of Richard Blackie1961412002

168BlackmoreAlice M Blackmorefirst name on this monument1864771941id: 97223033611083
Frederick Blackmorehusband of Alice M Blackmore1862901952

169BlackmoreBeatrice Ann Blackmorefirst name on this monument1962no image3036661078
Nathaniel Stephensfather of Beatrice Ann Blackmore1851821933
Fanny Stephensmother of Beatrice Ann Blackmore1843961939

170BlackmoreBernard Kingsley Blackmorefirst name on this monument1927671994id: 83693020471083

171BlackmoreBruce Blackmorefirst name on this monument1908571965id: 87423023851088
Elsie May Blackmore1905931998

172BlackmoreCharles Albert Blackmorefirst name on this monument1900671967id: 87843024261076
Kathleen Isabel Blackmorewife of Charles Albert Blackmore1904881992

173BlackmoreClifford James Blackmorefirst name on this monument1915631978id: 88553024961080
Doris Blackmorewife of Clifford James Blackmore1913932006

174BlackmoreCyril John Blackmorefirst name on this monument1969id: 87883024301082
Betty Blackmorewife of Cyril John Blackmore

175BlackmoreElizabeth Blackmorefirst name on this monument1868631931id: 94443030271088
Evan Blackmorehusband of Elizabeth Blackmore

176BlackmoreEva Blackmorefirst name on this monument1888761964id: 87033023481074

177BlackmoreFrederick J Blackmorefirst name on this monument1885701955id: 92883028791076
Millicent Mary Blackmorewife of Frederick J Blackmore1885831968

178BlackmoreGrace Blackmorefirst name on this monument1901301931id: 96953033391065
William Blackmorehusband of Grace Blackmore

179BlackmoreJames M Blackmorefirst name on this monument1886711957id: 91623027541067
Lily Blackmorewife of James M Blackmore1962

180BlackmoreJohn Blackmorefirst name on this monument1860731933id: 95123030881079
Sarah Ann Blackmorewife of John Blackmore1864731937

181BlackmoreJohn Henry Blackmorefirst name on this monument1891741965id: 87343023771069
Emma Blackmore1897871984

182BlackmoreJoseph Henry Blackmorefirst name on this monument1866751941id: 96933033371076
Annie Blackmorewife of Joseph Henry Blackmore78
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183BlackmoreMichael John Blackmorefirst name on this monument1945441989id: 81243018121065

184BlackmoreReginald Frederick Blackmorefirst name on this monument1894691963id: 91093027031069
Ethel May Blackmorewife of Reginald Frederick Blackmore18991012000

185BlackmoreRobert Blackmorefirst name on this monument1922631985id: 81953018821069

186BlackmoreRobert Blackmorefirst name on this monument1867761943no image3031951066
Sarah J Blackmorewife of Robert Blackmore1892791971

187BlackmoreStephen Blackmorefirst name on this monument1898701968id: 86903023351070
Selina May Blackmorewife of Stephen Blackmore1901701971

188BlackmoreThomas N Blackmorefirst name on this monument1880751955id: 90003025981065

189BlackmoreWilliam Blackmorefirst name on this monument1920791999id: 79553016471073
Winifred Blackmorewife of William Blackmore1920

190BlackmoreWilliam Henry Blackmorefirst name on this monument1885611946no image3036741069
Elsie Bakerdaughter of William Henry Blackmore1913841997
Emily Blackmorewife of William Henry Blackmore1887881975

191BlakeBernard Blakefirst name on this monument1975id: 87583024011070
Jennie Elizabeth Blakewife of Bernard Blake1995

192BlakeTerence Angel Cullino Blakefirst name on this monument1919791998id: 942930301210781
Mildred Aileen Blakewife of Terence Angel Cullino Blake1899801979

193BlakeyReginald Thomas Arthur Blakeyfirst name on this monument1912531965id: 87443023871069
Margaret Forrest Blakeywife of Reginald Thomas Arthur Blakey1912801992

194BlighAlec Blighfirst name on this monument1929491978id: 86603023061072
Pat Blighwife of Alec Bligh

195BlighEmily Blighfirst name on this monument1889841973id: 86973023421068

196BlightWilliam Blightfirst name on this monument1914711985id: 82853019691072
Elsie Florence Blightwife of William Blight1917731990

197BlowerIvy Blowerfirst name on this monument1903831986id: 81673018551070

198BloweyReginald Bloweyfirst name on this monument1881521933id: 951130308710661
Hilda Bloweywife of Reginald Blowey1883781961

199BlundellAgnes Amelia Blundellfirst name on this monument1868721940id: 968330332810911
Herbert John Blundellhusband of Agnes Amelia Blundell

200BoardJessie Owen Boardfirst name on this monument1891851976id: 88303024711068

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Marlborough Road Cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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