St Martin's Church burial ground, Seamer in Cleveland, Yorkshire, England

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101HutchinsonJohn Henry Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1886191905id: 3371
M S Hutchinsonfather of John Henry Hutchinson
E Hutchinsonmother of John Henry Hutchinson
Alice Emily Hutchinsonsister of John Henry Hutchinson1882241906

102HutchinsonMary Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1837271864id: 32619stone eroded age not clear 27?
Mary Hutchinsondaughter of Mary Hutchinson1900 stone eroded age not clear
William Steelfather of Mary Hutchinson
William Hutchinsonhusband of Mary Hutchinson1810851895 stone eroded age not clear 85?
Ann Steelmother of Mary Hutchinson

103HutchinsonWilliam Steel Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1849751924id: 31
(2 images)
Elizabeth Hutchinsonwife of William Steel Hutchinson1857781935

104JacksonEmma Jacksonfirst name on this monument177561781id: 2837stone worn dates might be incorrect

105JacksonJane Jacksonfirst name on this monument1833361869id: 13121
Robert Jacksonhusband of Jane Jackson
Thomas Jacksonson of Jane Jackson died in Infancy

106JohnsonAnn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1796371833id: 2461two children died in Infancy
Thomas Johnsonhusband of Ann Johnson of Newby

107JohnsonAnn Johnsonfirst name on this monument21id: 2533Stone eroded mothers name and further details missing
Richard Johnsonfather of Ann Johnson

108JohnsonAnn Johnsonfirst name on this monumentid: 2513Stone eroded details missing
Robert Johnsonfather of Ann Johnson
Elizabeth Johnsonmother of Ann Johnson

109JohnsonRichard Johnsonfirst name on this monument1776751851id: 2482

110JohnsonRobert Johnsonfirst name on this monument1830id: 2478Stone badly eroded detail missing

111JohnsonSarah Johnsonfirst name on this monument1850id: 24912Stone badly eroded detail missing
Richard Johnsonhusband of Sarah Johnson

112JohnsonThomas Johnsonfirst name on this monument1754581812id: 2452of Newby
Jane Johnsondaughter of Thomas Johnson1795211816

113LambertAlice Mary Lambertfirst name on this monument1868561924id: 20011
Thomas Lamberthusband of Alice Mary Lambert
Thomas Henry Lambertson of Alice Mary Lambert1900251925

114LawsonJosepha Annie Lawsonfirst name on this monument1891931984id: 1721
William Lawsonhusband of Josepha Annie Lawson

115LockwoodMary Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1762591821id: 30611
William Lockwoodhusband of Mary Lockwood of Newby

116LumleyNorman Lumleyfirst name on this monument1900721972id: 10722
Doris Lumleywife of Norman Lumley1898711969

117MaltbyMartha Ann Maltbyfirst name on this monument1876741950id: 59
(2 images)
John Maltbyhusband of Martha Ann Maltby the late John; of Stokesley

118MarleyJohn Marleyfirst name on this monument1764831847id: 21613
Mary Marleywife of John Marley year and age not clear

119MarrBetty Madison Marrfirst name on this monument1919381957id: 1145
George Robert Marrhusband of Betty Madison Marr1891861977

120MilnerFrank Milnerfirst name on this monument1911751986id: 138
Florence Gertrude Milnerwife of Frank Milner1911982009

121MooreEllen Moorefirst name on this monument1820391859id: 23031age not clear 39?
Thomas Moorehusband of Ellen Moore
Joseph William Mooreson of Ellen Moore1857

122MothersdaleDorothy Mothersdalefirst name on this monument1768631831id: 17374
Mary Radsondaughter of Dorothy Mothersdale1791291820
John Mothersdalehusband of Dorothy Mothersdale82 year not clear
Thomas Radsonson-in-law of Dorothy Mothersdale
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123MothersdaleJane Mothersdalefirst name on this monumentid: 171
(2 images)
11stone eroded details not visible
John Mothersdalefather of Jane Mothersdale stone eroded details not visible
Dorothy Mothersdalemother of Jane Mothersdale stone eroded details and further details not visible

124MothersdaleJohn Mothersdalefirst name on this monument1843761919id: 16041

125MothersdaleRobert Mothersdalefirst name on this monument1808431851id: 17931
Catherine Mothersdale1839251864 Daughter of Robert and Mary
Mary Phillips Mothersdale
Robert Mothersdale Husband of Mary
Margaret Mothersdalewife of Robert Mothersdale1824361860

126MuskerMalcolm Muskerfirst name on this monument1938521990id: 123

127NaeebyLancelot Naeebyfirst name on this monument1896161912id: 1107
William Leonard Naeebybrother of Lancelot Naeeby189571902
George Naeebyfather of Lancelot Naeeby of Seamer Hill
Jane E Naeebymother of Lancelot Naeeby

128NellistHannah Nellistfirst name on this monument1882id: 15893Age not clear
Elizabeth Ann Nellistdaughter of Hannah Nellist1853 Age not clear 7?
William Nellisthusband of Hannah Nellist1895 of Stokesley age not clear 63?
John William Nellistson of Hannah Nellist185321855

129NewtonHannah Newtonfirst name on this monument1879401919id: 882
Abraham Newtonhusband of Hannah Newton1879641943

130NicholsonJohn Harding Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1984id: 154
Jane Nicholson1993

131NicholsonMatthew William Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1872401912id: 582of Villa Farm; Newby
Martha Annie Nicholsonwife of Matthew William Nicholson1876751951

132OrdAlice Ordfirst name on this monument1825191844id: 21282
George Ordfather of Alice Ord
Alice Ordmother of Alice Ord1791641855

133OrtonAlbina Ada Ortonfirst name on this monument1868721940id: 204131
Frederick Ortonhusband of Albina Ada Orton1864841948

134OrtonJane Ortonfirst name on this monument1835751910id: 22071

135OrtonJohn Ortonfirst name on this monument186011861id: 221331
Robert Ortongrand father of John Orton1809771886
Elizabeth Ortongrand mother of John Orton1804791883
George Orton1845

136ParkinWilliam Parkinfirst name on this monument1715581773id: 2291
Mary Parkinwife of William Parkin1746431789 year not clear 1789 ?

137PassmanElizabeth Passmanfirst name on this monument1865671932id: 77
(2 images)
John Passmanhusband of Elizabeth Passman1904311935

138PassmanGertrude Passmanfirst name on this monument1894691963id: 873

139PassmanJohn A Passmanfirst name on this monument1908551963id: 763

140PearsonElizabeth Pearsonfirst name on this monument1868id: 1835
Thomas Pearsonfather of Elizabeth Pearson
Mary Pearsonmother of Elizabeth Pearson
Elizabeth Pearsonsister of Elizabeth Pearson187011871
Mary Pearsonsister of Elizabeth Pearson1878 age not clear stone eroded

141PearsonJohn Pearsonfirst name on this monument183321835id: 2188
Thomas Pearsonfather of John Pearson1790941884
Mary Pearsonmother of John Pearson
Elizabeth Pearsonsister of John Pearson1834201854

142PearsonThomas Pearsonfirst name on this monument1800841884id: 12711
Mary Pearsonwife of Thomas Pearson1809831892
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143Peart (snr)Thomas Peart (snr)first name on this monument1780661846id: 2148
Sarah Peartwife of Thomas Peart (snr)1826631889 dates not clear 1889 ? 83 ?

144PhillipsJames Phillipsfirst name on this monument1809621871id: 23731late of Tanton in the Parish of Stokesley
Mary Phillipswife of James Phillips year and age unclear stone eroded

145PhillipsJames Phillipsfirst name on this monument1826771903id: 192
(3 images)
132Stone down and broken in half
Thomas Phillipsbrother of James Phillips1838671905
Elizabeth Turnbullniece of James Phillips1848711919

146PhillipsRalph Phillipsfirst name on this monument1826711897id: 1414of Great Ayton
James Phillipsfather of Ralph Phillips of Tanton
Mary Phillipsmother of Ralph Phillips
Elizabeth Phillipswife of Ralph Phillips1834661900

147PhillipsThomas Phillipsfirst name on this monument1785id: 2417Stone eroded age missing

148PhillipsThomas Phillipsfirst name on this monument1648781726id: 2364
John Phillipsson of Thomas Phillips1682961778

149PhillipsWilliam Phillipsfirst name on this monument1789641853id: 2352late of Lowfield in this Parish

150PickenSuzanne Pickenfirst name on this monument1939622001id: 88

151PounderHutton Pounderfirst name on this monument1817701887id: 3843
John Pounderson of Hutton Pounder1847701917
Thomas Pounderson of Hutton Pounder1852571909
Ann Pounderwife of Hutton Pounder1821751896

152ReeveCyril Reevefirst name on this monument1922741996id: 4514

153RickinsonAnn Rickinsonfirst name on this monument1810681878id: 18752
Annie Augusta Rickinsondaughter of Ann Rickinson1859751934
Elizabeth Rickinsondaughter of Ann Rickinson65 year not clear
Thomas Rickinsonhusband of Ann Rickinson1814831897

154RickinsonJohn Edwin Rickinsonfirst name on this monument1877id: 18663
Edwin Rickinsonfather of John Edwin Rickinson
Annie Rickinsonmother of John Edwin Rickinson

155RobinsonIvy Robinsonfirst name on this monument1930321962id: 254

156RobinsonLettice Robinsonfirst name on this monument1860261886id: 1843
William Robinsonwife of Lettice Robinson

157RobinsonPeter Robinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 1704stone eroded details unclear

158RobinsonThomas Robinsonfirst name on this monument1791id: 2854stone eroded age not clear

159RobinsonThomas Robinsonfirst name on this monument1826671893id: 1801
Mary Robinsonwife of Thomas Robinson1826701896

160RobinsonThomas Peter Robinsonfirst name on this monument1862231885id: 1824
Thomas Robinsonfather of Thomas Peter Robinson
Mary Robinsonmother of Thomas Peter Robinson

161RoseJohn Cecil Rosefirst name on this monument1937692006id: 2053

162Rowland Rowlandfirst name on this monument175491763id: 30834stone broken first name not clear
Rob Rowlandfather of Rowland his wifes name not clear
Mary Rowlandsister of Rowland1754221776 stone worn 1776 ?

163RowntreeChristopher Rowntreefirst name on this monument67id: 284131stone eroded year 18??
Hannah Rowntreedaughter of Christopher Rowntree1784171801 more detail in middle of stone unreadable

164RowntreeChristopher Rowntreefirst name on this monument1766711837id: 271263
Alice Rowntreewife of Christopher Rowntree1764741838

165RowntreeElizabeth Rowntreefirst name on this monumentid: 26981Stone eroded detail missing
Thomas Rowntreefather of Elizabeth Rowntree of London
Sarah Rowntreegrand mother of Elizabeth Rowntree

166RowntreeWilliam Rowntreefirst name on this monumentid: 27063Stone eroded detail missing
Mary Rowntreemother of William Rowntree
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167RuddickJames Ruddickfirst name on this monument1932id: 97262of Newby. No age given
Fred Ruddickson of James Ruddick died in the Great War 1914 - 1918
George Ruddickson of James Ruddick died in the Great War 1914 - 1918
Elizabeth Ann Ruddickwife of James Ruddick1934 No age given

168SandersonMartha Sandersonfirst name on this monument1880721952id: 7941
Herbert Richard Sandersonhusband of Martha Sanderson1884721956

169SawneyPeter Sawneyfirst name on this monument1932702002id: 94of Boy Hill Farm

170SayerJohn Sayerfirst name on this monument1800661866id: 337
(2 images)
Isabella Sayerdaughter of John Sayer died in Infancy
Sarah E Sayerdaughter of John Sayer1840791919
John Sayerson of John Sayer1850371887 youngest son
William Sayerson of John Sayer1833221855
Mary Sayerwife of John Sayer1811711882 of Great Ayton

171SayerJoseph Sayerfirst name on this monument1876871963id: 16141joseph was born 1833 at seamer he married harriett robinson 1858 they had 4 children joseph died in 1921 aged 87 not 1963. harriett died 1904 aged 73. jane daughter she died 1954 aged 88yrs.
Jane Sayerdaughter of Joseph Sayer1866881954
Harriet Sayerwife of Joseph Sayer1831731904

172SayerRobert Sayerfirst name on this monument1864611925id: 26161
Robert Sayerson of Robert Sayer1915271942
Elizabeth Sayerwife of Robert Sayer1880881968

173SimpsonThomas Simpsonfirst name on this monument1844id: 262161
Robert Simpsonfather of Thomas Simpson1816551871 of Linthorpe
Mary Simpsonmother of Thomas Simpson1820551875
Ann Simpsonsister of Thomas Simpson1845161861 died in Acklam
Catherine Simpsonsister of Thomas Simpson184751852
Catherine Simpsonsister of Thomas Simpson185561861

174SleightholmeThomas William Sleightholmefirst name on this monument1924471971id: 4
(2 images)

175SmallJames Smallfirst name on this monument178731790id: 2344
Thomas Smallfather of James Small
Thomas Phillipsgrand father of James Small
Elizabeth Smallmother of James Small

176SmithJane Smithfirst name on this monument1833731906id: 70
(2 images)
Robert Smithhusband of Jane Smith1834751909 of Great Ayton

177SmithSibyl Smithfirst name on this monument89id: 33311stone eroded year not clear
Elizabeth Thirkeldaughter of Sibyl Smith Stone eroded details not clear
Anthony Smithhusband of Sibyl Smith
James Thirkelson-in-law of Sibyl Smith

178SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1828731901id: 7212
Barbara Smithwife of William Smith1830731903

179SnowdenMary Ann Snowdenfirst name on this monument1901801981id: 1045

180SoutheranMillicent Jane Southeranfirst name on this monument1878291907id: 92
(2 images)
5Stone not clear in places
Robert Southeranfather of Millicent Jane Southeran1917 age not clear
Isabella Southeranmother of Millicent Jane Southeran1925 age not clear

181SpenceAlice Mary Spencefirst name on this monument1905501955id: 3812

182SpenceHerbert Richard Spencefirst name on this monument1940531993id: 47151
Timothy Richard Constantine2000 age obscured

183SpenceJohn Robert Spencefirst name on this monument194261948id: 5211
Myra Spencefather of John Robert Spence
Robert Spencemother of John Robert Spence

184SpenceJoseph Spencefirst name on this monument1855821937id: 53
(2 images)
7of Newby
Harold Spenceson of Joseph Spence1915351950
Minnie Spencewife of Joseph Spence1881771958
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185StaintonJohn Staintonfirst name on this monument1773821855id: 13610year not clear: 1855?

186SteelJohn Steelfirst name on this monument1800631863id: 323271
William Steelfather of John Steel
Ann Steelmother of John Steel
Elizabeth Sayer Mother of Betty
William Sayer Father of Betty
Betty Steelwife of John Steel1800571857 died at Hurworth

187SteelWilliam Steelfirst name on this monument1756801836id: 32413
Sarah Steeldaughter of William Steel1 year not clear 179?
Ann Steelwife of William Steel1782701852

188StellingJohn A Stellingfirst name on this monument1859791938id: 348
Harriet Stellingwife of John A Stelling1860801940

189StockdaleJohn Stockdalefirst name on this monument1821721893id: 12661
Elizabeth Annie Stockdaledaughter of John Stockdale186561871
Isabella Jane Stockdaledaughter of John Stockdale186831871
Ann Stockdalewife of John Stockdale1828831911

190StorryHelen Storryfirst name on this monument1819631882id: 128
(2 images)
James Storryhusband of Helen Storry1818661884 of Manor House

191TateAmy Tatefirst name on this monument19071022009id: 13317

192ThomasHannah Thomasfirst name on this monument1847691916id: 892of Seamer Moor
David Thomashusband of Hannah Thomas1857841941

193ThomasHarriet Thomasfirst name on this monument1922121934id: 2014of Seamer Hill
Kenneth R Thomasbrother of Harriet Thomas1932151947

194ThomasJohn Arthur Thomasfirst name on this monument1923491972id: 49
(2 images)
Grahame Thomasson of John Arthur Thomas
Hilda Thomaswife of John Arthur Thomas

195ThomasLawrence Shepherd Thomasfirst name on this monument1889631952id: 2024
Florence Ellen Thomaswife of Lawrence Shepherd Thomas1897681965

196ThompsonElleanor Thompsonfirst name on this monument186381871id: 167
(2 images)
Thomas Thompsonfather of Elleanor Thompson
Mary Thompsonmother of Elleanor Thompson
Harriet Thompsonsister of Elleanor Thompson186651871

197TindallGladys Rose Tindallfirst name on this monument1917741991id: 16911

198TrubyShiela Mary Trubyfirst name on this monument1938431981id: 2372
John William Wesley Trubyhusband of Shiela Mary Truby1932782010

199TurnbullAnn Turnbullfirst name on this monument1775821857id: 354261
James Davisonfirst husband of Ann Turnbull1773561829
John Turnbullsecond husband of Ann Turnbull1777771854

200TurnbullElizabeth Turnbullfirst name on this monument1820391859id: 379
(2 images)
John Turnbullhusband of Elizabeth Turnbull of Apple Bridge; Cleveland

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