St Paul's Church burial ground, Shipley, Yorkshire, England

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1AldersonWilliam Aldersonfirst name on this monument1821641885id: 24429432850
Margaret Aldersondaughter of William Alderson died in Infancy
Maria Aldersondaughter of William Alderson died in Infancy
Hannah Alderson1839721911 Wife of Hargreaves
Hargreaves Alderson
Sarah Aldersonwife of William Alderson1827651892

2AmblerSamuel Amblerfirst name on this monument1832201852id: 358294422561youngest son
James Amblerbrother of Samuel Ambler1804531857 of Trees Manningham
William Branterbrother-in-law of Samuel Ambler of Keighley
James Amblerfather of Samuel Ambler1783761859 of Manningham
Martha Amblermother of Samuel Ambler1788781866
Susannah Brantersister of Samuel Ambler1805271832 youngest daughter of James and Martha wife of William. Died at Manningham

3ArmitageEmma Armitagefirst name on this monument183331836id: 9029422365
George Armitagebrother of Emma Armitage184061846 born date indistinct
John Armitagebrother of Emma Armitage1838181856 died date indistinct
Joseph Armitagebrother of Emma Armitage died in Infancy
Lancelot Armitagebrother of Emma Armitage died in Infancy
Charles Armitagefather of Emma Armitage
Joseph Armitagegrand father of Emma Armitage1769721841
Isabella Armitagegrand mother of Emma Armitage1768701838
Sarah Armitagemother of Emma Armitage
Emily Armitagesister of Emma Armitage184221844
Hannah Armitagesister of Emma Armitage184651851
Martha Armitagesister of Emma Armitage184921851

4ArmitageSamuel Armitagefirst name on this monument1780701850id: 33529440872
Joseph Pitts
Mary Pitts1854301884 daughter of Joseph and Sarah Pitts
Sarah Pitts
Dinah Armitagewife of Samuel Armitage1778881866

5AtkinsonJohn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1830151845id: 15529428036
James Atkinsonfather of John Atkinson of Idle
Mary Atkinsonmother of John Atkinson

6AtkinsonJoseph Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1851291880id: 23929432524
Annie Bradley1869721941
Samuel John Bradley
Georgina Fanny Atkinsonwife of Joseph Atkinson1856451901

7AykroydAlice Aykroydfirst name on this monument184821850id: 12
(9 images)
William Aykroydbrother of Alice Aykroyd1856
John Aykroydfather of Alice Aykroyd of Bradford
Elizabeth Aykroydmother of Alice Aykroyd

8BaldwinSarah Baldwinfirst name on this monument1799821881id: 219294308641
Samuel Baldwinhusband of Sarah Baldwin1807731880 of Saltaire
Emily Dawson1855411896 Wife of William
William Dawson of Ryecroft
Benjamin Baldwinson of Sarah Baldwin1842421884

9BarkerMartha Ellen Barkerfirst name on this monument1851id: 3229417211
Thomas Barkerbrother of Martha Ellen Barker185721859
Edward Barkerfather of Martha Ellen Barker
Elizabeth Barkermother of Martha Ellen Barker
Mary Ann Barkersister of Martha Ellen Barker1839211860
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10BateRichard Batefirst name on this monumentid: 36829443245dates etc in Latin
Elizabeth Batedaughter of Richard Bate1780561836
Margaret Batedaughter of Richard Bate1786511837
Ellen Bate1820141834 Daughter of Sarah and William
Sarah Bate1783491832
William Bate1786481834
George Semple Surgeon of Shipley Hall
Hannah Semple Wife of George dates etc in Latin

11BeanlandEzra Beanlandfirst name on this monument1853441897id: 8829422114Stone broken into three pieces
William Beanlandfather of Ezra Beanland1820801900
Elizabeth Beanlandmother of Ezra Beanland1828841912

12BeanlandHenry Beanlandfirst name on this monument1829id: 92941498
Margaret Beanlandaunt of Henry Beanland1805241829 sister of Samuel
Samuel Beanlandfather of Henry Beanland of Carsyke
John Beanlandgrand father of Henry Beanland of Bolton
Sarah Beanlandgrand mother of Henry Beanland
Elizabeth Beanland1790821872 interred in adjoining grave
John Beanland1793641857
Samuel Beanland1817231840 son of John and Elizabeth

13BeanlandJohn Beanlandfirst name on this monument1764681832id: 14294154221Of Carsyke
Sarah Beanlandwife of John Beanland1764741838

14BeanlandJoseph Beanlandfirst name on this monument1794551849id: 221
(2 images)
29431021of Bradford. Smith and harrier
Alice Illingworth1836371873
Henry Beanlandson of Joseph Beanland1826461872 youngest son; of Hallfield House
Isaac Beanlandson of Joseph Beanland1821311852
Joseph Beanlandson of Joseph Beanland1828241852
Martha Beanlandwife of Joseph Beanland1795751870

15BeanlandMary Ann Beanlandfirst name on this monument1820311851id: 3792944403
John Beanlandhusband of Mary Ann Beanland1814661880 of Bradford
Anthoney Henry Beanland186941873 Son of John and Martha
Martha Beanland185711858 Daughter of John and Martha
Martha Beanland1830651895 2nd wife of John

16BedfordStephen Bedfordfirst name on this monument1809191828id: 37429443611Stone broken rest missing

17BennettAbraham Bennettfirst name on this monument1788671855id: 14129426826
Abraham Hustlernephew of Abraham Bennett1816451861 of Windhill Crag
Jane Hustler1823731896 wife of Abraham Hustler
Martha Bennettwife of Abraham Bennett1788731861

18BentleyGreenwood Bentleyfirst name on this monument1777811858id: 22429431216of Bradford
Arthur Bentleyson of Greenwood Bentley1836581894
Mary Bentleywife of Greenwood Bentley1811781889

19BerwickGrace Berwickfirst name on this monument1772661838id: 202294300271
Edward Berwickhusband of Grace Berwick1776621838 of Cottingley
Edward Berwickson of Grace Berwick1829581887
John Berwickson of Grace Berwick1806641870 third son

20BirbeckAnn Birbeckfirst name on this monument1781681849id: 331294404241
William Birbeckhusband of Ann Birbeck of Shelf
Elizabeth Proctor1798671865 sisiter in law of Timothy Stocks
Timothy Stocks of Heaton near Bradford
Jane Ellen Walker186411865 Grandaughter of Timothy Stocks

21BirkbeckBertha Birkbeckfirst name on this monument185221854id: 2729416718
Morris Birkbeckfather of Bertha Birkbeck1799631862
Bertha Birkbeckmother of Bertha Birkbeck
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22BishillElizabeth Bishillfirst name on this monument1771731844id: 4529418418
Thomas Bishillhusband of Elizabeth Bishill1782651847
Emanuel White of Bradford
Mary White1811401851 wife of Emanuel

23BoddyJoshua Boddyfirst name on this monument185211853id: 132294259621
Joshua Boddyfather of Joshua Boddy
Bridget Laucklandgrand mother of Joshua Boddy1786821868
Elizabeth Boddymother of Joshua Boddy
Benjamin Boddy1838781916
Jonas Crowther
Mary Ann Crowther1862651927 Wife of Jonas
Samson Worsman husband of Jane
Mary Boddysister of Joshua Boddy1840161856
Jane Worsmansister of Joshua Boddy1842251867

24BoltonThomas Boltonfirst name on this monument1852721924id: 11429424417Wesleyan Minister; Harrogate. Died at Bournemouth.
Louisa Augusta Boltonwife of Thomas Bolton1870831953

25BoothElizabeth Boothfirst name on this monument1854441898id: 1622942878
William Boothfather of Elizabeth Booth
Mary Ann Boothmother of Elizabeth Booth1823751898

26BoothRebecca Boothfirst name on this monument1844351879id: 29729437424
Amos Boothhusband of Rebecca Booth1846541900 of Horsforth

27BoothWilliam Boothfirst name on this monument1823771900id: 1582942835

28BoothWilliam Boothfirst name on this monument181591824id: 68294207121
William Boothbrother of William Booth1829511880
John Boothfather of William Booth1797371834 of Jane Hill near Shipley
Hannah Boothmother of William Booth also had two children die in Infancy

29BoothamAnn Boothamfirst name on this monument1839491888id: 14729427491
Martha Boothamdaughter-in-law of Ann Bootham1862281890
Joseph Boothamhusband of Ann Bootham1830821912 of Saltaire
Samuel Boothamson of Ann Bootham1869491918

30BowerJames Bowerfirst name on this monument1816721888id: 8329421713
Sarah Bowerdaughter-in-law of James Bower1841181859 interred in the Old Burial Ground adjoining the Wesleyan Chapel Windhill
Sabina Bowerwife of James Bower

31BradleyKnapton Bradleyfirst name on this monument1831411872id: 23129431822
Dennis Bradleybrother of Knapton Bradley1828541882
John Bradleyfather of Knapton Bradley1831411872
Ann Bradleymother of Knapton Bradley

32BradleyMary Bradleyfirst name on this monumentid: 842942183
Joseph Bradleyhusband of Mary Bradley1830621892

33BradleyNancy Bradleyfirst name on this monument1825111836id: 3332944066
Thomas Bradleyfather of Nancy Bradley1793721865
Hannah Bradleymother of Nancy Bradley1789691858
Hannah Bradley1829541883 wife of Thomas
Mary Ann Bradley1823281851 wife of Robert
Robert Bradley school master of Shipley
Thomas Bradley1827581885

34BrearJoseph Brearfirst name on this monument1835151850id: 24929433220interred at Salem Chapel Bradford
Alfred Brearbrother of Joseph Brear1840171857
Henry Brearfather of Joseph Brear1812781890
Sarah Brearmother of Joseph Brear1813701883

35BrearRuth Brearfirst name on this monument1787741861id: 2552943387
Catherine Breardaughter of Ruth Brear1829721901 died at Woodhouse near Sheffield age not clear
William Brearhusband of Ruth Brear1788821870 died at Old Whittington; Derbyshire
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36BriggsAnn Briggsfirst name on this monument1827261853id: 13629426324native of Norfolk
Phillip Briggs1812861898 spelt as Phillip and Philip on this stone
Sarah Briggs1819711890 wife of Phillip
Charles Craven1816561872
Mary Craven1811681879 wife of Charles

37BriggsJohn Briggsfirst name on this monument1802271829id: 75294210161
John Briggsfather of John Briggs1763751838
Mary Briggsmother of John Briggs1760741834

38BriggsMartha Briggsfirst name on this monument1850id: 21829430748Age missing stone damaged details missing of others also.
James Amblerfather of Martha Briggs of Manningham
Henry Briggshusband of Martha Briggs of Bradford
Martha Amblermother of Martha Briggs
Alfred Briggsson of Martha Briggs1845301875
James Ambler Briggsson of Martha Briggs31

39BriggsTabitha Briggsfirst name on this monument1829271856id: 30129437818
Edna Briggsdaughter of Tabitha Briggs died in Infancy
Francis Briggshusband of Tabitha Briggs1829481877 died in Australia
Hannah Elizabeth Briggs186311864 Daughter of Francis and Mary
John William Briggs1861 Son of Francis and Mary
Abel Spencer
Mary Spencer1832561888 Wife of Abel
Mary Briggssecond wife of husband of Tabitha Briggs 2nd wife of Francis

40BroadbentSamuel Broadbentfirst name on this monument1801571858id: 24529432936of Hirst Mills; Shipley
Sarah Ann Broadbentdaughter-in-law of Samuel Broadbent1832541886
Clara Broadbentgrand daughter of Samuel Broadbent1865181883
Emma Broadbentgrand daughter of Samuel Broadbent187411875
William Broadbentson of Samuel Broadbent
Mary Broadbentwife of Samuel Broadbent1806681874

41BrookWilliam Brookfirst name on this monument1806511857id: 26029434328
Martha daughter of William Brook Stone eroded. name; year and age not clear
Hannah Brookwife of William Brook1871 age not clear stone eroded

42BrookeJohn Brookefirst name on this monument1797501847id: 702942086
Judith Park1794881882 formerly wife of John Brooke
William Park

43BrownSusannah Brownfirst name on this monument1771651836id: 31729439314died at the Grammar School House. Bradford
B C Brownhusband of Susannah Brown the late. Vicar of Weft Markham; Nott's

44BrumfitEdward Brumfitfirst name on this monument1821671888id: 22029430915
Charles Edward Brumfitson of Edward Brumfit1861431904 2nd Son
Sarah Brumfitwife of Edward Brumfit1825641889

45BrumfitFrances Brumfitfirst name on this monument36id: 208294302162
Sarah Brumfitdaughter-in-law of Frances Brumfit
Frances Brumfitgrand daughter of Frances Brumfit Date obscured 185?
George Brumfitgrand son of Frances Brumfit1852
Thomas Brumfitgrand son of Frances Brumfit184911850
Thomas Brumfithusband of Frances Brumfit1791491840 of Windhill. Date obscured 183?
Edward Brumfitson of Frances Brumfit

46BurnleyMartha Sarah Burnleyfirst name on this monument1855id: 25929434214
Denby Burnleyfather of Martha Sarah Burnley
Sarah Ann Burnleymother of Martha Sarah Burnley1821811902 a daughter also died in Infancy
Denby Burnley Grandson of Denby and Sarah; husband of Eleanor
Eleanor Burnley1887641951
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47BurtonJohn Alfred Burtonfirst name on this monument187801878id: 27829435717
John Albert Burtonfather of John Alfred Burton
Ann Sophia Burtonmother of John Alfred Burton

48ButterfieldHarriet Butterfieldfirst name on this monument1913id: 8729422015
Thomas Butterfieldhusband of Harriet Butterfield of Burley in Wharfedale
William Butterfield1914-331881

49ButterfieldHelen Butterfieldfirst name on this monument1927id: 26129434419
Thomas Butterfieldfather of Helen Butterfield1846701916
Harriet Butterfieldmother of Helen Butterfield

50ButterfieldRichard Butterfieldfirst name on this monument1772591831no image29445423
Ann Butterfielddaughter-in-law of Richard Butterfield1804891893
Samuel Butterfieldgrand son of Richard Butterfield
Jonas Butterfieldson of Richard Butterfield1801711872 of New Laith near Shipley
Sarah Butterfieldwife of Richard Butterfield1775851860

51ButterworthHannah Butterworthfirst name on this monument1833251858no image29446227
Alfred Brogden Butterworthbrother of Hannah Butterworth1823241847 eldest son
Thomas Butterworthfather of Hannah Butterworth1786701856 of Bradford
Mary Butterworthmother of Hannah Butterworth

52ChesterJohn Chesterfirst name on this monument1820161836id: 27129435114
George Chesterfather of John Chester1787741861 late of Cotingley (spelling as on stone)
Eden Chestermother of John Chester1788591847

53ClaytonWilliam Claytonfirst name on this monument1823341857id: 38029444116
Isaac Claytonfather of William Clayton1791621853 Coal merchant
Martha Claytonmother of William Clayton1793681861

54CloughJames Cloughfirst name on this monument1789621851id: 337294410103of Bradford
Ben Longbottom187851883 Son of Sam and Eliza
Eliza Longbottom
James Longbottom187591884 Son of James and Mary
James Longbottom of Market Tavern; Bradford
Mary Longbottom
Rachael Longbottom1819711890
Sam Longbottom
Benjamin Cloughson of James Clough1822291851
Mary Cloughwife of James Clough1800571857

55CloughSamuel Cloughfirst name on this monument184611847id: 3129417110
Thomas Cloughbrother of Samuel Clough1848601908
William Cloughbrother of Samuel Clough182471831
James Cloughfather of Samuel Clough1814811895 of Manningham
Grace Cloughmother of Samuel Clough1818721890

56CockshottEdmund Cockshottfirst name on this monument1811731884id: 11529424515of Beamsley House Shipley Fields
Mary Adelaide Cockshottdaughter of Edmund Cockshott1852561908 of Harrogate third daughter
Sarah Wood Cockshottdaughter of Edmund Cockshott1848631911 second daughter
Edmund Rawsthorn Cockshottson of Edmund Cockshott died in Infancy
Martha Cockshottwife of Edmund Cockshott1813741887

57CordingleyAnn Cordingleyfirst name on this monument1824671891id: 151294277311
Nanny Cordingleydaughter of Ann Cordingley died in Infancy
Emma Cordingleydaughter-in-law of Ann Cordingley1850791929
James William Cordingleygrand son of Ann Cordingley died in Infancy
Fred Hartleygrand son of Ann Cordingley died in Infancy
Sam Hartleygrand son of Ann Cordingley died in Infancy
James Cordingleyhusband of Ann Cordingley1821701891 of Thackley
John Cordingleyson of Ann Cordingley1850791929
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58CrabtreeJames Crabtreefirst name on this monument1817211838id: 319294395211
Thomas Crabtreebrother of James Crabtree1837111848
Joshua Crabtreefather of James Crabtree1767881855 of Windhill
Mary Crabtreemother of James Crabtree1772761848

59CrabtreeThomas Crabtreefirst name on this monument1803451848id: 24829433124of Windhill
Faith Crabtreedaughter of Thomas Crabtree1830311861
Mary Lunddaughter of Thomas Crabtree1834751909
James Wadsworth Lundgrand son of Thomas Crabtree1859101869
William Lundson-in-law of Thomas Crabtree1839621901
Sarah Crabtreesister of Thomas Crabtree1844681912
Sarah Crabtreewife of Thomas Crabtree1803531856

60CrabtreeWilliam Crabtreefirst name on this monument1815241839no image29445235
John Crabtreefather of William Crabtree
Elizabeth Crabtreemother of William Crabtree1788621850
Caroline Crabtree1869 Grandaughter of John and Elizabeth. Daughter of John and Mary
John Crabtree Husband of Mary Ann
Mary Ann Crabtree
Martha Crabtreesister of William Crabtree1827211848

61CrashawHannah Crashawfirst name on this monument1829151844id: 37729443816
William Crashawfather of Hannah Crashaw
Lucy Crashawmother of Hannah Crashaw
Elizabeth Mortimer
Joshua Mortimer Husband of Elizabeth
Patience Mortimer1854121866 Daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth
Rebecca Mortimer186311864 Daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth

62CravenEllen Cravenfirst name on this monument1834701904id: 23629432226
Jonas Cravenhusband of Ellen Craven

63CravenJames Cravenfirst name on this monument185011851id: 4829418735
William Cravenfather of James Craven1809581867 of Dixon Mill
Ann Cravenmother of James Craven1811691880
Mary Ellen Cravensister of James Craven1841141855

64CromackIsrael Cromackfirst name on this monument1861431904no image29432116
Emily Cromackwife of Israel Cromack1864841948

65CromackJohn William Cromackfirst name on this monument1852id: 29429437191
Francis Cromackfather of John William Cromack1821351856
Elizabeth Cromackmother of John William Cromack

66CrowtherJohn Crowtherfirst name on this monument1841321873id: 1642942889of New Inn Bradford
Mary Ann Crowtherwife of John Crowther1846381884

67CrowtherMary Emma Crowtherfirst name on this monument1853741927id: 17429429430
Joseph Crowtherhusband of Mary Emma Crowther1842 date of death obscured
Constance Crowther date of birth and death obscured
Elsie Margaret Crowther1879 died in Infancy

68CryerEllen Cryerfirst name on this monument1824351859id: 25329433626
Hirst Cryerbrother of Ellen Cryer1850191869
John Cryerhusband of Ellen Cryer1824681892
Mary Cryersister of Ellen Cryer185271859
Harriet Cryersecond wife of husband of Ellen Cryer1824701894 2nd wife of John

69CryerGeorge Cryerfirst name on this monument1844id: 5129419048
Jonathan Cryerfather of George Cryer of Bingley
James Hainsworthgrand father of George Cryer
Hannah Hainsworthgrand mother of George Cryer
Ruth Cryermother of George Cryer1816281844
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70DavisonJohn Davisonfirst name on this monument1811191830id: 4229418116
James Brearbrother-in-law of John Davison
Jerimiah Davisonfather of John Davison1774751849
Zillah Davisonmother of John Davison1769841853
Ann Brearsister of John Davison1808251833

71DawsonSarah Ann Dawsonfirst name on this monument184841852id: 25829434116
Martin Dawsonbrother of Sarah Ann Dawson1856
Thomas Dawsonfather of Sarah Ann Dawson of Windhill Cragg
Judieth Dawsonmother of Sarah Ann Dawson
Eliza Dawsonsister of Sarah Ann Dawson185151856

72DeaconSarah Deaconfirst name on this monument1825251850id: 222941629
George Deaconhusband of Sarah Deacon of Windhill
Samuel Deaconson of Sarah Deacon185001850

73DenbyJoseph Denbyfirst name on this monument1858661924id: 23729432327
Joseph Denbyfather of Joseph Denby
Martha Ann Denbywife of Joseph Denby1860661926

74DenbySarah Denbyfirst name on this monument1831161847id: 33929441225
Anderton Denbybrother of Sarah Denby1851 age missing on photo
William Denbyfather of Sarah Denby of Windhill Cragg
Hannah Denbymother of Sarah Denby1827251852

75DenbyWalter Denbyfirst name on this monument185081858id: 22629431420
Charles Henry Denbybrother of Walter Denby1860161876
John Denbyfather of Walter Denby
Eliza Denbymother of Walter Denby

76DennisonRobert Dennisonfirst name on this monument1833211854id: 107294237102
James Bradleybrother-in-law of Robert Dennison
Isaac Dennisonfather of Robert Dennison1784791863 of Heaton Roydes
Ann Dennisonmother of Robert Dennison1794811875
Ann Bradleysister of Robert Dennison1813471860
Sarah Dennisonsister of Robert Dennison1838611899

77DibbAlice Dibbfirst name on this monument1790611851no image29415939
Ann Luptondaughter of Alice Dibb1810591869
John Dibbhusband of Alice Dibb1787691856 of Jane Hills; Shipley
John Luptonson-in-law of Alice Dibb1811781889 Tobacco manufacturer

78DibbAnn Dibbfirst name on this monument1842111853id: 357294421521
John Dibbbrother of Ann Dibb185171858
Samuel Dibbfather of Ann Dibb1806491855
Elizabeth Dibbmother of Ann Dibb
Maria Dibbsister of Ann Dibb1845151860
Mary Ellen Dibbsister of Ann Dibb1841161857

79DibbJohn Dibbfirst name on this monument1804421846id: 23294163463of Cottingley
Ellen Dibbdaughter of John Dibb1843431886
James Dibbson of John Dibb1840361876
John Dibbson of John Dibb1837231860
William Dibbson of John Dibb1834491883
Ann Dibbwife of John Dibb1804741878

80DixonJames Dixonfirst name on this monument1788831871id: 276294356333D.D. Born near castle Donnington; Leicestershire. Fifty years a Wesleyan Methodist. Died at Manningham

81DobsonSutcliffe Dobsonfirst name on this monument1870151885id: 2832943617
William Dobsonfather of Sutcliffe Dobson1829631892
Ruth Dobsonmother of Sutcliffe Dobson1838571895

82DrakeEdward Drakefirst name on this monument1827181845id: 32829440251
Samuel Luptonbrother-in-law of Edward Drake
James Drakefather of Edward Drake1788951883
Ann Drakemother of Edward Drake1789801869
Sarah Ellen Gell Lupton1856 daughter of Samuel and Mary. Grandaughter of James and Ann Drake
Mary Ann Luptonsister of Edward Drake
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83DrakeMartha Drakefirst name on this monument1823191842id: 31529439111
William Drakebrother of Martha Drake1820281848
Joseph Drakefather of Martha Drake1786651851
Mary Drakemother of Martha Drake1787741861

84EdmundsonMary Edmundsonfirst name on this monument1836211857id: 12429425266of Saltaire
William Edmundsonfather of Mary Edmundson1805671872
Ruth Edmundsonmother of Mary Edmundson1814681882
Betty 1806671873 Surname not clear
Sarah Ann Clayton1830361866
Alfred Kershaw grandson of William and Ruth. Died in Infancy

85FairbankJoseph Fairbankfirst name on this monument1797461843id: 3729417617
Ann Fairbankdaughter of Joseph Fairbank1833211854
Mary Fairbankdaughter of Joseph Fairbank1836341870
William Fairbankson of Joseph Fairbank1838541892
Mary Fairbankwife of Joseph Fairbank1808711879

86FairburnThomas Fairburnfirst name on this monument1855621917id: 30929438622year not clear 1917?
Annie Fairburndaughter of Thomas Fairburn Died in Infancy
Edith Fairburndaughter of Thomas Fairburn Died in Infancy
John Denby Fairburnson of Thomas Fairburn188231885
Sarah Swiressister of Thomas Fairburn1849461895
Elizabeth Hannah Fairburnwife of Thomas Fairburn1852691921

87FirthBenjamin Firthfirst name on this monument1847631910id: 266
(2 images)
29434926F.C.C.M. Forty five years Organist at this church
Jane Elizabeth Firthdaughter of Benjamin Firth1874791953
Edith Firth1878761954
Joseph Parker Firth1875741949 Husband of Edith
Alice Caroline Firthwife of Benjamin Firth1846761922

88FirthElizabeth Firthfirst name on this monument1806501856id: 26529434830Heaton; near Bradford
Nathan Firthhusband of Elizabeth Firth stone obscured for other names etc

89FirthJane Firthfirst name on this monument1814441858id: 305294382371
Martha Firthdaughter of Jane Firth1855541909
Mary Elizabeth Firthdaughter of Jane Firth1852531905
Joseph Firthhusband of Jane Firth1811801891 33 years Organist of this church
Elizabeth Firth1817651882

90FirthJoseph Firthfirst name on this monument1760761836id: 32229439816of Windhill
Hannah Firthdaughter of Joseph Firth1784561840
Mary Hartleydaughter of Joseph Firth1796501846
Joseph Firthson of Joseph Firth1794551849
Thomas Hartleyson-in-law of Joseph Firth
Sarah Firthwife of Joseph Firth1764731837

91FirthMary Firthfirst name on this monument1793441837id: 529414510
Michael Firthhusband of Mary Firth1790731863

92FirthMichael Firthfirst name on this monument1821161837id: 6294146191
John Firthfather of Michael Firth1794671861
Lydia Firthmother of Michael Firth1785771862
Sarah Shackletonsister of Michael Firth1817771894

93FirthNancy Firthfirst name on this monument1769711840id: 6129420035
Sarah Cravendaughter of Nancy Firth three more children died in Infancy
Bethiah Cravengrand daughter of Nancy Firth1844
Nathaniel Cravengrand son of Nancy Firth1813361849
William Cravengrand son of Nancy Firth184211843
John Firthhusband of Nancy Firth
Priscilla Firth Schoon1870
Nathaniel Cravenson-in-law of Nancy Firth of Bradford
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94FrearSarah Frearfirst name on this monument184861854id: 6029419913
Abraham Frearbrother of Sarah Frear186241866
James Frearfather of Sarah Frear1825411866
Hannah Frearmother of Sarah Frear1826611887
Anne Frearsister of Sarah Frear186061866
Isabella Frearsister of Sarah Frear185441858

95GallowayMargaret Gallowayfirst name on this monument1828251853id: 15229427852
Mary Gallowaydaughter-in-law of Margaret Galloway1832261858
George Gallowayfather of Margaret Galloway1788681856
George Gallowaygrand son of Margaret Galloway1858
Mary Gallowaymother of Margaret Galloway1790651855
James Gallowayson of Margaret Galloway

96GarnerWilliam Garnerfirst name on this monument1822371859id: 13529426218
Martin Graham Garnerfather of William Garner1794681862

97GauntAlice Gauntfirst name on this monument185161857id: 25029433335
James Gaunt1804631867 Granddaughter of ?
John Gaunt1832661898
Sarah Gaunt1806741880 Wife of James
Sarah Gaunt1830601890 Wife of John

98GillAbraham Gillfirst name on this monument184681854id: 29129436817
John Thomas Gillbrother of Abraham Gill185271859
George Gillfather of Abraham Gill1822791901
Mary Gillmother of Abraham Gill1824811905
Sarah Gillsister of Abraham Gill1858

99GillAlice Gillfirst name on this monument183341837id: 34729442030
Thomas Gillbrother of Alice Gill1837
Thomas Gillfather of Alice Gill
Sarah Gillmother of Alice Gill
Hannah Gillsister of Alice Gill183841842

100GillJames Drake Gillfirst name on this monument1821701891id: 31829439451
Minnie Gilldaughter of James Drake Gill1852201872
Elizabeth Gillwife of James Drake Gill1826821908

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BD18 3EH - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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