St Mary's Church burial ground, Mortehoe, Devon, England

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1AndersonJohn Philip Cortland Anderson1831621893id: 412329366716died in woolacombe aug 14th

2AshfordDorothy S A Ashford1896id: 411829366627age 5 months - died aug 9th
David J Ashford189711898 age 22 months - died aug 13th

3AshfordMary Ashford1804671871id: 4317293709301died mar 30th
Harriet Ashford1829641893 died mar 10th
Samuel Ashford1894 age aged 90 and 6 months - died jan 24th

4AshplantFrancis John Ashplant189301893id: 421329368420born oct 15 th died nov 19th
Frances Emily Beer mother of francis john ashplant

5BaleJohn Bale1817781895id: 4014293643932
Sarah Jane Bale mother of richard and ann
Ann Bale1894 age 9mths - daughter of william and sarah jane bale
Richard John Bale188761893 son of william and sarah jane bale
William Bale father of richard and ann
Ann Bale1819761895

6BaleMary Bale178011781id: 428329369833age 17months - died 24th dec
Richard Bale
Mary Bale

7BeerThomas Beer1846491895id: 434729371617died nov 8th of woolacombe barton
Fanny Beer1846841930 died jul 30th

8BowenMary Bowen1758161774id: 4293293702231died 22nd sept
Francis Bowen1722721794 died mar 22nd

9BrimleJames Brimle1762571819id: 428529370024died dec 9th of the parish of westdown
Joanna Brimle1763571820 died jan 18th

10BrimleyJohn Brimley1767521819id: 421529368523died dec 11th

11BrownLucy Matilda Brown188981897id: 4354293718461died oct
Thomas Brown
Dorcas Brown

12BryantThomas Bryant1812771889id: 421029368336died mar 10
William Bryant1837141851 died may 5th
Sarah Bryant1814801894 died jan 19th

13BuckinghamElizabeth Buckinghamid: 432929371230d 17?9 not valid?

14BuckinghamMary Buckingham26id: 432429371043
Philip Mules
John Buckingham
Sarah Mules

15ChallacombeAnn Irwin Challacombe1806731879id: 430229370334died jan 30th
Louisa Challacombe1846691915 died jul 19th

16ChallacombeThomas Challacombe1815731888id: 4084293657251died jul 20
Ann Challacombe184631849 Died 11 dec
Eliza Challacombe1849761925 died april 15
Elizth Challacombe185021852 died aug 29
Jane Challacombe184361849 died 11 dec
Sarah Challacombe184181849 died dec 12
David Challacombe185261858 died jun 24
John Challacombe1837651902 died oct 23
Thomas Challacombe1834681902 died jan 29
Sarah Challacombe1811731884 died mar 17

17ChichesterCaroline Chichester1818791897id: 4356293719282died nov 11th at woolacombe

18ChuggJohn Chugg1849131862id: 421729368650died feb 7
Mary Ann Chugg1817621879 died nov 10th
Emily Chugg mother of william john chugg
George Chugg father of william john chugg
Hubert Alfred Chugg189621898 died feb 1
William John Chugg189121893 died feb 6th
Mary Ann Chugg1852741926 died feb 21st
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19ChuggJohn Chugg1828591887id: 4034293647581
Alexandra Irwin1875 age 11mths
Sarah Irwin1866271893
George Irwin1863201883 died in melbourne
Elizabeth Chugg1832651897

20ChuggJohn Chugg81id: 426229369327died 31st may
George Chugg1856351891 died apr 27th
Thomas Chugg of brinscott in berrynarbour

21ChuggThomas Chugg1842261868id: 410329366240Died 16 nov
John Chugg1849291878 died jan 17
George Chugg1813871900 died may 20 late of ossaborough
Mary Chugg1816531869 Died 24 jan
Henrietta Chugg1828831911 died feb 1; father john coats of luscott braunton
Elizabeth Langdon186971876 Died 5 march daughter of james richard langdon
George Henry Langdon187011871 died 29th jan son of james richard langdon
James Richard Langdon1835351870 Died 2? nov
Mary Langdon1868 age 6 weeks - died 25th nov grandaughter of george and mary chugg
Mary Elizabeth Langdon1841391880 Died 18 nov wife of james richard langdon

22ClemmentPhilip Clemment1809181827id: 416129367517died jun 10th
George Clemment
Mary Clemment1779721851 Died 26 oct

23CoatsCaroline Coats1825241849id: 3979293636501
Ann Phillips1834281862

24CoatsMatthew Coats1767821849id: 398329363785
Richard Phillips1803841887
Mary Coats1767881855

25CoatsRobert Coats1785781863id: 427229369610died 1st dec
Mary Coats1794731867 Died 10 oct

26CoatsSarah Coats1808501858id: 398729363874
Matthew Coats
Mary Coats

27ConibearAnn Conibear1799711870id: 4112293663293died may 10
William Conibear1799741873 died sep 30

28ConibearElizabeth Conibear1822621884id: 4050293651282of barticane house morthoe
Mary Gammon1851451896
Samuel Conibear1824721896
Philip Gammon husband of mary lived shaftsborough

29ConibearHarriet Conibear1833441877id: 3996293640232
William Conibear1828741902

30ConibearJohn Conibear1796611857id: 4129293669212died dec
Jane Conibear1803801883 died mar 25th

31Derby-Ness Derby-Nessid: 436029372062the rev derby-ness was a former benefactor and vicar of this parish

32DinnicombeJohn Dinnicombe1764821846id: 414729367438died aug
Thomas Parker1817711888 died feb 14th
Mary Robins1795841879 died jun 25th
Richard Robins1795611856 died mar 3

33DyerElizabeth Dyer1810781888id: 411429366417died jul 22

34EllisGeorge Ellis1868241892id: 420729368223died dec 2nd

35EllisMary Jane Ellis1840561896id: 420529368114Died 15 jan of woolacombe

36FrancisRichard Francis1845301875id: 400829364211second son of the late capt warden bombay artiller

37GammonAmos Gammon1852id: 427129369520late of lee in ilfracombe; died feb
George Gammon1806891895 Died mar 1st of greenfield house husband of mary
George Gammon1837851922 died dec 24th
Mary Gammon1809761885 died may 19th wife of george gammon
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38GammonJane Gammon1774751849id: 426329369417
John Gammon1768901858

39GammonPrudence Gammon1865id: 424229369124
Thomas Gammon1871 died feb 17th
Alice Maud Gammon1884351919 died apr
George Gammon77 died jan 28th
Susan Gammon1846721918 died sep 18th

40GammonRachel Gammon51id: 423429369049died 3rd feb
John Gammon72 died feb
Philip Gammon1848811929 died jan 20th

41GeenElizth Geen1786431829id: 419529367891died may 11th
George Geen
Julian Snow1760721832 died nov 2nd
William Snow husband of julian

42GeenJohn Geen73id: 4190293677262Born 1742 Morthoe, Devon and was buried 16 Feb 1815
Mary Geen78 Mary Geen (Nee Brook) was born 1745 and was buried 6 Nov 1823 in Morthoe.

43HancockJohn Hancock1852441896id: 434529371510died jun 6th; of dolton

44HardingJohn Harding1790721862id: 4082293656403Died 2 mar
Mary Ann Wakely1825521877 died jun
Ann Harding1798851883 died jan 7th

45HardingPrudence Harding1866141880id: 4077293655291died nov 29
Thomas Harding1868371905 died dec 10th in canada
John Harding1826861912 died mar 3
Elizabeth Harding1832851917 died feb 5?

46HardingRebecca Harding1835271862id: 428429369925died apr 11
Anne Harding1794751869 died feb 5
John Harding1788841872 died jun 28th
Rachal Harding1845261871 died may 10th
Ann Hook1819701889 died jul 12th
William Robins1837571894 died apr 27th

47HardingRebecca Harding1837261863id: 422829368823died april 10th
John Harding
Ann Harding

48HardingWilliam Harding1825551880id: 411529366510died feb 14th in swansea
Eliza Harding

49HarrisWilliam Harris1826471873id: 409429366041died dec 21

50HartnollJames Hartnoll1819561875id: 4033293646291of easewell of this parish

51HeddonGeorge Heddon1765811846id: 42592936929died dec 28th
Elizabeth Heddon1811771888 born oct 6th died sep 16th
Elizabeth Heddon1870111881 died apr 21; died at bradiford cottage pilton
George Heddon1816741890 died jul 29th
Jane Heddon1770841854

52HolwillJames Holwill1823581881no image293708222died jan 17th
George Ashford1838561894 died feb 21st

53IrwinGeorge Irwin1795881883id: 4306293704221died may 5th
George Irwin1764881852 son of william irwin (gent)
William Irwin father of george irwin died 1852
Honora Irwin1800881888 died may 31st

54IrwinMary Irwin1812521864id: 406329365334
Joseph Irwin Smith Coad1876 unsure of age but its only mths
Joseph Irwin1808761884 born dec 9 died oct 18
Anna Maria Coad1858161874 born aug 16 1858 died dec 1? 1874
Robert Elliott Coad1859201879 born april 25 died april 20
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55IrwinWilliam Irwin17id: 431229370710died jan 24th
Joseph Irwin died aug

56IrwinWilliam Irwin1790901880no image29370511died sept 28th; yeoman late of warcombe ilfracombe died at son in laws combmartin

57LewisEdward Lewis1749301779id: 4225293687151died oct 27th oct

58LewisMaryann Lewis1866id: 399329363918
John Lewis john lewis junior
Catherine Lewis1805711876 wife of john lewis senior
John Lewis1812551867 john lewis senior
John Lewis1841651906 gardener of twitchen house
Rosa Lewis187911880 age 15mths - daughter of john and elizabeth lewis
Elizabeth Lewis1838661904 wife of john lewis junior

59LoveringJohn Lovering1787731860id: 4025293644422
Charlotte Lovering1793801873

60MaisAdah Mary Mais1870281898id: 4361293721401died sep 29th at lee

61MilesAgnes Miles1830661896id: 416629367620died jul 13
Henry Miles1834721906 died oct 28

62MilesWilliam Miles1834621896id: 435229371714died at the grange morthoe oct 8th

63PhillipsRichard Phillips1799721871id: 4029293645121
Mary Phillips1798941892

64PopeAlexander Pope1831571888id: 434429371429died apr 27th

65RiddellRobert Andrew Riddell1804871891id: 43662937224145born 28th nov died 14th nov;
R A Riddell of spreacombe morthoe
W Ashford on war memorial
H Bale on war memorial
J Bale on war memorial
A J Butler on war memorial
P Coles on war memorial
P Cousins on war memorial
W J Cowler on war memorial
K V Dodgson on war memorial
E E Faull on war memorial
W H Gammon on war memorial
J H Harris on war memorial
U M Harris on war memorial
T H Hill on war memorial
W J Hill on war memorial
F A Horsfall on war memorial
H H Karslake on war memorial
T H Nicholls on war memorial
H Perryman on war memorial
R F Pursey on war memorial
T H Pursey on war memorial
T Randall on war memorial
Alice Gertrude Riddell1853281881 born 8th april died 20 sep; daughter of rose jane anna riddell
Flora Riddell1859261885 wife of charles IND esq; died 31st aug; daughter of rose jane anna riddell
J R Riddell husband of rose jane anna riddell of bycullen park enfield
John Reginald Riddell1906-101896 born 19th dec died 9th dec
Reginald Charles Riddell1838501888 born 17th mar died 6th mar son of rose jane anna riddell
Robert Nesbett Riddell1833631896 born 9th jun died 9th jul son of rose jane anna riddell
Rose Jane Anna Riddell1812651877 born 7th may died 27th may
William Hugh Riddell1851261877 son of rose jane anna riddell
G A Saywell on war memorial
S J Scott on war memorial
R Smith on war memorial
A H Toms on war memorial
R H Trebble on war memorial
C Vasey on war memorial
E J Watts on war memorial
D Worth on war memorial
W J Yeo on war memorial
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66RossHenry Ross1855201875id: 405429365210from bristol

67ScanesMabel Evelyn May Scanes189051895id: 404729365010
Charles Scanes father of mabel
Sarah Scanes mother of mabel

68SharlandRobert Sharland1797611858id: 4039293648331

69SmalldonEllen Smalldonid: 41392936729age 6 months
W Smalldon
M Smalldon

70SmalldonWalter Smalldon1875221897id: 432629371126died may 7th

71SmithHilda Evelyn Smith189141895id: 431029370611age 4 years 8 months - died mar 16th
William Smith
Ellen Smith

72SmithThomas Smith1789821871id: 4070293654151died may 14th
Richard Smith late of ilfracombe father of thomas
Ann Smith1844661910 born mar 2 died feb 16; daughter of thomas and elizabeth
Elizabeth Smith1806911897 born nov 9 died nov 3
Thomas Smith1804821886 born nov 17 died mar 10
David John Smith1845361881 born jun 9 died may 16? Died of a deranged liver. His wife was. Lizbet nee cocks you was a school teacher in Morthoe originally from Cornwall. David was a yeoman
Joan Smith1789841873 died mar 25

73SnowCharlotte Snow1838id: 419729367924Died 28 sept
Ann Lewis1784561840 died 24th mar
Richard Lewis husband of ann lewis

74SollisWilliam Herbert Sollis189511896id: 433829371327age 12 months - died apr 11th

75ThackrayNorman Thackray189301893id: 4202293680151born mar 13 died suddenly may 25th
Edward S Thackray of harboring birmingham
Ada Thackray

76ThomasGeorge Thomas1841301871id: 40882936587Died 7 apr
John Thomas of georgeham
Prudence Thomas of georgeham
Elizabeth Thomas1835531888 died mar 6

77TraceJane Trace1843id: 4290293701341age 6 months - died feb 23rd
Ann Trace184411845 age 12 months - died apr 25th
Elizabeth Trace1843 age 10 months - died jun 1st
Isaac Trace185211853 age 12 months - died sept 8th
Tamzzyn Trace1812601872 died aug 8th
Thomas Trace185321855 died apr 6th
Thomas Trace1811681879 died jun 11th
William Trace184631849 died dec 8th

78TrothJohn Henry Troth1816661882id: 3998293641844
Hester Mary Troth187841882 Only child of James Edward and Mary Louisa Troth of Bull Point lighthouse. From FreeBMD - Hester Mary Troth born March quarter 1877 Anglesea 11b 576.
J Troth James Edward Troth B 1842 Keyhaven or Gosport, Hampshire.Son of John Henry Troth, lighthousekeeper. Brother of John William Troth, lighthousekeeper. Occupation: Lighthousekeeper - 1867-9 Flatholm; 1869-79 South Stack; 1879-88 Bull Point; 1888-94 Avonmouth. From Free BMD: died aged 76 DEC Quarter 1918 Bridport 5A 360
M Troth Mary Louisa Troth

79TuckerElizth Tuckerid: 42792936979
Thomas Tucker

80TuckerRobert Tucker1832id: 423229368914died apr 15th; unsure of age of death either 89 or 29
Ann Harding mother of samuel harding
John Harding father of samuel harding
Samuel Harding182721829 died oct 9 son of john and ann harding

81VicaryMary Vicary20id: 4132293670194died nov 19th 18?2
George Conibear died 27th june 18?6
John Vicary
Mary Conibear1790851875 died may
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82WakelyJohn Wakely1848id: 4127293668121age 10 weeks - died dec 12th
William Wakely1819891908 died 13th jan. William is believed to be the son of Samuel and Ann Wakely and was baptised in Hartland parish May 20 1821. He was a stone mason and for many years landlord of the Chichester Arms in Morthoe.
Betsey Wakely1820341854 died sep 10th
Betsey Wakely185011851 age 1 year 8 months - died nov 10th

83WattsAlbert Watts1890id: 413629367119age 8 months - died jun 12
F Watts

84WattsAnnie Watts187581883id: 40992936618died dec 8
George Watts
Jane Watts
Mary Watts1877131890 Died 28 dec

85WattsJohn Watts1781771858id: 414329367316died mar 5
Albert William Watts1864301894 died jan 31st
John Watts1874381912 died mar 25th
Agnes Watts1781801861 died jan 24

86WattsThomas Watts1835331868id: 409029365912Died 19 nov
William Watts
Mary Watts
William Tucker1809731882 Died 28 jul; for 10 years church clerk and 30 years postmaster of this parish

87YeoWilliam Yeo188641890id: 404329364930
Frances Yeo1821331854 she didnt die 1854; thats what is on stone have checked freebmd and find a death for 1891

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