Omaka 2 Military Cemetery, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

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1AdamsAvis Irene Adamsfirst name on this monument1912621974id: 595491died 7 Aug 1974
A I Adamsfather or mother of Avis Irene Adams
W A Adamsfather or mother of Avis Irene Adams

2AdamsCharlotte Adamsfirst name on this monument1847731920id: 286101died 21 Aug 1920
William Adamshusband of Charlotte Adams

3AdamsJohn A Adamsfirst name on this monument1903801983id: 658331died 16 Mar 1983
Zoe Adamswife of John A Adams1901741975 died 7 Sep 1975

4AdamsWilliam Adamsfirst name on this monument1851831934id: 28717died 17 May 1934

5AhernJohn Ahernfirst name on this monument1826751901id: 115412died 18 Jul 1901. John Ahern was born in Ireland about 1826 and emigrated to Tasmania (may have been convict - can't verify) he married in 1856 to Hester/Ester Henderson at Hobart. Two children born - Patrick 1856, Hobart, John 1859, Riddles Creek, Vic, Mary Ellen 1862. Family emigrated 1863 on City of Melbourne, settled Blenheim. secoond daughter Esther born 1866
Ester Aherndaughter of John Ahern1866211887 died 30 Jun 1887
Mary Ellen Adams1921 died 4 May 1921. Mary Ellen born 1862, Victoria, Australia or at sea on City of Melbourne. Family arrived Otago February 1863, settled Blenheim. Mary Ellen married Frank Adams born 1864 Blenheim, died 23 July 1944, Blenheim. Frank is buried in the Adams family plot, Omaka
Ester Ahern1828761904 died 17 Sep 1904. Wife of John Ahern. Also recorded as Hester/Esther/Essy. Maiden name Henderson. Born 1829, Dublin. Emigrated to Tasmania in 1854 to go into service for W H Windsor for 12 months as a general servant. To be paid 20. Married John Ahern in 1856, Hobart, Tasmania. Three children born Patrick 1856 Hobart, John 1859 Riddles Creek, Victoria, Mary Ellen 1862 Victoria ? Emigrated to NZ on City of Melbourne 1863, settled Blenheim. Second daughter Esther born 1866. Ester Ahern died 17 September 1904
John Ahern1929 died 21 Oct 1929. John Joseph Ahern son of John Ahern snr and Ester/Hester Henderson. Born 1859 Riddles Creek, Victoria, Australia. Emigrated with family on City of Melbourne in February 1863 to Otago. Settled Blenheim with family. Worked as a miner at Wakamarina with his fatherand was later employed as a surveyor's labourer. No known marriage.
Patrick Francis Ahern1905 died 31 Jul 1905. Son of Ester/Hester Henderson and John Ahern. Born 1856 Hobart, Tasmania. Emigrated with family on City of Melbourne from Victoria in 1863 landing Otago. Settled Blenheim, Marlborough. Died 29 July 1906 age 49, Wairau, Blenheim.
William Ahern1958 died 14 Aug 1958. Son of Ester/Hester Henderson and John Ahern (1826-1901) William was likely born in Victoria, Australia. His brother Patrick b 1856 Hobart, John 1859 Victoria, and sister Mary Ellen 1862. William emigrated with his family 1863 on City of Melbourne arriving Otago and later settled in Marlborough. He worked with his father and brother as a miner at Wakamarina. Married in 1898 to Mary Jane Maule (1876-1954) Mary remarried to William G Burton .
Nellie Mary Ragg1927 died 25 Jun 1927. Born Mary Ellen Ragg in 1886 to John Godfrey and Mary Ragg. Became an Evangelist and sailed to Seattle in 1924, 1958 and 1960. No marriage. Relationship - Family friend of the Ahern family.

6AitkenArthur Charles Aitkenfirst name on this monument1907701977id: 647301died 13 Aug 1977
Ivy May Aitkenwife of Arthur Charles Aitken1911821993 died 19 Nov 1993

7AllenJane P Allenfirst name on this monument1975id: 548201died 14 June 1975

8AllenRose Margaret Allenfirst name on this monument1961id: 151221eldest daughter; died 23 Mar 1961
William Allenfather of Rose Margaret Allen
Nettie Allenmother of Rose Margaret Allen1883831966 died 24 Oct 1966

9AllenWilliam Redmond Allenfirst name on this monument1895711966id: 152182died 18 Feb 1966

10AmosMyrtle Gladys Amosfirst name on this monument1975id: 65655died 27 Sep 1975
Jenifer Amosdaughter of Myrtle Gladys Amos
Lorraine Amosdaughter of Myrtle Gladys Amos
Nolene Amosdaughter of Myrtle Gladys Amos
Trevor Bannerman Amoshusband of Myrtle Gladys Amos1991 died 9 Dec 1991
Elwyn Amosson of Myrtle Gladys Amos
Graham Amosson of Myrtle Gladys Amos

11AmunsdenOlive Mavis Amunsdenfirst name on this monument1899751974id: 63716died 4 Dec 1974

12ApiataGeordie Hineora Apiatafirst name on this monument1976id: 43716age 6 months
Baby Norma Apiata1974 age 3 days

13ArmstrongJohn Armstrongfirst name on this monument1902id: 106457died 6 May 1902
Julia Armstrongdaughter of John Armstrong
James Duffey Armstrongson of John Armstrong
Robert Armstrongson of John Armstrong
Anora Armstrongwife of John Armstrong1861 died 30 Aug 1861

14ArnoldMary Arnoldfirst name on this monument1861781939id: 97
(3 images)
214died 16 Jul 1939

15ArnoldWilliam B Arnoldfirst name on this monument1850321882id: 97
(3 images)
14born 16 Apr 1850; died 30 Nov 1882
Kathleen Theresa Arnolddaughter of William B Arnold1881421923 born 20 Nov 1881; died 16 Dec 1923

16AshtonJames Henry Ashtonfirst name on this monument1887551942id: 3594died 2 July 1942
Jessie Elizabeth Ashtonwife of James Henry Ashton1893501943 died 14 Jan 1943

17AtkinsonNellie Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1977id: 566281died 22 Aug 1977
Meta Atkinsondaughter of Nellie Atkinson
Robert Pearce Atkinsonhusband of Nellie Atkinson
Mervyn Atkinsonson of Nellie Atkinson

18AtkinsonNgaire Yvonne Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1935id: 94121Probably died 1935 aged 48 days (
Robert Atkinsonfather of Ngaire Yvonne Atkinson
Nellie Atkinsonmother of Ngaire Yvonne Atkinson
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19AveryBridget Averyfirst name on this monument1860401900id: 9944died 19 Dec 1940
Henry Avery1860791939 died 4 Aug 1939

20BagbyScott Bagbyfirst name on this monument1862551917id: 262101died 14 May 1917

21BaillieIrene Bailliefirst name on this monument1909431952id: 183181died 8 Feb 1952
Gordon Bye Mcinnes Bailliehusband of Irene Baillie1912611973 died 14 Oct 1973

22BarrettPaul Joseph Barrettfirst name on this monument186981877id: 47527died 7 Aug 1877
David Barrettfather of Paul Joseph Barrett
Jenny Barrettmother of Paul Joseph Barrett

23BarronBeverley Norris Barronfirst name on this monument1976id: 65124died 7 June 1976
Arthur Barronhusband of Beverley Norris Barron

24BarronMary Barronfirst name on this monument1890401930id: 395201died 9 Sep 1930

25BarryAngela Margaret Barryfirst name on this monument1936id: 32182died 14 May 1936

26BarryGarrett Barryfirst name on this monument50id: 80141
Edward Barryson of Garrett Barry17
Frank Barryson of Garrett Barry1917 Killed in action France; 11 Jul 1917
Jeremiah Barryson of Garrett Barry18
Hannah Barrywife of Garrett Barry48

27BarryJames Barryfirst name on this monument1947id: 14123died 12 Nov 1947
Nora Barrywife of James Barry1899941993 died 17 Jan 1993

28BarryJohn Barryfirst name on this monument1852301882id: 81451died 6 Jun 1882
Ellen Barry1818921910 died 12 Feb 1910
Elizabeth Barrywife of John Barry1854641918 died 12 May 1918

29BarryNorah Gertrude Barryfirst name on this monument190121903id: 16030died 8 Jan 1903
John Barryfather of Norah Gertrude Barry1861661927 born Co. Cork; Ireland. Died 16 Sep 1927
Ellen Barrymother of Norah Gertrude Barry1871611932 born Co. Cork; Ireland; died 7 May 1932
James Patrick Barry1902161918 died 4 Nov 1918 aged 16 years 8 months
Kathleen Monica Barry

30BartlettArthur Walter Bartlettfirst name on this monument1908871995id: 464281died 1 Dec 1995
Celine Bartlett ??1937752012 died 5 Sep 2012
Catherine Mary Bartlettwife of Arthur Walter Bartlett1903701973 died 2 Oct 1973

31BaryAlbert Edward Baryfirst name on this monument1907671974id: 642352died 16 Sep 1974
Peter Francis Baryson of Albert Edward Bary1936581994 died 25 Apr 1994
Eleanor Dorothy Alma Barywife of Albert Edward Bary1911851996 died 23 Oct 1996

32BattyMavis Esther Battyfirst name on this monument1976id: 67256died 26 May 1976
Anne Battydaughter of Mavis Esther Batty
Vicki Battydaughter of Mavis Esther Batty
Douglas Stace Battyhusband of Mavis Esther Batty1921822003 died 24 Mar 2003. Dvr 249429 2 Amn Coy; 2nd NZEF
Ross Battyson of Mavis Esther Batty

33BeasleyMargaret Ellen Beasleyfirst name on this monument1918id: 2756died 21 Nov 1918

34BeattieSydney Elliot Beattiefirst name on this monument1892841976id: 691371died 27 Nov 1976. Capt 38798 Wellington Regiment 1st NZEF
Amelia Edith Beattiewife of Sydney Elliot Beattie1895821977 died 21 Feb 1977

35BeaumontCatherine Isobel Beaumontfirst name on this monument1902731975id: 659231born 13 Feb 1903; died 24 Sep 1975
Pamela Beaumontdaughter of Catherine Isobel Beaumont
Rosemary Beaumontdaughter of Catherine Isobel Beaumont
Jack Tasman Arthur Beaumonthusband of Catherine Isobel Beaumont1900881988 born 15 July 1900; died 2 Sep 1988

36BeirnePatrick Henry Beirnefirst name on this monument1877671944id: 144121died 25 Sep 1944

37BergBenia Mary Bergfirst name on this monument1875461921id: 260312died 21 Dec 1921

38BergCatherine Mary Bergfirst name on this monument1869551924id: 259211died 13 Nov 1924

39BesboroughWilliam Besboroughfirst name on this monument1870771947id: 23819died 30 May 1947

40BestEthelbert Henry Bestfirst name on this monument1876471923id: 37561died 31 July 1923
Lucy Bestwife of Ethelbert Henry Best
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41BethelJohn William Bethelfirst name on this monument1912611973id: 47813died 9 June 1973
Denis Bethelson of John William Bethel
John Bethelson of John William Bethel

42BinleyMary Elizabeth Binleyfirst name on this monument1887851972id: 455231died 24 Dec 1972

43BlackJennifer Ann Blackfirst name on this monument1944id: 1349aged 3 months

44BlackburnBrida Agnes Blackburnfirst name on this monument1930id: 290511died 22 Nov 1930
Joseph Robert Blackburnhusband of Brida Agnes Blackburn1933 died 30 Oct 1933

45BlackburnEdith Frances Blackburnfirst name on this monument1922501972id: 46316died 22 Dec 1972

46BlackburnNoel Benedict Blackburnfirst name on this monument191551920id: 37217died 20 May 1920

47BleeDorothy Veronica Bleefirst name on this monument1936411977id: 56714died 9 Mar 1977
Milton Vivian Henry Blee1933621995 died 23 Sep 1995

48BluntBridget Bluntfirst name on this monument1856741930id: 3937died 6 Mar 1930
James Blunthusband of Bridget Blunt1860781938 died 24 June 1938

49BluntWilliam Thomas Bluntfirst name on this monument3id: 16412

50BoddingtonFrancis Boddingtonfirst name on this monument1913621975id: 482381
Cameron Boddingtonhusband of Francis Boddington1908801988
Edwin Boddingtonson of Francis Boddington
Robert Boddingtonson of Francis Boddington

51BoddingtonRyan Anthony Boddingtonfirst name on this monument1977id: 476361stillborn 22 June 1977
Keith Boddingtonfather of Ryan Anthony Boddington
Jennie Boddingtonmother of Ryan Anthony Boddington

52BogleRobert James Boglefirst name on this monument1974id: 542262died 8 Aug 1974
Mary Elizabeth Bogle2011 died 7 Jan 2011

53BoltonJoseph Boltonfirst name on this monument1847741921id: 32714died 22 July 1921

54BookerClarence Archie Bookerfirst name on this monument1920541974id: 636162died 22 Aug 1974
Rona Bookerwife of Clarence Archie Booker1918761994 died 21 Apr 1994

55BourkeAnthony Damien Bourkefirst name on this monument194131944id: 13513born 27 Sep 1941; died 3 Sep 1944

56BoyceDavid John Boycefirst name on this monument1881681949id: 242191died 22 Jan 1949
Elizabeth Ann Boycewife of David John Boyce1893721965 died 4 Apr 1965

57BoyceDouglas Bruce Boycefirst name on this monument1939361975id: 579254died 21 Jan 1975
Nicola Boycedaughter of Douglas Bruce Boyce
Craig Boyceson of Douglas Bruce Boyce
Graham Boyceson of Douglas Bruce Boyce
Linton Boyceson of Douglas Bruce Boyce
Tony Francis Boyceson of Douglas Bruce Boyce
Lillian Boycewife of Douglas Bruce Boyce

58BoyceFrancis Nolan Boycefirst name on this monument1910831993id: 529301died 25 Aug 1993
Ivylene Grace Boyce1916581974 died 26 Mar 1974

59BraidFrank Arthur Braidfirst name on this monument1894361930id: 13325died 17 Sep 1930
Ethel Braidwife of Frank Arthur Braid

60BraidMaxwell Braidfirst name on this monument193041934id: 13217died 16 Jun 1934; aged 4 years 9 months

61BriggsTeneka Briggsfirst name on this monument197601976id: 4155

62BrightNigel Robert Brightfirst name on this monument196771974id: 43011
Noel Brightfather of Nigel Robert Bright
Winifred Brightmother of Nigel Robert Bright

63BroadMary Salette Broadfirst name on this monument1958id: 120
(7 images)
19Sister of Mercy

64BroadbridgeLilian Mary Broadbridgefirst name on this monument1863821945id: 25615died 7 Aug 1945
George Howard Broadbridgehusband of Lilian Mary Broadbridge

65BroughanDenis Broughanfirst name on this monument1839861925id: 168182died 21 Aug 1925
Nancy Mary Broughanwife of Denis Broughan1842871929 died 19 Jul 1929

66BroughanWilliam Broughanfirst name on this monument1867761943id: 108412died 9 Apr 1943
Theresa Mary Broughandaughter of William Broughan1896891985 died 29 Jan 1985
Arthur Broughanson of William Broughan1894231917 Killed in action Passchendaele; 12 Oct 1917
Edmond Broughanson of William Broughan1909 died 7 Nov 1909 aged 4 months
William Broughanson of William Broughan1913291942 Killed in action El Alamein; 23 Oct 1942
Julia Broughanwife of William Broughan1869991968 died 18 Jun 1968
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67BroughtonAngela May Broughtonfirst name on this monument1944331977id: 676271died 5 July 1977
Melissa Broughtondaughter of Angela May Broughton
Smiler Broughtonhusband of Angela May Broughton
Phillip Broughtonson of Angela May Broughton

68BrownBernard Brownfirst name on this monument1866591925id: 21118
Donovan J Reesgrand son of Bernard Brown1931 aged 7 months
Elizabeth Crappson-in-law of Bernard Brown1894741968
Eva Crappson-in-law of Bernard Brown1892261918
Isabel Brownwife of Bernard Brown1877741951

69BrownElla Jane Brownfirst name on this monument1892821974id: 575252died 5 Dec 1974
Laurel Ella Bancroftdaughter of Ella Jane Brown1926862012 born 10 Oct 1926; died 12 May 2012
Samuel Edgar Brownhusband of Ella Jane Brown

70BrunelNita Kathleen Brunelfirst name on this monument199274819975id: 47933died 26 Dec 1975
Joe Brunelhusband of Nita Kathleen Brunel

71BrunettiLouis Matthew Brunettifirst name on this monument1889641953id: 40717
Mary Elizabeth Brunettiwife of Louis Matthew Brunetti1891751966

72BuglerCecil Charles Buglerfirst name on this monument1884611945id: 25781died 1945 aged 61 (

73BuglerLeslie Vincent Buglerfirst name on this monument191811919id: 33061died 13 Jan 1919; aged 1 year 5 months

74BuistHelen Buistfirst name on this monument1881571938id: 67321died 31 Mar 1938
John Buisthusband of Helen Buist1874881962 died 18 Jun 1962; interred at Glenfield; Auckland
James Scollard
Louise Scollard died 1893; Baptised Louisa; Helen Buist's sister.
Mary Scollard died 7 Sept 1922; nee O'NEIL; Helen Buist's mother.

75BulliffBernard Bullifffirst name on this monument1912621974id: 18919died 23 Apr 1974
Maisie Bulliff1915651980 died 17 Feb 1980

76BunkerErnest Gordon Bunkerfirst name on this monument1892831975id: 593361
Beryl Armstrong Bunkerwife of Ernest Gordon Bunker1897921989

77BurdonNorman Alfred Burdonfirst name on this monument1912621974id: 58316died 28 July 1974
Alma Winifred Burdonwife of Norman Alfred Burdon1914872001 died 12 June 2001

78BurgessWilliam Frederick Burgessfirst name on this monument1856641920id: 163211died 19 Mar 1920

79BurtonEdmund Burtonfirst name on this monument1933id: 31115died 30 Apr 1933
Elizabeth Burton1957 died 24 Aug 1957

80BurtonJohn Burtonfirst name on this monument1827701897id: 34212died 29 Jun 1897
Bridget Burtonwife of John Burton1820801900 died 22 Nov 1900

81ByrneJohn Byrnefirst name on this monument1858351893id: 5013died 11 May 1893

82CadiganJames Maurice Cadiganfirst name on this monument1877731950id: 20416miner and mountaineer
Trish Brookinggrand daughter of James Maurice Cadigan
Peter Cadiganson of James Maurice Cadigan

83CaldwellJoseph Brown Caldwellfirst name on this monument1909641973id: 51317died 27 Feb 1973

84CallaghanJoseph H Callaghanfirst name on this monument1882661948id: 25062died 16 Apr 1948 Born 1882 in Kapunda South Australia. Son of James and Mary Jane Callaghan. Brother of Edward, William and Lily.

85CameronIan Cameronfirst name on this monument1923141937id: 3046died 20 Sep 1937
Onslow Cameronfather of Ian Cameron
Olive Cameronmother of Ian Cameron

86CameronJean Mary Cameronfirst name on this monument1919281947id: 35310died 28 Aug 1947

87CameronWilliam K Cameronfirst name on this monument1859551914id: 21628died 5 Apr 1914
Elizabeth Mary Ann Cameronwife of William K Cameron1855781933 died 7 Apr 1933

88CampbellDalton Henry Campbellfirst name on this monument1886771963id: 147
(4 images)
8Died 20 Apr 1963. Buried Karori. Age from

89CampbellFrank Campbellfirst name on this monumentid: 20616

90CampbellMary Agnes Campbellfirst name on this monument1873761949id: 15510died 11 Jun 1949

91CareyAnnie Louisa Careyfirst name on this monument1883891972id: 45224died 16 Dec 1972

92CarmodyJoan Mary Carmodyfirst name on this monument1976id: 5619died 16 Apr 1976
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93CarssGenille Edward Carssfirst name on this monument1935401975id: 61416born High Wycombe; England; 7 Apr 1935; died 24 Feb 1975

94CarterFrederick Scott Carterfirst name on this monument1920531973id: 50832died 20 Sep 1973
Rena Carterwife of Frederick Scott Carter

95CarterRuth Mary Carterfirst name on this monument1921541975id: 6199died 29 Apr 1975
William Thomas Carterhusband of Ruth Mary Carter1914761990 died 31 Dec 1990

96CaseyDaniel Caseyfirst name on this monument1878681946id: 244751died 5 May 1946
Elizabeth Caseywife of Daniel Casey1967 died 1967?

97CaseyElizabeth Caseyfirst name on this monument1887561943id: 36317of Seaview; Seddon. Died Blenheim 21 Dec 1943
Denis Joseph Caseybrother of Elizabeth Casey1893771970 died 14 May 1970
Andrew Casey1890841974 died 10 Sep 1974

98CaseyGreta Eileen Caseyfirst name on this monument1917id: 2827aged 10 months; died 13 jan 1917
J Caseyfather of Greta Eileen Casey
Michael Caseygrand father of Greta Eileen Casey1918 born Co Cork Ireland (town name illegible); died at Spring Creek 26 Oct 1918 (?)
F Caseymother of Greta Eileen Casey

99CaseyJohn Michael Caseyfirst name on this monument1882551937id: 3366died 29 May 1937
Florence Jane Caseywife of John Michael Casey1888531941 died 26 April 1941

100CaseyMichael Caseyfirst name on this monument1918id: 282151born Co Cork Ireland (town name illegible); died at Spring Creek 26 Oct 1918 (?)
Ellen Caseywife of Michael Casey

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