Montparnasse Pt2 Cemetery, Paris, France

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1Abou NaddaraJames Sanua Abou Naddara1839731912id: PMPJamesSanua1
(2 images)
273098241Of Italian Jewish descent; Sanua was a journliast; poet; revolutionary; and playwright. He is recognised as the founder of the modern Egyptian theatre and film industry. He was expelled from Egypt in 1878 for his agistations against the Khedive; and settled in France. In 1900; the Shah of Persia conferred on him the title of Chaer el-Molk (poet of the empire). His full biography in English can be found here:

2AdèsAlbert Adès1893281921id: PMPAdès1
(2 images)
27309923Adès was the pen name of A-I.Theix; a Francophone novelist and literary critic.
Hélène Adès1876811957
Inès Kraus1893381931

3ArnouldMarie Laure Octavie Arnould1908id: PMPSarsLeComte27310026
de la Ferrière1891691960
Albane de la Ferrière1896801976
de Sars Le Comte1862631925
Marie Berthe Rerolle1871641935

4BernheimAnna Bernheim1854341888id: PMPBernheimIs1
(2 images)
27308339Wife of Isaac Bernheim
Isaac Bernheim1846681914
Alice Bernheim1864821946 Wife of Oscar Bernheim
Marcel Bernheim1879581937
Oscar Bernheim1856411897
Amélie Gotschaux1887681955 Wife of Paul Gotschaux
Paul Gotschaux1881691950
(widow) Rosenthal1907811988 Wife of Dante Rosenthal
Dante Rosenthal1905781983
Gabrielle Rosenthal1881601941 Wife of Léon Rosenthal

5BernheimJulien Bernheim1853721925id: PMPBernheimJul1
(2 images)
27308459Born in Cernay in Alsace
Charles Abenheimer1877651942
Renée Abenheimer1883901973
Jannine Bader1908891997
Jean Bader1903551958 Born to a Jewish family in Strasbourg; he was evacuated to Périgueux in western France in 1939. He soon joined the local Jewish resistance network; he participated in the clandestine operations taking Jewish children from occupied to Vichy-controlled France. He later entered the armed struggle as a member of the 'maquis'; and took part in the escape operations for stranded Allied soldiers. From 1944-46 he acted as Jewish chaplain to the 1st Army as it pursued the liberation of France. His biography in French can be found here:
Marie Merle Bernheim1857791936 Born in Soultz in Alsace
Etienne Jérôme Abenheimer Landau1956311987
André Pelabon1910741984 Honorary prefect
Simone Pelabon1903851988
Charles Samuel1870601930 Born in Weiterswiller in Alsace
Jenny Samuel1881921973

6BingenMax Bingen1890261916id: PMPBingen1
(2 images)
27305442Killed in action at Asiago
Jacques Bingen1908361944 Jacques Bingen was enlisted in 1939; and rallied to De Gaulle in London in 1940 after a heroic trip via Gibraltar and Casablanca. He was close to his brother-in-law André Citroën; and a leading figure before WW2 in the armaments industry. He was at first head of the Free French merchant navy; but later volunteered to parachute into france following the capture of the Resistance hero Jean Moulin. In 1944 he was betrayed and captured; but committed suicide before being interrogated. His full biography in French can be found here:
Gustave Bingen1865681933 Gustave Bingen was a financier of Italian Jewish descent. His daughter Georgina Bingen married André Citroën; the car manufacturer.
Laura Bingen1869931962 Wife of Gustave Bingen

7BlochBenjamin Bloch1818651883id: PMPBlochBen1
(3 images)
Adrien Bloch1887571944 Died in deportation
Alfred Bloch1856581914 Born in Strasbourg
Amélie Bloch1855691924 Wife of Eugène Bloch
Berthe Bloch1885751960
Eugène Bloch1852731925
Flore Bloch1814891903 Born in Metz

8BlumPhilippine Blum1822701892id: PMPGobBlum1
(2 images)
Charlotte Bloch1861691930 Wife of Adolphe Bloch
Gobert Blum1815781893
Wilhemina Blum1823761899 Wife of Gobert Blum
Hortense Brentano1831931924
Flora Maas1811991910 Wife of Max Maas

9CahenArmand Cahen1898221920id: PMPCahLion1
(3 images)
27307020Member of 59th Artillery Regiment; citation for bravery in 1918 inscribed on gravestone.
Alfred Cahen1866881954
René Cahen1901771978
Eliane Cahen-Bloch1908841992
Gabrielle Cahen-Lion1871941965
Lazare Lion1844661910
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10CahenHippolyte Cahen1831751906id: PMPCahHippolyte1
(3 images)
Gabrielle Bloc1876681944 Died in deportation
Ernest Maurice Cahen1868751943
Eugène Cahen1859581917
Gaston Cahen1872631935
Germaine Cahen1888871975
Henri Cahen1916291945 Died in deportation
Janine Cahen194311944 Died in deportation
Louise Cahen1867861953
Lucie Cahen1867631930 Wife of Eugène Cahen
Marguerite Cahen1866511917
Paulette Cahen1909351944 Died in deportation
Esther Mabboux1834751909
Blanche Laure Cahen1835871922

11CahenRaphael Cahen1816691885id: PMPCahRaphael27307117
Charles Cahen1845721917
Eugènie Cahen1822731895
Gabrielle Cahen1869661935
Jean Raphael Cahen1897181915 Killed in action at

12CerfElie Cerf1829661895id: PMPCerfSim1
(3 images)
27306619Died in Lyon
Reine-caroline Cerf1831811912 Died in Lyon
Andrée Renée Simon1891681959 Born in Strasbourg
Claude Simon1914531967
Georges Nathan Simon1885291914 Lieutenant of the 298th Reserve Infantry regiment; killed in action at Vingré; provisionally buried at Vic sur Seine 1914-1920
Yvonne-germaine Simon1890251915 Died in Marseille

13Cerf-Lévy Cerf-Lévy1841651906id: PMPCerfLévy27309619Born in Ingwiller in Alsace
Julien Beleys1881631944 Born in Boulogne
Marguerite Beleys1883921975 Wife of Julien Belleys
Celina Cerf-Lévy1852721924 Born in Phalsbourg in Lorraine
Collette Lasne1911871998 Wife of Jean Lasne

14CitroënLouis Bernard Citroën1842421884id: PMPCitroënBernard27307311Louis Bernard Citroën was the brother of André Citroën; the car manufacturer.
Hugues Citroën1873801953 Hugues Citroën was the brother of André Citroën; the car manufacturer. Hugues' son; Louis Hugues Citroen born 1903 ; was deported and died in Auschwitz in 1944.
Bernard Citroën1875391914 Member of 51st Infantry Regiment; killed in action rescuing one of his injured men.
Suzanne Citroën1879451924 Wife of Hugues Citroen
Amélie Citroën1852471899

15CoetAlbert Coet1849581907id: PMPAlbertCoet27309126Infantry captain
(widow) Coet1859611920

16CorbinFrancis Porteus Corbin1801751876no image27306122Corbin was an American businessman from Philadelphia and a long-term resident of Paris. He owned property in Georgia; Louisiana; and according to his gravestone; Virginia. His papers are held in New York Public Library. His daughter married the Vicomte de Dampierre; and his gt gt gt grandaughter married one of the Spanish Bourbon pretenders to the French throne.
Francis Corbin187931882
Elizabeth Kingsland1922782000

17DadleyEdwin Corbett Dadley1836491885id: PMPEdwinDadley27306022of Leicester in England; died suddenly in Paris.

18de NégrierFrancine de Négrier1837751912id: PMPPaulGentit1
(2 images)
2730567First husband: Alfred Dumon. Second husband: Elzéar de Négrier
Pauline Gentit1858881946 Wife of Paul Dumon
Paul Gentit1893241917 Killed in action. Cited in despatches five times; awarded the Palm (bar) to the Croix de Guerre.
Raoul Dumon1857751932
Paul Gentit1844791923 Joined the army ledical corps in 1892 and was appointed chief medical officer for colonial troops in 1903.

19DeroideAndré Deroide1851581909id: PMPDeroide27309413
Alphonsine Deroide1851771928

20DreyfusRachel Dreyfus1830751905id: PMPDreyLévy27305891
Salomon Dreyfus1822881910
Emile Dreyfus1856651921
Adele Lévy1852771929 Wife of Samuel Lévy
Georges Lévy1887961983
Hélène Lévy1889771966 Wife of Georges Lévy
Samuel Lévy1848801928
Gaston Lewy1883351918 Killed in action
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21DreyfussCaroline Dreyfuss1861591920id: PMPDreyJacob1
(2 images)
Jacques Dreyfuss1867741941
Marcel Jacob1895481943 Deported and died in Auschwitz
Simone Jacob1900901990
Jacqueline Mirisch1925772002

22DuboisJacques Emile Dubois1920852005id: PMPJacEmDubois2730518Dubois joined the French Resistance in Grenoble; but continued his studies in chemistry at the same time. From 1947-48 he was attached to the French Embassy in london and als contunued his studies at University College London. In 1949 he became professor of chemistry at Saarbruck University; and Dean of the Faculty in 1953. In 1957; he returned to France; and became a pionner of the DARC system.

23DujardinDésiré Dujardin1845611906id: PMPDujardin27309310

24GoldschmidtBabette Goldschmidt1891id: PMPGoldLap273075504Wife of Bonem Goldschmidt
Myriam Goldschmidt1950502000
Simon Goldschmidt1853711924
Thérèse Goldschmidt1929 Wife of Simon Goldschmidt
Ilya Lapina1868631931 Born in Grodno in Lithuania
Marthe Lapina1878731951 Wife of Ilya Lapina
Serge Lapina1899541953

25GotendorfSilvanus Nathan Gotendorf1848421890id: PMPSilGotendorf27306281Born in New York
James Nathan Gotendorf1851581909 Born in New York
Josephine Gotendorf1848731921 Wife of James Gotendorf

26HalbronnEmile Halbronn1873101883id: PMPEmileHalbronn27309011
(widow) Halbronn1866561922 Wife of Georges Halbronn
Adolphe Halbronn1849551904
Charles Halbronn1912 b 185?
Fradelle Halbronn1810831893
Gaston Halbronn1879251904
Georges Halbronn1856471903
Moïse Halbronn1808781886
Reine Halbronn1856701926 Wife of Charles Halbronn

27JolyFerdinand Joly1827641891id: PMPTouzet27308645Notaire
Jacques Touzet1905941999 Sculptor
Marcelle Marianne Touzet1914641978

28JunotGustave Junot1830541884id: PMPGusJunot273088181Artist

29KahnIsabelle Kahn1851681919id: PMPKahnNath27308539
Simon Kahn1842781920
Emilie Franck1875731948 Wife of Emmanuel Franck
Emmanuel Franck1868621930
Louis Kahn1874721946
Valentine Kahn1884831967 Wife of Louis Kahn

30KlotzAdrien Klotz1875681943id: PMPAdrienKlotz27306741Died in deportation
Denise Klotz1909341943 Died in deportation
François Klotz1945552000
Marthe Klotz1885581943 Died in deportation
Robert Klotz1918842002
Suzanne Marx1910331943 Died in deportation

31KrookAnna Krook1843691912id: PMPSamKrook27308219
Samuel Krook1836781914
Benjamin David Krook1862621924
Rachel Krook1867571924 Wife of Benjamin David Krook

32LallemandLucie Lallemand1859id: PMPLucLallemand27305218
Alfred Lallemand1834601894
Auguste Lallemand1841351876
François Lallemand1806751881
Gustave Lallemand1859
Mathilde Lallemand1810821892
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33LauffDaniel Lauff1845701915id: PMPLauffPic27305735
Constant Lauff1870641934
Nathan Lauff1877621939
Sarah Lauff1878451923 Wife of Constant Lauff
Adeline Navier1879921971
Elise Picard1902831985
Francis Picard1927511978
Huguette Picard1927491976
Jacques Picard1890521942

34LefortierJean Henri Lefortier1819671886id: PMPLefortier27308913Lefortier was a landscape artist and pupil of Corot.

35LeoschenskiMoïse Leoschenski1812731885id: PMPLeoschenski27307741
Alice Leoschenski1882841966 Wife of Georges Leoschenski
Arthur Leoschenski1843781921
Céleste Leoschenski1854751929 Wife of Arthur Leoschenski
Georges Leoschenski1880491929
Emelie Levi1850681918
Juliette Lévy1885861971 Wife of Isidore Lévy
Marguerite Leoschenski1815711886

36LeviJoshua Levi1884id: PMPJoshuaLevi27306319Gravestone in Hebrew and English

37LoeviPierre Georges Loevi189201892id: PMPAkarLoevi1
(2 images)
27309792age 3 months
Achille Akar1838811919
Adrien Pierre Akar1872271899
Ida Akar1844481892
Georges Loevi1860671927
Godschau Loevi1823711894
Hélène Loevi1858501908
Henriette Loevi1826731899
Marguerite Gabrielle Loevi1869811950

38LoewyHélène Loewy1883481931id: PMPLoewyAndré1
(3 images)
Alfred Lelluch1900441944 Lelluch was a chief radio engineer when the war broke out in 1939. He rallied to De Gaulle's Free French Forces; and manufactured and distributed radio transmitters for these forces across France. He was arrested; tortured and shot by the Gestapo in 1944 in the Auvergne; in Vichy-controlled France.
Mauricette Lelluch1908932001
André Loewy1872851957 Chief engineer
Jacques Maurice Loewy1903681971

39MarchandHenriette Marchand1889531942id: PMPFavMarchand1
(2 images)
2730538Vice-President of the Red Cross in the 14th arrondissement
René Marchand1884871971

40MayerErnest Dominique Mayer1828621890id: PMPErnMayer27307963Born in Oberschaeffolsheim in Alsace
Marie Gerstle1875451920 Wife of Henri Gerstle
Armand Mayer1877801957
Emile Zacharie Mayer1879211900
Pauline Mayer1847831930 Born in Dimenringen in Alsace

41MéhuCamille Jean Marie Méhu1835521887id: PMPCamMéhu1
(2 images)
27310329Chief pharmaciest at the Necker Hospital
Elisabeth Beslier1900191919
Geneviève Beslier1873821955 Catholic writer
Georges Beslier1876771953
André Méhu188111882
Hélène Méhu1874181892
Berthe Méhu1850801930

42MiardAntony Miard1906id: PMPMiard273087111Born in Rives in the Isère département. Eye specialist
Marguerite Miard1937

43MotteAimée Motte1793411834id: PMPLamDev273108972
Céleste Deveria1812581870 Daughter of Charles Motte; wife of Achille Deveria and mother of Charles Théodule Deveria.
Charlotte Deveria1856291885 Wife of Gabriel Deveria; niece of the composer Ambroise Thomas.
Charles Théodule Deveria1831401871 Son of Achille Deveria; he was a leading Egyptologist. His biography in French can be found here:
Jean Gabriel Deveria1844551899 Son of Achille Deveria; he lived in China as a young man and became a fluent interpreter of Chinese. He later turned to the academic study of Chinese and Far Eastern history.
Charles Etienne Pierre Motte1785511836 Motte was considered to be one of the greatest lithographers of the 19th century. His biography in French can be found here:
(miss) E L Deveria1813241837
Desirée Françoise Deveria1781641845 Born to a French colonial family in Saint-Domingue; she married François-Marie Deveria; a civil servant at the Navy Ministry.
Guillaume Deveria1911701981
Jacques Deveria1882641946
Laurence Deveria1913581971
Susanne Deveria1884731957 Wife of Jacques Deveria
Victor Deveria1829681897 Artist
Yvonne Deveria1909791988
(widow) Fournier1767841851 Wife of G.Fraçois Fournier
Achille Gaston Weber1863291892 Drawing master
Jean Weber1820731893
Achille Deveria1800571857 Son of François-Marie Deveria; he was an artist and the first person to apply colour to lithographs. His biography in French can be found here:
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44MoyseElie Moyse1788881876id: PMPMoyseLaz27305942
Jules Lazard1866751941
Lina Lazard1876901966
Thérèse Moyse1807821889

45NageotteEugène Nageotte1837611898id: PMPNageotte1
(3 images)
273107242Professor of Ancient Literature at Besançon University.
Marie Nageotte-Wilbouchewitch1864771941 Sister of Jean Wilbouchewitch; Marie was a contemporary of Marie Curie
Aleth Guzman Nageotte1904741978 Sculptor and medal engraver; who won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1929
Eugène Nageotte1901641965 Lecturer in physics at the élite Ecole Polytechnique;
Marguerite Nageotte1899881987
Jean Wilbouchewitch1866411907 Born in Bielostock; (Polish: Bialystock) in Russian-occupied Poland; he was an anatomist and founder of the 'Journal of Tropical Agriculture'.
Jean Nicolas Denis Eugène Nageotte1866821948 The husband of Marie Wilbouchewitch; Jean Nageotte was a leading French neurologist. His biography in French can be found here:

46Netter(widow) Netter1857501907id: PMPSimonNetter27306429
Simon Netter1860641924

47OppertJules Oppert1825801905id: PMPOppHirsch1
(2 images)
273106841Born Hamburg; Jules studied in Germany before moving to France in 1847. He joined the French archaeologicla expedition to Mesopatamia in 1851; and became a leading authirty on Assyrian culture; and in 1857 professor Sanskrit at the French National Library. His full biography in French can be found here:
Alice Cohen1863771940
Rodolphe Cohen1844611905
Alexandre Hirschberg1898661964
André Hirschberg1899801979
Fernand Hirschberg1945 Source: Le médecine française et les juifs 1939-45 by H.Nahum: Hirschberg 'covered himself in glory' during the First World War as a member of the Marine Fusiliers … He was arrested on 27th July 1943; deported to Auschwitz; then transferred to Buchenwald; then thrown into the evacuee colmuns when the Russian troops were approaching; and died in April 1945. According to another source; he died with his wife during the Nazi evacuation of Bergen-Belsen. He was a distinguished hospital doctor who had created the radiography vans in Northern France.
Hannah Hirschberg1829831912
René Hirschberg1894601954
Rubens Hirschberg1859611920 Hirschberg published articles and research on both abdominal and neurological problems.
Sonia Hirschberg1900911991
Claire Oppert1881351916
Edouard Oppert1878851963
Georges Oppert1913811994 Member of the Resistance during WW2
Marguerite Oppert1888661954
Yves Oppert1909351944 Oppert was brought up by his grandfather; the Ashkenazi Grand Rabbi of Paris. He became a successful businessman; who served with the French forces in 1938-39 befor ebeing captured. He escaped to Vichy-controlled France; and used his business contacts to supply the French Resistance. He also helped to hide Jewish children; and to organise th escape of stranded Allied soldiers. He was captued; tortured and killed in 1944. His wife participated fully in his work and set up three orphanages for Jewish children orphaned during the war. See and for more details.
Raymond Schneider1911992010

48PigeonCharles Pigeon1838771915id: PMPCharlesPigeon27309238Pigeon was an inventor and entrepreneur. Amongst his invetions were mass-produced fuel lamps; and unsinkable life-mattresses. His biography in French can be found here:
Amélie Pigeon1869 Wife of Georges Pigeon
Catherine Désirée Pigeon1872721944 Wife of Paul Pigeon
Charles Pigeon1898611959
Georges Pigeon1869411910
Paul Pigeon1871731944
Ginette Therizol1923231946 Wife of Paul Therizol
Léonie Pigeon1846631909

49RoussevNicolai Roussev1914811995id: PMPNicRoussev27310145

50SalomonMax Salomon1897211918id: PMPMaxSal1
(3 images)
27305521Killed in action
Robert Salomon1944 Killed whilst working for the French Resistance

51TedeschiLucien Tedeschi1898261924id: PMPLucTedeschi27308126
Béatrice Tedeschi1869861955 Wife of Léonce Tedeschi
Léonce Tedeschi1857791936
Louise Tedeschi1889981987 Wife of Marcel Tedeschi
Marcel Tedeschi1894841978

52TournierJuliette Tournier1896531949id: PMPJulEdTournier1
(2 images)
(widow) Tournier1879911970 Wife of Edouard Tournier

53UhryAron Lazare Uhry1831531884id: PMPMoyseAaron273104471Born in Ingwiller in Alsace
Emile Aaron1853751928 Born in Louisiana.
Jeanne Aaron1861661927 Born in New Orleans. Wife of Emile Aaron
Lucien Aaron1872571929 Delahache was a friend of the writer Charles Péguy; and one of the literary defendors of the Alsatian Jewish community during the anti-semite crisis provoked by the Dreyfus Affair. He went on to become a historian of Alsace; and archivist of Strasbourg. His biography in French can be found here:
Moyse Aaron1826681894
Sara Esther Aaron1828881916 Born in Ingwiller in Alsace. Wife of Moyse Aaron
Andrée Agathe Neuburger189001890 age 6 months
Renée Ella Neuburger1886181904
Rachel Uhry1848671915 Born in Strasbourg
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54WeillAndré Georges Weill190731910id: PMPAllexWeill
(2 images)
Caroline Allexandre1845791924 Born in Colmar in Alsace
Marielle Allexandre190741911
Baruch Weill1830821912 Born in Herblisheim in Alsace
Fanny Weill1871611932 Born in Colmar in Alsace. Wife of Léopold Weill.
Léopold Weill1866621928

55WellhoffRose Wellhoff1871211892id: PMPWellBloch27306523
Agathe Bloch1857641921 Wife of Alfred Bloch
Alfred Bloch1852431895
Anna Wellhoff1860791939 Wife of Salomon Wellhoff
Mathilde Wellhoff1830701900 Wife of Lazare Wellhoff
Salomon Wellhoff1853891942

56WerdenschlagSalomon Werdenschlag1841701911id: PMPWerdenschlag1
(3 images)
Adrien Gabbai1912861998
Claudine Gabbai1914841998
Alice Werdenschlag1906731979 Wife of Jean Werdenschlag
Bertha Werdenschlag1888521940 Wife of Jacques Werdenschlag
Emma Werdenschlag1887901977 Wife of Max Werdenschlag
Jacques Werdenschlag1877651942 Died in deportation
Jean Werdenschlag1913661979
Max Werdenschlag1880921972
Paul Werdenschlag1875381913
Marie Werdenschlag1843931936

57WimphenAdeline Wimphen1852651917id: PMPEmWimphen273069121
Emile Wimphen1848911939
Fernand Lévy-Wogue1867771944
Lucie Lévy-Wogue1880771957 Wife of Fernand Lévy-Wogue
(widow) Wimphen1878821960 Wife of Louis Wimphen
Andrée Wimphen1906321938 Wife of Jean Wimphen
Louis Wimphen1875931968

58WolffJeanne Wolff1850621912id: PMPWolffHeim27307853
Clara Heimann1870851955
Paul Heimann1857781935
Pierre Heimann1896791975
Alice Lemaire1883851968
Louise Weill1893861979 Wife of Dr Raoul Weill
Raoul Weill1882901972
Alfred Wolff1869621931
Henri Wolff1838861924

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