New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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301MackieHelen Mackiefirst name on this monument1804511855id: 1094625617410922Died 2nd March
John Wise Mackiehusband of Helen Mackie1802681870 Baker; died 24th January
David Skinner Mackieson of Helen Mackie183221834 Died 17th August; aged 20 months
John Wyse Mackieson of Helen Mackie182831831 Died 22nd August; aged 3 years 3 months
William Skinner Mackieson of Helen Mackie184411845 Died 7th April; aged 14 months

302MackieMary Mackiefirst name on this monument1826801906id: 112462562901075Faithful wife for 54 years; died 5th April
Robert Mackiehusband of Mary Mackie1828911919 Died 17th April
Helen Mackiemother-in-law of Mary Mackie1799591858 Died 3rd February
Alexander Summers Mackieson of Mary Mackie1863 Died 8th August; aged 17 months

303MacKinlayDaniel MacKinlayfirst name on this monument1826711897id: 109612561791104Jeweller. Died 15th May
William MacKinlaybrother of Daniel MacKinlay1827341861 Sergt; 26th Regt. Died 7th January; Dublin
Georgina MacKinlaydaughter of Daniel MacKinlay1853 Died 16th December; aged 15 months
Margaret MacKinlaydaughter of Daniel MacKinlay Died in infancy; interred at Manchester
David MacKinlayson of Daniel MacKinlay1831321863 Died 21st November
Wilson MacKinlayson of Daniel MacKinlay1851201871 Died 1st May
Elizabeth MacKinlaysister of Daniel MacKinlay1831291860 Died 3rd February
Margaret MacKinlaywife of Daniel MacKinlay1834321866 Died 19th September

304MacLaurinPeter MacLaurinfirst name on this monument1771421813id: 11203482561251069Died 4th December; remains removed from Old Calton Burying Ground to here.

305MacLeayAlexander MacLeayfirst name on this monument1849211870id: 11107672559021075Died 5th July 1870. Of Colspie

306MacNabMargaret MacNabfirst name on this monument1812221834id: 109362561691082Died 11th June
William MacNabfather of Margaret MacNab1779691848 Curator of the Royal Bontanic Gardens; died 1st December
Elizabeth MacNabmother of Margaret MacNab1778661844 Died 25th September

307MacPhailMalcolm MacPhailfirst name on this monument1841821923id: 113982563481076Died 13th October
Margaret MacPhaildaughter of Malcolm MacPhail1921 Died 16th November; interred in North Merchiston
Jane MacPhailwife of Malcolm MacPhail1842651907 Died 20th March

308MacPhersonDuncan MacPhersonfirst name on this monumentid: 1120207256073109827th Regt.
Gordon MacPhersonbrother of Duncan MacPherson
John MacPhersonbrother of Duncan MacPherson1829
Charles MacPhersonfather of Duncan MacPherson1752681820 Inspector General of Barracks for Scotland and Deputy Lt. For Invernesshire; died 1st October
Margaret MacPhersonmother of Duncan MacPherson1765801845 Died 21st August
Anne MacPhersonsister of Duncan MacPherson1834

309MacPhersonPeter MacPhersonfirst name on this monument1793701863id: 108712561471104Norton Place; died 12th December
Janet MacPhersondaughter of Peter MacPherson1859581917 Died 6th May; interred at Middlesborough.
Agnes MacPhersondaughter-in-law of Peter MacPherson1832681900 Died 9th May
David E MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1866 Died 10th March; aged 9 months
John MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1826791905 Died 12th August
Peter MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1855611916 Died 19th March; interred at Aldershot
Walter MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1857401897 Died 19th June
Janet MacPhersonwife of Peter MacPherson1788601848 Died 22nd September

310MacRitchieWilliam Dawson MacRitchiefirst name on this monument1800631863id: 110102561981089Of the late Med. Staff H.E.I.C.S St Helena 1821-36; died 16th December
Elizabeth Elder MacRitchiedaughter of William Dawson MacRitchie1846591905 Youngest daughter; born 2nd September; died 13th February
Euphemia Dawson MacRitchiedaughter of William Dawson MacRitchie1841841925 Born 7th September; died 29th November
David MacRitchieson of William Dawson MacRitchie1851741925 Youngest son; born 16th April; died 14th January
Thomas Elder MacRitchieson of William Dawson MacRitchie1850251875 Died in Kansas; USA
Elizabeth MacRitchiewife of William Dawson MacRitchie1811761887 Died 28th October

311MarshallHenry Marshallfirst name on this monument1806341840id: 11107312558901076Died 18th June. Assistant Surgeon 7th Dragon Guards
Agnes Marshallmother of Henry Marshall1778731851 Born Kilsyth 15th October; Died Edinburgh 11th June

312MartinMatthew Martinfirst name on this monument1761481809id: 11109192559541067Brasspounder; Died 24th December
Ann Martindaughter of Matthew Martin1792811873 Died 10th February
William Martinson of Matthew Martin1789381827 Died 28th November
Mary Martinwife of Matthew Martin1760771837 Died 16th December
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313MartinRobert Martinfirst name on this monument1809741883id: 1116725625510851Died 4th January
Euphemia Martindaughter of Robert Martin1837471884 Died 8th March
Margaret Martindaughter of Robert Martin
Alexander Martinson of Robert Martin1837491886 Died 6th August
Robert Martinson of Robert Martin
Janet Martinwife of Robert Martin1808721880 Died 30th January

314MasonDavid Masonfirst name on this monument1834261860id: 111372562431071Died 21st March
??? Masondaughter of David Mason Died in infancy
James Masonfather of David Mason1808331841 Died 20th April; buried in South Leith churchyard
John Masonson of David Mason184231845 Youngest son; died 7th October
Mary Masonwife of David Mason1807741881

315MasonGeorge Low Masonfirst name on this monument1838671905id: 1108925622710901Died 19th September
Cecilia Masondaughter of George Low Mason1864181882 Died 15th April
Christina Martha Masonwife of George Low Mason1844781922 Died 2nd March

316McAlpinMartha McAlpinfirst name on this monument1819701889id: 11201182560371093Born at Wigton; Cumberland 13th April; died at Egremont; Cambuslang 18th April
Jane McAlpinsister of Martha McAlpin

317McCourtMichael McCourtfirst name on this monument1816331849id: 11108122559141110Died 5th April
James Boylanbrother-in-law of Michael McCourt1830701900 Born 25th January; Died 7th November 1900
James McFarlane1905671972 Died 8th August
Mary McFarlane1904831987 Died 13th April
Michael McCourtson of Michael McCourt1849531902 Born 4th May; Died 6th August
Ann McCourtwife of Michael McCourt1822701892 Born 22nd October; Died 21st October

318McCreaDonald McCreafirst name on this monument1846id: 114882563921077Missionary from Cromarty; died 18th August
Jane McCreadaughter of Donald McCrea1847601907 Died 5th September
Mary McCreadaughter of Donald McCrea1846 Died October
Helen McCreasister of Donald McCrea1777751852 Died 3rd January

319McCreaJean McCreafirst name on this monument1779651844id: 114812563881077Died 23rd January
Hugh McCreahusband of Jean McCrea1781881869 Died 18th January

320McCuaigDuncan McCuaigfirst name on this monument1785821867id: 1147925638710923Died 20th December
Janet McCuaigwife of Duncan McCuaig1798671865 Died 12th March

321McDonaldElizabeth McDonaldfirst name on this monumentid: 112013125604310681
Donald McDonaldhusband of Elizabeth McDonald1773561829 22nd regt. Of Gordon Highlanders. Died 19th June

322McDowallCharles McDowallfirst name on this monument1796411837id: 112014025604611074Died 27th July
Jane Scott McDowalldaughter of Charles McDowall1833821915 Born 24th September; Died 3rd July
Elizabeth Mary Kirkpatrick Patondaughter of Charles McDowall1835811916 Youngest daughter; born 28th July; died 5th April
Charles MacArasecond husband of wife of Charles McDowall Banker; Dunblane
Robert Patonson-in-law of Charles McDowall Retired civil engineer; London
Jane Margaret Sawers McDowallwife of Charles McDowall1803701873 Born 30th June; Died 16th August

323McDowallJames McDowallfirst name on this monument1787741861id: 11201422560481124Merchant in Leith. Died 27th May
Ellen Birrell1854 Died 27th December
James Ramsay Birrell
John Hutton Esquire Brewer; Alloa
John Isabella Syme1798681866 Died 9th January
Margaret McDowallwife of James McDowall1795731868 Died 31st August

324McDowallWilliam McDowallfirst name on this monument1848id: 112014125604710992Surgeon. Died 24th June
Elizabeth Eugenie McDowalldaughter of William McDowall1836601896 Died on her birthday 14th June
Emily McDowalldaughter of William McDowall183431837 Died 30th May
Louisa Ann McDowalldaughter of William McDowall184021842 Died 24th November; aged 2 years and 6 months
Robert McDowallson of William McDowall1842101852 Born 24th May; died 9th June
William Sheffield McDowallson of William McDowall1837791916 Died 29th December. Last survivor of the family
Ann Amelia McDowallwife of William McDowall1811831894 Died 9th May
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325McIntoshDonald McIntoshfirst name on this monument1790511841id: 11200442560041072Merchant; died 8th December
Anne McIntoshdaughter of Donald McIntosh1815661881 Died 5th November
Mary McIntoshwife of Donald McIntosh1789341823 Died 18th March

326McKayChristina McKayfirst name on this monument1767651832id: 114912563931075Died 21st September
Joseph Finneyhusband of Christina McKay1773541827 Optician; born at Hanslope in Buckinghamshire May 19th; died 6th December

327McKennaElizabeth McKennafirst name on this monument1886201906id: 110282562031093Died 14th September
John Corman
Rose Corman1875341909 Died 11th April
Patrick MacKenna1837741911 Died 10th May
John McKenna1871421913 Died 12th February

328McKinnellWilliam McKinnellfirst name on this monumentid: 1120013
(3 images)
Grace McKinnelldaughter of William McKinnell1877251902 Eldest daughter; died 23rd April
John McKinnellfather of William McKinnell1820651885 Died 6th June
Catherine McKinnellmother of William McKinnell1823551878 Died 27th June
James McKinnellson of William McKinnell1875141889 Died 13th July. Second son
Mary McKinnellwife of William McKinnell1850391889 Died 12th October

329McLaganElizabeth Hagart McLaganfirst name on this monument1833id: 1092325616310731Died at 77 Great King St; 25th November
Peter McLaganhusband of Elizabeth Hagart McLagan1775851860 Died 11th April; aged 2 years 1 month
Susan Hagart Stewartsister of Elizabeth Hagart McLagan1797881885 Died at Perth; 27th July

330McLarenRobert McLarenfirst name on this monument1830641894id: 11109852559751103Spring Gardens; Abbeyhill; Edin. Died 6th December
Sophia McLarendaughter of Robert McLaren1834531887 Died at Spring Gardens 13th July

331McLeanJames McLeanfirst name on this monument1771551826id: 115002563971079Late Argyle Regt. Died at Portobello 13th July
William Rosefather-in-law of James McLean
Jane McLeanwife of James McLean

332McLeodE McLeodfirst name on this monumentid: 113722563411067
James McLeodson of E McLeod Erected by.
John McLeodson of E McLeod
Malcolm McLeodson of E McLeod

333McManusJohn McManusfirst name on this monumentid: 1119125626710872
John McManusfather of John McManus
Margaret McManusmother of John McManus
Sarah McManuswife of John McManus1836551891 Died 26th November

334McNeilieDavid McNeiliefirst name on this monument1781771858id: 112023625608410902Also remembering 6 children in died in infancy. Born 18th July; died 12th April
Margaret Homedaughter of David McNeilie1825791904 Born 22nd April; died 26th November
Margaret Homegrand daughter of David McNeilie1922 Born 27th July; died 5th April
David Homegrand son of David McNeilie1848691917 Born 10th April; died 15th June
John McNeilieson of David McNeilie1823601883 H.M. Chancery; born 28th February; died 16th June
John Arbuthnot Homeson-in-law of David McNeilie H.M. Chancery
Mary Neiliewife of David McNeilie1792631855 Born 23rd April; died 15th November

335McWheaGeorge McWheafirst name on this monument1912id: 11203582561321071Librarian; Edinburgh Subscription Library; died 26th April
Barbara McWheasister of George McWhea1912 Died 27th December

336MeekSamuel Meekfirst name on this monument1838691907id: 11200372559991080Died 7th January
Elizabeth Meekwife of Samuel Meek1832751907 Died 28th December

337MeggetJohn Meggetfirst name on this monument1744751819no image2560971076Died 20th January
Margaret Read ???

338MenelawsIsabella Menelawsfirst name on this monument1816571873no image2563441070Died 30th April. Also their twins sons; who died in infancy
Bella Menelawsdaughter of Isabella Menelaws1932 Died 3rd December
Jessie Menelawsdaughter of Isabella Menelaws1937 Died 14th February
Kate Menelawsdaughter of Isabella Menelaws1916 Died 19th April
Lizzie Menelawsdaughter of Isabella Menelaws1855271882 Died 19th October
William Menelawshusband of Isabella Menelaws1808701878 Died 10th December
Robert Menelawsson of Isabella Menelaws1854581912 Died 24th May
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339MessMary Messfirst name on this monument1810id: 11109702559691079Died 8th December
Isabella Whytedaughter of Mary Mess1882 Died 18th April.
Mary Logan Whytegrand daughter of Mary Mess1845501895 Died March
Phillis Whytegrand daughter of Mary Mess1934 Died 27th October
James Messhusband of Mary Mess1815 Parish of Longside Aberdeenshire; died 15th November and interred in the Churchyard of Longside
George Whyteson-in-law of Mary Mess1869 Died 24th April interred in the churchyard of Peterhead. Of Meethill Aberdeenshire

340MiddlemassArchibald Middlemassfirst name on this monument1760641824id: 1132325631610781Builder; Cavinton; died 14th March
Agnes Middlemassdaughter of Archibald Middlemass1813361849 Died 25th March
Jane Middlemassdaughter of Archibald Middlemass1801451846 Died at Glasgow 23rd March
Margaret Middlemassdaughter of Archibald Middlemass1810841894 Died August
George Middlemassson of Archibald Middlemass1807321839 Died at Hynich ? Island of Tyree 21st September
James Middlemassson of Archibald Middlemass179711798 Died 27th May; aged 14 months
James Middlemassson of Archibald Middlemass1799781877 Died January
John Middlemassson of Archibald Middlemass1794251819 Died 30th March
Joseph Middlemassson of Archibald Middlemass1805841889 Died December
William Middlemassson of Archibald Middlemass1795781873
Margaret Middlemasswife of Archibald Middlemass1773711844 Died 24th December

341MillerJoseph Millerfirst name on this monument1784851869id: 114822563891072Died 26th October
Mary Ann Millerdaughter of Joseph Miller1819401859 Born 1st April; died 14th July
Sophie Millerdaughter of Joseph Miller1817541871 Born 19th April; died 4th March
Joseph Millerson of Joseph Miller182981837 Born 23rd April; died 26th April
Annie Millerwife of Joseph Miller1792771869 Died 20th April

342MillerM Millerfirst name on this monument1881361917id: 112482562911067Second lieutenant; Royal Scots; died 5th August

343MillerWilliam Millerfirst name on this monumentid: 112015225605410752Of Glenlee Baronet. One of the judges of the court of session
Anne Lockhart Millerdaughter of William Miller1782451827 Born 1st November; died 22nd January
Margaret Millerdaughter of William Miller1864 age 1864 (out of range!) - Born 31st October; died 8th December
Patrick Miller of Dalswinton
William Miller1770671837 Died 10th August Late Major. Royal Horse Guards Blue. Husband of Frances Every, youngest daughter of Sir Edward Every of Egginton Hall, Derbyshire who died 16th August 1824
George Millerson of William Miller1792701862 Born 5th December; died 25th July
Matthew Millerson of William Miller1800281828 Lt. 51st Regt. Born 4th May; died 5th September

344MillerWilliam Millerfirst name on this monument1793521845id: 114372563661074Died 17th November
Christina Millerdaughter of William Miller1829161845 Third daughter; died 12th December
Eliza Brown Millerdaughter of William Miller1834781912 Youngest daughter; died 14th February
Jessie Mary Lewisgrand daughter of William Miller185931862 Died February
George Rees Lewisgrand son of William Miller185081858 Died 17th September
John Howard Lewisgrand son of William Miller186111862 Died March; aged 11 months
Margaret Millermother of William Miller1767721839 Died 25th April
Alexander Brown Millerson of William Miller182921831 Second son; died 24th February
David Millerson of William Miller1828181846 Third son; died 6th May
George Millerson of William Miller183761843 Youngest son; died 9th December
John Millerson of William Miller1829181847 Fourth son; died 6th September
Elizabeth Brownsister-in-law of William Miller1796571853 Died 20th March
Christina Millerwife of William Miller1794731867 Died 17th January

345MilneCharlotte Milnefirst name on this monument1792261818id: 113432563251118Died 18th December
John Milnehusband of Charlotte Milne1773521825 Spirit dealer; Pleasance; died 16th July
John Milneson of Charlotte Milne1814121826 Youngest son; died 14th July
William Milneson of Charlotte Milne1811661877 Eldest son; died 5th January
Agnes Milnewife of Charlotte Milne1818791897 Died 25th April

346MilroyAndrew Milroyfirst name on this monument1773551828id: 115222564061078Most respected member of the Merchants Company; died 14th August
Barbara Milroydaughter of Andrew Milroy1806161822 Died 15th November
Janet Milroydaughter of Andrew Milroy1873
Mary Anne Milroydaughter of Andrew Milroy Interred in Highgate Cemetery; London
James Milroyson of Andrew Milroy Interred in Highgate Cemetery; London
John Milroyson of Andrew Milroy1873
Janet Milroywife of Andrew Milroy Interred in Highgate Cemetery; London
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347MitchellAlexander Mitchellfirst name on this monument1806601866id: 11201992560721097Died 9th May
Jessie Samuel Mitchelldaughter of Alexander Mitchell
Jessie Mitchellwife of Alexander Mitchell

348MitchellJohn Mitchellfirst name on this monumentid: 112029925611011021Died 13th November. Late of Montrose. Surveyor ? Of taxes
Eliza Cairddaughter of John Mitchell1831 Died 14th March. The rest of their descendants who died in Edinburgh are interred here.
Margaret Mitchelldaughter-in-law of John Mitchell1864 Died 23rd July
Jane Mitchellgrand daughter of John Mitchell1838 Died 27th November
Christina Metca …
Francis Metca …74 Died 28th June
Janet Metca …69 Died 9th August
Mary Metca …180721809 Died 13th November
Archibald Warden Merchant; Glasgow
F G Mitchellson of John Mitchell1864 Died December
John Mitchellson of John Mitchell1780221802 Died 1st June
John Cairdson-in-law of John Mitchell1822 Surveyor of taxes; late of Montrose. Died 3rd December
Margaret Mitchellwife of John Mitchell1755731828 Died 11th May

349MitchellJohn Mitchellfirst name on this monument1806671873id: 11203062561131076Died 21st March
Janet Mitchellwife of John Mitchell1809671876 Died 5th September

350MoirJohn William Moirfirst name on this monument1851891940id: 11200662560151087Died 13th March
Helen Elizabeth Moirwife of John William Moir1852881940 Died 18th August

351MonroJane Monrofirst name on this monument1806291835id: 109322561671069Died August
Mary Georgina Janette Patersongrand niece of Jane Monro187251877 Born 11th October; died 29th January
George Monrohusband of Jane Monro1805781883 Advocate of Berryhill. Sheriff of the counties of Linlithgow; Clackmannan; and Kinross. Born 4th June; died 12th January
Robert Paterson Paterson Younger of Montgomerie Ayrshire.

352MontgomerieHarriet Ann Jane Montgomeriefirst name on this monument1877121889id: 112008225602210881Eldest daughter; died 19th May. Could date of death be 1839 not 1889 ? I have a Harriet Ann Jane Montgomerie born 1826 in India father Maj Duncan Montgomerie. HEICS Her brother was born in Edinburgh in 1837
Duncan Montgomeriefather of Harriet Ann Jane Montgomerie

353MorisonJames Morisonfirst name on this monument1788741862id: 1090425615710931Cabinet maker; died 2nd June
Lewis Johnsondaughter of James Morison1828491877 Died 31st May
Annie Morisondaughter of James Morison183011831 Died 18th April; aged 1 year 8 months
Margaret Johnsongrand daughter of James Morison186191870 died 3rd August
John Morisonson of James Morison1877 Advocate; died 18th June
Mathew Morisonson of James Morison182831831 Died 21st April; aged 3 years 6 months
Charles Johnsonson-in-law of James Morison1826501876 M. Customs. Died March
Charles Morisonwife of James Morison1809671876 Died January

354MorisonMary Morisonfirst name on this monument1761781839id: 111084525592911241
Mary Morisondaughter of Mary Morison1793871880 Died 12th March
Jane Stuartdaughter of Mary Morison1872 Died 28th January
Sarah Jane Roomegrand daughter of Mary Morison1832151847 Died 23rd August
William husband of Mary Morison
Christopher Greig
Elizabeth Greig
Mary Maciver Greig1834651899 Died September
Frederick Roome Bombay Army
Alexander Stuartson-in-law of Mary Morison

355MorisonWilliam Maxwell Morisonfirst name on this monumentid: 115412564161066Advocate
Thomas Walker Erected by.

356MorrisonMackay Morrisonfirst name on this monument1819771896id: 109642561801074Died 25th March
Arthur Caswellgrand son of Mackay Morrison1870261896 Died 11th August
Ann Morrisonwife of Mackay Morrison1822641886 Died 26th July

357MossmanAdam Mossmanfirst name on this monument1795401835id: 1131725631511058Died 9th March
Isabella Mossmandaughter of Adam Mossman Died 31st July
Adam Mossmangrand son of Adam Mossman
Alexander Mossmangrand son of Adam Mossman
Robert Mossmangrand son of Adam Mossman
Adam Mossman1811671878 Jeweller; died 25th November#
James Mossmanson of Adam Mossman1812321844 Died 3rd December
Robert Mossmanson of Adam Mossman1822321854 Died 3rd December
Isabella Mossmanwife of Adam Mossman79 Died 17th August
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358MossmanJames Mossmanfirst name on this monument1844681912id: 1132425631710711Born 25th May; died 18th February was married first to annie mackenzie mercer
Isabella Mossmanwife of James Mossman1849751924 Born 24th April; died 1st March

359MuckleAlexander Mucklefirst name on this monument1794361830id: 11201702560611087Merchant; died 1st October
Elizabeth Kennedy Bathgatedaughter of Alexander Muckle1774891863 Died 27th December
Ann Hamiltondaughter of Alexander Muckle1821841905 Died 9th April
Mary Christie Muckledaughter of Alexander Muckle1826131839 Died 7th September
Flora C Watsondaughter of Alexander Muckle1828611889 Died at Dunedin in November
Helen Ann Watsondaughter of Alexander Muckle1872 Died 6th September
Alexander Muckleson of Alexander Muckle1828121840 Died 28th June
William Muckleson of Alexander Muckle1823451868 Died 3rd August
Margaret Mucklewife of Alexander Muckle1796771873 Died 28th April

360MudieAlexander Mudiefirst name on this monument1763811844id: 111098925597710731Formerly of Jamaica. Died 35 Albany St; Edin; 17th February

361MuirJean Muirfirst name on this monument1760321792id: 112036225613410751Died 11th January
??? Muirdaughter of Jean Muir1792 Born and died 10th August
Isabella Muirdaughter of Jean Muir1791 Died 9th August; aged 6 months
Alexander Edmondstounefather of Jean Muir
John Muirhusband of Jean Muir
James Cargill Muirson of Jean Muir178931792 Died 3rd January; aged 3 years 3 months

362MunroWilliam Munrofirst name on this monument1836501886id: 111882562661072Died 22nd August
Jane Elizabeth Munrodaughter of William Munro
Madeline … Munrodaughter of William Munro

363MurphyMargaret Murphyfirst name on this monument1811831894id: 111082125591710731Died 16th January.
Henry Murphyhusband of Margaret Murphy
Maureen Ann McFarlane1936121948 Died 22nd August

364MurrayGeorge Murrayfirst name on this monumentid: 1141425635610823
Mary Cameron Murraydaughter of George Murray74
Daniel C Murrayson of George Murray
George Murrayson of George Murray
Mary Murraywife of George Murray

365MurrayWilliam Murrayfirst name on this monument1738831821id: 111093325596110721Wine merchant; New Street; Canongate. Died 8th January
Mary Murraydaughter of William Murray1775861861 Died 27th November
Margaret Murraywife of William Murray1738881826 Died 13th May

366MushetDavid Mushetfirst name on this monument1841231864no image25606510791Died 23rd June
Johnny Mushetbrother of David Mushet183731840 Died 23rd June
John Mushetfather of David Mushet1810791889 Died 6th March
Margaret Mushetmother of David Mushet1811791890 Died 15th February
Alice Falconer1851281879 Died 4th September
John T Falconer
James Mushet1844211865 Died 8th May
Elizabeth Ramage Mushetsister of David Mushet1928 Died 26th September
Margaret More Mushetsister of David Mushet1906 Died 23rd April

367NairnWilliam Nairnfirst name on this monument1819851904id: 1102325620110812Born in Paisley 12th July; died 2nd July
Margaret Nairndaughter of William Nairn1867591926 Born 21st February; died 18th March
Elspeth Nairnwife of William Nairn1824821906 Born 4th March; died 20th October

368NairneAlexander Nairnefirst name on this monument1795581853id: 110722562221082Died 4th April
Mary Julia Nairnedaughter of Alexander Nairne1843 Died 3rd July; aged 4 months
Alexander Nairneson of Alexander Nairne184121843 Died 13th June

369NapierWilliam Napierfirst name on this monument1820481868id: 1115325625010841Died 10th April
Catherine Napierdaughter of William Napier1854631917 Died 24th May
Margaret Napierdaughter of William Napier185711858 Died 10 May; aged 11 months
William Napierson of William Napier1852191871 Died 16th March
Catherine Napierwife of William Napier1822691891 Died 16th March
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370NeilMary Agnes Neilfirst name on this monument1854421896id: 111822562631071Erected by her pupils and fellow teacher of the John Neilson Instituion; Paisley; born 5th May; died 20th September

371NelsonDavid Nelsonfirst name on this monument1856id: 112025225609010992
Eliza Nelsondaughter-in-law of David Nelson1811631874
Frances Nelsondaughter-in-law of David Nelson1821641885 Died 25th April
Isabella Nelsondaughter-in-law of David Nelson1861371898 Died 26th November; year may be wrong.
Stewart Nelsondaughter-in-law of David Nelson1938 Died 26th December
David Nelsongrand son of David Nelson
James Nelsongrand son of David Nelson
Oliver Nelsongrand son of David Nelson
Thomas Nelsongrand son of David Nelson1878541932 Died January 10th
Alfred Nelsonson of David Nelson1904 Died July
Robert R Nelsonson of David Nelson1899 Died 28th December
Thomas P Nelsonson of David Nelson1892 Died 5th May
Anne Nelsonwife of David Nelson1777721849

372NessDavid Nessfirst name on this monument1786661852id: 112002725599311353Sculptor; Leith Walk. Died October 19th.
Patrick David Grieve1825431868 Royal Bank Of Scotland. Died 3rd October. Born 1819 in Edinburgh. Married to David's daughter Jessie Ness.
Catherine Maxwell1814501864 Died in Perth; 10th February. Interred here. Daughter of David.
Robert Maxwell1802381840 of Maxwellton Place; Glasgow. Died at Strathwillam Cottage; Isle of Arran; 28th October. Interred in the College Churchyard; Glasgow. Son-in-law to David, married to Catherine.
Esther Fleming Ness1761781839 Died August 7th Esther is the wife of David Ness, not buried there, and the mother of the David listed there, and also of William
Jessie Ness1902 Died at Portobello; 3rd May. David's daughter, born 1818 in Leith, Edinburgh.
Margaret Ness1885 Died December 16th. Born 1821 in Edinburgh. Daughter of David.
Robert Ness182321825 Died April 10th
Charlotte Plenderleath1928 Died 4th September; buried at Studland; Dorset. David's granddaughter, Charlotte Plenderleath Grieve, daughter of Patrick and Jessie Grieve. Born 1860 in Portobello, Edinburgh.
Esther Ness Stewart1815291844 Died at Williams Ville; Trinidad; West Indies; December 21st. Born 14 Feb 1819 in Edinburgh. Daughter of David.
Katherine Nesswife of David Ness1860 Died May 4th.

373NessJohn Nessfirst name on this monument1774611835id: 1094025617110872Builder; died 17th October
Elizabeth Goldie Lambdaughter of John Ness1807671874 Died 27th September
John Nessson of John Ness1814251839 Baker; died 3rd August
Francis Lambson-in-law of John Ness1805621867 Born 5th August; died 6th January
Elizabeth Nesswife of John Ness1787751862 Died 8th August

374NewbiggingRobert Newbiggingfirst name on this monument1768691837id: 113602563361072Sometime of Wapherflatt in the county of … born 10th November; died 26th March

375NewtonWilliam Hood Newtonfirst name on this monument1771791850id: 112005525600810822Died January 24th
Mary Newtonwife of William Hood Newton1775731848 Died January 27th

376NicolEliza Nicolfirst name on this monumentid: 112752562991093
John Nicolhusband of Eliza Nicol

377NicolsonDavid Nicolsonfirst name on this monument1791701861id: 11200792560211102Died 31st January. For nearly half a century merchant in Canongate and for many years a magistrate of that burgh.
Anne Mcleod Simpson1817631880 Beloved wife of … Simpson
Christian Millarwife of David Nicolson1898711969 Died 23rd January

378OliverRobert Oliverfirst name on this monument1808691877id: 11107662559011071Died 15th March
Margaret Oliverwife of Robert Oliver1812581870 Died 4th October

379OliverThomas Oliverfirst name on this monument1844no image2563781070Lochend; died 30th March
Susan Menleithdaughter of Thomas Oliver1881 Died at Plas Esgair; Llanbrynmair; Montgomery; 8th January; interred there.
Granville Thorold Stuart Menleithson-in-law of Thomas Oliver
Susan Oliverwife of Thomas Oliver1800871887 Died after surviving her husband more than 40 years; 27th August

380OmanCharles Omanfirst name on this monument1766591825no image25630610962Died 16th August
??? Hilldaughter of Charles Oman1808351843 Died 12th January
Grace Omanwife of Charles Oman1776681844 Died 26th October

381OrmistonSusan Roy Ormistonfirst name on this monument1848341882id: 11107612558991072Died 2nd april

382OrrThomas Orrfirst name on this monument45id: 11200392560011076Died 11th March
John Orr1812431855 Died at Montreal; 20th April
Catherine Orrwife of Thomas Orr1786601846 Died 3rd August
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383PaeJames Paefirst name on this monument1774811855id: 112018725607010811Died 31st August
Mary Paedaughter of James Pae
George Paeson of James Pae
James Paeson of James Pae1811731884 Died 1st December
John Paeson of James Pae
Margaret Paewife of James Pae1779811860 Died March 26th

384PageAndrew Pagefirst name on this monument1785421827id: 113482563291088Surgeon; one of the best of sons; brothers and friends; born 3rd February; died 26th May

385PantonAnn Jane Pantonfirst name on this monument1860id: 114182563581073Died 25th April

386PatersonAndrew Patersonfirst name on this monument1765721837id: 112112562741092Solicitor Supreme Courts; died 17th September
Catherine Finlaydaughter of Andrew Paterson1819641883 Died at Lochleven Lodge; Trinity; 26th February
Eliza Patersondaughter of Andrew Paterson1821491870 Died at Stow; March
James Wyld Patersongrand son of Andrew Paterson1826141840 Died at Wardie Villa; June
Agnes Davidson1816811897 Faithful servant and valued friend of the family the late Rev. G. M. Middleton; died 10th January
G M Middleton
Adam Patersonson of Andrew Paterson1814271841 Eldest son; died at Paris; Upper Canada 21st March; buried there.
Andrew Murray Patersonson of Andrew Paterson1824381862 Died at Deercassel; Germany; 26th June
John Patersonson of Andrew Paterson1827151842 Youngest son; died at Newcastle 16th June
Christian Patersonwife of Andrew Paterson1791771868 Died at Wardie Villa 15th March

387PatersonAnn Patersonfirst name on this monument1766831849id: 109772561861066
R Patersonhusband of Ann Paterson

388PatersonJohn Patersonfirst name on this monument1834id: 11109262559581089Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 26th July
Alexander Badenoch1836 Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”?Died 9th October
Alexander Gordon1887 Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 7th November
Harold Green1845 Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 27th December
Joseph Mantica1852 Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 31st August
John McCartney1840 Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 24th June
Jacob Monaghan1852 Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 27th June

389PatersonRobert Patersonfirst name on this monument1794611855id: 109902561911083Music Seller; died 24th October
Jessie Patersondaughter of Robert Paterson182691835 Died 5th December; aged 9½
Josephine Laura Patersonwife of Robert Paterson1785641849 Died 26th January

390Patison??? Patisonfirst name on this monumentid: 11202102560751066To the dear memory of the Patison family; 1817-1922

391PatonJohn Patonfirst name on this monument1822571879id: 11203522561281078Died 20th November
Lizzie Jack Patersonadopted daughter of John Paton1888251913 Died 17th December
Elizabeth Patersondaughter of John Paton1852601912 Died 26th January
George Patersonson-in-law of John Paton
Elizabeth Patonwife of John Paton1828641892 Died 13th April

392PattisonG Pattisonfirst name on this monument1770691839id: 1086225614210731Merchant with wooler in Northumbria; Born 4th May; died 26th March; name is Gul...m???
Agnes Pattisondaughter of G Pattison1808761884 Born 6th July; died 10th July
Elizabeth Pattisondaughter of G Pattison1800741874 Born 16th April; died 22nd May
Jane Pattisondaughter of G Pattison1802641866 Born 4th May; died 29th April
Agnes Pattison1845151860 Born 6th January; died 30th September
Car Edv Pattison1896221918 died 2nd April
Elizabeth Pattison1843411884 Born 12th June; died 7th August
G Ralph Pattison1837351872 Born 12th July; died 26th March
George Pattison1839181857 Born 6th November; died 10th August
Georgia Handasyde Pattison1806791885 Born 25th September; died 5th April
Marianne Pattison1818571875 Born 12th March; died 26th August
Marie Pattison1805511856 Born 4th March; died 9th June
Agnes Pattisonwife of G Pattison1770791849 Born 14th February; died 8th March

393PhilbinMichael Philbinfirst name on this monument1826561882id: 1097325618411691Died April
Martin Philbinson of Michael Philbin29 Died October; year looks very strange
Margaret Philbinwife of Michael Philbin1832601892 Died August
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394PitcairnRobert Pitcairnfirst name on this monument1793621855id: 112572562941107Author of 'Scottish Criminal Trials' etc; born 17th August; died 11th July
Hester Hine Hunt Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1850801930 Born 14th February; died 20th March; interred at Alwington
Jane Kincaid Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn184901849 Born 6th February; died 19th September
Mary Hine Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1842561898 Born 9th July; died 12th January; interred at Alwington
Augustus William Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1854571911 Born 25th September; died 8th October; interred at Alwington
George Kincaid Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1847741921 Born 15th November; died 8th January; interred at Richmond Hill Cemetery
Henry Hunt Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1843451888 Late of Tiroran; Mull J.P. Born 25th June; died 5th August
John Hine Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1852551907 Born 21st October; died 3rd April; interred at Littleham; Devonshire
Robert Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn184101841 Born 29th July; died 11th August
Robert James Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1846441890 Born 15th June; died 6th February at Moscow; Russia; and interred there
Hester Hine Pitcairnwife of Robert Pitcairn1812911903 Born 31st October; died 7th April; interred at Alwington; Devonshire

395PitcairnRobert Pitcairnfirst name on this monument1759791838id: 1125925629610852Writer; died 11th June
Elizabeth Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1788851873 Eldest daughter; born 12th March; died 11th November
Margaret Pitcairndaughter of Robert Pitcairn1796681864 Second daughter; born 1st May; died 9th August
George Kincaid Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1809451854 Fourth son; born 21st July; died at Kotlubie; Turkey; 16th August
John Kincaid Pitcairnson of Robert Pitcairn1826 Eldest son; died at the Island of Java; 25th October
Jane Pitcairnwife of Robert Pitcairn1764751839 Died 11th September

396PlenderleathPatrick Plenderleathfirst name on this monument1745851830id: 111091125595010723Died 16th December
David Plenderleathfather of Patrick Plenderleath One of the ministers of Edinburgh
Ann Plenderleathwife of Patrick Plenderleath1753831836 Died 18th February

397PollockMargaret Pollockfirst name on this monument1766771843id: 110752562231084Died November
John Pollockhusband of Margaret Pollock Minister of Govan
Gray Pollockson of Margaret Pollock1802341836 Died Jalapa; Mexico; 25th June

398PowellAnthony James Powellfirst name on this monument1830521882id: 110192562001082Circus Proprietor; died 7th September
Ellen Corriganmother-in-law of Anthony James Powell1810771887 Died 7th January

399PrattDavid Prattfirst name on this monument1771701841id: 111080325591110871Born October; Died 31st December.
Peatsecond husband of wife of David Pratt Rn
Adam Fyfe
Catherine Fyfe Died on 7th December
Peat1813661879 Died 20th June. Viewforth House
Elizabeth Prattwife of David Pratt1863 Died 28th June

400QuinetMary Quinetfirst name on this monument1771id: 113472563281089Born 9th March; died at Holyrood Palace
John Quinethusband of Mary Quinet
George Quinetson of Mary Quinet1814 Born 25th February; died 26th June

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