New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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201HamiltonRobert Hamiltonfirst name on this monument181151816id: 11203532561291067Born 3rd March; died 12th July

202HandysideHugh Handysidefirst name on this monument1764701834id: 1092125616211125Died 21st April
Amelia Handysidedaughter-in-law of Hugh Handyside1886 Died 19th August
Anne Innes Handysidedaughter-in-law of Hugh Handyside1876 Died 25th October
Harriet Handyside1812221834 From St. Petersburg; died 21st March
Charles Baird Handysideson of Hugh Handyside1869 Died at Boulogne; 2nd February
Charles E Handysideson of Hugh Handyside1860 Bengal … youngest son; died 2nd September
H Ronaldson Handysideson of Hugh Handyside1865 Eldest son; died at Rurnool, Madras; 31st October
Hugh Handysideson of Hugh Handyside Died at Kirkton Lodge; Murrayfield; 4th November
William Anderson Handysideson of Hugh Handyside183611837 Died May; aged 8 months
Margaret Handysidewife of Hugh Handyside1850 Died 15th April

203HandysideWilliam Handysidefirst name on this monument1793571850id: 11108092559131107Late of St. Petersburg. Born July 25th; died May 26th.
Elizabeth Baird1798591857 Born April 2nd; Died January 18th
John Baird
William Handysideson of William Handyside1858 Died at Cronstadt; Russia; July 11th; aged 9 months and 21 days
Sophia Gordon Handysidewife of William Handyside1798561854 Born November 18th; Died March 22

204HarkinsAgnes Harkinsfirst name on this monument1884id: 111072725588810802Age possibly 46.
Mary Cullindaughter of Agnes Harkins1879
Agnes Brunton D Harkinsdaughter of Agnes Harkins
Bridget Harkinsdaughter of Agnes Harkins
Bridget Harkinsdaughter of Agnes Harkins
Ellen Harkinsdaughter of Agnes Harkins1858141872
Michael Harkinshusband of Agnes Harkins Age possibly 51.
James Harkinsson of Agnes Harkins1872
John Harkinsson of Agnes Harkins
Francis Cullinson-in-law of Agnes Harkins1885 Year might be wrong

205HarknessJames Harknessfirst name on this monument1847221869id: 114482563741123Died 16th October
Helen Barber1796781874 Died 26th July
Richard Barber1796391835 Died 26th May
Christina Barber Harkness1871 Died 9th October
Helen Harkness1851191870 Died 17th January
Helen H Jamieson Harkness187001870 Died 22nd August; aged 7 months
Isabella Harkness1821651886 Died 20th March
James Harkness1825481873 Died 13th August
Peter Harkness1884331917 Lost his life through enemy action 4th May
Richard Harkness1904171921 Died 18th January
Richard Barber Harkness1854721926 Died 22nd November
Wilhelmina Harkness183721839 Died 30th October

206HarveyJames Harveyfirst name on this monument1825651890id: 111112562351074Bootmaker; died 30th May
Lilly Harveydaughter of James Harvey1861231884 Died 15th December
Mary Harveydaughter of James Harvey1858201878 Died 4th November
James Harvey1932 Died November 30th; cremated Colders Green ?
James Harveyson of James Harvey1847121859 Killed by accident at Winchburgh; June
John Harveyson of James Harvey184931852 Died 1st January
William Harveyson of James Harvey185531858 Died 19th July
Margaret Harveywife of James Harvey1828861914 Died 5th October Margaret nee Darling was my Great Grandmother, I believe, her brothers went to Australia and I do have a family line for Australia.

207HayAgnes Thornton Hayfirst name on this monument182661832id: 112008825602611033Eldest daughter.Born 20th January; died 24th September
Alexander Haybrother of Agnes Thornton Hay1843391882
Frederic Haybrother of Agnes Thornton Hay24 Third son; died 24th September
Walter Haybrother of Agnes Thornton Hay1838161854 Fifth son; born 10th December; died 7th May
William Jack Haybrother of Agnes Thornton Hay1834221856 Fourth son; died 30th December
John Hayfather of Agnes Thornton Hay1792671859 For 14 years inspector and treasurer of the city parish of Edinburgh. Died 29th January. Recorder of these grounds from 11th May 1831-21st October 1845. Presented to him by the Incorporated Trades of Calton on his leaving their service.
Agnes Wilhelmina Haygrand niece of Agnes Thornton Hay185711858 Died 30th June; aged 16 months
Mary Burns Haymother of Agnes Thornton Hay1799551854 Born 25th October; died 16th February. Married 33 years
Agnes Elizabeth Haysister of Agnes Thornton Hay184421846
Christian Haysister of Agnes Thornton Hay1832221854 Fourth daughter; born 9th June; died 16th May
Margaret Haysister of Agnes Thornton Hay1810261836 Third daughter; died 28th November
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208HayArnold A Hayfirst name on this monument1881id: 115292564101082Born 11th November; died 13th July
Edmund John Haybrother of Arnold A Hay1885821967 Born 18th February; died 5th February
John Hayfather of Arnold A Hay1854501904 Born 15th March; died 27th January
Georgina Haymother of Arnold A Hay1852761928 Born 9th March; died 13th January
Richard St John Haynephew of Arnold A Hay1914932007 Cremated; born 10th January; died 30th April
Isabella White1848401888 Died 13th November

209HayJohn Hayfirst name on this monument1836id: 1135025633110852Garden Architect; died 12th November Born 1758. Worked on a number of prestigious estates but known mostly for his sophisticated glasshouse designs.
Margaret Haydaughter of John Hay1882 Died 9th December
Margaret Nicholson Haydaughter of John Hay1886 Died 29th May
Rachel Haydaughter of John Hay1868 Died February
Alexander Hayson of John Hay1834 Died 23rd August
George Hayson of John Hay1872 Died 23rd March
James Hayson of John Hay1820 Died in infancy
John Hayson of John Hay1835 Died 13th December
William Hayson of John Hay1834 Died 29th March
Janet Haywife of John Hay1836 Died 16th May

210HayMargaret Jane Hayfirst name on this monument184461850id: 11201032560311119Born at sea; November 22nd; died 31st October
Norman William Bethune Haybrother of Margaret Jane Hay185161857 Born at Calcutta; June 13th; died at Hastings; March 14th
Andrew Hayfather of Margaret Jane Hay1818741892 Born May 21st; Died at London May 7th; interred here May 12th
Elizabeth Haymother of Margaret Jane Hay1826431869 Died at Bombay; April 12th
Emily Jane Haysister of Margaret Jane Hay184701847 Born at Calcutta; September 15th; died December 22nd
Isobella Haysecond wife of husband of Margaret Jane Hay Second wife of Andrew Hay

211HayMary Hayfirst name on this monument1785781863id: 1085125613911024Died 30th January; married 51 years.
Mary Nisbetdaughter of Mary Hay1819541873 Died 28th January
Jessie Shennandaughter of Mary Hay1813601873 Died 28th August
Peter Hayfather-in-law of Mary Hay1750881838 Died 16th February
Alexander Hayhusband of Mary Hay1787871874 Merchant. Died 10th May
Janet Haymother-in-law of Mary Hay1757641821 Died 22nd April
??? Hayson of Mary Hay1836141850 Died 28th January. First name very hard to make out.
Alexander Hayson of Mary Hay1825631888 Died 1st March
James Hirst Hayson of Mary Hay182761833 Died 28th September
John Hayson of Mary Hay1817771894 Died 17th March
William Hayson of Mary Hay1819451864 Died in America; 1st April
James Nisbetson-in-law of Mary Hay
John Shennanson-in-law of Mary Hay Builder

212HayPeter Hayfirst name on this monument1786511837no image2561531076Merhcant. Died 26th February
Isabella Haydaughter of Peter Hay1816681884 Died 2nd August
Jessie Haydaughter of Peter Hay1826621888 Died 9th February
Charles Hayson of Peter Hay1828301858 Died 14th November
Daniel Hayson of Peter Hay1820231843 Died 14th December
Duncan Hayson of Peter Hay1834421876 Died 12th March
Duncan Hayson of Peter Hay183021832 Died 6th December
John Hayson of Peter Hay1817271844 Died in Matches ?
Peter Hayson of Peter Hay1824631887 Died May
Thomas Bathgate Hayson of Peter Hay1834431877
William Alexander Hayson of Peter Hay183561841 Died 11th February
Alison Haywife of Peter Hay1795581853 Died 15th July

213HayThomas Congalton Hayfirst name on this monument1847591906id: 1104525621010882Burgh Assessor of Edinburgh; died 27th March
Annie Boak Haydaughter of Thomas Congalton Hay1867431910 Died 14th January; eldest daughter
Elizabeth Congalton Haydaughter of Thomas Congalton Hay1872631935 Died 19th October
Adam Hayson of Thomas Congalton Hay1877661943 Youngest son; died 5th January
Mary Ann Haywife of Thomas Congalton Hay1847731920 Died 17th July
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214HendersonJohn Hendersonfirst name on this monument1765591824id: 109492561751069Died at Wester Duddingston; 19th May
Anne Hendersondaughter-in-law of John Henderson1807631870 Died 7th June
Thomas Hendersonson of John Henderson1794641858 Died 2nd July
Grizel Hendersonwife of John Henderson1759861845 Died 14th November

215HendersonThomas Hendersonfirst name on this monument1775481823id: 11518
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25640511315Merchant; died 30th August
Isabella Dugondaughter of Thomas Henderson1837851922
Christina Hendersondaughter of Thomas Henderson1830111841 Died at Prestonpans
Jane Lamontdaughter of Thomas Henderson1834611895
Christian Hendersondaughter-in-law of Thomas Henderson1806611867
Hannah Kerr182931832
A L Hendersonson of Thomas Henderson1839681907 No clues as to male or female
Thomas Hendersonson of Thomas Henderson1806771883
Thomas Hendersonson of Thomas Henderson1830441874 Died at Australia
Catherine Hendersonwife of Thomas Henderson1778471825

216HeriotIsabella Howden Heriotfirst name on this monument1771711842id: 1150225639910803Died 22nd October
Agnes Anne Heriotdaughter of Isabella Howden Heriot1837
James Heriothusband of Isabella Howden Heriot
James Kennedy Heriotson of Isabella Howden Heriot1807151822 Died 6th April

217HeriotWilliam Heriotfirst name on this monument1790701860id: 115802564311080Died 3rd July
Isabella Heriotdaughter of William Heriot20 Died 17th December; year is 185?
Jane Lee Heriotdaughter of William Heriot
Richard Waterston Gibb Heriotson of William Heriot1832681900 Merchant; died 10th April
Jane Heriotwife of William Heriot1791801871 Died 14th January

218HeslopJoseph Heslopfirst name on this monument1800481848id: 113952563461080Of Gilling Near Richmond; Yorkshire. Died 22nd August. He had been a faithful servant in the Earl of Zetland's family upwards of 30 years. And as a token of sincere respect; this stone is erected to his memory by the united contributions of his fellow servants

219HewatIsabella Margaret Hewatfirst name on this monument1838101848id: 114262563611080Died 23rd June. Stone is broken in half; no other info; apart from it was erected by a widow in rememberance of his children

220HillMary Hillfirst name on this monument1898id: 114272563621073Youngest daughter; died 31st August
Andrew Brownfather of Mary Hill1782671849 Road Surveyor; Old Monkland. Died 2nd May
James M Hillhusband of Mary Hill Of Esplanade; Greenock
Mary Brownmother of Mary Hill1789591848 Died 1st July
Betsy Brownsister of Mary Hill1812271839 Died 16th January

221HillsArchibald Hillsfirst name on this monument1836id: 112018425606810953Died 13th August
Elizabeth Hillsdaughter of Archibald Hills1803831886 Died 29th October
Charlotte Savigrand daughter of Archibald Hills1843331876 Daughter of the late William Ingram; died 21st February
William Ingram Copland; Roxburghshire
James Hillsson of Archibald Hills
Elizabeth Hillswife of Archibald Hills1833 Died 11th August

222HodgsonWilliam H Hodgsonfirst name on this monumentid: 11202802561021073Of Rochdale

223HogWalter Hogfirst name on this monument1734691803id: 112036425613510672Died in April. Manager for the British Linen Company
Eleanora Hogdaughter of Walter Hog1762731835 Died December

224HoggAdam Hoggfirst name on this monumentid: 112021625607710991Of the Honble. E.I. Co. Service
Alexander Hoggbrother of Adam Hogg1784471831 Died 30th April
Isabel Hoggmother of Adam Hogg1754651819 Died 29th January
Margaret Hoggsister-in-law of Adam Hogg1782571839 Died 22nd May

225HoggJohn Hoggfirst name on this monument1846id: 113102563121171Papermaker; Colinton Mills; died 27th November. Also three children who died in infancy
Anne Caroline Fraser Hoggdaughter of John Hogg1859 Died 6th December
Wilhelmina Hoggdaughter of John Hogg1845 Died 24th February
Ann Fraser1852 Died April
Jane Fraser1862 Died 10th January
Susan Fraser1829
William Fraser
John Hoggson of John Hogg1867 Died 16th August
William Hoggson of John Hogg1866 Died 15th June
Janet Hoggwife of John Hogg1872 Died 27th February
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226HooperCrescentius Samuel Field Hooperfirst name on this monument1837201857id: 11200402560021067
Walter Field Hooperbrother of Crescentius Samuel Field Hooper Erected by
Samuel Field Hooperfather of Crescentius Samuel Field Hooper

227HowdenAlexander Adam Howdenfirst name on this monument183591844id: 1150125639810782Aged 9 years and 7 months
??? Howdenfather of Alexander Adam Howden
Isabella Meriot Howdensister of Alexander Adam Howden6

228HowdenElizabeth Ponton Howdenfirst name on this monumentid: 112018325606711744
Andrew Howdenbrother of Elizabeth Ponton Howden
Charles Howdenbrother of Elizabeth Ponton Howden Interred in the cemetery Larne; Ireland
James Howdenbrother of Elizabeth Ponton Howden Interred at San Francisco; USA
John Howdenbrother of Elizabeth Ponton Howden John Howden was a very good friend of my Great Grandfather, Alexander Maclean, who was a Carpenter & Builder. He owned the land in which their house stands and his name has come up in various documents to do with my family, and would love to find a photo of him. Anyone that could help in trying to find a photo of him, would be wonderful. My email address is Thank you for any help given.
Mathew Howdenbrother of Elizabeth Ponton Howden
William Howdenbrother of Elizabeth Ponton Howden Interred at San Francisco; USA
Mathew Howdenfather of Elizabeth Ponton Howden Of 50 Minto Street; Edinburgh
Ann Howdenmother of Elizabeth Ponton Howden Died with three of their children; who died in infancy
Anne Howdensister of Elizabeth Ponton Howden Interred in Tomnahurich; Inverness
Catherine Howdensister of Elizabeth Ponton Howden Interred in Tomnahurich; Inverness

229HowdenJohn Howdenfirst name on this monument1800381838id: 1104925621210842Goldsmith and jeweller; died 14th December
Isabella Howdendaughter of John Howden Second daughter ???
Jane Russell Howdendaughter of John Howden1834481882 Fourth daughter; died 21st December
Marion Howdendaughter of John Howden1898 Eldest daughter; died November
Tomima Howdendaughter of John Howden1926 Third daughter; died 2nd February
Christina Howdenwife of John Howden85 Died 28th May

230HumeElizabeth Humefirst name on this monument1793491842id: 112002125599111122Died 10th February
William Humehusband of Elizabeth Hume1789721861 Senior.
Jessie Holmes1802601862 Died 10th May
Catherine Hume1833121845 Born 25th April; Died 26th February
James Hume182511826 Born 29th January; died 2nd April
John Hume182331826 Born 28th March; died 1st February
John Hume182981837 Born 28th May; Died 18th April
Joseph Hume1841 Born 29th October; died 20th December
Susan Waugh Hume1848 Born 5th November; Died 14th November
William Hume Junior.
Susan Humesecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Hume1804441848 Died 7th November

231HumeJohn Humefirst name on this monument1801481849id: 111097325597110731Late of the General Register House; born 19th October; died 7th December
John Humefather of John Hume Sector of the Burgh School Kirkcaldy
Marion Humemother of John Hume1848 Died 20th October
John ???62

232HumeWilliam Humefirst name on this monument1777691846id: 1131425631410981Merchant; died 9th July
Agnes Humedaughter of William Hume181711818 Born 10th December; died 12th March
Agnes Scoon Humedaughter of William Hume1923 Died 8th April
Margaret Humedaughter of William Hume182401824 Born 25th June; died 30th September
Mary Humedaughter of William Hume1936 Died 4th July
Jane Humedaughter-in-law of William Hume1825421867 Died 29th February
John Humeson of William Hume Erected by; 24th September 1847
John Humeson of William Hume1821851906 Died 4th October. Also six of his children in died in infancy
Joseph Humeson of William Hume Erected by; 24th September 1847
William Humeson of William Hume181661822 Born 21st April; died 26th December
William Scoon Humeson of William Hume182221824 Born 15th November; died 3rd October
Agnes Humewife of William Hume1782421824 Died 13th August

233HuntCharles Huntfirst name on this monument1758761834id: 108892561541072Banker; Dunfermline; died 13th January
Mary Huntdaughter-in-law of Charles Hunt1797651862 Died 20th June
Charles Normand Huntgrand son of Charles Hunt1828211849 Died 6th February
James Huntgrand son of Charles Hunt1828511879 of Navity. Died 13th October
William Henry Huntgrand son of Charles Hunt1839 Died 7th January in infancy
William Huntson of Charles Hunt1795591854 Died 9th October
Susan Huntwife of Charles Hunt1767871854 Died 26th December; buried at Dysart
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234HunterAndrew Hunterfirst name on this monument1782841866id: 1133125632010864Born 3rd Feburary; died 21st September
Maria Hunterdaughter-in-law of Andrew Hunter1825601885 Born 7th February; died 11th January
Andrew Huntergrand son of Andrew Hunter1860761936 Born 5th July; died 17th January; eldest son
Andrew Hunterson of Andrew Hunter1811221833 Second son; born 24th July; died 25th January
David Hunterson of Andrew Hunter1813521865 Third son; born 16th June; died 29th October
James Hunterson of Andrew Hunter1809311840 Eldest son; born 19th October; died 1st January
John Hunterson of Andrew Hunter181611817 Fourth son; born 19th January; died 26th July
Alison Hunterwife of Andrew Hunter1785631848 Born 22nd June; died 28th April

235HunterRob Hunterfirst name on this monument1953411994id: 11108562559361071Architect.

236HunterWilliam Hunterfirst name on this monument1815id: 112702562971094Merchant; High Street; Edin. Died 15th October
Ann Browndaughter of William Hunter1831 Widow of William Brown and David Brown
Janet Browngrand daughter of William Hunter1900 Died 13th March
Margaret Gibson Browngrand daughter of William Hunter1900 Died 6th August
Wilhelmina Browngrand daughter of William Hunter1900 Died 3rd May
David Brownson-in-law of William Hunter1872 Died 12th December
William Brownson-in-law of William Hunter

237HutchisonMargaret Hutchisonfirst name on this monument1849811930id: 1118425626410773Died 17th September
Margaret White Hutchisondaughter of Margaret Hutchison1872 Died 1st April; aged 11 months
Mary White Hutchisondaughter of Margaret Hutchison188371890 Died 6th February
Alexander Hutchisonhusband of Margaret Hutchison1841481889 Died 5th January

238HyndeMargaret Seymour Elliot Hyndefirst name on this monument1836361872id: 111232562381086Died 10th May
Thomas Hyndehusband of Margaret Seymour Elliot Hynde1834731907 Died 20th March
Alexander Mckenzie Hyndeson of Margaret Seymour Elliot Hynde1863341897 Died 3rd September
Thomas W Hyndeson of Margaret Seymour Elliot Hynde1866301896 Died 9th February
William Hyndeson of Margaret Seymour Elliot Hynde186111862 Died 1st March; aged 10 months
Margaret Hyndesecond wife of husband of Margaret Seymour Elliot Hynde1831641895 Died 26th August

239InglisJohn Inglisfirst name on this monument1775891864no image25611710811Builder; died 24th March
Grace Inglisdaughter of John Inglis1812351847 Died 27th July
Alfred Dufrayer1803421845 Born in Paris 28th March; died in Rothsay; 13th April
Mary Inglis1769621831 Died 8th May
Andrew Inglisson of John Inglis1814271841 Killed in Cabul; 2nd November
Robert Inglisson of John Inglis1807381845 Died 3rd June
Euphemia Ingliswife of John Inglis1782871869 Died 7th December

240InglisJohn Inglisfirst name on this monument1810811891id: 112822563031073Of Glencourse. Right Honourable. Dean of Faculty of Advocates. Lord Justice General; Lord President of the court of session and chancellor of the university. Born 21st August; died 20th August
Alexander Wood Inglisson of John Inglis1845841929 Born 14th April; died 8th May; of Glencorse
Harry Herbet Inglisson of John Inglis1848591907 Born 21st July; died 6th October
John David Inglisson of John Inglis1843181861 Died 9th November
Isabella Mary Ingliswife of John Inglis1820351855 Died 29th November

241InglisWilliam Inglisfirst name on this monument1767661833id: 112010125603011092Died 13th October
Ann Inglisdaughter of William Inglis1815631878 Eldest daughter; died 3rd January
Eliza Inglisdaughter of William Inglis1872 Second daughter; died 22nd November
Helen Inglisdaughter of William Inglis Fourth daughter; died 14th January
Margaret Inglisdaughter of William Inglis1845 Youngest daughter
Helen Ingliswife of William Inglis1846 Died 10th November

242IvoryJames Ivoryfirst name on this monument1792741866id: 111099725598010791

243JenkinsRichard Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1782691851id: 1158925643310901Died 5th May
Louisa Hamiltondaughter of Richard Jenkins44
Caroline Susannah Jenkinsdaughter of Richard Jenkins18
Susannah Lavinia Jenkinsdaughter of Richard Jenkins Aged 13 months
Philip Parry Jenkinsson of Richard Jenkins7
Richard Jenkinsson of Richard Jenkins21
W Hamiltonson-in-law of Richard Jenkins
Susannah Jenkinswife of Richard Jenkins1781831864 Died 17th September
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244JohnstonAdam Johnstonfirst name on this monument1749791828id: 115242564071086Sometime of Crossrigg Berwickshire; born at … 12th November; died 10th March
Agnes Johnstondaughter of Adam Johnston1870 Died at Burntisland; 7th December
Adam Johnstonson of Adam Johnston1839201859 Born at Crossrigg 7th November; died 24th August
James Johnstonson of Adam Johnston1875 Died at Burntisland; 6th September

245JohnstonHelen Johnstonfirst name on this monumentid: 11203092561141070Died 31st October
Helen Johnstondaughter of Helen Johnston1892 Died 21st October
Janet Johnstondaughter of Helen Johnston Born 8th September; died 12th June ??
James Johnstonhusband of Helen Johnston1770871857 Died September
John Johnstonson of Helen Johnston1833701903 Died 30th March

246JohnstonJames Johnstonfirst name on this monument1785671852id: 111078825590610772Bengal Army. Died 27th June
Patrick Johnstonbrother of James Johnston1865 Bengal Army. Died 21st March
Alcie Howdensister of James Johnston1878 Died 12th September
Ann Johnstonsister of James Johnston1875 Died 4th November

247JohnstonJohn Johnstonfirst name on this monument1796761872id: 1129625630711022Surveyor; died 7th September
Agnes Ramsey Johnstondaughter of John Johnston
Rachel Johnstondaughter of John Johnston1851611912 Died 27th May
John Johnstonson of John Johnston1830121842 Died 11th October
Robert Johnstonson of John Johnston1836171853 Died 16th July
Jean Johnstonwife of John Johnston1802721874 Died 20th January

248JohnstonRobert Thomas Johnstonfirst name on this monument1866311897id: 113462563271075Died 10th July
Isabella Johnstonmother of Robert Thomas Johnston1839691908 Died 2nd October

249JohnstonThomas Johnstonfirst name on this monument1826731899id: 11203042561121098Died 19th November
Jane Pearson Johnstondaughter of Thomas Johnston1875741949 Died December
Thomas Johnstonfather of Thomas Johnston1805671872 Died 24th April
Mary Rita Johnstongrand daughter of Thomas Johnston190511906 Died 8th April; aged 1 year 10 months
Thomas Johnstongrand father of Thomas Johnston80
Agnes Johnstongrand mother of Thomas Johnston70
Margaret Johnstonmother of Thomas Johnston1804621866 Died 21st June
Margaret Fordniece of Thomas Johnston
George P Johnstonson of Thomas Johnston
William Pearson Johnstonson of Thomas Johnston1868381906 Died 20th June
Maggie Chisholm Johnstonsister of Thomas Johnston5 Aged 5½ years
Annie Johnstonwife of Thomas Johnston1841711912 Died 18th June

250JohnstonW Johnstonfirst name on this monument1751721823id: 114732563841083Formerly tenant of Hawkslaw in Berwickshire; died 24th May
Agnes Johnstondaughter of W Johnston1841 Died 8th April
Margaret Johnstondaughter of W Johnston1831 Died 13th May
Adam Johnstonson of W Johnston1845 Died 12th April
Agnes Johnstonwife of W Johnston1760801840 Died 7th August

251JohnstonWilliam Johnstonfirst name on this monument1804661870id: 111097725597210731Joppa. Died 29th August
Elizabeth Kincaid Johnsondaughter of William Johnston1838781916 Died 12th June
Isabella Johnstonwife of William Johnston1808611869 Died 10th November

252JohnstoneJohn Johnstonefirst name on this monument1806541860id: 1106425621810721Publisher of the Scottish Christian Herald; also the Christian Treasury; born 14th March; died 17th May
Jane Johnstonewife of John Johnstone

253JordanRichard Jordanfirst name on this monumentid: 108442561361067
Elizabeth Jordandaughter of Richard Jordan
Maria Jordandaughter of Richard Jordan

254KayCharles Kayfirst name on this monument1808721880id: 1134525632611021Commercial traveller; born 27th June; died at Bonnyrigg 29th May
Catherine Huttondaughter of Charles Kay1836351871 Died 25th November
Barbara Kaydaughter of Charles Kay Died in infancy
Rosina Kaydaughter-in-law of Charles Kay1839271866 Died 19th November
Boswell Kayson of Charles Kay Died in infancy
Charles Kayson of Charles Kay
James Fortune Kayson of Charles Kay1845231868 Died 5th August
William Kayson of Charles Kay Died in infancy
Archibald Huttonson-in-law of Charles Kay
Christina Kaywife of Charles Kay1806431849 Died 11th August
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255KayJohn Kayfirst name on this monument1798731871id: 115692564281081Merchant; born February; died 29th March
Helen Kayaunt of John Kay1775881863 Born 17th March; died 10th February
Daniel Stalkerbrother-in-law of John Kay
Colin Kayfather of John Kay1770661836 Died 4th February
Colin Kay Stalkernephew of John Kay1831521883 Died at Melbourne; Victoria; Australia; born 15th June; died 27th February
John Stalkernephew of John Kay1829561885 Died at Melbourne; Victoria; Australia; 27th March; interred in Melbourne Cemetery
Colin Kayson of John Kay Aged 11 months
John Kayson of John Kay2 Aged 2 years 3 months
John Kayson of John Kay1836801916 At Chiverton; Wakefield Nelson; New Zealand; born 29th February; died 2nd February; buried in St. John's Churchyard; Wakefield; New Zealand
Peter Ferguson Kayson of John Kay1
Anne Stalkersister of John Kay1806751881 Born March; died 2nd May
Janet Kaywife of John Kay1798391837 Died 17th November

256KayPeter Kayfirst name on this monumentid: 111752562591075
Jane Kaywife of Peter Kay1875 Died 11th April

257KennedyIsabella Kennedyfirst name on this monument1817521869id: 111282562401068Died 1st March; aged 10 months
Charles Johnston Kennedyhusband of Isabella Kennedy48 Cork manufacturer

258KennedyRobert Skeldon Kennedyfirst name on this monument1878651943id: 11109652559671076Born 6th August; died 4th February
Margaret G L S Kennedydaughter of Robert Skeldon Kennedy1994 Died 6th April
Margaret Mckean Kennedywife of Robert Skeldon Kennedy1943 Died 21st December

259KentCaroline Kentfirst name on this monument1804491853id: 11202182560781071Born 24th May; died 7th February
Hannah Davidson McKinnelldaughter of Caroline Kent1908 Died 17th March
Adam Kenthusband of Caroline Kent1801801881 Teacher; born December; died February
Thomas McKechneyson-in-law of Caroline Kent1886 Born January; died August

260KerCharles Henry Kerfirst name on this monumentid: 11202532560911070

261KerWilliam Kerfirst name on this monument1776641840id: 109922561921074Died 13th October
Jane Kerdaughter of William Ker1821201841 Died 18th February
John Kerson of William Ker1819671886 Died 4th October
Jane Kerwife of William Ker1783541837 Died 23rd April

262KerrJohn Kerrfirst name on this monument1826851911id: 11108332559221088Died West Linton; 9th December
Elizabeth Kerrdaughter of John Kerr1856141870 Born 3rd February; Died 6th September
John Kerrson of John Kerr1858391897 Born 31st January; Died 16th September
Thomas Kerrson of John Kerr185451859 Buried Coulter Churchyard. Born 26th May; Died 8th July
Lilias Kerrwife of John Kerr1817811898 Died 28th January

263KerrSarah Kerrfirst name on this monument1879641943id: 11200112559851078Died 7th November
John Kerrhusband of Sarah Kerr

264KiddDavid Kiddfirst name on this monumentid: 112027225609811061Merchant
John Kiddbrother of David Kidd1859 Died 1st January
Robert Kiddfather of David Kidd1823 Died 11th June
Jean Kiddmother of David Kidd1812741886 Died 29th August
Jane Christie1842731915 Died 12th March
Anne Chambers Kidd1846731919 Died 26th May
Kate Kiddniece of David Kidd1834501884 Died 17th August
Martha Kiddniece of David Kidd1831601891 Died November
Mina Kiddniece of David Kidd1829181847 Died 11th June
Jane Kiddsister-in-law of David Kidd1879 Died 15th January
Mary Anne Kiddwife of David Kidd1841581899 Died 12th October

265KincaidGeorge Kincaidfirst name on this monument1761id: 112582562951069Born 25th January; died 18th February

266KingArthur William Kingfirst name on this monument1818211839id: 109802561881067Died 12th May; student of medicine. Youngest son.
William Kingfather of Arthur William King Honorable East India Company's Artillery; Madras

267KinniburghRobert Kinniburghfirst name on this monument1780711851id: 111092825595911205Teacher in the Deaf and Dumb Institution. Died 26th August
Amilla Kinniburghdaughter of Robert Kinniburgh
Elizabeth Kinniburghdaughter of Robert Kinniburgh
Helen Kinniburghdaughter of Robert Kinniburgh
Camilla C Skae1853 Died 26th September
Ebenezer Skae
Joseph Kinniburghson of Robert Kinniburgh
Robert Kinniburghson of Robert Kinniburgh
Margaret Kinniburghwife of Robert Kinniburgh1772801852 Died 30th November
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268KirkDavid Kirkfirst name on this monument1710741784id: 11202302560821069Died 26th June
Margaret Kirkwife of David Kirk1690751765 Died February 28th
Helen Kirksecond wife of husband of David Kirk1702651767 Died 29th June

269KirkwoodJames Kirkwoodfirst name on this monumentid: 111085525593510731Also of their deceased children. No dates of death recorded.
Margaret Kirkwoodwife of James Kirkwood Also of their deceased children. No dates of death recorded.

270KnoxWilliam Knoxfirst name on this monument1789361825no image25634210891Eldest son; died at Leith; 12th November. Author of 'The Harp of Zion'. The poem entitled 'Mortality' is engraved in letters of gold on the walls of the Imperial Palace St. Petersburg. It was … favor ...Abraham Lincoln who … from in on the day of his assassination.
Thomas Knoxbrother of William Knox1797551852 of H.M. Customs; died 3rd April
Walter Turnbull Knoxbrother of William Knox Died at Slane near Drocheda; Ireland. Age has been left blank.
Thomas Knoxfather of William Knox Of Firth Roxburghshire
Andrew Langgrand nephew of William Knox183801838 First born child of Robert Laidlaw Lang and Barbara Turnbull Cochrane died 6th February aged 2 months
Thomas Langgrand nephew of William Knox1896 This monument was erected in loving admiration of the poet and his works by his grandnephew; of Calcutta and Bombay; November 1895. Died 1st September
Barbara Knoxmother of William Knox
John Knox
Barbara Turnbull Lang
Robert Laidlaw Lang

271LaingWilliam Laingfirst name on this monument1764681832id: 112022625608011094Bookseller and director of the Commercial Bank. Born 20th July; died 10th April
Helen Laingdaughter of William Laing Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
Helen Laingdaughter of William Laing Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
David Kirkfather-in-law of William Laing
Helen Kirkmother-in-law of William Laing
Agnes Laing1802631865 Died 21st September
Euphemia Laing1808881896 Died 4th March
Gilbert Laing1801761877
Jessie Laing1798681866 Died 15th July
William Laing
David Laingson of William Laing1793751868 Born April; died October
Francis Laingson of William Laing Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
William Laingson of William Laing Remains removed from Old Calton burying ground and deposited here; March 1817
Helen Laingwife of William Laing1767701837 Born 27th July; died 18th January

272LandaleJames Landalefirst name on this monument1781521833id: 11200312559941069Merchant; died 30th March
Elizabeth Landalewife of James Landale1795301825 Died 29th September

273LaneThomas Lanefirst name on this monument1851id: 111078425590510801Died 25th March
Barbara Forrest Lanedaughter of Thomas Lane1820501870
Mary Lanedaughter of Thomas Lane
Richard Crighton Laneson of Thomas Lane1799781877
Thomas Laneson of Thomas Lane1799751874
Christian Lanewife of Thomas Lane

274LauderJohn Lauderfirst name on this monument1790681858id: 111592562521080Merchant; Canongate; died 7th November
Cecilia Lauderwife of John Lauder1795681863 Died 30th September

275LauderJohn Lauderfirst name on this monument1778701848id: 1132925631910832Merchant; died 4th March
Margaret Lauderdaughter-in-law of John Lauder1816491865 Died 17th October
Isabella Laudergrand daughter of John Lauder184921851 Died 16th June; aged 19 months
James Laudergrand son of John Lauder184421846 Second son; died 11th March; aged 19 months
Alexander Lauderson of John Lauder1821401861 Youngest son; merchant; died 1st December
James Lauderson of John Lauder1807591866 Eldest son; died 24th November
John Lauderson of John Lauder Died in infancy
John Lauderson of John Lauder Died in infancy
Samuel Paterson Lauderson of John Lauder1809351844 Died 21st June
William Lauderson of John Lauder Died in infancy
Isabella Lauderwife of John Lauder1784801864 Died 5th March

276LauderThomas Lauderfirst name on this monument1799701869id: 115462564191073Baker; died 9th September; also remembering two sons and five daughters
Isabella Lauderwife of Thomas Lauder50 Died 20th June; year eroded; could be 1852?
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277LaurieAndrew Lauriefirst name on this monument57id: 112502562921124
John Kirkwoodbrother-in-law of Andrew Laurie1898 Died at Somerset West; S. Africa; 2nd February
James Kirkwoodfather-in-law of Andrew Laurie1789881877 Born at Strathaven Relief Manse 13th November. Ordained at Ribcarton; Kilmarnock 25th July 1811. Inducted to St James Place Church 17th December 1818; died 27th July
Elizabeth Kirkwoodmother-in-law of Andrew Laurie1851 Died 4th June
Catherine Kirkwoodsister-in-law of Andrew Laurie1899 Died 15th February
Elizabeth Kirkwoodsister-in-law of Andrew Laurie1904 Died 14th April
Margaret Kirkwoodsister-in-law of Andrew Laurie Died 4th March
Janet Lauriewife of Andrew Laurie Died October
Ann Judith Laurie1859 Died 8th May - mother of David Crawford Laurie
Mary Anne Mcneil

278LaurieEliza Lauriefirst name on this monument1824791903id: 114312563631113Eldest daughter; born 8th July; died 10th December
James Dunlop Lauriebrother of Eliza Laurie1828441872 Born 15th March; died 28th November - brother of David C Laurie
Caroline Ethel Lauriedaughter-in-law of Eliza Laurie1869781947 Born 28th June; died 4th January
Robert Christiefather of Eliza Laurie1781751856 Accountant; born 28th August; died 22nd May
David Crawford Lauriehusband of Eliza Laurie1822831905 Born 15th April; died 29th August
David Edward Laurieson of Eliza Laurie1858651923 Third son; born 15th August; died 1st April
Henry Montague Laurieson of Eliza Laurie1865781943 Youngest son; born 17th October; died 11th May

279LawsonJames Lawsonfirst name on this monument1845id: 111084625593010951Died 29th April
Alexander Lawsonson of James Lawson
William Lawsonson of James Lawson
Helen Lawsonsister of James Lawson1865 Died 13th October
Mary F Lawsonwife of James Lawson1841 Died 16th November

280LeggatJames Leggatfirst name on this monument1809631872id: 109662561821078Late of the Union Canal Company; Port Hopetoun; died 20th April

281LeishmanElizabeth Leishmanfirst name on this monument1793521845id: 110602562161087Died at Glasgow; 4th February
James Leishman Blackgrand son of Elizabeth Leishman183871845 Died at Corstorphine; 26th August
James Leishmanhusband of Elizabeth Leishman1785861871 Late merchant; Halifax; Nova Scotia; born at Falkirk May 1st; died October 31st

282LeslieJohn Lesliefirst name on this monument1793751868id: 110562562141075Late Sheriff Clerk Depute of Lanarkshire; died 27th February. Gravestone broken above this name.

283LindsayWilliam Lindsayfirst name on this monumentid: 114412563681088
Elizabeth Haggart Lindsaydaughter of William Lindsay1868181886 Died 11th June
Andrew Horn Lindsayson of William Lindsay1879 Died November

284LorimerPeter Lorimerfirst name on this monument1774651839id: 112024425608811303Builder; died 14th March
Agnes Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimer1824191843 Died June
Charlotte Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimer1816251841 Died January
Elizabeth Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimer Died in infancy
Mary Lorimerdaughter of Peter Lorimer1838 Died November
Edward Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer Died in infancy
John Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer1825 Died 16th August
Matthew Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer Died in infancy
Peter Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer1832 Died 11th July
William Lorimerson of Peter Lorimer1821 Died 26th February
Charlotte Lorimerwife of Peter Lorimer1783811864 Died March

285LyallJ Watson Lyallfirst name on this monumentid: 108792561501078
John Morison Lyallbrother of J Watson Lyall1869
John Lyallfather of J Watson Lyall1870
Barbara Lyallmother of J Watson Lyall1877

286LyeMargaret Lyefirst name on this monument1830221852id: 111072425588610741Died 18th September
John Lyebrother of Margaret Lye1824331857 Died 9th April
Thomas Lyebrother of Margaret Lye
Thomas Lyefather of Margaret Lye1789741863 Accidentally drowned in the Firth Of Forth at night; 7th March. A native of Kirkby Malzeord; Yorkshire. He lived and died a Christian. His son; Thomas; erected the stone; of Luton Bedfordshire; by whom his melancholy death is deeply lamented.

287LyonFrancis Lyonfirst name on this monument1862id: 115532564221160Engineer; late treasurer of … Edinburgh and Leith … died July
John Sandersonbrother-in-law of Francis Lyon
Margaret Dowsister of Francis Lyon Erected by October 1864; described as “uterine sister” on stone – no idea if I'm right in saying this is sister!
Anne Sandersonsister of Francis Lyon
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288MacCallumIsabella MacCallumfirst name on this monument1867id: 114562563771078Died 11th January
George MacCallumhusband of Isabella MacCallum1876 Accountant; died 11th January; also of their five sons who died in infancy
William MacCallumson of Isabella MacCallum1851 Died 5th August; merchant; Glasgow

289MacDonaldJanet MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1823id: 115602564241069Died 14th January
Alexander MacDonald1850 Prinicipal keeper of deeds; died 23rd December
John MacDonald1828 Died 20th April
John Thom MacDonald1824 Died 7th September
Johnina MacDonald1845 Died 17th April

290MacDowallElizabeth MacDowallfirst name on this monument183211833id: 1093425616810961Died 3rd February; aged 13 weeks
Andrew MacDowallbrother of Elizabeth MacDowall183401834 Died 18th July; aged 10 weeks
Gavin MacDowallbrother of Elizabeth MacDowall183721839 Died 21st July; aged 2 years 10 months
Alexander Jardine Lizarsbrother-in-law of Elizabeth MacDowall Professor of Anatomy; Aberdeen University
Gavin MacDowallfather of Elizabeth MacDowall1800381838 Died 21st December
Elizabeth Ann MacDowallmother of Elizabeth MacDowall1805811886 Died at Aberdeen; 20th June
Mary Lizarssister of Elizabeth MacDowall1831651896 Died at Aberdeen; 24th November
Christina MacDowallsister of Elizabeth MacDowall1828171845 Died 19th June
Elizabeth Ann MacDowallsister of Elizabeth MacDowall1836511887 Youngest daughter; died 17th January
Margaret Ann MacDowallsister of Elizabeth MacDowall183131834 Died 4th June; aged 3 years 8 months

291MacFarlaneDuncan MacFarlanefirst name on this monument1772671839id: 11107432558931068Died 30th December
Elizabeth MacFarlanewife of Duncan MacFarlane1771601831 Died 6th September. Is interred at London; in the ? Church yard

292MacFarlaneWilliam MacFarlanefirst name on this monument1777911868id: 112024725608911801Died 9th December
Jane Handyside MacFarlanedaughter of William MacFarlane1841 Died in early infancy July. Twins
Jessie Jane Comyn MacFarlanedaughter of William MacFarlane1892 Died 26th April; interred in Brompton Cemetery
Florence Emily MacFarlane-Grievedaughter-in-law of William MacFarlane1863741937 Died 26th December; interred in Toft Cemetery
Evelyn Mary MacFarlane-Grievegrand daughter of William MacFarlane1886281914 Died 15th May; interred in Brompton Cemtery
Alwyn Ronald MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1889281917 Killed in action 17th March; interred in Roclingdurt Cemetery
Angus Alexander MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1891791970 Died 2nd August
Gavin Malcolm MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1893811974 Died 12th April
Reginald William MacFarlane-Grievegrand son of William MacFarlane1887471934 Died 3rd July; interred at Sherborne
Sarah St Osyth MacFarlane-Grieve1891831974 Died 7th April. Wife of above.
William MacFarlaneson of William MacFarlane1841 Died in early infancy July. Twins
William Alexander MacFarlane-Grieveson of William MacFarlane1844731917 Died 8th April; interred in Brompton Cemetery
Margaret MacFarlanewife of William MacFarlane1807551862 Died 10th August

293MacGillivrayWilliam MacGillivrayfirst name on this monument1796561852no image25633810701Author of 'A History of British Birds' and other standard … Natural Science. Professor of Natural History and Lecturer on Botany; … college and university of Aberdeen from 1841-1852

294MacKenzieAlexander Kincaid MacKenziefirst name on this monument1768621830id: 111086525593911011Merchant. Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1817-19. Died 2nd June
Catherine MacKenziedaughter of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1814371851 Died 26th December
Charlotte Mitchelldaughter of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1803731876 Died 26th March
Agnes Hall1780631843 Died 4th March
James MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1805541859 Lt. Col. Bengal Cavalry. Died at Kimla; 15th August
Patrick M MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1821531874 Member of the Legislative Council of Turago; died in London; 19th September
William MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie180161807 Died 18th April.
William Hall MacKenzieson of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1808641872 Died 18th February
James Peter Mitchellson-in-law of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1798721870 Died at Traprain; Prestonkirk 31st August
Charlotte MacKenziewife of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1782751857 Died 11th January
Jessie MacKenziewife of Alexander Kincaid MacKenzie1821241845 Of Commercial Bank. Born 10th November; Married 17th September 1844; Died 2nd April

295MacKenzieGeorge Richard MacKenziefirst name on this monument1829651894id: 1120425627110832Born 21st April; died 21st April
Helen Wyllie1873 Born 7th December; died 10th June
Thomas Wyllie
Elizabeth Jane McKenziewife of George Richard MacKenzie1830811911 Born 3rd June; died 1st October

296MacKenzieJohn MacKenziefirst name on this monument1754831837id: 11108932559441097Died January 4th. Of Lochward
Jane Campbell MacKenziedaughter-in-law of John MacKenzie1800561856 Died September 16th
Elizabeth MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie1835761911 Died May 25th
Helen Miller MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie1829821911 Died March 2nd
Jane Agnes MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie183491843 Died July 22nd
Margaret MacKenziegrand daughter of John MacKenzie1828271855 Died January 4th
John MacKenziegrand son of John MacKenzie1831801911 Died April 22nd
Elizabeth Miller Pagan1800371837 Died 8th August; with her new born infant.
George Mckenzie Pagan1827141841 Born 30th September; Died 11th February
Helen M Pagan1829131842 Born 20th October; Died 8th July
S A Pagan
John Whitefoord MacKenzieson of John MacKenzie1794901884 Died November 8th
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297MacKenzieJohn MacKenziefirst name on this monument1848id: 115772564291122Died 21st August
Agnes Andersondaughter of John MacKenzie1817971914 Born 3rd May; died 19th June
Agnes Andersondaughter of John MacKenzie1878 Died 23rd June
Lucy Andersongrand daughter of John MacKenzie1855 Died 31st March
Marion Andersongrand daughter of John MacKenzie1907 Died 24th November
Cecil Andersongrand son of John MacKenzie1883 Died at Dacca; Bengal; 10th March
Charles Emile Andersongrand son of John MacKenzie1885 Died at Sydney; 14th July
James Andersongrand son of John MacKenzie1894 Died at Arosa; Switzerland; 27th August
John Letham Andersongrand son of John MacKenzie1901 Died at New York; 30th March
George MacKenzieson of John MacKenzie1879 Died 22nd August
Robert MacKenzieson of John MacKenzie1881 Died 5th December
Letham Andersonson-in-law of John MacKenzie1876 Died 23rd February; aged 8 months
Marion MacKenziewife of John MacKenzie1834 Died 17th November

298MacKenzieWedderburn Hannah MacKenziefirst name on this monument1838751913id: 11202662560961066

299MacKenzieWilliam Baillie MacKenziefirst name on this monument1795741869id: 1158525643210991Born Kirkwall; died 11th February
Charles Ross MacKenziebrother of William Baillie MacKenzie1796741870 Died 23rd April
Anne Lothian MacKenziedaughter of William Baillie MacKenzie1854 Eldest daughter; died 19th August
Euphemia Cahgil MacKenziedaughter of William Baillie MacKenzie183041834 Third daughter; died 24th March
Mary Baillie MacKenziedaughter of William Baillie MacKenzie1828601888 Died at Aberdeen; 31st May; in the Allan Vale Cemetery.
David MacKenziefather of William Baillie MacKenzie
Robert Andersonfather-in-law of William Baillie MacKenzie
Alexander Bailliegrand father of William Baillie MacKenzie of Knockbrake; near Tain
Mary MacKenziemother of William Baillie MacKenzie1771801851 Died 4th May
Agnes Greig MacKenziewife of William Baillie MacKenzie1805721877 Died 14th October

300MacKerterRobert MacKerterfirst name on this monument1763781841no image2563391069Died 6th February. He spent 50 years of his long life in the service of the late and present Earls of Haddington as a tribute justly due to the character of this good man as a lasting record of his zeal; fidelity and attachment and in grateful acknowledgement of the devoted attention paid by him and by his surviving wife to their late Lord during his declining years. This stone is erected by Thomas Earl of Haddington; 1841.

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