New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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101DarlingWilliam Darlingfirst name on this monument1812441856id: 1106825622011021Merchant; 47 Nicholson Street; died 27th February
Alexander Graham Darlingson of William Darling1846 Died 28th September; aged 4 months
Alexander Graham Darlingson of William Darling1851391890 Youngest son; died 3rd August
William Darlingson of William Darling1844531897 Eldest son; died 2nd August
Elizabeth Hay Grahamsister-in-law of William Darling1843 Died 5th June
Margaret Aitken Darlingwife of William Darling1815921907 Died 3rd February

102DavidsonM R Davidsonfirst name on this monument1879id: 111076825590310691Died 9th January
Elizabeth Davidson1807801887 Wife of Sotires Georgiades. Died at Portobello; 27th May
Sotires Georgiades1810801890 Born at Argos; Greece 1st December; Died at Portobello; 14th May

103DawsonWilliam Dawsonfirst name on this monument1819441863id: 110002561951073Stationer; 21 Nicholson St; died 5th October
Gracie Dawsondaughter of William Dawson
George Duncan Dawsonson of William Dawson Manchester
James Logan Dawsonson of William Dawson
Augusta Dawsonwife of William Dawson1818511869 Died 12th December

104De LislePeter De Lislefirst name on this monument1794661860id: 108772561491073Died 7th May; of Acton House; Northumberland
Susan De Lisledaughter of Peter De Lisle1833141847 Died 5th September
Frederick H J De Lisleson of Peter De Lisle Aged 7 months
James De Lisleson of Peter De Lisle Aged 5 months
Robert Archibald De Lisleson of Peter De Lisle1828111839 Second son; died 11th July
Frederica Isabella De Lislewife of Peter De Lisle1798791877 Died 6th May

105De St GeorgeG H De St Georgefirst name on this monument1773531826id: 115622564251069Of Changins and Chardonnay; Switzerland; and Chamberlain to his Majesty the King of the Netherlands. Died 16th December

106DenholmElizabeth Denholmfirst name on this monument1777721849id: 1127225629811381Died 11th December
William Denholmhusband of Elizabeth Denholm1785741859 Died 8th March
Isabella Denholm1824621886 Died 2nd September
James Denholm1817861903 Born 12th February; died 26th May
Janet Denholm1817481865 Died 16th October
Janet Denholm1851551906 Died 16th August
William Denholm185411855 Died 18th March; aged 1 years 10 months
Charlotte Ritchie1849651914 Born 4th March; died 24th October
John Ritchie West Linton

107DickJohn Dickfirst name on this monument1844id: 1155725642310805Late of the Veterinary College
Georgina Dickdaughter of John Dick Died in infancy
Josiah Perrin Cheltham1840 Died in London; at his request interred here.
Mary Dick1791921883 Mary died at Craigkennochie Terrace, Burntisland in 1883 aged 92. She was the elder sister of Prof. William Dick, founder of the Dick Vet and Mary over saw the manners and morals of the students 1881 census shows Mary Dick, then aged 89, living at 5 Craigkennochie Terrace (old numbering).
William Dick1794721866 Professor of Veterinary College; he was born on the 6th of May 1793 at Whitehorse Close & died 4th April 1866.
George Dickson of John Dick Died in infancy
James Dickson of John Dick Died in infancy
John Dickson of John Dick1802191821 Died 8th July
Samuel Wordsworth Dickson of John Dick Died in infancy
Jane Dickwife of John Dick1837

108DickWilliam Dickfirst name on this monument1765771842id: 113122563131076Died 17th April
Francis Dick1770771847 Minister of the Gospel; died 23rd August
Margaret Dick1790571847 Died 2nd September

109DicksonEliza Dicksonfirst name on this monument1792521844id: 115272564091073Died 2nd September
Eliza Gillespie Dicksondaughter of Eliza Dickson Died in infancy
Jessie Agnes Baillie Dicksondaughter of Eliza Dickson Died in infancy
Henry Gordon Dicksonhusband of Eliza Dickson1786741860
Janet Watson Gillespie1792601852 Died 7th February
David Somerville Dicksonson of Eliza Dickson

110DicksonJames Dicksonfirst name on this monument1861211882id: 1118625626510791Died 9th October
James Dicksonfather of James Dickson1813741887 Died 22nd March
Mary Dicksonmother of James Dickson1819801899 Died 14th January
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111DicksonWilliam Dicksonfirst name on this monument1812501862id: 111083525592411051Merchant. Died 12th December
Agnes Dicksondaughter of William Dickson
Ann Dicksondaughter of William Dickson1834201854 Died 8th December
Andrew Dicksonson of William Dickson
George Dicksonson of William Dickson1833251858 Died 17th February
William Dicksonson of William Dickson1837541891 Died 17th November
Agnes Dicksonwife of William Dickson1809381847 Died 29th December 1847

112DobsonAnn Dobsonfirst name on this monument1794531847id: 11109922559791088Died 10th September
Robert Dobsonhusband of Ann Dobson1772811853 Builder. India St; Edin. Died 29th July
Bethia Dobson1829331862 Wife of William Dobson. Died 8th April
William Dobson1777871864 Jeweller. Died 13th May
Archibald Binnie Dobsonson of Ann Dobson1836161852 Died 26th October
Robert Dobsonson of Ann Dobson1825721897 Stock broker. Second son. Died 25th December

113DodsAlison Dodsfirst name on this monument1827id: 11202972561081077Died 11th December
William Dodsfather of Alison Dods Brunswick; Melbourne; Australia
Margaret M Dodsmother of Alison Dods

114DonaldsonWilliam Donaldsonfirst name on this monument1787701857id: 1145525637610731Died 2nd October
John Donaldsonbrother of William Donaldson1791661857 Died 12th July
Jacobina Margaret Donaldsondaughter of William Donaldson1838831921 Died 16th January
Jessie Donaldsondaughter of William Donaldson1835851920 Died 8th July
Wilhelmina Maria Donaldsondaughter of William Donaldson1824381862 Died 25th December
James Donaldsonson of William Donaldson1845371882 Died 11th July
Anne Donaldsonwife of William Donaldson1800741874 Died 23rd December

115DorratWilliam Dorratfirst name on this monumentid: 11109412559631075
Celia Brodie Dick1906 Widow of Rev. John Dick. Died 6th August
John Dick Minister of Tweedsmuir.

116DoughtieCatherine C Doughtiefirst name on this monument1842841926id: 1096825618310711Died 25th April
William Doughtiebrother of Catherine C Doughtie1848351883 Died and interred at Orlando; USA; 1st December
William Doughtiefather of Catherine C Doughtie1811401851 Died 26th September
Isabella Doughtiemother of Catherine C Doughtie1808731881 Died 3rd July

117DouglasWilliam Douglasfirst name on this monument1832id: 115392564151075Miniature painter; died 30th January
Christina Brown Douglasdaughter of William Douglas1821 Died 21st January
Archibald Ramsay Douglasson of William Douglas1886 Died 25th December
Robert Duncan Douglasson of William Douglas1884 Writer in Glasgow; died 12th August
William Douglasson of William Douglas1829 Died 26th November
Charlotte Douglaswife of William Douglas1861 Died 2nd September

118DowellJames Dowellfirst name on this monument1793641857id: 11109212559551073Auctioneer. Born 7th March; Died 9th December
Isabella Dowellwife of James Dowell1793481841 Died 1st February
Elliot Dowellsecond wife of James Dowell1809501859 Died 16th August

119DrysdaleJohn Drysdalefirst name on this monumentno image2562811071Builder; erected 1829. First stone is badly eroded.
Christina Drysdaledaughter of John Drysdale1813791892 Fourth daughter; died 18th June
Mary Drysdaledaughter of John Drysdale1820631883 Eldest daughter; died at Portobello; 14th December

120DrysdaleWilliam Drysdalefirst name on this monument1836191855id: 111302562411073Died by accident with fire arms at Logie Vale near Bathgate; 7th August

121DuffJohn Dufffirst name on this monument1764781842id: 1103825620710963Merchant; Dunkeld; gravestone restored 1972
Agnes Davidson1792741866 Died 31st May; gravestone restored 1972. Sister-in-law to John Duff
Matthew Davidson1783771860 Died August 15th; gravestone restored 1972
Emily Kinmond1785561841 Died 23rd December; gravestone restored 1972. Sister-in-law to John Duff
Margaret Duffwife of John Duff1783791862 Died 13th November; gravestone restored 1972

122DugatJames Stewart Dugatfirst name on this monument1843501893id: 11201132560351079Died April 10th
Catherine Jane Dugatdaughter of James Stewart Dugat1837521889 Eldest daughter; born August 6th; died April 13th
James Dugatson of James Stewart Dugat183811839 Second son; died March 4th
Catherine Dugatwife of James Stewart Dugat1819781897 Died April 6th
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123DuguidJanet Duguidfirst name on this monumentid: 109972561941094
Agnes Duguiddaughter-in-law of Janet Duguid1806371843 Died 26th February
William Duguidhusband of Janet Duguid1757851842
Ellen Duguid1877491926 Died 20th February; wife of Robert
Frederick C Duguid1839351874 Died 8th June
Janet Colston Duguid1760891849 Died 10th May
Janet Wright Duguid1829181847 Died 8th October
Robert Duguid Husband of Ellen
William Duguid1847
James Duguidson of Janet Duguid1814301844

124DuncanWilliam Duncanfirst name on this monument1794431837id: 1093025616610702Died 16th October
Christina Gould Duncandaughter of William Duncan1828221850 Sixth daughter; died 8th April
Isabella Millar Duncandaughter of William Duncan1815791894 Died 14th September
Sylvester Ramsay Duncandaughter of William Duncan182681834 Fourth daughter; died 27th October
Sylvester Duncanwife of William Duncan1796721868 Died 27th February

125DunlopAlan Colquhoun Dunlopfirst name on this monument1800531853id: 1100625619711003Born 31st May; died 23rd October
Alice Margaret Dunlopdaughter of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop1853 Born 23rd August; died 31st January
Mary Ramsay Dunlopdaughter of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop184161847 Born 29th January; died 29th January
Alan Colquhoun Dunlopson of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop184321845 Born 14th June; died 4th January
Charles Edmund Dunlopson of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop1849661915 Born 16th February; died 10th December
James Hay Dunlopson of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop1847751922 Born 14th June; died 17th February
John Dunlopson of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop185021852 Born 15th September; died 4th June
Anne Dunlopwife of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop1809751884 Born 24th January; died at Glasgow 6th May

126DunnHannah Dunnfirst name on this monument1796651861id: 1146525638010801Died April
Jane Dunndaughter of Hannah Dunn182921831 Aged 2 years 8 months
Thomas Dunnhusband of Hannah Dunn
Thomas Dunnson of Hannah Dunn181811819 Died 1 year 2 months

127DurhamElizabeth Blair Durhamfirst name on this monument1830id: 112012025603811102Born 8th Mar 1805 Died 18th June 1880
Isabella Durhamdaughter of Elizabeth Blair Durham1928 Born 25th Mar 1839
James Durhamhusband of Elizabeth Blair Durham1882 Born 7th Jan 1801 Died 4th March 1882
Alexander Durhamson of Elizabeth Blair Durham1832 died in infancy
Alexander Gibson Durhamson of Elizabeth Blair Durham1873 Born 28th Oct 1837 Died in America February 1873
George Wilson Durhamson of Elizabeth Blair Durham1872 Born 22nd Oct 1837 Died October 1872
John Durhamson of Elizabeth Blair Durham1874 Born 19th Jul 1824 Died at Norwich, Norfolk April 1874
Norval Durhamson of Elizabeth Blair Durham1878 Born 22nd Dec 1840 Died November 1878
Thomas Henderson Durhamson of Elizabeth Blair Durham1834 died in infancy
William Gibson Durhamson of Elizabeth Blair Durham1832 died in infancy

128EastonJames Eastonfirst name on this monument1830361866id: 112028225610310861Died 22nd June
Ann Eastondaughter of James Easton1903 Died 20th March
Janet Eastondaughter of James Easton1831751906 Died March
Alexander B Easton1822891911 Died 7th October
Sarah Easton1825851910 Died 20th January
Jane Eastonwife of James Easton Died 17th June

129EastonJohn Eastonfirst name on this monument1784491833id: 11202112560761074Merchant; died at Falkirk 9th December
Anne Dick Eastondaughter of John Easton1815891904 Youngest daughter; born 17th January; died 1st May
Ann Eastonwife of John Easton1785331818 Died 10th November

130ElginJohn Elginfirst name on this monument1826161842id: 114432563701069Second son; died 20th December aged 16 years 2 months
Edward Elginbrother of John Elgin184121843 Youngest son; died 5th June; aged 23 months
William Elginfather of John Elgin1800611861 Died 15th May

131ElliotArchibald Elliotfirst name on this monument1761621823id: 1149625639410731Architect; born in the parish of Ancrum; Roxburgh; died 16th June
William Elliotson of Archibald Elliot1796321828 Died 16th August
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132ElphinstoneWilliam Elphinstonefirst name on this monument1880id: 11109872559761074Died 17th February
Isabella Elphinstonewife of William Elphinstone1896 Died 5th November

133FairbairnJames Fairbairnfirst name on this monument1805491854id: 1134125632411132Governor of Heriots Hospital For Upwards of 10 years; died at Moffat; 17th November
William Fairbairnfather of James Fairbairn Interred here.
Isobel Fairbairnmother of James Fairbairn Interred here.
Edward Fairbairnson of James Fairbairn1853221875 Youngest son; died at Lagos; west coast of Africa; 13th January.
William Christopher Fairbairnson of James Fairbairn1833311864 Surgeon; R. N.; died at sea onboard HMS Steady; 15th November
Mary Elizabeth Fairbairnwife of James Fairbairn1810621872 Died at Moffat; 24th June

134FalknerRobert Falknerfirst name on this monument1776611837id: 11109182559531091Merchant. Died 12th January
Mary Bromfielddaughter of Robert Falkner1823371860 Wife of W. Bromfield
Margaret Falknerdaughter of Robert Falkner1824871911 Died 15th October
Anne Ferrierdaughter of Robert Falkner1823761899 Widow of Gilbert Ferrier
William Martin Falknerson of Robert Falkner Died in infancy
William Bromfieldson-in-law of Robert Falkner
Gilbert Ferrierson-in-law of Robert Falkner
Mary Falknerwife of Robert Falkner1795701865

135FarmerDavid Farmerfirst name on this monument1800791879id: 11108252559181102Died 3rd May
Agnes Farmerdaughter of David Farmer1842671909 Died 18th April.
Mary Farmerdaughter of David Farmer Died in childhood
Mary Jane Mcbeath Farmerdaughter-in-law of David Farmer1849761925 Died 2nd October
Alexander Farmerson of David Farmer Died in childhood
David Farmerson of David Farmer Died in childhood
William Farmerson of David Farmer1839601899 Born 7th May; Died 21st June
Margaret Farmerwife of David Farmer1818691887 Died 22nd June

136FergusonArchibald Fergusonfirst name on this monument1794731867id: 1154925642011142Hotel Keeper; born near Killin; Perthshire; died 8th February
Christina Fergusondaughter of Archibald Ferguson1833791912 Died 28th November
Elizabeth Fergusondaughter of Archibald Ferguson183211833 Died 5th March; aged 1 year 9 months
Margaret Fergusondaughter of Archibald Ferguson1822 Died 6th October; aged 15 days
Archibald Fergusonson of Archibald Ferguson1821531874 Died 11th April
Henry Fergusonson of Archibald Ferguson1839201859 Died 22nd October
James Fergusonson of Archibald Ferguson1826 Died 23rd February; aged 8 months
John Fergusonson of Archibald Ferguson182911830 Died 25th April
Nathaniel Fergusonson of Archibald Ferguson1819331852 Died 23rd July
Patrick Fergusonson of Archibald Ferguson1827131840 Died 4th July; aged 13 years and 10 months
William Fergusonson of Archibald Ferguson1835331868 Died 3rd August
Agnes Fergusonwife of Archibald Ferguson1796751871 Died 14th February

137FergusonBarbara Fergusonfirst name on this monument1832301862id: 11108362559251096Died 29th August
Florence Fergusondaughter of Barbara Ferguson1870 Died 22nd January; aged 3 months
James Hay Fergusonhusband of Barbara Ferguson1822761898 Died 20th March
Harry K Ferguson
Ida F Ferguson1872261898 Died 9th March
Robert Fergusonson of Barbara Ferguson1861101871 Died 14th March

138FergusonDavid Fergusonfirst name on this monument1841781919id: 1123425628310801Youngest son of John Ferguson and Elizabeth Dick. Born 1836 in Edinburgh. Married 1878 Elizabeth Abernathy Tait. Farmer at Stonefield Hill. Died 20 Oct 1909
John Fergusonson of David Ferguson1885211906 Eldest son of David Ferguson on Elizabeth Abernathy Tait. Born 1834. Married 1873 Agnes Cranston. Died 9 March 1906.
William Tait Fergusonson of David Ferguson1876281904 Second son of David Ferguson and Elizabeth Abernathy Tait. Born 1881. Died 27 April 1904.
Elizabeth Abernethy Fergusonwife of David Ferguson1853701923 Wife of John Ferguson. Born 1853. Married 1878. Died 14 March 1923.

139FergusonJohn Fergusonfirst name on this monumentid: 1123225628210852Born 1785 in St Ninians. Married 1817 Elizabeth Dick. Died 1862 at Lasswade. He was a spirit and wine merchant in Edinburgh 1818 to 1841 and then a corn farmer in Lasswade until his death. In 1824 he purchased Lot 68 with his brother Alexander to become the family tomb and it includes their brother George Ferguson and his wife Sophia Carmichael.
Helen Fergusondaughter of John Ferguson21 Third daughter of John Ferguson and Elizabeth Dick.
Elizabeth Fergusonwife of John Ferguson74 Born in Alloa in 1797. Married John Ferguson in 1817.

140FergusonThomas Fergusonfirst name on this monument1795361831id: 11108582559371091Died at Torquay.
Fergusondaughter of Thomas Ferguson1829 Born 9th October; and died on the 11th.
Isabella Ferguson1799641863 Born 22nd April; Died 5th September
William Ferguson1792701862 Born 21st February; Died 27th August
Barbara Fergusonwife of Thomas Ferguson1795361831 Died 31st July.
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141FinchWilliam Finchfirst name on this monument1849id: 11109682559681069Died November
Jane Finchwife of William Finch

142FinniganJohn Finniganfirst name on this monument1807591866id: 108462561371069Died 15th February

143FlemingAlexander Flemingfirst name on this monument1838461884id: 11203592561331112Died 15th May
Aggie Flemingdaughter of Alexander Fleming186121863 Died 28th December; aged 2 years and 11 months
Maggie Flemingdaughter of Alexander Fleming185941863 Died 31st December; aged 4 years 9 months
Sophia Fleming1864481912 Died 28th March

144ForbesMargaret Forbesfirst name on this monument1824id: 11200052559821073Died August
Alexander Forbeshusband of Margaret Forbes1827 Died May
Susan Forbesniece of Margaret Forbes1785531838

145ForbesRobert Forbesfirst name on this monument1815381853id: 11200632560121075Merchant. Died 27th March
Mary Forbesdaughter of Robert Forbes Died in infancy
Mary Forbesmother of Robert Forbes1785811866 Died 24th September
James Forbesson of Robert Forbes Died in infancy
Jessie Forbessister of Robert Forbes1819431862 Died January
Barbara Forbeswife of Robert Forbes1796571853 Died 14th November

146ForsythJane Forsythfirst name on this monument1824501874id: 109542561771097Died 19th May
Robert Forsythhusband of Jane Forsyth
Eliza Anthony1829701899 Died 17th March
William Anthony1822721894 Superintendent of St. Cuthberts industrial school for 29 years. Died 18th March
Cecilia Kerr1820651885 Died 11th December
James Kerr

147FortuneJames Fortunefirst name on this monument1792831875id: 113492563301087Died at Portobello; 11th February.
James Fortuneson of James Fortune1849 Died at Great Oriffield; 23rd February
Margaret Fortunewife of James Fortune1793501843 Died at Great Oriffield in the county of York; 22nd January

148FowlerAlexander Fowlerfirst name on this monument62id: 112003525599710801Died 25th ???
Alexander Goodsir Fowler1899
George Fowler44 Died at Sydney 5th January
James Davidson Fowler64
John Wauchore Fowler64 Died in New Zealand
William Fowler38 Died at Sydney
Penelope Fowlerwife of Alexander Fowler57 Died 22nd January

149FowlerGeorge Fowlerfirst name on this monument1778641842id: 112003425599611101Builder; died 12th August
Alexander Prestonbrother-in-law of George Fowler
Anne Begbiedaughter of George Fowler1827611888 Died 12th September; wife of William Begbie
Helen Fowlerdaughter of George Fowler1830 Died 9th April; aged 2 months
Sybilla Wattniece of George Fowler1811761887 Died 12th October
George Fowlerson of George Fowler1834681902 Died 17th March
Sybilla Fowlersister of George Fowler1776761852 Died June
Janet Grant Prestonsister of George Fowler1784821866 Relict of Alexander Preston; Died 3rd June
William Begbieson-in-law of George Fowler
Margaret Fowlerwife of George Fowler1790701860 Died 12th July

150FowlerJohn Fowlerfirst name on this monument1825771902id: 11200362559981079Cambridge. Rector of Grimston Died at Branksome 7th August
William Fowlerbrother of John Fowler1825811906 Architect; Golspie. Oldest son. Died at Broomieknowe 3rd February
Janet Fowlersister-in-law of John Fowler1839841923 Died at Broomieknowe 4th October

151FowlerWilliam Fowlerfirst name on this monument1790421832id: 11200332559951081Died 27th February
Andrew Lockie Fowlerson of William Fowler1826551881 Banker; Glasgow. Died at West Morrison; Berwickshire; 20th July
George Fowlerson of William Fowler1828461874 Died at Cambridge; 3rd February
Ralph Richardson Fowlerson of William Fowler1832671899 Died at Gothenburg; 25th July
William Fowlerson of William Fowler1822551877 Died at Glasgow; 24th April
Hannah Fowlerwife of William Fowler1799481847 Died 10th February
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152FoxBernard Foxfirst name on this monument1779821861id: 112262562801099Died 27th September
Frances McDermottdaughter of Bernard Fox1816441860 Died 18th June
James McDermottson-in-law of Bernard Fox Feather merchant.
Ann Foxwife of Bernard Fox1785641849 Died 9th June

153FraserAlexander Fraserfirst name on this monument1747821829id: 111085425593410881Died 29th December
Joanna Helen Fraserdaughter of Alexander Fraser1790771867 Born 22nd May; Died 17th August
Thomas Fraserson of Alexander Fraser1796741870 Died 28th October
Helen Fraserwife of Alexander Fraser1767721839 Born 24 Oct 1754. Died 9th July Dau of John Bruce of Sunburgh, Advocate, and Collector of Customs for Shetland

154FraserJohn Fraserfirst name on this monument22id: 11201082560331087Died 18th October
Thomas Fraserfather of John Fraser
Margaret Frasermother of John Fraser

155FraserWilliam Fraserfirst name on this monument1782811863id: 111086225593810881Of Broughton Place; Edin. Died at Stirling 29th August.
Elizabeth Denholm Fraserdaughter of William Fraser1812601872 Died 16th July
Margaret Fraserdaughter of William Fraser1811611872 Died 11th July.
Catharine Raedaughter of William Fraser1804371841 Died 18th September
Maria Anne Fraserdaughter-in-law of William Fraser1816811897 Died 3rd February
Mary Ann Fraserdaughter-in-law of William Fraser1830231853 Died 20th April
William Fraserfather of William Fraser1752791831 Died 10th June
William Alexander Frasergrand son of William Fraser185801858 Died 23rd December; aged 4½ months
Alexander Marjoribanks Fraserson of William Fraser1817761893 Died 16th January
George Raeson-in-law of William Fraser
Isabella Fraserwife of William Fraser1778791857 Died at Stirling 6th July

156FraserWilliam Fraserfirst name on this monument1846id: 11107292558891091Died 9th July. Age has been eroded. Printer.
Agnes Fraserdaughter of William Fraser1823571880 Died 30th October.
Helen Fraserdaughter of William Fraser1839 Died 11th November. Age in months.
Annie Neilldaughter of William Fraser1830581888 Died 8th June
Thomas Fraserson of William Fraser1825201845 Died 17th November. Possibly 20 years.
William Fraserson of William Fraser1835871922 Died 31st January
Agnes Fraserwife of William Fraser1795921887 Died 19th October.

157FurnetAlice Furnetfirst name on this monument1770731843id: 11107392558921069Died 18th March
William Moodbrother-in-law of Alice Furnet1794851879 Died 9th July at Rose Hall House Newington
Alexander Furnethusband of Alice Furnet
Eliza Moodniece of Alice Furnet1800431843 Died 7th January
Elizabeth Moodsister of Alice Furnet1789571846 Died 6th April

158FyfeAndrew Fyfefirst name on this monument1754701824no image2560791102Surgeon. Three other sons died in infancy and their ashes have been removed from the Old Burying Ground of Calton; to here. Died 31st March
Margaret Fyfedaughter-in-law of Andrew Fyfe1795771872 Died 20th July
Andrew Fyfegrand son of Andrew Fyfe1708721780 Died 26th March
… Johnston Fyfegrand son of Andrew Fyfe1872541926 Died 7th March
Louisa Fyfe1848741922 Wife of Andrew Fyfe (above); died 22nd October
Andrew Fyfeson of Andrew Fyfe1793681861 Professor of Chemistry; University of Aberdeen; died 31st December
John Fyfeson of Andrew Fyfe1791261817 Surgeon; died 22nd February; first interred in the Calton burying ground.
Agnes Ord Fyfewife of Andrew Fyfe1764641828 Died 1st March

159GairdnerJohn Gairdnerfirst name on this monument1791851876id: 112015825605711092Died 12th December
Mcrae Gairdner1756631819 Born 28th October; Died 8th October. Quote says something along the lines of “I do not repent to have lived; how so he will scarcely; in vain; that they may not think I was born; and go away from this life in such a way as from an inn; not as from home”
Robert Gairdner182051825 Oldest son of John Gairdner M. D. born 11th August; died 3rd June
Thomas Robert Gairdner
Catharine Dalrymple Smith1808341842 Born 8th September; died 7th March
John Smith1760661826 Late Surgeon in the Hon E.I.Co Service; born 25th May; died 17th June
Margaret Smith1758821840 Died 10th November
David Tennant181851823 Son of William Tennant Jnr. Born August 11th; Died October 28th
David Tennant1823 age 1823 (out of range!) - Late of the Academy; born October 20th; died 26th April
Macrae Tennant182051825 Daughter of William Tennant Jnr. Born 12th March; Died 29th April
Margaret Tennant1768 Born 14th November; died 1st December
Marion Smith Tennant1823 Wife of William Tennant Jnr. Born March 23rd; died December 20th
Ramsay William Tennant182311824 Daughter of William Tennant Jnr. Born 20th September; died 13th June
William Tennant1765701835 Merchant; born 25th April; died 3rd September
William Tennant Late of Her Majesty's …
William Tennant182221824 Son of William Tennant Jnr. Born 12th April; Died 12th May
Williamina Ramsay Tennant
Susanna Gairdnerwife of John Gairdner1800601860 Died 12th July
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160GairdnerRobert Gairdnerfirst name on this monument1792791871id: 11201642560581073Born near Ayr; 3rd December; died 5th August
Jane Hannah Gairdner1837651902 Born 4th June; died 31st March

161GallAnn Gallfirst name on this monument1845id: 110702562211087Died 4th September
John Gallhusband of Ann Gall1775571832 Died 11th April. As a member of society; straight and honourable: as an elder of the Christian Church. Zealous and highly esteemed as a relative and friend. Kind and sympathising and as a husband most tender and affectionate.

162GallJohn Gallfirst name on this monumentid: 114162563571071Burial ground; coach builder; erected 1833 ?

163GallowayWilliam Gallowayfirst name on this monument1783id: 11203502561271070Died June possibly Also buried two of his sons; who died young.

164GeddesRoderick Geddesfirst name on this monument1828581886id: 109382561701089Died 23rd May
Ann Geddesdaughter of Roderick Geddes Died in infancy
Christina Geddesdaughter of Roderick Geddes Died in infancy
Margaret Geddesdaughter of Roderick Geddes Died in infancy
James Geddesson of Roderick Geddes Died in infancy
Christian Gibb Geddeswife of Roderick Geddes1903 Died 29th December

165GemmelJames Gemmelfirst name on this monumentid: 1116925625610941Inland Revenue
Mary Steedmancousin of James Gemmel1818501868 Died 4th March
Peter Gemmelnephew of James Gemmel1849821931 Born 17th August; died 4th June

166GeorgeAlexander Georgefirst name on this monument1773501823id: 11202352560831089Died 15th July
Margaret Fellans Robertsonwife of Alexander George1771861857 Died 30th August

167GeorgeChristina Georgefirst name on this monumentid: 111086925594010711
James Georgebrother of Christina George1846271873 Died 21st October
John Georgefather of Christina George1803731876 Died 10th September
Christina Georgemother of Christina George1797861883 The informant on the death certificate was Elizabeth HENDERSON, a granddaughter of John and Christina and niece of the Christina GEORGE who erected the gravestone. The younger Christina was herself a widow by the time this gravestone was erected, and she emigrated to New Zealand a short time later.

168GibbHenry Moyes Gibbfirst name on this monumentid: 111096125596610853Royal Hotel
Mary Gibbmother of Henry Moyes Gibb1779621841 Died 22nd February
Elspeth Gibbsister of Henry Moyes Gibb

169GilesAlexander Gilesfirst name on this monument1770721842id: 11109912559781111Upholsterer. Sometime of New Orleans; USA. Died 23rd September
Janet Panton Gilesdaughter of Alexander Giles1808 Died 9th April aged 11 months. Only child
Margaret Gileswife of Alexander Giles1779291808 Died 12th August
William Janet Gilessecond wife of Alexander Giles1794241818 Died 7th December

170GilliesAndrew Gilliesfirst name on this monument1789441833id: 11200852560241106Died 13th August. Advocate
Andrew Gillies1801771878 Died at Carluke; Lanarkshire; 28th June
Elizabeth Harvie Gillieswife of Andrew Gillies

171GirleGeorge Heslope Girlefirst name on this monument1800751875no image25640010772Born 3rd April; died 17th January
James Morisonbrother-in-law of George Heslope Girle181301813 Aged 9 months
James Morisonfather-in-law of George Heslope Girle1749881837 Died 11th August
Margaret Morisonmother-in-law of George Heslope Girle1751861837 Died 24th December
Davinia Burnupsister-in-law of George Heslope Girle1876 Died 21st September
Jane Morisonsister-in-law of George Heslope Girle1797231820 Died 18th November
John Morisonsister-in-law of George Heslope Girle1798321830 Died 11th June
Margaret Morisonsister-in-law of George Heslope Girle1802861888 Died 6th March
Mary Morisonsister-in-law of George Heslope Girle1809771886 Died 1st November
Catherine Girlewife of George Heslope Girle1800881888 Born 31st May; died 7th June

172GlendinningRobert Wittin Glendinningfirst name on this monument1780581838id: 11202732560991082of Leek; Staffordshire; died at Edinburgh 24th December

173GoodallAlexander Goodallfirst name on this monument1852id: 112011525603610903Builder; died 8th October
David Goodallson of Alexander Goodall1852 Died 1st July
James Sanderson Goodallson of Alexander Goodall1852 Died 18th February
Elizabeth Goodallwife of Alexander Goodall1836 Died 22nd January

174GoodfellowGrace Goodfellowfirst name on this monument70id: 111612562531078Died 17th April
Robert Goodfellowhusband of Grace Goodfellow Builder
Adam Colledge Goodfellow

175GooldMargaret Speirs Gooldfirst name on this monument1822531875id: 112009325602812071Born 5th August; died 25th October
Agnes Speirs Goolddaughter of Margaret Speirs Goold1847 Born 2nd June; died 6th October
Isabella Burrell Goolddaughter of Margaret Speirs Goold1848751923 Born 2nd June; died 28th January
Margaret Speirs Symington Goolddaughter of Margaret Speirs Goold1860541914 Born 11th April; Died 19th November
William Henry Gooldhusband of Margaret Speirs Goold1815821897 For 57 years minister of Martyrs' Church; Edinburgh. Born 20th October; died 29th June
Alexander Mcleod Symington Gooldson of Margaret Speirs Goold1856231879 Born 22nd May; died 11th September
Andrew Symington Gooldson of Margaret Speirs Goold1852651917 Born 10th December; died 30th December
George Smeaton Gooldson of Margaret Speirs Goold1854861940 Born 30th May; died 17th January
Henry Burrell Gooldson of Margaret Speirs Goold1851241875 Born 3rd September; died 25th November
Litellus Burrell Gooldson of Margaret Speirs Goold1862321894 Born 8th June; died 8th August
William Symington Gooldson of Margaret Speirs Goold1849141863 Born 19th December; Died 14th June
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176GooldWilliam Gooldfirst name on this monument1776681844id: 112009225602710861Minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Congregation; Edinburgh. Born 21st March; Ordained 13th December 1804; Died 18th July
Isabella Gooldwife of William Goold1781801861 Born 4th May; died 25th March

177GordonElizabeth Gordonfirst name on this monument1805561861id: 112001925598910802Died 18th February
George Gordonhusband of Elizabeth Gordon1805721877 Died 14th December
Robert Gordonson of Elizabeth Gordon Second son; died in infancy

178GordonJohn Gordonfirst name on this monumentid: 11202632560941089Merchant New York
Thomas Gordonbrother of John Gordon Merchant Three Rivers; Canada
John Gordonfather of John Gordon
Agnes Gordonmother of John Gordon87
Elizabeth Gordonsister of John Gordon76
Isabella Gordonsister of John Gordon75

179GordonThomas Gordonfirst name on this monument1795491844id: 112000425598110811Late of the Royal Regiment who after serving in every part of the globe having been engaged at Waterloo; in many brilliant actions in Spain and the East Indies died in Edin
Adolphus Sceale Drysdale1844 Died at Lasswade 23rd August
Jessie Drysdale1790631853 Died 16th November
John Gordon1787631850 Late of the 3rd of Queens Royal Regiment who served in Portugal … and other countries died at Southampton in September

180GrahamAndrew Grahamfirst name on this monument1897id: 11203452561231083Shoemaker; died 15th March
Alexander Grahamson of Andrew Graham1939 Second son; died 27th March
Helen Grahamwife of Andrew Graham1905 Died 22nd March

181GrahamJane Grahamfirst name on this monument1854181872id: 1095625617811802Died 3rd May
Andrew Graham Died in infancy
David Graham Died in infancy
David Graham35 Died in China
Henry Graham1819681887 Died 24th July
James Graham1821371858 Died in India; 28th July
James Graham1790671857 Coach proprietor; died 8th February
Jane Graham1831471878 Died 23rd September
Jane Graham1795591854 Died 4th February
Louisa Graham1833561889 Died 22nd April. Wife of Thomas Graham
Thomas Graham1831601891 Born 1st January; died 26th August
Elizabeth MacKenzie1850391889 Wife of William MacKenzie; died at Ardrishaig; 21st February; interred at Lochgilphead
William MacKenzie

182GrahamJohn G Grahamfirst name on this monument1791631854id: 11108072559121068Of Coldoch; Perthshire. Died 3rd June
Mary Simpsondaughter of John G Graham1847631910 Died 8th May
Elizabeth Grahamwife of John G Graham1817861903 Died 6th April

183GrahamWilliam Grahamfirst name on this monument1830711901id: 110272562021074Compositor; died 17th December
Jane Sinclair Grahamdaughter of William Graham188761893 Died July

184GrantEmily Adele Grantfirst name on this monument186661872id: 111089625594510741Died 27th March
Frederick Graham Grantbrother of Emily Adele Grant1839121851
James Dundas Grantfather of Emily Adele Grant1824761900 Advocate. Born 20th May; Died 20th April
Louisa Elizabeth Grantmother of Emily Adele Grant1825801905 Died 27th July

185GrayGeorge Grayfirst name on this monument1849241873id: 112922563051066Died 16th May

186GregorowiczAndreas Gregorowiczfirst name on this monument1807311838no image2561761065Quote on top of gravestone goes roughly like this: “Our inheritance is turned to strangers. our houses to aliens of us. they are content with our eyes; Lord; behold our reproach and gather us from among the nations”. Master of Law?

187GregoryThomas Gregoryfirst name on this monument1765691834id: 11201342560441126Died 2nd January
Ann Cunningham Archerdaughter of Thomas Gregory1793501843 Died 16th July
Lydia Gregorydaughter of Thomas Gregory1799831882 Died 11th November
Mary Gregorydaughter of Thomas Gregory1799831882 Died 17th April
Rebecca Gregorydaughter of Thomas Gregory1798461844 Died 17th December
Agnes Gregorydaughter-in-law of Thomas Gregory1790641854 Died 24th January
Mary Archergrand daughter of Thomas Gregory183221834 Died 16th April; aged 18 months
Albert Schuster Hanover
Sara Hanover1879 Died 14th July
Thomas Gregoryson of Thomas Gregory1795371832 Died 10th October
William Currie Gregoryson of Thomas Gregory1861 Died 4th March
Andrew Archerson-in-law of Thomas Gregory1793501843 Died 3rd March
Sarah Gregorywife of Thomas Gregory1765781843 Died 25th October
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188GreigJohn R Greigfirst name on this monument1788701858id: 111342562421077Died 19th September
John R Greigson of John R Greig1822371859 Died 4th July
Ann Greigwife of John R Greig

189GriersonAndrew Griersonfirst name on this monument1777701847id: 11201672560601108Died 23rd September
Rachel Lowriedaughter of Andrew Grierson1805901895 Died 29th July
Andrew Griersonson of Andrew Grierson1808681876 Died 9th October
Alexander Lowrieson-in-law of Andrew Grierson1801741875 Died 20th October; 36 years minister of United Presbyterian Church East Calder
Janet Griersonwife of Andrew Grierson1776731849 Died 4th August

190GroatAlexander Graeme Groatfirst name on this monument1807811888id: 11201222560391085Advocate; only son. Born 3rd April; died 30th November
Robert Groatfather of Alexander Graeme Groat1762621824 Born in London; 27th November; Died 2nd December
Jane Groatmother of Alexander Graeme Groat1767701837 Born in Orkney 10th February; Died 18th May

191GrossDavid Grossfirst name on this monumentid: 11201552560561067

192GrumMargaret Fisher Grumfirst name on this monument1799421841id: 11108012559101089Died at Thornlie-Bank; Renfrewshire 19th September
Margaret Fisher Crumdaughter of Margaret Fisher Grum184061846 Born 17th November; Died 8th March
Jane Nimmo Browngrand daughter of Margaret Fisher Grum1845 Daughter of John Brown. Born 30th October; Died 12th February.
??? Crumhusband of Margaret Fisher Grum1784741858 Died October 13th. 52 years a minister. 16 years in Biggar Lanarkshire; 36 years in Edinburgh; 24 years Professor of Theology to the United Presbyterian Church
Catherine Brown1819451864 Born March 28th; Died January 6th
John Brownson of Margaret Fisher Grum

193GunnChristina Gunnfirst name on this monument1848211869id: 115352564131071Youngest daughter; born August; died March
Donald Gunnfather of Christina Gunn Farmer; Achlibster; Caithness

194Gunnis??? Gunnisfirst name on this monument185831861id: 109272561651069Died 3rd June
George Gunnisfather of ??? Gunnis
Elizabeth Gunnismother of ??? Gunnis

195GuthrieAlexander Guthriefirst name on this monumentid: 11201722560621070Bankroller; erected ? 1819 ?

196HaigJames Haigfirst name on this monument78no image25596411921of Blairhill. Died 8th October
Janet A Halldaughter of James Haig1854 Died 14th January. Wife of Alexander Hall
Elizabeth Haigdaughter-in-law of James Haig1805281833 Died 6th May
Alexander Price Haiggrand son of James Haig1864761940 Eldest son of James Richard Haig; died 20th September; buried at Blairhill
James Haiggrand son of James Haig181761823 Died 30th October
James Richard Haiggrand son of James Haig1832641896 Son of David Haig and E Price; died 23rd January; buried at Blairhill
Janet Callander1786771863 Died June
Henry Haig Fell1828191847 Union in the … reg died at … Lancashire in March
Jane Haig1839381877 Wife of James Richard Haig; died 26th March; buried at Blairhill
Margaret Haig1791831874 Youngest daughter; died October
Alexander Haigson of James Haig1791741865 Fourth son; died 17th March
David Haigson of James Haig1796521848 Youngest son; died 2nd June
James Haigson of James Haig1790341824 Third son who died 6th February
John Haigson of James Haig1786 Eldest son who died 11th January; aged 8 months
John Haigson of James Haig1786341820 Second son died 18th September. Remains are interred at Cheltenham
Robert Haigson of James Haig Fifth son died 1st October???
Alexander Hallson-in-law of James Haig Of Blairhill
Helen Haigwife of James Haig1761631824 Died 7th July

197HainDavid Hainfirst name on this monument185941863id: 108592561411074Died 30th April; aged 4½; erected by his mother.

198HaldaneMargaret Haldanefirst name on this monument1810311841id: 110422562091099Died 2nd July
Margaret Anderson Haldanedaughter of Margaret Haldane183971846 Died 20th October
James Haldanehusband of Margaret Haldane1778851863 Brassfounder; died 30th December
Francis Moffat Haldaneson of Margaret Haldane1841801921 Died at Ellerdale; Moffat; 11th April

199HallamJane Hallamfirst name on this monument1811231834id: 1135825633510851Youngest daughter; died October 31st 1834.
John Hallamfather of Jane Hallam Of Saint George the Martyr; Southwark
Ann Jane Hallam1808321840 Died 13th May. Sister-in-law of Jane Hallam.
Elizabeth Hallam Gravestone doesn't look like it's been filled in properly; first part of the death year is 183 � but has been left blank. May have been less than a year since age is listed as being in months. Daughter of S J Hallam. Died 13 January 1837. Source: burial record, Scotlands People.
S J Hallam Brother of Jane Hallam
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200HallionNisbet Hallionfirst name on this monument1859id: 11200532560071076Died 4th August
Huntly Peter Hallion1861 Died 23rd January

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