St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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501SandsJames C Sandsfirst name on this monument1886211907id: Sandsa31
Arthur Sandsbrother of James C Sands1894241918
James Sandsfather of James C Sands1860701930
Hannah Hainesmother of James C Sands1860651925
Rosetta M Sandssister of James C Sands1975

502ScottRobert J J Scottfirst name on this monument1914id: Cowdya91
Oliver Cowdy1946
Martha Willis1916
Annie M Cowdywife of Robert J J Scott1933

503SedwickGeorge Sedwickfirst name on this monument1850501900id: Sedwicka11
Eugene Bowen1903781981
May Bowen1909831992
Margaret Sedwickwife of George Sedwick1848631911

504ShawDorothy Maud Shawfirst name on this monument191411915id: ShawDa25
Arthur Sparksgrand father of Dorothy Maud Shaw
Mary Sparksgrand mother of Dorothy Maud Shaw

505ShepherdHarriet Ellen Shepherdfirst name on this monument189791906id: ShepherdHEa52
Alfred Shepherdfather of Harriet Ellen Shepherd
Esther Shepherdmother of Harriet Ellen Shepherd

506ShermanJames Shermanfirst name on this monument1861481909id: ShermanJamesa14
Rachel Taylorwife of James Sherman1860681928

507ShermanMyrtle Shermanfirst name on this monument1895141909id: Shermana40
Thomas Shermanfather of Myrtle Sherman1867691936
Hannah Bella Russellmother of Myrtle Sherman1865811946
Ethel Shermansister of Myrtle Sherman1891181909

508ShipcottGrace Caroline Shipcottfirst name on this monument1873401913id: Shipcotta4
John Shipcotthusband of Grace Caroline Shipcott

509ShorttRichard Shorttfirst name on this monument1870421912id: Shortta361
Lillian May Buchandaughter of Richard Shortt190351908
Alice Louise Leedaughter of Richard Shortt1891791970
Lois E Michaud1933261959
Charles V Shorttson of Richard Shortt1900681968
Mary Ann Shorttwife of Richard Shortt1868521920

510SimpsonCharles Thomas Simpsonfirst name on this monument1871731944id: SimpsonCha9
Gladys Ianthe Simpsondaughter of Charles Thomas Simpson190171908
Elizabeth Leslie Simpsonwife of Charles Thomas Simpson1872671939

511SimpsonSamuel George Simpsonfirst name on this monument1882601942id: Simpsona41
John Alexander Simpsonbrother of Samuel George Simpson1890651955

512SirmanRichard Sirmanfirst name on this monument1848601908id: Sirmana37
Lily Mary Jacksondaughter-in-law of Richard Sirman1885521937
Donnie Sirmangrand son of Richard Sirman
Violet E Sirman1886941980
Robert Sirmanson of Richard Sirman1882651947
Catherine Sirmanwife of Richard Sirman1849651914

513SistersonMary E Sistersonfirst name on this monument1872841956id: SisteronM381
Mina Drapersister of Mary E Sisterson1891821973

514SistersonThomas Sistersonfirst name on this monument1849571906id: Sisteron38
Elizabeth Thompsonwife of Thomas Sisterson1848821930

515SleminWilliam Sleminfirst name on this monument1867731940id: Slemina4
Rheta V Slemindaughter of William Slemin190951914
Verna E Slemindaughter of William Slemin1904221926
William J Sleminson of William Slemin1893201913
Minnie Sleminwife of William Slemin1869931962
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516SlichterEdmund Slichterfirst name on this monument1877641941id: Slightera91
Rita E Turneydaughter-in-law of Edmund Slichter1905741979
Frank Edmund Slichterson of Edmund Slichter1902871989
Harold R Slichterson of Edmund Slichter1904711975
Mary Catherine Kitchingwife of Edmund Slichter1874841958

517SmithCharles W Smithfirst name on this monument1920id: SmithChWa3
Ella G Smithdaughter of Charles W Smith1933
Amarilla Smithwife of Charles W Smith1935

518SmithElizabeth Catherine Smithfirst name on this monument1880331913id: SmithECa12
Albert Victor Washington Smith1864491913
Frederick A Smith1861781939

519SmithGeorge M Smithfirst name on this monument1942id: SMithGeoa47

520SmithHenry William Smithfirst name on this monument1858501908id: SmithHWa5
Annie E Smithwife of Henry William Smith1858831941

521SmithJohn C Smithfirst name on this monument1854761930id: SmithJohnCa10
Elvira Smithdaughter of John C Smith1884661950
Lettie Boozergrand daughter-in-law of John C Smith1909851994
Charles John Pettitgrand son of John C Smith1908621970
Charles J Pettitson-in-law of John C Smith1882581940
Bertha Smithwife of John C Smith1858551913

522SmithWilliam E Smithfirst name on this monument1863971960id: SmithWEa14
Doris Viola Smithdaughter of William E Smith190711908
May Irene Smithdaughter of William E Smith1900911991
May Andersonwife of William E Smith1879931972

523SnellWilliam Francis Snellfirst name on this monument1827871914id: SnellWFa45
Augusta C Everinghamdaughter-in-law of William Francis Snell1861821943
Ada Lillian Snellgrand daughter of William Francis Snell1898211919
William Herbert Snellson of William Francis Snell1866631929

524SoltesAnne Soltesfirst name on this monument1927691996id: Soltesa4
Fred Solteshusband of Anne Soltes

525SoltesJoseph Michael Soltesfirst name on this monument1923651988id: SoltesJMa6
Gennie Jean Soltes1928

526SomersEliza Somersfirst name on this monument1864491913id: RobertsonEa7
William Robertsonhusband of Eliza Somers

527SouthernRichard J Southernfirst name on this monument1879691948id: Southerna10
Sarah J Southern1877651942
Elizabeth Fiddeswife of Richard J Southern1892801972

528SparksAlice Marion Sparksfirst name on this monument190931912id: SparksAMa61
Lee Sparksfather of Alice Marion Sparks
Pearl Sparksmother of Alice Marion Sparks

529SparksArthur J Sparksfirst name on this monument1873381911id: SparksAa23
Mary Sparkswife of Arthur J Sparks1855631918

530SparksErnest L Sparksfirst name on this monument1892711963id: SparksEa21
Mona V Sparkswife of Ernest L Sparks1900671967

531SpearsAdam Spearsfirst name on this monument1842651907id: SpearsRicha3
Rebecca Ann Rosewife of Adam Spears1849881937

532SpearsJames Spearsfirst name on this monument1870701940id: SpearsJasa8
Jean Hanna Spearswife of James Spears1894731967

533StarkAndrew C Starkfirst name on this monument1897641961id: StarkA10
Eunice Chisholmwife of Andrew C Stark1900691969

534SteeleBertha Winnifred Steelefirst name on this monument1908id: HunterBa81
Russell Egerton Hunterhusband of Bertha Winnifred Steele1907
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535StephensonFlorence Gertrude Stephensonfirst name on this monument1876321908id: BentleyAla35
Inez Bentleydaughter of Florence Gertrude Stephenson190611907
Albert J Bentleyhusband of Florence Gertrude Stephenson
Harold Edwin Bentleyson of Florence Gertrude Stephenson190811909

536StephensonHelen E Stephensonfirst name on this monument1874791953id: Lyea9
Vera Lyedaughter of Helen E Stephenson1897611958
Walter Louis Lyehusband of Helen E Stephenson1873921965
Murry A Lyeson of Helen E Stephenson1903891992

537StephensonWilliam R Stephensonfirst name on this monument1883511934id: StephensonWRa81William Robert Stephenson died in Toronto on April 8, 1934. He had married Olive Pearl Irene Forster in Toronto on September 12, 1916. Olive was born in Trafalgar Township, Halton County, on November 8, 1884.
Edwin W Stephensonfather of William R Stephenson1848781926
Jane Stephensonmother of William R Stephenson1846621908
Evelyn A Bond190651911
Howard D Stephensonson of William R Stephenson191911920
Pearl Olive Stephensonwife of William R Stephenson1884741958 Olive Pearl Irene Forster married William Robert Stephenson in Toronto on September 12, 1916. Olive was born in Trafalgar Township, Halton County, on November 8, 1884. Her parents were Ada Alberta Snider and Newton Luther Forster.

538StevensGeorge Robert Stevensfirst name on this monument1844671911id: StevensGRa2
Sarah May Stevensdaughter-in-law of George Robert Stevens1881811962
Verna May Stevensgrand daughter of George Robert Stevens1905891994
William G Stevensgrand son of George Robert Stevens1903841987
William George Stevensson of George Robert Stevens1877801957

539StevensHarry Stevensfirst name on this monument1882251907id: StevensHa71
Etta M Stratton1893391932
Emily Hyslopwife of Harry Stevens1892581950

540StevensWilliam Stevensfirst name on this monument1836871923id: StevensWma4
Ella Geniveve Grovesdaughter-in-law of William Stevens1880641944
Gloria M Stevensgrand daughter-in-law of William Stevens1923681991
Bruce O Stevensgrand son of William Stevens191031913
Frank Stevensgrand son of William Stevens
Lewis W Stevensgrand son of William Stevens1914311945
William Stevensson of William Stevens1871811952

541StewartEdwin Martin Stewartfirst name on this monument1879721951id: StewartEda25
William Henry Dunbar Leefbrother-in-law of Edwin Martin Stewart1873701943
Jean Stewart Leefsister of Edwin Martin Stewart1874841958
Catherine Couttswife of Edwin Martin Stewart1896811977

542StewartJohn Bruce Stewartfirst name on this monument1840681908id: StewartJBa77
Margaret Bruce Stewartdaughter of John Bruce Stewart1876781954
Bruce Prentice1922822004
Elizabeth Bell Martinwife of John Bruce Stewart1841731914

543StewartW T Stewartfirst name on this monument1855741929id: StewartWTa14
Sarah Stewartwife of W T Stewart1854531907
Elizabeth Kellysecond wife of W T Stewart1940

544StockDavid Stockfirst name on this monument1854521906id: Stocka5
Isabella Dennismother-in-law of David Stock1835731908
Jane Denniswife of David Stock1851751926

545StockwellHarry Stockwellfirst name on this monument1910761986id: StockwellHarry3

546StockwellJames Stockwellfirst name on this monument1906891995id: StockwellJamesa7
Samuel Stockwellfather of James Stockwell
Maria Stockwellmother of James Stockwell

547StockwellJames Stockwellfirst name on this monument1870381908id: StockwellJasa4
Samuel Stockwellfather of James Stockwell
Mary Ann Stockwellmother of James Stockwell

548StockwellSamuel Stockwellfirst name on this monument1867711938id: StockwellSama4
Maria Stockwellwife of Samuel Stockwell1871741945
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549StockwellSamuel Stockwellfirst name on this monument1834721906id: StockwellSa5
Mary Ann Stockwellwife of Samuel Stockwell1843981941

550StrettonAlexander H Strettonfirst name on this monument1886231909id: Strettona22
Alexander M Strettonfather of Alexander H Stretton1856821938
Caroline Hornby Amesmother of Alexander H Stretton1946121958

551StruthersCatherine M Struthersfirst name on this monument1885781963id: StruthersCa4

552StuartCharles C Stuartfirst name on this monument1881301911id: StuartChEa9
Isaac H Sanderson1943
Mary J Sanderson1949
Charles Thornton Stuartson of Charles C Stuart191101911

553StuartI C Stuartfirst name on this monument1850611911id: StuartICa13
Marion Stuartdaughter of I C Stuart
Emma C Stuartwife of I C Stuart1853731926

554SugdenGeorge Sugdenfirst name on this monument1839821921id: SugdenGeoa15
Grace H Lewisdaughter of George Sugden1872891961
Alice Maude Sugdendaughter of George Sugden1879311910
Mary Hemsworthwife of George Sugden1847671914

555SummerfieldSydney Summerfieldfirst name on this monument1871431914id: Summerfielda9
Jessie McLaren Walkerdaughter-in-law of Sydney Summerfield1893661959
William Albert Summerfieldson of Sydney Summerfield1895791974
Mary L Summerfieldwife of Sydney Summerfield1874621936

556SwanstonGeorge H A Swanstonfirst name on this monument1886721958id: SwanstonGHAa18

557TaberMarion L Taberfirst name on this monument1962id: BellMLa3
Robert W Bellhusband of Marion L Taber1967

558TaggartAllan B Taggartfirst name on this monument1898361934id: Taggarta7
Marion B McKaguewife of Allan B Taggart1897991996

559TannerFrederick Tannerfirst name on this monument1858571915id: Tannera7
Elizabeth Jane Hunterwife of Frederick Tanner1859561915

560TaylorCharles Taylorfirst name on this monument1834831917id: TaylorCHa81
Charles Taylorson of Charles Taylor1869611930
Maria Gibbardwife of Charles Taylor1838951933

561TaylorCharles Nattrass Taylorfirst name on this monument1877681945id: TaylorChNa221
Margaret E Wilburdaughter of Charles Nattrass Taylor1912581970
George Weston1907861993
Charles Harold Taylorson of Charles Nattrass Taylor191001910
Mabel Beatrice Westonwife of Charles Nattrass Taylor1879801959

562TaylorRobert Taylorfirst name on this monument1851571908id: TaylorRbta91
Mary Oetzeldaughter-in-law of Robert Taylor1879691948
Alfred Taylorson of Robert Taylor1878691947
Frank R Taylorson of Robert Taylor1883491932
Eliza Belinda Taylorwife of Robert Taylor1852591911

563TaylorRobert J A Taylorfirst name on this monument1916852001id: TaylorRoba7
Florence M C Sward1920902010
Fred Sward1916912007
Joan H Taylorwife of Robert J A Taylor1919832002

564TerryMary Elizabeth Terryfirst name on this monument1867611928id: TerryMEa22
Bessie Elizabeth Terrydaughter of Mary Elizabeth Terry1897161913
Edward James Terryhusband of Mary Elizabeth Terry1869821951
Florence Mabel Hanna18941031997
Marcelena Terry1889821971
Roy Angus Terryson of Mary Elizabeth Terry1899241923
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565ThomasJohn Thomasfirst name on this monumentid: ThomasCaroTa4
Caroline T Sheatherhusband of John Thomas1869451914

566ThompsonJohn Thompsonfirst name on this monument1849581907id: ThompsonJohna6
Annie Thompsonwife of John Thompson1859561915

567ThompsonRobert A Thompsonfirst name on this monument1860851945id: ThompsonRoba13
Hazel Clemo Thompsondaughter of Robert A Thompson1885761961
Henrietta Adamswife of Robert A Thompson1852891941

568ThorneGeorge Alexander Thornefirst name on this monument1862511913id: ThorneGeoa14
Alfred Henry Thorneson of George Alexander Thorne1896211917
Gordon Howard Thorneson of George Alexander Thorne1900711971
Harriett Jacksonwife of George Alexander Thorne1858731931

569ThorpePercy Thorpefirst name on this monument1894451939id: ThorpePa2
Emily Thorpesister of Percy Thorpe1895811976

570TidbyWilliam B Tidbyfirst name on this monument1825831908id: Tidbya6
Emma J Tidbydaughter of William B Tidby
Charles J Tidbyson of William B Tidby
Eliza Greenwife of William B Tidby1832761908

571TidsberryOpal Irene Tidsberryfirst name on this monument189881906id: Tidsberrya16
James Lannie Tidsberryfather of Opal Irene Tidsberry1844701914
Sarah Jane Phillipsmother of Opal Irene Tidsberry1869531922

572TorranceCharles W Torrancefirst name on this monument1887211908id: Torrancea2

573TorranceJohn M Torrancefirst name on this monument1854441898id: TorranceJMa4
Dreusilla McGawwife of John M Torrance1863811944

574TorranceThomas M Torrancefirst name on this monument1969id: TorranceThHa14
Irene G Torrancewife of Thomas M Torrance1996

575TowellWilliam Towellfirst name on this monument1901id: Towella29
Thomas Ellis
Isabelle McNally1933
Mary E McNally1958
Charles W Towell1906
Sarah Hoathwife of William Towell1924

576TravisAlbert W Travisfirst name on this monument1892651957id: Travisa14
E Lily Applegatewife of Albert W Travis1896851981

577TuckerEdward John Tuckerfirst name on this monument1888671955id: TuckerEda91
Nina Curtiswife of Edward John Tucker

578TuckerFrank William Tuckerfirst name on this monument190601906id: TuckerFWa13
Paul Herbert Tuckerbrother of Frank William Tucker1923
Edward Tuckerfather of Frank William Tucker
Nina Tuckermother of Frank William Tucker

579TustinJames Tustinfirst name on this monument1865541919id: Tustina41
Mary Jane Wyattwife of James Tustin1868641932

580TylerAda E Tylerfirst name on this monument1881871968id: JeffereyEa31
Ernest R Jefferyhusband of Ada E Tyler1881991980

581Van De CarrRachel Van De Carrfirst name on this monument1846861932id: VandeCarra4
Fred Van De Carr1870421912

582VanWincklePhillip VanWincklefirst name on this monument1856571913id: VanWincklea3
Clara V Brooksdaughter-in-law of Phillip VanWinckle1893511944
Elwyn H VanWinckleson of Phillip VanWinckle
Robert H VanWinckleson of Phillip VanWinckle
Annie A Wilsonwife of Phillip VanWinckle1863791942

583VerneyHarold B Verneyfirst name on this monument1908811989id: Verneya5
Grace Blewettwife of Harold B Verney1908942002
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584VileAlice G Vilefirst name on this monument1874341908id: BurgessAla5
William Burgesshusband of Alice G Vile1868761944

585VincentWilliam Vincentfirst name on this monument1906331939id: VincentWa4
Jean Robertsonwife of William Vincent

586VivianGeorge Vivianfirst name on this monument190501905id: Viviana9
George L Vivianfather of George Vivian
Annie Irene Vilemother of George Vivian

587WaldenMargaret Waldenfirst name on this monument1834761910id: Norsworthya46
Lillie Norsworthydaughter of Margaret Walden1877901967
Mabel B Caingrand daughter-in-law of Margaret Walden1915912006
Kenneth H Norsworthygrand son of Margaret Walden1912
Wesley R Norsworthygrand son of Margaret Walden1911731984
Samuel Norsworthyson-in-law of Margaret Walden1879361915

588WallaceWilliam John Wallacefirst name on this monument1847611908id: WallaceWmJa61
Evelyn Chambers
William C Wallace1913691982
Robert James Leonard Wallaceson of William John Wallace1883871970
Elizabeth Wallacewife of William John Wallace1850771927

589WalshCaroline Walshfirst name on this monument1895161911id: WalshCaroa41
James Egan Walshbrother of Caroline Walsh1893571950
Samuel Walshbrother of Caroline Walsh1890781968
Priscilla Walshmother of Caroline Walsh1867881955
Ivy Dorothy Bullsister-in-law of Caroline Walsh1894821976

590WardWilliam H Wardfirst name on this monument1879331912id: WardWmHa1

591WarffeAndrew Warffefirst name on this monument1831751906id: Warffea2

592WatkinsAlfred T Watkinsfirst name on this monument1948id: Watkinsa6

593WatsonIda Watsonfirst name on this monument1910id: WatsonIdaa51
John J Watson1930

594WattJohn Wattfirst name on this monument1858801938id: WattJa5
Robert John Wattson of John Watt1887311918
Mary Ellen Priestlywife of John Watt1859751934

595WattsHarry Wattsfirst name on this monument1894461940id: WattsHarrya41
Urban-Roy Wattsson of Harry Watts1916862002
Myrtle E McEwanwife of Harry Watts1895941989

596WaygoodFrederick Waygoodfirst name on this monument1902731975id: SmithFWa321Frederick was born in Wellington Somerset England.His parents Robert Henry Waygood and Eva Lillie Fowler from Wellington Somerset emigrated to Canada in 1907
Emily Burton
Rachel Burton1849731922
Edward Smith1878361914
Audrey Smithwife of Frederick Waygood

597WestEmma Jane Westfirst name on this monument1836801916id: WestEMJa231
Annie Emma Westdaughter of Emma Jane West1868591927
Edith Marie Westdaughter of Emma Jane West1867861953
Alice Elizabeth Daviedaughter-in-law of Emma Jane West1875721947
Charles Westhusband of Emma Jane West1828891917
Harry C G Westson of Emma Jane West1872781950

598WharinHerbert J Wharinfirst name on this monument1866751941id: Wharina4
Maude Hunterwife of Herbert J Wharin

599WhiteAcacia Whitefirst name on this monument1893181911id: WhiteAcaciaa12
Walter J Lustybrother-in-law of Acacia White1900741974
John Whitefather of Acacia White1859801939
Margaret Whitemother of Acacia White
Ida Louise Whitesister of Acacia White1897901987
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600WhiteAlexander Whitefirst name on this monument1856521908id: WhiteALexa8
Helen White Tonkindaughter of Alexander White1898881986
Pearl Whitedaughter-in-law of Alexander White1888321920
Marjorie Elaine Whitegrand daughter of Alexander White1915131928
Frederick A Whitegrand son of Alexander White1912301942
James Whiteson of Alexander White1886631949
Isabella Dallwife of Alexander White1861861947

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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