St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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101ChisholmJohnstone C Chisholmfirst name on this monument1878641942id: ChisholmJa6
Lucy Knottwife of Johnstone C Chisholm1881611942

102ChisholmReg G Chisholmfirst name on this monument1890261916id: ChisholmRega401
David Chisholmfather of Reg G Chisholm1866891955
Mary E Millermother of Reg G Chisholm1861671928
Ruth M Broddysister of Reg G Chisholm18991022001
Melba Hoosesister of Reg G Chisholm1897741971

103ChisholmWilliam Douglas Chisholmfirst name on this monument190561911id: ChisholmWDa22
Daniel Chisholmfather of William Douglas Chisholm1859761935
Clara Parrymother of William Douglas Chisholm1863771940

104ChisholmsJames Chisholmsfirst name on this monument1853601913id: Chisholma10
Margaret D Chisholmdaughter of James Chisholms1879861965
George W Duncanson-in-law of James Chisholms1880631943
Mary Robertsonwife of James Chisholms1859481907

105ClarkDuncan Clarkfirst name on this monument1854541908id: ClarkDuncana43
Alex Earl Clark192311924
Jessie Snelgrove1892281920
Emma Ballwife of Duncan Clark1861621923

106ClarkJames Simpson Clarkfirst name on this monument1871381909id: ClarkJSa202
Elsie Evelyn MacLagandaughter of James Simpson Clark1904361940
Mary Jane Elsiewife of James Simpson Clark1870791949

107ClarkJohn Clarkfirst name on this monument1873751948id: ClarkJohna11
Mary Violet Cainwife of John Clark1875901965

108ClarkMartha E Clarkfirst name on this monument1877211898id: ClarkAEa5
Robert Clark
Susan Crawford1856761932

109ClarkRobert Clarkfirst name on this monument1854941948id: ClarkRoba13

110ClarkeMary Ann Clarkefirst name on this monument1849571906id: ClarkeMAa7
R C Clarkewife of Mary Ann Clarke

111ClarkeRobert Clarkefirst name on this monument1856521908id: Clarkea6
Caroline Connel Burness1855431898

112ClarkeWilliam Archie Clarkefirst name on this monument1867601927id: ClarkeWmAa2
Charles W Clarkeson of William Archie Clarke1901101911
Annie Matilda Crewwife of William Archie Clarke1943

113ClementCatherine Margaret Clementfirst name on this monument1833761909id: KelleyCMa661
Robert Kelleyhusband of Catherine Margaret Clement1826901916
Richard Thomas Kelleyson of Catherine Margaret Clement1862671929

114ClementsMary Esther Clementsfirst name on this monument1853751928id: ClementsEa32
Alfred Shepherdhusband of Mary Esther Clements1872841956

115ClemettJames Clemettfirst name on this monument1907id: Clemetta19
Annie Clemettdaughter-in-law of James Clemett1972
James Clemettson of James Clemett1962
V Lloyd Clemettson of James Clemett2007
William Norman Clemettson of James Clemett1896
Agnes Clemettwife of James Clemett1905

116CleverdonThomas Cleverdonfirst name on this monument1852601912id: Cleverdona381
Elizabeth Leecegrand daughter of Thomas Cleverdon1941301971
Edith Cleverdon1880661946
Fred Cleverdon1919271946
William Cleverdonson of Thomas Cleverdon1879551934
Ellen Bishopwife of Thomas Cleverdon1848911939
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117ClineElmore Clinefirst name on this monument1833751908id: Clinea27
Mary E Clinewife of Elmore Cline1839721911

118CluffMary Ann Clufffirst name on this monument1861631924id: Bensona231
Beatrice Irene Bensondaughter of Mary Ann Cluff189041894
Richard Bensonhusband of Mary Ann Cluff1859681927
Alberta E Benson1892721964
Harry L Benson1893821975
Ronald H Benson1926251951
Elizabeth Cluffson of Mary Ann Cluff1854611915

119CoatesJohn W Coatesfirst name on this monument1867431910id: CoatesJW11
Mary F Somerswife of John W Coates1867591926

120ColbyArthur Colbyfirst name on this monument1852641916id: ColbyArta18
Meta Clara Colbydaughter of Arthur Colby1893881981
Elizabeth Anne Adamsonwife of Arthur Colby1870541924

121CollinsWilliam H Collinsfirst name on this monument1829781907id: CollinsWma71
Mary Ann Collinswife of William H Collins1836831919

122CoppEdwin Coppfirst name on this monument1818851903id: Coppa18
Margaret Coppwife of Edwin Copp1843961939

123CornellFrederick J Cornellfirst name on this monument1877571934id: CornellFJa33
Sarah E Glendinningwife of Frederick J Cornell1880711951

124CorscaddenArthur G Corscaddenfirst name on this monument1874661940id: MillarDMca15
Evelyn A Corscaddendaughter of Arthur G Corscadden1905111916
Evelyna Stephensonwife of Arthur G Corscadden1878911969

125CorscaddenHarold A Corscaddenfirst name on this monument1901421943id: Corscaddena9
Emilie Massenawife of Harold A Corscadden

126CosburnRichard C Cosburnfirst name on this monument1834771911id: CosburnRCa17
Louisa Cosburnwife of Richard C Cosburn1836831919

127CosgroveAda Edith Cosgrovefirst name on this monument1913441957id: ReedAa18
Reginald Wiliam Reedhusband of Ada Edith Cosgrove1911681979

128CottrellWilliam J Cottrellfirst name on this monument1872671939id: CottrellWma10
Frederick B Cottrellson of William J Cottrell191531918
William A Cottrellson of William J Cottrell190521907
Harriett E Cottrellwife of William J Cottrell1878721950

129CourtenayRussell Courtenayfirst name on this monument1888341922id: CourtenayRussa15
Dorothy Margaret Courtenaydaughter of Russell Courtenay191121913
Robert Gordon Courtenayson of Russell Courtenay191511916

130CousinsHarry A Cousinsfirst name on this monument1854771931id: Cousinsa10
Amelia Cousinsdaughter of Harry A Cousins1878631941
Louisa Collettwife of Harry A Cousins1859601919

131CowlingJohn Arthur Cowlingfirst name on this monument190621908id: CowlingJAa31
Alfred Cowlingbrother of John Arthur Cowling191551920
Harold Cowlingbrother of John Arthur Cowling191911920

132CowlingSarah Cowlingfirst name on this monument1884401924id: CowlingSara37
Robert Cowlinghusband of Sarah Cowling1882871969
Thomas Cowlingson of Sarah Cowling1917701987

133CraneHenry Cranefirst name on this monument1843821925id: CraneHa37
Ada Ethel Cranedaughter of Henry Crane1876831959
Donald Henry Wilsongrand son of Henry Crane190741911
Donald M Wilsonson-in-law of Henry Crane1872741946
Mary J McCombwife of Henry Crane1747801827

134CrawfordElizabeth Crawfordfirst name on this monument1856551911id: Doudieta10
Winnifred Maud Doudietdaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Crawford1891971988
James Edward F Doudiethusband of Elizabeth Crawford1861591920
Isabell Louise Doudiet1928
Frederick Edward Doudietson of Elizabeth Crawford1893681961
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135CrewCharles Oliver Crewfirst name on this monument1900191919id: CrewChO4
William I Crewbrother of Charles Oliver Crew1892661958
Isaac Crewfather of Charles Oliver Crew
Isabella Crewmother of Charles Oliver Crew

136CrewGeorge Edward Crewfirst name on this monument1888821970id: CrewGEa18

137CrewIsaac Crewfirst name on this monument1852611913id: CrewIsabellaa71
Isabella Gailwife of Isaac Crew1861811942

138CrewWilliam David Crewfirst name on this monument1940682008id: Crewa22

139CroneAlma V Cronefirst name on this monument1889511940id: Mageea35
William Mageewife of Alma V Crone1887761963

140CroneWilliam N Cronefirst name on this monument1842631905id: CroneWma15
Sarah Alice Nixonwife of William N Crone1845841929

141CullingWilliam Cullingfirst name on this monument1897571954id: Cullinga32
Pauline Mary Cullingdaughter of William Culling191661922
Elizabeth Culling1976
Maud Mary Scott1944

142CurtisFrank Curtisfirst name on this monument1862711933id: CurtisFranka21
Frances Louise Curtisdaughter of Frank Curtis1966
Minnie Martha McVoywife of Frank Curtis1871681939

143DaleAlbert Dalefirst name on this monument1875771952id: Dalea22

144DanbyLorena Lenore Danbyfirst name on this monument1876301906id: RoscoeGa12
F G Danbyhusband of Lorena Lenore Danby
George Danbyson of Lorena Lenore Danby190221904

145DanielCynthia Myrtle Danielfirst name on this monument1925812006id: Colleya12
Alexander Alfred Colleyhusband of Cynthia Myrtle Daniel1923842007

146DaveyAndrew Daveyfirst name on this monument1834751909id: DaveyAnda45
Emma Jessie Rosedaughter of Andrew Davey1915
Minnie Daveydaughter-in-law of Andrew Davey1873561929
George W Daveyson of Andrew Davey
Harriet Ann Daveywife of Andrew Davey1838801918

147DavidsonArchibald H Davidsonfirst name on this monument1870711941id: DavidsonAa8
Sarah Crosswife of Archibald H Davidson1894911985

148DavidsonJohn A Davidsonfirst name on this monument1874341908id: DavidsonJAa9
Flora Davidsonwife of John A Davidson1840751915

149DaviesGeorge Daviesfirst name on this monument1873581931id: DaviesGeorgea62
Estelle Daviesdaughter of George Davies1898961994
Lorena Grace Daviesdaughter of George Davies190571912
W J Earl Mundyson-in-law of George Davies1903431946
Annie M Daywife of George Davies1874871961

150DaviesGeorge David Daviesfirst name on this monument1858701928id: DaviesGDa281
Mildred Katie Daviesdaughter of George David Davies1894181912
Helen Bakergrand daughter of George David Davies193601936 Helen Baker was the 1st daughter of Lillian Baker and Albert Baker
Rosella Davieswife of George David Davies1862831945

151DaviesRobert E Daviesfirst name on this monument1946622008id: DaviesRoba15
Jeane E Davieswife of Robert E Davies1917

152DavisChester Laird Davisfirst name on this monument1885261911id: DavisCLa9
Laura M Daviswife of Chester Laird Davis

153DavisMillicent Grant Davisfirst name on this monument1905711976id: DavisMillie9
Robert Ernest Davishusband of Millicent Grant Davis1906701976

154DawesFrank Clement Dawesfirst name on this monument1878661944id: Dawesa451
Rosalyn Aileen Dawesdaughter of Frank Clement Dawes1905461951
Jean Roberta Marshallwife of Frank Clement Dawes1874881962
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155DeanErnest J Deanfirst name on this monument1886241910id: DeanErnesta111
James G Deanfather of Ernest J Dean
Grace Millermother of Ernest J Dean1861511912

156DeedmanCatharine Deedmanfirst name on this monument1840661906id: Deedmana15
Charles Fraser1857681925
Isabella Fraser1836901926

157DeedmanHenry J H Deedmanfirst name on this monument1876851961id: DeedmanHea21
Rebecca Atthowwife of Henry J H Deedman1879901969

158DepewSamuel E Depewfirst name on this monument191601916no image3

159DevereauxJohn J Devereauxfirst name on this monument1870721942id: Devereauxa9
Beatrice Devereauxdaughter of John J Devereaux190601906
Bernice Devereauxdaughter of John J Devereaux190601906
Hazel L Nobledaughter of John J Devereaux1903791982
Audrey Arlene Keatesgrand daughter of John J Devereaux191821920
Beryl M Keatesgrand daughter of John J Devereaux1916241940
Gordon John Devereauxson of John J Devereaux190811909
Minnie M Nicholsonwife of John J Devereaux

160DickeyLillian G Dickeyfirst name on this monument1869301899id: Dickeya14
Mary G Dickeydaughter of Lillian G Dickey1891321923
Mabel Viola Mahaffydaughter of Lillian G Dickey1889681957
Alfred H Dickeyhusband of Lillian G Dickey1862571919
William John Dickeyson of Lillian G Dickey1896591955

161DickinsonJames Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1866431909id: DickinsonSFa4
Sarah Fisherwife of James Dickinson1871781949

162DobsonJennie Dobsonfirst name on this monument1871621933id: Dobsona22
James Dobsonbrother of Jennie Dobson
Helena M Wilkinson1906861992

163DorganDaniel W Dorganfirst name on this monument1915id: Dorgana15
Agnes Dorgandaughter of Daniel W Dorgan1948
William Bucherson-in-law of Daniel W Dorgan1939
Grace E Fullerwife of Daniel W Dorgan1916

164DoudietFrederick Edward Doudietfirst name on this monument1915791994id: DoudietFreda15
Phylis Grace Taitwife of Frederick Edward Doudiet1921731994

165DowlingPaul Trimell Dowlingfirst name on this monument1889481937id: DeanPaula7
Florence May Deanwife of Paul Trimell Dowling1895871982

166DuffyFrederick Duffyfirst name on this monument1887291916id: DuffyFreda24
John F Duffyfather of Frederick Duffy1850671917
Mary J Duffymother of Frederick Duffy

167DunnellA W Dunnellfirst name on this monument189921901id: Dunnella91
William P Dunnellfather of A W Dunnell1868441912
Mary A Scottson of A W Dunnell1865831948

168DurstPhilip E Durstfirst name on this monument1858491907id: Dursta7
Jack W Timewell Durstson of Philip E Durst1899191918
Lily Jane Timewellwife of Philip E Durst1867771944

169DutnallAlbert John Dutnallfirst name on this monument1874701944id: Dutnalla16
Rita Rossdaughter-in-law of Albert John Dutnall1903791982
Elmore Simpsn Dutnallson of Albert John Dutnall1894781972
Jane Leslie Dutnallwife of Albert John Dutnall1874881962

170EacrettWiliam Eacrettfirst name on this monument1858581916id: Eagretta27
Viola Edith Eacrettdaughter of Wiliam Eacrett1889801969
William A Geiselson-in-law of Wiliam Eacrett1887761963
Ellen Emily Adkinswife of Wiliam Eacrett1862751937
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171EatherleyHerbert Eatherleyfirst name on this monument1878721950id: Eatherleya8
Ann Eatherleymother of Herbert Eatherley1841701911
Mary A Eatherleywife of Herbert Eatherley1875851960

172EatherleyHerbert Joseph Eatherleyfirst name on this monument1909881997id: EatherleyHa51
Dorothy Constance Eatherleywife of Herbert Joseph Eatherley1914902004

173ElliottFrank S Elliottfirst name on this monument1882281910id: ElliottFSa7
Louise Elliottwife of Frank S Elliott

174ElliottRobert H Elliottfirst name on this monument1873611934id: ElliottRa13
Hannah E Griffinwife of Robert H Elliott1874601934

175ElliottRobert Henry Elliottfirst name on this monument1903761979id: ElliottRHa7
Margaret Elliottwife of Robert Henry Elliott

176EmpringhamAlfred Empringhamfirst name on this monument1869581927id: EmpringhamAla25
Sarah E Blakeleywife of Alfred Empringham1875821957

177EmpringhamGeorge Empringhamfirst name on this monument1867621929id: EmpringhamGeoa16
Alice Greywife of George Empringham1870661936

178EmpringhamGeorge Thomas Empringhamfirst name on this monument1884811965id: Empringhamaa13
Frances Eva Brightwife of George Thomas Empringham1887751962

179EmpringhamJoseph Empringhamfirst name on this monument1871631934id: EmpringhamJosa9
Mary Louisa Johnswife of Joseph Empringham1875681943

180EmpringhamMildred M Empringhamfirst name on this monument1890781968id: EmpringhamMa55
Frank H Robertsbrother-in-law of Mildred M Empringham1886741960
Gerald F Busbyhusband of Mildred M Empringham1883681951
Leonard Crewe Robertsnephew of Mildred M Empringham1895731968
Gladys Pearl Emprinhamson of Mildred M Empringham1896651961

181EmpringhamWilliam Empringhamfirst name on this monument1862491911id: Empringhama
(2 images)
Harriett Trentonwife of William Empringham1863771940

182EnsmingerGeorge Wesley Ensmingerfirst name on this monument1865901955id: EnsmingerGWa18
Arthur W Boshier1892691961
Reta Shreeve1907982005

183EnsmingerJohn Ensmingerfirst name on this monument1840691909id: Ensmingera13
Martha Mabel Cambridgedaughter of John Ensminger1878751953
Catherine Pilkeywife of John Ensminger1844851929

184EstelleEarl R Estellefirst name on this monument1897441941id: Estellea17

185EvansJohn Evansfirst name on this monument188521887id: EvansJohna12
Earl R Estellebrother-in-law of John Evans
William Richie1869211890
Ina J Evansson of John Evans189221894
Olive Irene Evansson of John Evans1898891987

186EvansJohn Evansfirst name on this monument1856521908id: EvansJa19
Olivia Jane Ritchiewife of John Evans1860701930

187FalconerWilliam P L Falconerfirst name on this monument1883581941id: Falconera11
Emma E Grasswife of William P L Falconer1886711957

188FarrowWilliam Schell Farrowfirst name on this monument1884301914id: Farrowa8
Ida May Schellwife of William Schell Farrow1883681951

189FawcettCharlotte Fawcettfirst name on this monument1848591907id: CollinsJa351
John Collinshusband of Charlotte Fawcett1861631924

190FieldEliza Ellen Fieldfirst name on this monument1863801943id: Moodya291
Edith A Moodydaughter of Eliza Ellen Field1897811978
Arthur J Moodyhusband of Eliza Ellen Field1868891957
Clifton A Moodyson of Eliza Ellen Field190011901
Victor H Moodyson of Eliza Ellen Field190091909
Robert John Crawfordson-in-law of Eliza Ellen Field1903681971
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191FilbyJames Filbyfirst name on this monument1834751909id: Filbya262
Louisa Higginsdaughter of James Filby1869721941
Emily Orrdaughter of James Filby1864631927
Emily Reddittwife of James Filby1836761912

192FisherNelson John George Fisherfirst name on this monument1876371913id: FisherNa27
Verna Catherine Francis Fisherdaughter of Nelson John George Fisher191021912

193FisherWilliam Fisherfirst name on this monument1866531919id: FisherWma38
Margaret Irwinwife of William Fisher1872581930

194FletcherWatson Fletcherfirst name on this monument1833811914id: FletcherWa14
Harriet Cruttendondaughter of Watson Fletcher1858811939
George Cruttendongrand son of Watson Fletcher1880741954
John Watson Fletcherson of Watson Fletcher1857681925
Matilda Perrywife of Watson Fletcher1832861918

195FlowersAlbert Flowersfirst name on this monument1860711931id: Flowersa23
Kate Weetwife of Albert Flowers

196FordWilbert R Fordfirst name on this monument1885351920id: FordWila131
Etta Inneswife of Wilbert R Ford

197FosterEarl Fosterfirst name on this monument1913821995id: FosterEarla5
Paul Fosterson of Earl Foster1939
Ruth Cabicwife of Earl Foster1913841997

198FosterIrene Fosterfirst name on this monument1891151906id: FosterIrenea33
Oscar M Fosterbrother of Irene Foster1889201909
Robert Herbert Fosterfather of Irene Foster1865891954
Elizabeth Turnermother of Irene Foster1864801944

199FralickCamilla E Fralickfirst name on this monument1897391936id: Langana13
John H Langanhusband of Camilla E Fralick

200FraserJohn LeRoy Fraserfirst name on this monument1888231911id: FraserJLRa20
Hazel Dimmawife of John LeRoy Fraser

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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