St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AggettGeorge E Aggettfirst name on this monument1915821997id: Aggetta23
Doreen B McHalewife of George E Aggett

2AllanMary Ann Allanfirst name on this monument1956id: AllanMarya19

3AllanWilliam Allanfirst name on this monument1880951975id: AllanWma26
Douglas Allanson of William Allan190641910
Gordon S Allanson of William Allan1909101919
Margaret Allanwife of William Allan1880541934

4AllenDonald B Allenfirst name on this monumentid: AllenDBa22

5AllinLois Melba Allinfirst name on this monument1927441971id: AllinLa23

6AmieEthel Amiefirst name on this monument1883901973id: NormanJasa20
James Normanhusband of Ethel Amie1884911975

7AndersonCharles Joseph Andersonfirst name on this monument1835751910id: AndersonCJa221
Ellen Augusta Barronwife of Charles Joseph Anderson1926131939

8AndersonElizabeth Andersonfirst name on this monument1865471912id: StruthersEa161
William Struthershusband of Elizabeth Anderson1860751935

9AndersonFrederick Charles Andersonfirst name on this monument1861881949id: AndersonFCa26

10AndersonWilliam Andersonfirst name on this monument1827841911id: AndersonWma18
Ella J Andersondaughter of William Anderson1866531919
Janet Hollidaywife of William Anderson1839741913

11AnscombeJames C Anscombefirst name on this monument1851611912id: AnscombeJa14

12ArmstrongElizabeth Armstrongfirst name on this monument1846691915id: McMillana7
John McMillanhusband of Elizabeth Armstrong1840701910

13ArmstrongJames Armstrongfirst name on this monument1871811952id: Armstronga51
Viola Clifforddaughter of James Armstrong1911751986
Catherine T Armstrong1837821919
Albert Armstrongson of James Armstrong191101911
Arthur N Armstrongson of James Armstrong1900751975
Douglas M Armstrongson of James Armstrong191211913
F Guy Armstrongson of James Armstrong1902431945
Gerald Armstrongson of James Armstrong190981917
Robert J Armstrongson of James Armstrong1895111906
W Earl Armstrongson of James Armstrong189611897
Walter Cliffordson-in-law of James Armstrong1911902001
Mary Armstrongwife of James Armstrong1869841953

14ArnoldGeorge Arnoldfirst name on this monument1874691943id: ArnoldGeoa13
Ellen Kingstonwife of George Arnold1870831953

15ArnoldSusan Arnoldfirst name on this monument1871351906id: ArnoldSusana31
George Arnoldhusband of Susan Arnold

16ArthursMary Arthursfirst name on this monument1916id: Arthursa54
Craig Huttonhusband of Mary Arthurs
Emma Arthurs1918
John Arthurs

17AshbeeEdna Ashbeefirst name on this monument1899121911id: Ashbeea8
H Ashbeefather of Edna Ashbee
E Ashbeemother of Edna Ashbee

18AshbyJenny Ashbyfirst name on this monument1867581925id: AshbyJa12
Clara S Ashbydaughter of Jenny Ashby189211893
Edna E Ashbydaughter of Jenny Ashby1899101909
Robert W Ashbygrand son of Jenny Ashby192001920
Alfred H Ashbyhusband of Jenny Ashby1867701937
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19AshbyMary Ashbyfirst name on this monument1834741908id: AshbyMa41
Alice Ashbydaughter of Mary Ashby1866661932
William Ashbyhusband of Mary Ashby1832781910
Alfred Thomas Ashbyson of Mary Ashby1886601946
William Thomas Ashbyson of Mary Ashby1860751935

20AshtonS John Ashtonfirst name on this monument1878461924id: AshtonSJa13
Ethel Ashtondaughter of S John Ashton191101911
Stella E Ashtondaughter of S John Ashton1909791988
Alice Billingswife of S John Ashton1880781958

21AugiNicholas Augifirst name on this monument1905541959id: TozerBakera17
Rose Marie Bakerdaughter of Nicholas Augi1929
Irene Bakerwife of Nicholas Augi1905791984

22BaileyAlfred James Baileyfirst name on this monument1874681942id: BaileyAJa24
George Harold Marks Baileyson of Alfred James Bailey
Melvin Willis Baileyson of Alfred James Bailey
Clara Gertrude Buddwife of Alfred James Bailey1874701944

23BakerBertie Buggings Bakerfirst name on this monument1887211908id: BakerBGa171
Rose Dinsmore1895601955
Mabel Tozer1890231913
Walter Tozer

24BakerMabel Bakerfirst name on this monument1890231913id: Tozera31
John Mathew Bakerfather of Mabel Baker1862831945
Walter Tozerhusband of Mabel Baker
Emma Gubbingsmother of Mabel Baker1863671930
George Ross Tozerson of Mabel Baker191001910

25BanksThomas George Banksfirst name on this monument1865471912id: BanksTha81
Lottie Bankswife of Thomas George Banks1861971958

26BarkerGeorge E Barkerfirst name on this monument1863441907id: BarkerGeoa11
Daisy E Barkerdaughter of George E Barker190611907
Edith May Barkerdaughter of George E Barker1896861982
Evelyne Barkerdaughter of George E Barker1902521954
George E Barkerson of George E Barker1894191913
Ellen Blackwife of George E Barker1871751946

27BarksJames Barksfirst name on this monument1839851924id: Barksa29
Harriet Oakleydaughter-in-law of James Barks1882441926
Elsie Barksgrand daughter of James Barks190901909
Mabel Oakley Barksgrand daughter of James Barks191411915
Edith Pollardgrand daughter-in-law of James Barks1909891998
James H Barksgrand son of James Barks1907481955
Thomas Barksson of James Barks1870391909

28BarnesJoe Barnesfirst name on this monument1964id: BarnesJa3
Florence Wilsonwife of Joe Barnes1980

29BarnettHarriett Barnettfirst name on this monument1868451913id: BrownHara7
Ethel May Gerrarddaughter-in-law of Harriett Barnett1893761969
Ralph Brownhusband of Harriett Barnett1870461916
Ralph Edward Brownson of Harriett Barnett1894631957

30BarrettChris Barrettfirst name on this monumentid: Barretta17
Effie Sophronia Evoydaughter-in-law of Chris Barrett1870711941
Mary Jane Evoy
Christopher G Barrettson of Chris Barrett1867751942

31BateJames Bradnee Batefirst name on this monument1853531906id: Batea11
Eric James Bateson of James Bradnee Bate1890271917
Elizabeth Pagewife of James Bradnee Bate1858871945
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32BeamishCharlotte Beamishfirst name on this monument1859671926id: HogarthCa71
Edith M Hogarthdaughter of Charlotte Beamish1887811968
D Jean Smithgrand daughter of Charlotte Beamish1916922008
Henry B Hogarthhusband of Charlotte Beamish1858821940
G Frederick Smithson-in-law of Charlotte Beamish1882711953

33BeatonAnnie E Beatonfirst name on this monument1859541913id: Bewleya9
Thomas Bewleyhusband of Annie E Beaton1857601917

34BeattieJohn Beattiefirst name on this monument1880771957id: BeattieJLa27
Dorothy Beattiedaughter of John Beattie1909901999
Martha Jane Beattie1820941914
Elias Tall1825801905
Clifford Beattieson of John Beattie1911801991
Lucy Blundellwife of John Beattie1881921973

35BenningerWilliam A Benningerfirst name on this monument1888791967id: BenningerWmaa1

36BentleyArthur Webster Bentleyfirst name on this monument1980id: Bentleya20
Edna Bentleywife of Arthur Webster Bentley

37BerckEdna L M Berckfirst name on this monument1928id: BerckEdnaa19
W Appleyardhusband of Edna L M Berck
Walter H Appleyardson of Edna L M Berck1923

38BerckHenry Berckfirst name on this monument1862471909id: Bercka9
Catherine Barrett1868891957
Johnson J Barrett

39BerryCharlotte Berryfirst name on this monument1870571927id: CookCharlottea49
Alec Cookhusband of Charlotte Berry1864671931

40BertramDawson Bertramfirst name on this monument1892291921id: BertramDa18
William Bertramfather of Dawson Bertram1866681934
Minnie Brownmother of Dawson Bertram1866771943

41BestOlive M Bestfirst name on this monument1891231914id: Besta13
William Bestfather of Olive M Best1846711917
William Hagenhusband of Olive M Best
Celia B Olvermother of Olive M Best1850681918
Gordon Bestson of Olive M Best1880621942

42BilowFrederick Bilowfirst name on this monument1882261908id: BilowFa9
Mary Jane Bilowwife of Frederick Bilow1881831964

43BilowMichael Edward Bilowfirst name on this monument1851631914id: BilowMa2
Susan Margaret Bilowwife of Michael Edward Bilow1854821936

44BishopDorothy A Bishopfirst name on this monument1925772002id: BishopDa2
Charles V Shortthusband of Dorothy A Bishop

45BlaberAlfred G Blaberfirst name on this monument1886611947id: Blabera8
Ethel Evanswife of Alfred G Blaber1889651954

46BlackJessie Blackfirst name on this monument1877781955id: Woolleya16
Eva Annie Hookedaughter-in-law of Jessie Black1903691972
Thomas Charles Woolleyhusband of Jessie Black1877991976
Albert F Woolleyson of Jessie Black1908861994
Norman Charles Woolleyson of Jessie Black1900781978

47BlackburnMaranda Blackburnfirst name on this monument1849571906id: BlackburnMara2
Joseph Blackburnhusband of Maranda Blackburn1840771917

48BlackburnMary Ann Blackburnfirst name on this monument1892551947id: Jeandrona19
Arthur Vere Jeandronhusband of Mary Ann Blackburn

49BlackburnSamuel Blackburnfirst name on this monument1885481933id: Blackburna10
Eva Batticewife of Samuel Blackburn1885761961
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50BlackburnTom Blackburnfirst name on this monument1863471910id: BlackburnToma26
Elizabeth Ann Blackburnwife of Tom Blackburn1864681932

51BlainMaude Blainfirst name on this monument1875331908id: Blaina9
G J Shepherdhusband of Maude Blain

52BlewettClark Blewettfirst name on this monument191001910id: Blewetta21
Rolland C Blewettfather of Clark Blewett1884691953 Roland (Rollie) Clark BLEWETT was born 27 Sep 1884 in Lakefield, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Roland married Eliza IRWIN on 12 Feb 1907 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada.
Eliza-Anne Davidson1882971979

53BlewettColeman Blewettfirst name on this monument1856591915id: Bleweta21Coleman BLEWETT was born 23 Jun 1857 in Smith Township, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. He died 27 Nov 1915 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada. Coleman married Mary Jane (Jennie) Garbutt McKIBBIN on 17 Oct 1883 in Smith Township, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Mary J G McKibbinwife of Coleman Blewett1864811945

54BlightFrank M Blightfirst name on this monument1858531911id: Blighta31
Janet B Blightdaughter of Frank M Blight1895551950
E Victor Bartheson-in-law of Frank M Blight
Rachel E Purdiewife of Frank M Blight1861931954

55BoddyVictor G Boddyfirst name on this monument1885241909id: BoddyVictora2

56BolanArthur J Bolanfirst name on this monument1893781971id: Bolama11
Della Clarkwife of Arthur J Bolan1899721971

57BongardJane Elizabeth Bongardfirst name on this monument1836721908id: Bongarda121
Conrad Bongardhusband of Jane Elizabeth Bongard1828871915
George Wynne Anderson1907781985
Miriam Aileen Anderson1911661977
Amelia Mary Campbell1912811993
Ethel Gertrude Campbell1877711948
William Merrill Campbell1905972002

58BoothGeorge Boothfirst name on this monumentid: BoothGeoa77
Mary Jane Bruckshawdaughter of George Booth1861721933
Mary Jane Charlesworthwife of George Booth

59BoultonAlexander Boultonfirst name on this monument1822861908id: BoultonAa42
Lydia Margaret Boultondaughter of Alexander Boulton185421856
Mary Emma Boultondaughter of Alexander Boulton1922251947
Margaret A Kellardaughter-in-law of Alexander Boulton1866871953
Paul Franklin Boultonson of Alexander Boulton1850821932
Samuel Peter Boultonson of Alexander Boulton185701857
William S Boultonson of Alexander Boulton1865901955
Jane Baragerwife of Alexander Boulton1826551881

60BowskillJames Joseph Bowskillfirst name on this monument1888221910id: Bowskilla111
William Bowskillfather of James Joseph Bowskill1853901943
Jane Davidsonmother of James Joseph Bowskill1863801943

61BoydBarbara Joan Boydfirst name on this monument1927601987id: JenkinsGHa36

62BradshawThomas F Bradshawfirst name on this monument1900361936id: Bradshawa12
Madeline Wildburwife of Thomas F Bradshaw1900831983

63BricklesIsaac Bricklesfirst name on this monument1857551912id: Bricklesa9
John H Todd193331936
Charlotte Brickleswife of Isaac Brickles1856831939

64BroomerWilliam Crawford Broomerfirst name on this monument191211913id: Broomera31
Ruth Broomerdaughter of William Crawford Broomer1914892003
George Broomerfather of William Crawford Broomer1884821966
Bertha Elizabeth Crawfordmother of William Crawford Broomer1886921978
Bassell Laister Huntson-in-law of William Crawford Broomer1911541965

65BrownAgnes Reed Brownfirst name on this monument1887741961id: BrownAgnesReeda211
Thomas Edward Clegg1894741968
Minnie Reed1896931989
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66BrownAmelia E Brownfirst name on this monument1883661949id: BrownAma9
William H Brownhusband of Amelia E Brown1882881970

67BrownGeorge M Brownfirst name on this monument1860891949id: BrownGMa19
Lessly G Brownson of George M Brown1892231915
Martha M Varcoewife of George M Brown1859691928

68BrownHarry Herman Brownfirst name on this monument1862491911id: BrownHHa19
Ada Brown Prowse1875601935

69BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1857661923id: BrownJasa20
Lillian Muir Aggett1892481940
J Lewis Brown1961
Kathleen E Brown1969
Sylvia Frances Brown190541909
George McDonald1956
Rachel Ann Wallacewife of James Brown1863841947

70BrownKenneth W Brownfirst name on this monument1894761970id: BrownKWa4
Gladys Wrightwife of Kenneth W Brown1900951995

71BrownRobert Hugh Brownfirst name on this monument1872681940id: BrowneRHa4
Kathleen Browndaughter of Robert Hugh Brown190681914
Donald Stuart Brownson of Robert Hugh Brown1905141919

72BrownSherard A Brownfirst name on this monument1870781948id: BrownSherard7

73BrownThomas G Brownfirst name on this monument1886281914id: BrownThosGa7
John Brownfather of Thomas G Brown1860671927
Eliza Hillmother of Thomas G Brown1864621926
Gertrude M Croninwife of Thomas G Brown

74BullockAmelia Bullockfirst name on this monument1886741960id: RobertsAmeliaa24
Wilfrid Robertshusband of Amelia Bullock1885801965

75BurnsJoseph A Burnsfirst name on this monument1887251912id: BurnsJAa13
Percy Burnsbrother of Joseph A Burns1896211917
F J Lynchbrother-in-law of Joseph A Burns
James Burnsfather of Joseph A Burns
Elizabeth Burnsmother of Joseph A Burns
Olive Burnsson of Joseph A Burns1891261917

76BusbyMildred Mary Busbyfirst name on this monument1890781968id: Busbya18
Gerald F Busbyhusband of Mildred Mary Busby1883681951
Frank H Roberts1886741960
Gladys P Roberts1896651961
Leonard C Roberts1895731968

77ButlerHenry Butlerfirst name on this monument1859621921id: ButlerHa49
William Henry Blaylock1878751953
Emma Butler1878841962
William Butler1880271907
Elizabeth Ann Butlerwife of Henry Butler1862731935

78CalendarRobert Calendarfirst name on this monument1838731911id: CalenderRoba8
Elizabeth Waltonwife of Robert Calendar1838731911

79CalenderFanny Calenderfirst name on this monument1874571931id: Gumnowa4
Charles Gummowhusband of Fanny Calender

80CallanRobert A Callanfirst name on this monument1864791943id: CallanHama19
Winifred Hamdaughter of Robert A Callan1892931985
Gordon R A Callanson of Robert A Callan1893221915
John Milton Hamson-in-law of Robert A Callan1886461932
Mary Whitcombewife of Robert A Callan1867801947
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81CalvertLloyd A Calvertfirst name on this monument1909481957id: CalvertLa6
Evelyn Brokenshirewife of Lloyd A Calvert1910781988

82CampbellJohn Ivan Campbellfirst name on this monument1923611984id: CampbellJohna20
Delores June Campbellwife of John Ivan Campbell1920681988

83CampbellMargaret Campbellfirst name on this monument1871741945id: DobsonMa271
Marion Whitedaughter of Margaret Campbell1896881984
James Dobsonhusband of Margaret Campbell1867791946
Robert James Dobsonson of Margaret Campbell1900751975
William George Dobsonson of Margaret Campbell1894761970

84CamplinIsaac Camplinfirst name on this monument1956id: CamplinLouisaa19
Wilma D Hunter1916882004
Richard Albert Camplinson of Isaac Camplin1973
Louisa Camplinwife of Isaac Camplin1874371911
Lillian McGladesecond wife of Isaac Camplin1954

85CamplinRichard Camplinfirst name on this monument1828831911id: Camplina38
Burgenetta Forsythdaughter-in-law of Richard Camplin1864611925
Clara Pollockgrand daughter-in-law of Richard Camplin1892781970
William C Camplingrand son of Richard Camplin1892701962
Charles Camplinson of Richard Camplin1856871943
Julia Ann Camplinwife of Richard Camplin1837771914

86CantwellGeorge Jackson Cantwellfirst name on this monument1892181910id: Jacksona6
William John Cantwellfather of George Jackson Cantwell
Mary Cantwellmother of George Jackson Cantwell
Mary Agnes Cantwellsister of George Jackson Cantwell1899271926

87CantwellWilliam John Cantwellfirst name on this monument1866831949id: CantwellWJa141
Mary Hope Elliottwife of William John Cantwell1870961966

88CarterCharles Henry Carterfirst name on this monument1882701952id: CarterCha10
Mary Barkerwife of Charles Henry Carter1881851966

89CarterWilliam Carterfirst name on this monument1854531907id: CarterWma5
Matilda Carterwife of William Carter

90CartonJohn Cartonfirst name on this monument1824861910id: CartonJa24
Sarah Strainwife of John Carton1847631910

91CaveJames A Cavefirst name on this monument1916771993id: CaveJa7
Jessie M Cavewife of James A Cave1920761996

92CawoodJames W Cawoodfirst name on this monument1885781963id: Cawooda71
Olive Cawoodwife of James W Cawood

93ChamberlainAnnie Ellen Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1856541910id: ChamberlainAea101
Grace A Chamberlaindaughter of Annie Ellen Chamberlain1892731965
Thomas F Chamberlainhusband of Annie Ellen Chamberlain1857981955

94ChamberlainGordon E Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1915831998id: ChamberlainAa10
Audrey Joneswife of Gordon E Chamberlain1915511966
Grace S Tomlinsecond wife of Gordon E Chamberlain1914691983

95ChambersEllen Chambersfirst name on this monument1845711916id: ParkerLouisaa51
Louise Maud Parkerdaughter-in-law of Ellen Chambers1875471922
James Chambersson of Ellen Chambers

96ChambersLena Chambersfirst name on this monument1903241927id: McKayLenaa30
Staunton McKayhusband of Lena Chambers

97ChanterFrancis George Chanterfirst name on this monument190961915id: Chantera14
Francis G Chanterfather of Francis George Chanter1875611936
Lydia Richardmother of Francis George Chanter1877911968
Charles E Chanter1888611949
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98CharlesworthMary J Charlesworthfirst name on this monument1836721908id: Charleswortha13
Edward T Smith of Mary J Charlesworth1833891922

99CheethamCharles Cheethamfirst name on this monument1856571913id: Cheethama246
Catherine Cheethamwife of Charles Cheetham1862741936

100ChidlowSarah Ann Chidlowfirst name on this monument1870651935id: Roea23
Grace A Roedaughter-in-law of Sarah Ann Chidlow1898951993
Thomas Clayton Roehusband of Sarah Ann Chidlow1867751942
Richard Roeson of Sarah Ann Chidlow1888201908
William Roeson of Sarah Ann Chidlow1897871984

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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