St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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801RichardsonLaura Margaret Richardsonfirst name on this monument1897781975id: DSCF53262099535Unable to read the name of the first person shown

802RichardsonLeslie Charles Richardsonfirst name on this monument1915761991id: DSCF56442102532Born Kadina Australia

803RichardsonRuth June Richardsonfirst name on this monument1943642007id: DSCF548321009311

804RichardsonW G Richardsonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49862096344On War Memorial Wall

805RichardsonW G Richardsonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095662War Memorial 1914-18

806RicherGordon Richerfirst name on this monument1929742003id: DSCF552021012912
Betty Richerwife of Gordon Richer1930792009

807RichesA J Richesfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095677War Memorial 1914-18

808RichesA J Richesfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49862096357On War Memorial Wall

809RichesGeorge Benjamin Richesfirst name on this monument1851931944id: IMG71152105685
Susan Richeswife of George Benjamin Riches1854861940

810RichesOlga Kathleen Richesfirst name on this monument1917521969id: IMG70412104945
Harcourt Vivien Richeshusband of Olga Kathleen Riches1916912007

811Rickford-SmithEvelyn Rickford-Smithfirst name on this monument1906731979id: DSCF54302100452

812RiderAlice Victoria Riderfirst name on this monument1915781993id: DSCF514420979141
Harold Riderhusband of Alice Victoria Rider1911942005

813RimmerThomas Raymond Rimmerfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF503520969216Gorffwys Mewn Hedd

814RiseboroughMichael Charles Riseboroughfirst name on this monument1945572002id: DSCF513920978610

815RixJohn Rixfirst name on this monument1926id: DSCF535820998182
Elizabeth Rixwife of John Rix1929

816RobertsonGeorge William Robertsonfirst name on this monument1830id: DSCF52282098617
William Robertsonfather of George William Robertson
Mary Ann Robertsonmother of George William Robertson

817RobertsonJohn Bly Robertsonfirst name on this monument1826651891id: DSCF52302098634
William Robertsonfather of John Bly Robertson
Mary Ann Robertsonmother of John Bly Robertson

818RobertsonMary Ann Robertsonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF522920986210
William Robertsonhusband of Mary Ann Robertson1794

819RobertsonMary Ann Robertsonfirst name on this monument1831531884id: DSCF52312098648
John Bly Robertsonhusband of Mary Ann Robertson

820RobinsonAda Robinsonfirst name on this monument1891871978id: IMG694521039820

821RobinsonBessie Louise Robinsonfirst name on this monument1904921996id: DSCF50342096918Reunited with Harry

822RodwellJohn Francis Albert Rodwellfirst name on this monument1923792002id: DSCF51222097702

823RolfeAnn Rolfefirst name on this monument1727371764id: DSCF4957209527244
Edmund Rolfefather of Ann Rolfe
Ann Rolfemother of Ann Rolfe

824RolfeDorothy Rolfefirst name on this monument1780831863id: DSCF4966209587112Married 5 Jan 1833
Thomas Thomasonfirst husband of Dorothy Rolfe
S C E N Rolfesecond husband of Dorothy Rolfe

825RolfeEdmund Rolfefirst name on this monument1766701836id: DSCF4955209525373
Edmund Rolfefather of Edmund Rolfe
Dorothy Rolfemother of Edmund Rolfe
Catharine Francis Rolfewife of Edmund Rolfe1771661837

826RolfeMatoaka Ribecka Pocahontas Rolfefirst name on this monument1595221617id: DSCF496820958815978Better known just as Pocahontas - Married John Rolfe in 1614
Powhatanfather of Matoaka Ribecka Pocahontas Rolfe Hereditary King of the Alconquin Indians of Virginia
John Rolfehusband of Matoaka Ribecka Pocahontas Rolfe

827RolfeStrickland Charles Edward Neville Rolfefirst name on this monument1789631852id: DSCF496520958662Of Heacham Hall - 16 years vicar of this parish

828RollsWilliam Rollsfirst name on this monument1913id: DSCF532120994813
Illa Morton Rolls
Priscilla Rollswife of William Rolls
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829RolphRosalind Lily Rolphfirst name on this monument1924792003id: DSCF55262101354

830RoofeRosemary Olive Roofefirst name on this monument1946451991id: DSCF564521025420SEN

831RossingtonJohn Darby Rossingtonfirst name on this monument1945622007id: DSCF50072096652

832RoutEvllyn May Routfirst name on this monument1897811978id: DSCF510520975561
Frederick Routhusband of Evllyn May Rout1895861981

833RoutJessie Routfirst name on this monument1886841970id: IMG7031210484161
James Routhusband of Jessie Rout1887861973

834RowellBenjamin Frederick Rowellfirst name on this monument1807851892id: DSCF506920972474

835RoythorneJ Roythornefirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498620963631On War Memorial Wall

836RoythorneJ Roythornefirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095686War Memorial 1914-18

837RoythorneMary Roythornefirst name on this monument1834501884id: DSCF52152098563

838RoythorneRobert Roythornefirst name on this monument1912801992id: DSCF514520979241
Barbara Roythornewife of Robert Roythorne1917922009

839Roznorska Roznorskafirst name on this monument1908741982id: IMG69112103654Very difficult to read

840RuddAaron Luke Ruddfirst name on this monument1id: DSCF562521023317Aged 22 months

841RuddDouglas Ruddfirst name on this monument1924792003id: DSCF558321019113

842RuddEdward Albert Ruddfirst name on this monument1902641966id: DSCF5240209873121
Linda Isobel Ruddwife of Edward Albert Rudd1906701976

843RuddEsrher Dland Ruddfirst name on this monument1972id: DSCF50842097375

844RuddMildred Elizabeth Ruddfirst name on this monument1911811992id: DSCF56512102602

845RuddStanley Kitchener Ruddfirst name on this monument1917601977id: DSCF509720974812
Winifred May Rudd1913771990

846RumensJoseph Sidney Rumensfirst name on this monument1920771997id: DSCF50502097072

847RussellBenjamin Farrow Russellfirst name on this monument1852781930id: DSCF53272099546
Nmary Vivian Russellwife of Benjamin Farrow Russell1855771932

848RussellC R Russellfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49862096373On War Memorial Wall

849RussellG R Russellfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095697War Memorial 1914-18

850RussellGeorge Wilfred Russellfirst name on this monument1879871966id: DSCF52392098722
Ethel Eliza Russellwife of George Wilfred Russell1881901971

851RustEric Macdonald Rustfirst name on this monument1910741984id: IMG68882103429

852RyderJohn Ryderfirst name on this monument1929581987id: DSCF51812098282
Hilda Ryderwife of John Ryder1929822011

853RyderMalcolm Ryderfirst name on this monument1934581992id: DSCF514120978812

854SandsFrederick Sandsfirst name on this monument1882821964id: DSCF525420988531
Harriet Elizabeth Sandswife of Frederick Sands1889831972

855SarsbyQueenie Irene Sarsbyfirst name on this monument1902831985id: IMG68812103352
George William Sarsbyhusband of Queenie Irene Sarsby1903861989

856SaunderEdmund George Saunderfirst name on this monument1912671979id: DSCF50732097283

857SaundersPearl Saundersfirst name on this monument1920872007id: DSCF54912101012

858SaundersSusan Mary Saundersfirst name on this monument1949371986id: IMG690421035811

859ScorgieBarbara Doris Scorgiefirst name on this monument1921852006id: DSCF511620976421

860SeapeyKenneth Graham Seapeyfirst name on this monument1924741998id: DSCF55792101872
Jean Seapeywife of Kenneth Graham Seapey2009

861SearleMargaret Lilleen Searlefirst name on this monument1911861997id: DSCF50572097142

862SetchellHenny Lisa Setchellfirst name on this monument1938622000id: DSCF55572101653

863SextonHarry Sextonfirst name on this monument1916892005id: DSCF511920976716

864SeymorEdgar Thomas Seymorfirst name on this monument1927772004id: DSCF512020976822

865SharpPercy Alfred Thomas Sharpfirst name on this monument1914751989id: DSCF51742098213

866ShawCharles Shawfirst name on this monument1836311867id: DSCF52062098482

867ShawEldred Arthur Shawfirst name on this monument1918101928id: DSCF5375209997472
Rosalind Anne Brennan18581391997 There was a typo in entering the birth year for Rosalind. She was born May 2 1958 (not 1858). Source is verified by Rosalind's sister (Penney)
Arthur John Shaw1884841968 Organ Builder
Evelyn Alice Shaw1884811965
Geoffrey Edwin Shaw1914771991 Pianoforte Tuner
Rosemarie Shaw1926691995
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868ShawJames Shawfirst name on this monument1877id: DSCF52082098502
George Shaw1879
Sarah Shaw

869ShawMary Shawfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF52072098492
Charles Shawhusband of Mary Shaw

870ShawWilliam Shawfirst name on this monument1848601908id: DSCF53442099682

871ShepherdAlan Robert Shepherdfirst name on this monument1959401999id: DSCF559421020211

872ShingfieldElsie Lorraine Shingfieldfirst name on this monument1918711989id: IMG696321041691
Alfred William Joseph Shingfieldhusband of Elsie Lorraine Shingfield1915781993

873SilcockGeorge Silcockfirst name on this monument1790491839id: IMG698521043861

874SinclairMarian R Sinclairfirst name on this monument1913771990id: DSCF56792102892

875SingletonGeorge Christopher Singletonfirst name on this monument1927752002id: DSCF550921011912
Sarah Jane Singletonsister of George Christopher Singleton1920781998

876SkeetHarriet Louise Skeetfirst name on this monument1882861968id: DSCF52892099205
Edith H M M Leedaughter of Harriet Louise Skeet1913761989
George Leeson-in-law of Harriet Louise Skeet1990

877SkeetW A Skeetfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095842War Memorial 1939-45

878SkeetW A Skeetfirst name on this monument1898431941id: IMG708621053941Pioneer Corps
Matilda S Skeetwife of W A Skeet

879SkermanDoreen Skermanfirst name on this monument1924832007id: DSCF50042096624

880SkiltonAmber Elizabeth Skiltonfirst name on this monument1968221990id: IMG695621040942

881SkinnerAbraham Stanley Skinnerfirst name on this monument1896711967id: DSCF5266209897241
Beatrice Skinnerwife of Abraham Stanley Skinner1895731968

882SkinnerAustin Edward Skinnerfirst name on this monument1912781990id: IMG69542104076
Mary Edith Skinnerwife of Austin Edward Skinner1914902004

883SkipperRobert Skipperfirst name on this monument1814681882id: DSCF53692099916or might be 1887
Harriett Emma Skipperwife of Robert Skipper

884SkoylesJohn Frederick Skoylesfirst name on this monument1920501970id: IMG70332104862

885SkoylesWilliam Skoylesfirst name on this monument1915801995id: DSCF56292102374
Daisy May Skoyleswife of William Skoyles

886SmithCharlotte Smithfirst name on this monument198501985id: DSCF54202100392Aged 15 days

887SmithEdward James Smithfirst name on this monument1905641969id: DSCF52912099223
Catherine Lottie Smithwife of Edward James Smith1905671972

888SmithFlorence Mahala Smithfirst name on this monument1907871994id: DSCF56682102782
William Kenneth Smithhusband of Florence Mahala Smith1910871997

889SmithG N Smithfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498620963841On War Memorial Wall

890SmithG N Smithfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496220957081War Memorial 1914-18

891SmithGladys Mildred Smithfirst name on this monument1906891995id: DSCF562721023512
Albert Smithhusband of Gladys Mildred Smith1900771977

892SmithMurray Burton Smithfirst name on this monument1891691960id: DSCF53282099552

893SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF539521001562
Grace Agnes Smith

894SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1882701952id: DSCF53252099522
Sarah Jane Smithwife of Thomas Smith1881861967

895SmithVera Irene Smithfirst name on this monument1914791993id: DSCF51492097963
William Robbert Smithhusband of Vera Irene Smith1916771993

896SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1853761929id: DSCF53062099358
Nancy Smithwife of William Smith1861801941 Age is 80 or 90

897SmithWilliam Dexter Smithfirst name on this monument1860661926id: DSCF53042099333

898SmithsonLaura Joy Smithsonfirst name on this monument1926842010id: DSCF51712098182
Silas Bertie Smithsonhusband of Laura Joy Smithson1924862010
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899SoppBarbara Maureen Soppfirst name on this monument1922792001id: DSCF55532101612

900SoppGeorge Soppfirst name on this monument1918922010id: DSCF50202096783

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England.

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