St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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501HudsonEileen Joan Hudsonfirst name on this monument1925721997id: DSCF557119

502HudsonGeoff Hudsonfirst name on this monument1932712003id: DSCF551951The Referees Association
Pam Hudsonwife of Geoff Hudson69

503HudsonMabel Elizabeth Hudsonfirst name on this monument1894751969id: DSCF529025
Ernest Edward Hudsonhusband of Mabel Elizabeth Hudson1893821975

504HughesRosemary Hughesfirst name on this monument1932742006id: DSCF511516
Maurice C Hugheshusband of Rosemary Hughes1930802010

505HulbertStewart Leslie Hulbertfirst name on this monument1959361995id: DSCF5154201

506HummPatricia Hummfirst name on this monument1950491999id: DSCF504917

507HummPhyllis Adeline Mary Hummfirst name on this monument1899871986id: DSCF518716
Harry Hummhusband of Phyllis Adeline Mary Humm1896951991

508HumphriesBetty Humphriesfirst name on this monument1922651987id: DSCF570422

509HumphriesNathan David Humphriesfirst name on this monument200902009id: DSCF520311

510HuntAlice May Huntfirst name on this monument1891721963id: DSCF525715

511HuntDenis Barlow Huntfirst name on this monument1923491972id: IMG70068

512HuntEdith Mollie Huntfirst name on this monument1921802001id: DSCF554821
Arthur Charles Hunthusband of Edith Mollie Hunt1921822003

513HunterDoris Louisa Hunterfirst name on this monument1911871998id: DSCF55819
Archibald Walker Hunterhusband of Doris Louisa Hunter1903891992

514HurnAudrey Hurnfirst name on this monument1949612010id: DSCF50194

515HurrellRose Louisa Hurrellfirst name on this monument1885651950id: IMG711242

516HurrellThomas George Hurrellfirst name on this monument1915641979id: DSCF505312
Joan Hurrellwife of Thomas George Hurrell1918741992

517HutchinsonGerald Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1928722000id: DSCF550715
Carol Hutchinsonwife of Gerald Hutchinson1933762009

518HutchinsonRobert Samuel Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1883601943id: IMG709521
Frances Ann Hutchinsonwife of Robert Samuel Hutchinson1891781969

519InglebyAnna Inglebyfirst name on this monument1892741966id: DSCF523731
William Inglebyhusband of Anna Ingleby1894821976

520InglebyHelen Inglebyfirst name on this monument1973id: IMG7126311
Holcombe Inglebyfather of Helen Ingleby
Harriet Jane Neville-Rolfemother of Helen Ingleby

521InglebyHolcombe Inglebyfirst name on this monument1854721926id: IMG7127181
C E Neville-Rolfefather-in-law of Holcombe Ingleby
Harriet Jane Inglebywife of Holcombe Ingleby1928

522IngramAlexander William Ingramfirst name on this monument1901811982id: IMG691419
Hilda Ingramwife of Alexander William Ingram1911922003

523IvesClara Ivesfirst name on this monument1882941976id: IMG693443

524JacksonB R Jacksonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498524On War Memorial Wall

525JacksonB R Jacksonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49623War Memorial 1914-18

526JacksonBertram Rolfe Jacksonfirst name on this monument1885311916id: DSCF498061Killed in action 15 September 1916 on the battlefield nr Ginchy France
A S B Robertsbrother-in-law of Bertram Rolfe Jackson
Crace Mary Monica Robertssister of Bertram Rolfe Jackson1880291909 Died at Rangoon Burma and was buried at sea in the Gulf of Martaban

527JacksonHelen Jacksonfirst name on this monument1904691973id: IMG699611
Fred Jacksonhusband of Helen Jackson1908821990

528JacksonJames Bertram Jacksonfirst name on this monument22id: DSCF497956Gave his life in second world war
Bedver Jacksonfather of James Bertram Jackson
Kathleen Jacksonmother of James Bertram Jackson
Bee Hulton Mother of H S P Hulton
Henry Hulton Father of H S P Hulton
Henry Stephen Penton Hulton20 Gave his life in second world war
Marjorie Jackson Mother of M R Jackson
Michael Rae Jackson Gave his life in second world war
Victor Jackson Father of M R Jackson
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529JacksonKathleen Annie Jacksonfirst name on this monument1912681980id: IMG692616
James Alfred Jacksonhusband of Kathleen Annie Jackson1909891998

530JarrodElsie Maud Jarrodfirst name on this monument1983id: IMG690215

531JarrottJames Jarrottfirst name on this monument1855611916id: DSCF536633
Eva Abbottdaughter of James Jarrott1880411921
Prudence Jarrottwife of James Jarrott1856741930

532JelleyGrace Jane Jelleyfirst name on this monument1944id: DSCF530019

533JellyF J Jellyfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF4962181War Memorial 1914-18

534JellyF J Jellyfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49855On War Memorial Wall

535JennerAnthony James Jennerfirst name on this monument1932481980id: IMG692851

536JenningsGary Charles Jenningsfirst name on this monument196711968id: IMG710814Aged 15 months

537JenningsKathleen May Jenningsfirst name on this monument1914731987id: DSCF57054
Edward Henry Jenningshusband of Kathleen May Jennings1909781987

538JewellG Jewellfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498565On War Memorial Wall

539JewellG Jewellfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496212War Memorial 1914-18

540JewellViolet Louisa Jewellfirst name on this monument1906821988id: DSCF568812Reunited with George

541JewsonBeatrice Louise Jewsonfirst name on this monument1904741978id: IMG694121
Arthur Jewsonhusband of Beatrice Louise Jewson1894901984

542JohnsonFrederick Charles Johnsonfirst name on this monument1894861980id: DSCF506221
Philip Charles Johnson1929661995
Winifred Florence Johnson1900821982

543JohnsonWalter Herbert Johnsonfirst name on this monument1895721967id: DSCF52726
Georgina May Johnsonwife of Walter Herbert Johnson1901851986 District Nurse 1924 - 1961

544JonesTom Ellis Griffith Jonesfirst name on this monument1919671986id: DSCF51867

545JonesTracey Jonesfirst name on this monument2006id: DSCF549927

546JoyceAudrey Morley Joycefirst name on this monument1907191926id: DSCF538523
S M Joycefather of Audrey Morley Joyce
S A Joycemother of Audrey Morley Joyce

547JoyceRodney Stephen Joycefirst name on this monument1897761973id: DSCF505414
Lucy Blanche Joycewife of Rodney Stephen Joyce1909761985

548JoyceSarah Ann Joycefirst name on this monument1865831948id: DSCF538714
Stephen Matthew Joycehusband of Sarah Ann Joyce

549JoyceStephen Matthew Joycefirst name on this monument1862671929id: DSCF538623
Sarah Ann Joycewife of Stephen Matthew Joyce

550KayA H Kayfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49855On War Memorial Wall

551KayA H Kayfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF4962211War Memorial 1914-18

552KeirJohn Pierre Keirfirst name on this monument1948331981id: IMG692181

553KeirSolange Keirfirst name on this monument1922862008id: DSCF545251

554KellyAnthony Paul Kellyfirst name on this monument1955542009id: DSCF54658

555KempeWilliam Alfreds Kempefirst name on this monument1882401922id: DSCF543222At Nairobi
C W Neville Rolfefather-in-law of William Alfreds Kempe
Kunicunda Kempewife of William Alfreds Kempe1891681959 Who lived so much in Heacham

556KendleHenry William Kendlefirst name on this monument1898831981id: IMG692214

557KendleHubert Kendlefirst name on this monument1945421987id: DSCF57075
Andrew Robert Kendleson of Hubert Kendle

558KenzieJohn Robert Kenziefirst name on this monument1930691999id: DSCF560042

559KillDennis William Killfirst name on this monument1910771987id: IMG6870482Flt Lt RAF
Kathleen Elsie Killwife of Dennis William Kill1913892002

560KingDoreen Grace Kingfirst name on this monument1934722006id: DSCF51145
Leonard Kinghusband of Doreen Grace King1934772011

561KingHenry Joseph Kingfirst name on this monument1903741977id: DSCF50985
May Kingwife of Henry Joseph King77 Part of forename is May
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562KingRhilip Raymond Kingfirst name on this monument1898811979id: DSCF509119
Hilda Kathleen Kingwife of Rhilip Raymond King1904951999

563KnightHedley Richard Knightfirst name on this monument1929501979id: IMG702911
Margaret Jean Knightwife of Hedley Richard Knight1922711993

564KnightJane Elizabeth Knightfirst name on this monument1956411997id: DSCF56104

565KnightLillie G Knightfirst name on this monument1898761974id: DSCF5249151
Richard Knighthusband of Lillie G Knight1897921989

566KnightPaula Nuala Knightfirst name on this monument1951281979id: DSCF50564

567KnightWinifred Knightfirst name on this monument1915611976id: IMG702112

568KnightsMabel Knightsfirst name on this monument1883811964id: DSCF52553

569KnightsMary Knightsfirst name on this monument1853771930id: DSCF537922
Edward Charles Knightshusband of Mary Knights1847831930

570LakeBernard Lakefirst name on this monument1906851991id: DSCF514616

571LakeBertie Lakefirst name on this monument1920461966id: DSCF526912

572LakeJohn C Lakefirst name on this monument1878661944id: IMG70593
Hilda May Lakewife of John C Lake1891851976

573LangfordLouise Mildred Langfordfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF536114Age 12 Birth year 1901 Burial 14 November 1913

574LangfordRonald Jeffrey Langfordfirst name on this monument1921761997id: DSCF55747

575LangleyEdingal Langleyfirst name on this monument1852771929id: IMG705116
John Langleyhusband of Edingal Langley

576LargeAdrian John Largefirst name on this monument1943662009id: DSCF546114
Jemma Largedaughter of Adrian John Large
Jessica Largedaughter of Adrian John Large
Jon Largeson of Adrian John Large

577LargeDoris Emily Largefirst name on this monument1912841996id: DSCF561924

578LargeJohn Stephen Largefirst name on this monument1913952008id: DSCF561816

579LawrenceAndy Lawrencefirst name on this monument1952582010id: DSCF5449112

580LawrenceJohn Lawrencefirst name on this monument1925772002id: DSCF551791

581LawrenceJoshua Robin Lawrencefirst name on this monument200902009id: DSCF520210

582LawsonCharles Lawsonfirst name on this monument1893851978id: DSCF537612
Charlotte Sarah Lawsonwife of Charles Lawson1986

583LawsonMary Ellen Lawsonfirst name on this monument1859781937id: DSCF53818

584LawsonW G Lawsonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496213War Memorial 1914-18

585LawsonW G Lawsonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49852On War Memorial Wall

586LeafordWallace William Leafordfirst name on this monument1964id: DSCF5256161
Jessie Leafordwife of Wallace William Leaford2005

587LeathersDavid Keith Leathersfirst name on this monument1958131971id: IMG7026151
Fred Sandy Leathersfather of David Keith Leathers1913831996
Elsie Glayds Leathersmother of David Keith Leathers

588LeeBertie Martin Leefirst name on this monument1913601973id: IMG7003102
Ethel Louisa Leewife of Bertie Martin Lee1909841993

589LeeEric William Leefirst name on this monument1917681985id: IMG689126
Caroline Mary Lee1913761989

590LeeJoan Marguerite Leefirst name on this monument1934581992id: DSCF56537
George John Leehusband of Joan Marguerite Lee1931752006

591LeeMiriam Mary Elizabeth Leefirst name on this monument1944541998id: DSCF557713

592LewisEllen Lewisfirst name on this monument1895961991id: DSCF56468

593LewisLillian Lewisfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF502412Sister of May; Doris; Gladys and Edna

594LewisWilliam Lewisfirst name on this monument1800711871id: DSCF5068181
Mary Lewis1805821887

595LewisWilliam George Lewisfirst name on this monument1916751991id: DSCF563912
Kathleen Mary Lewiswife of William George Lewis1914952009
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596LewsleyGerald Arthur Lewsleyfirst name on this monument1927671994id: DSCF515131

597LightfootPercy Victor Lightfootfirst name on this monument1897821979id: DSCF506591
Gladys Ethel Lightfootwife of Percy Victor Lightfoot1899941993

598LindsayWalter F L Lindsayfirst name on this monument1855751930id: DSCF544115Colonel Commandant Royal Artillery
Ethel Lindsaywife of Walter F L Lindsay1872551927

599LindseyJohn Lindseyfirst name on this monument2002id: DSCF554026

600LivermoreT L Livermorefirst name on this monument1905831988id: DSCF56922

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is PE31 7HJ - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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