St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201CrispThomas Crispfirst name on this monument1812761888id: IMG699121044411
Hannah Crispwife of Thomas Crisp1805761881

202CrispWilliam Crispfirst name on this monument1785431828id: IMG6984210437101

203CritcherDavid Henry Critcherfirst name on this monument1934581992id: DSCF516220980921

204CrooksKathleen Crooksfirst name on this monument1924631987id: DSCF57062103158
Ernest Alwyn Crookshusband of Kathleen Crooks1923681991 AFC RAF RETD

205CrossJohn Henry Crossfirst name on this monument1924721996id: DSCF561721022521

206CrownArthur John Crownfirst name on this monument1904451949id: IMG70922105456
Dorothy Violet Crownwife of Arthur John Crown1911922003

207CrownAudrey Joan Crownfirst name on this monument1930712001id: DSCF55512101599

208CrownDavid John Crownfirst name on this monument1938662004id: DSCF552921013831

209CrownJohn Crownfirst name on this monument1877711948id: IMG709321054631
Rebecca Crownwife of John Crown1877851962

210CrownJohn Ivan Crownfirst name on this monument1940531993id: DSCF56642102738

211CrownMargaret Crownfirst name on this monument1941521993id: DSCF56642102745

212CrownS Crownfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49872096465On War Memorial Wall

213CrownS Crownfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496220957920War Memorial 1939-45

214CrownSidney Crownfirst name on this monument1897441941id: IMG70912105447
Beatrice Alice Crownwife of Sidney Crown

215CrumplerFrank Joseph Crumplerfirst name on this monument1965392004id: DSCF55282101372

216CrutchleyFlorence Vera Crutchleyfirst name on this monument1910721982id: IMG691721037110
Samuel Henry Crutchleyhusband of Florence Vera Crutchley1907861993

217CunninghamCharles Wilfred Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1975id: IMG702021047336

218CunninghamElizabeth Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1838661904id: IMG70742105273
Robert Cunninghamhusband of Elizabeth Cunningham1839901929

219CunninghamHazel Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1922651987id: DSCF57082103178

220CunninghamWinifred Alice Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1902701972id: IMG70082104613
Marjorie Phyllis Cunninghamsister of Winifred Alice Cunningham1904891993

221CurryWinifred Sarah Curryfirst name on this monument1892881980id: IMG69272103814

222CuthbertLeslie Cuthbertfirst name on this monument1909751984id: DSCF51902098378
Betty Cuthbertwife of Leslie Cuthbert1929701999

223DadeArthur Dadefirst name on this monument1913731986id: IMG697721043051
Joyce Dadewife of Arthur Dade1917811998

224DadeValerie Janice Dadefirst name on this monument1942id: IMG711121056413
Constance Mary Dade1911751986
Thomas Henry Dade1910801990

225DaglishDouglas Daglishfirst name on this monument1914641978id: DSCF50772097317
Jessie Daglishwife of Douglas Daglish1917892006

226DanbyThomas William Danbyfirst name on this monument1913411954id: DSCF5333209959121
Olive Martha Danbywife of Thomas William Danby1921862007

227DaviesF T Daviesfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49872096473On War Memorial Wall

228DaviesJanet Frances Daviesfirst name on this monument1948481996id: DSCF56112102192

229DavisAlbert Edward Davisfirst name on this monument1880901970id: IMG703421048720
Rosemary Deandaughter of Albert Edward Davis1919
Keith Alan Deangrand son of Albert Edward Davis1947471994
William Alfred Deanson-in-law of Albert Edward Davis1919761995

230DavisCharles James Davisfirst name on this monument1913751988id: DSCF51842098313

231DavisFrederick William Davisfirst name on this monument1910781988id: DSCF5686210296141

232DavisPhyllis Mary Davisfirst name on this monument1922892011id: DSCF50212096793

233DavisonMaryann Davisonfirst name on this monument1959512010id: DSCF54762100862
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234DawArthur Charles Dawfirst name on this monument1898651963id: DSCF525820988962
Gladys Blanche Dawwife of Arthur Charles Daw1903951998

235DawFrederick R H Dawfirst name on this monument1917862003id: DSCF552321013221
Gabrielle R Daw1914892003

236DawRachel Dawfirst name on this monument1914771991id: DSCF564721025661
Harry Dawhusband of Rachel Daw1912841996

237DawesCharles Albert Dawesfirst name on this monument1917671984id: IMG68872103412

238DayEileen Betty Dayfirst name on this monument1984id: DSCF53732099957
Albert Poollyfather of Eileen Betty Day
Roy Dayhusband of Eileen Betty Day
Rose Poollymother of Eileen Betty Day

239DeakinNancy Deakinfirst name on this monument1913771990id: IMG695521040841
Denis Deakinhusband of Nancy Deakin1917741991

240DeardenBetty Deardenfirst name on this monument1923862009id: DSCF54572100683

241DefewMargaret Defewfirst name on this monument1914912005id: IMG71142105674
Horace G Defewhusband of Margaret Defew1910992009

242DelahuntyElsie Delahuntyfirst name on this monumentid: IMG68892103432
Reginald Delahunty

243DennisL J Dennisfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49842096143On War Memorial Wall

244DennisL J Dennisfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095463War Memorial 1914-18

245DentJanet Christine Dentfirst name on this monument1943632006id: DSCF550021011011

246DenyerArthur John Denyerfirst name on this monument1928762004id: DSCF512120976917
Sylvia Anita Denyerwife of Arthur John Denyer1930752005

247DerrickJennie Anne Derrickfirst name on this monument1942461988id: DSCF569921030821

248DewesIone Dewesfirst name on this monument1964id: IMG71352105876Daughter of Herbert Neville-Rolfe

249DixA W Dixfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49842096155On War Memorial Wall

250DixA W Dixfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095473War Memorial 1914-18

251DixDorothy Mary Ann Dixfirst name on this monument1888761964id: DSCF52632098942
George Dixhusband of Dorothy Mary Ann Dix

252DixEdna May Dixfirst name on this monument1921691990id: IMG69492104028

253DixEric Raymond Dixfirst name on this monument1927561983id: IMG68972103516
May Victoria Dixwife of Eric Raymond Dix1928782006

254DixHarold Stanley Dixfirst name on this monument1907751982id: IMG7101210554121
Theodosia Dixwife of Harold Stanley Dix1908771985 Ashes Interred At Marea Farm

255DixLeslie Dixfirst name on this monument1912811993id: DSCF5159209806161
Winifred Ada Dixwife of Leslie Dix1914862000

256DixMarcia Evelyn Dixfirst name on this monument1931441975id: DSCF525020988322

257DixMary Ann Dixfirst name on this monument1872851957id: IMG71022105558
Robert Dixhusband of Mary Ann Dix1871871958
Margaret Jean Guy1928782006

258DixMatthew Dixfirst name on this monument1976221998id: DSCF559121019933

259DixReginald Dixfirst name on this monument1903741977id: DSCF50852097385
Beatrice Dixwife of Reginald Dix1903851988

260DixRobert Marham Dixfirst name on this monument1885531938id: IMG711721057021
Harriet Dixmother of Robert Marham Dix

261DixRobert Stanley Dixfirst name on this monument1931621993id: DSCF523220986514

262DixWilliam Henry Dixfirst name on this monument1900741974id: IMG699821045162he was akindhe
Gwendoline Dixwife of William Henry Dix1906801986

263DixWilliam Robert Dixfirst name on this monument1891791970id: IMG703221048562

264DixonElizabeth Dixonfirst name on this monument1928822010id: DSCF50182096762
Tom Dixonhusband of Elizabeth Dixon
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265DobieGeorge Francis Dobiefirst name on this monument1932682000id: DSCF55562101648

266DreweryEdward Eli Dreweryfirst name on this monument1904681972id: IMG70152104686
Winifred Elizabeth Drewerywife of Edward Eli Drewery1901761977

267DuffieldThomas Duffieldfirst name on this monument77id: DSCF522220985951
Elizabeth Duffieldwife of Thomas Duffield

268DukeCharles Dukefirst name on this monument1913831996id: DSCF56132102214

269DungarThomas Dungarfirst name on this monument1818621880id: DSCF50672097223Of Whitwell

270DunkerleyClaude Dunkerleyfirst name on this monument1912651977id: DSCF510320975313
Shirley Ethelyn Dunkerleywife of Claude Dunkerley1918902008

271DuttonGeoffrey Duttonfirst name on this monument1920741994id: DSCF51522097992

272DyasCharles Victor Dyasfirst name on this monument1921792000id: DSCF51322097796
Vera Audrey Dyaswife of Charles Victor Dyas1915882003

273EabrookGladys Eabrookfirst name on this monument1905831988id: IMG69712104242

274EatonBarbara Eatonfirst name on this monument1918701988id: DSCF56962103052

275EatonDoris May Eatonfirst name on this monument1934651999id: DSCF56032102112

276EatonOlive Beatrice Eatonfirst name on this monument1894761970id: IMG70442104973
Henry Claude Eatonhusband of Olive Beatrice Eaton1890861976

277EdgeDoreen Isobel Edgefirst name on this monument1935732008id: DSCF50122096709

278EdmondRosina Florence Edmondfirst name on this monument1914912005id: DSCF55322101412

279EdmondsPeter John Edmondsfirst name on this monument1935662001id: DSCF50392096966

280EdwardsWilliam Charles Edwardsfirst name on this monument1917761993id: DSCF56582102677
Olive Mary Edwardswife of William Charles Edwards1923832006

281EganPatrick Eganfirst name on this monument1896691965id: DSCF524520987818
Alice Eganwife of Patrick Egan1899781977

282ElfettVictor Vernon Elfettfirst name on this monument1911771988id: DSCF57012103104
Cicely Doris Elfettwife of Victor Vernon Elfett1914872001

283ElsdenBarbara Elsdenfirst name on this monument175241756id: DSCF49582095286
Charles Elsdenbrother of Barbara Elsden176311764
Edmund Elsdenfather of Barbara Elsden
Elizabeth Elsdenmother of Barbara Elsden

284ElsdenHenry Elsdenfirst name on this monument1765691834id: DSCF49612095304Of Congham Norfolk

285ElyardDorothy Elyardfirst name on this monument1933752008id: DSCF50152096737

286EmberyViolet Emberyfirst name on this monument1901761977id: DSCF50992097505
Charles John Embery1905771982

287EmersonAlbert Arthur Emersonfirst name on this monument1898561954id: IMG70522105055
Lillie Phoebe Emersonwife of Albert Arthur Emerson1902901992

288EmersonSylvia Joan Emersonfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF54812100918
Norman Tony Emerson

289EmeryLucy Emeryfirst name on this monument1905881993id: DSCF5163209810231
Diane Woodall-Emeryrelationship not known of Lucy Emery1921952016

290EnglandFreda Berenice Englandfirst name on this monument1920832003id: DSCF498120959851
Harry John Englandhusband of Freda Berenice England1914912005

291EnglishLily Irene Englishfirst name on this monument1906781984id: DSCF519420984132
Harry Englishwife of Lily Irene English1904831987

292EvansAlbert Henry Evansfirst name on this monument1932682000id: DSCF556221017024

293EvansRonald Evansfirst name on this monument1923671990id: IMG6951210404141
Edna Evanswife of Ronald Evans1933712004

294EwenNora Ewenfirst name on this monument1904671971id: IMG7025210478101
Fred Ewenhusband of Nora Ewen1904831987

295EwenR E Ewenfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49622095484War Memorial 1914-18

296EwenR E Ewenfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF498420961641On War Memorial Wall
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297EwenWilliam Charles Ewenfirst name on this monument1908901998id: DSCF504220969951

298FairweatherEmma Fairweatherfirst name on this monument1891871978id: IMG70142104673

299FalknerL Falknerfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF496220954951War Memorial 1914-18- Leonard Falkner was born on 10th March 1890, the son of Frank Carrington Falkner and Hannah Marie Falkner. He was born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Leonard Falkner joined the 8th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment on 17th August 1914 at which time he was only 24 years old. His Attestation Papers noted his occupation as dentist. Lieutenant Leonard Falkner was amongst those missing in action presumed killed at the Battle of Loos between 25th and 26th September 1915.

300FalknerL Falknerfirst name on this monumentid: DSCF49842096172On War Memorial Wall

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Heacham, Norfolk, England.

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